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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 3, 2019 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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i want to check out if foreign capital decreased going into japan that will do it for us to talk about that tomorrow have a great day everybody. "varney & company" begins right now. take it away. >> good morning gnar ya, good morning everyone. you know it has been quite a few quiet for a few days but china trade is back on front burner and investors like it and several reports that two sides of close it a deal. china's vice premier is back in d.c. and he's back at the bargaining table with robert lighthizer i'm trying to summarize the reports we're seeing optimism is the word of the day as we said investors are are encouraged by this. the rally continues a half hour from now we're looking another solid triple digit gain for the doug and last 90 days dow is up a whopping 15%. and nasdaq we're looking at a gain there of 47 point maybe two-thirds of one percent half
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hour from now. to the border, the president says he's ready to close it. he doesn't want to. because it would hurt our economy. but the closure threat is on the table. he puts security above economics. just received a latest numbers too. 1100 cross the border around el paso yesterday. so for 12 straight 1,000 or more have crossed. the homeland security chief says that crisis is like a cap 5 hurricane. and here is your joe billedden update. two more women have come forward accusing him of inappropriate and unwelcomed touching. there are now four accusers. is his presidential bid over before he's even formerly announced it. we will ask is that question. stay there please we have the very strange story of the mar-a-lago intruder for you. "varney & company" is about about to begin.
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story a woman arrested after illegally entering the president's mar-a-lago club over the weekend tell me more. >> 32-year-old woman was four cell phones one hard driver and one thumb drive loaded with malware showed up at mar-a-lago resort and president trump was there over the past weekend. she told security at first she was invited by a member there to go swimming so they let her in because her name matched member surname and reached reception she said i'm here for a u.n. chinese american association event no such event so taking place on resort that's when secret service was alerted and when they came to attend her she was verbally aggressive according to the affidavit and did passport, cell phones, president trump i should point out was not on resort at the a time he was playing golf on golf course but did, of course, bring red flags. >> yeah.
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you hi -- you think and has not responded but low tech not exactly mission impossible here so is is this necessarily spying i don't think we should jump to conclusion. >> if it was it was a hand fisted attempt to spy it really hand fisted. there's more to come i'm sure. >> i'm sure there will be. hopefully dug this program you're right. now serious stuff here two more women are are accusing joe biden of inappropriate behavior. liz peek is with with us now columnist all right liz obvious question is biden done before he formally declared? >> i thinks he is done. yeah, for two reason ares, one is there are a lot of democrats running you may have heard for president. they don't want him many to cher basically going to come out and now ten pretty soon say yes this is not appropriate and wrong time for joe biden but i think more importantly this singles it indeed he's not right person -- he's not the generation, he's
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not woke. and i think that's a real problem for democrats they're try aring to reach out for -- younger voters, bernie has got them joe isn't going to have them and by the way, it also kind of is an impediment for them going after donald trump for sexual harassment accusations and things like that. so there are a lot of reasons why is i think he's not the guy now. >> would i be right in saying that joe biden has no intersectionalty -- >> whatever that means i think you're right. [laughter] >> that sounds good to me. exactly. stuart: aging white, straight, male, who is not confused about his sexuality or his gender. >> yeah. well -- stuart: guy is done. >> the poster. >> also just acknowledge that it is wrong what he's doing. i mean he's gotten a pass for years. but you know, this happened on a wall street trading floor or here -- they would be out of a job in minutes so it isn't completely innocent of harmless i don't think. >> stay there liz, very
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important story for you in about two minutes. so -- we'll get become to liz in a second. i want to talk your money look at that we're going to open with a gain of about 100 points for dow industrials. so let's bring in kourtney dominguez with pain capital she's been right on the market. haven't you? you've been on the show several times. >> bullish you've been right. so tell me, when do we hit an all-time high for the dow industrials? >> i think we're right around corner within next couple of weeks we're going to hit cs all time highs again and couple of things municipal. number one is earning season i think that can be catalyst to set the markets off higher. stuart: now that starts next week doesn't it? >> correct. >> banks next friday and go from there. what's your expectation of earnings this particular time? >> i really think that we're going see earnings beating their expectations. stuart: what's the expectation? do you know? i mean, i don't know -- i don't expectations to be honest with you what are they expecting? >> bar isn't set really low so what we saw last year is the
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average earnings were -- beating theirs by 25% but lowered in the fourth quarter to about 13%. so happen haded is analysts got overly pessimistic and now they have extremely lowered the bar which means that there's a lot of room l for companies to come out with positive results here and really bring that opt mism back into the stock market. >> so you expect to see the word beat they beat this, and that's a signal for the stock to go up -- >> correct. last one we're going up another 100 point at least at the opening bell. the talk is that -- everything is positive about china trade. i take it that's factored into your assessment that we're going higher. >> very much so i think that's really other catalyst that we're going to see able to take the stock markets where we want to see them so starting to see that priced in and getting good news markets are going higher but until we have with thing signed on dotted line and we know what the negotiators look like, that's going to really bring the markets where we want to see them. >> okay we're going up from here. nice stuff.
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kourtney dominguez thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> appalling important story okay. top democrat on senate finance committee oregon he wants an annual tax on capital gains liz holds on a second. he wants -- so at the moment you pay capital gain tax when you sell stock or house and make capital gain he wants you to pay capital tax every single year and he wants you to pay that tax at the psalm rite as your income is taxed. >> 37%, and unrealized gains. this is a what horror that won'o anywhere but we have to push back so hard against this idea. we know if you tax something, you get less of it. what are you taxing here? you're taxing investment. so forget the accounting nightmare. for example, that say is stock goes up and pay a tax and down next year you get money back from government for that. >> no -- >> this is impossible. it has worse that elizabeth warren wealth tax in my view because that also has this
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horrifying concept of everyone in the country assessing the value of everything they own. every year -- it is another push from more revenue and honestly our congress has to begin looking at the idea that they don't need more revenue. they need top spend less general that's a anti-inte waited idea but this points out how this scramble for revenue is getting us into deep and dangerous waterings. stuart: i'm not sure you're right when you say this is going nowhere. there's an election comeing, income inequality is right up there. and making our income or our financial situation more equal, that's a high priority. >> it is. i think we're going to probably we're going to be talking a lot about higher taxes. state by state we're seeing that already and yes you may, but i think this is sort of -- the country has always agreed that investing an important aspect of our country. entrepreneurship, and capital formation all of those things
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free enterprise system does not allow the government to come in basically confiscate every year, half of what you're sitting on. imagine somebody who has a farm and their farm up in value at 30% but they don't have a lot of cash. what is that lead to? i mean, it is a nightmare proposition on so many front, and i don't think it will be accepted. >> no it is not accepted. [laughter] >> not accepted. indeed liz thank you very much indeed. >> pleasure. stuart: here's your bad news headline of the day for facebook. [laughter] it is demanding that some new users hand over their e-mail passwords. now all right suzanne you know about this. under what had circumstances would they demand your password? >> so daily beast and user and twitter pointed this out, just in the last few days, and the test case here, is basically to raise red flags so they used a disposable e-mail address and use from romania usually that sends red flags to facebook
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that's when they ask for more awe then authentication in terms of who you are but they asked new user signups give us your passwords toier mail which is they really shouldn't be doing. given that what even mark zuckerberg said frankly we don't have a strong reputation for building privacy protection right, and you know, there have been notable cases and stored hundreds of million of users passwords on their servers not securely stored. because it was exposed to thousands of facebook employees who can look at them also tipped off authentication when you use a phone number to sign up they store that as well. and some advertisers have had access to it so they can target their ads depending where you're situated with your phone number. >> have you seen stock all of the bad headlines they keep on rolling stock back to 174 gone up this year. >> there's lots who don't care about privacy. they don't. >> but they care about --
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regulation with that. we care about privacy as we should, and ping part of the push for facebook which was a lot of executive departure is they're moving to this privacy sort of interaction and there's a lot of headlineses that by what's that. change whatting what's app today to make it more private to choose who knows who you are and uses your data. >> see liz you're not convinced i know but the good explanation. [laughter] all right. yeah i think they're trying. let's have a look at futures again how do we open it is wednesday i believe. all day, and 19 minutes from now, market will open to the upside. 100 point gain for the dow. again, happening now, on capitol hill, judiciary committee of the house authorizing a subpoena to get the full mueller report. see how that goes. the feds opened up investigation into the oscars. why they're worried about the academies treatment of netflix. yeah we've got that story. and cnn criticized for asking former fbi director james comey if he should have shot down
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so-called hate speech. at president trump's 2016 campaign rallies -- former white house press secretary sean spicer up next on that one. "varney & company" in early days -- ♪
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you can probably hear sean spicer talking on my right-hand side here but first let me introduce him l properly one of cnn most recognizable anchors
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chrystia. >> do you wish that people like yourself, the head of the fbi, i mean people in charge of law and order had shut down that language that it was dangerous potentially. that it could have created violence that kind of hate speech should have been allowed? >> that's not a role for government to play. the beauty of this country is people can say what they want. >> you know, i do declare that -- mr. comey got it right. here is former white house press secretary sean spicer. i'm surprised that chrystia would have asked a question like that. i was equally surprise but i think what's happened some of these folks have realized that the agenda that they've been supporting and pushing is falling apart. there's three things that came out of that question that i thought were surprising. number one she didn't lead with a mummer report meaning here's a guy that he could have led with
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and said mueller report kale out you were the fbi director what do you think? that would have made a lot of sense. she didn't ask that. number two, she asked a question an i think you're right that comey i'll give him credit for he had answered this correctly but three the idea you're asking whether or not the fbi should shut down somebody's free speech is so to what america and first amendment to that but first -- to define a trump rally as hate speech. i was getting to that. but that's -- but i think the bigger thing for me is for an organization like cnn that talks about how they are the -- pinnacle of the first amendment a and allowing this and preserving institutions and what, with to basically have an anchor that questions the former director of the fbi said should you be shutting down speech because you don't like it or you the government -- i mean that is, that is what dictatorships do is is they shut down voices that they don't like. we the united states pride
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ourselves on quite the opposite allowing people of opinions to be able to make those so the idea that that's what comes to her mind -- right, number one, number two sort of this from a law enforcement perpghtive you should shut this down. really shows you, i think get you inside the mind of their people. of their anchors. that that's what i think is revealing to me. is -- >> been an anchor. we have you have help. but through that whole twelve steps here you are now. [laughter] >> thank you very much. hold on a second i have to ask you about closing border. now president is talking tough on it. he may to it. it may be a full closure partial closure. do you think it it is worth the pain? >> i think one of the benefits of this president is that people take him seriously when he makes threats. they know that he's willing to do things that previous presidents have to do so that mere threat brings people to the table that might not otherwise come. if the negotiation yields better deal for the united states in terms of mexico starting to pen
9:19 am
force its own border, the free flow of migrants through its country and surveillance of its laws then yes it is worth it. but if we end up shutting down border the number of economic pain that will be through our economy, will be astronomical and -- >> the blame will go to the president. >> absolutely. it has to. so -- i think that problems that i have with this -- is that the media in by and large allowed democrats to get off a hook. we have a problem. even cnn we with brought it up sent anchor down that called it a crisis. they are now after being on the border had an anchor that said yes this is a crisis. and yet lawmakers in the reason that people are coming is because of our laws. because you can claim asylum in the manner that it does we unlike countries allow people to come in and then we don't track them and blend into the society and we never see them again until we're willing to change laws we're going to have always that problem so i think that we need to get back townsing the root of the problem what is
9:20 am
driving here magnet that is pulling them in and address them but letting democrats off hook in term of being the problem. >> they are the problem. you know, this what's the word with sanctuary cities, sanctuary state ises come on in, with open borders abolish i.c.e. starting to creep in on allowing people that aren't legal here volt. >> but this is, what you've seen on the west coast and now otherses they're trying to open the door to voting, and that's -- this is a political agenda bit in in democrats no question about it. >> you're all right spicer or. [laughter] >> you are now that you've been reformed. [laughter] >> well said, baby. thank you, thank you very much indeed. we've got to go up over 100 points at the a opening bell. i would call that another rally. and we'll be back with that. [laughter] termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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we're on the move. roger.
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hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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>> the alliance of american football, new league gone before it even finished its first season. >> yeah and a no reason given just saying we after careful conversation reading between lines we ran out of money basically a developmental league and those said that quality of the game was actually pretty good. they change haded a few of the riles to speed up play you have to go for a two pongt conversion after a touchdown making it more exciting but it was a chance for
9:25 am
the nfl teams to look at players see how they may have. remember johnny the guy the much wanted quarterback that was the cleveland browns who was just a walking disaster. he played in this league. and he just tweeted look just the reality is unfortunate situation great concept good football, fun for fans, ran are out of money. >> gone. gone, thank you ashley. you're welcome. chicago, making history with it new mayor. 2-1. lauri former federal prosecutor the first black female mayor of chicago off to city's first openly gay mayor as well. she really opponent with with 74% of count the votes going in her favor. very few people actually voted in this. only 32% of registered voters took part in this runoff ballot. displacing rahm emanuel after eight years. >> represent the chicago machine or more -- >> more anti-establishment and discourse violence in the city is number one and then also repairing the schools and
9:26 am
bettering education is number two. >> new mayor in chicago. check again on futures this is how we're going to open, up a gain of maybe 120 points for dow industrials and a very solid gain for nasdaq as well. we'll be back on wall street. i'm working to keep the fire going for another 150 years. ♪ to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. ♪
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>> here we go ten seconding to go and open this market this wednesday morning we're confidently expect tbain of about 100 points on dow industrials in other words, that 2019 rally will continue starting now 9:30 wednesday morning we're up, we're running and we have opened on the upside, 70 points why are you laughing at me john this is my schpeel don't interrupt dow is up a quarter percent. how about the s&p i'm pretty sure that's up as well a gain there of 10% a third of one percent an nasdaq let me see how those techses are doing. up half what percentage point tech doing well. joining us now, jack hao, the aforementioned joel shy man got two cents in early. suzanne lee and ashley webster joel you first why is market up nicely today? >> china. china that's it. >> just speculation that talks are going well? >> we're hearing news that maybe they're making progress, and we'll see what happens with enforcement procedures but china
9:31 am
today. stuart: you believe after a all of this time finally we get to the point -- >> i think we'll get a deal. we'll see what they do with enforcement. stuart: does it matter what the deal is? >> yeah. , of course, it matter what is deal is but most important -- stuart: not for markets. see what with enforcement a lotf people are looking at the back end how are we going to make china -- do what they say they're going to do? i think a lot of people are going to be focusing on that piece. stuart: well market is up. we're about 77 point to the upside 26,250 that's where we are. weaker sales at gamestop i think the stock is down sharply yes it is 11.5% so jack should we the gamestop on death watch play the oregon music? >> maybe predeath, death watch to me implies that you have a liquidity not a company that owes too much in a generated couple of hundred million dollars in free cash down 90 million from year before.
9:32 am
everything about their business is going in the wrong direction, and their reason for being is slowly being erased i think it will be erased in next five years so these are all greaves problems but it's just they don't owe too much money so -- >> hold on a second. not yet. i agree with the comments, sales are down from about 9.5 billion to about 8.2 billion throwing off a few hundred million dollars theaf 1.6 billion in cash but most importantly to that point is dropping from 33% to 27% so you have a decline in revenue and decline in margins it is slow. >> but there's -- they're dying because -- they reselling actual physical disks those are leaving machines and a people are going to play online in the cloud and so reason for being -- is going away. the biggest problem of this company is i can't point to the chief and say they're doing it wrong. i haven't heard a credible case out there for what they should be doing i don't have any idea myself what they should be doing. stuart: i have to tell you it reminds me of blockbuster isn't
9:33 am
is that somewhat similar whole business model -- >> yeah. let's most of on. look at netflix please. furs two stories here. feds are investigating whether the oscars were try towing keep netflix out of the oscars. tell me more about that. >> antitrust division not sure of the right use of their time but justice department is now investigating body that represents academy award and whether they're colluding to exclude a new participate and that is netflix because oscar season many of the beg stars is and directors including steven spielberg says that netflix is not -- how they're made but it is television especially when romo was front runner per best picture oscar but on a positive markets news, netflix is raising prices. monthly bill going up. >> a couple of bucks a month. in january finally go into effect. >> that will be a huge revenue boost won't it in so if that's the case why is the stock down? psmghts rate, well i'm squinting
9:34 am
to see that movement in the stock. >> that's sharp. tell me today's price please. >> raising prices it is flat. >> rising prices is always good if you can get away it if you look at latest surveys on netflix they're getting away with it and willing to pay this much for service and maybe a little bit more. >> whenever i see breaking news on my prompter i perk up, and i read breaking news. it is a knew tweet from president trump, here we go. i was never planning a vote prior to the 2020 election on wonderful health care package that some very talented people are now going for me. and republican party -- it will be on full display during the election as a much better and less expensive alternative to obamacare. there you have the president coming in on reforming health care system plan out there before the election. that's important point. >> looks great i can't wait to see the plan. okay. the fda opening new investigation into e-cigarettes. do you have some more on this? >> they're looking at potential issue 35 cases back to 2010 of
9:35 am
people using e-cigarettes having seizure among young adults not enough information to find a link between the use of cigarettes and the seizures but they are studying or very carefully. they believe in some cases it was associated with smoking marijuana or or methamphetamine. so maybe it wasn't e-cigarette itself but regardless they say they are looking into it. 35 cases of'' sures relate e-cigarettes they're looking at it. all right check the big board lost much of the gain that we opened up with but up 262 is where we are. take look at lyft as you know they've went public last friday at 72. they're now down as a of this morning to 6949. deutsche bank downgraded caterpillar down half percentage point. dave and busters, reported higher sales and they are up 3%. look at blue apron remember them? just replaced ceo trying to make some money.
9:36 am
what do you got are they entrepreneurial company? >> they are. founder ceo owned a third of the stock when it came out of 1.7 billion and price tag around $10. october 2017, it is an entrepreneurial company many that sense. founder sold about 20% of its stock a year ago. the stock prices dropped from $10 to less than 1 now. margin and cost have gone from 36 to 46%. it is not a model that's probably going to work long-term. >> where is this mythical customer like they want to make food at home but too lazy to buy their own groceries i know where this person is a deal with weight watchers sound like good news but in terrible shape too. >> sounds like kiss of death. like prefuneral are music i don't think -- tesla, they report sales this week. a drop is expected. the true believers, though, they don't care, though, true believers there no matter what.
9:37 am
>> continue to do so. >> sales are up. the thing, i mean, for the last few years they've been up from 7 billion to 21 billion but what's interesting is they brought costs down 7%. so that's a big drop. >> okay. google, their temp workers should be happy soon and start getting full benefits, and a that applies to contract workers. >> it does too and those benefits that they get the contract workers would include comprehensive health care 12 weeks of pay parental leave and minimum wage of 5 an hour and 5,000 in tuition reimbursement so if you're a company that does business with google you have to provide these benefits to your workers. now, it's in stages, midge, 15 an hour, by the beginning of next year so in eight months time all of the other benefits have to be in police place by 2t is google's mandate to his contract. >> sounds to me like a huge jump in the wage and benefit cost. >> to google --
9:38 am
>> google doesn't have to pay that but contract -- yeah so this is a shadow work force they've been criticized for and not giving them the employee benefits of other googlers employ by company they get. >> i thought it was cost on google but it is not. >> a big story later this year and really good news wagers go up and they say benefits is is another form of pay companies have to be more competitive wages are on the march. >> okay. i just want to raise this issue reals fast. goal -- there's a proposal that we tax capital gains annual lily. not when you sell a stock. annually. >> i don't like that. [laughter] we need more time i don't like that either. stuart: let's go to facebook . they're demanding that some new users hand over their e-mail passwords the stock, though, virtually unchanged at 173. teflon another one, facebook is
9:39 am
teflon isn't it? >> i think so. >> i can't find anyone to say they like it no one seem to like it. everyone use it is. use reverse going nowhere. they're making great money. >> i bet in three weeks time when they come out with latest earnings i'll bet you they're making a ton of money. >> not that peek as -- you know, it is a diversified company what's app instagram and finally starting to understand how to monetize these free services as well so i think that's something that, obviously, is built into long-term growth potential to stock. >> you buy facebooks of this world? >> absolutely. we've had it from the very beginning. >> after first year we didn't have it in the beginning. >> microsoft? >> we don't no. but i know you do. that's okay. [laughter] been around. time is up everybody. 9:40 eastern time but thank you very much. jack you're all right we'll see you soon. thank you. check that big board yeah we'vest lost most of the gain that we started with. where we are still up 30 points, 26,200 just -- check this --
9:40 am
charmin i should say charmin, unveiling new toilet paper roll that it says can last a whole month. [laughter] wait a minute this is not april the first. >> they have a bigger toilet to go with that. called forever roll, it is one of a quarter pound, 1700 sheets needs its own dispenser. a single roll it cost $5.50 for a single roll. all right. let's move on. two republican attorneys coming out against the trump administration. they want a federal court to uphold obamacare. they say law needs to stay in place one of those attorneys general, joins us in our 11:00 hour. and we have to go back to joe biden two more women accusing him of inappropriate and unwelcomed touching, looks like his presidential bid i'll say on life support. put it like that next we're
9:41 am
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all right we're back to about a 50 point gain for dow industrials. we're up 49 let's be precise here up 49, 26,230. we're expecting bigger begin on basis of reported optimism on china trade talks. but what we've got right now just after what a few minutes worth of business we've got a 47, 48 point gain and nasdaq composite is also on theup side. i see some nice gains for some of the big techs. google is back 1200 dollars share. microsoft is moving close to 120 dollars share. and now i want to bring you this. moments ago china top trade official arrived high level talks, robert lighthizer met hem
9:44 am
outside they shook hands and went inside, ward lawrence joins us. you city that greeting, that handshake is that a good sign you say? >> could be a good sign in what happened after the handshake and gave us a wave and a smile, that has not happened since he's come into talks for, you know, nine rounds or half of those times here in the united states. so again, could be a good sign here. going in, we are according to the u.s. chamber commerce official 90% there so putting finishes touches on this but finally quick show of emotion from the chinese price premier not seen up until now. >> this was a fine piece of tea leaf reading ever i saw one that was a very good one. congratulations. >> i think you're probably right. good stuff. right now earlier today we saw a tweet from president trump saying that his health care plan would be issued before the 2020
9:45 am
election, and people could take a look at it and vote on it. then he just tweeted this -- another tweet on health care. this will be a great campaign issue, i never asked mitch mcconnell for a vote before the the election as has been incorrectly reported as usual in "the new york times." but only after the election when we take back the house, et cetera. republicans will always support preexisting conditions. okay. that's the president on health care. to joe biden, two more women have come forward accusing him of inappropriate behavior. joining us now is bob he's the editor in chief of the hill. president obama still very popular will president obama try to help and maybe even rescue joe biden? >> i don't think so. i mean he hasn't done so yet and beall indications he surgery not going to endorse joe biden or endorse anybody in the prime until maybe late in the process. but this is a real crisis for joe biden because remember these are two democratic women. and so it is -- one members of your own party
9:46 am
that's a trouble spot. i think joe biden i think he's going to run but i don't know if he's going to be able to get beyond this. >> when you say he's definitely going to run are you sure about that? because pressure is really intense here and you've got four women -- will he -- who's going to money to him? >> i think that's part of the reason he is delayed getting in. because he had to get fund raising ducks in a row are especially compared to bernie sanders or beto o'rourke those are amazing fund raising candidates and by i think that's a weakness for him i think that's why he delayed it but you can't launch campaign amid controversies. he does have a team in place they've been pushing back. and i think that's an indication he's going to run. but listen, if this continues, and there are more and more women, maybe that changes. >> okay. now who is is the front runner? i have to take biden out of the picture for a moment. is bernie sanders front runner at this point? >> if i have to pick one i would
9:47 am
pick bernie sanders right now. he has a base, the donors that are coming in a lot of them are surprisingly new. donorses -- so i thought maybe, well, bernie sanders was more like 2016 and his age. but no, there's a lot of vibrant he's got a good -- new team. and ping he is a front runner and remember, kind of like donald trump in 2016 when you have a lot of candidates, you can win states with 20, 30% in the primary. so i think that's a -- that's an advantage to bernie sanders. i would also put kamala harris in that top tier with biden second tier beto o'rourke and elizabeth. >> what about pete? >> he is a rising star it is amazing that he raised $7 million because honestly we didn't know how to pronounce his name a month ago so a lot of those -- a lot of that money is coming in really in the last month. i think he's moving up. he's probably tier three right now. but he is going to be a force i
9:48 am
think -- in thes are just intrigued by that guy. let me ask this if biden has problems and loan moderate that i see in the field at the moment. doesn't that give a shot in the arm howard schultz now a moderate middle of the road guy and no other middle of the road guy he gets a boost doesn't he? >> i think he does. biden if he's greatly damaged by this it helps shuttle as you mentioned it helps beto o'rourke and amy l more moderate on democratic side but schultz doesn't have to decide whether he's going to run for another year so that would be advantage. >> okay. very interesting, bob and the election is what 20 months away or something. [laughter] i can't believe it. bob thanks for joining us. appreciate it. all right check the dow 30 let's see the state of player amongst dow 30 half half really -- about let's see now we've got about --
9:49 am
just over half up. a little under a half down i'm trying to do the math. >> i know. you are having fun watching you. the largest franchise moving company in america expects this summer to be the busiest moving season in that company's 35-year history. top guy at the company joins us next i want to know. now where are people moving to and where are they moving from? have an idea exodus from my tax state -- so with xfinity mobile
9:50 am
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9:53 am
>> we've said time on the program talking about tax pex does people leaving high tax states going to lower tax states. look who is here randy shacker he's the president of the moving company called two men and a truck. randy welcome to the program. >> good morning. good morning. >> now, one of the themes on this program is high tax states are going to lose people. low tax states are going to gain people. >> sure. is that the direction you're seeing people moving? >> two men in a truck any time there's a financial impact on somebody's livelihood you're probably going to see a move on tail end of that. a retirement down moving across country for an opportunity or something like this where taxes are impacting them financially. so from our perspective you know we've got 400 locations throughout the u.s.. >> i want to know what you're seeing. i want to know if there is a tax
9:54 am
exodus and are you seeing it as a moving company? >> we're seeing you know states like florida, texas we have a lot of moves heading into those states. you know tennessee, alabama, you know, a lot of it depends for us on where our franchise operations are located. right, so you know new york, new jersey, california, those are opportunities for us because we don't have that saturation like we do in other key states is like tennessee -- >> you don't have that that many operations in high tax states we're working on it. >>you -- really think back from a franchise development for an opportunity for those moving out great if you think opportunity n them. [laughter] but we're seeing. you know we've got, you know, one of our busiest summers coming up. all right from a moving perspective now 35-year history. so we're really looking for people to join brand looking for opportunity, but a big part that have sour national day of hiring in key states. florida, texas, national day of what? >> day of hiring. so it is really a chance for us to share the opportunities that
9:55 am
you mention i start as intern 17 years ago came in looking for a job and turned it into a career and that's really what this is about. >> hard time piengdzing drivers? >> it is a challenge. i think part of the awareness factor is really sharing what they get when they come into two men in a truck not just coming in to be a driver we have a chance every day to impact somebody's life during a stressful time but they're coming to help build careers. we have a university between two men and a truck where somebody can have access to certification, a scholarship program for somebody that would love to own their own franchise, in fact, we have three of those opening this quarter. but folks that came looking for a job now becoming franchisees for us. >> back to the start, texas, florida, well represent ared there. >> very well represented is flow of people coming in to texas and florida higher or now than it was a year ago? >> it is always been benefit i king consistent people leave for warmer weather and see this next
9:56 am
year as far as tax and more people based on what happens. >> start shopping in new jersey a great opportunity in that state. >> there is. i'm telling you. i live there had. thanks so much for joining us. two men and a truck good title. thank you. all right crisis at the border homeland security department says it is like a cap five hurricane. democrats, though, they're sticking with open borders and abolition of i.c.e. what do you got me fired up -- i'll do my take on that coming up in the half hour and joins us from the white house. i want to know if the myc pain of shutting border is worth it. there's much more on varn isny isny -- varney"varney & company" still o come.y only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
9:57 am
. .
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your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments.
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key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. stuart: 7:00 in the morning in los angeles. now we've gone to the downside. i think i know why. we got information on the service sector of the economy. very important stuff. give me the report. ashley: not a great number. 56.1. way below the estimate of 58. january's 56.7. looking at business activity which was 64.7 last month. it is down to 57.4. so the service sector slowing down in march according to this latest report. stuart: that is why we had reversal on wall street. susan: lowest read since 2017. a big reversal downturn.
10:01 am
stuart: marc chandler, bannockburn, what do you make of the disappointing service sector? does that change your whole view of the market? >> we were written off first quarter. federal reserve would not pay much attention to q1 data. this is why they paused and patient and flexibility doesn't change my view that the u.s. economy growing 1% or so in q1. it is key number this week is jobs data. 20,000 at end of february. i think we have something much closer to trend at end of march. stuart: when do we hit new high on douse industrials? we're 600 point away from the high. when do we beat it? >> we have a good chance to do it in q2. what inspires me. we've seen backing up of u.s. yields, 10 basis points last several days, stock market despite the small losses, best
10:02 am
level in five or six months. that will be a big shock to people what happened in december. people talk about the fed making a pivot, the market made a big divot. the stock market shows us the pivot the market made. stuart: marc, you bought boeing. you think it will get back to 400? >> i don't know about back to 400. i bought boeing for personal account. it was not a recommendation to my clients. i thought the stock was beaten up. there is duopoly with boeing and airbus. i think they are taking steps. stuart: marc chandler, good stuff. now this, the crisis on the border. quote, a systemwide meltdown. kirstjen nielsen says it is like a cat-5 hurricane disaster. a flood of migrants has overwhelmed border agents. tens of us thoses are pouring into this country unchecked. how did this happen?
10:03 am
watch this. >> the president of the united states is going to declare a national emergency on our southern border. but i have to tell you, it doesn't look like an emergency from where i'm standing. >> it is not an emergency, what is happening at the border. >> a national emergency to solve his manufactured crisis. >> we don't have a national emergency. that is just not true. there is no national emergency. >> there is no national emergency. >> there is simply no emergency there. >> what are we, stupid? a manufactured emergency. stuart: manufactured emergency. this crisis, it is the left. come on, let's be honest, it is the left, open door policy, open border policy, coupled with sanctuary cities and states is an open invitation to come on in. as the real crisis unfolds the democrats are doubling down. presidential candidate julian castro announced his immigration
10:04 am
plan. amnesty for illegals already here. make crossing the border a civil offense, not criminal. cut back on immigration enforcement. if that is not an open invitation to come on in i don't know what is. now president trump, he wants to build a wall. oh, no, you can't do that. he declared an emergency. oh, you can't do that either. you can't do that he threatened the border, oh, no, too much pain. whatever the president wants the democrats reject. that is irresponsible to do nothing in the face of an invasion, it is an invasion is to fiddle while rome burns. pushing open border, sank larry cities, amnesty is encouraging invasion. not only is it irresponsible, it's a chronic political mistake. voters will not react kindly to the sight of migrants wandering around the streets of our southern cities, caravans flying foreign flags. what is with ilhan omar suggesting white nationalists
10:05 am
who oppose open boredders? that is divisive, plain and simple. what really gets me, is the idea that somehow it is all america's fault. it is not. it is the fault of politicians playing an issue for what they think is political advantage. i think they will find out that there is no advantage in encouraging an invasion. says breaking news. we got to go to it. moments ago president trump tweeted about the border and here it is. congress must pet together and immediately eliminate the loopholes at the border f no action, border or large sections of border will close. this is a national emergency. joining us now, mercedes schlapp, white house director of strategic communications. mercedes, is the president pulling back a little from a full border closure? >> no, not at all. i think we are leaving all options on the table. i think that the democrats have left us with no choice but to have to redeploy our resources,
10:06 am
our border patrol agents from the ports of entry to in between the ports of entry where we're seeing a surge of illegal aliens coming through the border. when we're talking about numbers, stuart, of about 76,000 illegal aliens that are being apprehended by our border patrol agents just last month, the numbers are alarming. the president has repeatedly warned that this is a humanitarian crisis, that this is a national security crisis. despite the denials by so many democrats. stuart: there will clearly be very significant economic pain if the border were closed, fully or even partially. is the pain worth it? >> well our counsel of economic advisors are study being these options. they're finding ways to see how we can minimize economic, the economic impact if in fact we move towards that direction. right now the steps that we are taking is department of homeland
10:07 am
security is moving these resources from the ports of entry to the areas that we need it most. why is that, stuart? because we don't have enough resources. they are overwhelmed, they are stretched thin. they need to be moved to the areas where they are able to monitor the situation happening at the border, deal with the larger groups that are coming in. they're talking about coming in, these illegal aliens coming in about 100 or more at a time. these are individuals that need to be processed. these are individuals that then because of the fact that we have such antiquated laws are just being released into the communities because we're at overcapacity. i mean this is putting a huge strain to our agents on the border. stuart: i don't mean to interrupt you, mercedes but he would get the political blame immediately. if you shut the border, pain on our side of the border, president gets the blame. >> the president's priority is security of this country. let's make that clear.
10:08 am
and safety of americans and so in essence what we're seeing at the border is pretty much chaos. we are losing operational control of the border. it has been only president trump who has been fighting and shedding light on this crisis. stuart: okay. >> what we have seen from democrats is no action or pure amnesty approach as we have seen especially from these democrat leadership. so our goal is, we need to make changes in the law. we need to close those legal loopholes. and that is a priority. where it would give our border agents the ability to detain and remove individuals coming in illegally and being safely returned to their home countries. that is the key. because we do not have the authority to do so. and so mexicans are processed differently than central americans. so there is a need for very simple changes the law. that could happen quickly if the democrat was come on board and
10:09 am
recognize that we have growing crisis and emergency at the border. stuart: they won't. mercedes, the president has been tweeting about health care this morning. i will put them up on the screen. the gist of the tweets that the president will have a health care plan in place by the time of the 2020 election, and the country can vote on it essentially. do you have any idea what might be in the plan or outline of the plan? >> let's start with the political reality, which obviously the democrats are in control of the house. they themselves are not that thrilled with obamacare because they're trying to make changes to obamacare. in fact you have the far left of the democrat party wants to move health care further towards socialized medicine, government control, take over of our health care system which would be incredibly expensive and push 180 million americans off their private insurance. the president has talked about these broad principles and we've taken administrative actions to help improve our health care system. it would include principles
10:10 am
based on affordability, accessibility and on flexibility. meaning we're going to give more options to the american individual, to the american families and also insure that they have quality care. we're dealing with ending priced medical billing. we're at a point we're able to reduce drug prices. we're taking steps from an administrative standpoint to insure americans have more health care options, not less which is what the democrats are pushing for. stuart: mercedes, thanks very much for passing judgment on very two important issues of the day, the border, health care. >> thank you so much. stuart: sure thing. the fda will hold the first hearing on legalizing and regulating cbd. that is the non-high making part of marijuana. they are talking about getting it into food and drinks. interesting. cbd the stuff in marijuana, has medical benefits, doesn't get
10:11 am
high. this could open doors to a lot of cbd-infused products. dr. siegel on that shortly. big day in court on the celebrities involved in the college admissions scandal. lori loughlin, felicity huffman set to appear in federal court today. gamestop taking a big hit. sales are down. people are not buying the game disks. they're just downloading videogames to their consoles. that is how you do it these days and gamestop is feeling the heat. we have videogame industry insider he is not sure that gamestop can ever recover. second hour of "varney." ♪ ♪ ♪♪
10:12 am
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ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid. stuart: not quite the rally we were expecting today. positive news on china trade talks was supposed to take us up 100 points but in fact what we've got is a seven point gain after disappointing numbers on the service sector of the economy. then there is this, a chinese national arrested at president trump's mar-a-lago. she had multiple passports, a hard drive filled with malware. was this an attempt to spy? susan: we can't make that leap right now. the white house isn't commenting but neither are the chinese authorities. it is a strange authority of 32-year-old woman who showed up at mar-a-lago when president
10:16 am
trump was visiting the club last weekend of the he was playing a round of golf as well. she showed up with two chinese passports, one cell phone, one hard drive, one thumb drive up loaded with malware. she said she was visiting a friend who was there at mar-a-lago and to go swimming. when she got into reception, she changed story, was there for the chinese-american association event. no event was taking place. that is when the secret service was alerted. ashley: strange. susan: he went up to speak to her, she was verballying a breast system she has been arraigned at this point. stuart: strange. susan: no connection to any foreign posts. there is no high level espionage. that is very basic. stuart: if that was espionage, it is ham-fisted attempt. ashley: inspector clousseau. stuart: strange story. we'll know more later. gamestop, sales of preowned games down big.
10:17 am
the stock is down 7%. come on in "gamer world news" host who knows his stuff. i know what you're going to say, you don't think gamestop will survive, do you? >> it will be a very difficult situation for gamestop. historically speaking there have been times back in 2000, 2012 where they operated at a net loss. it is safe to 2018 is the worst year ever for the company's history. it is because the ecosystem of the way videogames are sold has changed under their feet. i was bothered by they actually lost 21% of their revenue from preowned sales this is part of the company has highest gross margins. if you look trends within gamestop they get half of their revenue selling new and preowned games. that slice of the pie will simply decrease over time. if you look at hardware they might have a bit of fortune in
10:18 am
the next year when sony and microsoft reless the next generation consoles. but if you look at the long-term trend that line of revenue could disappear entirely because everything is going the way of cloud gaming. look at google stadia -- stuart: reminds me of blockbusters. you used to have blockbusters everywhere all over the place and technology leapfrogged over them. they went out. pretty much the same with gamestop, isn't it, technology acing them out? >> i feel like a lot of analysts make the analysis for blockbuster but i think that is unfair to gamestop. one of the things that is very interesting you might know that gamestop was one of the pioneers of online technology, but timing wasn't right. there was not a lot of consumer demand and technology was not there to make it a smooth experience. all the major tech companies are hopping on board. not like they won't be able to do it because they don't have the technological expertise.
10:19 am
stuart: but the bricks and mortar stores i see in shopping malls, do you think they're going? >> yeah, for gamestop to be able to survive they have to change out these stores. one of the things that is kind of interesting, they will be taking a page of out of homes market by leaning heavily into e-sports. what these markets do in the united states, they're like land videogaming centers where people come together to play videogames, but they can watch esports tournaments to participate in amateur tournaments. this is the direction gamestop will go to salvage the business. it will take a bit of renovation. their stores are very small and need to expand their physical presence. stuart: you do know your stuff. we love that. take a bow, young man. take a bow. thanks for being with us. we always appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. stuart: check the markets, going nowhere thus far, up 27 for the dow. how about this one? national economic council director larry kudlow said, u.s.
10:20 am
and the u.s. and china are making headway. ashley: encouraging comments from mr. kudlow, making good headway last week in beijing. now as we have seen them enter the buildings down in washington this morning, the chinese trade delegation here for three days of talks. mr. kudlow says they may stay longer. they're not there yet on the trade deal but he says we hope to get closer this week. he says i can't be specific whether the u.s. will roll back tariffs on china because that part of the enforcement discussion is still going on but he says, china has acknowledged of problems with i.p. theft, forced technology transfer, hacking for the first time as a result of these trade talks. stuart: let's recap a little. we opened up this morning with expectations that things were going well in the china trade talks. there were all these reports. ashley: correct. stuart: the market went up. ashley: yep. stuart: 10:00 we got disappointing news on the
10:21 am
economic sector. market goes down. mr. kudlow makes the statement on china trade. ashley: correct. stuart: market goes back. ashley: headline driven. stuart: headline driven market, you're right. there you to. i see the judge sitting next to me. which implies we'll do the story about the justice department having a go at the academy of motion pictures arts and science because they're trying to get netflix out of the oscars. have i got the story right, judge? >> i think you do. stuart: what will you add to it? >> federal government has bigger fish to fry. netflix is bigger an all the others put together for heavens sakes. stuart: how could you exclude the netflix from the oscars? >> because you can establish your own issues. this is not anti-federal trust matter. this sounds like this would come from the obama justice department. stuart: hollywood people are colluding to keep netflix out. nice word, collusion.
10:22 am
>> very interesting and challenging word there. the oscars don't compete with anybody. the oscars are a freely, voluntary association of people who do nothing but pat themselves on the back. it is a meat parade as george c. scott called it when he refused his oscar when he refused his performance in "patton." put that aside. this is not wise use of government authority. this is not restraint of trade. netflix is enormous. it is about to bury some of the people in this organization. stuart: precisely. >> they don't need the government to protect them. they know how to compete for the eyeballs of the public. so netflix has enhanced competition by its business model. stuart: yes. so the justice department should go to bat for netflix to keep the marketplace on even, level keel. >> justice department should go to bat for the biggest guy on the block who is big enough to buy up some.
10:23 am
others. stuart: it is being excluded by the others. they are doing that. >> so what. [laughter] stuart: did you spend last night in a holiday inn express? >> no i didn't. stuart: it's a clean cut case. the big guy is being kept out of the marketplace which it wants to get into and reform and take over. >> the big buy knows how to use the marketplace to enhance its market share. it doesn't need the federal government to help it do that. stuart: okay. i support the justice department on the grounds that hollywood is bunch of hopeless leftists anything you can do to mess them up, do it. >> that would be improper use of government authority. stuart: who cares. >> you would ultimately agree with me. would you still pass an exam at the london school of economics with ideology like that? stuart: no. just so our viewers go i did go to the london school of economics. it is the most left-wing place in europe outside of the the
10:24 am
sarbones. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: have you got anymore? >> i'm done. stuart: show me what is next. here we go. check the big board. thank you, judge. you're all right. we're up 38 points. positive comments from chinese trade by larry kudlow. that turned the market around. how about lyft? here is where shares are. they went public at 72. they struggled back to 71 as of this morning. up two bucks. >> another quick kudlow headline on the border issue saying listen, there has to be, there is a security issue but there is a trade issue. they're looking at ways to keep the freight lanes open even in the event after closure. you could keep that trade going through on the freight lanes. stuart: good news. i don't know if the judge has anything to say about closing the border, do you? >> i hope he doesn't close the
10:25 am
border. i think it will being economically disasterous and he is coming to that realization. stuart: that comes with your approval, i trust. >> keeping trade going, yes. susan: 1.7 billion crosses border every day. i think he should. affects everything. >> five million american jobs in america. stuart: pain will be astronomical. the case closed. that is the way it is. >> sometimes he wants to make a point. we know his personality by now. stuart: he made a threat. >> yes. stuart: hoping that the mexican government will turn around to stop the flow of migrants to our border. >> precisely. he is smart enough to know can't carry through with 100% of the threat without consequences more dastardly than what -- ashley: keep the freight lanes open. that may address that. >> i have to get this in. my fellow lse guy, 75-year-old mick jagger, going under the knife for heart surgery. i want to know what his prognosis is. doc siegel will tell us next. ♪
10:26 am
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♪ stuart: lady madonna. we have not had that one before. is that ringo singing that? is that paul? i'm not sure. >> why couldn't you use mick jagger? stuart: the beatles time. check the big board. we're up 34 points as we speak. not that big of a gain, despite positive comments on china trade from larry kudlow. more on that in a second. by the way, larry kudlow, he just said, an executive order on energy is going to be unveiled. it will open the door to more pipelines. that is more positive stuff from
10:30 am
larry kudlow this morning. more breaking news. here it comes. the house judiciary committee just voted along party lines to authorize subpoenas for the full mueller report and underlying evidence. they subpoenaed five former trump aides including hope hicks and steve bannon. 10:30 eastern time. latest numbers how much of oil is in storage or don't have. jeff flock in chicago with the number. reporter: big shock to the board, expecting modest draw down in weekly crude. actually a huge build in weekly crude. look at that. we expect ad draw down of about half a million barrels. we have 7.2 million is the build. i'm shocked. i'm shocked. crude, i tell you, no more cheap
10:31 am
gas for varney. that is the headline. stuart: don't ever be fooled by these expectations, jeff. ashley: yeah. reporter: i'm always fooled by expectations. how else why i would be married three times. stuart: that's good, jeff. that is really cool. ad-lib comeback. i can't beat it. i just can't follow it. that was very good. i'll summarize the oil situation, not your marriages. we got a build of 7.2 million barrels. that should push the price down a little. reporter: prices falling as we speak. stuart: thanks, jeff, good stuff. our next guest says the mistakes, mistakes, made by president obama have gotten us into this, political climate that we're now in. i would call it toxic. reed hunt is with us and he is the author of this book "a crisis wasted." reed, you used to work for president obama. are you saying that he made mistakes created this what i call toxic politics today?
10:32 am
>> so, in the year 2018, there were several mistakes that have created the disappointing economy of the last 10 years. the first was for ben bernanke and hank paulson in the bush administration to let lehman go bankrupt. the second was not having authority in their hands to bail out the financial industry in an appropriate manner. third, there was a failure by the republicans and the democrats to spend enough money to get the economy going again and get full employment. stuart: did you realize these were mistakes that being made when you were there in the administration? >> i wasn't in the administration because we're talking about the transition period. in fact all the major decisions that defined the rest of the president's tenure, president obama's tenure were made before he was even inaugurated there was a healthy debate about all of these things but here is the way they thought about it. take news of mick jagger's heart
10:33 am
surgery. suppose the surgeon said you need quadruple bypass but i don't think that would be popular so i will only give you a double? that is kind of what happened here with respect to the size of the stimulus. stuart: the stimulus as i recall was $860 billion. >> good memory. stuart: i'm hold but i got a memory. >> do you have a tattoo that says that? stuart: no, sir, i do not. you know what i think about tattoos, reed, you know me well. so you think the stimulus should have been much bigger, bigger than 860 billion? >> according to the calculations of the economists at the time it should have been between 1.2 trillion and 1.7 trillion spread out over three or even four years. it should have been about the same magnitude as the tax cut this administration put in place in 2017. stuart: now what's your opinion on lehman? i mean, your book you say it was a mistake not to, to save them
10:34 am
essentially. >> they needed, lehman needed to be saved. it was in fact too big to fail the administration had not put in place the legal authority, had not asked for it because they were against bailouts as a matter of principle. in a crisis you have to do what is unimaginable. stuart: what is your analysis of where we are now? expanding growing economy, solid financial base? >> where we are now, let's look at it in electoral terms, with our cracked electoral system the president has to carry either pennsylvania or michigan. i think pretty much everybody in politics knows that. in those states real estate prices have still not recovered on inflation adjusted basis from where they were 10 years ago and wakes have not significantly gone up, not anywhere like the rise in the gdp over this time period. so to win those states he will have to explain what the heck has been going on for the last
10:35 am
10 years. we're going to be relitigating in the 2020 election all the debates of 2018. stuart: that is fascinating. reed hundt. i will read your book. >> thank you, sir. stuart: thank you. the fda is looking at legalizing and regulating cbd in food and drinks. cbd is legal already, but they want to put the stuff into food and drinks. the cbd is the stuff in marijuana has health benefits but doesn't get high. marc siegel, the doctor is with us right now. is that a good idea, do you think? >> start with the fact that the oil, cbd comes from two places marijuana plant and hemp. hemp does not have the thc that gets high. that is the one congress made legal in december. the fda has it in their lap because they have a regulation they can't put cbd of any kind in food or drink but getting a lot of pressure now, now that it is legal to stick it in food and
10:36 am
drink. stuart: is it a good idea to put it in food and drink? >> not really. stuart: why not? >> two reasons, very hard to regulate the amount, a. b, we don't have enough evidence about negative potential side-effects at all. it has not been well-studied. it can be a good treatment for seizures. i'm very pro that. it's a good treatment for post-tramatic stress. i'm not poo-pooing that. the fda has a big problem. making claims it curse alzheimer's and dementia. the fda has a big problem on its hands. stuart: the fda would have to say those claims are not valid. if that you make a crazy claim about -- >> good prediction. they will come out and say it is not been proven for this, not proven for that. they will have to get labels on the product. they are issuing warning letters to companies coming out claiming this stuff. they have a big problem on their
10:37 am
hands. they will solve it. it will be in food and drink. it will be promoted. it will be part of big business. no question this is good for the business of cbd. it doesn't have the part i'm worried about. stuart: it doesn't go into food and drink until the fda says yes, you can do it. >> yes. public hearing, may 31st. stuart: i want to talk to you about mick jagger, "rolling stone" guy as you know. he will undergo heart surgery. he is 75 years old. number one, what is his heart problem? number two, will he recover, how fast will he recover? >> we're hearing from the son, from england, the sources are saying that what he has is a valve problem, probably aortic valve problem, under the most pressure, the most important valve in the human body. luckily for mick jagger, we're hearing, we don't have this confirmed, he is getting a minimally invasive approach. this is modern medicine at its best. it is called a taver floated
10:38 am
into the groin through the artery, not in surgery, floated in a catheter and receipts itself on the broken valve. my father had it put in when he was 92 years old. he is 95 now. he is doing great. you will be hosting this show when you're 92. stuart: careful. >> he is doing great, stuart. this valve is a miracle. i believe this is what mick jagger is getting. means one or two-day recovery. he could be back on tour this month or next month. stuart: incredible. good for mick jagger. >> can i make a request we use him for bumper music, instead of beatles? how about rolling stones. ashley: wait a minute. stuart: i would love to get rolling stones every day at 11:30, with the beatles remaining at 10:30. >> sorry. this is miracle procedure. you don't necessarily even needance sheesh that. -- need anesthesia, you recover very quickly.
10:39 am
stuart: felicity huffman and lori loughlin will appear in boston. susan: lori loughlin and felicity huffman should be showing up in court. these two parents of daughters and children are accused of part of that college bribery scandal. let's go had you hough man's case. she is accused of disguising the payment to take the test for her daughter. loughlin is and her husband are accused bribing $500,000, getting them into usc be a part of the usc crew team even though both daughters did not crew. lawyers saying because of small amount of dollars involved, huffman, $15,000, compared to million paid out by other parents to get their kids into these colleges, they might not see any jail time for at least
10:40 am
these two. might be looking at fines. stuart: jail time. that would be a sensation. susan: making an example. stuart: high-profile celebrities possibly going to jail. that is a big story indeed. i don't think it is over by the way. susan: not out of the question but very remote the chances. stuart: point taken, thanks, susan. new york state planning a lot of new taxes from everything from driving into manhattan to buying those vaping products. maybe this is part of the reason why they need the money, new york's governor gives himself a nice raise. he will be the highest paid governor in the nation. we'll tell you how much he is making. more on the immigration crisis. a illegal immigrant being deported for manslaughter. he got back into the country and was arrested again. we'll give the details. ♪
10:41 am
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stuart: very modest gain, up 35 points after an hour ten minutes worth of business. we're at 26,200. there is this. an admitted gang member who had previously been deported after killing a man came back again and has been rearrested. now what -- ashley: who years old, was deported in 2017. he was convicted of manslaughter for a fatal stabbing in huntington, out in long island. he did some time, deported back in 2017. guess what? he reemerged back in long island. he was taken into custody carrying a mexican driver's license. maintained his innocence for the fatal stabbing. this happens time and time again. he is being charged with illegal reentry into the u.s. faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. this is the story we hear, ms is 13 gang members among the most
10:45 am
vicious in the world. they get deported, show back up quickly thereafter. a ridiculous situation. stuart: almost a daily story, a dreadful thing. we're staying on the border crisis. that is part of the border crisis. there will clearly be an economic impact on us if the president closes the southern border. arizona congressman david schweikert is with us now. david, we hear from the president this morning hear reports the president doesn't want a total shutdown. he is trying to keep the lanes of freight open there. i'm sure that meets with your approval? >> absolutely. being from arizona there is a misunderstanding just the volume of commerce that crosses that boarder but also think about things like fresh produce. i'm not sure i want my tomatoes having sat at the border a couple days. stuart: you do not favor shutting any part of the border, do you? >> in many ways i believe the president's statement was more of a message to u.s. commerce,
10:46 am
saying help us take this seriously. let's face it, shutting down a border crossing, much of this population in arizona walk as couple miles one way or the other and cross where there is barbed-wire. stuart: does he run the risk of making a dramatic threat, then walking it back? >> some ways you may have to do something that has that sort of messaging, think about where we're at. six weeks ago, eight weeks ago, our brothers and sisters on the democrat side kept insisting how much of the media kept insisting there was no crisis. now today, if you're from phoenix, we have had almost 20,000 individuals dropped off at night in the center of our city. that is across sis. stuart: sir, can i interrupt for a second. i did not know that. 20,000 people, migrants dropped off in the center of phoenix, that happened? >> yeah. the number is actually a little bit less than that, but i think it is almost 19,000 right now
10:47 am
but think about the stress you put on the churches, community groups, that are trying to help. this is a genuine crisis. if you actually care about people, our democrat friends should take this seriously we genuinely have a crisis on the southwest border. i propose to the white house, it is time to send administrative judicial officers, which are appointed by the president, they come out of the administration, we need them on the border to help us stop this sort of system of, you will get a date, a couple years from now to come have your hearing. we need to do that right at the border. so arbitraging, excuse me, triaging, who has a legitimate claim, who doesn't. stuart: no sign the flow of migrants is slowing down, sir? >> no. we somewhat expect this is sort of the springtime. there is some seasonality because when it starts to get
10:48 am
brutally hot in the desert southwest, we have lots of tragedies in our desert. so there is an expectation we may be seeing some peaking because of the springtime but these are overwhelming numbers that are approaching the border at this moment. stuart: yes, sir. david schweikert, republican arizona. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: howard schultz making a big splash in the 2020 race. he is not actually declared for it but he is thinking about it. he is considering running as an independent, challenging the far left democrats really. ii want to know if mr. biden decide not to run if that happens, does that open the door for mr. schultz to be the moderate candidate? fox news martha maccallum coming up next on that. ♪ our grandparents checked their smartphones
10:49 am
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10:52 am
stuart: struggle to a gain of all of 39 points for the dow industrials. now this, fox news hosting a town hall with former starbucks
10:53 am
chief howard schultz. he has not declared his candidacy for 2020 yet. we're going to bring in martha maccallum. she is the host host of "the st" with martha maccallum. you will do the town hall. >> in kansas city. stuart: i have my daughter working with you. >> i heard that if joe biden is not in the race, or damaged what is going on now, that would surely give a boost to howard schultz, wouldn't it? he is a moderate like biden is a moderate? >> no way they are not thinking about this they will tell you that is absolutely not in their calculations. but i think it is obvious that there is probably, that there is only one middle lane person that can emerge. talking to bloomberg, looking at weakness biden is undergoing right now. maybe he should reconsider. i think that, howard schultz sees his candidacy as the answer to everyone's disillusionment
10:54 am
with both parties. he says the two party system is broken. he believes that first time in the history of this country there is a true lane for someone to bring together moderate democrats, moderate republicans not happy with president trump or how far left the democratic party going. stuart: why is he not running as a democrat? >> because he, i think this is what he will say tomorrow night, having looked at everything he said in the past, he is disgusted with the democrat party. he says there is no place for me in that party. stuart: that is a strong word, disgusted. >> he talks about the green new deal, talks about socialism, those are not thing i identify with at all and i can't be part of that. it is interesting when you look at trump's path, trump i look at him when he came into the party as really almost an independent as well. he had been a democrat for many years. he stood up on stage, i'm not sure i will back the republican candidate necessarily. i might go my own way. so i think there are parallels in their, in that path. and, donald trump made the
10:55 am
assessment he had to be in the republican party in order to win. howard schultz is making a very different calculation. we'll see how he does. stuart: i think it is in modern american presidential politics, handling television of a vital importance. if you don't come across well on television. >> been that way since nixon kennedy, right? even more so now. i think the celebrities, donald trump on "the apprentice and everybody knew he was, howard schultz, starbucks, everyone has a corner everywhere they go, they are able to jump the barrier of name recognition which is worth 10 to 12% right out of the gate. it makes very tough for people who aren't known. stuart: you are putting howard schultz on television tomorrow night. >> you know what i like? democrats, republicans independents in the audience. an interesting mix you won't get with a democratic candidate or republican candidate. that is pretty cool. stuart: i will watch. not just because you and howard schultz. >> you're daughter is.
10:56 am
there working on the project as well. we have that going for us. thanks, stuart. stuart: how about this? nasa still planning to send humans to mars, you know. they're releasing some possible designs of the habitat the astronauts might be living and working in. we'll show you those habitats in our next hour. the moment we saw trump ride -- there he is is, ride down the golden escalator to announce his presidency, classic video we knew we were in for something real different, didn't we? not just the tone and style. this man is a business guy. you hadn't had a business guy in the white house ever. we'll deal with that in a moment. ♪
10:57 am
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stuart: we knew donald trump would be a very different president, as soon as he went down the golden escalator to declare his candidacy, and the moment he beat up his opponents in the debate, putting down the media, we knew his style and tone were unlike anything we achieved before. and here is another difference. we didn't get that much attention, and he's a business guy, he brought a business mentality to what had always been a political office, and he is the chairman of the board with a tendency to order, rather than like a politician, request. this is a business approach, and it seems to have worked. he ordered deregulation, and he
11:01 am
got it. that's chopped through mounds of red tape, and helped make america a powerhouse in energy. and he thwarted a change in the military's rules of engagement and he pushed through a tax package geared towards business because he understood that business had to be revived to get the economy growing again and he is a business guy, and he understands these things and now this is very different from the political maneuvering from the previous administrations and it's very different from the political gridlock that he calls congress and he goes outside politics to get things donald he failed to get rid of obamacare because he went the political route and he's the ceo, he's running the show and he reaches over the head of the media, the hateful media, and takes his message directly to the people. he tweets daily, never misses an opportunity, to look into the camera, and make his message clear. he may be shocked at some of the things he says, and the way he
11:02 am
says them. his tone and style are really abrasive sometimes, to say the least, but his approach to the office is fundamentally different. it's not politics. it's business, and two years in, seems to have been a success. third hour of varney & company, about to begin. yes the president has indeed made himself a name as business man in chief, so let's start this hour off with our resident millennial capitalist, his name is nathan latka, and the author of the book "how to be a capitalist, without any capital." we've never had a president with this style and tone before and never really a business guy in the oval office, how is he doing >> first off when you're rich as a country you don't rely on other people and that's how it's supposed to be so look at what's happened over the last several
11:03 am
years the corporate tax rate comes down you're seeing money flow back into the u.s. down to 22% is where it ended up i'm see ing this in austin, texas and apple is announcing a big new office being built there so economic growth is happening the dow is up 26.2 today and all-time high is 26.7 maybe he witness that in q2 so everyone's stocks are doing well. stuart: but does it work, i'm the chairman of the board, do this do that get in here and get out of there. >> well stuart i like the idea of saying this is where we're going and get on board and we'll figure it out as we go you set the benchmark and get people to catch up with you i like that approach. >> it's always clean cut and you know exactly what he is saying he may change his mind occasionally. >> and he understands leverage, i make a lot of money very early on, 19-20 years old and he's doing this with china right now. he has by the way economic
11:04 am
policy is foreign policy and you're seeing with energy we're a net exporter which means we aren't relying on other countries but russia isn't like that. he is hitting russia hard, kudlow just signs an executive order, all these things. stuart: he says an executive order is coming, with more pipelines to get the stuff out of here. >> but point taken we are not dependent on anyone else, people rely on russia, germany still does unfortunately and we're making basically giving them another option. stuart: here we are discussing the big picture, trump the businessman, pipelines and what have you and you want to talk about casper. hold on a minute. >> [laughter] stuart: i'm told that most people already know about it, casper the mattresses that come in a box. >> they do. stuart: and then the millennial mattress, that company is valued at $1.1 billion and you say it's too high. >> first off the valuation in my opinion is ridiculous. stuart: why are you talking about casper mattresses what's that going to do? >> first off i own four mattresses i bought them but
11:05 am
casper is not a mattress company , stuart they're a distribution company they invented a way to get people that didn't want to go into a mall to buy a mattress they ship it to your door. that's why i bought i didn't have to drive to the mall to buy it so they are in my opinion way overvalued and 380 top line million last year, they lost 68 million on that, they are way overvalued at 1.1 million not a product company but a distribution company and what they should focus on is how to ease these distribution channels to deliver other products not be the best mattress. stuart: why did you use this program to beat the hell out of casper mattresses? >> i love casper i just think i have a lot of tech ceo's on my podcasts the top enter rent ours and a lot of times they're very overvalued and casper i feel like it's overvalued it's 380 million, and 1.1 billion on the recent 100 million and i think they have an identity thing and they should not be competing on the best mattress but on be a better distribution channel and keep making that their event.
11:06 am
stuart: it's amazing what you learn on this program, casper is overvalued okay, now wait a minute. >> they will love me for that title i'll be getting calls. stuart: put lyft up on the screen please. they went public last friday at $72 a share and struggled back almost to $72 a share, they have indeed and they're back there, but what do you make of the upcoming tech ipo, like uber and airbnb? >> well there's a lot of liquidity in the market whether it's public markets demand for these tech companies or m & a and i have ceo's saying i want to spend $500 million which software company should i buy so i like what lyft is doing i think you'll see airbnb potentially go public here soon obviously uber is on the radar as well these companies will continue to do well. stuart: but are they entrepreneur kind of company and new technology, youngsters should be getting into? >> i like them, stu, because they all use data to make our lives better, lyft has a massive network, uber and they get us a ride in two seconds when we walk
11:07 am
out of the studio so i like they save us time. stuart: to me it's something that a youngster if you're in your 20s and 30s to me that's young. >> i got to come on the show more often. like young, young, young, grow a little facial hair and nathan says you're aging what the hell is going on. stuart: it's a kind of company which a youngster should be putting some money into, buy some pinterest and airbnb and get in on the ground floor you'll hit dirt at some stage because they're very good companies with very interesting technologies. >> what i like more than trying to invest in the stock is use them to make money, so on page 94, there's $15,000 in 2018 using airbnb so a lot of millennials travel so use that to rent your home out make an extra 15 grand and that was in the first half of 2018 so there's all kind of tactics in the book these companies allow us to make money while we keep being millennials. stuart: okay come back soon, nathan latka, see you soon thank you. check the big boards they've gone up a bit more positive
11:08 am
comments on trade from larry kudlow that's helped. positive comments about opening up pipelines to get the oil out, all good stuff and by the way, secretary of state what am i talking about here treasury secretary mnuchin, robert lighthizer trade guy they met the chinese vice premier for "the talks" today and they met outside, they shook hands and there you go. big smiles and a wave. now that's being taken as a positive signal, okay? and larry kudlow says the chinese delegation could extend their stay. roll tape. >> according to steve mnuchin, so vice premier is here and his group, i guess they will be here for three days, maybe more, and "the talks" go on. stuart: sounds to me like it's pretty positive and by the way
11:09 am
mr. kudlow says work still needs to be done, auto tariffs still on the table because they could be part of the enforcement portion of the deal, otherwise, positive in responding with an 80 point gain and now let me put this up on your screen. the governor of california, gavin newsom, currently the highest-paid governor in america he makes $202,000 a year, and he is about to be upstaged. new york's governor andrew cuomo gave himself a nice raise along with new taxes that he's planning for new york as well we're going to tell you how much he will be making. and to the border, the president says he's ready to close it, doesn't want to do it because it would hurt our economy but the closure threat is on the table. he puts security first, and the latest numbers, 1,100 crossed the border just around el paso, just yesterday, so for 12 straight days, 1,000 or more have crossed, the homeland security chief says the crisis is like a cat 5 hurricane and a theme this hour, president trump
11:10 am
businessman-in-chief the person who says trump budgets like a businessman, and the swamp hates him for it. >> ♪ ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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stuart: all right, listen up for this one, a story new york
11:14 am
governor cuomo is about to become the highest paid in the country he will make 250,000 a year by the year 2021 and well, he will become the highest paid governor right now who is the highest paid governor? california's gavin newsom who makes 202000 a year now. back to my editorial top of the hour talking about the businessman, in the white house, and former epa official all right, mandy welcome back, and now i read your stuff and you say that trump budgets like a businessman and the swamp hates him for it tell me more please? >> that just means that he's making decisions looking to maximize investment on taxpayer dollars versus political interest the likes of which we seen in the last administration, but not what we're doing here. look, we've seen 5 million jobs created, a reinstitution of optimism in the marketplaces and the economy is looking great for
11:15 am
it. stuart: well why does the swamp hate him? >> because the swamp is used to entrenched investments so if you win an investment as a special interest in washington d.c., it's likely that the politicians here in d.c. are not going to change the status quo. some people call it the tyranny of the status quo but what we've seen with president trump is he's coming in taking a fresh new look and making investments where there truly are promising technologies, not politically promising technologies. stuart: well you're of the epa, is that what you're talking about when you were there, there were these vested interests special lobbying groups that got their way and expected to keep on getting their way and my editorial i made the point he's a businessman, he orders things as opposed to gently requesting them is that accurate as to how he got rid of the red tape? >> yeah, absolutely when you were dealing with entrenched
11:16 am
special interest or entrenched bureaucrats you have to take a hard line when asking think employee to change course to the betterment of this country so that's exactly what president trump is doing and he's looking at epa making sure there's not market distorting regulatory actions and also looking at the department of energy in making sure we don't invest in what i would characterize asthma hurricane florence technologies like solar and wind looking towards more promising technologies like advanced nuclear when you're looking at the environment which is what i care deeply about and what the president cares deeply about this is the only source of zero-emissions baseload technology and stu, you know that is the most important element of the entire energy structure when it comes to maintaining reliability, accessibility, and importantly, affordability. stuart: well said, mandy thank you very much for joining us again, always obliged thank you. >> thank you. stuart: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez in hot water again this time with the federal
11:17 am
election commission. ashley: yes, and this filing she's accused of basically overseeing what they are calling a shadowy web of political action committee that basically allow them to raise more cash than they could have under legal federal guidelines and also that an llc, limited ability company, was created to avoid federal spending requirements, basically offering aoc and other democratic candidates political consulting services for essentially prices incredibly solo that they had to shut it down i believe before the election was over in other words trying to skirt around federal spending. stuart: is this a serious problem for her? ashley: we'll see where it goes and what impact it has on her but certainly raising some questions. stuart: one of the few negatives ashley: exactly. stuart: apart from the opposition, plenty of negatives there let me check the stock price of netflix please, good news for their award season flix , movie studios have been trying to justify kicking
11:18 am
netflix out of the oscars because they're just tv but justice department is now saying that could violate anti-trust laws, the stock is up nearly $5, 3.72 on netflix. tesla, first quarter sales report coming out later today, and we're going to see if musk's new model 3 can save an otherwise rough quarter for that auto maker and the stock is up prior to the numbers, $7 higher at 2.93. and a new 3d security scanners heading to hundreds of airports in america, and you may not have to take your laptop or your liquids out of your carry on bag s any more. the 3d technology allows tsa agents to rotate images digital ly, okay? ashley: good. speed things up. stuart: here is a nasa story they've announced three finalist s in their habitat design competition trying to get excitement going over the mission to mars that will in the future carry humans there. here is one of the finalists
11:19 am
colony would look like. ashley: okay interesting. stuart: very interesting. ashley: is that wicker? it looks like it. stuart: [laughter] ashley: it looks like star wars. stuart: that's true we'll show you the rest shortly. if mars isn't your thing listen to this. airbnb is hosting a contest that will give winner the winners a chance to spend a night where they could stay in the same room as the mona lisa, we'll tell you how you can get in on that one of you really want to. sounds interesting and by the way on your screens now that is denver, colorado a little misty and hazy there, but the mile high city looks pretty good. ashley: it does. >> ♪ ♪ want more from your entertainment experience?
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11:23 am
stuart: okay you love maybe the mona lisa too, you imagine yourself sleeping under that glass pyramid and airbnb can make it happen and you can enter a contest on their website to spend one night at that paris mu seep, no tourists you'll get a private tour and drinks right close to the mona lisa and an acoustic concert inside napol
11:24 am
eon iii's former chambers and you have to enter by april 12 to win and here is a first look at what our colonies may look like on mars. they must be able to be 3d print ed on the planet that's important. ashley: okay. stuart: look at this, this is one of them from new york's atis corporation, it looks like a healthy grinder if you ask me. here is another one a company from arkansas a company called z aferis, each of the finals spend $100,000 before the finals in may, to take home, i don't know how much. ashley: they look like wicker baskets upside down. stuart: they do last of the finalists from new haven, connecticut a project called mars incubator all designed to look rather different from each other and nasa says it's all about layout, efficient use of space and how easy it would be to 3d print on mars, looks like cupcakes. ashley: soccer ball. stuart: president trump standing by his threat to close the
11:25 am
southern border if mexico doesn't stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the u.s.. listen to this. proprietary and president trump: and we are going to secure our nations borders. i really wanted to close it but now mexico is saying no, no, no, first time in decades. we will not let anybody get there and they've apprehended over 1,000 people but they don't want the border closed and do you know who else doesn't want the border closed? the democrats. trade and commerce and making money for a country it's all very important, but to me, the most important job i have is the security of our country. stuart: i've got to tell you that larry kudlow today said that they're working on ways to keep the flow of trade going to those entries. that's an important deal. the threat though came as homeland department security department secretary kirstjen nielsen compares "the situation" at the border to a cat 5 hurricane disaster. the financial indications too
11:26 am
which we will discuss shortly. we're expecting charles payne moment momentarily excited about the markets and the economy he calls it "biggest news out there " and nobody is talking about it but we are. stay with us, he makes his case.
11:27 am
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stuart: check that big board, the majority of the dow 30 stock s are in the green that means they're up and the dow is up 67 points itself, 26, 250 almost and the price of oil down today down about $0.50 we got numbers an hour ago saying look we got an extra 7 million-barrel s of oil in storage we're not using very much so down comes the price, but it's still at $62 a barrel. and big election in israel, next week. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu facing harsh political and personal attacks on the campaign trail. not unlike what president trump faces here. i want to bring in david ruben the author of the book, trump and the jews david welcome back to the program. >> thank you, stuart.
11:31 am
stuart: are these similar leader s, is there a parallel between the two? >> there is. there is in many ways they both have a common touch, benjamin netanyahu -- stuart: what do you mean a common touch? they meet and greet easily? >> when i say common touch i'm not referring to joe biden. stuart: oh, stop it. you're terrible. >> i'm talking about that they relate to the people. they both have a reputation of speaking to the common men and woman of course, and benjamin netanyahu can go out to the marketplace, to the open air market in jerusalem and walk right through, he's going to get a lot of attention and people are going to come over to him and pat him on the back and shake his hand, and there is an understanding of what the people want and he has that. he has that, and trump of course does. stuart: i think prime minister
11:32 am
benjamin netanyahu thinks that president trump is the best friend that israel has ever had i think he said that didn't he very recently one of the best allies perhaps. >> he said it, he said it even stronger than that but he has been very clear that president trump has been a great friend of israel and in my book, trump and the jews i laid it out one by one. there is so many things and since the book came out, president trump has come out with a goal on heights proclamation, declaring israel sovereignty, which is critical to israel. stuart: but they get along well obviously they are aligned on policy and aligned as a strong allie, i've got that. do they like each other personal ly and get along well? >> they do they really seem to have a rapport and you can't ignore policy they're both conservatives and both very strong economic conservatives and they both believe in the free market. stuart: but that relationship,
11:33 am
that strong relationship, does that translate into more support for president trump amongst jewish people in america? >> jewish people in america are in a different league, stuart. you know? unfortunately. stuart: in what way? >> unfortunately, american jews , the overwhelming majority of american jews are disconnected from their roots and with the exception of the 10 % of the population that's orthodox and maybe an additional 20% that is not orthodox, but is connected religiously in some way, most american jews are unfortunately what i would call bagels and locks jews and you know people in new york city know. the culinary jews and they're connected culturally, yes, but their politics and their
11:34 am
political positions are all liberals, straight liberal lines stuart: yes, but won't some american jewish people come over to trump, bearing in mind, what some people in the democrat party have been saying about israel, and illham omar for example, shouldn't that bring some american jews into the republican camp this time around >> i believe very strongly that it will. it's kind of like you can feel an affinity for a political party, based on a lot of the positions but when somebody comes to you and starts calling you names, then and you see that the so-called protector, the heads of the party like chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are doing nothing about it, i mean, illham omar came out and made blatant aunt anti-semitism statements as did her colleague from michigan and you know, this is classic anti-semitism and it
11:35 am
was very disturbing. the jewish community in america was very shaken by it, but the democratic party leadership did not do anything about it, unlike how the gop dealt with the steve king issue, where they said he is not going to be on any committees, illham omar still sits on the foreign affairs committee which is a critical position. stuart: real fast what do you make of closing the border and/ or building a wall? because israel has closed its border with its neighbors and its got a wall. >> we close borders all the time. every time there's a major terrorist attack, israel's border is closed. stuart: but you don't have that cross dashboarder trade that america has with mexico? >> well of course we do. i don't know if you call it cross border because it's not really another country, but the border to gaza, the border to ju dea, the so-called west bank
11:36 am
there are a lot of fruits and vegetables that go across those lines and you know -- stuart: you closed that border right? >> we closed it for periods of days, sometimes even a week or two. stuart: so you put security over economics? >> look, ultimately you have to make a decision based on the long term that we can do without avocados for a few days or maybe perhaps try the avocados from florida and california they may not be so bad but you have to think long term. security is number one. stuart: david rubin, always a pleasure thank you very much for coming back to us today. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: all right i'm going to switch gears let's talk money for a moment i've got a financial angle on the border shutdown actually and for that we turn to charles payne the guy who hosts making money on this network. how big a deal would it be if it was even just a partial closure of the border? charles: it would be a huge deal, there's mexico is the third largest trading partner
11:37 am
we're talking hundreds of billions of dollars on both sides, although i love what david had to say with respect to maybe discovering some homegrown products after a while but again , my investment thesis for myself begins with one thing. peace. peace without peace you don't have prosperity. so when i don't think you ever separate the issues i don't think there's such a thing as separating security from economics. look at the world, stuart. we talk about this world in the last 25 years. do you know what the miracle has been? peace has been the miracle. we have less fighting right now on this planet than we've ever had in the history of mankind. consequently we've been able to generate about 1 billion new people in the middle class. we won't even have a trade dispute if people couldn't buy our stuff, right? prosperity, security is the ultimate economic issue and that's why its got to come first stuart: are you excited about the current state of the economy and the current state of the market? charles: i'm excited about it because the forgotten man and woman have gotten a raise and they are going to continue to
11:38 am
get a raise. last week when the michigan sentiment came out stuart there was a line in there i thought was the biggest news item of the year. they said prosperity, people getting a raise, the portion of americans right now are enjoying wage increases. the largest portion of america since 1966. that's shared prosperity. that's a major, we haven't seen this in a generation. stuart: the largest portion? charles: the largest percentage of americans getting a raise at the same time. stuart: biggest number since? charles: 1966. stuart: why isn't this talked about more? charles: i don't know, wages have gone up seven months in a row for blue collar workers the fed isn't going to get in the way the policies are still in place this is the ultimate issue it's a phenomenal thing whether president trump gets the credit or not that's politics but for individuals it's so funny because in the beginning we did a lot of celebrations of martin luther king and think about when he was in memphis and you think
11:39 am
about those signs, i am a man that's where all of those black sanitation workers had that sign "i am a man" and they were talking about the dignity of going to work getting paid for their efforts. that still resonates today and the ultimate thing. are you able to provide for your family and now we have people in this country who have given up on hope for never doing that again and they're doing it right now. stuart: i want to come to your church. charles: [laughter] my wife wants me to have a church one-day that's her ultimate goal for me. [laughter] stuart: i'm episcopalian and we're called the frozen church. charles: in my church we'll have drums and everything. [laughter] stuart: the frozen chosen. charles: we're going to put you to work. [laughter] stuart: mr. payne, i'll be watching you today. charles: thanks stuart. stuart: 25 p.m. eastern time, making money. thank you, charles. charles: thanks. stuart: healthcare looks like a big campaign issue the president wants the gop to be the party of healthcare. listen to this.
11:40 am
president trump: what i'm saying is we're going to come up with a healthcare plan, we're not going to vote on it until after the election, we'll all promise it's going to be our first vote because we blew it the last time stuart: [laughter] yes, sir. up next we're talking to the attorney general of ohio, he's a republican but he says if we get rid of obamacare, it could hurt people in his state, he wants to keep it. he'll make his case. listen to this a woman arrested after illegally entering the president's mar-a-lago club off the weekend. she had several passports and malware. is she just a criminal or a spy? trying to answer it. >> ♪ ♪ when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball.
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stuart: bitcoin did nothing for months on end suddenly it started to surge, and right now, we've got bitcoin at $5,021 per coin and okay a chinese national arrested at president trump's mar-a-lago resort tell me more about this. ashley: this past weekend, she shows up at the front gate, says she wants to use the swimming pool, they say well are you a member, and it turns out her last name matched the name of a member there, so they let her in but they were a little uncertain but they let her in so she gets inside the facility, and then they ask her some more questions and a story becomes even more strange, says she's there for some u.s. chinese, u.n., economic event that night, and there was no such event, so then secret service comes in and they start questioning her more and they search her belongings and they found four cell phones a hard drive, a laptop, a thumb drive, and it's infected with malware she had at least two passports both chinese passports
11:45 am
, and she really couldn't give them any good answer for any of this, she was arrested, charged with lying to a federal agent and gaining access to a restricted area and she's a very incompetent spy or something else or she had mental issues who knows however mr. trump or the president wasn't there at the time he was playing golf, but this is a really strange story. stuart: that is precisely right, very strange story, more to come now, this. president trump says the gop will deal with healthcare after the 2020 election, when they take back the house he says in the meantime, obamacare stays on the books and our next guest wants it to stay on the books. dave yost is the attorney general for the state of ohio. sir you are a republican. why do you want to keep obamacare? >> well look, in the first instance, the trial court got the law wrong, when you got a tumor, you don't kill the patient. you cut the tumor out, so the
11:46 am
individual mandate is unconstitutional and that was the proper finding, but the remedy is not to throw the entire law out that's not the suppress dent and that's what we argue in our brief but beyond that why get involved with the dispute at all that's in the fifth circuit and ohio is in the sixth and the answer is 1.9 million ohioans who are not elderly have pre-existing conditions. if the entire act is stricken down they lose their protections stuart: but the president did say and he tweeted this morning, keep the pre-existing conditions coverage. he wants to keep that, he explicitly said keep it. >> yes, and his policy goals and mine are the same, affordable, market-based coverage, that's accessible to all americans, and we can do better than obamacare, better than the affordable care act, but the way to do that is through the congress, and they write the laws, and not the
11:47 am
courts. stuart: the trouble is though, the president tried for a year to go through congress and get rid of obamacare it simply didn't work and that's why he's gone to the courts believing, i think, that that's what the people, that's what america wants, so he was forced to go to the courts because he couldn't get it through congress. >> well look, you might be forced to get a new car, but it's better not get rid of your old car until you have the new car in the driveway. stuart: do you think that obamacare, the was it now is not sustainable it's costing a fortune, more tax money will be required. no? >> there are a ton of problems with the current act. it clearly needs to be changed, perhaps repealed and replaced to use the old trace. we can do better, but let's not
11:48 am
do worse in the process. stuart: okay, mr. attorney general the great state of ohio thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. stuart: we'll follow the story, thank you, sir. >> okay. stuart: i've got individual stock stories for you, first off boeing, the pilots from that ethiopian max jet reportedly tried emergency protocol that was laid out by boeing but they still couldn't stabilize the jet they were fighting it, and this is according to the wall street journal on boeing stock right now is down $4 at 3.86 and how about wynn, the casino owner set to open up new encore it's called in boston but that was until it was revealed that the company's top brass was covering up, founder steve wynn's sexual misconduct allegations and the owner ownership of that boston casino is now in jeopardy but the stock is up. two more women reportedly accused joe biden of inappropriate contact, lisa booth joins us next and she says the left only cares about me too , when it's convenient. i'm working to keep the fire going
11:49 am
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stuart: this is the one story of the hour remember that guy bryce
11:53 am
harper signed a huge contract 330 million with the phillies? well they played his old team, the washington nationals last night and harper was met with nasty signs and look what it did , he answers the massive two run home run. a little backflip right there leading the phillies to an 8-2 victory i guess you can call that revenge, maybe. politics, we do one story and then get back to politics let's talk about the lefts reaction to the joe biden accusation. two more women have come out against the former vp saying he inappropriately touched them. lisa booth with us now, fox news contributor. if biden -- >> well i was going to say as a nationals fan, i fully support the boo'ing of bryce harper and thumbs down. okay, sorry on to news. [laughter] stuart: shall we get to politics >> yeah, okay fine. stuart: joe biden was a republican he would have been shredded by now. >> oh, 100% look what happened to brett kavanaugh.
11:54 am
there was not a single witness to corroborate what christine ford was saying her own story she said it a bunch of different times differently right, gave different accounts for it. not any sort of corroborating documents or evidence to support what she was saying yet democrat s latched on to it because he weaponized the me too movement and that's actually what's happening right now and i think what we're seeing is just how disingenuinous is about the me too movement because you have the ones that want to derail and railroad joe biden from running who are weaponizing the metoo movement bringing up things we've known and out in the public domain forever and then you have the individuals who want him to stay being like oh, it's no big deal just ignore it nothing to see here so it's completely disin begin use us. stuart: i think he's toast, that's a strong thing to say but if he does declare i don't think he can get through the primaries very easily and if he does declare he's not going to get many donors and it's not intersection all is he? >> but i think, see the bigger
11:55 am
problem for joe biden isn't this , for me. i don't think he is a strong candidate, period, regardless of this coming out and these women stepping forward because you look at it he's never been tested. his only, if you go through his election results dating back to his first senate race the only race competitive was his first one in 1972 with two failed presidential bids under his belt this is not a candidate whose proven himself and voters didn't go out and vote for joe biden in 2008 and 2012, they voted for president obama so think about it if he's on a stage with a bunch of other democrats does he stand out? i don't think so. stuart: well he's an elderly white male. he could stand out white a lot. [laughter] he and bernie sanders. well yeah, exactly, but i mean, think of it this way. president trump, he really actually stood out at the very first republican debate. remember? it was -- stuart: big time. >> the first debate fox news had it bret baier asked everyone would you support the eventual
11:56 am
republican nominee raise your hand if you would not and president trump was the only candidate to raise his hand remember that and then throughout the debate he went after the press and talked about dishonest politicians and talked about his wealth and was so different than everyone else on the stage and so i think for democrats there's going to be a candidate that stands out and as we move through the primary process, you're going to start to see which like who that candidate is. stuart: you've got it lisa booth thanks for joining us always appreciated. >> bryce harper -- ashley: one more time. stuart: there's going to be a media frenzy in boston when the big games on the college admission scandal arrive for their court date we are on it we'll take you there. more varney after this.
11:57 am
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stuart: we're up 100 points. the explanation for that is, positive news on china trade. larry kudlow was on the air earlier this morning and he was saying look, the chinese delegation has arrived of the they may be staying. they may extend their say. that is fairly positive thing to be saying and the market has reacted. later on today you will see a lot more of this, that is the courthouse in boston where two well-known actresses will be appearing. they were a part of the college admissions scandal. that is lori loughlin and felicity huffman. have i got that right, ashley? ashley: basically using bribery to get their children into top schools. stuart: i don't think we heard the last of this.
12:00 pm
ashley: wasn't it 600 and -- stuart: 750 clients. it. ashley: there is long way to go. stuart: a lot more to come. connell: in connell mcshane in for neil cavuto. connell: i'm connell mcshane filling in for neil. we had a little bit after disappointing day on services. stocks came down. overall things are looking pretty good to stuart's point on back of chinese trade talks. here is the big story of the day. it is the moment that wall street has been waiting on. trade talks being back on, staying on. one estimate out there, say as deal with china at this point is 90% done. even if that is true, that last 10% can be a heavy lift. let's get latest on all of


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