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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 12, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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u.s. it came from europe. [closing bell rings] that should be very positive for u.s. gdp. liz: mary ann, thank you. the dow climbing in final seconds, up 266. we hope you guys have a great weekend! melissa: stocks green across the board. the dow ending the day, wow, look at that, up almost 270 points, near session highs. s&p 500 closing up for the third straight day. it is less than 1% below its record close. the nasdaq in the green two out of last three days. i'm melissa francis. happy friday. welcome back. connell: good to be back in new york city. i'm connell mcshane. this is "after the bell." this is a good friday for the markets. major averages for the week, the dow finishing slightly down first time in three weeks. it was a big day for bank stocks. jpmorgan, pnc, wells fargo all reporting, kicking off earnings season. more on the big market movers.
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here is what is new at this hour. race to 5g. president trump just revealing his plan for the high speed technology in america and strategy to keep up with global competition. he issues a new warning to democrats over immigration. we're live at the white house with latest of all that. one of the most anticipated ipos for years. it comes from a country that may never turn a profit. why you might want to think twice about investing in uber. farmers in the midwest already struggling. historic april blizzard could make their situation even worse. so we're live on the ground in one of the hardest-hit areas. melissa: we have fox business team coverage. gerri willis is on the floor of the new york stock exchange, blake burman is at the white house, deirdre bolton and kristina partsinevelos are at their posts in the newsroom. boy, that's a lot. let's start with blake.
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reporter: hi, there, guys. you're coming to me. little bit after technical problem. security situation on north lawn bringing us here into the briefing room. in any event the fcc making a rather large announcement today, getting backing of president trump over at white house. the fcc announced the largest 5g spectrum sale takes place near the end of september. 5g the president highlighted potential benefits. saying it could help the health care industry, the agriculture industry, the manufacturing industry for example. but the president talked about the national security implications as well. when you talk to security experts, 5g experts, national security experts in particular, they will tell you there is a race to develop the technology between the united states and china, specifically u.s. companies and huawei. here is president trump earlier today talking about the importance of having this latest 5g spectrum sale.
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>> the fcc is taking very bold action, probably bolder than they have ever taken before. it's a new frontier, to make wireless spectrum available by next year the united states is on pace to have more 5g spectrum than any other country in the world. that is a big statement because as you know some people got ahead of us. reporter: the fcc also announced the start of a $20.4 billion, what they're calling world digital opportunity fund earlier today. the goal here, connell and melissa, to bring more high-speed internet across the country but specifically to four million rural homes and small businesses. back to you. >> sounds good, blake, thank you. connell: more on this push, the white house push for 5g. let's bring deirdre in, tech analyst, and john meyer who joins us as well today. deirdre, add to blake's reporting on rollout what you're hearing how it might take shape,
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how important it is. >> itics extremely important. we'll get get bad news out front, it is years away. implications are huge. more we talk about self-driving cars. the vision these cars will be able to communicate each other via 5g. there will be infrastructure set up with chip readers, monitors, the idea is less traffic and accidents. kings college london surgeons who have already done remote operations albeit on dummy patients but from a different city using 5g connectivity. there are even farmers, one town southwest of england where a third of the cows actually have 5g collars and chips so they're constantly giving these biometric feeding devices to the farmers. helps them herd, take better care of their animals. allows them to focus on other
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parts of their business. road safety and infrastructure, connell, in cities when a gutter has a problem, there is a light that's gone out, a lot of these sensors municipalities can spend less money, be smarter, be safer. people say the real power of drones can be unleashed with 5g connectivity. think about oil wells. you and i covered that macondo well accident a few years ago. you would have at least fewer accidents, that would be the goal. but when there are accidents, you can lessen human involvement, decrease the loss of human life. so there are real world implications. blake alluded to this is also political at the moment because the two biggest manufacturers of equipment to build this are huawei and zte. there are extreem tensions. they have been blocked from doing business in the u.s. because we believe they're spying or have the ability to
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spy on humans, companies and the government. connell. connell: it is interesting, john, how this happened. deirdre outlined for us, there are many uses, nobody really argues how effective 5g will be and how necessary it is, in china for example it is all government as we would expect all the time and they're behind it. in the u.s. sounds like again probably no surprise a little bit of growth. you will have government support of the private sector. we'll see which side wins out in the race. is it fair to say china's ahead right now? >> i totally agree that china's ahead and china's ahead in almost every way when it comes to 5g. they're ahead in manufacturing the 5g equipment which no u.s. corporation is doing. they're ahead in infrastructure and they're ahead in the government incentives as well. however i would say that the u.s. arguably is -- >> i don't know. >> i would say the u.s. is ahead in building out the actual consumer adoptions of where 5g
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will actually be used. so i agree with the trump administration in sort of creating incentives and pushing and encouraging more 5g development. however one of the things i think is extremely overlooked in today's announcement is the importance of the 5g infrastructure in cities. so the thing with 5g we never experienced before in history, instead of cell tower every few miles, 5g requires we need an antenna on every square block. melissa: that will be lovely. >> where do i hear the trump administration talking about helping local towns with this? that's a big deal. melissa: that's a huge deal. watch out netflix, disney is joining the online streaming battle. let's go to gerri willis with details. gerri? reporter: melissa that's right. we were waiting for this for months. details of disney plus. that stock up 11 1/2%. they gained more than 21 billion
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in market cap on this announcement. they will feature, family friendly content, marvel, pixar, documentaries. this will be rolled out at price tag of 6.99. they will bundle espn plus, disney plus and hulu for a discount. what is good news for disney, bad news for netflix. those shares down 4% on the downside, as people began to think about what will disney's plan do to netflix. meanwhile everybody on the floor today, talking about an oil patch deal, chevron buying anadarko petroleum. 33 billion-dollar deal. all eyes on oil today and it is fueling speculation a new wave of consolidation is underway. pioneer natural resources concho, noble energy, looks like we'll have more tie-ups in that business. back to you. melissa: gerri, thank you for that. connell: one of the biggest ipos they tell us in years,
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uber but the company is out warning potential investors there is that possibility it may never turn a profit. melissa: never? connell: never. let's get to kristina partsinevelos live in the newsroom to fill in details. >> i love the echo, never. you have to be pessimistic in the big s-1 filings. it essentially a pitch to investors 285 pages long. highlight of this company that has been private for a decade they may never turn a profit. that is what they warned in this prospectus. the other issue too, yes their revenue is increasing but growth is starting to decelerate. you have 91 million monthly active users but that number is starting to shrink as their market share starts to shrink. so what are they doing? trying to expand in different avenues like uber eats and freight, but that comes at a cost. last little while, operating losses look in the blue, over past three years, that's $10 billion.
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yes, revenue climbing but it is important to note that uber is a unicorn. it is not profitable at the moment. it has not made money in the past 10 years. what do we know about this ipo? that it is going to be scheduled, rumor for early may. they will issue 10 billion shares, value the company between 90 and $100 billion. that could increase. they're heading on a road show where they woo private investors. the big thing they have to convince the investors they will push out the competition. one of the competitors, lyft. we take a look at the stock price for lyft, you've seen the share price drop, lower than the ipo but this week alone down almost 20%. so uber is trying to cast itself as the global transportation provider of the future. can it convince everybody before its ipo, guys? connell: lyft, already under 60 bucks.
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thanks. melissa. melissa: deirdre, john are back with us. john, here is the sentence. they expect their operating expenses to increase significantly in the foreseeable future and we may not achieve profitable. i mean what do you think -- that's the end of the sentence. not even like until this happens, like we just may not achieve profitability. does that inspire you as an investor? >> so i'm not super excited about uber and i'll tell you why really quickly and it really cops down to the competition. they're facing huge competition with lyft where they already lost substantial market share over the last two years. they have been losing lots of international market share. they're pushed out of china. they're being pushed out of india by local competitors n the u.s. it will get worse. tesla will become a competitor with their autonomous ride-sharing announcement they're making this month. google will be a goliath competitor with their self-driving division waymo which has driven
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10 million miles is far ahead of any self-driving technology google has, sorry, uber has. tesla, google, when they role out as competitors they will slam uber with economics which will be par cheaper to the consumer and far safer. melissa: deirdre, there is nothing unique about this company anymore. they're not innovating in a way that is different. originally felt different, you can get a driver, they created this kind of, you're suddenly uber driver. lyft is the same thing. what difference does it make? >> i would say arguably uber is just bigger. sort of the name that people think of. we often use it as a verb, right? people using lyft in that same way. you alluded, melissa, they are diversifying. they have uber eats. they're trying to grow in different areas but lyft has cast a long shadow, right, it is down 20% from going public price, from the trading price.
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the idea will investors tolerate a company with a lot of sales, no profit to date, very clearly stating that in the papers we may never actually be profitable. melissa: we'll see. guys, thank you. connell: don't worry about us. as we continue here, just getting started, corporate ceo tax battle, walmart firing back at jeff bezos calling out rivals to match amazon's employee benefits. so will the move backfire on the company? we have steve forbes, forbes media chairman joining us on that. austan goolsbee, former white house council of economic advisors chairman under president obama, they are together next. melissa: smoking the 2020 competition. former vice president joe biden in commanding lead in battleground state iowa. why critics say the democratic race is still wide open. charlie hurt, "washington times" opinion editor is coming up. connell: the trailer that is taking the world by force. melissa: oh. connell: sneak peek of the new
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melissa: amazon is firing back. the company is doubling down after 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren proposed a new tax on the most profitable
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companies in the u.s. what a great idea, potentially costing the company hundreds of millions of dollars. hillary vaughn on capitol hill with the details. hillary. reporter: hey, melissa. corporate profits on chopping block and at the center of elizabeth warren's 2020 presidential campaign. how she will pay for her proposals like free college and universal health care she will do it by passing the real corporate profits tax plan. targeting 1200 profitable companies in the u.s., calling out amazon and okay dental petroleum paying zero in income taxes. he wants to tax every dollar they make over 100 million by 7%. she says that will bring in about one trillion dollars over the next 10 years, that is if the companies stick around here in the u.s. under a higher tax code. amazon firing back at the proposal, they have paid billions of dollars in taxes and employed over quarter of a million americans.
4:19 pm
a spokesperson saying quote, amazon pays all the taxes we're required to pay in the u.s. and every country we operate. corporate tax is based on profits, not revenues. our profits remain modest given retail is highly competitive, low margin business. but at that statement warranted another attack from warren, who tweeted this in response, in response to my plan, amazon says we pay all the taxes required to pay in the u.s. yeah, i know, you made more than 10 billion in profits last year, you were required to pay zero in federal corporate taxes. that is the problem. melissa, amazon is taking heat from walmart because walmart is firing back after a leaked letter that jeff bezos wrote to shareholders knocking their competition for not paying the same wages, offering the same benefits to their employees. so walmart's vice president tweeted, a slight at amazon saying why don't you start by paying your taxes first? melissa. melissa: seriously. this is ridiculous. hillary, thank you. connell: talk about it with
4:20 pm
steve forbes, forbes media chairman, austan goolsbee former president obama economic advisor. austan, let me go to you first, exactly what hillary said, the idea here is to bring in money, like a trillion dollars supposedly the amount of money you can bring in with this tax. if you go after the most successful, most profitable companies, what is the effect on growth do you think. >> you have to be careful about that. from what i saw about the warren proposal, it wasn't to go after excess profits. it was putting a floor to prevent tax avoidance. as you know corporate profits are at record levels as share of gdp. corporate tax payments are at record lows. connell: it would raise effective rate that companies pay. >> yeah. minimum tax. so that companies can't report big profits to the financial sector and not pay any taxes.
4:21 pm
connell: steve, what do you think of it? >> what she doesn't realize the only way you get an economy to grow is by investing and amazon has been investing heavily since its very existence. why it has depreciation and everything else. if you keep putting new taxes on, she is proposing, other democrat candidates doing it, you get a more stagnant economy which affects the very people you are supposed to be helping. connell: different ways doing the same thing in terms of what the democrats are proposing, because if you look what the warren tax would do, i think, from the analysis i saw, would have corporate tax rate 28%, if you did the math. other democrats are saying make the corporate tax rate 28 or 27. does it matter how you do it with the surtax? would that be, more advantageous or the opposite for companies? does it matter how you do it? austan. >> are you asking me? connell: yes. sorry. >> i think what she put forward
4:22 pm
is something like a minimum tax you would have to pay at least 7% of your total revenues. so it is not a piling on top of the normal corporate tax. it would apply only to companies that are not paying any taxes. connell: appeals, seems to me, steve, the idea here from someone like warren, maybe bernie sanders is in the camp as well, every time i see these written about, today i read something about this, this is populist tax, going after elites, going after the fat cats, most successful companies. does that appeal to people who are anti-establishment? in other words, they are going after trump people with something like this, what do you think? >> i don't think most americans feel that way. they want to know if they have opportunity, their salaries are going up, their opportunities are improving, they don't care whether bill gates gets billion or loses a billion, they want to know what their prospects are. if you want to go back vibrant economy, three thousand years of human existence, civilization,
4:23 pm
every time you pile on taxes the economy zucks, sinks, and gets in trouble. family channel. when you reduce the tax burden you get a more vibrant economy. why that lesson can't be learned by people in power i just don't know. >> there is massive, there is massive majority of the american people believe that large corporations are not paying their fair share. we need to pay attention. we want to encourage investment. connell: right. >> but we are also seeing big companies engaging in massive tax avoidance and tax sheltering. connell: that is the perception. >> from these island nations. melissa: they should change the code. connell: how about a flat tax? >> how about a flat tax? melissa: keep fighting. but on another issue. that ihillary mentioned, wall s, they want to get inthe food fight here jeff bezos challenged other retails to hawk their minimum wage.
4:24 pm
i challenge your our top retail competitors you know who you are, match the employee benefits, $15 minimum wage. saying they voluntary raised your wage. how about you pay your tax what is they said in the back and forth. austan, with do you make of back and forth between the two companies? >> yeah, you don't see these kind of cage matches happening much outside of the advertising wars of coke and pepsi. they're fighting you don't pay enough wages, well you don't pay your taxes. if amazon is going to either shame or get other companies to pay higher wages i think that's great. if walmart or other companies are going to fire back, get very profitable companies to pay more in taxes i think that is great too. we should have equality across companies, not companies competing against each other that are paying very different taxes. >> steve, sounds like a formula to bring both of those companies
4:25 pm
down i don't know. >> they're under attack, so they try to deflect it, oh, no, i'm less bad than these other guys. at the end of the day they end up hurting them both. i think what people want in the marketplace are good products, services at a good price, low price. that is what amazon's done. that's what walmart has done, let them go at it. in terms of the tax code, if you simplify it you can get the low rate and end up collecting more revenue. melissa: austan, that is what bugs me about the tax conversation, is that you have lawmakers in washington who are complaining about amazon not paying taxes. they're the ones that wrote the tax code. that's their job. >> that's fair. melissa: amazon, everything they're doing is legal. it was about encouraging investment which is what they're doing. so if washington doesn't like it, then strip apart the tax code and rewrite it? >> yeah. mostly i agree with what you just said but that's also what makes me upset about the
4:26 pm
failures of the massive trump tax cut which is going to end up costing $2 trillion and did not encourage investment in the way that they promoted. did not raise wages in the way they sold it. melissa: but now we're going off topic. >> they should go back and change that, what we did, we doubled the number of large companies that are paying no taxes. melissa: thanks, guys. >> thank you. connell: booed stuff. melissa: he disagrees with that. but we all know -- connell: flat tax. i heard him say it. we turned his mic off. slamming the wealthy, how about that? as a wealthy american that's the word coming from bernie sanders, the vermont senator. he is a wealthy american, vowing to release his tax returns monday. what the move could mean for the 2020 race. bob cusack "the hill"'s editor-in-chief coming up on that. bracing for historic spring weather. rare blizzards rocking the midwest. that's next. ♪
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melissa: millions of americans hit with a string of rare spring blizzards hitting upper midwest and the plains. matt finn in is minnesota with the latest. reporter: we're right on the border of iowa and minnesota. right now happening are critical repair to utility poles. the wind has been strong all day long. being outside of your house is extremely uncomfortable if not dangerous. excel energy says 300 utility poles were damaged or destroyed across the state as a result of the storm. 70 mile-an-hour winds were recorded during the spring blizzard. last check, tells us four thousand meters in minnesota still without power. three thousand in south dakota without power. they have 500 workers in both states trying to restore electricity to people without power. we spoke to two women in the area who unfortunately have not
4:32 pm
had electricity since yesterday. one woman is staying at nearby gas station to get food and heat. another woman went to a shelter. what do you think, what do you think you will do when you get back? >> take a shower. because i have no water. >> i just winter would let go of its grip, this winter my water pipes froze up twice. reporter: people we talked to in the area say they can deal with the blizzard, just not in the middle of april. we experienced hail, two feet of snow, rain, i.c.e. department of transportation, warning that some roads are dry, perfectly passible but some are covered with ice and snow. the department of transportation reported 32 jackknifed trucks on roadways in this area. they're warning some of these roads are just as dangerous, reporting new accidents every hour. use common sense if you're driving on roads affected by this storm. melissa: matt, thank you for
4:33 pm
that. wow, poor people. connell: something else. the scandal we've been covering, still one seems to rock the nation. we have new development, mark rydell, the test taker whiz in the college cheating scandal, entered guilty plea, mail fraud, 36 years old harvard grad. calling the largest college admissions scam ever been prosecuted. that is the guy taking the tests. >> it is amazing. he was just doing it. he is just that smart. he knows all the answers all the time. sometimes he left some blank because he wanted it to look more believable. it is just, it is astonishing, there will be a movie about him at some point. connell: you think there is better use for that intelligence some company could have used this guy. oh, well. melissa: he may have some ethical challenges that may not make it -- all right, democrats urging attorney general william barr to release the full mueller
4:34 pm
report saying they're entitled to it. we're breaking it down with charlie hirt from "the washington times." connell: medical tourism taking over the united states. we have the latest on this rising health care trend. melissa: boston authorities are looking for answers about a drone flying over fenway park during a red sox game. the latest on the mystery coming up. ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase sensimist is different. it relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it's more complete allergy relief. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel.
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melissa: questioning his independence. democrats demand the attorney general turn over the full unredacted mueller report while condeming him for suggesting that intelligence officials spied on the trump campaign in 2016. joining us is charlie hurt, "the washington times" opinion editor, fox news contributor. so, charlie, i mean on one hand they will never be happy no matter how much is released democrats will never be happy, but at the same time it seems like appropriate to have a healthy skepticism coming from the doj or the fbi and it really is bob barr's job to restore confidence by being calm, answering their questions, following up. i mean i don't know, i'm not taking anyone at their word right now. >> well, that is probably very wise, very smart way to address all of this. it would have been a smart way for everybody in washington to have looked at this from day one, which is of course not what happened. so after two years of hearing all of this stuff from democrats
4:39 pm
talking about russia collusion and all this, to have people like chuck schumer and democrats accuse bill barr of pedaling conspiracy theories after what we've heard from them over the past two years it kind of, it strains credulity to put it mildly but it is, i do think that, you know, we have known all along, the report is going to come out, there will be redactions. we'll see what those redactions are, in terms of how heavily redacted it is, but we'll get a good sense what that stuff is. i suspect that mueller will release another report for congress' eyes only with fewer redactions. melissa: that will be leaked and we'll know everything about that too. that will be perfect. >> all of it will be. melissa: double-digit lead in iowa, former vice president joe biden topping the latest poll of possible democratic contenders. i have two theories, amazing with the week he went through,
4:40 pm
with al allegations, look at that, he is so far ahead. one of my theories it could be amongst political candidates nobody cares about character that stuff, any longer, we learned that in the last election, what is really about can this person win, are they going to fight for my issues? that is what voters really care about is, do you stand with me on the issues i'm not voting for husband, for father, voting for president? the other possibility is, this is iowa and the other candidates are all talking about the green new deal, which flies in the face of the economy of iowa. they build things. they, you know, they grow things, they haul things. they use, it's a carbon based economy. this guy is not trying to destroy my life. >> i think combination of both of those things, but i also think a big part of it most voters have given up on these sort of media circuses.
4:41 pm
the whole biden thing, you know we can talk about how creepy he is, what a space invader he is, at end of day basically more than anything else, just a big hysterical media thing and i think most voters they tune this stuff out. they don't care especially an era where somebody like donald trump who is constantly at the center of a media storm, they just tune this stuff out and what i think, as somebody following this stuff, trying to figure out where it is going to go, one thing i'm cautioning myself about, is the fact that, you know, aoc, all these people with their crazy, wacky ideas are getting all the attention in the democratic party and the tendency is for us to assume, obviously some left-wing crank will win the nomination. maybe not actually. maybe there are enough rational democratic voters left who don't like donald trump, who feel like they have been disserved by the democratic party by being lied to about the whole russia gate
4:42 pm
stuff, at the end the day they want as you rightly said who they fee like represents them talking about their issues, joe biden is a good example of that person. and you know, it may surprise all of us. melissa: that doesn't explain why bernie sanders though did so well in the primary last time. >> because i think maybe they have forgotten he is a full-blown socialist. once they remember that, then, but at very least it puts a lie to this whole notion that democrats, rank-and-file democrats favor this whole identity politics where it is all about racial or gender nonsense. it is not about, you have got two very old white guys cracking up 50% of the support. melissa: charlie hurt, sensible as always, thank you. >> thank you. connell: meantime they're searching for answers with the boston police and the faa both investigating this rogue drone that flew over the red sox game last night at fenway park. this video was captured by some
4:43 pm
fans. it sparked security concerns, sparked those concerns days before they're supposed to run the boston marathon. melissa: oh, my gosh. connell: yeah. melissa: wow. promising to release his tax returns. senator bernie sanders set to unveil numbers this coming monday. bob cusack, "the hill" editor-in-chief, tells us how it could impact the 2020 race, that is coming up. >> it is not hard to understand which side i am on. i come from the works class of this country. i am proud of that. i will always say stand with the working class of this country. ♪ that drive a company's growth and gain new perspectives. that's why we go beyond the numbers. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ifor another 150 years. bethe fire goingrs. ♪ to inspire confidence through style.
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melissa: i'm watching that. breaking news, new video of the security incident at the white house. this happened just in the last hour. a man operating an electric scooter lit his own jacket on fire while sitting along pennsylvania avenue outside of the north fence line. the man has been transported to a local hospital with what appears to be
4:48 pm
non-life-threatening injuries. connell: boy. what a world. anyway bernie sanders says, we told you he is promising to first of all his tax returns on monday. that is the same day all of you are supposed to file your taxes. it is the same day he will be participating in that fox news town hall in bethlehem, pennsylvania. polling out today, shows the keystone state looks pretty good for joe biden. 12 point lead for democrats over bernie sanders. with all of that, let's bring bob cusack in, editor-in-chief of "the hill." first he is going on fox news which we should point out. melissa: very smart of him. connell: very smart of him. a lot of time when no debates from the dnc. according to biden, that poll, going into trump country, bethlehem, pennsylvania, will show he is millionaire because of his book revenues.
4:49 pm
what do you think the headlines will be after all of this. >> it is smart for bernie sanders. he is comfortable in his own skin. he has the same positions in the decades. look at what he said in the '80s, same thing he is saying now with twists here and there. with the tax returns is something to watch. because in february he said, woe release them soon. okay. well now it is april. he clearly has done this because of public pressure. these are things that you just check off in a box running for president, especially on democratic side. you have, the base wants you for "medicare for all," green new deal and you have to release your tax returns. connell: right. >> there will be probably something interesting in the tax returns. connell: most people think he makes more money than you think. maybe something more than that pause -- because of book revenues. he is saying millionaires and billionaires and he is really a millionaire. talking about the appeal of bernie sanders among democratic voters. charlie says but then they either have forgotten or remember that he is a full-blown
4:50 pm
socialist. maybe they go back to a joe biden. interesting to see how it all plays out obviously. >> listen if you're downplaying bernie's chances in this primary you're wrong. bernie has impressed. he has raised a record amount of money. he has new donors which also surprised me. elizabeth warren is lagging. he is picking up from some support for that wing. warren or bernie sanders is the same lane. bernie sanders surprisingly is easily defeating her. buttigieg raised more money than elizabeth warren. connell: we talked earlier about the warren tax plan, how everybody calls it populist, bernie sanders that is the term he would love to hear and as we know that was the term a lot of people associated with donald trump, anti-establishment. is it true? i know data from 2016 told us it was, i wonder if it still is that bernie sanders can go after, go into trump country to try to take some of those voters? do you think that's still true? >> i think he can take some of them but, that is his plan.
4:51 pm
i think what he is doing, it's smart, he is trying to get, not to win the african-american vote in the democratic primary, but win some of them. he has to win some of that demographic. if he does that, he could win the nomination n crowded field against donald trump in 2016 that helps him if there are 20 candidates. connell: don't you think the most logical argument still for the democrats, a long way to go, most logical democrats, biden from pennsylvania, tells you from scranton, biden would appeal there, would appeals last time hillary won over bernie in pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, those three states would be biden country among the democrats or does bernie think he can appeal to those same voters? >> establishment republicans are scared about joe biden. they fear biden, that he wins the nomination. can bernie win? i mean, possibly anybody can win. i think this is wide open on the democratic side.
4:52 pm
then the general election will be a jump ball. i think yes, that biden, he is not in the race. once you get in the race, his numbers take a bit of a hit. connell: that is interesting part whether he tops out now before he is candidate. >> thank you. connell: bob cusack. join us by the way, monday, i have my part, my half of "after the bell" from bethlehem, pennsylvania, bernie sanders town hall on fox news. we have reporting, interesting stuff on the economy in pennsylvania we'll talk about monday. it should be good. melissa: always an epicenter for what is going on in politics, in the race. ends up being this key battle ground area so. connell: so different from -- what do you want? melissa: chocolate. connell: what about steel? melissa: steel is great. one of those two. whichever is easier to bring back. the opposite of "medicare for all." medical tourism is going domestic. how americans taken control of their health care. this is fascinating. you might want to do this. watch the story.
4:53 pm
glimpse into the final installment of the new "star wars" trilogy. that is next. ♪ ...
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are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. melissa: the free market at work , and i love it. the medical tourism industry is going domestic as americans look for more affordable options. they are bypassing their companies. this is fascinating, dan springer is live in seattle with more on this. tell us how, dan. reporter: tells out competition can lower prices even in the field of health care. there is a growing medical tourism market right here in the u.s. driven mainly by self- insured companies that are demanding, and here is the key, getting tran parent pricing. anita graves needed total knee replacement surgery. her employers shopped around and found a way to save big money and she was opening to traveling
4:58 pm
to the company flew her from first class from nebraska to longview, washington, near portland and it saved t2 $22,000 an the operation and still came out way ahead after paying all of anita's travel expenses and the $1,500 that would have been the out of pocket cost. pacific surgical did the operation. >> this actually lets the market decide what that procedure is really worth, so it is more nimble, responsive and it stays responsible to what the real costs to the individual and to society are. reporter: pacific surgical started advertising cash prices in 2017. since then dozens of patients have flown in from across the u.s. and canada, costs are being held down by outpatient centers, with far less overhead than hospitals, and since encouraging employees to shop around, the county public utility district has seen its medical expenses go flat. if workers save money they can
4:59 pm
step co-pays and get $100 cash back. >> it's a power that the average person doesn't know they have, i think, and it feels like you're making a choice in your healthcare and the cost. reporter: medical tourism and the free market principles with providers competing across state lines just the opposite of the medicare for all which we're see ing on the campaign trail already for the 2020 election. melissa? melissa: great story dan springer, thank you. connell: now we have it for you the trailer for star wars episode 9 the recognize oh, sky walker just released take a look . melissa: wow! connell: movie is coming out december 20. melissa: i love it, it looks amazing you don't like stars how
5:00 pm
is that possible? what is wrong with you? are you not american? what could possibly be wrong with this fantastic movie? go! connell: thanks for joining us have a great weekend. bulls & bears with david asman starts right now. president trump: a very strong consideration to having people after a 20-day period because again you're not allowed legally to hold them for more than that. we will move them into sam nunberg cities. david: the border battle heat ing up as president trump targets sanctuary cities in his immigration push and now saying he's giving strong considerations to placing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities only. hi, everybody this is bulls & bears thanks for joining us i'm david asman, joining me lauren simonetti, adam lashinsky, gary b. smith and our good friend anthony scaramucci. well the president says if democrats don't want to help out on immigration then let sanctuary cities take in illegal


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