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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 17, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> good evening, united states and china are at an apparent impasse in trade talks, china unwilling to commit to a plan trade relationship with united states, yet some, some trump administration officials suggest all is well. they under cut the president's negotiators in so doing, the red storm is rising in south america. russia, china and cuba trying to expand their influence specifically in ve venezuela. president trump and his secretary of state, making it clear the administration is ruling nothing out in venezuela.
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>> we made clear that all options are on the table, you watch the political diplomatic news, tighten a-- noose tighten ahounaround maduro's next, we'lo the same thing. their are costs associated with this. >> the pentagon making public statements about the pentagon's reservations to use military force to carry out u.s. foreign policy, general jack keane is joining us tonights, he will tell us when did the pentagon decide it possessed a separate voice from that of commander in chief,. >> chinese are raising their present in western hemisphere their cyber is espionage threat is rising, despite that president's warning that huawei is using product to spy for
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china, dozens of allies are willing to work with the chinese tech giants. >> and our top story, the united states, now contending with an expansionist china across broad fronts. there are significant impediments to reaching a trade treatmenagreement on fair and rl -- reciprocal trade with beijing. too carry out their own public relations campaign against our own government's trade positions. >> the national media often turns to chinese sources within the u.s. for reports on these trade talks, on more than one occasion, a few administration officials have boosted the u.s. and china trade talks as nearing agreement:
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fulfill thei their obligation te is no evidence what so ever of chinese willingness to forego their theft of billions of u.s. intellectual property and technology. >> president trump said he will know whether a trade deal with china is possible in next month or so. trade though is >> trade is only one of the chinese challenges. their very presence throughout central america and the caribbean. frustrating the administration, most notably there interference in venezuela along with the russians and the cubans. few among the professionals in
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the countries think tanks has as knowledgeable as a prospective the president for the center of security, good to have you here. >> let's begin with the trade talks. it's interesting, we have so many people acting as agents really within the country, whether they be in finance, whether they be in corporate america. that's against the u.s., federal government. in this administration. >> lou, just talked to a source in the white house, the deal is we are not near a deal. the talks are going well, they say. the president doesn't want a good deal, he wants a great deal. there are some issues such as chinese subsidies or chinese companies which china is not moving on. we have gotten a little further than we thought we would because there are problems with the chinese economy that has given us some leverage. i think the question here is
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that if we get a deal come is china going to abide by the deal. i have to tell you, all the experts i talked to say we may get a deal but the chinese is not going to abide by it. >> u.s. trade representative, robert light heiser, a kid not imaginable more expert, knowledgeable, and just outstanding negotiator for u.s. interests than he. i don't get the feeling at all in watching this from afar that he would put up with anything less than a very good deal. we have good negotiators. >> we have a president who has made it clear he will walk away from a bad deal. the chinese have noticed that. we know the chinese have economic problems. the growth rate last year was the lowest in 20 years. that provides us with an opportunity but there still issues china's not moving on. >> and, when we listen to secretary steve mnuchin start to talk about we are in the
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concluding phase of talks, when that is at variance with your sources, with my sources, it's stunning stuff because that, in effect is giving if you will comfort to the other side in these talks. it seems like a reckless position for the treasury secretary to take. >> lou, you saw the phone ring and the green room. that was my source in the white house. i was told were not near a deal. the talks are going well. it does differ from what mnuchin is saying. the trouble is when he makes statements like this it affects the market. when we don't get a deal, investors think they have been lied to. >> returning to the president, he is in charge of this entire enterprise, not just trade but foreign-policy, the nations his geopolitical initiatives. he has, with unerring i think,
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president seen where we were headed, whether it be north korea, china, he is made clear his value structure for what he would consider a deal that he could even undertake to think about, let alone approved. so, we are watching this. at the same time we are watching china, expanding in the caribbean for crying out loud and laying the foundation for significant strategic ports within the caribbean, with within venezuela itself. already they are in possession effectively of the panama canal. strategically we have come over the course of the past decade been severely outwitted by the chinese and our own hemisphere. your thoughts and where does that leave? >> this is something called decoupling. we are just focusing on our bilateral trade with china and ignoring all of the other issues
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that will not just affect our economy, it will affect our national security. there is no talk about venezuela during the trade talks with the chinese right now. this is a big deal. china is propping up the venezuelan regime. they're keeping maduro government in power. it should be on the agenda of over talking to the chinese. we shouldn't just be talking about a good trade deal. >> and, at the same time, the pentagon as mike pompeo, the secretary of state, as the president are urging a strong position in carrying out the talks based on a strongly held compass of what is our interest, the pentagon today is saying that they have great reservations in venezuela. a, why would they even suggest that they have a voice different from that of the commander-in-chief, and b, why would they be commenting on why
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they would or would not strategically, tactically want to hold forth about venezuela. >> what's worse is there is a pentagon official that said today we may be concerning non- kinetic action against russia and china. that's nonsense. were not going to do that. >> one with a fire such idiots? >> look, were not going to do that to russia or china because of the implications of what they can do to us elsewhere. it will be diplomatic pressure, political pressure. >> is one thing for you to say that. in your role. it is quite another for a member of the command structure and the pentagon to be holding forth on what is the domain of both the white house and the state department. it's idiotic. it's not the first time we have had a secretary of defense, previously who is holding forth on the presidents direct orders
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in public orders. that nonsense cannot be put up with, can it? in the national security. >> no. i think you're right. is using force on the table? it's always on the table. the president does not want to get into a war in venezuela. lou: that's for him to say, not for the pentagon. i just find it astounding that we have to put up with this kind of nonsense, that this president has to put up with this. >> it to quote who don't know what they're talking about. we know the president does not want to get this president involved in more ground wars. >> he has made this very clear. that's what becomes frustrating about it. because, you have some, a voice in the pentagon hop holding for. this president is articulating the strategy toward the future. it is his vision being executed by this administration. i find it just completely
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mind-boggling that he would have to consent with rogue adventurism in his own pentagon. >> i think that's right. venezuela may be painful. it may take a long time to get a solution. but there will not be a u.s. invasion. i think we have to be clear. that is off the table. >> mike pompeo says military forces on the table. and, i think we're going to have to stand with that, don't you? >> maybe i should say military forces on the table if we have to use it but the president is not planning to get into a warm venezuela. >> i think only in abject fool with think this president wants to get into a conflict. this is the president who wants to withdraw our troops from afghanistan. who you can see the frustration in his face when he is even discussing syria, afghanistan, the mindlessness of all of the troops that we have for decades in germany. and in south korea.
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this is nuts. this president identified it early. all of this comes full circle to the challenges he now faces geopolitically and economically with the chinese. a complicated business. we appreciate you being here to give us some insight. >> good to be here. lou: french prosecutors opening a criminal investigation into the cause of yesterday's devastating fire at notre dame cathedral. one thing authorities are ruling out, however, within just a matter of hours, arson. perhaps overlooked since yesterday is that 875 catholic churches in france were vandalized in 2018. 875. in a single week last month, 12 churches were vandalized including a fire deliberately set, also located in paris. this is context. this is not speculation.
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this is the situation right now in france and the recent history of what has happened to catholic churches throughout the nation. ignored too often by some covering the tragedy, some who have ruled out speculation about the cause of the notre dame fire as they speculate taking it as gospel that, well, arson was not the cause. that was a decision made within hours. it sounds like a different kind of decision. perhaps a political decision rather than one based on careful investigation of the facts. that would amount to speculation, wouldn't it? coming up tonight, another nfl contract. this one coming to a fellow who has broken the record books and it could not have gone to a more deserving player in my humble estimation. later in the broadcast. up next, remember when radical
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socialist dam, at alexandria ocasio-cortez called out members of her own party with this? >> you do it. >> because you are not. because you're not. so, until you do it, i am the boss. how about that? lou: golly, don't you admire modesty? house speaker, nancy pelosi says otherwise about the boss thing. reminding the young socialist, just exactly who is in charge of the party. at least in the house of representatives. we take it up with the dean himself, ed rollins joins us right here, next. stay with us, we will be ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton.
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>> president trump doesn't seemm congresswoman, omar. president trump calling her out again for her disrespectful comments about september 11. president trump tweeted this, she has a way about her that is very bad for the country, i think she is extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country. house speaker, nancy pelosi, downplaying the is socialist swell within her democratic party.
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the speaker say in alexandria oc victory was entirely expected. >> it when we won this election, it was in a districts like mine or alexandria is, however she is wonderful member of congress. i think all of our colleagues will attest. but, those are districts that are solidly democratic this glass of water would win in those districts. lou: whoa, things are getting interesting in the democratic party. joining us tonight to take that up a much more from the reagan white house political director, foxbusiness political director, ed, glad to have you here. a drink of water with a d next week. >> she could've had an empty glass. lou: well, where you go from there? i'm going to leave you out there hanging on that one. >> the reality is, the speaker
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is someone who has survived some tough battles. i have known her for a long time. she is as tough as anybody. she may have a velvet glove with steel underneath it. she's taking one of her very junior members and saying don't get too big. you are part of a body. even are not the leader of a body. i don't care how many twitter accounts you have. let's be part of the team. lou: she also talked about wanted it is like with people with alexandria or cause aoc. >> what do we have? i don't want to start a dialogue with our producers. sixty-five democrats have voted with her 95% of the time. this is a far cry from like five people in a modest, simple minority. this is a growing reality within the democratic party. >> she's a charismatic person.
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but she is part of a group. the group is large. as i said last night, nancy pelosi is a progressive. it's much bigger than the freedom caucus was. so, they are forced to be reckoned with. when i think she has done issue will isolate, the speaker will isolate aoc. lou: how do you isolate her when she has 65? just about half again as many in the freedom caucus with her already. they have only been there for two months. >> they're not voting for her alone. >> i understand. but that's the point. they are voting with aoc on those. >> the speaker will show who is boss. i predict that very quickly. they will have a come to the good lord meeting pretty soon. the bottom line is maybe they're saying they went too far. lou: guy can work in mysterious ways. one thing they could say is that
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we could watch bernie sanders, the perpetual socialist as well as this new young socialist. they are dominating their parties. >> this party is moving far, far to the left. bernie forever was the only socialist member, the longest socialist member ever served in congress. he had to register as a democrat last time to get to the new hampshire primary. lou: was the impact on the primary? they have a perfect position to articulate what the socialist are arguing. i think it gives us added strength. lou: are we going to hear more tired, rotary club speeches about free enterprise? because, if the republicans don't come up with a new idea, i think they're going to place even more losses in the houses. >> the new idea is to support trumps economic plans. to support trumps wall plan and have a health care plan that deals with the problems.
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you cannot go in a presidential race to your. lou: we are here after two years in which the senate and the house were controlled by the republicans. they have demonstrated themselves to be incapable of investigating. they demonstrated themselves incapable of coming up with any idea beyond that of the president. if they don't go in with the president, there would be nowhere. now, you have mitch mcconnell talking about, let's everybody run independently. >> they will not do well on that measure. you cannot go into this congressional presidential election without some answers on to healthcare. that has become a big issue for the democrats. i don't care what they have done in the past. lou: you brought us full circle back. democrats of the one talking about healthcare. the president is talk about healthcare, too, but there's no plan. democrats, bernie sanders has a plan. he wants to tax us all and pay for. >> it's easy to say i want to tax the millionaires and billionaires and everyone will
4:24 am
applaud. you get free healthcare. >> the billionaires are going to applaud who questioning. >> everyone else is going to be applauding the millionaires and luminaires. taxing the rich. lou: i need to understand what you're saying. >> their program yesterday was going to tax the billionaires more to pay for everybody else's healthcare. >> that was close. billionaires,. >> too many millionaires out there. the stronger -- lou: and rollins, thank you. >> tax the rich, that is the plan of the democrats. lou: it is hard to tax the poor. i have to get out of here. i promised the producers. but, then again they promised me they would have some full screens and they didn't. coming up next, before making inroads all around the world despite the u.s. warnings. we take up this cyber espionage
4:25 am
threat, morgan wright joins us when we come back. that will be in just a matter of moments. stay with
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lou: new controversy tonightsurd facebooks use of user data. a new report cites thousands of leaked documents. it reveals its ceo, mark zuckerberg once considered selling access to that user data just so that he could find out how much that data would be worth. perhaps, the united states should be following the lead of the european union and take a far harder and expensive stands for facebook against facebooks and data practices and that of other tech giants. chinese telecom giant, huawei, racing to grow its five t-mobile networks and what should be an
4:30 am
alarming pace to any american. huawei said it has secured 40, 40 commercial contracts already worldwide for 5g equipment, but only one of those contracts is in mainland china. twenty-three abbe sevens 5g contracts are from europe. ten from the middle east, six from asia, one from africa. the united states considers the huawei a national security threat, has called upon all of its allies to ban huawei from working and integrating their hardware into the 5g infrastructure of any nation. joining us tonight is morgan wright, former senior advisor in the state department antiterrorism assistance program. former law-enforcement advisor to the republican national committee, cyber security expert, morgan, great to have you with us. it appears that the u.s. campaign to stop huawei is not
4:31 am
working. >> no, it's not. i will tell you, here's the scary part about this. huawei is reaching a critical point to where they will have so much penetration in the market, lou it's a geeky thing. you should understand when you get that much markets chair you get to set the standards. when you set the standards everybody has to build the equipment to the way you built it. it means they will get their features and they are the way they want to do stuff. my biggest concern is that they put this infrastructure out there, they will surround us. we'll have this data flowing over the equipment made by china, set by standards set by chinese and we will just have to live with it. a lot of people are taking the long view and taking the security issues. they are looking at price and huawei is getting big discounts and subsidies from china to be this competitive. lou: is the number of people say, huawei is the people's liberation army. no question about it. meanwhile, i was talking with
4:32 am
the head of the fcc, he is very excited about at&t success so far in 19 markets. talking about 92 by the end of the year. my lord, if at&t is the standard bearer, we are in huge trouble. >> look, remember, what of the contracts is with at&t in mexico. this could impact custom and border protection, stopping narcotics smuggling and human sex trafficking or trafficking across-the-board or. we are going to be surrounded, a lot of our most sensitive information around the border will be in proximity of all of this huawei equipment. lou: what are we doing about it? >> apparently not enough. we have some of the five isa lines. the u.k. and australia. a lot are taken a harder look at it. germany has cast a skeptical eye. at the end of the day it's unfortunate, what drives this is price. people say it's cheaper. that's why, they can get unlimited credit and subsidies to be of the people's liberation army through the government of
4:33 am
china. that's how they are beating people on price. it's hard to beat people when their prices have of what you are charging. lou: half of what you are charging. that's a what it is. it is without question, there is no bottom on that price. if they wish, they will be paying their customers in the united states is at the negotiating table with the government of china on our trade relationship that appears at this point to be at least at best at an impasse and the issue of subsidy and overcapacity, i have no indication whatsoever from my sources that there has been any progress on either of those two issues and huawei represents a national security threat precisely because of their subsidies. >> look, the other part about this is the fact that not only are they beating everybody on
4:34 am
price, they are getting subsidies from government. we have the washington metro authority and they're looking at trains from china. this will china 2025. it's not just telecommunications equipment. israel's, is electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, they are embedded in everything we will come to depend upon in the next 5 - 10 years. the only leverage we have is from the trade standpoint. we have a lot more leverage than what we think we are using. we have to start shutting them out of markets and beating them at their own gain. we have people in congress who don't have the fortitude to take on china. lou: the hell with them. we had a speaker that just really tired who hadn't the guts or the integrity to take on anyone of these threats against u.s. sovereignty or the national interest. it's pathetic. one quick last question. that is, on the issue with
4:35 am
huawei, why in the world can't we respond significantly and unilaterally and say, huawei will not be a part of any infrastructure that involves u.s. national interests or social security among our allies. if they want to play that game mood have to play harder. it is stunning to me that we would let this just unfold as if the world is filled with three marketers. >> we have all lot of technology we have the f35 joint strike fighter. we have a lot of things that a lot of people depend upon from the united states. it's time we start saying, if you want this great stuff that we are building and shipping to you and you use to defend your country, it's time you do something for us in return. lou: absolutely. well past time i would say. morgan wright, always good to have you here. we will be right back with much more. stay with
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lou: headlines were looking at, seattle seahawks, quarterback russell wilson signing a contract extension making him the highest-paid player in the nfl. what has he done to deserve such a thing? in his seven years in the nfl he has not missed a practice nor a start in 112 consecutive games. he owns a super bowl championship.
4:40 am
has been to the super bowl twice, six division titles. by the way, he gets a $65 million signing bonus and i think he has earned every darn bit of it. good for russell wilson. in venezuela, red cross eight is finally, finally being distributed after months of the maduro regime denying its humanitarian crisis. today's shipment to venezuela contain hundreds of gallons of water, power generators, medical equipment. into ron the parliament reacted to the u.s. designation of the revolutionary guard as a terrorist group. there parliament labeled u.s. forces in the middle east as terrorists and there we go. those are the headlines. joining us tonight, retired four-star general, foxbusiness chief strategic analyst, general jacking. general, great heavy here. let's start venezuela. we hear from the pentagon today
4:41 am
that they have great reservations about being involved in the conflict in venezuela. i have to ask you. went to the pentagon gets a vote that they would have a voice separate from that of the commander-in-chief? publicly? >> i'm not sure i buy that, lou. there are people that are circling the pentagon like they are circling the white house. trying to pick up anything they can that would create some kind of division and this administration. here's what the pentagon routinely does. the president, national security advisor will ask the pentagon to provide a series of options. with every option they provide the risk associated with the. now, before this report, i guarantee you that the pentagon has prevented non- kinetic options in a range of kinetic options to include full throated invasion and what that would mean. all of that has already been on the table. lou: one would hope. >> i have and ask them but i'm
4:42 am
confident of it. >> if your confidence and confidence. >> that is where we are. there is only one person running foreign-policy and national security in the united states of america. that is the president of the united states. i have seen that not like his advisors, but i've seen a little bit of that up close. i don't want to make a big deal out of it. but, i have seen it. he is in fact in charge. >> there is no question about that on every front. what strikes me, this is not the first time we have heard this kind of nonsense emanating from ostensibly a general officer in the pentagon. it suggests that out of all the people who would not understand the chain of command to order who shouldn't be in any way, ever separating themselves with even the slightest ray of sunlight from the commander-in-chief, it would be
4:43 am
our military. >> we got people there obviously who have opinions that may not agree with the secretary of defense or the joint chiefs as a whole who knows what their recommendations are. they're talking to the media and trying to undermined what is taking place. likely it will continue to be frank about it. as disappointing as that is. lou: it is disappointing. it is impure your rating. why don't we go do something about it? >> it's good for you, it gets you riled up. lou: that's what i need, one more thing to rile me up. let's talk about afghanistan, the delavan announcing the spring offensive. announcing the spring offenses as if it were necessary to do so. this is a tough spot, which we do? >> that delavan is using the spring offensive as leverage in the peace talks that are coming up in about a week.
4:44 am
>> i and very skeptical about these peace talks. i do not particularly agree with the position we have taken with the taliban. the last time we did something like that was the vietnam war, we talked with the north vietnamese, some of our viewers are too young to remember. then, we presented that to the south vietnamese government and a team is later it was over. we have got to talk to the government of afghanistan and bring the other players and, as well if we are going to get something out of this. we cannot come i say, we cannot trust the taliban. these are fanatics, radicals, barbarians. 85% of the people for all of these years you have been talking about this year, these 18 years, the people of afghanistan overwhelmingly reject them to 85%. they do not want them to run their country again. lou: yet, here we are in talks with them. i have to ask you, is there any part of you that wishes like
4:45 am
hell, that the united states would have taken off the gloves and absolutely eliminated the taliban and destroyed every one of the people responsible and afghanistan who have now, looks like persevered against the worlds only superpower over the course of almost two decades? >> we had two big opportunities. we depose them and then we had a bill that was back in 2001. we had a bill of a security force. but come a few weeks after we depose them, we made a decision to go to iraq. at that point, all of our priorities went to iraq, afghanistan was on a diet. we never put troops in afghanistan after the taliban reemerge. they 2008, then obama knew he had a problem. he asked crystal and patriots, tell me what we should do. they said, we can still win,
4:46 am
minimum force, 20000. he cut by 25% and pulled out after 15 months. we were doomed at that point. >> a concise history of one of the most tragic conflicts. >> these guys are not 10-foot tall. easily could have put them where they belong. >> where is the shame? where's the tragedy. lou: up next, former house speaker, paul ryan. he has another cushy job. after leading the republicans to one of their worst electoral disasters last fall. we will tell you what he is doing when we come back. stay with termites, feasting on homes 24/7. we're on the move. roger.
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>> you probably have been wondering what was next for former house speaker, paul ryan. well, he will soon be giving lessons in leadership to the classroom. beginning this while the university of notre dame say he will guest lecture on the fundamentals of american government. the current state of political polarization. he should know something about that. as well as catholicism and economics. the school apparently desperate for professor help. ryan will be joined by
4:51 am
like-minded former democratic senator, joe donnelly and former obama chief of staff, dennis mcdonough. right there, all of those folks united. back together again. the u.s. border patrol providing us with new numbers tonight on the crisis at our southern border. the news is good. there is actual improvement. we are told in the tucson sector, apprehensions of illegal immigrants for the first half of this month are down 18%. border patrol agents attribute the decline in part to president trump threat to shut down altogether the southern border. border patrol council president, brandon judd is going to be joining us next week. we will have the very latest on what is happening on our southern border and what are the prospects. brandon judd joining us. joining us tonight, charlie hurt, washington times opinion
4:52 am
editor, foxbusiness contributor, trump 2020 national press secretary, kaylee machen any. good have you both here. i want to start with the latest numbers. we are seeing real marked improvements in apprehensions at the border. >> that's exactly right. president trump alone deserves all of the credit. he is not have a willing negotiating partnering congress. he unilaterally, with the threat to close down the border has helped to have these numbers. the 450 miles of the southern border being built next year will help as well. have nancy pelosi you need to come to the table, congress you need to come to the table. he can't do all of this alone. >> so far that's what he is doing. charlie, your thoughts about this improvement and the role of mexico? >> and shocking to discover that actually trying to enforce the border it actually works. i think the biggest part of it is that threat that he and his kaylee points out, that he and he alone has put out there that
4:53 am
everyone likes to talk about how disruptive it would be dish at the border for people in the united states but it's nothing for how destructive it would be for mexico and making them enforce their own laws to make it so they don't get to the border in the first place i think that's crucial to fixing the problem. >> we would all acknowledge that there is not a chance in the world that the dems are going to step up to the table. this is all about them playing for position in 2020 in the hell with the national interest. the dems are in such disarray and striking. again, nancy pelosi going after aoc and a drink of water would take her district or a ocs, so democratic. >> that's right. it's a battle between the far left is nancy pelosi and the
4:54 am
socialists. who would've thought you would have seen the day where you are having this kind of internal squabble. the socialist arguments winning the day, you have nancy saying, it's just like five members following aoc. not true. seventy members according to fox news, 95% of the time. they have a problem on their hands was socialism. >> that's pro public a data bringing those numbers to us. it shows charlie, nancy pelosi has a heck of a problem on her hands no matter how much she wants to diminish it, marginalize it were to realize it. they are strong. it looks like getting stronger. >> it's a real problem. but, the appalling part of this, the thing that i find so outrageous is that when she says something like, even a glass of water with a deed behind its name could have one in her district or in a ocs district. the thing underline that is the incredible arrogance that these
4:55 am
people, they no longer consider themselves as having to work for their constituents. it's almost as if the constituents are lucky to have them. it is when you get politicians in power who have that kind of arrogance that i think you wind up with the most, the worst kind of people in congress. democrats should not stand for it. >> very quickly, what do you think paul ryan will tell his class about that? >> i think that's a great question. paul ryan is also thinking economics. maybe he'll go back against the socialists. >> charlie, kaylee, thank you both. >> thank you. lou: you did well kaylee, that i can't tell you who i am that or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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he says all of this needs to be addressed quickly. there is no talk about venezuela in the trade talks for the chinese right now. this is a big deal. china is probably up the minutes with the regime is undermining our national security by keeping federal government and power. it should be on the agenda when talking to the chinese. we shouldn't simply be talk
5:00 am
about getting a good trade deal. >> century city mayor bill de blasio breaking rains with his brother and cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. entertainment blockbluster, netflix boasting one of its biggest quarters in its history, adding 10 million new subscribers worldwide, despite what the company isn't saying about their competition that's making headlines. investigators one step closer to finding out what sparked the notre dame inferno as we learn how much it will take to rebuild the historic treasure, plus the global effort to it ris make ite from the ashes once again. martha stewart's empire


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