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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 24, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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tell the fifth third when i used to bank in ohio. wsyx. >> thank you. [closing bell rings] liz: group of names on top coming up in a few minutes. you can miss it. across the board red on the screen. we'll wait for elon and company along with facebook. connell: we have major moves. some of the biggest names in tech happening moments from now. minutes away literally for results coming in from facebook, tesla, microsoft all today, all numbers that will impact your money tomorrow. dow settling lower as we move into the close here. only 200 points from record territory. we thought s&p, nasdaq closing at record highs. they faded into the close. we have a very busy hour ahead. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. here is what is new at this
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hour. fighting the opioid crisis that is devastating american communities president trump is about to land at joint base andrews after speaking about a drug abuse at a summit in atlanta. the president is vowing to stop his team talking to congress, will fight all the subpoenas from democrats. the latest from the white house. ahead of kim jong-un's first summit with vladmir putin. what to expect as the leaders meet face-to-face. new security concerns about hackers tapping into your cameras at your home and talking to your children. that is creepy. connell: scandals, controversial ceos, we're talking about a couple of them. negative he had lines are not expected to have major impact on
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facebook user growth. analysts predict a 25% jump in revenue for mark zuckerberg and company. after turning a profit the past two quarters, tesla, a different story. it is expected to have fallen in the red last quarter. we're wait for the numbers. we'll bring them to you when they come out tell you exactly what they mean. we talk to jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund, john myers, tesla investor i should point out about a our conversation with tesla. john, let me start with you on facebook. it is interesting as we wait for the numbers to cross for mark zuckerberg's company, almost every day we have some sort of a story about scandal and controversy, but the numbers you look at them, revenue expected to be up sizeably. still a company making a lot of money. doesn't seem to have a huge financial impact. what do you make of that? >> i totally agree.
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it doesn't make a financial impact on the company because facebook continues to have the most compelling, powerful advertising product ever existed in history. for millions of startups, brands, companies reaching consumers, the only place to go to have that kind of power is facebook. connell: jonathan, maybe we'll have them again, stories surfacing, roger mcthat me's book, came out, people questioning whether mark zuckerberg should lead the company. the financials appear to tell a different story, right? >> connell, he is not only continuing to lead the company but in fact mark zuckerberg started a podcast, spotify podcast even more public face of the company. best in breed. obviously the domestic platform is slowing. they're really focusing on instagram trying to get back younger viewers, a lot that abandoned the platform. can they beat expectations in order to treat at premium -- connell: microsoft.
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bottom of your screen. melissa: $1.14 earnings per share on microsoft. connell: gerri willis joins us from the new york stock exchange. revenues pretty good. go through the figures for us. reporter: absolutely. a double beat for microsoft of the earnings at $1.14 a share, ahead of estimate of a dollar. nice beat. revenue 34.6 billion. the estimate was 29.84 billion. so that is a handy beat, top and bottom line for microsoft. most of this as you might suspect from the azure business which is the cloud business. this is something microsoft has been growing. super popular operating on the cloud. microsoft taking advantage of that. the stock already up 35% year-over-year. 23.5% year-to-date. gaining another 2% tonight as the numbers come in. back to you. connell: gerri, thanks. jonathan, john are with us. melissa will chime in. melissa: she mentioned it. intelligent cloud operating income is 3.21 billion and third quarter net, 8.81 billion.
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connell: the overall revenue from the cloud business on the intelligent cloud looks like it is better than expected guys. it was supposed to be 9.28 billion. the number i see crossing as a headline is 9.65 billion on the overall cloud revenue. jonathan hoenig that is really what this company, microsoft, which always by the way beats on its earnings per share, we look back eight quarters. eight for eight beating earnings per share but looks like the cloud business doing well that is supposedly the present and future for microsoft, right? >> connell, look how much they had to transform over the years. keep in mind, a long period of time, 16 years where microsoft was essentially in a trading range. it has broken out quite decisively at another all-time high after the bell. because they have been able to adapt as you mentioned, connell, they're leaping beyond some of the unicorns, if you will, facebook among them haven't kept up with all time stalwart,
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microsoft. connell: john meyer from facebook as well. melissa: third quarter gaming revenue on microsoft, just jumped, increased 5% for gaming revenue. connell: looks like a pretty good number, john meyer, melissa saying cloud earnings revenue better than expected, stock is up. what do you make of it, john? >> sure. microsoft may not be the most valuable company in the world but i put them down at this point as one of the most impressive business case studies in history with this turnaround. microsoft was incredible legacy business as the pc business continues to shrink, gaming business is sort of okay but the cloud business is where it's at. the future is in cloud. it is all ai-based. it requires very heavy -- connell: what do you compare, john meyer, how do you compare microsoft to the big behemoths in the cloud world? amazon is one everybody thinks of, adobe, sales force, other companies involved there.
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how do you compare what microsoft is doing on the competitive space? >> sure i'm glad you have me. ceos of companies, all that i have experience working with a son, aws, the microsoft. and key difference microsoft seems to have with the cloud service a much more user friendly, founder friendly and ceo friendly approach to using their cloud services and amazon has always been a bit of a pain if you talk to software developers. connell: that is interesting. >> microsoft is making their stake in the ground then on customer service, friend did iness to software engineers and friendliness to software-based companies that need these services because amazon has the services there, but the service itself, guesting it going, working with them is very difficult. >> i want to give you a couple facebook numberses that we're trying to get that out. mobile ad revenue 93% of ad revenue. connell: susan is ready to give us all the figures in the newsroom. susan li on facebook.
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what will we see on facebook? susan: profit miss. 88 cents. called for $1.63 which is down from earnings and profits year-over-year. from 2018. beat on revenues to 15.8 billion. something closer to 15. 14.98 billion to be exact. as you see we're up in after-hours. active users this is pretty significant here because monthly active users we were looking something close to 3.274. we got 3.28 billion for fontly active users. daily active users a beat, 1.95 billion. the estimate we got, 1.96 billion. they continue to grow their platforms. that is pretty significant for social media site and company like facebook. guys? connell: that number, you think, susan that is comparable, 88 cents versus -- susan: 85 cents. that is comparable what we see
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now. a miss on the bottom line because margins came down a lot. 22%, a little over 20%, compared to 40% a year ago. as facebook has told us, telustrated to the markets we'll spend more to monitor sites to make sure there is no violent content, no harrassment. we've been expecting this. that is probably hitting the bottom line. connell: investors still like it. melissa: give you a little color on that, facebook posts $3 billion in legal expenses related to the ftc matters. that is what you were talking about there. they say the ftc matter remains unresolved is a quote from their press release. connell: okay, fair enough. jonathan hoenig, the, the interesting thing on the daily and monthly active users both those figures susan went through are a little better than expected. the stock is up 4% on facebook after-hours. melissa: headcount of 37,773, that is 6% year-over-year head
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found. i will be quiet now. >> spending a lot of money. spending, as you mentioned, spending in response to all the questions about privacy, cambridge analytica. as long as the platform is growing, that is what we're talking about with economies of scale, massive social media networks they need to increase eyeballs, daily visitors. seeing those numbers continue to decline. connell: ask you susan, number comparable. do we adjusted figure. susan: we have, thank you to melissa legal cost $3 billion to the fight the ftc we added that back in, adjusted it, made it comparable to the estimates. what we're looking for was a $1.63 bottom line for profits on eps. if you bring it back in 3 billion for legal costs, that is $1.89 adjusted. beat on top line, daily active users higher than expected, a pretty good report card. connell: thanks for doing that,
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susan, on accounting edit. most people know it. when we have the estimates come in from the analysts they're factoring in those adjustments in the advance. that is why i asked susan if the number was quote, unquote comparable. we adjust it ex items as they say. $1.89 is the new number. john, this is pretty good number from facebook top to bottom. the stock is up 5%. we were talking about before the report, scandal after scandal comes up but numbers don't seem to be impacted. this reinforces that, right? >> you're right. only thing i would like to hear, i can't figure this out until i jump out of the studio, we need to know the user, monthly active and daily active user numbers specifically in the united states versus elsewhere. connell: okay. >> because in the united states we right now have a privilege of let's say, not using facebook anymore. if we're, if we're let's say afraid of their privacy concerns but in some second and third
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world countries you need facebook. so what i'm cure bus -- curious about, is active daily user is growing outside the u.s. where privacy concerns don't matter too much? if numbers are staggering or decreasing in the u.s. i would call that big concern as we relate to the privacy concerns we hear almost every day impacting user numbers which has not hit second and third world countries. connell: susan, more information for us on -- >> talking about multibillion dollar fines. connell: she doesn't have her ears on so to speak. 1.89 adjusted versus $1.63 is better than expected. face took stock after-hours bets 5% pop. microsoft with strong figures in after-hours trading. one of the interesting things about microsoft in terms of the stock price we are looking for a round number.
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we'll see if we get microsoft up after-hours how much the stock is up. if it gets above 130.84 cents, don't know if it gets there in the after-hours session, would have to be a big gain, for argument's sake gets above $134.34, that would make microsoft a trillion dollar company. that is quite remarkable, jonathan hoenig. could be a trillion dollar company by tomorrow. >> that will be become more and more common. this is incredibly impressive, connell. a lot of people had written off the large cap technology stocks as kind of yesterday's business especially christmas of 2018. many of them, facebook is up 40% before this beat. microsoft one example as we talked about, hitting all-time highs. tremendously impressive from a group that really had not -- connell: is it about the economy? is it making a broader statement outside of tech about the strength of the economy or? >> this is where the action is,
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connell, it seems to be. so many indicators, lumber which has been extraordinarily weak or small cap stocks are trail considerably, the money seems to funnel back into the best-of-breed names. even if facebook's growth is slowing domestically this is the still the best in breed of example where advertisers have to be. as long as the eyeballs keep increasing you will see the stock price keep increasing as well. connell: put another piece of breaking news into the mix. we told you a lot of earnings after the bell today. visa out with its second quarter results. back to gerri willis who is covering that for us. how did visa, do, gerri? reporter: double beat on top and bottom line. $1.31 a share against expectations of 1 to in$24 a share. revenues 5.5 billion, expectations of 5.74 billion. a very good quarter. this stock has been on fire all year long, up 22%, moving higher. about half a percent.
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other metrics payment volumes 8%. cross-border volumes up 4%. all important, even more important than last quarter's results they increased their outlook for the year. very good quarter, visa, mastercard having good year-to-date. people spending more money on their credit cards. connell: that makes sense. stock price is down after hours more than 1%. facebook and microsoft gaining ground. this busy day continues. we're still waiting on tesla. we'll bring you those numbers as soon as they come out. good start here. melissa: revenue growth for visa, mid double digits on nominal basis going forward. like you said, that is a look how the consumer is doing, how much they're willing to spend. that is good news for the overall economy. connell: absolutely. melissa: not backing down, president trump making his way back from atlanta as the commander-in-chief vows to fight any subpoenas targeting white house aides in the mueller
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investigation. we're at the white house with the latest. that's next. connell: setting foot on russian soil. kim jong-un making his first visit to the country for a sit-down with vladmir putin. what the meeting could mean for efforts to restart the nuclear talks with the rogue regime. melissa: seattle housing crisis, how the homeless population is forcing businesses out of the city. ♪ u're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪
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connell: let's stay on breaking news. facebook we're covering it. stock up 5% as we go back to susan li in the newsroom. we've had a few minutes. it was crazy for a second. what is standing out about facebook? >> pointing out the ftc negotiations are ongoing between facebook for data privacy lapses and cambridge analytica. the fine is expected to be the largest fine in u.s. history. facebook is telling the market they set aside 3 to $5 billion in possible fines and settlements with the federal trade commission. if that is true, that would be the largest fine, not only for a technology company, but really for an american u.s. company in terms of violations when it comes to data breaches. guys? connell: set aside 3 billion.
4:21 pm
susan, thank you. the stock is up 4 1/2%. we're waiting on tesla i should point out. once elon musk's company flashes figures across. we're expecting a loss for the last quarter, we'll get the numbers to you. melissa: breaking news, president trump just landing in joint base andrews speaking on opioid crisis. let's go to blake burman at the white house. reporter: before the president took off for atlanta here at the white house the president made it clear as it relates to subpoenas from the house democrats, members of the trump administration past and present the president said, quote, we are going to fight all subpoenas. the president says robert mueller and his special counsel wrapped up a two year investigation and he says that is all that's needed. >> they checked my financials and they checked my taxes, i assume. it was the most thorough investigation probably in the history of our country. i think i read where they interviewed 500 people. i say it's enough. get back to infrastructure, get
4:22 pm
back to cutting taxes, get back to lowering drug prices. reporter: meantime a new battle broke out between democratic led oversight committee and the department of justice. the doj says it will not allow rather, john gore, who is the principle deputy assistant attorney for the civil rights division to take a deposition. a spokesperson saying the following, quote, in keeping with long-standing department of justice policy neither mr. gore nor anyone else in the department will be forced to testify in their capacity as a doj official on doj matters without doj counsel. the head of the oversight committee elijah cumming responded by saying following, this is massive, unprecedented growing pattern of obstruction. bottom line here, connell. melissa, appears the showdown between democrats in the house and the president and members of his administration oversubpoenas appears to just be beginning. back to you.
4:23 pm
melissa: blake, thank you. connell: all right. always cool watching air force one come in. anyway we're still waiting on elon musk and company. so we'll get the tesla numbers. we have other news to cover. taking a progressive pitch to texas voters. bernie sanders on the stump at the lone star state. white his critics say his momentum may be spooking the democratic party. we'll be right back. of ♪ experience the style, craftsmanship and technology that have made the rx the leading luxury suv of all time. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $409 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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melissa: texas, the new battleground. bernie sanders and five other democratic presidential candidates are in the lone star state for she the people forum today. sanders also making his first texas stop of the campaign on this trip, putting pressure on native son beto o'rourke, a former congressman from el paso. let's bring in our politics panel to react. madison gesiotto, trump 2020
4:28 pm
advisory board member and john, a former communications director for harry reid. >> they're heading to nevada about a forum about the economy and how to strengthen the middle class. it will be interesting how that goes. i don't believe bernie sanders is going there. interesting to see how things playing out particularly with pete buttigieg and his ascendancy among this group of candidates. melissa: madison, seems a lot of people, i guess from the early polling looks like it is the case it's a battle between bernie and biden but do you think that's how it will play out in the long run? >> you know i don't think how it will play out. i talk to a lot of democrats that say we're any and biden are front-runners in name only, when it comes down to actual voters next year it will not be the top two. a lot of people are kind of sick of joe biden. i don't think they plan to vote for him. when bernie sanders a lot of democrats don't align with his
4:29 pm
policies. they find him too far to the left. the concern for many democrats i talk to, guess what, a lot of voters come out in the primary are far they are left than the voters in the general. they're concerned about viability of candidate like bernie sanders when it comes to compete with president trump in 2020. melissa: jon, while we're talking about texas what do you think happened to beto o'rourke? seeps like he has fallen off the radar a beat. i wonder if it is mayor pete's popularity? did he sort of take up that lane? >> i think that does have a lot to do with it. of course all the talk we've seen about vice president biden as well and his anticipated announcement tomorrow. so i think those two things alone have taken up a lot of the oxygen right now, which isn't always necessarily a bad thing. the more you're in the news, the more people are talking about you higher the bar, right? look at joe biden coming out tomorrow. the bar is set for him very high. candidates who you are not talking about right now don't
4:30 pm
really have to worry so much about that. it is not always a curse. not the ideal place to be but not always a curse. we have 10 months until iowa, right? it's a long time, in politics it is an eternity. so things can really shake up over the next several months. melissa: madison, real quick, some people think the problem with biden right now his inability to raise money. he is not able to get the enthusiasm with the small donors the way bernie is. does that reflect something larger? >> yeah and you've seen the numbers. bernie is killing it when it comes to small dollar donors in this election. people will have to keep up. there is only so much money to go around. and there are a lot of democratic candidates and a a lt to announce in coming weeks and months. who i will ultimately compete with bernie on the small dollar donation number. that will be important. there are issues coming up with bernie people are concerned about, even giving felons boston
4:31 pm
bombers the right to vote. even chris cuomo at cnn was appalled by that. melissa: we appreciate your time. connell: elon musk is not fantastic. he has not put up the numbers yet. melissa: should we call him say hey, what is it going on? we want the tesla numbers. connell: tweeting about a factory in germany randomly earlier in the day. we'll have tesla when it comes out. the latest privacy concerns, google's nest camera might be spying on you and your children. how you can protect yourself. what the company is doing to try to stop the hacks. that is coming up next. melissa: the foreign minister is trying to respond to the trump's decision on oil sanctions with a warning to the u.s. we'll bring you the latest on the fallout. connell: seattle's homeless crisis is growing. now businesses are starting to flee from that area. we're live on the ground, downtown seattle coming up. ♪ ♪
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4:36 pm
melissa will scream at me. melissa: i'm looking so closely. come on! connell: the stock is up a little after-hours. expected to lose money after-hours. question how much. bret larson, 24/7 anchor and all around tech whiz. what stood out for facebook as we wait for tesla? >> the fact that their stock is rising does not surprise me at all. they have excellent couple of months. what struck me, active daily user in the range of 2.3 billion a month. that is a gold mine for any online company, especially, site like facebook which makes all of their money on advertising. that is a lot of eyeballs to put ads in front of. i know, you guys mentioned this a little bit earlier, their growth is more outside of the u.s. right now than it is inside. so all of these privacy issues that facebook has been having, we're all hearing about them
4:37 pm
here in the u.s. connell: right. >> but in other countries where they don't have access to as much news or as easy to access news as we have here they're not hearing about a lot of these privacy scandals. it doesn't shock me that, you know, folks using the service in south africa, or certain parts of europe may not be aware that these hacking issues are happening. connell: may not be issue for them. >> may not be issue for them. they may have different legislation when it comes to handling user privacy. connell: you said this is great company for making money off advertising, no matter what the scandal of the day might be surrounding them. last quarter what they reported we spent spent a lot of time talking about so-called stories, whether facebook stories or instagram stories. we don't know how they would make money off that. seems like they're making money putting advertising in those stories. >> if you've been using instagram over the two years,
4:38 pm
over the past few months you're definitely noticing, you will see pictures of your friends dogs and your friend kids, your friends vacation, you will see an ad for something. we know the ads are tracking us everywhere we go. they're getting very smart. it is not just google and amazon being very careful about watching everything we're doing to make sure the ads they put in front of us are what we want to see. connell: before we let you go, brett, the story before the break, the idea of hacking your home security system. there is a story in the "washington post" in an article entitled, how nest designed to keep intruders out effectively allowed hackers to get in. nest cameras vulnerable hacking for something as simple as email. can you explain this for us? >> when things happen like this, they not changing default settings. they're not adding unique password. hackers go on the dark web, they can fine out all this information about you, generally all they need is your email
4:39 pm
address and a password. they can hack into the home security devices. if you have any sort of device in your home has a camera, microphone in it, has the ability to monitor what you're doing, absolutely double and triple check what your security settings are. give it a complicated password. in this instance write the password down, stick it to the bottom of the device if you are afraid you will forget it. at least you're the only person who can see the password. the article in the paper was heartbreaking because this was in someone's child's room. people were harassing the kid at night. so especially watching over a small child. melissa: so upsetting. connell: it is your own, it is on you essentially. >> yeah, exactly. connell: basically what the company said. brett good to see you. thanks a lot. melissa. melissa: a new jeopardy record set. have you seen this? >> what will your total be today? oh, you will add 50,000. that takes up to 118,715.
4:40 pm
now a 14-day total of 1,061,554. guy, that is amazing. [applause] melissa: amazing. james holes hauser, only the second player in the show's 35 year history to pass the one million dollar mark in regular season, the shortest time ever. record holder ken jennings won total of $2.52 million. it took jennings 74 games to get there. it has taken 14 days for holeshauser to win this. he is professional gambler. connell: he is in. ken jennings is the only game show player that everybody knows, right. the babe ruth of game show players, right? "jeopardy," ken jennings. this guy is in his class. melissa: amazing. all my relatives are watching this. they're totally focusing.
4:41 pm
are you watching "jeopardy"? i have other things happening. whatever. connell: the latest twist in the case of robert durst. this is a crazy story. the murder confession stunned viewers in the hbo documentary. but now his legal team is hoping those very same tapes will actually help their case. melissa: there is other evidence besides this, whatever. don't get me started. don't get me started. connell: we just started you. you're yelling at us. melissa: all right. there is a lot. connell: tesla -- melissa: where is tesla? >> kim jong-un looking for tesla numbers himself with russia having a summit over there with vladmir putin just hours from now. what this means for negotiations with the u.s. that and more. don't go away. ♪
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melissa: sending a message. kim jong-un is in russia for the first time since he took office. the north korean leader will meet with his russian counterpart vladmir putin tomorrow following a no-deal summit with president trump. here is olivia enos from the heritage foundation. what do you make of this meeting? they were allies to begin with anyway. so is it that big of a deal or what's your take? >> i think kim jong-un is looking for some sort of
4:46 pm
deliverable after negotiations fell apart between the u.s. and north korea at the hanoi summit and i think that, when he came back from hanoi he wasn't able to deliver something that his people really wanted, which was sanctions relief. he had essentially promised that to his people before he left. those expectations had been set and then they weren't met. so i think he is going to his, as you said, pseudo ally, looking for a way out, looking for a way to release the pressure and to get anything. the fact he is going to russia right now should send a clear message to the trump administration, putting greater pressure on north korea is actually the right strategy because they're looking for any way they can to really, you know, take the foot off the gas and not have to deal with the consequences of that maximum pressure strategy. melissa: in a way it shows that it is working. for those who said the president was too soft, on kim jong-un before, this shows that the
4:47 pm
walkway had an impact. i guess we'll see if it goes anywhere from there. meantime, iranian foreign minister, i thought this was interesting, filing back at the white house over oil sanctions that the u.s. is pursuing a very dangerous policy towards tehran. they said it will not change iranian policy. and just, really firing off iran's national security will keep the strait of hormuz open. a lot of different comments. you know, trying to rattle the president's cage. what's your take? >> it is incredibly hypocritical for iran to tell the u.s. to back off from a dangerous policy. iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism. they have in fact allegedly injured more than 600 americans during the iraq war.
4:48 pm
they're incredibly dangerous. if anything this should embolden the trump administration to raise pressure on iran as well. that being said, i think there were some challenges with the waivers that were not extended. for example, we, you know, released all of the waivers from being able to be implemented made it so all the sanctions were implemented in uniform way including our allies, india, south korea, and japan and this is concerning but the trump administration should view this we need to maintain pressure on iran and it is ridiculous for the iranian regime to call u.s. policy dangerous. it is nothing like that. melissa: they said that the u.s. does empty need a new negotiating table. with english we know what they mean. there when iran is talking about how great the deal is, wanting to be a part of it, sad that it is over, obviously is pretty good for them and pretty bad for
4:49 pm
us. if they're begging you know, please, don't throw me in the brier patch. it seems like that's more evidence that the nuclear deal was bad for us and good for them, what do you think? >> i think the u.s. really seeks to enter into agreements that have longevity enter into agreements where u.s. interests are best advanced. that is why we pulled out of the jcpoa. why the president walked away from the summit in hanoi because he recognized this is not the best deal. this would not be the best way to advance u.s. interests. there is definitely a need to maintain pressure in the ways that we can whether through rhetorically or making sure we have the best deal that is possible and i think the iranian regime is starting to recognize this administration is very serious about getting the right deal at the right time and the right deal for americans going forward. melissa: we'll see. thank you. connell: all right.
4:50 pm
now, this is about infamous confession that might now be infamous for another reason all together. everyone remembers, certainly a huge story when the hbo documentary caught robert durst's alleged confession on a hot mic. a transcript of the interview obtained by "the new york times." that film-makers pulled durst's remarks from a longer series of remarks, quote, rambling remarks and reordered them out of context. so the times is saying that the lawyers for durst will devote much of their defense to the documentary's quote, manipulations when he goes on trial in september. we'll see. melissa: okay. that was not the key piece of evidence in my mind though. it was that there was a letter that arrived at the police department talking with details of the murder. >> right. melissa: it was made out to beverly hills police department and, writing was exactly the same as durst's. he spelled beverly wrong in exact same way he did personally
4:51 pm
as on the outside of the letter. it was identical. that was more compelling the quote, unquote confession for anybody watching. connell: the point that evidence would still stand up? melissa: yes. totally separate. connell: editing the confession means he didn't exactly say what we thought he said? melissa: in my humble opinion he obviously did it. there you go. connell: humble -- can't wait till they call you in. melissa: this is how i get out of jury duty with stuff like this. seattle under siege. the homeless crisis escalating across the city. why local businesses are now at risk. we're on the ground in seattle next. ♪ heading into retirement you want to follow your passions
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rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠ seattle's exploding homeless population. the city is facing a crisis as the rise of homelessness and drug use is growing to the point that businesses are now fleeing the downtown area for suburban locations. fox business's robert gray is live in seattle with the latest.
4:56 pm
robert? >> hi, melissa. that's right. that is the up shot of the booming economy here in seattle. there's been an affordability housing crisis as well as homeless crisis, but within the homeless population, business owners are telling us that there is an element, if you will, a bad element of vagrants, many of them transients who have come to seattle, with the population and have become a threat to the business owner's livelihood and in some cases their lives as they have been attacked. residents and business owners say the homelessness and street crime situation has worsened considerably over the last couple of years and they blame lax legal enforcement as well as unresponsive city officials. >> seattle has become like i said freeattle. okay? anybody can come here and get free stuff. they can get taken care of and do whatever they want. as a law-abiding business owner, there's a double-standard and we are becoming the city of
4:57 pm
enablers. >> we have rising property crime rates. we have the rising number of people on the streets, rising opioid addictions, and the city of seattle and the political leadership has been caught flat footed. they have had no response. the problems are getting worse and people are really starting to get fed up. >> guys, we'll find out just how fed up they are. this is clearly going to be a hot-button issue. this is an election year, 7 of the 9 city council seats are up for grabs this year. no doubt we will hear more about this as we get closer to election day. back to you. >> robert gray, thank you very much. >> you thought we forgot about tesla. >> no, no, no. >> we're still waiting on you, elon musk. the results are expected any minute, which i said like 14 times this hour and they are still not out. john meyer has fallen asleep in the studio. he's a tech analyst. [laughter] >> no, he's fine. he's there. the call is at 5:30 eastern time. we will probably get the numbers between now and then.
4:58 pm
they have already said they missed delivery estimates for the quota. i know some analysts were wondering how much money would they lose, that would be the question about this. what were your questions? >> sure, i think it is interesting you bring up the delivery estimates because i don't actually own a tesla yet, but i have been a preorder customer, and over the last two weeks, i have been getting calls almost every day to try and buy this vehicle, so they are clearly trying to add some more sales in before the quarter ends, and so, you know, that's of course the short-term story, which, you know, they definitely have rocky woes right now especially with elon musk continuing to tweet, you know, things that could come across as either confusing or illegal. but then there's the medium to long-term story for tesla which i'm a big fan of. you know, i usually do think of investments from a much more long-term standpoint than short-term. >> that's fair. the model 3, though, are you surprised that there's not more demand?
4:59 pm
or, you know, musk has come out and talked about, you know, selling like, what is it, 500,000 of these a year at some point, it doesn't seem like the demand is there yet. is that surprising to you? >> you know what? to be honest, it is not too surprising. tesla still has not done any marketing whatsoever. and i think one of the things that they are facing right now which is a bit of an underlying topic that not many people seem to be talking about and that is that tesla from a public viewership standpoint, if you are looking at tesla as an average person living in the united states, you view tesla as an ultra luxury car company. i don't think really the message has spread yet that you can purchase one of these vehicles and now actually lease one of these vehicles as of last week. >> so you don't have to be rich. maybe you are right about that. >> right. they have done no marketing around this. >> john, thanks for all the time by the way today on all the tech companies we covered. john meyer, we appreciate it. we're still waiting on tesla.
5:00 pm
>> we're still waiting on them. it seems like maybe they are going to put it out right before they do the call, people have less time to maybe digest the information? >> well, the way i look at it, it is david asman's problem right now. >> that's right. bulls & bears starts right now. >> see you tomorrow. david: breaking news, here's a look at where facebook microsoft are trading after hours, both beating on the top and bottom line in just the last hour, this as we eagerly still await results from tesla, supposedly they are going to be out any moment. we've been saying that for about an hour now. we will bring you those results as soon as they come in. >> the stok stock market and our country from an economic standpoint is doing the best probably it's ever done. we're hitting new highs again. we've hit new highs i guess, close to or over 100 times since i'm president, from the time of the election. david: the president doubling down on the record gains in the stock market this week, gains he


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