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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  April 25, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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going to remake "car wash" please talk to these folks. >> i will put the call in just for you. charles: you are going to check out the movie tonight? >> i won't be dressing up, though. just saying. charles: liz claman, it's an interesting market as we go through the last hour. liz: not as interesting at "avengers: endgame." i saw it. >> claman! liz: right? i saw it. bring kleenex. that's the only spoiler i will give. it's a tearjerker. it is a huge deal. charles, what's $4 billion among friends, right? >> divvy it up. no big deal. liz: for our friends at microsoft, it is the difference that could mean a brand new page in the history books. it's also very much what's behind the nasdaq's fresh all-time record you're seeing right now. the nasdaq is comfortably above 8120 with an hour to go to the close. that is exactly where we need to close at or above.
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we are at 8135. by the way, the s&p 500 is just slightly below its all-time record high. at the moment, 2932. we need to see -- yeah, we are very, very close to that record. the dow, though, while down, has erased 200 points of its earlier 280 point loss. meanwhile, breaking news out of the joe biden camp, as the former vice president announces his top campaign staffers. we will head to the nation's capital for more on the instant front-runner for the democrats. plus, one company is turning trash into outright treasure. first on fox business, we've got the waste management ceo james fish. he will dish on the fate of the economy as he sees it in the volume of trash that he and his company pick up every day. plus the prospect of a green new deal and what it should look like. his company is very much on the board when it comes to being green. and presidential candidates
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take aim at capitalism. we will speak exclusively to raymond james chairman and ceo paul reilly about the 2020 rhetoric and how it's affecting the health of wall street financials. we will dive into amazon stream, track the "avengers" china debut and charlie breaks it on the t-mobile and sprint effort putting on the full court press. less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start the "countdown." liz: we just mobilized a camera to go directly outside the u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer's offices. breaking news at any moment. mr. lighthizer will be meeting with the japanese trade delegation at the trade representative's office. it comes ahead of japanese prime minister shinzo abe's visit to washington tomorrow. according to agricultural secretary sonny purdue, mr. lighthizer wants to work out a
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temporary deal immediately to reduce tariffs of importing u.s. agriculture that goes to japan. we will keep you posted on that. to the dow jones industrials. i just mentioned it's erased about 200 points of its earlier losses, making quite a comeback in this final hour. currently we are down about 85 points, had been down more than 286 points. this is the second day in a row that the dow jones industrials in the red and it is currently on track to close lower for the whole week. but the perpetrator behind the dow's declines today and it started in stuart varney's hour, and he talked a lot about it, is 3m. minnesota mining and manufacturing. you know, we don't just assume you know about these companies. this is a company founded in 1901. it is behind post-it notes, command hooks, scotch tape, scotch-brite cleaning products. it accounts for all of the dow's losses after reporting lower than expected earnings and slashing full year forecasts due
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to sales slumping in several categories. 3m did announce a restructuring initiative and that will cut 2,000 jobs worldwide. we should also tell you, this is a company that gives us a better sense of the global economy and how it is doing because they sell 60,000 products all over the world. it is on pace for its biggest loss since 1987. remember the market crash? it's down about 12.75% right now at $191. just yesterday we did pose this question to our floor show traders. will facebook ceo mark zuckerberg be in the investor crossfire following earnings after the bell? it appears investors put their weapons down. they were very happy with the social media giant and you can see it reflected in the shares which are spiking 6.25%. this two-day chart shows the best indication of how positively these earnings are being welcomed. facebook did top analyst expectations, daily and monthly active users climbing 8%, ad
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revenue jumping 26%. there was a big hit but perhaps investors see this as a positive. facebook is putting aside about $3 billion in legal expenses tied to the ongoing inquiry by the ftc. so people sort of interpret that as it being in the rear view mirror. to this breaking news about 2020 hopeful joe biden, who stepped out into the public for the first time since making his presidential announcement. you are looking at what happened just over an hour ago. the former veep was spotted exiting gianni's pizza and grill in wilmington, delaware. he met with the staff there, he was talking to people. he did not directly answer any questions that were lobbed at him from reporters but fox business did snag video of him shaking hands and taking photos both inside and outside. let's get to edward lawrence, who has been in the d.c. newsroom tracking all the latest things on biden. edward, we also have the news about what the campaign team is starting to look like. reporter: exactly, yeah. some hirings from the campaign team including communications
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director from senator bernie sanders' last campaign is now working for vice president or former vice president joe biden. now, the former vice president taking in the attention after officially announcing he will run for president. he walked through the train station in wilmington, delaware after getting off the train there, then seen at the pizza place getting lunch to go. people were taking selfies with the presidential hopeful. his announcement attacked president donald trump as someone who is dividing the country. but biden did not offer any of his own policy thoughts. today, though, he has this message for voters. >> yes. america is coming back like we used to be, ethical, straight, telling the truth, supporting our allies, all those good things. excuse me, i've got to go. reporter: on monday, his campaign will hold the first public event at the teamsters union in pittsburgh. biden says he will talk about his policies then. he has already racked up some endorsements on the first day, like senator -- delaware senator
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chris coons, pennsylvania senator bob casey and alabama senator doug jones. biden addressed why president obama, former president obama, has not yet endorsed him. listen. >> i asked president obama not to endorse and he doesn't want to -- whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merits. welcome to delaware. reporter: tonight, biden is holding a fund-raiser at a comcast executive's home hoping to raise some big money. biden's campaign also taking to twitter to ask for donations. he hopes to show that he can raise the kind of money gravitating to bernie sanders, that small-time donor. biden, one year younger than sanders. liz? liz: the small donations add up, don't they, edward. i think that's the big question. can he do that versus salting in a bigger donation. thank you for that report. that was pretty impressive. peter doocy in the crowd for fox. reporter: exactly. peter right in the middle of it.
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it also goes to when you talk about small donor, it goes to the grassroots. is he able to mobilize the grassroots like we have seen sanders do. liz: we shall see. to the markets and a stunning development. microsoft's market value, "countdown" decided to put this together, now bigger than the economies of ireland, new zealand and oman combined. this morning, right out of the gate, microsoft grabbed the $1 trillion crown for its market cap. now, it has calmed down a bit in this final hour to a company value of about i want to say $996? is that 6 or 2? well, it's fluctuating. $993 billion. but it definitely touched a trillion thanks to a sky-high earnings report propelled by its cloud business. it did briefly cross the coveted level right as soon as the opening bell began. shares of the software giant do need to close, for those of you who are counting, above $130.50, we are less than a buck away from that for the moment.
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it needs to lock in the $1 trillion market cap at that level, $130.50. so right now, we see it not quite there at the moment but still, a great day for microsoft. can this tech titan get there and stay there and who would be the next company to cross that level? to our floor show traders. phil flynn, i will start with you. hit us with your best shot on both those questions. >> you know, the first one i was going to say was google but larry said i want to do that one. forget about a trillion dollars. let's go for $2 trillion. let's go for $2 trillion. how about saudi aramco. that will be the company that supposedly will open up its ipo if it ever gets approved, over $1 trillion and maybe closer to $2 trillion at some point. let's just bust through that. i think other than that, i will give it to larry to see what he thinks. i think google is the other obvious answer here. liz: larry, take it, then. >> yeah, thank you, phil. google is the obvious choice to
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me. it's following the same path as the other trillion dollar companies. it crosses borders with ease, it knows you better than you do with artificial intelligence, it's likeable and it acts as if it's your friend. it's also like a public servant, a utility, as it were. $875 billion i think it's the next trillion dollar company. liz: sarge, got to come in as the tie-breaker. >> i'm going to change the whole ball game. first off, let's give a shout-out to zuo. you had the ceo on last week. i gave it earlier as my pick of the year. the stock is up 8% today. it's part of the story i'm about to tell, all right? durable goods orders this morning, core capital goods, very, very strong. liz: very strong. >> the railroads, chugging along, very hot. business spending, the cloud. business spending. azure takes microsoft. i will sell microsoft at $132. liz: wait, wait. multiple brokerages woke up this morning before the open and
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hiked their price target. you already have a sell level? what about buy level? >> my target price has been $132 coming in. i intend to sell when it gets there. it almost got there today. didn't quite get there. then i'm probably going to 142 on my balance. i still like the name. however, the strength in the business cloud is going to lead to amazon earnings tonight when we hear about aws. amazon will be your next $1 trillion company again. my target price there is $2100 but it's about to be probably somewhere between $2300 and $2700. my technicals on this are so wild that it's hard for me to narrow it down until i see the numbers. liz: phil, we are looking at amazon at the moment which is moving higher by about two-thirds of a percent. he could be right. there's a huge company that's doing big business. >> could be right? what do you mean, could? yes, of course. he's right about amazon as well. listen, amazon has changed the world and changed the ball game, especially in the cloud space. but i will go back to microsoft.
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this is the biggest comeback story of all time. liz: amen. agreed. okay. so i just want to check it one more time. market cap for microsoft, $993 billion. not quite at $1 trillion yet. good to see all of you. sarge, larry, phil, next time. a special gift from the easter bunny to one stock in particular. with the closing bell ringing in 48 minutes and the dow down about 104 points, hershey's hitting a record high today after beating first quarter numbers. the maker of kisses and reese's peanut butter cups saying easter candy shipments boosted sales by 1.4% thanks to a longer holiday season. ticker symbol hsy, it's up 4% now. up next, they turn trash into treasure. waste management expanding right alongside the economy and james fish is the ceo of the company, known for those bright green trucks. he's here for a first on fox business interview to dish the
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further than this company waste management. waste management stock hit a record intraday high earlier of $107. even though quarterly profits were down 12%, the waste and environmental services giant still beat on both the top and the bottom line. now, the stock's reversed a bit, down 61 cents at the moment, but first on fox business to tell us how his company's continuing to turn trash into treasure and how he in a separate way can take the temperature of the u.s. economy by looking at what we all throw away, is waste management ceo jim fish first on fox business. good to see you. welcome back, jim. thanks. >> thanks, liz. how are you? liz: i was thinking about this. i would imagine you see volumes of trash that fluctuate with the economy. tell us how the u.s. is doing when you look through your particular prism. >> well, it's a good question because we really are a pretty good indicator for the overall economy. we touch every segment so when you look at our volumes that we reported today, the commercial
3:18 pm
volumes are a good look into small business and they were really strong. our special waste volumes are a good indicator of how the industrial economy is doing. they were strong as we have seen in five years. then of course, our commercial, our construction business is of course a good indicator of how the construction economy is doing. those were double digits as well, double digit growth year over year. everything seems to be moving along well. i would tell you we don't see any softness for the remainder of the year. liz: can you tell anything, can you glean anything about the economy by what people throw out? >> well, certainly when you look at either the construction business, construction, demolition, or when you look at, honestly, our recycling business and the amount of cardboard coming through, it tells you the consumer is buying a lot of things because we see a lot of cardboard coming through our business at our recycle center. so that is an indicator of the strength of the consumer. then when you look at
3:19 pm
construction and demolition, again, you see that the construction sector is reasonably strong. may not be where it was in '08 and that's probably a good thing, right? liz: i would think so, sure. give us a comparison, i want our viewers to note during the height of the financial crisis, what were you seeing within trash volumes, much lower i would imagine? >> well, some of our -- we look at it kind of by line of business. a couple of our lines of business were down 20%, over 20%. in fact, i mentioned that construction and demolition line of business and that was down as much as 25% during the big downturn in '08-09. now we are seeing them up 10%. our special waste up 17% is what we reported today. so there's no similarity between today's world and the world of '08-09. doesn't mean we won't have a downturn at some point in the future. we know we will. but it sure doesn't look like it's on the near term horizon. liz: let me segue to events that affect what you do at waste management. two years ago, hurricane harvey
3:20 pm
had a devastating impact on your company's hometown of houston. you were on the show, you donated $3 million for the cleanup and the effort, but all the waterlogged homes, the drywall, the debris, the ruined furniture, for how long after that hurricane did waste management see effects or maybe it's still going on now, i don't know. >> no, it's pretty much complete at this point. we probably saw an impact from harvey for at least nine months, maybe up to 12 months. houston has done a nice job of cleaning up after the floods of hurricane harvey. but we see almost on a year in, year out basis, unfortunately, there are a lot of natural disasters. this year it was really the fires. so while we talked about on our call this morning that there hasn't been much impact year over year because last year, we were still seeing hurricane volume, this year fire volume, but every year there seems to be something where we're involved in terms of cleanup. liz: which brings us to dueling
3:21 pm
plans in congress when it comes to the environment. you guys don't just do curbside pickup like in the olden days. you have an entire think green division where you help businesses maintain sustainability. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal is out there. she's got that plan to generate 100% of electric power from renewables. then there's the bipartisan gop plan fronted in part by senator lamar alexander, who says climate change is real and you got to work on it in a somewhat different way. how do you see climate events from your standpoint? >> i guess we focus on the sustainability aspect of it. the green deal feels more political than -- more about politics than sustainability. we really focus on sustainability. i think when you think of waste management, today and particularly when you think about us five years from today, and ask what company is synonymous with sustainability, i think it's going to be us. i think soup to nuts, we are going to be a company that can handle it all the way to, you
3:22 pm
know, to end of life. we are doing a lot today with sustainability. just was up in seattle meeting with kevin johnson, starbucks, they are very interested in talking to us about how we can help them with their coffee cups, for example. so we've got some solutions for them. but sustainability is really where we're focused, where we don't get as involved in the political aspect. liz: good for you for looking at this, recognizing it and being part of the solution, james. thank you so much. it's great to see you. >> great to see you, too. thank you. liz: jim fish from waste management. i want to bring you this breaking news we are getting. air canada has just released an updated schedule through the month of july in response to the ongoing grounding of the boeing 737 max jets. air canada was expecting to receive another 12 of these aircraft in july for a total of about 36 737 max planes. the company says the decision to bring back the boeing planes to
3:23 pm
service will be based on the company's safety assessment after the government lifts its safety notices. right now, boeing is up 2.33%. remember, canada grounded the jets before the united states did, but for now, nobody's flying the 737 max. amazon earnings preview is coming up, next. i'm working to make each day a little sweeter. ♪ to give every idea the perfect soundtrack. ♪ to make each journey more elegant. at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for.
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it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. liz: we are just over 30 minutes away from amazon's first quarter earnings report. amazon shares are already up 27% year to date. sfi despite having to deal with quite a few bumps in the road. among them, this quarter the company faced the government shutdown which left consumers with little income. then ceo jeff bezos had to fight back against this blackmail scandal with "the national enquirer." the company had to ditch plans to build another headquarters in new york after all kinds of complaints. and horrific flooding struck the
3:28 pm
midwest which caused logistical and shipping nightmares for the consumer delivery giant. but it appears amazon might weather the storm. here to break it all down, kristina partsinevelos. reporter: i think you're right. if you look at the stats, the last eight quarters, amazon beat earnings estimates seven times, just in the last eight quarters. if we were looking at it through an investor's perspective or lens, there's three categories we can break it down. the first one being retail that you are seeing on the screen right now. product sales last year up 20% but started to slow down in the fourth quarter. so expecting a little bit more of that slowdown. then you've got amazon cloud, that's on the right side of the screen right there. that's aws, the bread and butter of amazon. we are expecting to see that category increase 42% this upcoming quarter. if you are wondering who is the biggest customer for amazon when it comes to cloud computing, it's apple. apple spends $30 million a month paying amazon for its web
3:29 pm
services. then last but not least, what you are seeing on the screen right now is the amount of americans right now that pay for amazon prime. there's 100 million people in the united states that pay for amazon prime so that's 31% of the population. clearly, amazon has a big major market. however, there's a few pockets of concern when we are looking at this upcoming earnings report. the fact that sales growth could continue to decelerate for the fourth quarter. they are increasing spending on several things like you mentioned infrastructure, amazon, the freight services, logistical services, whole foods, the list continues. then last but not least, international markets. they pulled out of china and there are some regulations in india that could hurt them. we will be looking at that. on the screen, you see earnings per share, that's expected to increase 44% compared to last year. i want to end on this note because we love comparisons. net sales revenue in 2018 for amazon was roughly $232 billion. that means that amazon made more
3:30 pm
money than the entire country of new zealand, than the entire country of kenya, but just shy, a little bit less than finland. maybe that will change this year. liz: i was looking at gdp, i was looking at all kinds of things about these countries because i was making the comparison with microsoft. yes, that is certainly bigger than the gdp of something like sweden. amazing. kristina, thank you very much. kristina partsinevelos. the big numbers come out after the bell. we have connell and melissa right on it. keep it right here for instant analysis. it's a financial feeding frenzy, with the closing bell ringing in just under half an hour and the dow down 85 but the nasdaq better by 27. another record. congress demanding answers on everything from federal reserve policy to megamergers in the banking sector. dragging the federal reserve chair and banking's biggest players to the hill for hearings. but with a split congress, is it all show and no substance, or
3:31 pm
sizzle and steak? raymond james ceo paul reilly here to tell us how his industry is holding up as the 2020 rhetoric begins to ramp up. it's a fox business exclusive, next on "countdown." i knew about the tremors.
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swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid. liz: we wanted to let you know the ceos of bb & t and suntrust appeared earlier today for a public hearing before the richmond federal reserve and the fdic. the two business leaders defending the proposed merger between their banks. bb & t chairman and ceo kelly king said it's a quote, true merger of equals and he argued it would give the combined bank additional scale to invest in things like technology and develop digital services such as online banking. here's the deal. the merger would create the
3:36 pm
sixth largest bank in the u.s., $442 billion in assets, $301 billion in loans, $324 billion in deposits. it would be the largest merger since the 2008 financial crisis. but senator elizabeth warren back in february sounded the alarm during a hearing with federal reserve chief jay powell. she accused the fed of turning into a big rubber stamp for all these bank mergers that have come before the federal reserve since the financial crisis. here's the confrontation. >> if you're not going to approve the merger, you tell the bank in advance and then they go figure out something else. if the public wants a chance to weigh in, they have to wait until you have already made a decision. no wonder you approved 100% of the merger applications. not a single no. your approval process itself appears to be a rubber stamp.
3:37 pm
liz: now that the house at least at the moment is in the hands of the democrats, is congress really going to test the mettle of mergers like suntrust and bb & t? the bank just beat expectations in a stellar earnings report and we are talking about raymond james chairman and ceo paul reilly of the financial giant. good to see you, paul. thank you so much for joining us. when you talk about this in the form of the investment world and what you do, what do you think about the climate at the moment for things like big bank mergers and medium sized bank mergers? >> first, if you look at most of the mergers, 90% of them have been banks under $1 billion so they have been small, and those banks frankly need scale to compete. i think the bb & t/sun merger will be the first one that really tests the review process under a new attitude which is basically saying we will allow mergers if they make sense. the fdic already announced they are going to extend the review period so i think this merger of
3:38 pm
two good organizations will get a full review and i think they should be open to good mergers that make sense for their community and for the organization. liz: i would agree but let me just play devil's advocate. i'm not saying this in any kind of judgmental way. some of the issues about bb & t and suntrust are that these branches from both banks in some cases are within two miles of each other. a lot of those branches would probably be closed and go away, leaving some customers forced to have to switch or drive a bit further to go to their bank branches. this is sort of, i would imagine, what senators like elizabeth warren are saying. what do you think? >> well, i think investment branches in general have been going down, so you ask most people when's the last time you have been to a bank branch, i did when my mom passed away five years ago. i don't think i have been in one in ten years besides that. liz: let me just say, i was in one last week.
3:39 pm
>> oh, well good. so they're there but certainly, the use of branches has been going down. it's been a lot more electronic. in any kind of -- any time you put something together there's not going to be perfect overlap. i think you have to deal with those markets. those are two institutions in some of the areas where they are merging where they overlap, have pretty good coverage. i'm sure there will be some branches lost or closed. that is an outfall but i don't think it's going to be major. liz: senator liz warren is not the only one attacking jay powell. president trump has over the past several months, making it quite clear he's unhappy with his own decision to put jay powell in place because of the somewhat aggressive rate hike path he had been on. now it's pretty clear the fed has stopped. in fact, i was just reading about this. it looks like the market believes there may even be a rate cut by the end of this year. where do you guys stand at raymond james on that?
3:40 pm
>> well, they are harlalways hao tell. if you look at the market, it's already priced in a rate cut or two. if you look at the economy, we are at records in the market, we are still seeing growth, we are seeing low unemployment. if that causes inflation to go up, you could even see it rise over time. i do think the fed's job is, you know, they have been managing what is probably the longest bull run now, almost ten years, that their job is to watch and accommodate and figure out what they need to do and i think that's what they're doing. they have taken a pause. the economy's continued to do well and they will look at the data and decide what to do, whether that's cutting or raising. but i don't see any reason to cut today. liz: what do you deal with on a daily basis that our viewers should know? what are you seeing out there, whether it be with the economy or with financials today? >> well, i think it's interesting that investor confidence is up again. if you remember, december, what happened to the market itself, it has risen right back up.
3:41 pm
investors are heavy into equities. i think they are looking long-term. there is less cash in the system than there used to be because it's invested. so whether they are investing in bonds or investing in stocks, equities are still going up. so you're seeing a bright economy. there has been worry that the election would derail, you know, the markets because people worry during election time, but we haven't seen any of that yet. we may see some of that coming into next year. liz: give us your sense overall for your company, it's been a company that has continued to grow in the past, you were acquiring things. tell us about where we see raymond james in the next year. >> well, hopefully we will keep on our strategy as first and foremost, our job is to retain our great advisers. if we keep them, we keep their clients and we continue to grow. we have been recruiting organically. that's really been the story of our growth. if you look over the last five years, our adviser growth is
3:42 pm
about 4.4% compounded. about 3.8% of that has been organically recruiting people, not through acquisitions. so that's the mainstay. our main charge is to keep it a great place for advisers to be and serve the clients. if we do that, which i think we are on a good track, i think we will be successful. liz: it's love them more as well, right? you don't love your employees as they are walking out the door. oh, but we loved you. >> we are competitive. i tell you, most advisers in this industry could move to get a check but they are more loyal than people think. if you treat them well and respect them and provide a good platform and treat their clients well, there's really not a reason for them to move. they are there to serve clients. liz: our viewers are saying is that really paul reilly? you shaved the mustache and i love it. you look great. great to have you, paul. >> i lost two ounces of weight, too. thank you, liz. liz: you got it. nice to see you. how do you say blockbuster in
3:43 pm
mandarin? with the closing bell ringing in 18 minutes, "avengers: endgame" deserves the title. it's making history in china. the superpowered figures the box office heroes are bringing in across the pacific. we will have it for you. plus t-mobile and sprint doing anything but phoning it in. charlie gasparino running on to the set to talk about the lengths that guy, john ledger and his cohort at sprint are pulling off to sell regulators on their megamerger plan. ♪
3:44 pm
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3:48 pm
shattering box office records in china. while it opens here in the u.s. tomorrow, the epic three-hour disney film set an opening day record in china with ticket sales estimated at a massive $107.2 million. the cast led by robert downey jr., chris evans, chris hemsworth and scarlett johansson -- >> yeah. liz: stop. >> sorry. liz: cheating on me. >> sorry. liz: super powering "avengers: endgame" to not only be china's highest grossing foreign movie in its first day ever, it is also the fastest film ever to hit -- >> take those guys off. liz: 500 million yuan. >> right there. hold that shot. liz: hey, where's rocket? anyway, it translates to more than $74 million u.s. wait, before you do that, i have the word blockbuster in mandarin. i'm going to try this.
3:49 pm
>> how do you say scarlett johansson in mandarin? liz: tomorrow, you will want to keep it here on "countdown." because imax ceo joins me in a fox business exclusive on the big bucks his high tech theater chain stands to rake in in its box office opening. "avengers: endgame" blasting on to screens. i have already seen it. shares already near their all-time high. could they win a new market record for the theater chain? rich gelfond exclusive tomorrow. >> how was scarlett in the movie? is she a good actress? liz: stop it. i like loki. >> what is she? liz: i'm not giving any spoiler alerts. let's get to john ledger who has equally as good hair as scarlett johanss johansson. >> i'm not going to say anything bad about john ledger here because i respect him, i respect what he's done with t-mobile. we have an interesting update here on the t-mobile merger or attempted merger with sprint. let's be real clear here.
3:50 pm
the papers have said this deal is on life support, essentially. again, this is what i'm getting from inside the company. the company recently as last week met with doj antitrust officials who have to approve the deal. that's the highest hurdle. they also need fcc approval but the doj antitrust is the highest approval. they are, as of recent meetings, okay, they are telling me they are cautiously optimistic about this deal getting through. they believe the deal is, if it gets through, it will get through with some structural remedies meaning you will have to divest some stuff. they also tell me that doj officials are continuing to look at the economics of the deal. they have not told them one way or the other whether they are going to approve it or not, but based on what -- based on the tenor of those meetings, they are giving their chances not as like 90/10 no, they are giving their chances, which is what some of the press has been saying, more like a 50/50. now, obviously i'm getting a lot of my information here from the
3:51 pm
company, companies can say whatever they want, but a little tell here is this. if the doj antitrust really hated this deal, i think we would probably know. i think the head of the doj antitrust division would be out there saying something. i think we would get something out there by now. so i would just say if you are playing these stocks and obviously there's a lot of stock playing here, if the deal goes through, sprint shares go up, maybe even t-mobile goes up based on the economics of the deal, there's also a huge economic opponent here. it would go from four to three wireless carriers. the combined t-mobile/sprint will be a very strong company. sprint, a lot of people say, cannot survive on its own. they will be a player in 5g which is another reason why so many economic types in the white house, not the doj, not the s.e.c., national security economic types, guys like larry kudlow, like this deal. they got kind of a green light from the economic types who say
3:52 pm
hey, a stronger combined company could compete with foreigners including the chinese in 5g technology. so that's where we are right now. it's not over until it's over. they are telling me they got a pretty -- they are getting better sense, they are cautiously optimistic. that doesn't mean they are going to get it approved. it just means it ain't dead. i think the press reports said it was dead. they are coming away with this in a different feeling. liz: have you seen how cut thor is? chris hemsworth? >> did you see how -- liz: the game goes both ways. >> did you see how cut scarlett johansson is in great shape. have you seen her? liz: have you seen mark ruffalo? >> is he the incredible hulk? liz: charlie gasparino. >> i think they should just cut the whole movie down. liz: stop! you're making me jealous. the nasdaq is about to hit its record close this week, the second. see if it can hold on when we come back.
3:53 pm
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♪ liz: the quarterly moment of truth coming in just minutes. we're getting big earnings reports in just minutes including, what are we getting? starbucks hitting all-time highs at this hour. gerri willis, i love watching starbucks. reporter: i know. i love drinking starbucks. let me give you the estimates on the stock. coming out with earnings after the bell. 56 cents a share what we're looking for. revenue estimate at 6.32 billion, that is up 4.7% year-over-year. shares are outperforming the broader market. they're up 18.6% this year alone. we'll be watching that rewards loyalty program. that will be a very big deal when it comes to earnings. the company has a very strong share repurchase program, returning 25 billion to shareholders through 2020. as you mentioned the stock is higher. so lots of hope for this report coming out after the bell. starbucks reporting right after the close. liz, back to you.
3:57 pm
liz: first thing i eat when passover is over is a cake pop. i love it. thank you very much. busy time in the oil world. we need to show you brent crude. this is what trades overseas. look at it here. earlier it crossed the 75-dollar per barrel mark for the first time this year. as the united states is trying to drive down iranian oil exports to zero. they do not want to give iran any oil revenue. the trump administration it will end a waiver program on may 2nd, that allowed 8 countries to import oil from iran sanction free. italy, turkey, greece, south korea, india you china, taiwan and japan. what is it? >> chevron is one of the oil
3:58 pm
picks we like in the space. when you have oil at $75, coming off the lows the way it has, that means that good things for oil companies and chevron is vertically integrated. they benefit from higher oil prices it's that simple. bmo global asset management. we're not looking for fees. we're looking for measuring companies on their fundamentals. connell: okay. >> we're using 24 metrics to valuation, fundamentals, sentiment. agra nation of those metrics what drives our stock picks. that is really important to keep in mind because on a daily basis we're measuring 3500 companies which we picked 60 to build our portfolios. liz: i could not agree more. you can't control what opec is doing or what iran isn't doing, i agree with that i look at one of your other picks. intel is reporting after the bell. tell us what you like about that? chip companies are hanging very much on a thread when it comes to all the headlines and when
3:59 pm
will we see a china u.s. trade deal? >> yeah. again, intel is the main reason we like it because it has very attractive valuation of 13 times 19 earnings. fundamentals are pretty strong. if you look at semiconductor index, it is up 60% in the last four months, since the bottom of the market in december 24. and that right there tells you that economic growth and in particular driven by technology is accelerating around the world. companies like intel and cisco at 18 times which is a little more pricey, but still on the less expensive side are attractive plays to own here. liz: 15 seconds left, do you see any kind of risk that is entering the markets quietly? >> trade policy still remains the biggest risk in our opinion but we favor staying invested in the market. it's a little bit expensive but
4:00 pm
if you look at the value, value sector at about 15 times, this is the growth sector at 22 times clearly you want to be in the value sector. [closing bell rings] liz: great to see you. we're not at a nasdaq record. let's get ready for earnings from amazon. melissa: stocks extending the day mixed ahead of earnings report from amazon, intel and ford. the dow ending the day down 132 points, dragged down by 3m after an earnings miss. nasdaq fighting to close at a new record high, if it does it would be the 97th record close for the index under president trump. the s&p 500 also fighting to end in record territory. i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane. very fun stuff. another busy edition of here "after the bell" with those amazon earnings expected to come out any second now. so as always we've got you covered on all the market movers that will impact


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