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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 29, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the mobile, alabama. diamond and silk, great to see you, thank you very much. see you tomorrow. good night. cheryl: the crisis at the border intensify as a caravan closes in and it's revealed smugglers use new tactics to lure migrants. president trump on the new plan to combat the surge in illegal immigration and how it could jeopardize the trade deal. it could be a bad day for boeing, new details emerge that it never told airlines about shutting off a safety feature that has been linked to two deadly crashes. and the faa and off vacation regulators are meeting today to determine if the 737 max is safe to fly and boeing's ceo facing shareholders for the first time since the two deadly crashes.
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well, tim cook has repeatedly talked about apple's pledge to crack down on iphone addiction and limit screen time. why is apl pell removing -- apple removing apps that help just do that? we've got the hi hip consider hg up. avengers end game, record-breaking numbers and how far fans are willing to go to stop the spoilers. it is monday, april 29th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: here's how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. eastern. renewed optimism on u.s./china trade talks, boosting the dow futures, gaining 31 points. we're sealing follow-through from friday's gains after the blow-about gdp report. europe, stock stocks trading mi.
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it was a mixed monday for stocks in asia as well. the shanghai composite losing three quarters of 1% as that u.s. team of negotiators heads to beijing today. cheryl: it is monday. we would like to welcome you to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: it is monday. it feels a little bit like a monday. good morning, everybody. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: it is a busy monday. it is a huge wee week for marke. earnings season in high gears this week. we'll get results from five dow components, apl pell apple, mer, pfizer, mcdonald's. we'll hear from google's parent alphabet, ge and general motors. we'll get big economic news this week. kaye schiller home prices are out tomorrow. the fed will release their decision on interest rates on
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wednesday. april jobs report comes up on friday. lauren: and we have this. president trump slamming democrats for turning the border into, quote, disneyland. as migrants continue to close in on the southern border, agents are revealing human smugglers using radio ads to encourage them to make the dangerous journey. cheryl: it is unbelievable. we have the latest this morning. >> reporter: the word is out as they say. radio ads playing all across central america, smugglers apparently promising a way, a path to the american dream. that is coming from border patrol this morning. 414,000 people apprehended at the southern border for fiscal year 2019. that's surpassed all of last year's total. 62% of apprehensions are family units and unaccompanied children. here is the interesting part. 2700 people were caught pretending to be a part of a
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family. aaron hall, border patrol chief for the el paso sector says these people are not trying to escape custody here. they know u.s. asylum laws will protect them. >> here in el paso sector, it's 90% of aliens are from the three countries. those people realize that as long as they're apprehended by us they're likely to be released. when they know they'll be released even though they're caught, it's a huge draw to enter the country illegally. >> reporter: the president is slamming democrats for ending the family separation policy, saying that the border is now like disneyland. >> we go out and we stop the separation. the problem is you have ten times more people coming up with families. it's like disneyland. before you would get separated so people would say let's not go up. >> reporter: the president criticizing congress for the immigration court system, saying that it's facing a very large backlog of cases right now. back to you. cheryl: thank you.
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meanwhile. during maria bartiromo's interview with border patrol officers that she was conducted in el paso, texas, multiple you migrants crossed the southern border right then. maria: a family group is just crossing while we're here, right now. >> yes. maria: did somebody tell you in honduras that you could stay and get to oklahoma if you crossed. >> a lot of people told me. cheryl: in an exclusive interview with maria, president trump said the border crisis is more important than trade disputes. maria: you can't close the border before usmca is t ratifi. >> it's more important than usmca. lauren: you can catch more of the interview at 6:00 a.m. cheryl: there's a new round of trade talks between the u.s. and china kicking off this week. steven mnuchin and robert lighthizer due to resume
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negotiations tomorrow in beijing, with china's vice premier. they will discuss issues such as intellectual property, forced technology transfer and enforcement. democrats and labor groups are calling for changes to president trump's agreement to replace nafta, known as usmca. nancy pelosi and other leaders have indicated some labor rules need to change before the agreement can come up with a vote. maria bartiromo caught up with steven mnuchin before he headed to beijing. she asked him about the talks. >> as you know, the president has us focused on trade issues across the board. so we made a lot of progress. we couldn't be more pleased with usmca. we hope to see the speaker bring that to the floor, so we can get that passed. cheryl: you can watch the full interview with steven mnuchin this morning on "mornings with maria." lauren: boeing under fire, new information now coming to light following the deadly crashes of
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two boeing 737 max jets. according to published reports, dong boeinboeing did not tell at turned off a system that warns pilots about faulty sensors until after the lion air crash, the first crash that happened in october. it was used on earlier models of the plane. boeing did not notify the faa about the change. this disclosure could come up today at boeing's annual shareholder meeting. we'll have more on this in a little bit. important story, important stock to watch. cheryl: here are other headlines making news this morning. the rabbi who was shot inside a southern california synagogue on saturday says this nothing short of a miracle that more people were not killed. the rabbi himself injured in the attack, came a face-to-face with the suspect and says the rifle miraculously jammed and that prevented a blood bath. a 19-year-old suspect is in custody. he is facing murder charges. well, police in baltimore on the
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hunt for the suspect who opened fire on a crowd at a cookout yesterday. one person is dead, seven others injured. police say the shooting appeared targeted. he didn't provide a motive. joe biden holding his first campaign rally today at a pittsburgh teamsters hall. biden, a pennsylvania native, has been endorsed by the state's democratic senator. his rival, pete put geein buttis meeting with al sharpton today. democrats have been meeting with sharpton as a way to reach out to african american voters. well, an investigation is under way into the construction crane accident that killed four people in seattle. the crane fell from a building under construction on google's new seattle campus on saturday. the crane, you can see the pictures, see how the crane struck six cars, injured four people, officials at seattle pacific university say one of those killed was sarah wong, a
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freshman from california. local media reporting is a second victim as travis horvitz. massachusetts's last coal fired power plant is now rubble. the plant had burned coal since 1963. it close closed in 2017. they plan to replace it with a facility to support offshore wind farms. lauren: take a look at futures this morning. green on the screen. tomorrow is the last trading day of the month. we're looking at gains four months in a row for all three major averages. some boeing jets remain grounded during the investigation into the fatal crashes with the plane maker. will the fleet be back in service in time for your summer vacation. will the holiday cost more as a
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result? we've got details on mark zuckerberg's latest invention. it looks like a box. what is it? this one is actually for his wife. we'll be right back on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ help me if you can, i'm feeling down. ♪ and i do appreciate you being around. ♪ help me get my --
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cheryl: boeing is going to face pretty tough questions today from shareholders at the annual meeting after the company
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reportedly did not tell airlines that a system that warns pilots about faulty sensors was turned off until after the lion air crash in october. let's get more on this from seth kaplan, an aviation journalist. good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: they didn't tell airlines, this is something that's being investigated, that this safety feature warned pilots about those sensors and that they were deactivated. even the manual at southwest airlines was wrong, up until the lion air crash and the faa knew nothing about it. this is all in the reports that are out this morning. how incredulous is this to you? >> yeah, this is just sort of more evidence that boeing seemed to be trying to have it both ways. on one hand saying this aircraft is revolutionary in terms of efficiency and passenger comfort and all the rest of it but on the other hand, very much like the old airplane, the old 737, in terms hof of how it would fl.
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this is something else in addition to the mcas system that everybody knows about, that was supposed to have prevented crashes, seems to have partly caused crashes and now, yes, pilots could have expected the warnings if the angle of attack sensors were not in agreement. unless airlines paid for an upgrade, something american did, most airlines didn't, they wouldn't have gotten the warning. cheryl: that angle of attack vein, that's the pitch of the plane's nose and that's what we're discovering with lion air and ye ethiopia, that was the cx of the crashes that killed so many people. >> exactly. cheryl: what about the whistleblower complaints that we've gotten word of, acoredding to the wall street journal, that several complaints after lion air, they've got a tip line and the phones lit up from around the world. they're all getting investigated, not just by the faa but global regulators and now you've got congress involved. what do you make of the possible investigation that's on its way?
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>> exactly. the journal reporting there were people at the faa, at some levels who thought the plane should have been grounded after the lion air crash, back in december is what the journal is reporting. and yet obviously at the highest levels of the faa disagreement with that and ultimately they concluded the plane was safe to continue flying and we saw only days a after the ethiopian crash, ultimately the plane was grounded. so yeah, a lot of blame to go around, not only perhaps on the part of boeing but on the part of at least some people at the faa who didn't a take seriously enough the fact, as we now know, that the mc a as system could cause a plane crash based on one erroneous warning. there were two sensors, the system could have relied on both and will going forward, it didn't back then. cheryl: so problems. today will be a big day for this company. seth, thank you very much. >> thank you, cheryl, pleasure.
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cheryl: lauren. lauren: we're talking about boeing's impact on the market. to do that we bring in david nelson, the chief strategist with bell point asset management. the ceo faces shareholders today at the annual meeting. what can he actually say? >> i'm not sure. it's a black eye for the company. it's uncomfortable for me as a pilot as well. i've been a fan of the organization for a long time. they're estimating $1 billion, that seems quite he low. this is going to drag on for a lot longer. the faa may come up and approve this fix to the aircraft. i'm sure it's going to be quite good. but unfortunately regulators around the world are going to drag their feet on this. it's not just the faa anymore. they ceded control to this, to regulators around the plan he et. they are trying to convene a global summit to get the regulators together to see the progress they've made. thing this will drag on far longer than we expect. lauren: do you think muleenberg
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losing the title. >> he should. i'm not a fan of being a chairman and ceo for any company. but i think he should. lauren: do you think boeing needs rebranding at this point? this is a flawed plane in terms of what the public thinks of this plane. >> the public perception is quite low actually, the president tweeted this the other day. maybe he's not far off. restoring confidence for the pilots, the pilots will be on the inside, they'll see the fix, they'll understand it they'll be comfortable with it. i'm sure they are already. i think the public will take longer to come back o it's going to hit summer traffic. it will be a problem for the airlines. lauren: what happens to air fa. we got numbers from american last week, a $350 million hit because of the grounding of the plane. southwest said that issue plus other issues, $200 million. i mean, even if this jet is just a small number of their daily flights, it still takes a lot of
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flights out of commission. >> for airlines, the revenue goes down but a lot of the costs are fixed and they remain the same. it's a financial hit. american and southwest, they may try to raise prices. the problem is you start to lose market share. add the fact that oil is higher, fuel costs are going up, and economics 101, you have rising demand, falling supply, prices generally go higher. lauren: boeing price weighted in the dow, the most outsized influence. how much more than $1 billion do you think this -- >> i can't tell you. depends how long this goes. we don't know the crux of that. it's an important stock. we'll have to see. lauren: david, thank you. cheryl: let's take a look at the action right now on wall street this morning. taking a look at futures, dow up 28 in the premarket, s&p up 1 and a quarter, nay nasdaq up 7 d three quarters. there's a new round of talks kicking off in beijing tomorrow.
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are we closer to a deal with china? what's going on there? if you know someone who is addicted to their phone, don't we all -- lauren: not me. cheryl: come on. you cannot expect any help from apple on this one. the company appears to be giving up on the fight against iphone addiction. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪
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lauren: the official line from apple is that it wants to help you fight your iphone addiction. some companies say that just isn't so. the new york times is reporting that more than half of the most popular apps have been removed or restricted from the app store in the past year. the report saying that the restrictions include the he removal of features that help
5:23 am
parents control their kids' devices. apple developed and included screen time tools with the latest ios updates. the company reports its earnings tomorrow and that will be a big one. cheryl: well, treasury secretary steven mnuchin talking up the strength of the u.s. economy following friday's strong reading on first quarter gdp, the topic coming up with an interview with maria bartiromo. maria: do you think you can keep that going for the next couple years, no sign of recession anywhere over the near term? >> i think we're just beginning to see the beginning of the impact of the president's economic program. cheryl: jason barsimo, co-founder, president of halo investing is here. what do you make of mr. mnuchin's comments that we're just in the beginning of a strong economy? >> well, i do feel like we're in goldilocks right now when you look at the economic report that came out on friday. you have perfect inflation as we talked about on this slow for a while. the inflation is going to stay moderate.
5:24 am
you had of course better than expected productivity and gdp growth. i think going into the election cycle, the administration is going to let this economy hum. i wouldn't be so quick to buy into recession 2020. cheryl: interesting. let's talk about that. obviously we're looking at the first quarter gdp numbers, the estimate, 2%. the actual came in, 3.2%. we'll be getting the friday jobs report coming up this week and 180,000 jobs is the expectation. unemployment rate holding steady, 3.8%. so it looks like to me that we've got nice exec a stations that could-dab expectation -- et could help the market power ahead even further. >> people are trying to dissect the gdp number, saying it's driven by exports and imports are down and it's government spending. those are all good things. i know that the pce accounts for 70% of gdp. it's nice to have diversification within the gdp
5:25 am
number. how much is baked into the markets? i think the markets are pricing this in. cheryl: we'll have the fed meeting and we're going to be getting that press conference and all of that and i think the concern is if you do have all you this strong economic data, the fed can't gloss over the fact they've got strong economic data to look at but we don't want to see them be too hawkish. that can make the markets pretty volatile. >> they're not going to be. the fed is going to be looking at inflation. even if the unemployment rate drops to 3.6%, what i call the amazon effect, amazon is having a major impact on the economy worldwide. which is just keeping prices low. until inflation gets above 2%, the fed will not raise rates. cheryl: we've got apple on tap >> al: , alphabet. what are your expectations in general? >> it's a huge week. earnings are going to continue to be positive, focusing on
5:26 am
apple. look at the services revenue, as the previous segment was talking about of screen addiction. it made me feel bad about myself as i look at my weekly screen reports. but services i think are going to be huge for apple. at the end of the day, if the average consumer subscribes to three services, that makes up to buying a new iphone every two years, which i think is huge. cheryl: certainly that hypocrisy of tim cook saying he wants to combat addiction, then you find out he is killing apps that monitor screen addiction, that's going to be an issue. we'll talk about that as the earnings come out tomorrow. jason, thank you for all this. lot to cover. appreciate it. >> thank you. lauren: bill barr is playing hard ball with democrats, why the attorney general is threatening to be a no-show at the upcoming post mueller report hearing. and the latest in the jussie smollett saga, why chicago's top prosecutor is facing a subpoena
5:27 am
herself. all that and more coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ look into my eyes. ♪ it's where my demons hide. ♪ it's where my demons hide
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cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market actions. it's a big week for investors, the jobs report, the fed meeting. dow is up 9, s&p flat, nasdaq up 1 and three quarters. over to europe, slightly lower as you can see. the ftse, the cac 40 and the dax all in the red. and then taking a look at asia, of course trade negotiations kicking off in beijing tomorrow and that's going to be big news obviously for asian investors. as you can see, japan, nikkei was closed but the shanghai composite down jus just
5:31 am
fractionally. lauren: trade talks get underway tomorrow. there will be meetings in bay gang. riley walters is the asian economy -- are you optimistic, do you think there's a possibility at this stage in the game, we're pretty far in, that the trade talks can fall apart? >> that is an option. i'm an optimist. a lot of people are optimistic. as secretary mnuchin cited, we're in the phi l nail leg fine negotiation. we could see a u.s.-china agreement within the nex next m. lauren: let's go to the japan trade agreement. do you think the president may be more inclined to get that one done fast because we're coming into an election and we're bickering with many parts of the world when it comes to trade right now. >> yeah, that's certainly a
5:32 am
possibility. the administration cited a lot of the free trade deals they're signing, this would be another one to tack up there with the usmca. there's a lot of juggling between this and the u.s.-china talks. president trump will be going to japan next month. i think he believes -- i believe he said over the week, there's a potential for a possible deal to be signed when he goes there next month. lauren: back to china. we've spent months and months and months trying to negotiate this. we keep hearing the sticking points remain enforcement but also a time line for lifting of the tariffs and the reason we want to keep the tariffs is so we can keep the chinese feet to the fire, to make sure they l follow through on everything they agreed to. is there a way that that strategy could backfire on the u.s.? and i ask that because there's talk of, with the espionage and everything else that there's a cold war brewing between the u.s. and china right now. >> i mean, you definitely hit on one of the other factors that i think is impeding the conclusion
5:33 am
of these talks. the tariffs, which ones remain, which ones continue. i think for the chinese side, i believe they want to see a removal of all of them and for the united states, i believe that the trump administration will want to keep some of them. i believe they would want to try to keep the tariffs on $50 billion that's at 25%, but again, this is part of the things that are impeding negotiations, which ones come off and which ones remain and so that enforcement are the two issues i think they will be talking about this in trade talks. cheryl.lauren: there's no way . could remove all the tariffs, is there? >> it's a potential. the only way you get into the opeenforcement mechanism of reimplying the tariffs if china renegs on the negotiation is to remove them in the first place. lauren: thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: attorney general william barr is threatening to
5:34 am
cancel his scheduled testimony before the house judiciary committee this week. cheryl: molly henenberg is in washington with the details. >> reporter: attorney general william barr is expected to testify before the senate judiciary committee on wednesday. whether he also will testify before the house judiciary committee on thursday is in doubt. because of the way that the hearing is being set up on the house side. fox news has learned that house judiciary chairman, jerry nadler, wants to have judiciary committee staff question the attorney general, not just lawmakers. the justice department takes issue with that, indicating to fox that a.g. barr agreed to be questioned by members of congress, not their staff members. one gop house judiciary member says this is what democrats will do if barr shows up on thursday. >> they're going to spend all their time beating up on barr and wanting to continue th the x
5:35 am
the president was talking about. rather than hoax, it's projecting. it's what clinton made famous. >> reporter: house judiciary democrats want to be able to go into closed session with the attorney general if lawmakers want to ask him about redacted portions of mueller's report. that doesn't sit well with the justice department either. if nothing changes on the house side, according to a house judiciary committee source, the attorney general has said he will not testify on thursday. one democratic member of the senate judiciary committee and 2020 presidential candidate is going to bat for her house colleagues. >> they're going to have to work that out. but he has to come before the house. he is the attorney general of the united states. we haven't seen him in the senate since his confirmation hearing. >> reporter: house judiciary democrats and the justice department are still in discussions about thursday's hearings and are expected to resume those talks again on monday. in washington, molly henenberg,
5:36 am
fox news. cheryl: molly. thank u here are other headlines making news this morning. a victory for socialists in spain's parliament. the re-election led by the prime minister, the socialist party won nearly 29% of th the vote. a far right party is going to have members in spain's lower house of parliament. well, turmoil surrounding the national rifle association is growing. the new york attorney general is investigating the group's tax exempt status. this follows an announcement saturday that oliver north will not seek a second term as president of the gun rights group. chicago's top proces prosecutors facing a subpoena in the fallsout from the jussie smollett case. a retired judge is pushing for her to appear in court to explain why she dropped all 16 charges against the empire
5:37 am
actor. airbnb has a major new rental deal. it's teaming up with the rockefeller center right here in new york. 10 floors of the landmark building will be converted to luxury rentals. the rooms allow guests to see saint patrick's cathedral and offer a view of the christmas he tree lighting. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg showing off an invention he made to help his wife sleep. i guess wake up as well. it's a glowing box called the sleep box. it has a faint light that it emits between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. so mrs. zuckerberg knows the two toddler daughters are about to wake up without having to check her phone. zuckerberg says if anybody wants to develop it further, go for it. lauren: i don't get it. cheryl: i don't either. lauren: most people wake up early in the morning at 6:00 or 7:00. right. cheryl: why would you need a box of light? i'm sorry, my ears need to hear something, not my eyes, to wake up.
5:38 am
my eyes are closed. lauren: let's take a look at the market right now. it's looking decent. actually, i take a step back. cheryl. what is going on with the gains. we have the s&p and nasdaq gains just turned lower in the premarket. we have a down market, dow completely unchanged. big week for earnings as we've been noting a third of the s&p reporting plus five dow stocks. up next, joe biden holding his first campaign rally today outside of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. can he convince blue collar workers who voted for president trump to swing their votes this way. alyssa m milano isn't afraid to slam republicans. you won't believe what she is asking democrats to do we'll have those details ahead on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ your hand's not mine to hold. ♪ all you've got to keep strong. ♪ move along, mo along, move al. with a
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cheryl: actress alyssa milano being slammed online, pledging to not speak negatively about democratic presidential hopefuls. milano, a vocal critic of president trump, retweeted an actor, writing i pledge to not speak negatively about anyone running for president. do you. some say the call is against our democracy, adding critiquing
5:42 am
candidates is what the primaries are for. just throwing that out there. lauren: i think hollywood needs to stay out of it. the most recognizable name, joe biden, is appealing to his blue collar roots today, his first campaign stop in pennsylvania at a teamsters hall in lawrenceville. he topped his fellow democrats for the best fund raising in the first 24 hours. joe biden, $6.3 million, beto o'rourke, $6.1 million. so is this biden's to lose? let's bring in to discuss daily caller news foundation video reporter anders hackstrom. biden has all the name recognition. he's been the vice president. he ran for president before. he only has a little bit more than beto and bernie sanders. >> yeah, it's pretty surprising. i think it goes to show that the competition biden really needs to focus on right now isn't
5:43 am
necessarily the general election. l polling shows that if he gains the nomination, he probably woulwould beat president trump s far as what we're looking at today. what we need to focus on is winning the primary. it's by no means a given that he will. he's facing a lot of incentive to be pushed farther left than he's typically been comfortable with. i think that's showing up in his fund raising. because all these democrats, all these democrats are seeing him and saying perhaps he's not quited radical enough. lauren: i think the president president is putting his finger on that. listen to what the president trump told maria bartiromo on sunday morning futures. >> biden has been exposed. i don't know what the hell happened to biden. i've never seen that before. doesn't look like the same biden. i said is that really joe biden. he doesn't look the same to me. i've known him for a long time. i've seen him for a long time. i said what happened to him. lauren: how is he or is he going to bring any energy on the
5:44 am
left? >> exactly. i don't know if he's going to be able to. because a lot of people see him as just like another old white guy. you even saw democrats use this criticism of pete buttigieg who is a white guy. they said he's white but also he's gay. there's this dichotomy in assessing these candidates. joe biden is not exactly what they're looking for. even if they want to beat trump in general, he's probably the democrats' best option. lauren: he's in fill definite a today. many voters who voted for president trump are there. how does he tell those voters when they see the economy growing at 3.2%, oh, no, your vote was wrong when you voted for president trump, things are bad, vote for me. doesn't seem that that message can work. or can it? >> i don't know. he is certainly making a similar appeal, at least it sounds very similar to what president trump had to say.
5:45 am
he's basically saying i'm going to make america great again. he's going to bring back working class jobs, that sort of thing, rise the middle class again. but i think his appeal is different in so far as he's saying i want to do all these things, i want to do the same things trump wants but i'm a more moral person. i think that's the appeal that he's trying to make. and so far, from polling, he's polling in the low 40s and trump is polling in the low 30s. lauren: doesn't matter. polls don't matter. >> exactly. we'll see. we'll see. lauren: or at least not at this stage of the game. we saw in 2016 that they were wrong. >> exactly, they they were way off. lauren: thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. cheryl: take a look at futures on this monday. it is a big week for your markets. you've got the fed, you've got a lot of big earnings, five dow components this week. right now, pretty flat. this could all change. right now, the dow is down 1 in the premarket, s&p down 1 and a quarter, nasdaq down 2. coming up, a tale of two champions, the baylor women's
5:46 am
basketball team set to visit the white house today but the virginia men's team isn't going. why the cavaliers declined their invitation. and going out with a bang, the avengers assembling for their final film and making history with a billion dollar opening weekend which we've never had. that smashed more than a dozen records we're breaking all the numbers down including what's happening with disney stock back here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ come on and let the good times roll. ♪ we're going to stay here until we soothe our souls. ♪ it could take all night long.
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cheryl: a football player drafted into the nfl on saturday was shot on sunday. lauren: it is a sad, amazing developing story.
5:50 am
we have few details. jared max is here with what we do know at this point. oh, my goodness, jared. jared: what a story, lauren, cheryl. cory ballantyne, the 180th player selected on saturday, taken by the new york giants, was shot around 12:45 a.m. sunday morning in kansas. he's expected to make a full recovery. his college teammate, dwayne simmons, entering his senior year at washburn university was killed at the scene. 23 years old. ballantyne, who was named the small college player of the year, will recover in a matter of weeks according to doctors. we'll continue to follow this story. the lady bears basketball team from baylor university will be honored at the white house today for their recent ncaa championship victory, it's the first time the women's team not accompanied by the men's team will visit president trump in washington. the men's champion, virginia, won't go to the white house. the coach said it's impossible
5:51 am
to get everyone back together as many are pursuing professional opportunities. ryan braun yesterday an unwilling participant, an unwilling recipient for a fan's beer many he was going for a catch. instead he got doused. cheryl: that's hysterical. lauren: did he get the drink? cheryl: open your mouth. jared: the mets won the game, 5-2. they tried for fan interference. this is my favorite story of the day, bryce harper gets the philly fanatic a birthday party, he gets him a pair of cleats like he wore on opening day. brotherly love. check this out. on sunday in the nba we had wins for the celtics and the warriors. check out what else happened in philadelphia. a cop takes a moment out of his beat to play a little basketball with some locals and a step back
5:52 am
shot, brotherly love in philadelphia. cheryl: jared: basketball on the streets. our mailman growing up, he used to stop and play ball with us for 20 minutes in the driveway all the time. lauren: where did you grow up? jared: in jersey. near you. cheryl.lauren: thank you. cheryl: coming up, the avengers assembled to clobber, destroy box office records over the weekend. what is this going to mean for the future of tinsel town? and stock in disney? we've got it all coming up. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ believe it or not i'm walking on air. ♪ i never thought i could feel so free. ♪ flying away -- of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time...
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>> avengers opening weekend, possibly raising the bar for hollywood, taking $1.2 billion in first weekend alone.
5:56 am
disney stock is reeking the benefits. let's bring in chief critic mark sergeant, this film was blockbuster. >> yes. cheryl: are you surprised? >> not even close to being surprised. there's never been anything like this. interconnected universe, everybody has skin in the game, have you seen any of the marvel movies? cheryl: 21 of them, right? >> if you have seen 2 and series of films and characters. >> this is incredible, does this solidify disney as power house of hollywood that's unstoppable? >> absolutely. cheryl: they broke star wars
5:57 am
record. >> best saturday, best sunday, best china records. cheryl: there's more star wars movies coming up but the estimates for this quarter for avengers movie, they're never going to be able to beat that. >> that's a good question. it will take time, you know, now that disney owns so many different franchises and the secret sauce to this is the connected universe. cheryl: right. >> if they own alien and avatar and marvel, you could cross -- cheryl: cross-over films could be the future, interesting you say that? >> i think the marvel template shows that. cheryl: we have the dc comic separate, another company, what was it about the avengers not just this film but the franchise that you think really resinated because i'm sure there's going to be a lot of copy-cats in
5:58 am
hollywood? >> i think what resinated with the franchise and the smart thing marvel did taking each film not only giving each personality but being part of following with the genre is. cheryl: right. >> fish out of water and another movie spy movie, all the different genres, you will find something. cheryl: mike sergeant thank you for coming back after being with maria to talk about this. you predicted, thank you very much, that's it for fbn:am, we send it over to maria bartiromo, mornings with maria starts right now. ♪ >> live from los angeles at global conference here is maria bartiromo with the special edition of mornings with maria. ♪ ♪ maria: good monday morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us, i'm measure, coming
5:59 am
to you live from la this morning, monday april 29th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, trading focus this morning, exclusive sit-down with treasury secretary steven mnuchin. >> we want to have a reciprocal trading relationship and if we could do that, that's a tremendous opportunity for u.s. workers, u.s. companies to sell into a large, growing middle class. maria: more including on trade méxico and canada agreement, gdp, attacks on capitalism. the battle over the border, my exclusive interview with president trump about the growing crisis that i witnessed firsthand at the border yesterday. the president saying people are illegally pouring into the united states because the economy is so good and there are real loopholes in the law, we have the latest. trouble this morning from boeing, wall street journal reporting that the aircraft maker did not advice airlines
6:00 am
and what it could mean at shareholder meeting. big technology companies reporting this week, google parent alphabet today and apple coming out tomorrow. the big job's report at tend of the week, we have full analysis, all of the above, this is going to be one heck of a week, a lot coming up this morning. markets look like, this futures indicating the markets will open mix, dow industrials up 5 points, nasdaq down. biggest week so far. last week nasdaq and s&p 500 closed at record highs after the gdp came in better than expected, 3.2% growth for the first quarter. in europe this morning take a look at indices throughout europe after the very strong day on friday on


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