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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 30, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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home and thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. making this tonight, president trump threatening a cuban embargo over efforts to prop up the regime of venezuelan dictator men nicolas maduro. the president sworn to the cuban government, comes as it now appears, there is a broad uprising throughout much of venezuela. the clashes, many of them involving all troops and demonstrators. today erupted with opposition leader, juan guaido calling upon the venezuelan military to oust nicolas maduro. president trump watching the situation carefully offering his full support to the people of venezuela.
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christian white, katie mcfarland, among our guests tonight. the us-mexico border, the national crisis and emergency. the mexican drug cartels are now controlling the border with the help of the corrupt mexican government on the mexican side and on the american side, with the help of big business lobbies looking to exploit more cheap labor along the left-wing activists and the radical dems. for years the obama ministration work to keep the border open and then the president, congress has refused to act to secure the border. and all the department of homeland security has done of late is to complain about a lack of resources. acting dhs secretary, kevin mcaleenan, so far is not doing any better than his predecessor in dealing with the crisis and does not seem to have a clue about how to secure the border. what kind of leader is he?
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today he actually acknowledged the department he is leading cannot handle the crisis. >> the main challenge we are facing is the growing awareness. the expectation of that awareness of smugglers. racing smugglers advertise differentiated offerings to get through our border in an excavated time. making it clear people cross with a child that they will be allowed a different process here in the us. that has been an invitational posture for the system that has been overwhelming. lou: i want to report -- repeat phrases. offerings from the cartels and get into the border and expedited time. and also, it has been an invitational posture with a system that has been overwhelming. this is the english language. tonight, we take a look at the
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corruption on the southern border. congressman jim jordan, among our guests. the president's commitment to border security undermined by radical dems that seem hell-bent to obstruct and overthrow president trump. the subpoenas of finances of the president and his family including his grandchildren for crying out loud, the radical dem chair seem to fancy themselves in an episode of "game of thrones" rather than responsibly leading important committees of congress and adhering to some big standard at least of decency. no president in history has endured such vicious personal attacks by political opponents. and still, the presidents record is unparalleled. victoria tension, joe digenova among our guests tonight. what will it take to defeat the deep state and the radical dems? our top story, the cartel driven corruption on both sides
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of the border is vast and the violence overwhelming in mexico. they are the political power is being felt every day. record numbers of murders and in this country, the left and big business, lobbies have neutralized the u.s. border patrol and i.c.e. each and every illegal immigrant who comes across our border, has only done so because the cartels have decided to permit them to cross that border. and the u.s. government is helpless to this point left with no choice but to accept politically corrupt officials at the top of various departments that are charged with securing that border. the conversation in the united states is no longer about protecting the nation from terrorists cartels smugglers and traffickers. the crisis at the border is unlike any national emergency before it. the pentagon as well seems to be refusing to help the white
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house secure the border. our corrupt federal courts stymieing the president and his orders and the pentagon itself is awol in this response to emergency. setting this time, 320 troops additionally, not to defend the border but for meals, transport and monitor the well-being of illegal immigrants.the department of defense sending us this statement in response to the queries. quote request for assistance from dhs to dod our capabilities-based.notice the language. capabilities-based.we have about 5000 soldiers on the border performing border security missions. 320 additional troops has specialized capabilities such as drivers, cooks and lawyers. my god! this is the department of defense talking in gobbledygook. how will this end?
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i hate to say it, the outcome is far from certain. join enough or more in the southern border crisis, and that's judiciary committee, it may determine the parameters of attorney general william barr 's testimony, congressman, jim jordan, joins us. a member of the judiciary committee, ranking member of house oversight committee. cofounder of the house from caucus. congressman, good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. lou: mcaleenan, the language he is using. derivatives and endless streams. this has become a bureaucracy of absolute nincompoops. >> a couple of things. one, the president trying to reform the rules around a solemn situation on the border. it is certainly moving in the right direction. but you and i talked about this. you talk about every night, until we do two fundamental things, build the border security wall and fundamentally change the asylum law, will never get the crisis under
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control. it just will not happen so this is on us, this is on congress. unfortunately, we do not have enough members of congress willing to do the right thing. build a border security wall, put more judges, you would have to wait all the time to adjudicate the cases. keep the family together. if you're legitimate and here for the right reasons then god bless you. it is not sorry we cannot let you in the country it's basic. we need the political will to get it done. lou: political will. you know what i'm going to say. the republican party controlled the house for two years. under that fraud, paul ryan. and the republican congress permitted him to stay in that office until he resigned for another almost 9 months. my god, what has either party to say? can both conferences send this president a letter of apology? wouldn't it be appropriate for
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the american people? christ more poorly than american people, we told him we were going to do certain things in healthcare that we didn't get done. we told him we were going to do certain things and border security we didn't get done. i think that is a reason we lost the house frankly. but you're right, we had hundred 93 votes for a bullet would've addressed the situation, it would've dealt with the crisis unfortunately was 193. lou: must turn to the judiciary committee. you share with jerry nadler i understand. what is going on? he insists there will be no negotiation over whether the staff interrogates the attorney general who will be there under oath, i presume. >> yeah. lou: rather than committee members. has nadler lost his mind? >> i think there are a couple of things going on.we have to understand the democrats already start impeachment proceedings. they just are not calling at that. the reason they're not calling at that, they know it is not justified and they know the american people do not want it.
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but that is what they are doing and that's why they want the staff to ask bill barr questions because that is how it works in the impeachment process. second, bill barr should not come. you cannot trash theattorney general for the last three weeks like democrats have done and then change the format in the last few days like they are trying to do. and expect the attorney general to show up. let them i was at the questions that they will link -- if they're willing to do it the way they have always done. and i am all for it for him to not show up if they do not doit the right way. lou: i have an alternative theory predicting the radical dems recommend that bill barr , there are very few triple digit iqs amongst the radical dems. but they recognize that bill barr has a much higher triple digit iq than any member of the radical dems there. they are going to be slaughtered and they know it. >> well, i will say this. bill barr has handled himself in a professional manner. i've been impressed. i think he is exactly what you
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want in an attorney general. talking about enforcing the rule of law, holding people accountable, incorporated about what he said just three weeks on the senate finance committee. when he said, spying took place. he also said this and at that it was important. look at the testimony, he says there is a basis for his concern about the spying that took place. and that he will put together a team and investigate that situation. the start of the whole trump and russia investigation process that began a couple of years ago. i take that as exactly with the american people want. from the attorney general of the united states. lou: i couldn't agree more. we will talk more with victoria tensing and joe digenova precisely about that in other issues and the role of the new attorney general. perhaps, the most important role for any attorney general in memory. congressman, have to share with the audience, this excerpt.
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being questioned about what he knew and what the president knew, particularly related to text between peter strzok and lisa paige saying potus wants to know everything we doing. if we hear just this excerpt. >> republicans on helsing to be focusing on the dossier. >> we have nothing to do with that. >> you never -- >> no! i heard about it. at the very end when you know, in january 2000 -- 2017. lou: there you are.what to make of ben rhodes? he seems a little flustered, doesn't he? >> i was about this. it is the same ben rhodes at togas the benghazi attack was the catalyst was a video. i do not put a lot of thought
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into what he says. what i do know is at the top of the fbi, there was what i call the comey cabal purity of comey, mccabe, peter strzok and lisa paige. i think these people put this whole thing together and were out to get the president. i think we also need to look at potentially john brennan and jim klapper. how far he went to the white house i do not know. what i take comfort in is what bill barr said, he will investigate this. lou: right. >> he is concerned about the spine that took place and whether it was the proper predicate for it to begin with in the first place. i think that is the key thing to look at. how high it goes we will see when mr. barr does his investigation. frankly, i think we will learn more in six weeks when michael horowitz gives us the inspector generals report that he has been working on for the past year. lou: i think congressman, you're being somewhat modest about what you already -- you have some advantage over the rest of us and we cannot wait to see what unfolds because what has occurred is a
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despicable, deep, the word scandal is history and we all know it. it is the question of how soon we know details. and as you say, how far it goes up and when all of those people knew what they knew. >> thank you, congressman. >> thank you. lou: still ahead, joe biden 's campaign to put it kindly, stumbling at the starting gate. >> the country wasn't built by wall street bankers, ceo 's and hedge fund managers. they were incredible cuts in the future -- i think we need to rethink how we define what constitutes a successful can a person -- why they do that? investing more in medical research to comfort devastating diseases like cancer and
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addiction and alzheimer's. lou: the man has a 28 point lead. he is the democratic front runner. will have more in bumbling biden and sanders. imagine that. up next, violent clashes on the streets of venezuela. former state department advisor, christian whiton joins us next. stay with us, we will be right back. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? (nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee?
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maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j. d. power. save $400 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. lou: violent protests in venezuela at opposition leader, juan guaido called for military uprising against the maduro regime. the white house pledging the full support to the people of venezuela. the president earlier delivered a warning to cubans protecting maduro. the president tweeted this quote - the cuban troops and militia do not immediately cease military and other operations, for the purpose of causing death and destruction to the constitution of venezuela, a full and complete embargo. together with the highest level sanctions will be placed on the
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island of cuba peered hopefully, all cuban soldiers will promptly and peacefully return to their island. in 2016, president obama tried to loosen the restrictions from the 1962 trade embargo against cuba. he remains in place today. earlier today secretary of state, mike pompeo, confirmed nicolas maduro was on the verge of leaving venezuela. but he stopped. the russians advised him to remain in caracas and he chose to do so. a new report reveals just how far former defense secretary, james mattis went in defiance of president trump and his oath of office. james mattis reportedly ignored orders from president trump on a number of foreign policy issues related to principally north korea and iran. james mattis apparently thought ignoring orders would prevent the president from making ill advised decisions. he signed last december to present trump announced he was
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withdrawing all u.s. troops from syria. join us tonight to assess this and much more, christian whiton, senior fellow at the center for the national interest former state department senior advisor in both the trump and george w. bush administrations. good to have you with us. let's start with first this extraordinary situation in venezuela. it appears that this is a pivotal moment. this looks to be a generalized uprising by the venezuelan people and much of the military against nicolas maduro. your thoughts? >> yeah, it's very impressive. it started with juan guaido, the recognized president, not the actual leader of the military regime, calling for people to go into the streets and following suit. really, nicolas maduro has to always be afraid. always worried that his opponent can cause venezuelans
7:21 pm
to turn out, to shut down the country and engage in sort of a people power revolution against the military government. lou: what to make of the claims by the state department, by the secretary of state that maduro was about to leave venezuela but was prevailed upon by the russians to remain in caracas? >> yeah, it is very surprising to me. frankly, that the cubans had committed summative influence in russia only indirect. they both made loans when they essentially have that on maduro and when he goes, the bets will falter. he still has an exit even if he cannot go to havana because the cubans are assisting he stay in venezuela. he could always run away to nicaragua. frankie, that is what he ought to do. lou: and let's turn to how you think it is going to play out here how quickly do you think it could likely be resolved? >> i would like to say this is a new spike. that looks like the beginning
7:22 pm
of the end. he did have some of the military coming over to juan guaido, not all of it but we've had sustained level of disruption for quite a while. this regime is fairly resilient so it is very hard to time. we look at times were people work fairly rapidly in the philippines and in 1999 across central europe. they look at poland in the 80s where you have this residual dissent. so it could go on for a while. lou: and president trump removing general mattis, it now appears after we learned about the number of orders that he chose to interpret quite -- and d5. he was a very patient man with the general. >> he really did a disservice. james mattis did a disservice to his chief and the american people. in not allowing medication between the president and his combat and commander in afghanistan as part of his effort to keep us in
7:23 pm
afghanistan for even longer. what are we going to accomplish in 18 that we did not accomplish in one through 17? in particular with the southern border, the military is often his adventures in iraq and syria in afghanistan and we are facing invasion on the southern border. we could have done creative things with the military, we could've taken asylum-seekers to guantcamo bay which we actually did before when they were not fit for entry into the united states. because of these other establishment creatures the dod seems never to have joined the trump administration. they really left the -- let the president down. lou: assumes externally, 320 of our troops being sent, drivers and cooks and lawyers to what purpose? either this is a national emergency or it isn't. and either the commander-in-chief has called for the help of our troops and the pentagon command has
7:24 pm
decided. i cannot even imagine what the hell they think they're doing. >> right. there were remarks, he's a decent man but the former boeing executive is not going to be able to push that very lethargicbureaucracy , the very slow bureaucracy to where it needs to be. there's beenno shift of forces to asia, the pacific , the same force posture that obama left is what we have now in asia because the pentagon is asleep at the wheel. they are doing very little on the border. many people with political skill at the pentagon who will take the presidents vision and where he was to go and actually implemented in his vast bureaucracy. we are not getting that on the political level at the pentagon right now. lou: it truly is the deep state with bureaucracy against a populist president who is being more effective than any president in modern history. yet it seems impossible to find leaders amongst the ranks of those bureaucrats and so-called
7:25 pm
professionals. whether be the state department or dod. these people are trying to preserve the status quo rather than help this president achieve his vision for the countries future. it is stunning to behold. christian whiton, as always, good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, american borders increasingly seeing the border crisis for what it is. we take that up and more after this quick break. ed rollins joins we will be right back. ike drivig with his dad. -what a sign, huh? terry, can you take a selfie of me? -take a selfie of you? -yeah. can you make it look like i'm holding it? -he did show us how to bundle home and auto at and save a bunch of money. -oh, a plaque. "he later navigated northward, leaving... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents.
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fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. the one breaking news. democratic voters increasingly come to the realization that there is a crisis at the southern border. according to a new "washington post" abc news poll, the percentage of democrats who see a crisis at the border has risen 17 points since january.
7:30 pm
rising to 24 percent among independent voters that same percentage runs nine points, 30 percent. the same poll finding 40 percent of midwest voters most likely to support president trump in 2020. because of his america first immigration policy.joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, the dean, ed rollins. good to have you here. let's start with this president. and what he is contending with. he's having to educate a nation about border security. that there is a crisis, and right now, he is in better shape than the democrats in congress in terms of public perception. >> no question about that as he should be. even 60 ms. evan i basically weighed out the difficulties of the border and it's kind of a jump in a poll i think.
7:31 pm
clearly means the public and the midwest is getting the message. this is a severe problem, there's no short-term solution. the solutions are he's declared an emergency, military neuronal test to respond. lou: the pentagon we are learning james mattis was absolutely defiant.a general, does not understand the chain of command, disrespects the commander-in-chiefthe hell with it !why in the world truly put up with this kind of think we should why should the president have two? it is unprecedented! >> historically a general cannot be the head, it is an exception to do that. they're only been to in history.i think the rule ought to go back where you have a civilian that understands the presidents direction. unfortunately, the generals will applaud are not good generals. basically, -- lou: is almost as if the country want to suspend belief for a while and assume these three generals had won the war in afghanistan. had won the war in iraq. instead of perpetuating it in the long doctrine in the expression of general petraeus
7:32 pm
and general mcchrystal.>> they are part of the washington establishment. lou: being very specific, what the general is commanding. >> again, they spent too much time in washington to become part of the societies. i see this as the president they came in outside the society and was to shake it up and what he thinks is right for the country. lou: is talk to a couple of other issues, stephen moore looking at i think the expression is headwind and his confirmation process. what should the president do? >> i think he let this run it's course and they will count the votes and they will quickly know if they are there or not. look like it's going against him in writings a few years ago. you have -- lou: for crying out loud, joni ernst. a freshman center act like she's doing the president a favor one moment and then turning on him like a snake. >> she is the leadership --
7:33 pm
lou: i don't carewhere she is. chris the problemis the members therefore people go south anytime you cannot get it through. lou: medical to the -- let it go south and explain it to the voters. the rinos in washington seem to be -- i think his interest in the presidents' day apparently coming to an agreement about a number. $2 trillion for infrastructure. as he sat down with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer at the white house conspicuous by his absence was the senate majority leader . what do you make of that? >> the white house, there a bright democrat leadership over without republican leadership no matter what my census. nancy pelosi keeps talk about congress as if it is her enemy. she has one part of it. obviously, the sun is ours and republicans need to be in that
7:34 pm
room. i think equally as important, i don't think the $2 trillion, i think that's what they throughout his number. the president -- what they're trying to do is push it back on the president that if he can't come up with the numbers he cannot get his own side to support him, -- we need infrastructure. lou: we need infrastructure initial start with the ball along the us-mexico border. >> i agree. lou: there is an infrastructure plan! these two fine folks, pelosi and schumer cannot find that but they could find $2 trillion. are you kidding me? who is gaming who? >> you need the republicans. lou: with schumer and pelosi you are alone. >> and the chief of staff should have been in the room. lou: where was he? >> speaking at a conference today. [laughter] lou: i got it! i'm with you. roger milliken, a great guy.
7:35 pm
and a wonderful american.also a great american, out there on the west coast. good to see you. [laughter] >> pelosi always brings humor. you basically bring mcconnell to tell you what the republicans will do. lou: you got it. as if anybody knew! appreciate it, ed rollins. special counsel, robert mueller, breaking his silence now. it seemed like he did not like the summary of william barr. we will talk about that and much more. these are incredible moments, treasure these moments no matter how frustrated because folks, we are living history moment by moment right now.
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the new york times and "washington post" reporting special counsel, robert mueller, wrote a letter in late march to the attorney general william barr. objecting to his early description of the russia
7:40 pm
investigation conclusions. that appeared to clear president trump on possible obstruction of justice. the "washington post" reporting he wrote quote - the summary letter the department sent to congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of march 24, did not fully capture the context, nature and substance of this office is working and conclusions. there is no public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation. to clear all of that up, robert mueller, if you're listening, here is where we straighten it all out. joining us, victoria tensing, for me to deputy assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the justicedepartment, jodi jennifer, former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. the founding partners of the jennifer -- law firm. let's start with, robert mueller did not like the summary of the findings particularly on obstruction and justice. victoria? >> there is no problem with the collision.
7:41 pm
there was no evidence of collusion, this was about obstruction and robert mueller, joe and i called the wiseman report. said he could not exonerate the president on obstruction. and did not make a decision. so bill barr did. and what else would he do? he analyzed, gave a very thoughtful legal analysis and said there's no obstruction. i think he has lost it completely. >> i do not recall, i think i recall him saying specifically, the investigation did not exonerate the president on obstruction of justice. and every person i listen to, not in this order necessarily but you said there is no requirement to exonerate on charges. >> what you have here, first of all it is actually correct it is not a prosecutors job to
7:42 pm
exonerate you charge or you don't and he didn't. this is a continuation of very bad process that bob mueller started by hiring a bunch of democrats and led by andrew wiseman that showed up at hillary clinton so called party and broken the tears with her because our rigid, vindictive, unethical, unprofessional letter written for robert mueller by wiseman, the attorney general released the entire report except for the portions that the law prohibits. what does robert really wanted to do? he published the outrageously poorly written handiwork. the report, i'm not sure what his problem is. lou: i'm not either. and had to say just couldn't believe volume 2. i cannot even imagine what purpose it served other than -- to satisfy the
7:43 pm
interest of andrew wiseman and on that witchhunt. >> yes, absolutely correct. and in fact there was no reason for the language in there. it is a very adolescent report. it is written, it is not very impressive professionally and in fact it was clearly written to embarrass the president to figure anyway they could not make him look good, the report is an embarrassment to the department of justice. of course it does not mean anything to bob. poor bob mueller. it is fairly obvious he stayed too long at the fair. lou: and this president had to put up with him all the time that they resided. les turned to where we are in all of the becomes clear by every day, victoria, that we need desperately, to know the level, the extent, the breadth and depth of the corruption at the fbi leadership and at the
7:44 pm
department of justice. your thoughts? >> well, i would hope to see some grand jury open in washington d.c. and grand jury open in virginia. and joe and i talked about this. the first person we would call would be the good mike rogers who came in and reported all the violations of fisa. lou: the nsa, michael rogers, the animal stands out as a hero in all this, doesn't he? twice it's interesting. all the villains in this story are lawyers. the only good person, the only hero in the whole thing is admiral mike rogers. he went to the fisa court and advise the court that he had discovered four years of illegal spying by fbi contractors that was approved and authorized by james comey and yates and giancarlo, head of the national security division under loretta lynch and under president obama.
7:45 pm
and to listen to that loon, ben rhodes, today. to say and they knew nothing about this at the white house, when in fact, the text messages between peter strzok and lisa paige say the white house wants to know everything about it and is running this. >> potus it says wants to know everything. >> potus! lou: two separate exchanges between those two when referring to potus and the other saying the white house wants to know . it is stunning. very quickly, we are over time. is it your judgment then that we will see something substantial and that will turn to the issue of actually investigating the corruption in the fbi leadership in the department of justice leadership. >> i think the attorney general has to wait until the ig report comes out. and then he can base his decisions publicly on whatever
7:46 pm
the ig has said. we are told that there's going to be recommendations for criminal referrals. lou: victoria, thank you very much, joe, you get the last word. >> grand juries are in order. lou: i'm not a liar. i sure know when it sounds right and that sure sounds right! take you so much. victoria toensing and joe digenova. the dow up to nine points, the s&p hit the fourth record close of the year up 30 points per the nasdaq lost 66 volume on the big board almost 4 billion shares traded. a new poll shows 56 percent of americans feel good about their current finances. that is up 10 points since 2016. the highest level since 2002. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, we will be right back.
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7:51 pm
thank you for being here peerless turned to venezuela. it seems now to be a broadening and popular uprising, too early to tell what to make of it?>> i think it is very important for the democrats to own the revolution.for us or anyone else to send military forces and, keep the option on the table but they need to own it. they're doing a great job. there military behind them, populous support of the country. the only thing is nicolas maduro, his russian buddies and some security forces. lou: the chinese have been silent. the russians, however, inserted themselves apparently at the, this late moment to urging the nicolas maduro not to leave. they said shelter in place. >> i think the russians want a trade. they do not like the fact that
7:52 pm
we are in ukraine and helping them giving lethal force per donald trump has been pretty rough on the russians because of ukraine. and they don't like it. there in our neighborhood. lou: so conveniently the national left-wing media and the wags and the radical dems forget the president has been tougher than obama even imagined in eight years in office. >> is also given the ukrainians lethal force. lethal weapons to use. lou: which obama refused. chris of course he did! lou: another thing, this president as obama did, wanted to insist that the president of egypt, insert 10 percent of his government and certain muslim brotherhood into 10 percent of the newgovernment . he wants to, the president is now considering declaring the muslim brotherhood to be what many people claim it has been throughout. a terrorist organization. >> donald trump wanted to do it
7:53 pm
on day one of his presidency and it is long overdue. the muslims in egypt, is a gateway to your terrace. other we've defeated the islamic state of isis, they are bleeding into muslim brothers like wolves in sheep clothing. i think it is important we stand up. lou: not quite sheep. wolves -- >> whatever! [laughter] lou: the reality here is that he is turning out to be the critical leader that most in the west and i know you, in particular, hoped he would be. that is a pivotal figure and perhaps a transformation figure for the middle east. >> egypt has a chance, it by no means it is a guaranteed chance, he is the only one that can do it. lou: k.t. mcfarland, always great to see you. thanks so much. it was good to have k.t. back. more empty threats. trying to entice attorney general bill barr to accept whatever the house judiciary
7:54 pm
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lou: tomorrow house judiciary votes to pra parameter of attory general william barr testimony. >> look, you can't trash the attorney general for last 3 weeks like democrats have done, then change format in last few days like they are trying to do and lets attorney general show up. bill barr will be there. if not he should not show up, i am 100% for him not showing up, if they don't do it right way. lou: reports that robert mueller wrote a letter in march to attorney general barr, objecting to his early description of mueller investigation conclusions appearing of clearing president of possible obstruction of justice. >> bottom line is that this is a continuation of a very pad process, that bob mueller
7:59 pm
started by hiring a bunch of democrats led by andrew weisman who showed up at hillary clinton's so-called victory party and broke into tears with her, this is unic call -- unic call unprofessional letter, attorney general released the report except are in the portions that the law prohibits. what does mueller want him to do? he published robert mueller's outrage usually poorly written handiwork. lou: a look at u.s. national debt. climbing. that is it for us. joining us tomorrow night, and hoover institute victor davis hanson. >> follow me on twitter at lou
8:00 pm
dobbs. see you tomorrow had. good night from new york. lou: a sickening display of force by socialist dictator holding all of venezuela hostage. tens of thousands of innocent freedom seeking venezuelans take to streets to peacefully protest, maduro led forces are gunning them down with pellets. and in some cases running them over. they have no electricity could no medicine, tonight, we can


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