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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  April 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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dobbs. see you tomorrow had. good night from new york. lou: a sickening display of force by socialist dictator holding all of venezuela hostage. tens of thousands of innocent freedom seeking venezuelans take to streets to peacefully protest, maduro led forces are gunning them down with pellets. and in some cases running them over. they have no electricity could no medicine, tonight, we can
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report he is hanging on thanks to russians and cubans who are propping him up to create chaos in our hemisphere. it cannot be allowed, president and his administration are on the right side of history on this one, pledging our help to venezuela. this is not a partisan moment. not a time to be partisan. >> there is a right and wrong way to be in the world, maduro is wrong. he is a really bad guy. surroundedded by other very, very bad people, most dems in agreement with president on this one, except ilhan omar and aoc's of the world that are condoning this? sometimes, it is your duty as an american to speak up for those who do not have a voice.
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by the way we reached out to each of their officers. aoc and omar, we have not heard back. you know, perhaps rather telling they have been silent on the issue on social media and elsewhere today. tonight, live from texas, a very big show. i have exclusive reporting for you, secretary of state pompeo on what really within down in last -- went down in last two hours, and why people should note balk at potential for u.s. forces in venezuela. and the man we recognize as rightful venezuela ambassador to united states, and freedom fighting woman who wants to be be president of democratic venezuela. and why an armed conflict in south america looks likely. but first, i spoke with secretary of state mike pompeo on guaido's call for a military
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uprising. whether or not guideoy and venezuelan team will be able to count on u.s. of america. for support. did you have any idea this was coming? expectation was it was going to start tomorrow, but it started today. >> we have been at this quite a while. we queue that there would come a day where there were important activities, tomorrow there will be a lot of folks in the street this will be a continued part of our effort to restore democracy in venezuela. trish: are you seeing response you anticipated or hoped for, mr. secretary? >> in large measure we've seen, that we can see maduro is so far unable to show himself. we is not seen him for a long time. he is hiding somewhere, there were a handful of people made clear they were coming across to side to leave maduro, defense
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minister, head of supreme court and president of presidential guard -- period of presidential guard, indicated they were prepared to help venezuela people det their democracy back. they are not made a move, this strongest we hope. trish: were they all lying? is that the problem. >> we continue to believe that they understand where the right side of history is, we're hopeful in coming hours or days they will make the decision. trish: okay we hope so. how do you make sure that change happens swiftly, quickly? now? because the people need it, sir? >> well, at the end was day this change will be driven by venezuelan people, the work so far over the last 3 months plus now, where juan guaido announced. where assembly supported that, these things, have been driven by venezuela people, i am convinced that the tide of
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history is with them, they will demadden that. -- they will demand that. we stand ready to help. we have crippled leadership in venezuela with the sanctions. making it difficult to pay their soldiers and military. and. we have seen what maduro has done. united states taxpayers delivered a couple hundred red met -- metric tons of food and medicine to the worlder border. trish: have you president, very angry with cuba. and he has put some sanctions in place of cuba. you well-known cubans are those the lifeline for maduro and his socialist dictatorship, russians
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as well in the background and the chinese? >> that is right. on all three counts. it case that central to maduro security has been cuban. that cut a deal with venezuela for tens of thousands of cheap barrels of oil every day. they provide security for maduro, if you are a venezuela military leader, this is embarrassing to hand over your senior leader to cubans say you take care of him. we have raised cost to cuba, we began that weeks back with putin crease pressure on cuba, there more to pull. you see what had the has communicated. we'll raise the cost. if cuba wants to continue this malign activity and disvehicle destruction of venezuela. trish: in terms of cost to u.s., what more can we do, there are some lawmakers now, including scott from florida say we need
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to be prepared to take this all the way and stand with the people even if that means, military involvement. is it going there? >> i hope not. but president has been clear, we're prepared to do that, if that is what is required. it is our hope that violence levels will remain low we saw violence today. we regret that, we're watching to see who chooses vie re violed hor mean -- other means, president has made clear, if situation calls for military option, remains on table, and we have seen already military present there, not only cubans, but the ric russia ans have miln the ground there. i hear people talk about they don't' americans to intervene in venezuela, when it is russians have intervened without consent of the government, they came in with former regime of maduro's, his permission. but without president of the
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government. led by juan guaido. united states stands ready to do things it needs to do to work with our allies, 54 nations have now recognized new leader to ensure venezuela democracy is delivered. >> tell me more about the russia ans. what are they doing here. is it payback for us being involved in nato? i wonder what is go through their head. what kind of roll they have had in keeping -- role they had in keeping maduro there keeping sanctions and economic pain that we've been him through. >> i think one of their objectives is greed. crude oil there in venezuela. russian companies that get that
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crude oil. they provided supplies, allowed some of that crude oil operation too continue there in venezuela. one of elements they are owed money by venezuela, there is a second purpose with a long team relationship with venezuela, nondemocratic governments who often find themselves on same side of issues and don't like western government asks democracy. trish: do you think maduro would have left had russians not intervened 1234. intervened? >> i think he would have. i think supported by russians and continue by cubans provide maduro support. trish: i just wounder how close
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he might have been, what do your intelligence people tell you on that. >> we talk to hundreds of people on ground today. and over past several months. maduro had his plane ready and russians made clear he ought not to part at this time. trish: wow. that is significant. it shows you what we're actually i suppose dealing with there. >> part and parcel of the deep desire to prevent venezuelan people from being successful and having a democracy and their economy restored. we see it in micro and in bigger issues, economic issues, in security issues. and every element of power brought to bear to keep maduro regime in place there.
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trish: can i ask, how are you thinking about juan guaido right now. and lopez, can we do anything to protect them, without them, secretary pompeo, i don't know where this goes. >> we doing all we can to ensure that no harm comes to any of the leaders who choose the right course to go this right direction for democracy. juan guaido is at the center of this, he has been very bold, and very ou outspoken and willing to take risks for himself. today high high -- he was out ad about in streets, we've seen picture. interestingly we not seen pictures of maduro today of he has been hiding out. trish: forgive me for asking, do we have security teams there to help surround them? they are exposed? juan guaido is very exposed, he
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is talking to people and greeting them. you know, if maduro wanted to be really aggressive, he has shown he can be with his collective what do we do. >> we made clear no harm will come to juan guaido, i don't' to talk about details of security situation, but united states made this clear, but also more than 50 nations that made clear imprisoning or harming juan guide i would be a significant step up. in the threat to that posed, and i think that world would respond were leaders there maduro actually to take it course of action. trish: let's hope he does not, coming up, we're keeping an eye on uprising in venezuela, i will be join by freedom fighter maria machado live from caracas with
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what is next. >> but first my warning to far left democrats here in united states, who continue to push their socialist agendas. why socialism will never work here. can they just look at venezuela? do we have to be tha obvious. >> and live reaction from new venezuela, new ambassador to united states, carlos vecio coming up next. >> i am not going to be more stessivispecificspeciftoo that o that. we feel strongly about it. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones!
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trish: tens of thousands of freedom fighters taking on streets of caracas. juan guaido called for immediate ouster of maduro. joining me now, guideo's ambassador tou u.s. carlos vecchio. >> trish thank you. >> where are things tonight? >> let me tell you.
8:18 pm
today the president juan guaido activated the operation freedom. in order to put an end to occupation of power of maduro and made many calls to venezuela people to be on the streets peacefully until we achieve democracy, he requested arm force to be on side of the constitution and can be people of venezuela, we will continue to do that until we can't concur freedom again -- until we concur freedom again. trish: some of the armed forces have crossed sides.
8:19 pm
those people said okay enough, you have on street with juan guaido, which is a powerful moment, imagine. but how do you ensure that they don't send him back to jail and guaido with him? >> just keep this in mind, this is not a single event. this will be a process that started today, until we achieve what we want, which is end of the occupation of power of maduro. juan guaido is on the street. strong. lopez who was under house arrest free. and senior officials and inner circle of maduro was negotiating the exit of maduro, that tells you something is happening inside of the regime this regime is collapsing, it a matter of
8:20 pm
time, maduro will not be able to stay in power. he is not able to provide food and medicine and electricity to our people. we need to keep our determination on the street and that why guaido has called against tomorrow for a massive dem strays a-- demonstration across country and call to armor force to support the people of venezuela. trish: you know who i did not see today was maduro. juan guaido is in the street today. many streets today, with the people. the person that is nowhere to be found is you know a few tweets here and there. was nicholas maduro. >> right. trish: where is he? >> he does not trust the army force, he does not trust in his inner circle. he has to bring cubans and russians to protect him, that is
8:21 pm
why we have strongest support which is the people of venezuela, and also we don't have any doubt that at the end was day army force will back the constitution and will be backing the people of venezuela. under the leadership of juan guaido. trish: with united states as your friend, instead of russia, we heard russia, we heard from secretary pompeo, russia prevented and stopped maduro making his exit. he was ready to go, last minute russians said, you need to stay. >> well, that is why we need to be on this streets tomorrow with massive demonstration and also request to our army force to help us in order to facility a transition in venezuela, we have
8:22 pm
support not only from u.s. but 54 countries across the globe. at the end was day we'll prevail, i don't have any doubt. you have been a witness of determination of venezuelan people fighting on the streets, we'll never give up until we concur freedom again. trish: i have faith in you, i think it will happen. >> it is going to happen. trish: timing cannot be predicted but it will happen soon, and be much needed, freedom will rein in venezuela. ambassador vecchio thank you. >> thank you. trish: a lot more coming up. stay tuned, some in america say socialism is the best path forward. >> they want that free stuff they tried in venezuela. that did not work out so well. coming up. david bossie is here, he will weigh in on tyranny of masses.
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but first we're watching the uprising in streets of caracas, i am joined by freedom fighter maria m machado from caracas. we're live after this.
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trish: breaking, uprising on streets of caracas. juan guideo calls on -- guaido calls on venezuelan people and military to oust maduro. this is from streets of the capital.
8:28 pm
they had armored military tanks, that plowed into the antigovernment protesters. horrible to watch. we are careful with editing for you that are watching. 57 people have been injured. there are report of dozens of people that are dead. join me, live from ca caracas, n -- venezuela opposition activist maria machado welcome back. to think a leader was a country is willing to kill his people, for what? to stay in power? to continue to rein over a country that does not business ? reporter: we're leaving in
8:29 pm
decisive, crucial, dangerous hours in venezuela, i feel today proud. the people came out to support juan guaido and transitional process to democracy. we've seen the massive response of courage and dignity and will to fight, in our people, but we saw as well, that structure within the armed forces -- maduro no longer holds strong control on the military. and we saw as well, immediate response and support from the international community that understands that these criminal states can no longer stay in place in the heart of the west everyone hemisphere -- western hemisphere. trish: correct you on one thing, have you support of international community, but have to support of shall we say,
8:30 pm
the good part of the international community. because you look at russia and cuba. we have gotten reports of some internet access being interfered with in venezuela because of china. we heard from secretary pompeo, who told us russia actually prevented maduro from stepping down. yes international community most of it, good guys are behind you. how did you make sure so get russians out, so you can do your own thing that would have been to have maduro go hd. today. >> for years we've been warning about the relationship, dangerous relationships with criminal mafia, that has been established in venezuela, from drug cartels to terrorist islamic groups that are in venezuela in our territory, and with seeing geopolitical forces
8:31 pm
intervening. so that is why we're saying that only way we can move forward to reach that point that break point that will end maduro regime is to be able to create credible threats and imminent threat and a severe threat on the regime. i believe that decision that have been announced today by the united states government. and grupo d e lima and others are moving in correct direction. to restore tell cras -- democran venezuela, they need to build a huge coalition. and a responsibility to protect.
8:32 pm
trish: it is happening. right now. this is a moment in history. this is a moment that will go down in history books. you maria had a big part of it. keep doing what you are doing, stay safe. >> thank you very much. we'll will prevail certainly. >> meush at gracias. coming up, freedom fighters coming up. socialism does not work. you hear that. alexandria ocasio-cortez? you hear that bernie sanders? socialism is not the way for any of us. how can you so-called socialists, i want to know, not condemn the violence in venezuela? they have not said a word, we have called office of alexandria ocasio-cortez, and called office of ilhan omar. nothing. crickets. former trump 2016 campaign
8:33 pm
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[ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ trish: chaos and massive violence tonight, in country gist 20 years -- just 20 years ago had the highest standard of living in all of latin america. venezuelans were run over today by armored vehicle as their socialist dictator clings to power. what are some americans thinking by embracing socialism, it always fails, economically, it fails its people politically as well. i spoke with juan guaido, the man we recognize at rightful president of the nation. i asked him, considering what is going on here people are so
8:38 pm
fascinated with socialism, how should we think about it. >> [ speaking in spanish ] >> dangers will be -- how important democracy. the ways of doing things, we need to be cautious with defense of institutions and democracy. trish: you know why? because freedom is fragile. venezuela has learned that. let's not have to go through, that right? join me right now, former 2016 trump deputy campaign manager david bossie, welcome back. >> thank you. trish: so i don't get it. examples are plenty full, go
8:39 pm
back throughout history this has not worked. you can't keep offering free stuff it fails. people are robbed of lao right t -- their rights and freedoms. >> this is awch such a tragedyy heart goes to those people out their who want freedom, some of basic freedoms we have in america. we have our left wing politicians here, who want to bring that same level of chaos here to this great nation, and watching would say, this could not never happen here, you just pointed out 20 years ago venezuela looked like the united states than it does the riots in streets today. and this attempted over throw of the socialist dictator who is
8:40 pm
running this country into ground, we want to preserve that that is why president trump looks forward to having great debates with some of -- whatever socialist democrats put forward next year. trish: we contacted omar's office today, in the past she said this is not a problem, we should let it be. to me, as a human being, how could you not recognize that, she is silent, and alexandria ocasio-cortez is silence, i supposer because it threaten their agenda and platform, socialism? >> right. bernie sanders, and the rest of leftist, self-devot desocialistu see them trying to begi they are
8:41 pm
destroying fabric of our constitutional republic. it is doing great damage. look at obamacare, look at what they did with obamacare now 10 years ago, now they say medicare for all that really means healthcare for none. obamacare was a step toward socialize medicine, now they at least admit it. trish: free stuff is is not free. >> it is not. trish: that is one factoid they keep forgetting about. another story, just according to a report, special counsel robert mueller told attorney general barr that he mischaracterized conclusion. doj saying that false. your reaction. i read all 443 pages of that report, i saw barr's
8:42 pm
characterization, i don't think he mischaracterized it at all, but i want to hear you say. >> mueller seeps to b seems to e a political activist now with this letter. if we had not seen the report, and he wanted to say his lotter mischaracterized it that is one thing, but american people have seen the pages of the report, there is no mischaracterization. mr. robert mueller has become a political activist, out to destroy this president, if robert mueller was honest person, throughout this whole thing after 6 months of his investigation, he knew there was no collusion, he knew -- he understand then but he -- embarrassing. volume 2 should never have been written, it is not a legal
8:43 pm
document, it is ridiculous in what mr. mueller did in volume 2, and a shame that american people paid for that with two years and 35 million dollars. >> there are a lot of questions to why volume one happened to begin with. and why was anyone spying on innocent americans, using illegitimate reports that have not been verified by our government. >> i look forward to volume 3, the investigation, what did barack obama and -- know. we need them under oath with their 5 lawyers and sweating under the scrutiny of what this government should be asking them. >> indeed, david, thank you so much. >> thank you. trish: tomorrow president of united states president trump will be joining me exclusively we'll talk a lot about the
8:44 pm
mueller report. and the uprising in venezuela. the economy and more, make sure you tune in president of the united states, tomorrow night, 8 p.m. eastern, right here on fox business with me. >> coming up florida si senator rick scott calls for u.s. military action in socialist venezuela, and my next guest agrees. right after this. -we bought a house in a neighborhood with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone even showed us how we can save money
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trish: chaos in venezuela, reaching a point. you know. i warned of this, months ago. i said it would get to the point we're at, here we are. tonight. with interim president juan guaido calling for a military uprising, guaido has anti-maduro supporters around the globe, many took to streets of new york city. our own christina, she was there today. she has this report for us. reporter: atmosphere is optimistic here in union square
8:49 pm
with 200 protestors joining forces after opposition leader guaido called for venezuelans to take to streets in final stage of his operation to over throw president maduro. in a country in venezuela with two men claiming to be president, today, you have words of encouragement many believe they will get back their country, i spoke with many protestors on why today is so significant. >> i have family in venezuela. >> you get a call or a what's up text or whatever, saying, we don't have food. we don't have electricity for days. you feel helpless. >> people of venezuela have a deeply ingrained desire for freedom and a aspiration of a thriving nation and prosperous country, it has been taken away from us by the maduro regime. >> it is hope. reporter: in new york city. they are optimistic that defense
8:50 pm
is slowly leaving moo -- maduro. trish: thank you so much for your report. >> there is increasingly talk of military involvement. that is what the discuss is tonight. whether or not u.s. will get involved, national security adviser john bolton saying what secretary pompeo and vice president mike pence have told me, as has the president, all options are on the table. watch this. >> we want as our principle objective peaceful transfer of power, i will say again as president has said are outset, and maduro and those supporting him, those who are not venezuelan should know that all options are on the table. trish: all this, florida senator rick scot qualls for u.s. mility
8:51 pm
action, is it getting to that. >> joining me retire brigadier general anthony kata. i mean, here we are. things are turning violent. and maduro still there. the russians now, secretary pompeo said, he was all set to go, they were lined up, willing, ready to put him on a plane, he was the ready to go. but russians stopped him? now what in. >> well, you know. if president trump is a russian spy that is not working out too good for russia. what we're seeing right now, trish, you have been lead journalist on this from the beginning. and we're at that tipping point that you and i have been talking about for last couple of months.
8:52 pm
and you see all elements of national power at play here. you have diplomatic element, with secretary pompeo. -- out there, talking about all on table, you have information warfare with president tweeting and secretary tweeting, and all information you have juan guaido tweeting, and you see the reaction. trish: and sanctions. a lot of sanctions that make life miserable. >> then, of course, you have military option, which is fourth element of national power that we're really focused on right now. because we're at this tipping point, maybe a little nudge from u.s. special forces awc such as delta force or nav navy seals or rangers, a nudge could help turn
8:53 pm
it in juan guaido's direct. u.s. mill military stands ready, i know they are ready tonight, it a 4 hour flight from north carolina to caracas and other places in venezuela. where many of your special ops troops are, our navy down there and we have talked about this nexus of russia, cuba, hezbollah and iran in our hemisphere in venezuela, influencing operations there. and this is the time to do something about it, juan guideyo saw an opening, he pursued, the time is now it must happen. trish: so. in your view, then, as you pointed out, our military is ready, willing and able to go, we should deploy some special
8:54 pm
forces that might tip it in guaido's favor and favor of people in democracy, i point out something secretary pom prime ministepompeo toldme, the russie forces there. -- they have special forces there. the russians are preventing ma maduro from leaving. if russians have special forces, why not u.s.? >> we have a lot of vital interests in country. we have a huge population, they are fledgling democracy, not a social state, they are a pledg.
8:55 pm
this is specialty of u.s. army rangers, delta force, this is what they do. so, what we can do from a military stand point is block anything coming in from the sea. have air supremacy with our great air force on the ground have army and marines provide humanitarian supplies from border toward caracas, then we have prisoners, remember we have prisoners, u.s. citizens. trish: 5 u.s. citizens there, and a green card holder locked up, general at that tima -- data good to have your receive. >> coming up president of united states joining me tomorrow night, on this program, i want to hear you from, what do you want to hear from him? a preview coming up after this. e the invite here.
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so i can rent fast without getting a hair out of place. heeeeey. hey! ah, control. (vo) go national. go like a pro. trish: i have a very big interview on this program tomorrow night, tune in 8 p.m. eastern, president of united states will join me, exclusively, we have a lot of questions for him. certainly' to ask him about next steps with venezuela. i want to ask him about mueller probe. i want to ask him abouts economy.
9:00 pm
and what it will look like over the next couple years. we have a lot of questions, i'm sure you do too, send us a tweet, let us know what you want to hear, live tomorrow, with president, kennedy is next. >> breaking new, venezuela on the brink, gunfights and tear gas in streets as people there rise up. >> it will end peases fully. -- , will it en peacefully? >> gunfire, melees, unrest, on one side maduro and his henchmen, robbed nation blind.


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