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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 1, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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guiado, battle to oust leader mick mulvaney spoke about it yesterday. >> important that we not consider a coup because we recognize that guiado is legitimate president of the country and we are watching along with everybody else. the only message is is we want to let the russians know they are not supposed to get involved. maria: secretary of state mike pompeo, russia and cuba are playing a role. he joins me later this morning coming up. mueller report coming up. william barr testifying before the senate, expressed concerned to william barr that he initially released over the president. certainly preview what we are expecting. futures this morning are higher take a look. expecting a firmer tone at the start of trading, dow industrials up, s&p 500 up 9 and
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nasdaq futures up 55. yesterday record highs to tell you about, s&p 500 closing at record high, nasdaq also was higher but then retreated. dow industrials closed at 38 points, the nasdaq down 54, despite taking hit from google parent company alphabet 7 and a half percent drop, initially nasdaq was higher, it ended lower. mornings with maria begins right now from los angeles. ♪ ♪ maria: all right, top story this hour is apple and the earnings were better than expected. technology giant reported second-quarter results last night. showed decline in profit and sales however still beat analyst expectations earnings per share
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and revenue. the company saying that the the iphone sales showing signs of weakness, down 17%, there are the numbers. joining us investment adviser, larry haverty and cyber guy kirk. let me get your take, first, larry, on how you see the quarter, what was your reaction, larry? >> you have to be very, very positive and you have to think a little bit outside the box here. if you're looking at this as pure technology company, i think you are going to get the wrong answer, market has begun to figure this out. this is just a marvelous ecosystem. more or less the gift that keeps on giving, the cycles are down right now but they are going to turn around and hopefully apple continue its ability to
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innovate, grows, generates cash, you're not going to look and see samsung store any time soon and the government is especially relative to what's going on at google and facebook staying away and you get to buy this thing as market multiple, it's phenomenally cash generative and incredible machine to generate productivity. i was at meeting in naples, they are using believe it or not to tag red tie, apple pays benefits success, they are going in credit card business, probably the premier financial service's company, you're looking at a market multiple of 3 cash flow machine, the number 1 brand in the country and they buy stock. if the stock sits here, maria, they can buy the stock when cows
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come home and it's more or less 8% in an environment where the risk-free return is 1 and a half percent. it's a phenomenal machine and phenomenal consumer machine and the stock is pretty quickly going to all-time highs. maria: wow, another all-time high, kirk, how do you see it? >> i can't even imagine how steve jobs would roll over in his grave hearing, larry, tim cook has been a great buying back, no question about it, but it's the innovation, hey, digital grade on financial side, but innovation of hardware and their endeavor into the service industry at this point, it shows some promise in the service side, nothing to be detailed about but on the hardware side i think we really still have to
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get an idea man or woman inside of apple to see innovation happen. the iphone was great, lock our world again. upgrades, when was the last time your family got upgraded iphone? maria: that's why they are focused on services. >> they have to. service is risky for them. they are out in hollywood where we are. they are trying to make a big splash. they have little experience in this area of content and they potentially could be outrageously content company but right now gatekeeper of content with minor production, spending a billion like 12 billion like amazon. maria: what do you think, larry? >> you have to define innovation in a more or less creative way. if you look back 30, 35 years, maria, believe it or not,
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wal-mart's great innovation figuring out a way to keep stores in stock and apple i think, one of its great innovations it's selling people things and basically never have to sell -- put the things or very rarely on sale. you have a business that generates phenomenal gross margins, the gross margin in service business is 63%. if you're a retailer, good gross margin is 25%, so there's a lot of free cash flow to fund innovation and certainly in the last 10 years innovation has been working and i don't think it's going to stop. i'm just phenomenally positive about this product even though i can't tell you what it is. the credit card with goldman sachs because what you have here is a brand that's most respected brand in the world and that's very, very important, so you're going to get the technology, the new iphone is going to have --
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do creative things. this iphone was exponkingly better with the photography function, photography function stimulates icloud because that's where you store the pictures and apple quietly collects on that. so the whole system pulls together in a way that i think it's just beginning to appreciate because -- maria: well, obviously -- you would buy the stock? >> yeah, for sure. maria: we will leave it there, larry, thanks so much. >> thanks, maria. maria: rukt, pleasure, being in your home. >> you're always welcome here. maria: protestors and government clashing over maduro. yesterday with acting chief of staff mick mulvaney, commented on venezuela, usmca trade deal
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hoping they pass soon, negotiations with china and infrastructure agreement, watch. >> we do not consider a coup because we recognize guiado as legitimate leader of the country and we we are it along with everybody else. the only message that we want the make sure russians and cubans know they are not suppose today get involved and then we do a bunch of times that all options are on the table. while we continue to watch this very closely, very serious matter. maria: let me turn back to domestic issues, another very important issue on the table which is near term and the markets are expecting, ratification of usmca. you said that the white house has seen as priority, but democrats are pushing back, a number of people that i've spoken w congressmen and women said i'm not signing in current form. what do you think? is there a plan b here? >> it's a huge deal which is
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priority for us. i don't know who lives on west coast, the environment is that pows -- poisonous. it would pass overwhelmingly and bipartisanly but if she doesn't, she control it is floor and the president is not going to do a deal for the sake of doing a deal. you and i talked about this before, i was with vietnam when the president left with the negotiations with kim jong un, he did that because there was no good deal on the table to be had. we didn't do it to send a message to the chinese, yes, we very much would like to do a deal but to do deal that's beneficial to both countries but if it's not a great deal, we are not going -- we are not going to do it. people asked me how long is negotiation going to go on, i don't have a specific answer for
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that. it won't go on forever. at some point in any negotiation, we are close to getting something doing so we will keep going, on the other hand, you throw your hand up and says this is never going to get anywhere and i think you'll know one way or another in the next couple of ways, you want to spend money, i want to change environmental laws, how do you feel about as democrat, i think maybe the place where the discussions are right now. are they interested in doing it, yes, probably more interest on the democrats part to make a show for trying to get a deal, yeah, i hope the conversations go well today but if they don't, it would not surprise me. i think it's a much better chance of getting usmca passed than infrastructure. maria: wow, joining the conversation this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell in new york, fox news political analyst here in la, great to see you, guys. what i really like about that
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interview, dagen, he was very candid, he said, look, i think there's a better chance of getting a deal done on usmca than infrastructure, even usmca is up in the air because you have democrats saying we don't want to sign it in current form. i will say this, this is an up and down vote, they will not make any changes, they have to vote for this or not vote for it, what do you say, dagen? dagen: any enforcement mechanism that democrats seem to be upset about in terms of labor, regulations down in méxico that can be done in separate piece of legislation, that's what the administration is arguing. but i will say this, if it looks like, and we warned people on the program that nancy pelosi when she was speaker under president bush basically stuck a trade deal in a drawer and it never went anywhere. if they can't get this deal, the usmca passed in congress, why sit down with the chinese. i think this becomes a bigger and bigger issues for the markets in the next several
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months. maria: it sure does, spot on, you know what, if we don't see this happen, they will see a real reaction in the markets but we are also going to see the onus on the democrats, don't forget, hundreds of thousands of jobs here at stake. >> considering that we have 70 billion-dollar trade deficit when it comes to méxico, considering the fact when nafta was passed in '94, validated now, the digital revolution hadn't yet happen, it's necessary to pass and move forward. maria: what treasury secretary mnuchin said yesterday, dagen, we could have recommendation to do deal with china or that's coming too quick as well. we will have clarity on china soon, markets are watching both situations. dagen: more clarity i hope on what happens in venezuela, the left who is ringing their hands about u.s. intervention in the country, admit that cuba is
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basically already as wall street journal editorial points out today the imperial power in caracas. maria: we will talk with secretary pompeo about that as well. we will take a short break, more of growing crisis in venezuela, my exclusive interview with wilbur ross as well, we will talk about deals and trade with him, then the mueller report fallout, attorney general william barr to testify in front of a senate as special counsel robert mueller questions barr's summary of the report.
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maria: well, big program this morning, coming up secretary of state mike pompeo, exclusive interview with wilbur ross, david is here along with rnc
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chair, plus chairman and ceo, nick is joining us as well, don't miss a moment of it, big program ahead, we want to look at the trump economy thriving this morning. alternative investments also increasingly seeing flows, investment firms in the world. joining me invest ceo, great to see you, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. maria: the trump economy, you have obviously good numbers in terms of gdp and the job's numbers out tomorrow, how do you see it? >> the economic backdrop for the u.s. and they were nay sayers, we think that economic background is solid. it's robust and for us to do so. generally, you know, what occurs in the united states is leading
6:18 am
the world. maria: yeah. >> we feel that there's inflection point in the united states, manufacturing potentially coming back, we see pretty solid runway. maria: earlier this week i had steven from black stone and i know you're invested in u.s. and europe, he thinks europe is bottoming out right now. >> one is the broader bank deleveraging team which provides steady flow for people like us to buy into, but we also see because a pretty long secular low-rate environment, we see attractive opportunity in terms of investing into fundamentals and europe if you kind of look at history tends the lag the u.s. leading to 24 months and with economic boost that we see in the united states, europe also pretty good opportunity.
6:19 am
maria: let's not forget that valuations are better. >> valuations are better. maria: go through alternative investment, commercial real estate, how does that look to you? >> particularly in industrial revolution center, we being active in the united states. following the same team that there's going to be shift to e-commerce and to serve that shift in and out cities, major distributions hubs in the u.s. and europe, investors on both areas. maria: you're looking at a pretty good year this year? >> should be solid year, shaping up to be pretty good year, yes. maria: we will leave it there. thank you so much, coming up cutting a deal, elon musk and
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maria: welcome back, we are watching earnings this morning, technology company zebra beating expectations on both earnings and revenue, shares up more than 40% since the beginning of the year, joining me ceo andrew, thank you so much for joining us, great quarter once again and performance, can you tell us what drove the quarter? >> yeah, we have strong performance for the whole
6:24 am
quarter, we have broad-base performance so all major product lines, all groups, 9% of revenue growth and 14% eps growth, so overall i think a strong performance. maria: yeah, for sure, tells me what drives the economic growth for the company for the next couple of years, where do you see the real leadership here within the product cycle? >> yeah, address a number of large trends and industries, we enable part of the on-demand economy, e-commerce and omni channel, warehouses in trying to modernize technology and that's one, another big trend for us that's driving businesses automation, we make distinction of repetitive automation and intelligent automation, we move folks on the intelligent side of it and last health care great driver for us.
6:25 am
maria: yeah, whether it's the ai or, you know, automation or health care, those are really the areas where most people think growth is going to come from throughout the industry, tell me what you're doing within health care and why that's such an important area for zebra? >> it's growing and growing over past several years, still smallest market but growing one and in health care, you know, we have a very compelling market or value proposition, we both address the quality of care, so the patient care, the safety, we also address activity metrics so the healthcare providers can provide care at better cost, higher-quality care, better costs. maria: right. why do you think investors reacted the way they did? what's happening to the stock? >> yeah, it's hard for me to speculate too much about what
6:26 am
happens. we had strong performance, you know, as i said we beat top line and bottom line, annual guidance a little bit, so i try not to get overly sidetracked or distracted. we focus very much on long-term growth and the market decides what it's growth. maria: good plan, i agree with you, well, stock was down despite the good performance, you are celebrating 50 years in business to mark the milestone you have something pretty special in store today, tell us about it. >> yeah, we will be ringing the closing bell at nasdaq today. we have colleagues in and celebration of it, celebrating 50 years of people who have helped company innovate and become successful. it's a big deal for us. maria: well, congratulations to you, please come back soon as you see really the direction of the technology in the next several years, i know you've got
6:27 am
big plans in terms of artificial intelligence and sensors who are so critical. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> ceo at zebra. coming up crisis in venezuela, commerce secretary wilbur ross in exclusive interview on how the trump administration is responding, coming up also, we will speak with secretary of state mike pompeo and then end of era, former google ceo eric schmit to step down on board of directors, details, back in a moment with that. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars.
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maria: welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, coming to you live this morning from los angeles, top story this half an hour is the crisis in venezuela,
6:31 am
opposition leader juan guiado continuing battle to oust nicolás maduro, one of topics discussed with wilbur ross on fox business news exclusive. we heard that now is the time, maduro will be on his way out, what is your reaction to that and what does the white house think? >> well, i certainly hope that he's right, it's been long struggle, venezuelan people have been very brave. when you see methods stones and sticks versus guns but maybe things are getting close to a boiling point and certainly breakthrough at airport is very, very encouraging, so clearly there's momentum building, the economy is in a shamble, the current leadership is clearly letting people die because they don't have food, they don't have medical supplyies, it's horrible, it has to come to an
6:32 am
end. maria: why would he leave now? >> well, pressure lasted a long time and suddenly expects, the old saying how did we get into bankruptcy and all of a sudden. i think it's the same true. maria: what is the white house going to do to support the venezuelan speak? >> well, no answer has come out yet, that would depend in venezuela but apparently the number of deflections from the military, the number of military not cooperating is going up and up and up so the direction of change was the right direction. maria: let me switch onto china, you have your colleagues now going to beijing working on this next round of talks with china and with the united states, what's most important at this point? >> i think the most important thing is making sure that we
6:33 am
have good enforcement mechanisms and proper punishment in the event that there are violations, so the easy part is getting them to buy a few more l&g. they have to do that anyway. harder restructural reform, intellectual property, reducing subsidies, the hardest of all is the enforcement part and that's where the key comes because trade agreements historically have not been very effective in terms of enforcement mechanism. maria: is that agreed upon, enforcement mechanism at this point? >> nothing agreed until you have everything agreed but discussions have been very constructive, you've seen how many meetings people going back
6:34 am
and forth, continually the discussion because progress is really made. maria: such a different story because there's different approaches to government, capitalism versus communism. how do you see this playing out over long term that we are partnering with or working along side with, the second largest economy that's top down, communists? >> well, the government has tapped down communists, i would argue that society itself is very capitalistic, you see the entrepreneurial activity there, you see a lot of things that the commercial people are doing so i think there are really two, there's the private sector and the big-heavy handed government and overall activity. maria: has espionage issue been factor, there's worry about huawei telecom and broken ties,
6:35 am
secretary pompeo has been telling we will share less with you. is this part of trade talks? >> it is very much part of the background. i don't think anything in trade talk which speaks specifically to huawei but our biggest concern is can you trust someone like that to be the core of your 5g network and what are the implications of it for control of your own telecommunications. >> let me move on to the u.s., méxico, canada agreement, do you expect it to be ratified by congress? >> i do. both houses with congress, approved the deal, we labeled part to have deal. i have been down there in big conference in méxico a couple of weeks ago, met with many senior
6:36 am
people including president of méxico, we are all upbeat about it. i don't think there's a problem getting it approved on their side. on the u.s. side i think the real key is when speaker pelosi will introduce it into the house. once she does, by congressional rule, it has to be acted within 90 congressional days, 90 calendar days, when congress is in session, 140 days through at least statutory time limit to it. given the fact that the usmca is so superior not only to old nafta but any trade agreement we've had, there's no reason in the world other than politics why somebody would vote against it. first time there's real labor
6:37 am
enforcement rules, nafta from mexican point of view who gains from nafta, were not really shared with the average worker. pay average mexican workers have gone down because of depreciation of the currency and the minimum wage to come up. so for the first time the mexican civilians are brought into the act and that's a very, very big deal, environmental same thing. much stronger, much stronger than any other deal. the president is determined not to dump the steel industry and aluminum industry back into trouble. great success story for the last year or two, $10 billion of new capital, steel mills opening in every place in the world and
6:38 am
best of all, while the price is back to where they were and in some cases below where they were before we put tariffs in. that's exactly what the president has confronted. we are happy with the way with steel and aluminum tariffs have worked out. maria: any chance the president would remove steel and aluminum tariffs? >> not going to take tariffs off unless there are other things that protect national security. there are other ways to solve that problem and serious discussions with both canada and méxico about alternative groups. one of them is we don't want their borders to be porous so that steel can be dumped into the u.s. through méxico and canada. second thing we don't want to have happened is we don't want suddenly older capacity in méxico or canada because that's
6:39 am
just as bad as if it's chinese overcapacity. maria: article in the journal this week that said nancy pelosi wants change and pushing to vote. she's not planning on bringing to the floor for a vote any time soon according to the journal? >> well, we will see. people change their minds, but all i can say is what is the alternative, the alternative is go back to old nafta which is obviously far superior on all of the issues that she's complaining about, so there's no fundamental excuse for wanting to go back to the old nafta and remember too, the president couldn't eliminate the old nafta on 6 months notice. maria: we have been working on a lot of trade deals, the president telling japanese prime minister he does not like the agriculture levies and basically suggesting that he's ready to
6:40 am
put tariffs on autos coming out of japan, is the president seriously considering? >> i was at the meeting with him and while there were some very clear the president, the tone was very friendly. president trump and president abe get along very well with each other. in fact, after our meeting, friday last week, they went out and played golf on saturday at the trump national golf club. so personal relations are good. maria: let me ask you about infrastructure, are you expecting a package on infrastructure this year? >> well, it's hard to pick timing because that becomes a political decision, but i think both parties agree infrastructure is needed in this country, it's been severely neglected, huge, huge trillions of dollars of investment that's needed, the question is, how do you structure the transaction,
6:41 am
how do you pay for them and what rules of the road come along with them. we are of the view that part of the problem both cost problem and nonachievement problem with infrastructure, too many rules. i have a chart in my office that goes all the way up to the ceiling, 120 steps that a major infrastructure project needs to go through and the problem is when there's 120 steps and the current process has been in sequence rather than in parallel, it takes forever, plus, everyone of those steps, somebody who maybe is far-fetched maybe is not, can slow it down. it can take 10 years to get a major infrastructure project approved. nobody wants to leave the environment unsafe.
6:42 am
the president doesn't, that's not really the issue but having two totally different process's -- processes so address the same issue is wasteful, it's not resulting in better decision, taking 2 years instead of 10 years doesn't resolve in better decision, what it does do makes people not want to do them. maria: good to have you on the program, thanks so much. >> thank you, maria, for having me on. maria: all right, wilbur ross joining us there from the milken conference, eric schmit ready to step down from the parent company, details, cutting deal elon musk with securities and exchange commitment reaching agreement with tweet, all that straight ahead.
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maria: welcome back, end of era at google. cheryl casone with headlines,. cheryl: yeah, maria, long time ceo announcing he's leaving the company board, schmitt appointed ceo back in 2001 when google was 3 year's old. he talked about management philosophy. >> managers need to learn, do this, drive hard and sometimes you have to step back and say i want to coach the team, i want to coach this event, i want to
6:47 am
help people organize and the way you coach is different from telling people. >> resigned as executive chairman at end of 2017 but remained on the board of parent alphabet, board term expires in june. taking a look at alphabet, nearly up 15% this year. well, federal judge signing off on deal between tesla ceo elon musk and the sec, musk agreeing to submit public statement about tesla's finances and other topics to vetting by the legal counsel at the company, the judge did approve the settlement over musk use of twitter despite objections from sec commissioner robert jackson who wanted tougher rules for musk. well, beyond meat raising the price change of initial public offering, the company with meat substitute, 23 to $25 is the range that would value about 1 and a half billion dollars, the
6:48 am
ipo is set to price after the closing bell today. meanwhile burger king says its plant-base impossible whopper is not cutting into sales of the iconic whopper, ceo of burger company parent company says the impossible whopper is attracting new customers, burger king to take impossible whopper national later on this year, maria, who told me all about beyond meat, maria, that would be dagen mcdowell. maria: yes, she did. yeah, dagen, let's bring in dagen in on that. dagen: right, i've said all along i ate steak chicken and it was delicious. somebody who is a vegan or vegetarian would go with friend or loved one so they can all bread together, so to speak.
6:49 am
you know what, there's a whole climate change, green new deal component to this because i've said yesterday that these democratic candidates should all go vegan if they are really worried about mother earth. i'm waiting nar to happen. maria: well, you know, you're right, this has seen tipping point in terms of accepting and in terms of resinating with people, this ipo may very well do well, so we will watch that, thanks dagen and cheryl, i want to bring your attention for breaking news that we are showing you on the screen, julian assange has been sentenced to 50 weeks in jail in the uk, take a look at that when we come back, plus fallout of mueller report, attorney general william barr to testify in senate and mueller questions summary of the reportment judge andrew napolitano joins us next, why the timing, why drop the report last night and the idea that he wasn't believing it right before the barr testimony, we will get into it.
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maria: welcome back president trump tweeting this morning, he just wrote this, i'm overwriting the commission order, harriet truman, largest and fine nest the world, updated at fraction of a cost of a new one which also are being built, the president this morning, welcome back, william barr expected to testify in front of senate judiciary committee, barr releasing opening statement ahead of hearing, he says this, given extraordinary public interest in this information i determined that it was necessary to make as much of it public as
6:54 am
i could, committed the department to being as transparent as possible, but it would not have been appropriate for me simply to repeat volume 2 of the report without making judgment, joining me right now fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano, judge, good to see you, thank you very much for joining us. your reaction. >> his reference to volume 2 actually came out in two volumes, most of us read as if it were one, the analysis of the allegations of obstruction of justice against the president with the sort of empty feeling at the end that mueller barely found evidence of obstruction justice, did not make a prosecutorial determination, i'm quoting the attorney general, prosecutorial that we should move forward and charge him, he left that decision to attorney general, but, of course, the fallout this morning and the timing, of course, somebody dropped this last night, we don't know in order to affect the hearing today, what the
6:55 am
hearing will be about, the fallout this morning is, you know, bob mueller complaints what did you know about them not with respect to 4-page summary but with respect with what bill barr said under oath to the senate when he may have been asked, i have to go back of testimony, did you go over 4-page with bob mueller. maria: you made important point earlier about all of this question about robert mueller, now, all of a sudden, we are hearing speculation that he didn't really by the way barr treated the report? >> 51% of americans believe this is a witch hunt and the witch hunt continues, knowing what the letter said that he didn't capture the context and substance and nature of what he believed the results were, but yet they were accurate in his views, i wonder what is
6:56 am
intentionally the purpose of drawing up a letter like this especially considering the fact that he's a law man, i want to know from judge napolitano if he's acting in good-faith in service to the country? >> well, short answer and good morning gianno, yes, i do, if bob mueller dropped that, leaked in 22-monday investigation, if bob mueller brought the letter in order to frustrate his boss, his boss whose testimony is today that would be career-ending, i would be surprise that he's responsible for that, however, i do believe it will be the the crux of the interrogation today, did you carry water for the president in order to sort of dull down the public anxiety before the report
6:57 am
came out. maria: sounds like politics to me. this is disappointing in terms of robert mueller's behavior. quick break, secretary of state mike pompeo coming up top of the hour to talk about venezuela, back in a minute. the introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. is wednesday, may 1st. your top stories right now. we are watching earnings this morning. human that out with a double beat on earnings and revenue. the company raising the full year guidance. yum brands and molson coors coming out, also in a moment. we'll have those numbers many then there's apple, that's the big story in terms of markets this morning. the stock is up premarket, take a look, up 5 and he three quarters percent. set to add more than 70 points to the dow jones industrial average at the opening bell this morning. the technology giant out with an optimistic outlook after earnings last night. they were better than expected even though they were down. futures this morning showing a
7:01 am
pretty good gain as a result of apple's move. take a look, we're expecting a gain of about 60 points on the dow jones industrial average at the open. the s&p futures right now up 7 and three quarters points. the nasdaq futures up 50 points. we're waiting on the federal reserve. this is the end of the two day meeting today. we're waiting for word from the fed as president trump continues to call on the fed -- larry kudlow said he would like the fed to cut interest rates. the fed does not have that 2% target and some people say since you're not seeing inflation, maybe cutting interest rates would actually get that inflation to where the fed wants it. we'll see what the fed says about inflation and about growth when we hear from them today at 21:00 21:002:15 eastern time. the u.s. is reportedly set to accept a watered down security pledge from china. we'll talk about that coming up.
7:02 am
dagen is in new york looking at all of this. apple is doing well. the numbers were lower. the he focus is on services your reaction? dagen:s this backs up what's going on in overall the stock market. i want to point out, stocks are off to the best four month start in literally decades. you have to go back -- so the dow, best four months start to the year since '99. s&p 500, you've got to go back to 1987 to find a market like this. so i think the market was anticipating results from the likes of apple and one thing i want to weigh -- i know you're going to talk to the secretary of state about what's happening in venezuela. i think a lot of viewers are probably sitting back and looking at what's happening, going how did we get here. how did venezuela get to this place? and i for years have been reading mary o'grady at the wall street journal, the editorial page writer and this is not just something that happened in the last few years.
7:03 am
this was literally decades and decades of the intelligence, politicians, academics in the country, spewing socialist pap in her words at the people there. and they built an attitude -- it's not just corruption from the oil wealth in the country, but they built an attitude that if you stick it to the rich, that's the path to prosperity. and it's very dangerous what's going on in this country because i do think you can make the connection between this microwave warmed over socialist garbage that's being pitched to the american people from bernie sanders an and alexandria ocasio-cortez, it leads to people hating creativity, ingentlemen new at thiandwork a, venezuela. maria: blood in the streets is what you're getting right now. the top story is the crisis in venezuela right now. supporters of juan guaido
7:04 am
clashing with government force as he calls for the ouster of nicolas maduro. joining me now is mike pompeo to talk more about this. thanks for being with us this morning. >> great to be with you. maria: we want to get to the latest off the bat. what do we know about the support for guaido from the military and security forces a and where is maduro? >> maduro spoke last night. he went on a ramble for about an hour, the first time he came out of hiding. he's pretty tucked away, unlike interim president doe who is in the street, talking to venezuelan people, a stark contrast, i think indicative about how maduro feels about his own security. we had the most senior leader come you across yesterday, the head of the venezuelan intelligence service, a fellow named christopher. and we had dozens of others, military depart maduro's forces
7:05 am
yesterday. today they expect big rallies. guaido's been calling for the biggest rally in the history of venezuela. we expect people to take to the streets today to defend their democracy. maria: look at this stronghold of support from russia and cuba to maduro, with russia providing weapons, cuba providing intelligence. how significant is that? viewers need to understand this triangle of strength, if we were to see this continued support. >> it's absolutely the case for a long time, the cubans have had an unbelievable amount of control inside of venezuela. i think that's why you see the economy having had such problems over the last five, six, seven years. you have cubans, communists in control of the venezuelan control, in control of the venezuelan security situation and on top of that we've got the expanded role of russia in venezuela, propping up the thugs that are the maduro regime.
7:06 am
maria: so how far is the u.s. going to go to stop russia from providing weaponry, stop cuba from their support and whether it's intelligence or support for maduro? >> you've seen the work that we've done already to raise the cost for the cubans, we've taken a handful of actions. there are more that we'll continue to work on. we'll do the same for the russians. they need to understand that it is -- as the president said, they've got to go. the russians need to have the cost for that. we're focused on making sure we do everything we can to take this activity, which is undermining juan guaido who is the dually elected leader of venezuela. and take support from underneath him, so he'll depart the country. maria: this is critical to the united states, right? so what is the impact of this support from cuba on the u.s.? you're talking about a region, a
7:07 am
three hour flight from miami. >> that's right. the obama administration took a different approach to cuba than the one that president trump and our team have taken. we're going to continue to challenge the leadership in cuba and try and restore a decent way of life in cuba as well. our focus today is venezuela. i think i heard you talking a little earlier, the humanitarian crisis alone is staggering. you've had 3 million people flee the country. we expect another 2 million if the situation doesn't change to leave the country this year. this is a country of 30 million people. that's more than 10% of the population that will have fled. they've done so that in spite of the fact the american taxpayers have been providing enormous medical and food assistance, the maduro regime continues to allow starving children not to eat and kids who are sick not to get medicine. it's been going on a long time. the devastation is deep. that's why you see the venezuelan people in the streets today. maria: and obviously maduro is
7:08 am
hiding out and has still not left. what's to say -- i mean, why do we believe that in fact this is the moment that he will take the cue and actually get out of town? do you think that this is actually the moment? or is he going to continue in hiding? this has been going on for some time and he still hasn't left. >> that's right, maria. he's always there until he's not. we don't know precisely when the moment is that he'll make the right decision for the people of venezuela. he's shown an utter lack of regard or care for their decency, their dignity. our task is to continue to support all those who support juan guaido. it's not only the people in the national abring but the organization -- assembly but the organization of american states, 50 plus countries across the world, each of whom recognized that the election that maduro claims his power from was a fraud, a sham. that juan guaido is the constitutional leader and that we need free and ferrel fair
7:09 am
elections. our efforts are to drive towards that conclusion. we'll continue with this until the venezuelan people get the democracy they're demanding. maria: is the u.s.'s support going to include troops? are the military troops in the u.s. going to head there and support guaido? >> the president has been crystal clear. and incredibly consistent. mill you tri action is possible if that's what's required. that's what the united states will do. we're trying to do everything we can to avoid violence. we'ved asked all the parties involved not to earn gaug engagt kind of activity. the president has made clear, in the event there comes a moment -- we'll have to make decisions on when that moment is, the president will make that decision, he's prepared to do that if that's what's required.
7:10 am
maria: the president is trying to send a message to cuba. he tweeted this last night. if cuban trips and maly sh milio not immediately cease their actions, a full and complete embargo together with highest level sanctions will be placed on the island of cuba. hopefully all cuban soldiers will promptly and peacefully return to their island. what is the plan in terms of sanctions? >> i never get ahead of the team on exactly what the sanctions will be. you saw what we did with what's called title 3 of a piece of legislation back in the '90s. no administration had imposed those burdens on cuba. we did. we announced a set of travel restrictions, monetary restrictions. there's more to follow. the president couldn't have been clearer in the tweet he put out about the costs there will be to the communist regime in cuba if they don't change their way, if they don't depart venezuela and if they don't cease their
7:11 am
support, violent support inside of that country. maria: and what about russia? i mean, how far is the u.s. willing to go to get russia to stop providing weaponry to maduro? >> the mission is very clear. the president laid down a very clear requirement for the russian state. they've got to leave. and most importantly, they've got to take down that support for maduro. they are in fact the force that is propping up the maduro regime. i said yesterday, maria, there are indication that's maduro was prepared to leave and that the russians asked him not to go. those are very dangerous things, dangerous for the venezuelan people and things that create an enormous amount of risk that violence will escalate, something that i think no country in the region wants. maria: and escalate and impact the broader region as well. i mean, the pictures are looking more and more like syria and a civil war every day. so characterize for our audience
7:12 am
the impact on places like brazil, colombia and the united states. >> maria, i'm not sure the analogy to syria is appropriate. very different set of challenges. but in terms of the humanitarian crisis i think the scale here is now almost equal. the colombians are hosting over 1 million sick and refugees. peru and chile beginning to be impacted, economies beginning to be burdened by the cost of hosting those who fled from venezuela and more are streaming outside o ovens way of venezueld every day. i saw where people were coming across a riverbed, coming across -- they were fleeing a place where they couldn't feed their kids, couldn't take care of their children and these mothers who had been so devastated, who wanted to stay in their home country, simply couldn't do so. maria: and then there's also the question of guaido and if we were to see the military support
7:13 am
maduro in a bigger way, if they were to imprison guaido. >> maduro's regime has not chosen to do that so far. we've all, not just the united states, but every country has made crystal clear to maduro and those who are supporting him including the cubans, taking out the dually elected leader, the constitutionally he'll elected interim president in venezuela would be a significant escalation and there will be a response if that should happen. maria: has a red line been crossed in terms of the u.s.? >> you know, talk about red lines, this is a mission, a mission to restore democracy and to begin the process he's to rebuild seven years of disaster and economic conditions inside of venezuela. this is a government-owned destruction of their country. i think about all the place that's have economic challenges. some of them are caused by
7:14 am
natural disasters. some are caused because countries don't have wealth or capacity. venezuela is not that. this is because of their socialist government. this is because a leader chose not to honor the desires of his own people. and the enormous destruction of a once proud country's economy is devastating for the people of that country. we're working to restore better conditions. maria: and very quickly, before you go, a word on china. treasury secretary mnuchin and bob lighthizer holding trade talks in china you've had your own investigation and serious and important approach to china's behavior. tell us how you look at this as we're talking about business and trade, you're looking at espionage and bad behavior from china in a whole host of other areas. >> china presents an enormous challenge for the united states. they're a country with 1.5 billion people and, therefore, a big market for u.s. companies.
7:15 am
but at the same time, they pose a national security challenge to us and we have to do each of those two things at the same time. i hope the trade discussions go well this week in china. maria: mr. secretary, it's good to see you, thank you very much for joining us. >> maria, good to be with you. maria: secretary of state mike pompeo, and we'll be right back.
7:16 am
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7:18 am
maria: welcome back. i'm here with ja giana calledwel this morning. your reaction to what the secretary of state told us. >> you had some strong and salient points. i think back to syria and the fact that the country was gassing its own citizens and that's when our government got involved. that's when president trump had enough. we look at the pictures that we saw yesterday. we see that the militaries is running over its own citizens and there's more drastic actions coming down. i think secretary pompeo made it fairly clear that this administration is willing to go in and use force if necessary and i think we're getting to that point where the red line is
7:19 am
being crossed. maria: look, there are sanctions. there is military. i mean, we'll see what the u.s. does. they're trying to do as much as possible to say to maduro, look, leave while you can. >> we still have russia that's propping them up as the secretary mentioned. maria: and cuba. >> and cuba. when you think about the fact that these other countries are getting involved in the situation, meanwhile there's a 54 country delegation that supports the dually elected leader, something those be done. they're using force on their own people. we have to move and we have to move quickly. maria: the american people need to understand what this triangle of russia, cuba, venezuela means which is a three hour flight from miami. >> exactly. with that being the case, it's more important than ever that we take action and we take action now and you can tell they're willing to do that. maria: we'll see. we want to focus on earnings in terms of markets. we do have a firming tone for markets this morning. human that is out with earnings right now. cheryl casone hall has details w
7:20 am
york. cheryl: earnings season rolling out. human that beating on the top an bottom line, thanks in part to sale of medicare health plans. they raised the lower end of 2019 earnings forecast. that was good news for human that. shares are down 11% so far for the year. we'll see how the stock reacts to the latest news today. coloclorox narrowed its fiscal r forecast, partly due to rising competition in its disinfecting wipes business. shares are up 3% so far this year. well, now to amazon. they have officially launched in the united arab emirates. is going to replace, the popular regional e-commerce platform that amazon bought for $580 million in 2017. users will have access to products sold by amazon in the united states. meanwhile, back here in the
7:21 am
united states, amazon posted the first job listing for the new arlington, virginia headquarters. company pledging 25,000 jobs there in 10 years. they also announced a plan to create 400 tech jobs in denver, colorado. now to the u.k. and the breaking news from there. julian assange sentenced to 50 weeks in jail in the u.k. the wikileaks founder found guilty of breaking bail conditions last month after he didn't surrender back in 2012. the judge ruled he deserved the maximum sentence possible. he's accused of conspiring with chelsea manning to leak classified documents. he'll be back in court tomorrow for u.sfor a u.s. extradition h. maria: coming up, seeing eye to eye, president trump, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer agreeing on a spending package to support the nation's crumbling infrastructure. we have details on the meeting that went down yesterday.
7:22 am
the big business of cannabis. i speak with the ceo of kush company holdings. back in a minute.
7:23 am
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maria: welcome back. the big business of cannabis, california, the largest legal marijuana market in the country. cannabis packaging company kush co holdings is making a name in the industry, using the plant without touching it. joining us right now is the chairman and ceo, nick kovacevich. great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: explain your business. >> we provide products and services to cannabis businesses. people that actually do touch the plant. and we provide them with all sorts of things but one of our main staples is packaging with a focus around child safe and child resis b take resistant pag because there's red tape in the industry. we have to make sure our product
7:26 am
portfolio is completely compliant so our clients stay on the right side of the law. maria: i know california is the largest legal market in the country, one of the world's three largest medical marijuana. do you need to see more opening up across the country in terms of legalization in order to really expect growth sustained? >> yeah, i mean, our growth is out of this world. in the last 20 quarters, we basically have grown every quarter on average at about 27% sequentially. last quarter we announced -- we went from $10 million in sales last year to $35 million so we're up almost 250%. we're getting the growth on the markets that are legal today. we have a bunch more that are set to some online. michigan recently voted in. canada legalized last year in october. they have rolled out the edibles and vape pens, coming in october of this year. we're seeing tremendous growth
7:27 am
in massachusetts. they opened their first stores back in november. our growth, we went from $400,000 in one quarter to almost a million the next quarter. we'll probably do $2 million in the next quarter in massachusetts alone. when the markets come online they come online in a big way. it's great because it's good for our business. it's good for our customers' businesses. it's good for the consumers that need access to the product. it's also really good for the state because they're generating a ton of tax revenue. maria: is it good for your health? do we know specifically that marijuana and cannabis is any different than tobacco in terms of cancer? >> we know it's vastly different. look, if we -- maria: it is? >> for sure. studies have been done in other countries around the world. maria: if not, it wouldn't be legalized all over the place. >> not only is it being legalized for medical purposes, people are using it to actually prevent cancer. people are using it to help with some of the detrimental effects of these really debilitating diseases, to help them cope and manage and of course there's a
7:28 am
recreational component as well. we're not seeing the type of negative effects that we're seeing in tobacco and alcohol. things that have been virtually accepted in our society. that will happen to cannabis. we need more time, we need more research, we need for free enterprise and marketing dollars. >> quick question. so i'm from the state of illinois. they're drafting bills to expand that market. are you guys planning on rolling out lobbyists, that kind of thing? >> the markets are developing on their own. illinois has a new cannabis friendly governor. we're expecting legislation out of that state soon, especially with the neighbor, michigan, he voting in last year. >> you guys are actively involved in the process by advocating for the expansion? >> yeah, absolutely. we help the rule makers when it comes to things like packaging regulations, how do you figure those out. we have a lot of experience. we've been in the industry since 2010. question with opine on this and create friendly regulations that
7:29 am
also protect the public safety. >> that was part of the growth strategy. >> absolutely. maria: what's driving this? when you look at the impact on for example colorado, hicken hickenlooper said they raised $1 billion in revenue from the sale. so what's driving this? is it the need for revenue? is it the fact that it's -- we have an nfl player, jack brewer on the program a lot, he said the nfl should give its players marijuana instead of opioids. where do you think the real drive to get this legalized is coming from? >> well, i think it starts with that medical aspect, right and i think if you have a child that's suffering from seizures, epilepsy, and this is something that could potentially help or fix that, you're obviously going to be an advocate. it starts there. there's other people that say hey, i don't think that this is good for society and those people can be convinced by the tax revenue. so it plays to both sides and the tax revenue is real. colorado's generated real
7:30 am
dollars. maria: a billion dollars. >> it helped fund a lot of programs that needed it. there's more states that have budget deficits. that's why you're seeing increased progression in the amount of legislation that's going through these states. maria: we'll be watching that. nick, it's certainly looking like a growth story. >> absolutely. maria: nick kovacevich joining us. coming up, the race to the white house, new numbers show that joe biden is surging in primary polls, plus television turned vertical, samsung turned the crowded tv market on its head, literally. the company's latest attempt to target millennials, that's coming up later this hour. back in a moment. ♪ i said what about breakfast at tiffany's. ♪ she said i think i remember the film. ♪ as i recall you i say -- 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres.
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. it's a jam packed morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, may 1st. your top stories right now. there is crisis happening in venezuela.
7:34 am
opposition leader guaido continues his battle to oust president maduro. moments ago i spoke with secretary of state mike pompeo about the situation. >> for a long time the cubans have had an unbelievable amount of control inside of venezuela. i think that's why you see the economy having had such problems over the last five, six, seven years. you have cubans, communists in control of the venezuelan control, in control of the venezuelan security situation. on top of that, we've got an expanded role of russia in venezuela, also propping up the thugs that are the maduro regime. maria: cuba and russia are critical here. back at home, earnings in the focus on wall street, human that beathat--humana beat on top andm line. markets are higher. we have a rally in apple. that is fueling a rally in futures. dow futures right now indicating a gain of about 80 points on the dow at the open. the s&p futures are up 8 and
7:35 am
three quarters point, nasdaq futures up 51. apple set to add more than 70 points to the dow industrials at the open as it flirts with a trillion dollar market valuation. investors are waiting on ford from the federal reserve. we have the full coverage of the interest rate decision and the guidance from the fed after the two day meeting today at 2:15 eastern time. everyone is watching about the potential of an interest rate cut. yesterday the markets ended like this. take a look at the lead-up to this result of the fed meeting, dow industrials picking up 38 points at the close yesterday, s&p was up 2 points, nasdaq was down 54 points. energy, financial, healthcare all helping to lift the markets yesterday. european markets this morning look like this. many markets are closed by the way for the may day holiday, london is open and it is lower by 5 points. our top story this half hour, infrastructure is the new buzz word in washington.
7:36 am
house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer say they reached an agreement with president trump on a $2 trillion infrastructure deal. during my discussion with acting white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney yesterday, he expressed concern over the time line of making such a deal. watch. is an infrastructure deal realistic in 2019? >> i explained infrastructure as a pipe, and you put money in one end of the pipe and then asphalt, bridges come out the other end of the pipe. right now that pipe is 10 years long. and i've told the president several times, mr. president, doesn't make a difference how much money you put at the end of the pipe or how you fund it or where it comes from, where it goes, you won't see a single lane of traffic, of road paved before the end of your second term. we want to change the length of that pipeline to get it down under, say, two years, for a road or a bridge. that's where this breaks down. you want to spend money, i want to spend money, i want to change the environmental laws, how do
7:37 am
you feel about that as a democrat? it will be a difficult place for some of them to go. maria: joining me right now to talk about that is michigan congresswoman, house energy and commerce committee member, debbie dingle. always a pleasure to see you. thank you for being here. >> good morning. it's always good to be with you. maria: when we talked about an infrastructure plan in the past, you've been very optimistic. you wanted to come to an agreement. but what about what you just heard from mick mulvaney? when you get to the details, in order to get a deal the be president's going to want to change for example environmental law. how do you feel about that? >> i think mulvaney is trying to throw roadblocks in this. i think this is the post positive meeting we've seen come out of the white house. they agreed in theory where we need to go. if you get out of the bubble of washington and get into the real world, all you hear about is from people you need to fix our roads and bridges. my governor won on the theme, fix the damn roads, i hate the
7:38 am
word, hate the theme, but it got heher elected. we need to get it. it's going to create job. the president wants to create jobs. we want to create jobs. i think he's throwing up some things that aren't going to be there. what we've got to do is get out there, get the money into that pipeline. get the projects out there. there are shovel-readied projectready projectsright now. we need to get this done. the american people want us to stop the bickering and fix the damn roads. excuse me language. maria: you are right. infrastructure is a good place for the two sides to come together. but let's face it. all we've been hearing from the democrats is impeachment and we want his taxes and we want investigations into donald trump. can you really believe that you're going to have a hearing on infrastructure on a monday and then a hearing on tuesday about impeachment? >> okay. so here i'm going to say to you that i'm a democrat and you hear
7:39 am
from me much more about how we've got to deliver for the people and not only on infrastructure, but if you're a republican or democrat you've got to do something about prescription drugs. you've got pre-existing condition is an issue you hear a lot about too. the last month you heard about insulin and the epipen. i've been hearing about the inhaler, it's $700. people are out there, we've got to do -- maria: you're right. in other words, you're not interested in impeachment, you're more interested in getting things done for the american people, is that what you're saying? >> i am more interested in delivering for the american people. when you read that report, which i've done, i suspect you have too, i'm on my second reading, you have to be deeply disturbed by what's in it. can you do oversight and work for the people at the same time. so we've got very strong committee chairmen that are doing that oversight. you can't walk away from it. i was married to man that did very strong oversight but also delivered on a lot of issues. you can walk and chew gum at the
7:40 am
same time. that's what we've got to do. for me, delivering on those issues, the infrastructure, the prescription drugs, trade is really critical. maria: i get it. what would a plan look like in terms of funding this? let's face it, congresswoman, you're talking about $2 trillion in the face of a $22 trillion debt. so when does the debt become important? and when does the congress say okay, maybe we should not be spending $2 trillion? how much of that is federal money and how much would you like to see from the private sector? >> so for starters, you know i didn't agree with the tax bill that we recently passed. it gave tax doubts a lot of the wealthy. we've got to look at that. but you know t. fact of the matter is, we probably are going to have to look at a gas tax. how much that is, how we do it, that's going to be a very sensitive issue. and we've got to -- we're getting less money because we've got fuel efficiency, so with
7:41 am
more vehicle miles traveled, more fuel efficiency, we're seeing less money go into the tax fund to fund the roads that's been there. so we've got to figure out how do we do this. do you do vehicle miles traveled? you've got to look at it. maria: a gas tax okay. before you go. i've got to ask, are you going to vote yes for usmca? you just heard mick mulvaney say he believes it's more likely that usmca passes than an infrastructure package. are you going to vote yes? >> i call it nafta 2.0. i'm not there yet. i think we do need to get a revised nafta. i'm concerned about some provisions, like general motors still being able to build blazers in mexico. i talked to the ustr trade ambassador lighthizer all of the time and if we see some things addressed, then i probably am one of the more likely democrats to vote for it but i'm not there yet. we need changes. maria: all right.
7:42 am
congresswoman, we will watch that important issues we're talking about this morning. good to he see you. >> good to see you. maria: thank you very much. we want to talk more about the conversation, a new cnn poll shows that joe biden is surging in pop latest withi popularity , now 20 points ahead of senator bernie sanders who has 39% of the democratic vote supporting biden. joining us right now is gop strategist john thomas. it's good to see you. thanks for joining us. before we get to 2020, a word on usmca. what did you hear from debbie dingle in terms of the deal? this is an up and down vote. >> it was fascinating. the fact that she's talking -- she even mentioned a gas tax as part of that is stunning. we're broadcasting from l california. we know what it's like. we just passed a gas tax. voters got tricked into not repealing because tricky language. what gas taxes do, they h penale the people that can afford it
7:43 am
the least. the people commuting can't afford high gas prices. everybody loves infrastructure, but when you start talking taxes, good luck. maria: $2 trillion. >> it sounds like a dirty word that ended with the obama administration, earmark. where does the money go? the numbers in 2018 in the white house, they said they would commit 20% per project and the other 80% would come from local and state governments. that sounds like it's more doable. >> this is coming at a time when we had an argument about $5 billion for a wall was beyond the pale, couldn't find the money. maria: that's absolutely -- do you think usmca gets ratified? >> i'm not sure. i don't know how it ends up yet. maria: this will be a big deal. if the administration can't get usmca, what does that mean about china, japan and europe? >> it was interesting how the congresswoman was talking about walking and chewing gum between impeachment and driving an
7:44 am
agenda. you can't do both. i hate to have news for you. but when you're -- >> political agenda. >> when you're going down impeachment path, government grinds to a halt. maria: a word on biden and bernie. >> i'll tell joe this. enjoy the bump while it lasts. the devil's in the details on the cross tabs. if you look at whereby den's support comes from, he has over 44% of the african american block while kamala harris has 10%. are you telling me that's going to stay? he's winning with over 50% of nonwhite voters. there's a diverse field that's polling in single digits. he's benefiting from name i.d. he's going to quickly erode as soon as the field gives him the frontrunner treatment. maria: president obama did not endorse joe biden. he said he and michelle will stick to the lines. i think obama wants kamalla. >> i disagree with that i think everyone knew he would get a support and they would use obama's support later down the
7:45 am
line. >> kamala harris got a 10 point bump, biden got a 6 point bump. maria: i speak with xfl president and the 49er's nfl team president on how the league is making a bold comeback, right after this. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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maria: welcome back. a legal defeat for a two time olympic champion. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: she lost her appeal after fighting to race despite
7:49 am
her naturally high testosterone levels. the court of arbitration for sport says the proposed rules are discriminatory but it is a necessary means of achieving the goal of preserving the integrity of female athletics. she is going to have to take medication to reduce her testosterone if she wants to keep running on the international stage. well, a new chapter for two text tbook publishers, mcgraw hill and sun gauge are merging, that will create the second largest provider of college text tbooksn the country. samsung is touting a new tv made he's leasespecially for millenn. it's a 43-inch tv, it can rotate to a vertical position. it can also connect to mobile device, allowing instagram photos and youtube video toss be viewed on the big screen. the price tag, $1,600, a tv for
7:50 am
millennials, you heard that right. back to you. maria: all right. coming up, the new xfl, i'll speak with the xfl president and the san francisco 49er's team president on how the league is making a big bold comeback, after this. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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7:53 am
it's happening. get ready. time to scream, time to yell. this is football reborn. this is the xfl. maria: welcome back. potential competition for the nfl. it is the xfl, making a comeback. the league partnering with elevate sports ventures to support ticket sales for eight teams across the country. joining me now is xfl president and chief operating officer jeffrey pollock as well as
7:54 am
elevate sports venture ceo, al guaido. >> thanks for having us. >> maria: this is big shoes to fill. jeffrey, how do you take on the nfl? >> we're not taking on the nfl. we're a complement to the nfl. our focus is on giving the 38 million avid football fans who want more football after the super bowl exactly what we want. so we're going to reimagine the game. we're going to reimagine the business and that's part of what today's announcement is all about. maria: what about the players? the draft that the nfl wrapped up, players who didn't make the cut could end up in the new league, right? >> absolutely. we'll be announcing our player acquisition and development strategy later in the year. but our foes cus focus is on heg reimagining the game and providing more football to football fans that simply want. mariamore. maria: it seems like an
7:55 am
insatiable situation in terms of what fans want. tell us what you're seeing. >> i couldn't be more proud to partner with the xfl. it's all about people. i love football at all levels. youth football, college football, high school football, the nfl. as jeffrey mentioned, there's fans of football all across the world and at elevate sports ventures our job is to partner with jeffrey and his team and the team presidents he put in place in all of these great cities to reimagine the fan experience and how season tickets or tickets are bought inside of this space. maria: and i guess jeffrey, you've got different rules from the nfl, like the major changes to how overtime works, offering one, two and three point conversions. talk to us about the differences. >> so our rules are actually still in development. but as you've heard from our great commissioner, oliver luck, our focus is on creating a bit of a more up-tempo game and that's what we're focused on among some other changes. the game doesn't need to be
7:56 am
changed radically. we think we can help evolve it a bit. we're going to have our own brand of football and it's also going to be about more access for fans. that's something that we're focused on and as we work with elevate to think about what it means to be a season ticket member of the xfl, we're going to look at creating more avenues of access to get people closer to the game that they love. >> thi question for you original was created in 2001. you played one season then. what will be different now for the viewers at home? >> well, that was a very different time and it's going to be a very different product. this is going to be really about a focus on the essentials of the game, the essentials of the fan experience, opening up more doors of access and really playing it straight, if you will. and this is about football. this is about the fan and it's
7:57 am
about getting the fan closer. maria: and you've got direct to consumer plans as well, right? that's sort of the big buzz word within the nfl. >> absolutely. and part of today's announcement is about how we go out to the consumer with our ticket product and we're proud to partner with elevate for that. maria: gentlemen, great to have you. best of luck. jefjeffrey and al joining us th. stay with us, more on the growing crisis in venezuela.
7:58 am
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east coast crisis in venezuela option leader juan guaidó, continuing battle to oust president maduro moments ago i spoke with secretary of state mike pompeo with the situation, and cuba's involvement. >> we need to understand that it is as president said they got going, and the russians need to have -- focused on making sure that we do everything we can to take this
8:01 am
malign activity energy juan guaidó duly elected leader of venezuela, and, take these supports from underneath him so he will depart the country. >> more fallout in men or women report william barr set to did he have his handling of the mueller report as he testifies before the jaet judiciary committee reports surfaced that special counsel robert mueller expressed concern to barr about summary that barr initially released, earnings focus for wall street he top and bottom lines -- adjusted property top expectations, revenue came up short, humana up 2 1/4% clorox down 3 1/2% apple driving futures indicating pretty good rally dow industrials up 92 points, s&p futures up nine points the nasdaq futures higher by 52, apple is soaring this morning set to add more than 70 points to dow jones industrial
8:02 am
average at opening of trading investors waiting on a check on jobs in america we will get the april adp report due out shortly estimates call for 180,000 jobs he to have been add to the economy in april,plus fed meeting two-day fed meeting coming to close this afternoon we will watch what jay powell had to say about the potential of an interest rate cut. we will have full coverage on fox business join us for the live coverage, yesterday markets were basically fractionally better on the session for the most part the nasdaq lower the dow finishing up 38 points the close yesterday s&p up two, nasdaq lower by 54, in europe this morning, well, much of europe and asia are closed this morning, for the labor-day holiday may day, london open ft 100 down about a point very quiet session, throughout europe, given the holidays, all those coming up this hour joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell in new york, strategic consulting founder,
8:03 am
in los angeles with me. >> thank you for having me. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> here the situation unfolding in venezuelan situation the sayings cuba russia critical. dagen: i think we seed to step back as nation ask a question i raised how did we get here how did venezuela get here, that makes a extremely driveways some garbage spewed by politicians hung running for highest office in land or trying to success up air in the room keep spotlight often him, or her, and in terms of the socialist gar gij that vilifies hard work village fooi vilifies creativity the government is the answer. the government is not the answer i think you are seeing fruits of this develop in venezuela this is something that literally happened over decades and decades and decades. maria: you are seeing military support guaidó
8:04 am
important general that is top story venezuela is in crisis this morning, supporters of juan guaidó clashgdz with government forces last night of all day yesterday as he rein forces calls for the ouster of president nicolás maduro i spoke with secretary of state mike pompeo, as well as others at any o situation, earlier, blake burman is live at the white house with the very latest from white house blake, good morning to you. reporter: we witnessed violent collaborators in venezuela yesterday more protests are expected today, across that country, as the fate of nicolás maduro remains unclear, the national security advisory john bolton saying in interview earlier this morning, that they believe, that the maduro was holed up yesterday at comoon military base the secretary of state mike pompeo said on this show, that maduro was prepared to leave, but the russians asked him not to go. the u.s. government continues to call out those two countries, for exerting influences within venezuela with president trump last night threatening to expand
8:05 am
the embargo against cuba slash sanctions against that country performance poe adding there will be costs to the you communist regime in cuba if they don't leave venezuela. >> cubans had ebb unbelievable amount of krom in venezuela why i think the economy you have seen problems five, six, seven years comaub economists in control of the venezuela economy in venezuela security situation on top of that, we've got an expanded roam of russia in venezuela also propping up, the thugs that are the maduro regime. >> u.s. pants a peaceful transition of power inside venezuela juan guaidó u.s. recognizes duly elected leader of venezuela they don't know if and what that moment might come u.s. leadership continues to continues to say, that the military option remains on the
8:06 am
table, if that is eventually necessary. >>. >> we will see about that that is what we are waiting for blake, thank you blake burman at the white house, meanwhile, there is this, attorney general william barr expected to testify today, in front of the senate judiciary committee. barr released opening statement ahead of that, testimony, saying this, given the extraordinarily public interest in this investigation, i determine that it was necessary to make as much of it public as i could committed to department to being as straighten as possible. but it would not have been vote for me simply to recession volume two without a prosecutorial judgment former whitewater robert wray thanks for weighing in good morning. >> it is very questionable, why this speculative stance is coming from -- coming from bob mueller about the report, last
8:07 am
night. just before william barr is testifying today, give your sense your reaction to all that is developed in the last 24 hours. >> of course, i don't know how this happened, but obviously, sounds you awful like lot some disgruntled prosecutor or investigator in bob mueller's office leaked it prior to the attorney general's testimony. look. i mean it doesn't change the fact that this investigation is over. can we please move on. and go about the country's business? but apparently no, we are going to talk about this and we're going to have testimony, today, that i think largely will revolve arraign whether or not four page summary attorney general initially released is far or not summary of full mueller report, of course, we now have i guess kind of a mountain out of a molehill really i don't know what people expect obviously,
8:08 am
a four page summary doesn't provide all context that the full data mueller report does but we now have the benefit of the full mueller report people can judge for themselves, it was clear from the outset maria what happened here that is an investigation of over 22 months was conducted, and the special counsel found no evidence sufficient to bring charges relative to the collusion piece of the investigation did not revolve the obstruction piece we knew from four page summary that is in fair about that? and then finally theening to as indicated this morning, in release of his -- prepared remarks, stepped in, and revolved the obstruction of justice portion of the investigation, has that been unclear since the beginning from the four pageries of summary? no, it has not been unclear. >> incredible. >> this nonsense frankly has got to stop, so all we're going to do is play games over words today, about whether or
8:09 am
not the attorney general previously in his press conference, and as well as four page summary you know accurately down to the last word, fairly captured the tenor of the -- of the full mueller report. this is -- investigations are series things, this is not a situation where we conduct an investigation so that the end of it robert mueller is happy or anybody within robert mueller's office, there was a zhaigs had to be made. maria: you know what this is about this is an effort to muddy the waters so that, we are not the he focusing on what was the predicate to launch an investigation into donald trump in the first place. >> as of you been saying what you have been saying for months it is where we are ultimately going to end up, here. and that really yes, i i mean republicans on the committee that is the -- the in terms of keeping their eye on the ball, that -- that is what they should be doing because ultimately, that is what needs
8:10 am
to be further investigated, the rest of this stuff is a bunch of atmospherics doesn't amount really to anything. maria: and the republicans on committee today general caldwell will ask that question, and try to get at that, for -- william barr same structure we see each person has five minutes so just try to talk and talk and talk to get five minutes up not give us anything still focus on a report, as -- as robert just said we already know the end of we know -- >> we do you know what is interesting democrats adam schiff everyone held promised extraordinary nary result going to jail goings to be impeached american people are more sympathetic to president trump he had two years of administration, similar occur based on investigation led to missouriing. >> what are we going to learn not sure a whole lot i guess dominated again by sort of side show, of a story, and look even if you don't think
8:11 am
that what at the attorney general here did a was a fair summary of what happened, of course, we now have benefit of the whole enchilada i don't know what democrats expect i guess expected president to come out say you know as release as a result of the release of the four page summary boy i am sure relieved that i escaped by the hair of my chine chin chin, and of an act of contrition in front of american people i have news doesn't matter whether summary or full report, the fact is is that the department of justice did not bring charges that is exoneration vindication in his mind get over it. >> i totally agree we've got the adp numbers next.
8:12 am
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. america we are waiting on april adp report it is due out in a moment, the economists expecting increase in april
8:15 am
180,000 the numbers is imminent this is the first number on jobs, ahead of the labor department number on jobs comes out, of course, friday we will have all hands-on deck when we get the friday jobs friday number coming up, unemployment is near record lows the adp number is typically a he mover calms for gain in april 180,000 jobs, largely those jobs have been in health care, in technology, 257 is the number much better than expected 75,000 add to economy month of april wildly better than expected we are expecting 180,000 got 275. >> 3.2% gdp as well, we think about a lot of things, let's talk about apple numbers for example the reason sales so great is because, of the tax increase sales taxes steve cook is saying when it comes, to what our trump economy has
8:16 am
done has been overall beneficial across corporations. >> we are going to look where job creation was, on this april report, 275,000 jobs, whether or not it is in retail, or the business sector the job creation has been largely in services, as well as in -- as well as in construction, here are the numbers in the breakdown, the largest as you can see, in april, goods was 52,000, you've got the small, medium large employers as they break down where the job creators were it was really the medium employers 145,000 you have seen industries leading job creation in construction and this month 49,000 jobs in construction, you have education, health service 54,000, leaseure hospitality 53,000 manufacturing, not as well as others, with 5,000, but we are looking at a jobs picture which is obviously,
8:17 am
improving. >> yeah. >> quickly one thing. dagen: i would like to add maria adp number is higher than the highest estimate for the april employment report that comes out friday, the estimate rang earlier this week was between 120 and 250,000 jobs this is the big government report, this adp report is even higher than the highest estimate, on that note, that is how good this number is. and also in terms of manufacturing, on friday watch for a rebound in manufacturing jobs because it was a big disappointment despite that decent report for march that manufacturing shed 6,000 jobs we are expecting rebound 10,000 but any number on the plus side is going to be positive. >> dagen go through where strength was in this report in terms of these of areas you are seeing growth what else you want to look at in terms of jobs number talking about record low unemployment numbers. dagen: right indeed, of course, we are going to look forward the expectation in the
8:18 am
nonfarm jobs' report friday for private payrolls, is only 1 9,000 jobs jo -- 179,000 jobs added most from private sector, you compare estimate of 179,000 to this adp number which is getting close to 300,000 this is incredible strength among private as well as -- the private -- entire private sector average hourly earnings up 3.3% year-over-year slight pick up from year-over-year from march would be fastest wage growth we've seen in roughly a decade, again, strengthen. maria: about unbelievable. maria: it is. >> what are democrats going to run on say economy the last hour talking about a gas tax what economy are they going to oh thank you president trump? >> -- the journal a couple weeks ago, it is funny to see
8:19 am
best wage growth in a decade, the best jobs numbers that we've seen in a long time, today, again, better than expected reading at 257,000 increased -- 275,000 increase still talking impeachment, [laughter] >> unemployment rate morning african americans women hispanics democrats very clear when they of our in 2020 reparations, it is a scam, and we will get rid of student debt, another lie. so i i mean at this point -- hang it up say president trump you should be reelected. >> numbers are definitely exceeding the best estimates we will keep following it want to see, let's check market to see if impact here, because we were expecting a rally to begin with, now, we've got better than expected numbers, pretty much continuing on this track of a gain the start of about 90 points on dow futures, join us on friday with april jobs' report all hands-on deck with coverage 8 a.m. eastern for jobs in
8:20 am
america on the heels of this powerful report from adp there is this you've got earnings kfc yun brands giving earnings a boost gerri willis floor of the new york stock exchange the impact adp earnings news. >> that is right kfc same-store sales up 5%ium brands to beat 82 versus 81 revenues in line adp split decision beat on eps coming in 1.77 a revenue miss at 3.8 billion, the company saying stronger bids the main thing there cap maker of melodiouson positives coors bergdabergdahr >> claiming clienz in currency apple if it goes over 212.07 it will be a trillion-dollar company again closed 200.67 up
8:21 am
5.3%, premarket watching all morning back to you. >> all right gerri thank you so much, rally at start of trading there is a growing crisis in venezuela, accelerated overnight rnc chairman will weigh in when we come back details in jussie smollett saga empire back for fifth season looks like actor will not very latest coming up. ♪ ♪ the latest innovation from xfinity
8:22 am
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. 6th season but looks like jussie smollett will not.
8:25 am
fox entertainment 20th century fox saying in a statement studio extended smollett option but no plans for character to return in march smollett had all charges dropped in connection with alleged hit a crime hoax joining us, joy good morning, a lot going on, first, your reaction to empire coming back without jussie smollett. >> this is good, i mean you have off to punishment 16 hours community service right rainbow coalition that is nothing has privilege written all over him. one thing leaves his characteristic not coming back they didn't completely write him off you know how it happens liberal politics blah, blah, blah he may actually come back the show is dying, it was a huge hit he was one of my favorite characters this stunt turned off so many viewers i doubt going to last after this. maria: you know there was no justice there. >> i think it was much more
8:26 am
than the stunt we know what anti-trump rhetoric has been sitting on powder keg politically in this country more people feel political violence than we've seen i think he knew that when you come up with quote/unquote hoax of this nature this magnitude what attention does it get i think he wanted to potentially start on the charlottesville. >> capitalized on that, was upset wasn't he getting paid enough let me create a fake drama, raise -- >> it was come on horrific being individual from chicago, born, raised there i am very disappointed that the prosecutor would let him get off scot-free like that. >> -- called for her to step down. >> needs to step down. >> she is corrupt about she so is corrupt recruits recused herself actually then now, we don't know what is happening he is off it is scot-free didn't even get a slaps on
8:27 am
wrist a feather tap. >> chief of staff kind of got involved of obama i know that changed the situation you know we talk about the politics, of the day, we are very polarized country this is something that doofl should have been punished i am kind of surprised to see fox extended option, i thought that -- was interesting. >> written off should be blacklisted from the industry. >> when you don't have the -- the accountability, on you know, prosecutorial level what is fox supposed to do right? you got a kim foxx saying dropping all charges speaking of obamas had hand in all this we know that, we want take a look at screaming wars barack mitch obama revealed first project for netflix duo production company higher ground productions announced seven total films series includes scripted series unscripted a docku series with movies, reaction? i think one good thing they said not going political with
8:28 am
it they don't want to attack president trump, era for obamas were making a career doing that -- i mean, apparently they just want to talk about culture race ethnic origins yeah i mean obviously, a political move obviously probably going to run the show pretty soon i think she is going to run for president. >> you do? >> i think so may be after 2024 you know. >> i think they are interested in making money now than -- when i looked at titles descriptions of programs, i thought they were boring i don't know who is going to really get involved -- >> billionaire starting a business in ohio what is it after world war ii i still think they are going to run the show michelle i think intent whole time. maria: you got to walk away event. >> a free event washington is going to be speaking amongst many people -- to walk away is walking away from democratic party i walked away years aoc, i was a liberal that is kite,
8:29 am
many black mens' are walking away this is specifically for those, because we are voting with our conscious and values democrats do not uphold that, so -- >> a decade ago -- >> good for you. >> -- so that event is free tonight 6:30 at l.a. live. >> good stuff joy thanks for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> joining us there coming up quick break crisis in venezuela, rnc chair ronna mcdaniel will weigh in. >> numbers show joe biden surging in primary polls back in a minute ♪ california ♪ ♪ ♪ .
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning everybody thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. wednesday, may 1 your top stories 8:32 a.m. east coast crisis in venezuela, opposition leader guaidó continuing his battle to oust
8:33 am
president maduro last hour i spoke with secretary of state mike pompeo, are expressed concern about russia an cuba's evolvement more coming up, the fallout from mueller report continues attorney general barr is set to testify he left his home a short while ago, on his way to the capitol to defend his handling of the mueller report, testifying in front of the senate judiciary committee markets rallying this morning we have got better-than-expected adp number and we've got strong earnings from apple, dow industrials up 96 points right now s&p futures up 10 and a quarter nasdaq futures up 55. the adb report shows april month of april 257,000 jobs, added to the economy that was well above estimates called for gain 180,000, this, of course, in advance of friday's job report watching for fed decision this afternoon as well two-day meeting comes to end today, jay powell will have news conference 2:30 pm eastern full coverage on fox business join us live, later
8:34 am
today. uber are ipo winners find out how much some early famous investors stand to make when uber goes public, coming up soon. first our top story this half an hour, that is the crisis in venezuela. >> supporters of opposition loord juan guaidó clashing with government forces yesterday as he rein forces calls for ouster of president maduro i spoke with secretary of state mike pompeo earlier as well as acting white house steve of chaff mick mulvaney,ross about situation developing getting worse, wash. >> how far is the u.s. going to go to stop russia from providing weaponry stop cuba from support and whether intelligence or support for maduro. >> you have seen the work we have done already to raise costs for cubans taking handful of actions there are more we will continue to work on we will do the same for the russians, they need to understand, that it is as
8:35 am
president said, they got to go, and the russians need to have the cost for that. >> we do not consider it a coup guaidó legitimate leader we are watching along with everybody else only messages i think trying to get out there we want to make sure the russians cubans know they are not supposed to get involved, and that we do -- have said bunch of times all options are on the table we continue to watch this very closely if anyone could imagine very serious matter. >> has been a long struggling venezuelan people have been very, very brave, you see them with stones and sticks versus guns, feels as though maybe things are getting close to a boiling point, and certainly the breakthrough at airport is very, very encouraging, so clearly there is momentum building, the economy is in a shambles, the current leadership is clearly letting people die, because they don't have food they don't have
8:36 am
million supplies, it is horrible. maria: joining me right now chairwoman of the rnc ronna mcdaniel a pleasure to see you. thank you for joining us reactionary to what is taking place in venezuela right now. >> the president, has said very clearly, we support democrat elections, we obviously, support guaidó that he should be the president, maduro has led a about he socialist regime 309% -- 90% peoplenpost you see democratic candidate for president not speaking out on this issue bernie sanders has not called out maduro this is something every american should be saying we support free, fair elections do not want russia or cuba veveintervening should carry about venezuelan people suffering under the terrible regime. >> you are absolutely rightly, this is probably the most extreme capital of socialism
8:37 am
whereas the 2020 campaign, you've got lots of some of programs coming out of candidates, a new cnn poll shows joe biden popularity surging i wondered if he is seen as moderate, 20 points ahead of bernie sanders, with 39% of the democratic vote supporting the former vice president so your that i can on the field today, with joe biden announcing he is running and just getting to the front of the line in terms of support, from democrats. >> well, he is getting a boost from being new candidate in also has high name id much higher than any other candidates so it is not unexpected that he has that, but bernie is going to come at him there is a different democrat party than the one joe biden has been running in for the past 40 years running and losing in past 40 years, as he has been running for president, over and over and over again, and he is going to have to contend with medicare for all socialist move
8:38 am
progressive movie there is a ren bernie sanders isn't speaking out about venezuela years ago said the best place to find american dream is venezuela he deleted that this is whereabouts by those is believe that government takeover of health care for education, that government is the answer, and i think that is where the democrats party is moving we will see if joe biden is allowed to take this middle lane, in this huge field of democrats lumpirthicht ching. >> evident will. >> in terms of white house at a time that the economy continues doing well we just got the latest adp numbers out it was up 275,000 jobs, in the month of april, we've got record unemployment, the economy is doing well, lifting many boats, what are the dems going to run on? is it all about we hate trump let's take him down or is there an actual policy here that is going to move the
8:39 am
needle for the american people. >> you saw joe biden running identity politics trying to divide our country, not you'veing substantive solutions they have nothing they can say to get the economy going with better than president trump has you have seen them denoengs tax cuts the tax cuts spurred economic growth deregulation has spurred economic growth they know gdp is good they know jobs issue coming back, they know wages are coming up so they can't take about the economy, so what they are going to do dlve into identity politics government takeover of things like, health care, would lead to 200 million people losing private insurance so you know, it is the economy it is a economy it is a economy period. and the democrats have nothing to run against, with this great economy that president trump created through his policies. maria: right, why trying to rip down william barr and rip down the president over the mueller report which we know the answer. there was no collusion. you mentioned health care, the
8:40 am
house of representatives held its first hearing on the medicare for all proposing yesterday there were several democratic candidates supporting the plan what did you make of the hearing what came out of from it with your standpoint is it amazing is a so many accounts candidates bot into bernie sanders plan we should explain medicare nor all wipes out private insurance industry 180 pill people currently get insurance from private insurance industry that goes away with medicare for all. >> yeah medicare for all, when obama said if you like your job you can keep them that turned out to be a big lie medicare for all that is on steroids people he will loss physicians they want to go to your covets will skyrocket, because nobody knows how to pay for medicare for all the comforts are coming in around 32 trillion dollars, and people who like their insurance plans with private insurance will lose that, and that is part of the democrat plan it is really frightening will lower the quality of our
8:41 am
health care, will put, decisions in the hands of bureaucrats deciding what medical procedures with a age you can get this frightening for our country something we cannot afford needs to be a vetted thoroughly democrats run to it great talking point free health care medicare for all up to to us educate prosperities means you lose dr. patient relationship bureaucrats in washington taking over entire health care decision making. >> i am skeptical with free stuff want free college, free health care, free everything. having there is a cost to that. and they continuing to back to raising taxes, on the rich, when we know the top 10% already pay 71% of all income taxes that is going to work coming up 2020 election. >> not going to work we have to have a real conversation educate voters they talk about -- maria we've a lot of kids
8:42 am
right now who are not graduating high school, we have a public schools in disarray many major cities in this country, do we really want to take on free college? let's fix k through 12 make sure kids can read, in the third grade. >> i love who you are saying you are absolutely right i don't hear enough about education, we are number 35. >> exactly. >> in the world in terms of our secondary schools you know the republicans have to come up with a plan, to make sure that we are teaching the right things to our students so they can thrive in this new economy includes robotics machine learning, artificial intelligence, is that going to be a platform. >> that part of what ivanka trump has been push with school program full choice don't let children's future be determined where they live they should have ability to have good education school choice brings in to different communities i have seen it work in michigan my state something republicans have championed democrats this is their solution, free college
8:43 am
you know by the time getting to college, you are doing okay. if we don't fix k through 12, is if we don't fix that, we are chang the futures for those kids let's fix that before taking on free college, democrats -- >> talking point not going to help students that need it most p. >> there is going to be a fight with teachers union you know that we will wait to see, more on that, look the president tweeted this morning ever have is what he just said why didn't president obama do something about russia in september before the november election when ep was told by fbi he did nothing and had no intention of doing anything. so ronna, what about that in fbi knew russia was trying to -- engage in and -- and in u.s. election, by the way, the russian have been doing this decades nothing new how come there wasn't anything done. >> obama administration, failed horribly when it came to russia they were so concerned about iran deal, that they were willing to
8:44 am
where overlook the russian meddling failed our country, and as a result for two years we've had the to deal with day agos over president's head has been exonerated no collusion no obstruction move on, on the business of the american people ensure right ron a good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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see what i did there?
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maria: crisis in venezuela massive protesters expected across the country again today.
8:48 am
as opposition leader juan guaidó reinforces push to oust president nicolás maduro the host of "varney & company" stuart varney to weigh in what a scene. >> what what a scene indeed, by the way, maria we have john bolton national security advisory on the show 9:00 hour coming up very shortly, this is the man who -- our challenge to maduro in venezuela. it occurs to me, that today is going to be very big mass he go demonstrations planned also have overnight venezuela secret police chief in a way defecting, parted company with maduro said we want to rebuild the country now, it occurs to me that if we achieve some kre of regime change in venezuela we will go roundtable latin american politics nicaragua comes under enormous pressure a huge defeat for cuba we may be on cusp of real fundamental change in our relationship and politics of latin america,
8:49 am
maria i want to go a little bit further than that, have you seen what is going on in iran? i've got the "financial times" here, this is the headlined from yesterday. iranian economy collapses they use that word "collapses" under weight of white house sanctions could be on verge real sea change in our relationship with that country in the middle east, on the verge of real, real success and a win for president trump's hard line foreign policy, seem to be on the verge of that. >> this administration, has shown no tolerance for this bad behavior, issue whether iran, venezuela or anywhere else we will keep following that i know you have more on that we look forward to the john bolton interview ten minutes' time begins top of the hour 9:00 avm eastern after "mornings with maria" join stuart demand billed for uber ipo only two days of -- after two days of ipo road show taking a closer look at
8:50 am
that next. ♪ ♪ now i'm thinking...i'd like to retire early. let's talk about this when we meet next week. edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours.
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maria: welcome back demand building for ipo of uber two days ipo road show demand has the stock outstripping supply, the latest in new york right now. >> good morning to you maria next week we are looking at the biggest ipo in the half a decade when uber thank you so much dagen, helpful colleague there, when uber goes public, sells shares of a new york stock exchange, and you know over inscription might be over selling it we do have,
8:54 am
basically, fully subscribed 34 -- had a enough admirers for stock alphabet most at lower end of price range i wouldn't call it oversupply, right now overinscription at this point in week's time looking at people will make a lot of money in ipo some we knew didn't quickly -- softbank largest shareholder owns 10 miptsdz bezos a surprise, he invested in benchmark second largest scharf share in uber a personal investment just around 3 million dollars that is now worth close to 400 million, if we do go close to top end of price range, the former -- cofounder former ceo of company, garrett camp own seven billion travis 6 billion for -- did well funds
8:55 am
benchmark, 30 million dollars now worth seven close to 8 billion, often another great investment worth 3 billion founder collective. >> individual investors as well i think you have to really stomach the financials you saw in the filing the losses widen by three times from a year ago, and revenue slowing down, considerably even from quarter to quarter. >> what are we talking about a hundred-billion-dollar market value. >> close to 80-billion-dollar 84 billion indication looking at, so we will see. >> thank you big numbers, in new york, still ahead leadership changes at google parent company alphabet longtime ceo er smit stopping don from post on the board back in a minute with that.
8:56 am
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maria: he's been the public face of google for a long time. he's stepping down. cheryl casone with the details. >> eric schmidt announcing he's leaving the company's board. he was appointed ceo in 2001 when google was still privately traded and just three years old. he resigned as executive chairman at the end of 2017 but remained on the board of the parent company, alphabet. there's the stock in the premarket. his board term expires in june but shares slightly higher right now, but they are up nearly 15% for the year, we should add. here's something for you. it is time to grow up but you get a prize for this, everybody. the calendar uses stickers as rewards for doing everyday tasks like you paid your bills, you got to work on time. one of the accomplishments
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listed, my parents don't pay my rent. the calendar is available for about $16 on amazon. yes. i totally lived with my parents and paid off my student loans. maria: i love stickers. thank you, cheryl. thank you, dagen. great to see you. have a great day. let's get straight to stuart varney and "varney & company." staurt, ta stuart, take it away. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. watch venezuela today. end game for the maduro regime could be very close. the secret police has parted ways with maduro. he says it's time to rebuild the country. the man we recognize as president, juan guaido, has called for mass demonstrations and they will start hours from now. mike pompeo told fox that maduro was about to leave for havana but the russians got to him and told him to stay. president trump has threatened to impose drastic sanctions on cuba if they don't remove their


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