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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 1, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this year, and jpmorgan comes to -- [closing bell rings] liz: thank you very much. we need to tell you s&p 500 record run comes to an end at three as the fed keeps rates steady but without ample's gain stocks would be down 200. the closing countdown. melissa: fed chairman jerome powell sees no strong case for a rate cut or cuts. the dow ending the day down 165 points, snapping a three-day winning streak. i'm melissa francis. a lot going on. connell: not only here but venezuela. i'm connell mcshane. welcome to the "after the bell." we'll keep an eye on that. the s&p 500 was fighting to close in record territory, closing lower to the downside. tech-heavy nasdaq extending losses into the close second day in a row. down 46 points. down on all the big market movers and fed and everything
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else. here is what is new at this hour. melissa: up rising in venezuela. day two of protests underway, as opposition leader juan guaido looking to ramp up pressure on nicolas maduro's regime. top national security officials just meeting at the white house as the trump administration is telling fox business that u.s. military action in the country is possible. you're looking at live pictures right now of what is going on. on capitol hill attorney general william barr grilled over the mueller report, defending himself against accusations that he misled congress. the ag firing back at democrats telling them stop using the justice system as a political weapon. tomorrow the ag will testify before a new round of lawmakers. what to expect when the house judiciary committee returns. the post office offering up a plan to save money. congress not interested. why lawmakers on both sides of the aisle opposing an idea that would save billions to fix this. connell: oh.
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let's go through breaking news. one by one back to venezuela in a moment. the fed remaining patient, leaving interest rates unchanged. the target range 2.25 to 2.5% despite president trump's call again for a rate cut. let's bring in jonathan hoenig, the capitalist pig hedge fund founding member, also a fox contributor. todd horowitz from the bubba trading show. jonathan, if you were an investor, to the earlier reference, maybe a president coming into today said to yourself, well maybe we'll get a rate cut, i think after watching jay powell we all did live, does not seem like he is interested in cutting or raising rates. what did you take away? >> you have to admire the fed's independence. the fed outlined and detailed what they described a solid economy. almost a goldilocks economy if you will. not too hot, not too cold, neither requiring as you alluded a rate cut or rate hike although the fed funds futures are
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anticipating if you believe it, a fed cut later this year. the market still bullish. 200 new 52-week highs. only 80 new 52 week lows. there was a lot of buy the rumor, sold the fact as stocks sold off in the end. connell: we're watching a developing live situation in the streets of caracas today. the market sold off into the close. that seemed fed related. jay powell has talked about, edward lawrence our colleague asked him about it, a healthy outlook for growth what he talked about. maybe market and investors ahead of themselves, expecting a rate cut. how do you see it? >> i think that is ridiculous which is why the fed should be abolished anyway. if you have 3.2% gdp growth, 280,000 print in adp jobs this morning, struggle for jobs, struggle for everything else, input cost of farmers and cost of services are boeing higher yet we've got a problem. you tell me why this economy is if it is so good why can't they hike rates?
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why are we talking about cutting rates? i understand the political side of it, but from a straight monetary standpoint the fed should be ended because they can't make a decision. let the free market decide because there are higher interest rates everywhere but the federal reserve. melissa: the pictures on the side of your screen there. these are violent clashes escalating in venezuela. we've been watching this as opposition leader juan guaido is calling for the largest march in the country's history against disputed president maduro. fox business's blake burman live at the white house with the latest on the trump administration response so this growing situation. blake? reporter: let's keep these pictures up full because it gives you a idea what is going on in venezuela for the second day in a row as protesters take to the streets, including interim president, opposition leader juan guaido. back here at the white house 2:00 this afternoon there was scheduled to be a principals meeting of the national security
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council. essentially the top members of the president's national security team. the trump administration continues to signal out two countries propping up nicolas maduro, russia and china. secretary of state mike pompeo spoke with his russian counterpart, sergey lavrov. the state department said pompeo urged russia to cease support for nicolas maduro. they acknowledge when or if maduro might leave the country or might give in but the national security advisor john bolton suggested today it could be a matter of hours if cuba's presence would wane. listen. >> this afternoon 20, 25,000 cubans left venezuela maduro would fall by midnight. foreign presence sits on top of the military, sits on top of the government that makes impossible for the people's voice to be heard. reporter: back at white house.
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keep the live pictures up, stick with venezuela. you can see what is going on there, secretary of state mike pompeo did speak with maria bartiromo in an interview i recall they are morning in which the u.s. government still says, melissa, all options remain on the table. that includes potentially the military option though pompeo says if that were to become necessary. they're monitoring this over at the white house. melissa: we'll keep an eye on the video as you see more and more people gathered here. thank you so are back to react to this. you know, i mean it is a situation that isn't dying down. you have powers from around the world sort of weighing in on either side. what's your take on it, jonathan? what impact does it have here? what happens? >> it's a human tragedy. goes how important ideas are that move a country. not even its natural resources. venezuela was once on per capita
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basis even more wealthy of the united states. this is natural outgrowth of years and years of socialism. where do we go from here? the oil out put is slashed to near nil levels. emerging markets question, if we still military impact you could see emerging markets sell off and flight to the dollar. tremendous human tragedy, melissa. thousands an thousands of lives lost dedisplaced because of socialism. it has to be worrisome sign for anyone that advocates those ideas here at home. melissa: when you see uprising due to starvation, and other things in other countries, generally it is a result of some impact in the area. something has happened. for example, here, they had tremendous natural resources, all kinds of wealth. there was no reason that people in venezuela should be living below the poverty line. there was no reason for them to be starving other than, you
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know, socialism. >> other than the greed of the people at the top who basically stole all the money from the people itself. it's a crazy tragedy as jonathan said. not unexpected. we can almost count on last couple days when this was actually going to happen. of course that country, should be one of the richest countries in the world. melissa: right. >> should be thriving instead of falling apart because of what they done, because they let the few steal all the money out of the country from the process from gold and oil. that is the tragedy that the loss of life is tragedy. but again, i think it was totally expected. i wouldn't be surprised almost expected by today, exactly as it is happening. melissa: we know there are forces from other countries in the neighborhood that are there helping to keep maduro in power at least for now. we'll keep an eye on the pick you're seeing live on your screen. jonathan, todd, thank you. connell: congressman from the foreign affairs committee later on the show. we're watching google's parent
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alphabet ending the day down 2%. the company announcing plans to give users more control how long it holds on to personal information, things like location history. let's go to gerri willis from the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> connell. there is trouble in techland. google's second day of poor performance. they lost 60 billion in market cap after reporting the slowest quarterly revenue growth in three years. 90% of the company's revenues. worst single day selloff in seven years for the company. lyft also lower today. we'll show you that stock price as well. it is down from an all-time high of get this, $88.60 as i looked at it, 58.75. the company today lost a lawsuit challenging new york city's minimum wage for drivers at 1.22 dollars. lyft says formula they use to
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calculate is unfair which uber is big rival. it comes public friday. that is a big deal and biggest ipo in year and some time. it is said to be oversubscribed. this company had to change its early valuation t was originally 120 billion. now down to 80, to 91.5 billion that is. why? all you have to do is look at lyft shares. lyft shares lower. back to you. connell: thank you, gerri. terrific work out of a reuters crew on the ground giving us live pictures from caracas. melissa: taking their lives into their hands, covering it, bring iting to the rest of the world so we know accurately what is going on. we want to keep an eye on it. attorney general william barr testifying on capitol hill testifying over his handling of the mueller report. things got very tense. we're live in washington with highlights ahead of ag's appearance on capitol hill. that is tomorrow. guy benson from
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joins to us respond to everything that happens today, to get you up to date. connell: different pictures, protesters clashing with police in paris during may day rallies today. we're bringing you images from that frightening scene. melissa: wow, another one. the number of measles cases growing in the united states but now why a number of people might need a booster shot. this is growing. it's a different list than the one we told you about before. even if you have already been vaccinated. we have more on this coming up. ♪ y for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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connell: call it a "bar rescue." attorney general bill barr testifying in a contentious hearing before the senate judiciary committee on mueller report. it concluded. maybe more importantly how it was handled. hillary vaughn on capitol hill with late-breaking details. reporter: senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham he will not drag special counsel robert mueller in front of the committee to testify. if mueller wants to correct the record to anything barr testified about. they will not hold a special hearing just for mueller. they also did have some issues about how democrats treated barr in the hearing, calling the
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treatment slanderous. senator cruz said barr was getting quote the kavanaugh treatment after democrats pounded him for hours with questions accusing him of protecting the president and being politically biased. senator kamala harris saying she thinks barr should recuse himself. there was one really test at this exchange with senator hirono who basically pummeled barr with questions saying that she voted against his nomination in the first place because she knew he would protect the president, calling the president a grifter and a liar. barr called the controversies that had been discuss the over his four page letter he released before the full report was made available, a mind-bendingly bizarre. had very heated exchange with senator richard blumenthal. blumenthal said barr has become, quote the designated fall guy for the mueller report. and in a searing response, barr responded and accused congress instead using the doj to score political punches against the
4:17 pm
white house. >> we're not in the business of exoneration. we're not in the business of proving they didn't violate the law. but you -- >> i didn't exonerate. said that we did not believe there was sufficient evidence to establish an obstruction offense which is the job of the justice department. and the job of the justice department is now over. that determines whether or not there is a crime. the report is now in the hands of the american people. everyone can decide for themselves. there is an election in 18 months. that is very democratic process. but we're out of it. we have to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon. reporter: attorney general barr also said that he himself was surprised that mueller did not reach a conclusion on obstruction. connell. connell: thanks, hillary vaughn. melissa. melissa: here to react guy benson, editor and fox news contributor. what was your take what happened
4:18 pm
today? did either side score any points? >> barr was magnificent. he did very, we under searing questions by democrats that was mind bendingly coming after him, isn't this obstruction, isn't that obstruction? the simple point he kept making, there was no decision on that point made by the special counsel. mueller punted it effectively upstairs to his superiors, namely barr and rosenstein. they looked at evidence. they decided it wasn't prosecutable case. i happen to think they were right. democrats think they were wrong. this is big coverup of obstruction of justice. they can impeach the president. looks like leadership in the house didn't want to do that. that is prudential political call for them to make. for them to try to pin down barr today almost getting him to admit that was the goal there was obstruction of justice. he clearly would not budge from that decision. he articulated his reasons very
4:19 pm
well. if democrats have big problem with it, they can impeach the president. if they think barr lied under oath or coverup they can impeach him. they will do neither of those things. melissa: a number of folks running for president. amy klobuchar, cory booker, kamala harris, were sort of shouting at barr. >> klobuchar was better. i will say. the other two were grandstanding. as was during the case during the kavanaugh hearing klobuchar asked questions which i appreciated with a point other than self-aggrandizement at least in my book. melissa: senator warren says the attorney general does not swear oath to loyalty of one individual. this is tweet. ag swears oath of loyalty to the constitution and united states. barr made it clear he doesn't swear loyalty that way. this should disqualify him. he should resign. any chance he is going to resign? >> no. zero chance. he shouldn't resign. it is preposterous. if she thinks he is unfit for
4:20 pm
office, kamala harris same thing,ket on nancy pelosi's rear end to start impeachment against bill barr. they won't because its absolutely preposterous. they will not impeach president trump. they know elements of base desperately want president out of the office. they will be disappointment by democrats decision not to go impeachment route. they have to direct rage, their target is bill barr. they picked a bad target. he is smarter than virtual of them. one other point, they kept harping oh, memo barr put out a month ago, whatever it was, it misled. it played down, it ran interference for president trump. well, we know that mueller specifically told barr that it was not inaccurate when they spoke. but even if you think like oh, they could have played up more of the negativity from the obstruction side of things or
4:21 pm
whatever, that all became moot when we got the report. we have the entire report. we had it for weeks. it seems like they are obsessed with being mad about something and they have chosen this thing. melissa: well, obstruction is also a has to be kind of a letdown for the base when you were originally going he was a russian spy. >> there is also that. melissa: even if you said that obstruction happened, well, we're looking at maybe he would fire this one. before he was puppet for the kremlin. that would have been i think much more satisfying. this seems sort of weak in place of that. >> they were rooting for collusion to be the case. there was no collusion. we got that from the mueller report. then they were clinging to the hope of obstruction of justice, but even bob mueller couldn't marshall the facts to recommend charges. he made that decision. put it in the lap of bill barr who correctly decided there was not a case to prove criminal intent. here we are with a scandal whether or not a four page memo
4:22 pm
barr put out accurately summarizing top line information from the mueller report was sufficiently context allized based on 440 page report or whatever it was that he then released with almost no redactions a few weeks later. we're really sort of on a sliding scale of outrage but you know, here we are. go ahead. go for it. impeach the president and impeach. bill barr. if they had courage of convictions they would try. the spoiler alert. they will not try. this is political hot air. melissa: guy benson, thank you. connell: huge number, paying more than $6 million a chinese family is reportedly paid this, this is new today, reportedly paid 6 million plus to the college admissions scam mastermind. that is far bigger number than any of the other ones, what is to go to your point a developing story. democratic presidential hopeful kristin gillibrand has a
4:23 pm
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melissa: the latest fallout from the college admissions scandal. a chinese family reportedly paid $6.5 million to get their daughter a spot in stanford through ringleader rick singer. that is hard to say obviously. this is according to reports. molly line is live in boston where the first parents are pleading guilty today. molly? reporter: yet another busy day here in boston at federal court. bruce isaacson, president of a real estate development firm and his wife became the first two parents to plead guilty related to the college admissions scandal. they have however been cooperating with the u.s. attorney's office and have been fully cooperating in the
4:28 pm
investigation i should say, pleading guilty to charges related mail fraud. mr. isaacson pled guilty to launder money and to defrauding irs. they funneled $600,000 through the ringleader of the admissions scam, ring singer through his phony foundation and ultimately for brians securing spot on ucla soccer team and crew team for another with bribes called charitable contributions. they expressed regret, writing no words can press how profoundly sorry we are. our duty as parents is set a food example for our children. we harmed and embarrassed them by our misfieded decisions. bruce isaacson faces up to 45 years in prison. his wife faced 20 years. prosecutors recommended sentencing at low end of both. range for bruce, possible three to four years. for davina less than three years.
4:29 pm
a lot is depends on what is decided for sentencing in july. melissa: molly, thank you. connell: a lot going on. we thought we would give you 2020 roundup in case you missed some of the campaign news. kirstin gillibrand unveiled a plan that would give every voter up to 600, quote, democracy dollars. melissa: what a great idea. connell: they can then donate them to candidates running for office. the effort would be part of a effort she says would take on the greed and corruption that determine everything in washington. democracy dollars. now andrew yang, who is also running for the presidency, he is planning to hand out real money but give it to just one person. he wants to give $1000 to a resident in iowa. every single month for one year. now the idea here is he would demonstrate his proposal to have this stipend platform that he has been running on. give it to one person to see how it works. he using his own money for the
4:30 pm
trial run. andrew yang. there you go. melissa: measles outbreak spreading across the nation. the list of people who might need a booster shot is now expanding. you could be one of them. what you need to know to protect your health. that is coming up. plus venezuela's uprising as the second day of rebellion continues in the region. the latest in the battle for power and how the u.s. is responding now. tensions growing overseas. may day rallies grow violent in paris as protesters clash with police. that is not venezuela. that's paris. ♪ snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture.
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[shouting] connell: the french police today clashing with protesters during may day rallies taking place in paris. the yellow vest protesters as well as other groups throwing rocks and setting trashcans on fire. police responded using tear gas, arresting nearly 300 people that was from paris. melissa: second day of chaos in venezuela. dueling protests are escalating on the streets as secretary of state mike pompeo tells fox business that u.s. military action in the country is possible if quote, that's what's required. fox news's rich edson is at the state department with the latest. what are you hearing there,
4:35 pm
rich? reporter: well, melissa, there is a strong preference from the u.s. government to get a transition of authority of power in venezuela and to do so peacefully in the country. that is why the protests are continuing. juan guaido, opposition leader, interim president trying to keep momentum from yesterday. yesterday a significant number of venezuelan officials agreed to abandon nicolas maduro and support opposition leader juan guaido. then they chickened out, according to the special representative for venezuela elliot abrams. >> several of them have now said, no, no, not me. i'm loyal to maduro, trying to basically cover their tracks. others have been arrested. so we'll see how that shakes out, but the bottom of it clearly, the bottom line clear is maduro now knows that his own high command thinks he needs to go. reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo says that yesterday maduro was ready to leave
4:36 pm
venezuela and go to cuba to go to havana and that the russian government stepped in and told him to stay put. today the secretary of state spoke with his russian counterpart, sergey lavrov according to state department. the administration says cuban security forces are protecting nicolas maduro in the country. president trump tweeted cuban troops and medical militia shous operations that the united states would impose the highest sanctions. connell: we have gregory meeks from new york. congressman meeks a member of house foreign affairs committee. he is on financial services. we want to focus on foreign affairs. good to see you congressman. rich edson describes in venezuela. another day that is quite fluid.
4:37 pm
when you hear secretary of state mike pompeo say military action is possible, what do you make of that? is there a red line for you where the u.s. military would have to get involved? >> i'm very concerned because i don't think that military intervention on the part of the united states is where we want to go with that? connell: i don't think, under any circumstance? doesn't seem as though the trump administration does either. they would like to see a peaceful transition obviously. >> yes. we have to figure out how to go about that and i think that you know, i just came back from the colombian, venezuelan border. i was there with a number of my colleagues. i've had conversations with a number of individuals. i've had a long history in the region. i think that there has got to be, the lead in most of this has to be done by the lima countries, those countries that border venezuela who are deeply affected on a daily basis more so than the united states what is taking place there. connell: what you were there, what did you learn from talking to people in those countries and
4:38 pm
i guess the other part of this is, you have to factor in, maybe this is where the u.s. might be needed, the help that is being given to the maduro regime from russia, from china, from certainly cuba, right? >> well, i mean there has been allegations, i don't know where the secretary of state, clearly he may have talked to folks that i have not talked to but when i was there, some individuals that i talked to, i don't think there is that there are cubans and maybe now russians that are there, but i don't think they want to make it a proxy war per se. i think that again the way to move is with the lima countries. that is what i was talking to. i talked to ambassadors here. they thought that they should play a significant role too as opposed to united states being the initial lead and talking about individuals going in to invade venezuela. connell: right. >> that may cause a bigger crisis for all the lima
4:39 pm
countries. connell: just so i'm clear, or we're clear on this one issue if it does come to this, i understand it's a hypothetical everybody wants to avoid at this point, but if it did come to the president deciding that military action was necessary, are you saying there is no scenario which democrats like yourself might support that, no scenario? >> i don't see a scenario now because there needs to be lima countries. you will create a greater disaster for colombia, perdue, argentina, because number of individuals that will flee, because violence that will erupt in the area is devastating. there is already no question about it. where we do agree, there is no question about a humanitarian crisis taking place in venezuela now. i think there is no question about the fact that it is largely caused by nicolas maduro. connell: right. >> and so i think we have a consensus there. the question is, then, how do you resolve it, what do you do and how can we make sure we don't have a vacuum that is
4:40 pm
created because the truth of the matter is without lima or others, if nicolas maduro was removed tomorrow, you will have a big vacuum there. how do you fill it? that is not a fight in the streets about, through the military and others. that is concern something we have to think through before anything happens and that is why lima countries are extremely important. connell: definitely a complicated situation. again to go back to rich edson's reporting from the state department, strong preference there too is obviously for peaceful transition, for peace in the streets of caracas. new headlines today on taxes and spending. top white house officials urging congress to raise the borrowing limit again. this comes up all the time as you know. treasury department warning it will have little money, little room to pay the bills come the second half of the year. couple that with yesterday's story, apparently 2 trillion-dollars agreement which was how it was phrased
4:41 pm
between the president and democratic leaders on infrastructure. we've been asking members of congress about that and trying to get to, is anyone going to pay attention to the spending side of this? is there any area where you would say, you know what? i'm willing to cut spending if so, what is that area? >> well look, i'm always willing to sit down and negotiate and talk. we have done that before. the fact of the matter is, i think that if you look at administrations in the past, last time we had a balanced budget bill clinton was the president and we've been moving, had greater debt. so i do think we have to sit down to try to figure this out. connell: but are you saying we have to cut military spending, where do you think the spending has to be cut? we hear it, neither party really enough? >> i think that that is something that we sit down and talk. and it may be across the board. i think that you don't hamper one because you would hurt all military cuts i think would be a problem.
4:42 pm
if it was all domestic cuts i think that would be bad because we hurt millions of americans. connell: but you're open to cuts? you're open to some cuts? >> i'm open -- we have to be smart about what we're doing. we have to try to make sure. let me say something about infrastructure. connell: real quick. >> i hope we can get there because that is important. that is not a cut to me. that is an investment in america that will give money, return on investment there will be far greater than not doing some type of bill on infrastructure. connell: two trillion is a lot of money we will keep talking. always good to have you on, congressman meeks. >> food to be with you. melissa: a push shore up finances. where is all the money coming from. connell: yeah. melissa: new proposal from the postal service to save billions of dollars in losses. could put your mail service at risk though. can amazon cash in on the controversial move? hmmm. details next. cookie cutter portfolios.
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4:47 pm
dollars, the u.s. postal service outlining a controversial proposal to limit mail delivery to five days a week. congress is making it clear that idea won't get very far. so what happens next? here now is gillian melcher from "the wall street journal." i mean this is the problem that never goes away. they're talking about how to try and save some money here. the biggest problem though, they're talking about going to five days a week. congress is like no, we couldn't possibly do that, forget about it. the biggest problem is all unfunded liabilities. they have made a deal. you have written about this before, not to lay folks off and to put in pay raises. a lot of unions that work there. how much does that account for in their balance sheet? >> yeah, i think it's a complete mess. what we have going on here is the typical system that is not responding to the market. they have postal mail volume dropping like 31% since 2007.
4:48 pm
but they're not allowed to respond to that by cutting back because in the law they have to be out there delivering mail. in addition to that you have nine separate unions. they can negotiate really aggressively, no matter what, the postal service unlike private business is not going out of business. melissa: yeah. >> this is complete disaster after financial situation but unfortunately this is what it looks like when you have the government backing an enterprise. melissa: tremendous cost of all these promises to employees they can't fulfill because they don't have the volume to do that. meanwhile they have a core business. it is not delivering letters, that is, could be very profitable in doing well. president all the time swinging at amazon saying you know, amazon is taking advantage of the postal service. they have private contracts with them. we don't even know what deal amazon has made because the post office doesn't have to reveal it. what strikes me, if this is normal company, they would go into bankruptcy, they would sell off part of assets mayed sense,
4:49 pm
that are worth something. even if you look at the they have hired mackenzie to come in look at student debt portfolio? what should we do with the debt? can we resell it elsewhere? how do we deal with the thing that's a huge loss. in your opinion couldn't they do same thing with the post office? divide this up, deal with the part of the business that is good? >> that is great idea. unfortunately a lot of special interests from unions to big online delivery companies to people in rural areas have a lot of interest keeping status quo of dysfunctional postal service. the big takeaway on left we're hearing from presidential candidates how the answer to props is to get government more involved. melissa: right. >> we all show up at post office, see how dysfunctional it is, how inefficient it is. this is a case in point why that doesn't work. melissa: yeah. jillian melchior, thank you. thankthank you for your insight. connell: we do have word headway
4:50 pm
is being made on some issues. treasury secretary steve mnuchin and trade representative robert lighthizer wrapping up what they are describing as productive talks in beijing. both sides con to work for a final deal. edward lawrence on the trade beat. he joins us from washington with the latest timeline. what are we hearing, edward? >> chinese are happy with the way the talks went. u.s. delegation expressing same positive vibes. press secretary sarah sanders calling it a productive set of meetings it just had. as we were first to report on enforcement mechanism the chinese like how tariffs will roll off as they meet certain benchmarks following through with the trade deal. next week the chinese delegation will be massive coming here, 100 people in part because the delegation plans to show u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer they are serious. literally department head of every agency deals with enforcement will verify in person they will follow through enforcing intellectual property and other parts of the
4:51 pm
agreement. the chinese want to show that this time it is not just lip service. treasury secretary steve mnuchin says that he will be able to make a recommendation to the president next week after the trade talks in washington on if we can have a trade deal or not. if we do get a deal, today federal reserve chairman jerome powell says it could be felt in the economy for a long time. >> most of the gains i would expect, even from a successful trade next would come in over time. they wouldn't be the kind of thing where you would immediately feel big effects right away but they could be quite important over a longer period. reporter: the trade talks start may 8th, next week. the chinese blocked the entire week to deal with it. connell: will be a big week. edward lawrence. when we talk about china, it's a "game of thrones" for world's largest smartphone makers. huawei surpassed apple, closing in on samsung as the next number one smartphone maker in the entire world. its shipments up 50% in the
4:52 pm
first quarter while its two rivals report slowing sales. we talked a lot about apple. this is from the research firm idc. daniel rue beano joins us. we sawa way go past apple last year but this particular surge is a big one. it widens the gap. when you hear about that, read this story, is it a business story, is it a political story? is it a national security story? how should we view that, huawei passing apple closing in on some sung? >> this is huge tech story that will happen over the next few years. huawei and chinese manufacturers are here to stay. for years they have been accused of copying american companies like apple or korean ones like samsung. they moved past that. they are innovating faster and doing lower cost than samsung. connell: what does it tell you huawei does it for the most part without having a presence here in the united states? that can't be great if you're
4:53 pm
apple trying to operate overseas, particularly in china? >> apple is trying to use the xr in china as a way to sort of satisfy the sales there, but when it comes to huawei's products are better, more interesting hardware at lower cost. connell: that's it, right, the cost? >> in china you don't have the commitment to the apple ecosystem like you do here in the united states. they're just not as committed to it. they're more willing to switch device. i think this will continue. huawei is, more impressive for six straight quarters now iphone sales have been declining globally, they still managed to do a 50% increase. i think their next target is samsung. i think they can definitely do it. connell: that is just smartphones. forget about 5g. we'll talk about. daniel, thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the situation in venezuela seeming to escalate. these are live pictures. you see many more people are here as it appears the military
4:54 pm
vehicles appear to be spraying water cannons into the crowd. we're live on the scene. we'll keep you posted when we come back. patients that i see that complain about dry mouth,
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2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow,
4:58 pm
the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ ) as the amount of measles cases surpasses 700 in the united states, health officials warn that even more vaccinated people could be at risk. it was originally reported that those vaccinated between 1963 and 67 should be concerned. but now that range of years has expanded dramatically. here now is dr. marc seegal, fox news medical correspondent. what should we do? >> we're seeing more and more cases of measles. it is contagious. it has potential complications. if you are going to come in contact with someone who might have measles, you need to make sure you are vaccinated. if you were born before 57, you're immune. you had measles. between 57 and 89, you may have
4:59 pm
had measles. you may have had a measles vaccine, but it may not be entirely effective. some of the vaccines around between 57 and 89 were not entirely effective. between 71 and 89, we only gave one shot. after 89, everyone got two shots of the mmr vaccine. if you're not sure, go into your doctor and get checked. you don't have to get a shot necessarily. you have to be checked for immunity, if you may be coming in contact with measles. very simple blood test. you can see if you are immune or not. >> is there any chance we're going to run out of the vaccine? if people panic, go, and want to be sure and they get the shot, i know you are saying be tested, is there any chance we're running low. >> by the way i say get the shot, if you don't have time to get checked. we have plenty of mmr vaccine. now is the time to get checked.
5:00 pm
>> doctor, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. we are seeing the situation escalate in venezuela. you want to stay tuned as we watch and keep a close eye on venezuela. >> so important for so many different reasons. throughout the evening and then tomorrow, here on fox business -- >> bulls & bears now. david: breaking news, this is bulls & bears. you are looking at live pictures from caracas venezuela where tensions are escalating between protesters and the military. this is the second day of an uprising led by juan guaido to overthrow the disputed presidency of nicolas maduro. let's go straight to rich edson of fox news at the state department what are you hearing? yesterday it looked like maduro was going to leave, but then the russians stepped in and talked him out of it. what's the latest? >> that's what we're hearing at state department. more demonstrations and fighting on the street. juan guaido, the interim leader's attempt to try to keep this momentum going after yesterday's events.


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