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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 10, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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lou: congressman louie gohmert. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow john solomon and michael pillsbury among our guests. thanks for joining us and good night fro lauren: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. the game changed at the stroke of midnight. the u.s. imposed more tariffs on chinese goods and china has threatened to retaliate. talks are set to he resume this morning but will they spare consumers and investors? it's also uber's big day, investors ready for the company to begin trading on the new york exchange. bernie sanders teaming up with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez to take on big banks as the socialists unite against wall street. are they going to end up hurting americans instead? amazon's ceo, jeff bezos, showing off his new toy to take humans to the moon.
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we'll take a close-up look at his plans for the final frontier. it is friday, finally, may 10th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. cheryl: here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. here we go, folks. the dow has lost 650 points this week and futures have been higher last night but once the tariffs were announced, solid red. the dow is down 30, s&p down 6, nasdaq down 9 and and-a-half. s&p lost 2.5% this week. now look at treasury yields, they fell after the tariff increase. that means bond prices went up. we're going to get a reading on inflation at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. we're up 1 basis point right you now, the yield 3.46%. european markets, this ising interesting, higher after those tariffs went into effect. europe is reacting to what's
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going on. ftse and cac 40 and dax were solidly in the green. in a asia, again, this is a surprise, folks, as you can see japan a slight loss but the chinese markets are higher even after those tariffs went into effect at midnight eastern time in the united states. finally, oil, you want to watch oil today. we actually saw pressure on oil yesterday. we're up 42 points right now. the oil markets again reacting, lauren, to everything we're seeing when it comes to china and the united states. lauren: it was a pretty in-depth snapshot of how the world is reacting this morning. good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: the trump administration hiking tariffs on $200 billion in chinese goods to 25% from 10%. president trump saying beijing made last minute changes to a he proposed trade deal. >> they renegotiated the deal. they took -- whether it's intellectual property theft,
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they took many, many parts of that deal and they renegotiated. you can't do that. i happen to think that tariffs for our country are very powerful. we're the piggy bank that everybody steals from including china. lauren: he wants it to stop now. china has vowed to retaliate as president trump threatens to slap 25% tariffs on another $325 billion in chinese goods. so this would be basically everything. the trade talks are set to resume this morning at 9:00 a.m. cheryl: did the two presidents of the nations talk at this point? edward lawrence, our last report from him, is we're not aware that president trump and president xi-jinping got on the phone. the trade officials had dinner and it didn't go so well. michael lee is here. good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: all eyes on what's happening in washington, if you're on wall street, as you are. goldman sachs putting out a note and saying, look, we believe this is the road the united states is going to take and they say that, look, even though
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we'll have a few days before the customs duties begin to take effect, a trade war is here. >> well, a trade war has been here for 20 years and now the u.s. is doing something about it. and the thing about these trade wars is no one really wins. i think this will have a far greaterrer negative impact on china than it will on the u.s. economy. i think the u.s. economy is doing much, much better than many people were estimating. i think the fed is on hold for the time being, we have a lot of ammo to be able to withstand atd additional tariffs. the armegedon that's predicted is not coming to fruition. cheryl: i was surprised to see china's markets higher on this news. goldman sachs' report was not necessarily doom and gloom. they said as far as the next hit
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of tariffs, the $325 billion which would be everything, they do say that it's unlikely in our view that those further u.s. tariffs are actually going to hit, the $325 billion. this is the consumer that could be hit, michael, by this. tariffs or a tax. i'm not sure the president's words are resonating here. >> well, look, we'll see what happens next, but ultimately a deal's going to be done. there's too much at stake for both parties not to figure this out. the problem is, the chinese, they're communists and what do they want? do they want property? do they want prosperity? they want to look good. if they don't open up their economy, where will they be in 20 or 30 years. they're running up against the wall. cheryl: their economy could take a hit. it nays the past with the u.s. tariffs. goldman said certain stocks will be safe. they pointed to actually
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facebook and alphabet, the parent of google, they have low labor costs, fewer employees if you will and they said the service sector, you want to look for trade kind of -- stocks that will not be hit by a trade war. are you looking at anything like that today, snick. >> well, you know, as i've been saying on this show for the last year and change is that if there's any big selloffs on the trade war, this is an opportunity to buy the market in unison. when we have large selloffs, a lot of stocks trade in unison. the same with the rally back. i don't know that you need to be that selective. because the u.s. is doing well, looks like it will be strong, so hopefully you buy the market and win. cheryl: true that. dow down 650 points this week so far. it could be a buying opportunity. mike, thank you very much. getting on the breaking news for us this morning. appreciate it. lauren: worst week of the year. our other big story is uber is set to make its stock market debut later this morning, a day after the company priced its shares at the lower end of the
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range. cheryl: we've got susan leon the story, all the -- susan lee sh's on the story. >> reporter: uber pricing their shares at $4 $45 a apiece. at 45, looks like they'll raise a little over $8 billion, valuing the company at $82 billion, much less than the loftier levels of $120 billion valuation that was floated at the end of last year. you can blame the selloff we've seen in nature gets this week and -- markets this week and also lyft's disappoint for reduced exec a stations. a lot of people will be rich at least on paper, that includes the co-founder of uber. he holds a 6% stake, worth close to $5 billion. garrett camp should see a stake close to $3 billion. we have soft bank, the largest shareholder in uber will be selling off shares in this ipo,
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benchmark is the second largest fund at least to hold shares and a stake in uber and the ceo will be leading things on friday at the new york stock exchange, he'll ring the bell along with early drivers and employees of uber, so lots of watch out for. cheryl, lauren, back to you. lauren: susan, thank you very much. cheryl: susan will be one of the lead reporters on that story today all day on fox business. now to this. aggression is ramping up between the united states and north korea. u.s. authorities announcing they seized a north korean cargo ship for breaking sanctions, using it to illegally and he secretly transport coal. lauren: that announcement comes on the heels of back to back missile tests by the rogue nation. we have griff jenkins live in washington with the latest. good morning, griff. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. president trump's not happy because for the second time in less than a week, north korea launching what the pentagon called two short range m&a ballc missiles.
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this is possibly endangering a denuclearization deal. >> we're looking at it very seriously right now. nobody's happy about it. but we're taking a good look and we'll see. we'll see. the relationship continues but we'll see what happens. i though the know they want to . i don't think they're ready to negotiate. >> reporter: south korean officials reported the missiles being fired from a base 50 miles from pyongyang. within p minutes, the u.s. fired an unarmed long range missile from a base in l california, traveling into the pacific. officials saying the timing was coincidental, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan downplaying the provocation. >> i know what they fired. i think we're talking about what it is. we're going to stick to our diplomacy and as you all know, we haven't changed our
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operations or our posture. we're continuing to generate the readiness we need in case diplomacy fails. >> reporter: this as the u.s. announced they seized a cargo ship carrying coal in violation of sanctions. it's the first for this kind of enforcement as tensions rise between the two countries. it prompted mike pompeo to cut short a european trip to return to washington for meetings. cheryl: all of this as their neighbor, china, is engaged in a trade fight with us right now so there's a lot happening in that region. griff jenkins, thank you very much. lauren: they're wondering if china's antagonizing here. the u.s. charged two chinese men with a 2015 hacking of the health insurer an they'll. nearly 80 million people had information stolen. the hacking group is based in china. unclear if the men will be brought to the u.s. for prosecution. the u.s. does not have an
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extradition treaty with china. the high stakes drama surrounding anadarko he petroleum is over. chevron officially bowed out of the bidding, making occidental petrpetroleum the winner with tr bid. occidental had a higher cash offer. former engineers at boeing charging the company with choosing cost-cutting over safety in the design of the 737 max. bloomburg reporting that boeing pushed engineers to make sure any changes to the plane's software didn't require additional pilot training, making the plane for attractive to buyers. reports also say layoffs left a shortage of experienced staff to produce the jets. former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning released from jail. she refused to answer questions to a federal grand jury
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investigating wikileaks. before her release, she received another subpoena demanding her testimony next week to a new grand jury. so we await to see what happens. that is what's happening now. cheryl: well, once again, we are watching closely futures this morning as, yes, folks, 12:01 a.m. eastern time tariffs did increase on $200 billion in chinese goods to 25%. dow is down 17. could have been worse. dow is down 17 right now, s&p is down 4 and-a-half, nasdaq down four and a quarter. still ahead, socialists unite, bernie sanders and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez laying out a new plan that's aimed at your wallet. why some are saying it will actually hurt poor americans. and microsoft has a plan to keep your writing more politically correct. how this could save you from those water cooler arguments at the office. you're watching "fbn: a.m." lauren: but those are fun. [ laughter ] ♪ so i tell myself that i'll be
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. cheryl: democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders and freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez teaming soteamingup to target big banksg them of creating so-called debt traps by loan sharks.
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lauren: tod todd piro has the details. >> reporter: bernie sanders teaming up with alexandria ocasio-cortez in an attempt to boost his progressive agenda. they aim to ta crack down on ba. it bodies result th would diss of traditional banks. the two taking taking to facebh their mess a an to wall street. >> these guys will continue to get away with murder, unless people stand up and fight back. >> we'll get republicans on the record saying extortionary interest rates are wrong and we've got to do something about it. >> reporter: uke ukocasio-cortez speaking to fox news. she thinks banks need to be put on notice. >> we have the laws from the 1970s and they work. it's about time that we build them out, time we get something out. >> reporter: according to credit, the average credit
5:17 am
card rate is 17.73% for those with good credit, median credit is at 21.36% and bad credit averaging nearly 25%. some lawmakers arguing this bill would actually hurt low income americans more than help them. the chairman of the senate finance committee, chuck grassley, explains the unintended consequences. >> i think such action is going to have some very low income people that depend on credit cards not being able to get credit. >> reporter: this bill is not expected to pass in the republican-led senate. back to you. lauren: no, it's not. todd, thank you. let's get more on this, the read of the situation and how it plays out in 2020 with real clear politics white house reporter, phil wegman. this isn't expected to go anywhere as todd told us. it's expected to go somewhere if you're bernie sanders and you're running versus biden and many others for be president. >> this represents the first
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one, two punch from bernie sanders and rep representative alexandria ocasio-cortez, they're teaming up on this for a messaging bill. both of them know this doesn't have a lot of chance of becoming law. the intent is to give people of an idea of what the ideal would be if sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez got their way. what's so interesting here is that this isn't the sort of abstract very intricate wall street reform we've seen from other candidates like elizabeth warren. this is a reform that would affect almost every american immediately. lauren: the argument that aoc and bernie are making is that it's expensive to be poor, essentially, and there's numbers to prove it. the average credit card rate is about 17.7%. but if you have bad credit, it's just about 2 25%. the flip side to that argument from the banking industry is that, hey, these are risky loans. that's the way it is.
5:19 am
it exposes the inconsistent inequality gap which is a platform the left is running on. do you think it's a platform that will work? >> it certainly sounds like something that everyone should be able to get on-board, if you don't take a moment to pause and look at the unintended consequences. i think that aoc and bernie sanders are very clever in pushing this out right now. this is the sort of thing which is going to appeal to a lot of primary voters. if you make the argument like we heard just a second ago from chairman grassley, republicans are going to counter that while this sounds good, it's going to make it much more difficult for individuals to actually get credit they need if they don't have the longest lending history and if they actually have bad credit. that's what republicans are going to try to do to counter this because right now on its face, this is the sort of thing which appeals to that voter who is already showing up to the polls looking for free college, who is looking for help with the
5:20 am
rent and so many other things. lauren: what does that mean for joe biden, the frontrunner on the democratic side now, phil? if you look at his record, back in 2005 he sparred with elizabeth warren for a similar proposal. he often supports the credit card companies. >> so this is interesting. bernie sanders and aoc point out the fact that in the early 1990s the senate actually voted in favor of a similar bill which would have capped interest rates at 14%. and this really does, like you say, present a wedge issue between bernie sanders and joe biden. both of these guys have long records and on this point they're very different. i think this is a moment whereby den, he has been very consistent in his cenrism and moderation. i think for him the job will be to address this to embrace this or dismiss it.
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lauren.lauren: the question ise go further left or stay in the middle path. thank you so much. cheryl: we have a lot more coming up. wall street is watching washington right now. new tariffs on chinese goods are here. could the tide change with one phone call today. as hbo speeds toward the final episode of game of thrones, one p company is giving away a g.o.t. themed product you may actually used. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ it's time to begin. ♪ isn't it. ♪ i get a little bit sick. ♪ i admit, i'm just the same as i was. ♪ now don't you -- drivers just wont put their phones down. we need a solution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans.
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♪ i'm going to change the ending.
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♪ going to throw away my title. ♪ and toss it in the trash. lauren: microsoft is unveiling new technology which could make your writing more politically correct. cheryl: this would avoid a lot of fights at the office. trace trace has thi tracee carrs story. >> reporter: this is a new tool that microsoft is unveiling this fall. it is called ideas in words. so it's going to offer suggestses that will help you refine your writing. one example that microsoft gives, they say if you use the word policeman in your text t, they may make a suggestion to use police officer, to make it more inclusive. so they're going to offer a little more clarity, a little more help when it comes to punctuation, when it comes to certain ideas, just all about inclusive and being i guess a little more politically correct. and as you said, maybe avoid some issues when it comes to your writing. lauren: did i say something to offend you? tracee: maybe you don't realize
5:26 am
it. cheryl: i think companies across the country will rejoice on this one. it's better than auto correct. game of thrones, we're getting towards the end of it. there's a gaming sweepstakes that's happening around the show. tracee: just about every company is cashing in on the series finale of game of thrones. x-box is the latest one. they're celebrating with a new special game of thrones console. this is a give-away. you can only win -- they're only giving away two. and they are themed consoles. this is the new edition of their x-box 1-s, the digital edition that went on sale this week, $250. so to enter, you can either enter on twitter or facebook. you've got until may 22nd. as the series winds down, people are getting very excited. i can imagine, this is going to be a hoe hot commodity if you're of the two winners. cheryl: i can see that would fly off the shelf from a selling
5:27 am
standpoint. tracee: if they bring it to market. lauren: so far, this has been the worst week since the selloff at the end of last year for wall street. today may be a better, different day as investors reassess the situation as trade talks resume in about three and-a-half hours between the u.s. and china. the dow is down 11 points, nasdaq almost positive. buckle up, uber starts trading today, what kind of ride will the stock give investors? and about four decades after man last set foot on the moon, we'll tell you how amazon ceo jeff bezos plans to take us back. we'll be right back with "fbn: a.m." ♪ fly me to the moon. ♪ let me play among the stars. ♪ let me see what spring is like liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone
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cheryl: global market reaction to the u.s. hiking tariffs on china from 10 froes 25%, just five and-a-half hours ago, the dow down 650 points this week,
5:31 am
futures have been higher last night, once the tariffs were announced we saw red. we're red but it's not too bad right now. dow is down 24, s&p down 4 and a quarter, nasdaq down 2 and three quarters. take a look at treasury yields. they fell after the tariff increase. bond price wenbond prices went . rightaking a look at europe, grn arrows in europe, after this tariff hike by the u.s. pretty interesting here. same thing in asia, look at this. the nikkei fell a little bit. but the chinese markets actually ended higher. the shanghai composite up more than 3%. finally, oil, watch the oil markets today. there's been a lot of sensitivity to the trade war, oil up 45-cents. lauren: president trump is making good on his promise to hike tariffs on china with more talks with beijing set for this morning. tariffs on $200 billion in chinese goods rising to 25%. china says it's going to
5:32 am
retaliate even as president trump threatens to slap more tariffs on an additional $325 billion of goods from china. china. let's bring in rob martin, a senior economist, as well as riley walters, a policy analyst at the heritage foundation. thank you for joining us. riley, i want to begin with you. to investors think the president has more bark than bite? >> you know, there's a question out there, whether investors have priced this in and i think there's a lot of pessimism about whether the president will actually go all-in and increase the tariffs on every single thing that we buy from china. i think it is a real threat and certainly i think americans should be concerned, as already half of the things we buy from china have become 25% more expensive with potentially everything else to go. lauren: has ubs put a number on collateral damage for all this?
5:33 am
oxford economics is out with some numbers and they say with the china retaliation, that would cut u.s. gdp by 0.3% in 2020 and china gdp by 0.8% in the same year. what do you think? >> we think the first round of tariffs have subtracted about $140 billion from the u.s. economy. so about 70 basis points off the level of gdp. we see further harm from the rise to 25%, another 3 to 4 tent tenthads if we go all-in. we see as much as a another 100 basis points of harm to the u.s. economy. those numbers start to become meaningful. lauren: they do become meaningful. when you're in the shopping mall, riley, they could become scary the if consumers get hit pretty hard by all this. what's the best case scenario that you see? >> the best case scenario is that perhaps we have some sort of summit between the
5:34 am
presidents, potentially before the g-20 at the end of june where they could finally come to some sort of resolution. we might not know. certainly the talks that are happening today, and the talks that happened over the past month have been pretty nontransparent. so we'll have to wait and see. obviously these talks have been pretty closed off. so if the president tweets something good, i think maybe markets will react in kind and we'll have to see. lauren: markets are reinging rg not saab shabby this morning. >> i think one of the super positive signs right here is that negotiations do indeed continue today. one scenario would have been the president raised the tariffs last night and the chinese home and there's a hiatus in the talks. it looks like the two sides want to continue to make progress. that's a positive sign for ultimate resolution. lauren: riley, you're hopeful that june, best case se nature he yow, before the g-20, that
5:35 am
there is a deal. june is just next month. >> there are questions whether they can meet before then or not. i think it's possible. but we'll have to wait and see. lauren: the president said, look, what's going on with china obviously is bad. he said, quote, i don't blame china. i blame past leadership. is that a swipe as we look at 2020, he needs a win, he needs a foreign policy win, he needs a strong economy, is that a swipe at the comments that joe biden made earlier, that oh, look, why are we afraid of china? >> certainly. i think washington has a awokeen to the potential threat that china can pose. i wouldn't necessarily agree with the tactics the administration has been taking either, imposing tariffs on essentially american consumers, not chinese themselves. there are other ways to deal with the threat that china presents that don't harm americans as much as we've seen
5:36 am
with the tariffs. lauren: final question to you, rob. this a situation we can find ourselves in where we reverse the order we've seen. so the stock market starts to sell off and remains under pressure but the u.s. economy remains fine. do you see the tariff situation in this trade war creatinging that scenario? >> it's difficult to know. from an economic perspective, it's really hard to see the u.s. economy thriving under this type of tariff regime. tariffs are just taxes, of course, but 25% tax rate imposed in a relatively short period of time are difficult for the economy to absorb. lauren: for for companies we'l start to see this eat into gross margins and bottom line. riley, rob, thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: start your engines, uber pricing its ipo at $45 a share, toward the low end of the expected range. shares start trading today on
5:37 am
the new york stock exchange. lieu basineste is here. lou, here we go. the big question is the timing of all of this. it's been a run week for the markets. is this bad timing for uber as you've got the dow down 650 points so r far this week? >> you don't get to pick your timing for an ipo like this. you can't predict that. so my warning is please, people, don't be a crash test dummy and buy this ipo today. cheryl: okay. >> it is just a recipe for disaster. super high valuation, slowing revenue growth, and massive losses. there has not been an ipo in the history of the market that has performed well with those parameters. i don't think uber is going to be the exception. cheryl: and point taken. those are good warnings from you. there's what they're expected to raise, 8. $8.2 billion. does lyft play into your thinking here? there was a lot of excitement about here, smaller ride sharing
5:38 am
company. it's kind of crashed and burned on the market. is this a piece of your thinking? >> yes, it is. it's not going to be different than lyft. it is a smal smaller competitor. they aren't branching out into other businesses like uber eat and uber freight. the performance in the aftermarket, it popped on the first day and now it's down 45%. it's reall really instructive. cheryl: what happened with lyft was the short selling and lyft got upset about that. when they reported earnings they said, well, investors don't understand how oura our valuatis and accounting practices. uber and lyft have been criticized for how they're presenting their companies, uber on the road show about their -- basically their accounting practices, especially when it came to -- this is my favorite one, how they treat rider discounts and refunds.
5:39 am
uber is getting a lot of grief about that. >> we see this with a lot of the high-flying growth ipos coming out of silicon valley. twitter tried to do this, they were coming up with different metrics every couple quarters, how you should measure growth. it comes p down to profitability. if the stock's going to do really well over the long term, it's got to at least demonstrate the potential to be profitable like we saw for years with amazon and its high-flying growth and then it did convert into profitability. so it's time to grow up for these companies. cheryl: maybe not jump into it today but statemen at the same t of folks will be thinking if there is a pull back, maybe not today, but if there is a pullback on uber, what is a price point that would make you want to buy it? >> it's coming to market at seven or eight times revenue. susan: hillarys&p trade at two or thre. maybe it's interesting at four
5:40 am
times revenue, if there's a path to profitability. i think that's a big if. cheryl: i'm a girl that didn't buy netflix. >> you also didn't buy snap. cheryl: be sure to watch "mornings with maria." we have more earnings this morning. things are winding down. lauren: no earnings recession. that didn't happen. let's get to other headlines making news this friday. jay powell warning about a decades long slowdown in income growth. powell saying that incomes have grown more slowly for middle class families since the 1970s than for higher income households. they say the living standards the u.s. is accustomed to have diminished. sam adams boston beer is buying dog fish head for $300 billion. boston beer is the second largest craft brewer in the
5:41 am
country. together, they will have revenue of more than $300 million. party city deflated over a helium shortage. the company says the shortage made its quarterly loss worse as its balloon business fell 8%. plus the stock got a lift when the company said it found a new source of helium. that wasn't enough to save some stores from closing. the company announcing it's shutting 45 more stores this year. finally, a perk for fliers. dedelta is testing free wi-fi on its plane later this month. it currently charges passenger as much as $16 to connect to the internet. jetblue is if only other airline to offer free wi-fi. i love free wi-fi. i don't want to buy it with a two hour flight. cheryl: you will get better behaving passengers and better behaving children on the plane when you offer free wi-fi. lauren: she was a flight
5:42 am
attendant. cheryl: i've seen a few things. the nasdaq just went positive by a quarter point. a big market day today. dow is down 20, s&p down 4 and a quarter. those tariffs have risen at midnight eastern time. still ahead, king of the rocketman, jeff bezos laying out his plan to take the human race back up to the stars. and a legal penalty for david beckham. get this, how the soccer star's hands got him in trouble off of the field. lauren: what did he do? ♪ you will remember me. ♪ remember me, history. ♪ just one mistake. what are you doing? isn't it obvious? nah. we're delivering live market coverage and offering expert analysis completely free. we're helping you make sense of the markets without cable or a subscription from anywhere you are.
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i get that. but what are you doing here? nice pajamas. really? i say pajamas. pajamas, pajamas, whichever. good. yahoo finance live. stream free anywhere. welcome to the show. let's make finance make sense.
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cheryl: amazon's jeff bezos tasked his company blue origins with getting humans back to the moon. yesterday he took one leap toward that goal. lauren: ray bogen has the latest from washington, d.c. >> one small step for man, one giant leap for man mankind. >> reporter: amazon founder and billionaire entrepreneur jeff bezos says it's time to take the next giant leap. >> this is an incredible vehicle and it's going to the moon.
5:46 am
>> reporter: bezos revealing plans thursday for his rocket company, blue origin, to send a large spacecraft to the moon. >> very precise landing. >> reporter: the robotic ship, named blue moon, will carry four rovers and can deploy satellites to orbit the celestial body. >> if nasa's not currently capable of landing american astronauts on the moon in five years, we need to change the organization, not the mission. >> reporter: that's exactly what the tycoon is trying to achieve. bezos aiming to make the three-day journey and lunar landing with people aboard within the same timeframe. >> we can help meet that time line, but only because we started three years ago. it's time to go back to the moon, this time to stay. >> reporter: bezos referring to his plans to colonize the moon which he also discussed during
5:47 am
his presentation. ray bogen, fox news. lauren: tony romo hitting an amazing shot in his third pga tour outing. the incredible swing that you have to see. does it go in? does it go in? bam. mother's day is right around the corner, sunday, if you forgot, dads out there, it's sunday. are you ready? we'll tell you about the record-breaking support coming out for mom this year. what does that mean for dad? cheryl: are you talking about somebody specifically? lauren: he totally forgot one year, on. tracee is laughing at me. ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger. ♪ dancing through the fire. ♪ because i am a champion. ♪ and you're going to hear me roar. ♪ louder. ♪
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lauren: the golden warriors suffer a potentially crushing blow to their hopes for another title. cheryl: oh, boy, golden state. what's going on? jared: this is rough. but they still are rich in talent. we'll see where they can go. they'll be tested. kevin durant won't be available the next of the series. he was injured in game five. he landed awkwardly on a jump shot. there is a strain in his calf. the team hopes he can return during the nba finals. first, they need to win one more against houston. tonight is game six. the rockets on news of durant's absence, larger favorite than any team has been against the warriors in 440 games. houston knocks down the odds to win the championship with the injury. there will be two game sevens in the nba as the 76ers and trail
5:52 am
blazers scored must wins last night. kyler murray signed his first nfl contract, cardinals will pay him $35 million over four years. what do the temptations sing when it's cold outside, i've got the month of may. denver, may 9th, it was 39 degrees at snow was flying. the rockies won, 12-11. maximum security appeared to win the kentucky derby. he was dropped to 17th because of interference with other horses. the jockey accused by one trainer of riding that race like a drunk driver, has hired a prominent defense attorney to represent him. he anticipates discipline for his ride. soccer star david beckham has been banned from driving in england for six months. he got six points on his license. he was caught talking on his
5:53 am
cell phone. he has 12 points toe. cheryl: why doesn't he hire a driver? jared: how about tony romo. former quarterback, got an eagle at the byron nelson, a pga event. he felt like he was back on the football field. they were cheering for him like wild in dallas. cheryl: i met him in minneapolis at the super bowl. he is the nicest guy. i know i'm a cowboys fan, the nicest guy in football i've ever met and he golfs too. that's okay because he's nice. lauren: if you're nice, anything's. jared: happy mother's day. lauren: you can catch jared's sports reports on fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: everyone should wish lauren a happy mother's day. lauren: if you have no plans for saturday, amazon can help. you can buy this on the site and it takes eight hours to build. mother's day on sunday, there's
5:54 am
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like this. ♪ there will be days like this my mama said. cheryl: americans spend more on moms for mother's day or dads on fathers day? cheryl lauren: and how much more? tracee: the national retail federation put out new numbers, $25 billion, a new record expected to be spent on moms this mother's day. you compare that to what was spent last year for dads on father's day, that came in at 15. lauren: that's a big difference. tracee: that is a big difference. you can see who the favorite in the family is. the average spends on mom $196, up from last year, the average, $180. dad, people only spending about $133 on average. cheryl: i spend money or marsha, my mom.
5:58 am
she's worth it. lauren: i'm a little surprised by this. i have a podcast launching today in time for mother's day, it's called where momming today, you can download it at most of the people we have on say dads do just as much as moms. tracee: i think mom appreciates it more. daddies happy with more than just a card. moms you want to shower with more than just a card. cheryl: happy mother's day to all the moms out there. tracee: he especially lauren. cheryl: you've got another story for us? tracee: we're going to talk about a luxury, do it yourself, build it yourself little cabin that you can put maybe in your backyard. i'm not sure what to call it. we'll show you a picture of it. it was sold out on amazon. it it's called a studio cabin. it looks pretty cute. cheryl: a pool house. tracee: it's 17 172 square fee,
5:59 am
about $7,000 to put together. it takes about eight hours, two people can do it. it's a lot more complicated thn anything you would buy from ikea. i did research on amazon. there's a number of things that- number of these that you can buy. lauren: more than $7,000? tracee: more than $7,000. cheryl: they're selling out. people are totally intos this. i can see why. lauren: how much would it cost to have that guest house and have someone else do it for you. i feel like it's expensive. cheryl: the contractor would be $20,000 minimum. tracee: it doesn't include plumbing, doesn't come with foundation, roof tiles. there are a lot of things you need to add. for the basics, it's pretty good. maybe you want an area for the kids. you need a place to hang out, lauren, maybe escape the kids, that would be some place. so pretty cool. cheryl: it's a pool house, to
6:00 am
lauren's point. tracee: airbnb, there's an idea. cheryl: thank you very much. lauren: "mornings with maria" starts right now. maria: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. happy friday, i'm maria bartiromo, it's friday, may 10th. u.s.-chinayour top stories right now. china trade turmoil in effect. the u.s. increased tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese imports to 25%, china saying it will retaliate. we have the latest as talks enter day two in washington this morning. uber's ipo has arrived. the stock set to start trading this morning, priced at $45 apiece last night, that was the low end of the expectations. what it means for investors and the company going forward. disneyland crowd control, the theme park introducing a new pass to keep the growing number of guests down. but there's a catch. what you need to know, coming up of. eye on the sky, check this out. jeff bezos setting a date to bring people back


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