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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 14, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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>> it looks like the trade war with china is on like donkey kong, it is about to get nasty. economists say the president says china has the most as a sub stairs on $200 billion on chinese goods, puts u.s. and global disability. china pushes back of 6 billion worth of american tariffs under products. can we just knock it off. >> get a deal with china in my
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representatives, as you know circuitry management and wine lighthizer went to china, they are not good to get anymore, they agreed and it's unacceptable. kennedy: no it's not, the president also claimed you as consumers will not affect the trigger. the top economic advisor contradicts his boss. >> the president says china pays tariffs. both sides are suffering on this. kennedy: wall street, not a fan of any of this the dow plunging 670 points today, tutor businesses that could get a shaft in this work. and potentially as well is a lot
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of the article cultural products. you name it also two. farmers are earning. also how this works. that means offense might have to shut up billions in subsidies. there are two things, tariffs and subsidies. in german. was really hopeful for the u.s. economy especially when everything is blooming, former speechwriter for george w. bush, fox news contributor. welcome back. let's talk about this, how close were they actually to the street do? >> china even when it agrees, 30
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given. >> they said, the kitchens laws. >> is innocent people. [inaudible] >> that's what trade was like, china does cheat, .
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[inaudible] [inaudible] i think sometimes the president, i went to retrieve the goods like you to attend retrieve yours, underpai. >> i think the.
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kennedy: we heard from the advisors and trades and how china refuses. >> is a dictatorship but they still have to accommodate in the middle class. the president should've lifted the tariffs. but give china something. kennedy: no it is not worth that on either side, give american companies that manufacture china, how difficult is it, there a lot of people who are involved, the manufacture for the attribute now, a lot of these committees have contracts with chinese manufacturing to facilities, .
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>> no[inaudible] >> you should allow everyone to prosper. >> that's why they know they cannot afford these kind of cost. they don't retaliate. they take a village of lower -- they see the cost.
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>> i would love to do ca contine this discussion. into target china on intellectual properties of the target and not a threat. the president trump is not a
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fan. if we do anything it'll be a very bad mistake, if they do anything will suffer greatly, it's about problem for rent something happens they will not be happy, they will not be happy. so for the europeans are trendy capitalist so will we prevail? robin sauve is here, good
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evening, everyone. [inaudible]
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[inaudible] kennedy: i don't like mike pompeo and jumbled together. they're both very persuasive. you like the hard line. >> uses it kamala harris two things, this is what it'll be like in the future. [laughter] kennedy: you gonna grow mustache. [laughter] >> is totally john bolton making a statement. i do have a good message. now to be clear, sanctions don't
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hurt the powerful, they hurt the people on the ground. it's hard to rely on them. they do respect, they hit the people on the ground which is unfortunate. i think they respect the hardline because they do respect strict doublethink. that being said, we have to appoint where it looks more likely and less likely, that's not a good thing. it doesn't look like we see that. kennedy: what are the iranians doing? what is your ultimate goal? >> they said they're waiting on president trump. it's a fantastic pre. kennedy: there hacking our system. [laughter]
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kennedy: i could dream all day. their study to investigate tonight. this is brenda. attorney general william barr is now appointed u.s. attorney to whether or not the pencil beyond the truck campaign, and house democrats are heating up. it is constitutional crisis and democrats are demanding more from to hear from robert mueller himself. they say they want the truth on potential of obstructed justice. at one point the congress and
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said they want more to testify but now it's clear or would that will ever happen. adam schiff is optimistic. >> the american people have every right to hear what the investigation has to say we now we know we can't rely on the attorney general who represented. kennedy: the president takes his income tweeting the democrat knew that we are no constitutional crisis. what a subject. they are their partner, the fake news media, are told to say this is allowed in as often as possible for thei a sad joke.
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who has a bigger objection to robert mueller? the fact is no. [inaudible] i get the sense he spent two years.himself into this massive piece of work. isn't necessarily true, more
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than 1200, he has not probably come out to contradict anything the builder has said, the letter he said to him was the night before his good to testify. nothing you said is inaccurate, i'm worried about how it's perceived. >> there was nothing, partly after the phone call, there was nothing that was inaccurate or misleading i'm worried about the press is perceived as. under the law, under the statute, barr did not have to release any of this to congress or to the public demanding more from transparency, he is giving them way more required to do. at least some point for that. kennedy: i think barr was damned if he did or rejecting anything,
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and to his credit, there's a lot in his path, he did work with mueller and his team on these reductions so now were at the point where congress is talking about in here into contempt. what is exactly and how is that different from contempt of congress? >> what they want to do is put him a job essential. the growing course of democrats say hey, we have this power, not something that has been used since the 1930s but there's a jail cell around here somewhere. okay, we can have a conversation, eric holder under president obama found himself in contempt and a much longer fuse before the docto they got there. i think, both parties do it, people ramp things up depending on what side, which leaders under attack, your guy or the other guy, contempt happens in
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congress, nothing will happen. kennedy: something does happen, this fantastic book, sheena brame, finding the right side. you can get it for mother's day and for father's day. it is great device, particularly the relationship with your mom and all you achieved in a very short amount of time. running your first marathon. >> i remind marathon but before that we first marathon which is deceptive. but i talked about how i got tricked into running a marathon but honestly if i do, if i do it anybody could. kennedy: when hear stories in the book, he wanted to work in the hr person and you thought i must begin to raise. >> no, you're getting fired. in the new boston coming and he said you truly the worst person i've ever seen on tv.
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you're never going to make in this business. kennedy: he's a giant evil. >> no i wish him well. kennedy: what a great discomfort. the. >> i wish him well. he kicked me out of the nest and maybe i wouldn't even did appear. this is my dream job. >> his laws are gain. >> i like to think of it like that, it was win-win, it was humiliating. kennedy: your podcast, show, we are training for you here, and i know my times are incredibly busy but you break down the legal issues in the audiences that watches appreciate your expertise so much. >> the key. i'm hoping you're rubbing off on me. your mom is the coolest ever. kennedy: you are awesome. a dream come true. the field of 2020
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a monstrous field, they about to be swallowed whole by the 2020 candidate. kristen children in beto o'rourke are two casualties and they were one time the savior of the party. the record number of women running, delivering has a weak excuse for her poor performance so far, she points her pondering on gender bias and says she says voters, she expects them to be more generally biased against women. please don't barf your victimhood all over kamala
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harris. they're busy strategizing, and crafting policy. if they don't win the nomination they won't be stewing in hillary's self-pity which is as bad as putting in election strategy is promising to get the country on the metric system. another unsurprising entrance into the irrelevancy olympics is the first runner-up in the texas senate pageant beto o'rourke, the field was small, and he attracted some attention when then people found out he's in empty-handed privilege apologist whose group policy ideas are barely exceeded by his remaining brain cells, he seemed interesting permanent and was always busy swatting flies with those fancy hands. but his candidacy fell apart when he walked into our lives and put tran impressed the
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pennies in our lives. clearly meter under mayor pete is a more articulate version of beta beto. he continues to stumble in a move of desperation he floated the idea of running stacey abrams. to what she probably replied, beto wants to run with me, 0 hell no, i would never pin him as my vp, put a fork in o beto o'rourke. the democrat 2020 field is the biggest ever. how did we end up with so mindlessly mediocre wannabe presidents? here's the panel. handsome as ever. let's get to it.
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what do you make of beto o'rourke. i never understood why people are fascinated with him in the texas senate race, state that his failure would immediately translate to the presidency? >> democrats are always looking for the next jfk, they are looking for the next youngish white guy that they comport all their hopes and dreams of especially like all the liberal leftist and they put all their potential into beta. the mere mayor pete came in he s actually kind of interesting. and the like dado who? he is over. it's amazing he got up again no but he actually has substance and he's right. i'm so happy beto is losing,
12:31 am
he's a loser, he ruins everything. every day kamala harris a whole history, everybody at home has had this experience with this one girl who keeps telling their friends about all these petri things her boyfriend is,. >> beto stood on a counter, beto wrote his skateboard but within six months of being like beto, even to her friend doctor because he's annoying. all you do is keep her. if i get to see one more out of your 4-year-old, i cannot stand you. kennedy: if i offer him $10000 like i offered him $100,000 per presidency there is no way in [bleep] that would happen.
12:32 am
>> you're looking for similar personality differences. the only thing that is unique about her as i would associate with the excesses of me. she is responsible for supporting the overreach on college campuses which was purdue processes which they've corrected. she is someone who is the far left progressive feminist will like. but doesn't the person you're going after two with the primary. it's a very moderate. kennedy: women want to put in the white house, because of gender bias. who is she claiming of having gender bias? >> policies that only the far left people in new york are going to like. >> she rejected everything that she was at one point. if she has anyone to blame, blame herself. apparently children 2.0 hates
12:33 am
gillbrand 1.0. kennedy: she's like the mitt romney of the democratic party. >> no one asked for either of these people. kennedy: i don't understand the lack of self-awareness. on some level to be a successful politician, and people hate ted cruz. let's move on the democratic congressman carnival worker adam schiff has been slamming the president dangerous rhetoric for the better part for years and yesterday he told abc news why you i hope this country could survive in the years with a president like this who gets up every day, trying to find new ways to divide us. he doesn't seem to understand the fundamental aspect of his job is to get a more perfect union. but that is not at all where he's coming from. >> nothing says you're concerned with david broderick like
12:34 am
predicting the country cannot survive if you can get reelected. he wants famously promised that he had proof that the president colluded with russia. and has instead offered evidence that the democrats are losing their mind. i will start with you. adam schiff, what is the one thing he is done to unite us? >> why do people continue to give him a platform? kennedy: they know healthy crazy things like that. >> is repeatedly lied to the market people on television, the monster belies, you said this, that is actually complete and total lie. they continue to trauma and give them any credit builder. he should be standing on the street corner. >> is alex jones with clarence. he is so funny to me, there was
12:35 am
charlie brown thing, that is who adam schiff says. the republican is going to come on halloween. he is good to tell us everything that is going on. he spent two years and the pumpkin patch where the great pumpkin did not show, the most apocalyptic preachers that have indecency. he is actually saying no, it happened. it happened. it is halloween in america, ralph northam wearing costumes. [laughter] kennedy: is very. >> will still be orbiting the sun, politicians are we saying is into the world and that she do we say, we are uniquely capable of separating -. kennedy: this is what were waiting for this is the most important election of a lectern, how many times you to hear that
12:36 am
before -- he said that before the 2018th, the most important election of his like to. what a meathead. >> i guess so, i don't know what adam schiff's grand scheme is in order to seek adoration from the electorate at large pray people are turned off by itself and i don't get the sense that our country is going to come to a grinding halt involving the civil war if he's reelected. >> of course not. most people's lives have not fundamentally changed since he's been elected. that is because most people's lives are changed based on whoever the president of the united states is. that's a reality. adam schiff's life is good before, it's good now, it'll be good if you get reelected. >> everybody has a friend who complains to about the crazy
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kennedy: the 2020 election will be a battle between the two. bernie sanders is a front runner to take on trump says the nation is on his side.
12:42 am
he told the washington examiner "it's a long discussion, but all i would say is virtually all the initiatives we are supporting are supported by a majority of the market people" you can call them whatever you want and of course programs like social security and medicare, and the veterans association due to ministration have". it is was planning to be looking out for the little guy. but how do we actually lift people out of poverty which mark that is a question a new documentary tackles. that is a pursuit. watch this. >> is very difficult for people to get their minds around the idea that the best way for you to help hold onto report people is very system that you thought was rigged against the poor. if you worry about any quality and say capitalism is not without your simply went to say, i'm just as happy bringing the top-down as i am ringing the bottom up. if you want to be a social
12:43 am
justice warrior to bring people to the highest levels of dignity and potential, if you believe we are all created equal, you should be a warrior for opportunity. kennedy: straight preacher. the free market list people out of poverty, the president of american enterprise institute and the pursuit, arthur brooks. >> great to be here. >> i like you bernie sanders impression. it's phenomenal. kennedy: i think bernie is hysterical. in some ways he is very good intentions and often well-intentioned, but it keeps people static and ordinary which i think is very, very crow. talk about minimum wage becomes a maximum weight that people will never earn more than that when you talk about extreme poverty we don't see a lot of this country, what is the mechanism that change people's lives? >> there five things into
12:44 am
billions of her brother and sisters out of poverty since i was a kid. globalization, free-trade, property rights, the rule of law and the culture of entrepreneurship. all economists left, right and center agree on this and is not a political issue. if we want to get the next two people out of poverty, we need the sinks. we call those democratic capitalism. there is no other system. the greatest humanitarian achievement in history is encompassed by capitalism. kennedy: with her to talk about income inequality but is income inequality like minnesota customer schema is much worse in place as a argentina china. it's worse than it is in the united states, people actually are not the concerned about any quality, they are concerned about opportunity of inequality. the biggest crisis we face, since the financial crisis since the income mobility has fallen is harder to go, a her to fall from the top income, a little bit of rigidity the bridge
12:45 am
people during the nest. corruption doesn't two. we need to make this easier, maybe a little easier for people to fall two. >> we know who we talk about socialism is static, you do have immobility, you much for immobility and systems like that. but a lot of people will think this week and taking it apart, capitalism has really bad pr. that is sad. because people are ashamed of what they have. it used to be something for your reference 20 reprint something to work really hard to make sure your life is better. the people who work hard and have something there being shamed out of that. we did socialism be so attractive questioning. >> i feel that way because in fact we are starting to act about socialism a lot.
12:46 am
more than people to our older they might. if you go back to the few surveys that have been looking at that for the past ten years, the action has not changed. young people are more progressive than young people. that makes sense. the problem is, younger people are more jaundiced about capitalism because people who graduated around the financial crisis, have a ton of debt, college education is not pain returns, the labor market is not that strong and the result is, what is it for me? again to make a better case for capitalism, but to make a better case for the idea. kennedy: a lot of us do not get that schools. here but the futures of comox,. >> this is the key thing, yet remember capitalism has pulled billions out of poverty. if you are to be a warrior you must be in favor of pulling people out property out of society. >> this is a country of refractory your family and mine are struggling, scratching
12:47 am
potatoes and running, and they came to this country because they wanted to earn their success. we have to make sure people continue to earn success and remind people, is the only system that is been able to achieve that over the course of humanity. if we don't make the argument and it sounds like we just can't reach people in taxes, we don't say, not good enough. kennedy: not good enough unless you become one of those rich people. and everybody should be inspired. the pursuit. thank you so much. on thursday, fox business will hold a very special town -♪ just like any other family ♪ the house, kids, they're living the dream ♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪ -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪
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.kennedy: new york yankees fans are threatening to boycott after the team band kate smith, god bless america, new york mets fans are boycotting for the usual reasons, because this is a topical storm. number one, russia is plain hockey with vladimir putin is a
12:52 am
road trip. first he hacked hillary server then he fell these first. thousands of fans laughed a lot. his show his own sense of humor he will be honoring them with a very special funeral. i'm just kidding. who needs team did kill their opponents, and then they played hockey. video of the sabine stroman has been seen over 10 million times, love them or hate them, beside the democrat collision. topic number two, nba all-star stepped up for the rafters last night. it is about time. >> defended by simmons. kennedy: stood up and tear, they were tied 90 - 90 it was a buzzer beater in history nba
12:53 am
playoffs, for the mets fans plan, it's a tournament they have at the end of the season. they thought they had in the bag but they went down hard. raptors fans elevated for two hours after the game other technically speaking it was 20 minutes of celebrating in an hour and 40 minutes for apologizing for making so much noise. they are on to the next round while the sixers are on to the next two rounds because of doing doubles tonight. topic number three, domino's is launching a hawaiian getty pizza made with pineapple chunks and canned spaghetti. if you enjoy the finer things in life, you don't even have to listen to the story. each pipe is made with something not super fancy. it sells for 799 but a delivery derby does not arrive in 30
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minutes, there's good news, no you to continue to smoke whatever you're smoking when you order this and thought it was a good idea. if you eat one wind up paying for it later. again and again, and again. the internet has not been kind. wayne hoedown, thousands of commenters calling it the dumbest thing in hawaiian history. although, when you google the dumbest thing. were all good the. kennedy: topic number four, it imug shot monday. a california schoolteacher who was sober at the time of his dui arrest. [laughter] that is 54-year-old. [laughter] he was pulled over by the police officer by showing signs i am literally crying.
12:55 am
-- the hawaiian spaghetti pizza was on the passenger seat. this is a gym teacher. all the third-graders now happily beer pong. he was booked at the sacramento county jail and as of now he still has a job in fact he is leading the precious costs that gave him dock dock gray goose. topic five, the colorado and boulder held the graduation on friday and there were plenty of snowflakes. you don't usually see old man winter in a graduation in may but he bribed his way and with the help of lori loughlin. it is gone viral and internet and afterward the gender studies said it was like nothing had ever seen before. i job fair. the mood was d ♪ limu emu & doug
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kennedy: are you ready for the first installment of mouth trump monday. you have to use the #. guess what song, ♪
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♪ [laughter] thank you for watching the the following is a paid advertisement for the bissell crosswave pet pro, sponsored by bissell. [music]


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