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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 14, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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biggs among our guests tomorrow. follow me on twitter@@loudobbs like me on facebook, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs lauren: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. stocks rocked as the trade war intensifies, china firing back with tariffs on $60 billion worth of u.s. goods. but president trump says we're right where we want to be and things could get even better. he's set to meet with the chinese president next month at the g-20. while you were sleeping, the u.s. was weighing options in iran that could involve hundreds of thousands of boots on the ground. we have the latest. socialism versus capitalism takes center stage in the 2020 presidential race. we're asking can the u.s. afford socialism. what would a bettery sanders president -- bernie sanders mean for the company.
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and there's a new game of thrones e editing gaffe taking e internet by storm. it is tuesday, may 14th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. cheryl: here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. it is the story investors hitting a little bit of a cautious tone this morning after the dow and s&p lost 2.4% yesterday worst trading day in months. the dow is up 91 in the premarket, s&p up 13 and-a-half, nasdaq is up by 52. there are concerns that china could begin to sell u.s. treasuries, a lot to watch in treasuries today. this affects borrowing costs to you at home. tensions in the middle east affecting oil, could further military action send prices higher. right now, slight loss on oil,
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14-cents. shares on asia lower on tuesday after beijing raised tariffs on u.s. goods in he retaliation. we're seeing a rebound in european shares after yesterday's broad-based selloff that happened across the. laurenpond.lauren: it's a new . some perspective. welcome to you at home. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: it's a big story, the trade dispute. president trump sounding optimistic on a trade deal with china. he said we'll know soon if treasury secretary steven mnuchin's recent trade talks with beijing will pay off. >> steve just got back from china. s we'll let you know in about three or four weeks whether or not it was successful. you never really know, right? but i have a feeling it's going to be very successful. cheryl: the trade dispute between the united states and china could come up next month at the g-20 summit. myr.edward lawrence has the latt
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from washington. >> reporter: president trump says he will meet president xi-jinping at the g-20 summit in june in japan p. there have been no phone calls between the two presidents. in fact, none are scheduled. president trump says he wants to stop china from stealing intellectual property and level the trade playing field. in response to our tariff increase, china increased tariffs on $60 billion worth of imports, starting on june 1st. they hiked the rate from 5% to in some cases up to 25%. >> there can be retaliation but it can't be substantial by compare so. out of the billions of dollars we're taking in, a small portion will go to our farmers who will take the highest year, the biggest purchase that china has ever made with our farmers which is about $15 billion and do something reciprocal to our farmers. >> reporter: china has targeted
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our farmers when retaliating. democrats and republicans are supporting the president's strategy so far. senator chuck grassley says, quote, that president trump shouldn't give up on securing an enforceable agreement that holds china accountable for its abusive trade practices, stalling, bullying tactics and threatthreats shouldn't be rewa. patrick shanahan says for china everything is integrated, the mill you tri, the law, trade, but he thinks it is possible to get china to have a trade agreement. >> i think we have very smart, capable negotiators. we need to level the field. we want china to play by the rules. >> reporter: and last week trade sources told us the vice premier of china told the u.s. delegation there's nothing more he can do, it's up to the two presidents to work it out. lauren: edward, thank you. the new china tariffs hitting $60 billion of u.s. goods like
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decaf coffee, frozen fruit, nuts, soda, bottled water, l, alcoholic beverages wood products and coffee makers are targeted. cheryl: the trump administration is threatening to slap 25% tariffs on $300 billion of new chinese good as early this summer. president trump is set to meet with president putin at the g-20. lauren: as we talk about china, we often give you the price of oil. china's the demand story. iran in the middle east is the supply story. 120,000 troops could be headed to the middle east as the situation with iran intensifies. the white house is considering a stronger military response if tehran attacks u.s. troops or intensifies the nuclear program. this comes after the president's stern warning from the oval
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office. >> we'll see what happens. it will be a bad problem for iran if something happens, i can tell you that. they're not going to be happy. they're not going to be happy people, okay. >> what do you mean by that? >> you can figure it out yourself. they know what i mean by it. cheryl: those strong words from the president following the sabotage of four saudi arabian oil tankers yesterday. military officials believe that iran was responsible. now, the u.s. has sent an american aircraft carrier, the lincoln, and b-52 bombers already to the middle east the to counter these possible threats coming from iran. lauren: and a stark warning from the british foreign minister about the possibility of an all-out war between iran and the u.s. >> we are very worried about the risk of a conflict happening by accident with an escalation that is unintended on either side but ends with some kind of conflict. lauren: the new york times is reporting that the increased military response would take
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weektakeweeks to execute. lauren: william barr is tapping a federal prosecutor to look into how the russia investigation began. john durham is launching a probe over the' government's surveillance of the trump campaign in 2016, including the use of informants yo along with potential fisa abuses. lauren: the supreme court dealing a major blow to apple, ruling against it in an anti-trust case. the high court saying consumers can sue apple for forcing them to buy apps exclusively from the tech giant. the anti-trust suit accuses apple of charging inflated prices because it requires that phone software be sold through the company's app store rather than to consumers directly.
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apple responding to the ruling, saying in part, we're confident we will prevail when the facts are presented and that the app store is not a monopoly by any metric. cheryl: another major court defeat for the maker of roundup. a jury awarded $2 billion to a california couple who blamed roundurounduproundup weed killeg their cancer. this is the third straight loss for bayer which bought monsanto last year. they are facing more than 13,000 lawsuits tying roundup to cancer, one of the most popular weed killers in the u.s. and it's been in use in the country since the 1970s. lauren: uber stock dropping 11% on its second day as a public company. it's now 18% below the ipo price of $45. the ceo sent an e-mail to employees writing this, remember that the facebook and amazon
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post ipo trading was incredibly difficult for those companies and look at how they have delivered since. our road will be the same. so this morning any relief for uber? yes, we do have an up market and uber shares are higher as well. they're at $37.80, a gain of 1.9%. cheryl: here are other headlines making news this morning. a team of federal investigators is in alaska today to try to piece together what caused a deadly mid-air collision between two sight-seeing planes. four people were killed after the planes carrying tourists from a cruise ship collided yesterday. two others still missing. well, north korea is demanding the united states return a cargo ship that was seized for allegedly evading sanctions. it was first detained in indonesia last year for reportedly exporting coal. the ship was moved to america sesomowa.
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president trump will return to louisiana to highlight the state's booming energy business. he is scheduled to visit a natural gas facility before heading to new orleans for a fundraiser. now you can pay for your starbucks latte with bitcoin. starbucks is among a group of retailers accepting cryptocurrency. the others, nordstrom, barnes & noble and whole foods. they are working with flexa, a payment start-up. bitcoin still out there, for now. lauren: yeah. that's a shocker. from starbucks especially. cheryl: we just had a large hack of a bitcoin exchange last week, millions of dollars were stolen, so obviously there's still cyber concerns about bitcoin. lauren: lots of concerns on wall street last year, a 617
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point p drop for the dow. there is a rebound. still ahead, the trade war intensifying with china, now slapping tariffs on u.s. goods. the fallout for investors as the trump administration threatens even more tariffs to hit chinese goods. and burger king wants you to have it your way, no matter where you are. we're going to tell you about the restaurant's new service to keep you fed on the go. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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lauren: president trump sounding optimistic that there will be a trade deal with china, adding we'll know if there's been success in three to four weeks. can investors afford to be so patient? we ask the ceo of hudson valley investment advisors and michael santo, thanks for joining us. can investors be patient in three to four weeks' time as the president says, gus? >> i think right now it's a wait and see. you ended up having a period where you're going through earnings, most of that's past us apand let's face it, right now in this negotiation tactic you keep getting the president saying that something's on the come, something's on the come. margins have pulled back. a lot of that's because of
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technology. over 50% of our sales in tech go overseas and china's a big market for. lauren: we also look at the attitude and climate and discourse that's happening in china. if you look at the people's daily, their newspaper and on their we chat account, this is what they wrote. the full screen we're showing you is in mandarin. fleeing othenegotiate,sure. fight, any time, bully us, wishful thinking. there's a sense of deyou ph of d how does that affect trade talks? >> it shows the rhetoric the president is using is misguided. you don't want to trigger a nationalist backlash. a trade war is a lose-lose for the united states and china. lauren: it is lose-lose. consumers and businesses get caught in the middle. we saw that china retaliated,
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they slapped tariffs on our goods headed there. there's so much more that they can do, right? >> yes, they can basically let things rot at the dock if it's agriculture products. they can delay deliveries. we just came from an industrial conference over the past week. we're hearing there's movement to malaysia, singapore and india for a lot of the factories we're using for supply chains in the united states that use overseas labor. so there are ways the united states can actually inflict even more stress on the relationship if need be. lauren: or if the president says maybe just get manufacturers to make stuff here in the u.s. bloomburg is reporting there's at least 10 bulk carriers of u.s. goods in transit to china. is there a real fear that china will cancel these orders and say no, no, no, turn around, we're not accepting these orders? >> it's difficult to say the exact mechanics of what they
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would do if the trade war escalates. but i have to disagree a little bit. i think in some ways, china actually has the upper hand over president trump because of the fact that presidential election is coming fairly soon. so if they call his bluff and allow this to escalate -- i don't think it will happen and the future markets seem to suggest right now the market doesn't think it's going to happen, i hope the market's right on this but if they call his bluff they could trigger a global recession, hoping to help him lose the election. so with him facing elections and frankly the them not, they may have the upper hand, even though the u.s. economy is much larger and much more powerful than the u.s. economy. lauren: and maybe, gus, they're looking at the resurgence in the l poll that's we're seeing from the l former vice president, now a major contender for the presidential nomination, joe biden. >> yes, that is a factor.
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trump's strongest base is the midwest and that's the same base that joe biden is going to go after and resonate with. you can see that biden may act as a wedge between the u.s. and the chinese in the trade negotiation, based on how he's doing in the polls. lauren: in the meantime, farm ergs arfarmers are getting aid d assistance but many of them say we just want to sell our crops at a fair price. gus, michael, thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: after yesterday's step selloff, a little bit of a different story. we do have green arrows this morning. fallout continues from the china-u.s. trade fight. the s&p is up 15, nasdaq up 56 and-a-half. still ahead, the battle for your retail dollars. walmart's latest push to go toe to toe with amazon is right out of the tech giant's playbook. is this going to win over consumers? plus, if you've ever wanted to punish your neighbor's bad
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parking, oh, yes, your dream is about to come true. details coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ down on the corner. ♪ out in the street. ♪
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♪ and now you better watch out. ♪ you better watch out for me. ♪ so now you better watch out. cheryl: watch out, facebook. the company may soon be kept under a watchful eye after all of its privacy scandals. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with that story and much more. good morning, tracee. tracee: according to reuters, 20 years of oversight, that's what facebook could be facing, this as we know the ftc is investigating facebook after the
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cambridge analytica scandal and the fallout there. this could be something major for facebook as they've been trying to work with the ftc on the settlement. we know that last month facebook said they put aside $3 billion to potentially pay for this but now they could be facing that oversight as well twitter also having issues. yesterday they announced they inadvertently collected the ios location of some users, they said it was a mistake, that a bug caused this to happen. they let the people know who may have been impacted. this is the fourth time this year that twitter has faced an issue like this. some android users' private tweets have been made public. lauren: speaking of tech, am son facing big he competition right now from walmart. tracee: amazon said they would offer next day delivery. now walmart is stepping up their
5:24 am
game, saying we're going to do the same, next day deliver youly on orderdelivery onorders $35 o. walmart doesn't have the membership fee. this is a great offer for consumers. walmart really being competitive. they're going to start this with phoenix and las vegas, then southern california and then eventually more of the major cities. cheryl: the rural areas that, would be great for wall r mart, that'mart, that'swhere their --s where their customers are living. cheryl: we know friends is popular on netflix. things could be changing. tracee: nbc is starting their own streaming service. the office may be moving there. we got major hints dropped yesterday from nbc universal, behinding that the office could be off of netflix, going to
5:25 am
comcast streaming service. cheryl: smart. tracee: netflix has it until 2021. they say they've been a anticipating a lot of these streaming giants when they start up their own to pull their popular shows off but friends you mentioned, that's another one. lauren: like i said, not a good day to be a tech company. cheryl: tracee, thank you. we'll see you at the end of the show. we have what's going on with the markets, it's a little better this morning. lauren: we'll call it cautious optimism. we have a triple digit gain for the dow instead of a 6, 700 point decline. it's up 116. nasdaq jumping 58 this morning. the green new deal taking center stage for 2020. >> unlike the president of the united states, you know that climate change is not a hoax. >> cut your emissions or we will cut something you really care about. we will take your money. lauren: mayor bill de blasio
5:26 am
isn't running yet but already feeling the heat. why he was called out at his own rally inside of trump tower. plus, rod rosenstein unleashed, just hours from being removed from the justice department, the former deputy a.g. taking aim at james com comey, all of that cog up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i'm holding out for a hero until the end of the night. ♪ he's got to be strong and he's got to be fast and he's got to be fresh from the fight. ♪ i need a hero. on. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode.
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lauren: happy tuesday. let's get you caught up on global market action. futures are up 121 points or half a percent for the dow. s&p gaining the same percentage-wise. the nasdaq doing the best, up 60 points in the premarket. we're seeing a similar sentiment in europe, stocks trading green across the board. investors watching, as tensions
5:30 am
build in the middle east. those fears are building in the oil pits. crude prices are trading at $60.91 a barrel, there's concern that further military action could send oil prices even higher. this was the close in asia on tuesday. a arro green arrow in south kor. asia was reacting to our declines yesterday here in the u.s. cheryl: the trade war, to your point. obviously asian markets again lower, feeling the pressure on what's going on between the two countries. and this war between the u.s. and china really is intensifying. could china take further action against the u.s. by beginning to sell u.s. treasuries? they've done this in the past. could they do it again? danielle demartino booth, a former dallas fed advisor and one of my favorites, danielle, good morning. >> good morning. how are you today? cheryl: i read your note every day. i encourage our viewers to
5:31 am
follow you on social media. this is a big question. the journal points out that fear this morning, that there are other retaliatory efforts that china could use and one of them would be to start selling u.s. bonds. they've done it in the past to support their currency. could they do it now in this trade war? >> that's a very good question. a lot of the pressure that's exerted on the chinese economy is coming from channels he other than its exporting channels. there's a lot going on in their currency right now. they could look to that. we don't know for certain. we do suspect that last week's weak treasury auction in our benchmark 10 year may have been boycotted by china because the results came in so much weaker than what had been anticipated. i think people need to keep everything inner perspective. we've got 22 plus trillion dollars of treasuries outstanding. they're very much the largest foreign owner of our debt.
5:32 am
they've got 17.7% of debt holdings. they could indeed make an input but they call it the nuclear option for a good reason. that's because china would be hurting itself just as much because it would be taking down the value of its existing holdings. cheryl: yeah. again, that currency story as well. another interesting part of this that we're starting to kind of realize and talk about is the threat of a recession. morgan stanley just putting out a note, saying this does actually increase the chance of a recession. in fact, michael wilson wrote demand, destruction, ailing confidence increases the potential impact beyond higher costs to the american consumer, likely this would lead to an economic recession. i know it's early in the game, but what do you say? >> look, we're already on our way to an earnings recession. the confidence is the word that we need to key off of the most off of right now. we don't need to be looking at the second and third quarter and say we don't look like earnings are going to recover. if that happens, i think there's the potential because this
5:33 am
economy is more fragile than the headline gdp or headline unemployment rate would suggest. there's the potential to drag us into recession. look at what's happened to financial conditions just over the past few trading days with the stock market coming down. if we were to see interest rates begin to tick up as well, i think that would be very detrimental to u.s. households and corporates who depend on borrowing at cheap rates. cheryl: you also in your note say that, look, cfos are going to start to really have to readjust expectations. this could be an earnings story, depending how long the trade fight continues and investors seem to be losing pair ebbs. patience. thank you for being here as always. great to have you. >> thank you. lauren: joe biden takes back the lead in a new national poll for the 2020 democratic nomination, this as senator bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez slam his record on climate change. cheryl: we've got griff jenkins live in washington with the division over the green new
5:34 am
deal. griff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, cheryl and lauren. 2020, it's already heating up. in a new poll, joe biden taking a commanding 8 point lead over previous front runner bernie sanders, putting biden at 35%. mayor pete buttigieg is at 8%. before biden got into the race, sanders led 29% to 24%, making this a 13 point swing favoring the former veep. he wa.he beat out 14 other cands in the remaining field. sanders joining forces with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez rallying for a green revolution. with the architect of the green new deal taking hard aim, though not by name at biden, he was hinting at a more moderate approach to climate change. >> i will be damned if the same
5:35 am
politicians who refuse to act then are going to try to come back today and say we need a middle of the road approach to save our lives. that is too much for me. >> reporter: biden making his first swing through new hampshire since his announcement, sticking to a more pragmatic path. >> we need to finish the green revolution in a way that's rational, we can do it, afford it and get it done now. >> reporter: not everyone is feeling green yesterday. new york city mayor bill di hase blasio held a rally inside trump tower but was heckled by protesters, bo oin oing holding signs that read trump 2020. as a campaign issue, climate change is topping concerns among democratic voters. we hear biden is going to make a major speech on climate by the
5:36 am
end of the month. lauren: griff, thank you so much. cheryl: worst mayor ever, according to . all right. former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein slamming james comey for undermining the work of the justice department. while speaking to leaders in baltimore days after resigning from the doj, rosenstein said comey deserved to be fired. >> there are bright lines that should not be crossed. now the former director seems to be acting as a partisan pundit, selling books and earning speaking fees while speculating about the strength of my character and the fate of my i'm mortal soul. -- immortal soul. that is disappointing. cheryl: comey recently wrote in aop ed that the president, quot, eats your soul in small bites. rod rosenstein vocal at the pulpit there.
5:37 am
lauren: rosenstein unleashed. let's get to other headlines making news. fox news confirms kirstjen nielsen opposed a secret white house plan to arrest thousands of migrant parents and children. the white house proposed a sweep of migrants with plans to deport that. nielsen pushed back with concerns that i.c.e. agents weren't up to the task and was worried about public backlash. the crowded field of 2020 democrats is likely getting bigger today. steve pul bullock set to enter e race today, to become the 22nd major candidate, billing himself as the only democrat who has won in a red state. felicity huffman pled guilty to multiple charges. she admitted to bribing a test proctor. sentencing is set for september the hit tv show, empire, is
5:38 am
coming to an end. fox announcing that the upcoming sixth season of the hit pop drama will be its last. the news caps months of speculation following the arrest of actor jussie smollett who was accused of faking a hate crime. empire made its debut i game of thrones nearly had another blooper on its hands. fans spotted in promotional photos jamie lanceiter hugging her sister with both hands. the problem is he lost his hand in season three and has since been wearing a fake gold hand. hbo said the error did not make air. remember the disposable coffee cup seen last week? we can have two mea culpa's on your hands. cheryl: this coming sunday, this is it and there will be no more game of thrones stories for us. lauren: everyone will be talking about that monday
5:39 am
morning, doesn't matter what happens in the world, the game of thrones finale. cheryl: we have got some -- especially if you live in new york city, some soggy and chilly weather we're dealing with in the northeast. lauren: senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the forecast. any good news coming? janice: there is good news. we have to get through today, tomorrow, through the east coast and then things will start to improve. we have temperatures in the 80s next week for new york city. but first, winter is here. across portions of new england and upstate new york, we have snow, mid-may snow across the higher elevations. yes, do not adjust your television set. it's happening. this will move out of the you way throughout the day today. we're still going to see a chili rainfall across portions of the mid-atlantic, the ohio valley, the great lakes. the snow will soon leave and temperatures, like i said, next week it's going to be like summertime and good weather for the pga on long island this
5:40 am
weekend, ladies. there's some good news. lauren: janice, thank you. cheryl: all right. still ahead, former vice president is taking another swipe at president trump over trade tensions with china. >> the only people who are paying the price are farmers and working people right now. he's going about it all the wrong way. a lot of bra hav bra vado, no a. cheryl: we continue to look at capitalism versus socialism, all week long and so we have to ask today, what would a socialist america look like? what would our economy look like? the answers are going to shock you. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ and it served the legend well. ♪ the folks love to tell about. ♪ when billy the kidd came to town. it's either the assurance of a 165-point certification proces.
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lauren: democratic presidential can daily joe biden slamming president trump over his china policy during a campaign stop in new hampshire. >> we should make it idea pro quo as i've told when is was dealing with xi-jinping, it should be simple. here's the deal. you say anything has to be owned 50% by chinese to invest in china, guess what, in america it's the same thing. lauren: joining us now sirraj
5:44 am
hashmi. you heard from biden, he said trump is bravado, no action. if intellectual property is the transgression, he said, what did obama and biden do about it? >> the trade deficit under obama probably slashed in half because of the global recession and basically financial demands of goods and services from china also dropped with it. so there's not much the obama administration an and biden have done and i think donal trump hae more to further negotiations with china and biden seems to say that china really isn't the bad guy here and he's been blasted for it. lauren: our capitol hill producer says that this china dispute can basically determine the outcome of 2020. so i wanted to ask you where you think the democratic candidates in 2020 stand on the china issue. >> well, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren probably are more in agreement with president trump on where they stand on china. there's a lot more economic protectionism going on.
5:45 am
biden and a number of centrist and leaning left democrats don't seem to think china is as big of a threat as, say, russia and that's a problem there because china is probably even a stronger threat than russia, if not equally so. and they seem to be going at it from a moral stance. some democrats have said that china is investing in its people. you can say that's true if they're investing in turning a million -- over a million, invoking thought police throughout the country. there is no moral ebbing vein sigh between the-equivalency between the united states and china. lauren: elizabeth warren says family farmers across the country are being squeezed by the trump administration's terrible policies, our farmers deserve better. do you think she aligns with president trump on china trade. >> a little bit, yes. elizabeth warren was probably more in favor of imposing tariffs against china than many of the other 2020 democratic
5:46 am
presidential candidates. and protecting farmers in iowa and south carolina, there's a lot of beef, meat and poultry that's produced out of those particular states and so hitting china on trade with respect to our -- what our agriculture is producing, that's going to be really big coming up r here. lauren: and now we have to see how patient our farmers are going to be because many of them are stressed. thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: all right. let's take a look at futures after yesterday's massive selloff. particularly with the dow and the s&p losing 2.4% yesterday. now we're up 145, so we're pushing to session highs in the premarket, a little bit of optimism coming back. s&p is up 19, nasdaq higher by 67 and-a-half. coming up, we continue with our theme week of capitalism versus socialism as candidates like bernie sanders look to make major changes to the united states. we're going to look at what his
5:47 am
socialist america would actually look like and whether or not america can even afford it. and speaking of not all ideas being great ideas, we're going to tell you about a new pizza from dominos which takes hawaiian pizza, which i personally like. lauren: i like it too. cheryl: we're going to talk about it. lauren: it's a clashing of flavors but it's good. cheryl: it's a whole new level of pizza. a debate coming up. ♪ dance until the morning light. ♪ forget about the worries on your mind. ♪ you can leave them all behind. ♪ my business. my business. starting here, in procurement, helping us find the right suppliers. then here in logistic, to avoid disruptions! here in sales. even here! i'm talking about ai we can build to work... here, predicting trends. and here, wherever our data lives! and here, working with all our other ai!
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here is the major question that the american people must
5:51 am
answer. how do we take on an industry with unlimited wealth, unlimited power, and unlimited resources? and here is my answer to that question. we need a political revolution. cheryl: that was democratic presidential nominee and self-described democratic socialist, bernie sanders, addressing students at howard university in d.c. last night. the topic was the green new deal and the industry sanders is referring to is fossil fuels. could he have been talking about any industry in this country? what kind of world would sanders' revolution bring to the country? let's bring in rajina -- ramina if you look at the differences between capitalism and socialism, we can show our viewers this, capitalism is private companies, the individual strives to be their best self, their best investor. government would own everything
5:52 am
under socialism, pretty much. we would have to share all wealth. what would america look like under socialism? >> every person deserves a fair chance at the american dream and capitalism is the best system to allow everyone to flour andish d reach their full potential. under socialism, if america adopted policies like those in venezuela, the average american would be $24,000 poorer, $24,000 less of their annual income. that's a 40% drop in gdp. that's significant. cheryl: it's interesting, because a recent fox news l poll showed that when asked about medicare for all, $17 trillion price taking, over 10 years, 59% favor medicare for all. why is the messaging so confusing? why are americans not realizing what hwhat detriment socialism d have to our economy. talking about industry and bernie sanders, government would take over all the rail system, government would take over
5:53 am
housing. those are two quick ones off the top of my head. >> medicare for all sounds like a popular bumper sticker. when you look at what it means, take a look at canada or the u.k., it means long waiting lines, people not getting the health treatments the need, peoe dying waiting for health under socialism, government bureaucrats serve the working class. it would leave sick people behind. cheryl: it would unionize our entire workforce. it would basically -- elizabeth warren talked about that, nationalize health insurance and the government building homes. there's so much to dig into. that's why we're digging into it all week. thank you very much for your perspective. >> thanks for having me. cheryl: don't forget, we're continuing our look at capitalism versus socialism all week long and on thursday be sure to stick around for our fox business town hall, that's going
5:54 am
to be hosted by charles payne, 2:00 p.m. eastern time. lauren: coming up, it's the wherever whopper, we're going to tell you about burger king's new service to keep you fed on the g and if you ever wanted to punish your neighbor's bad parking, we have a solution. keep it here. cheryl: i have. ♪ hey, soul sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo t. way you move ain't fair you know. ♪ hey, soul sister, i don't want to miss -- delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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cheryl: tracee has this one. if you're stuck in traffic -- lauren: it's a real problem. tracee: burger king wants to solve the problem, they are working this out in méxico city, los angeles and shanghai trying this out, you could have you whe stuck in gridlock traffic, yes, that's right. they'll will doing this by using rail-time traffic data, you will be able to see banners and digital billboards, now the time that you could order your burger king because you have to be within 2 miles of a burger king
5:58 am
restaurant and once you play order you'll get updates and through a motorcycle courier, your burger, whatever else you want to order that will be delivered to you. >> got to be careful using phone while driving. >> tracee: all voice activated. lauren: there you go. cheryl: ever wish you can write parking ticket to neighbor when they block driveway? tracee: yes, i'm sure many people have. pilot program that they are testing out but it's not as -- it's not quite like that. just a few people like 10 will be given opportunity to give ticket, up load it, a ticket would be issued, only a handful people that would be allowed to do that, so, still, not a bad idea. >> all right, dominoes has unique pizza combination?
5:59 am
>> yes, i don't know if i can get on board with this, this is the hawaiian spaghetti pizza, pineapple, mass -- mozzarella cheese and only available in new zealand. maybe that's a good thing. cheryl: no pineapple on the pizza for those of us here and we send it over to mornings with maria. maria: hey, ladies, thumbs down on the pizza, happy tuesday, tuesday may 14th, top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the escalating trade fight with china, u.s. detailing $300 billion of new import that could face tariffs coming in from china, the list includes cell phones, laptops and toys, this is about to get real ramped up. major in latest round-up case, the jury award couple of found popular weed killer did cause
6:00 am
cancer, fallout for monsanto coming up. confirming that it was targeted by spy ware, what you need to know. plus the comeback from bitcoin, surging, doubling from the beginning of the year, what's behind the rally. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: all right, futures are higher in premarket. take a look at bounce


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