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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 17, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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asia expert gordon chang, and pastor robert jeffers among our guests tomorrow, we hope you join us then, good night from new cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m., everybody. while you were sleeping, china ramping up tensions with the united states, saying the trade war is only going to make its country stronger, washington keeping its eye on beijing this morning for any retaliation over the you huawei ban and with an additional $300 billion in tariffs waiting in the wings, we're talking to an industry executive who is about to be hit hard. presidenpresident trump unveilia merit based immigration overhaul. what's in it and what's not, plus, how the left is changing its tune on the crisis at the border. well, the run for the black eyed susan is coming with a few black eyes this year and it's not just
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about the horses. we've got the controversy brewing over tom's preakness steaks. and if your worried that the game of thrones series finale will be ruined because of spoilers by your friends, well, there may be a way to soften that blow. how fans can cash in on those big-mouth reveals. it is friday, may 17th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: here's how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. dow futures are down 120 points. the dow now down four tbheex a a row, as tensions with china build. deere reports the latest earnings today. will farmers continue to buy their equipment amid the trade uncertainty. the shanghai composite in china is down 2 and-a-half percent,
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the hang seng in hong kong down 1.2%. european stocks also to the down side, between half a percent and three quarters of one percent. cheryl: a lot of sensitivity because of the ongoing trade fight. some it's a war between china and the u.s. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, happy friday, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: we've got a lot of breaking news this morning. these trade tensions heating up between the united states and china overnight. here's what the china's people's daily has written in a commentary. quote, the trade war can't bring china down. it will only harden us to grow stronger. lauren: china says it doesn't know of any plans for new trade talks with the united states. let's get that part of the story right now from edward lawrence in washington. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. china's tone is hardening as the trade dispute escalates. a spokesperson for the chinese commerce industry outlining the only way that they will accept a
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trade deal with the u.s., they have three basic concerns that they want resolved. first, cancel all the tariffs. second, they want the trade numbers being used to be uniform and not arbitrarily changed. third, the language in the agreement must be balanced and acceptable. they say china will never give in on major issues of principle. this sounds like there are big differences and the chinese don't want to add back the concession this agreed to. a spokesperson china has no plans to continue talks with the u.s. at the moment. within the last day and-a-half, the treasury secretary told me he would go to china at some point to have the talks continue. both sides stea seem to be waito see who blinks first. a former wells fargo ceo says it seems like posturing but the president needs to be careful. >> the president is used to dealing with real estate developers. this is the way you deal with real estate developers. the opposite party, particularly
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in asia, has to save face. and trump thinks he has to win. and that's very dangerous. you want to win without making it look like you're the winner. he's the opposite. >> reporter: a u.s. trade representative said china pulled back about every concession they made in the he'll deal. the u.s. upped the tariffs and are making plans to put everything china imports under a 25% tariff as early as the end of next month. lauren: china playing hardball and long ball, apparently. black listed, the trump administration put chinese telecom first huawei and 67 affiliates on a black list. that's only raising the trade tensions with that country. cheryl: we get this side of the story from hillary vaughn reporting from washington. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. huawei is blowing off this ban, saying without them, the u.s. will be way behind. they're also reacting to the commerce department listing them as an entity, releasing this statement, saying, quote, this
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decision is in no one's interest. it will do significant economic harm to the american companies with which huawei does business, affect tens of thousands of american jobs and disrupt the current collaboration and mutual trust that exists on the global supply chain. and huawei executives also saying that they don't think the president's executive order will put a dent in their bottom line. >> i can say that our position in this regard is consistent. our business in the united states is not that big. due to our global operations, any change in one country has little impact on our global business. >> reporter: experts on china's global tech dominance told the house intelligence committee that china's 5g smart cities built by huawei are paving the way for dirty deals. >> the ability to divorce thes ostensibly commercial aspects of china's engagement, especially in the tech sector, from the
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political designs and directives from beijing is impossible. >> reporter: huawei says they will agree to no spying and no back doors for their technology they they deploy in other countries like the u.k., but experts tell lawmakers that this is an empty promise, because laws in china says that companies abide by the government's rules and that entail mining data and spying without the country's consent. cheryl: european allies are not fully behind the u.s.'s decision on huawei. germany, france and the netherlands say they do not plan to ban huawei from their 5g networks. lauren: this controversy is t rattling the shares of chip make makesers. tech caught in the middle. cheryl: well, we've also got the president expected to delay a decision to slap tariffs on
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imported cars and parts, this is a r european and japanese story. wilbur ross discussed trump's options yesterday with our very own maria bartiromo. >> the president can do any of several things. one, he could impose them on some or all of the countries. he could impose a varying amount. he could decide that we made enough progress in our direct negotiations with the various automakers abroad. he could decide to let those negotiations continue for up to 180 days. cheryl: the administration said the tariffs, which could be as much as 25%, were needed to protect national security. according to published reports, the tariffs would be delayed r in order to avoid damaging negotiations with the european union and japan as the trade war with china continues to intensifying. lauren: intelligence is suggesting the u.s. and iran
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misread each other. the wall street journal says the iranian government believed the u.s. planned to attack tehran, prompting preparation for possible counter strikes. this could help explain why satellite photos showed cruise missiles on iranian ships in the persian gulf. meanwhile, president trump reportedly telling aides including his acting defense chief, patrick shanahan, that he does not want a military conflict with iran. for more on this, devin nunes will be on "mornings with maria," 8:30 a.m. this morning. cheryl: well, attorney general william barr sitting down with fox news' bill hemer for an exclusive interview, he said he's trying to get to the bomb bo tom of what happened with the russia investigation. >> i've also found that some of the explanations i've gotten don't hang together. in a sense, i have more questions today than i did when i first started. >> some of what things don't hang together? >> some of the explanations of
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what occurred. >> why does that matter? >> because i think people have to find out what the government was doing during that period. if we're worried about foreign influence for the very same reason we should be worried about whether government officials abused their power and put their thumb on the scale. cheryl: you can watch the full interview at 9:00 a.m. today on the fox news channel. lauren: an f-16 jet crashed through the roof of a building at an air reserve base in california, injuring 12 people. the pilot managed to eject and escaped injury. the trump administration following through on a threat to withdraw nearly $1 billion in federal funds from california's high speed rail project. the department of transportation saying the state failed to make reasonable progress on the project. the governor said he will sue the administration over the money. president trump called the plan a green disaster. boeing says it has completed a
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software fix for the 737 max jet, putting it a step closer to returning the grounded plane back to service. the company says it conducted more than 360 hours of test flights using the updated software. it now faces additional tests from the faa. a world renowned architect has died. his career spanned more than five decades. his portfolio of work changed cities across the globe. among his famous works, the glass pyramid in paris and the national gallery of art in washington. he was 102 years old. cheryl: 102. what a storied life. well, we have got a lot going on this morning. first, we want to take a look at what your markets are doing. we've got some rhetoric really ramping up out of china. we're going to talk about that. because it really is kind of seeming to affect investors' mood this morning. dow down 122 in the premarket, subpoena down 15, nasdaq down 53
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and-a-half. coming up, are we headed for a deal or a divorce? china giving the u.s. the cold shoulder on trade talks. is this just a negotiating tactic? plus, we'll talk to an industry exec who could be hit the hardest if a new round of tariffs takes hold. if you're like me, you really appreciate a good taco. so taco bell says it has got just the place for you and for me. we've got details on the restaurant's incredible destination plan, that's coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ it's all right, it's all right, it's all right, it's all right. ♪ of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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cheryl: china taking a harder line on new trade talks with the u.s., saying it doesn't know of any plans for negotiations. we've been talking about the futures this morning. we've got riley walters, a policy analyst for asia economy and technology at heritage. is this just the chinese again trying to put tough language out there? has something really changed in china, do you think? >> i don't really think much has changed, certainly since the beginning and even now, whether it's chinese officials or the media. they want to show that china's not being bullied by the united states. cheryl: some of the rhetoric we've heard, in particular from this -- one of the foreign ministry spokespeople, or excuse me, the foreign minister, saying
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we know nothing about any talks. he's saying we don't have anything on the books. that's a little rough. >> yeah, i mean, right now we do have a meeting that is planned. it's going to be between the presidents at the g-20 in japan at the end of june. cheryl: but mnuchin said they were going to go back to beijing. >> it's still possible. they certainly can. there's a month and-a-half and really these things -- the way we've seen things over the past year, these things can move very quickly. they can decide this week they decided for meetings next week, you know. cheryl: china's people's daily, the government paper, basically the language saying they're not going to back down. it's kind of almost war rhetoric. we haven't seen the chinese kind of push back against us really since the korean war, riley. >> it's expected. we've had this sort of rhetoric for the past couple years. even we continue today ourselves to call it a trade war when it's
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not really about trade at all. it's about technology, it's about theft. the thing is, trade just happens to be caught in the middle of all this. cheryl: speaking of trade. we're expecting to get a delay on the auto tariffs decision from the president. we've got to work with the e.u., we've got to work with japan. i want to ask you about theresa may. she basically is saying they're going to use huawei technology. mike pompeo was over in europe, telling our allies don't use huawei technology. they've kind of rebuked us. what do you make of that? >> this is a problem that we're going to have, not just with our friends and allies, but in all countries. huawei is able to provide very cheap technology, whether it's actually secure technology i think there's a lot of debate about this. and certainly there are a lot of concerns the u.s. has. this is the issue. it's not just getting our friends to not use huawei. it's getting others to not use it as well. american businesses operate in all these environments. cheryl: and operate on other
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networks around the world. we have to have our phone no matter where we are these days. riley, it's an interesting week with china and the u.s. thanks for being here and getting up early. lauren: if you look at the dow's losses this week and in fact for the past four weeks, most of it -- this week it's apple and caterpillar. that's the china story for you. sentiment to the down side this morning. dow is off 123, nasdaq down 54. lyft and uber hit the skids after their ipos but they have poisoned the well for other unicorns ready to hit the market. one airline wants to bring peace to passengers everywhere with new booking options that can make you king of your row. keep it here. cheryl: the whole row. lauren: the whole row. ♪ back in the high life again. ♪ high life. ♪
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cheryl: we are watching shares of pinterest this morning, stock sharply lower in the premarket, down more than 15%. they reported a larger than expected loss in the first earnings report since going public last month. flip side, let's take a look nvidia profit tumbled 70% in the last quarter. the company says the gaming revenue is growing. lauren: another company, lucken, china's challenger to starbucks. it goes public today. the company priced the ipo at $17 a share. it raised $561 million. it's valued at $4.2 billion. so it will trade on the nasdaq under the symbol lk. let's bring in pwc partner, mitch rochell. we're looking at lucken, pinterest and uber. i'm curious to see if lucken,
5:22 am
while they go public today, they had a net loss of $240 million for all of last year. is there an appetite for unicorns that post losses right now? >> historically, the answer is yes. in this market, with the volatility we've seen it's a challenge. look at what happened last year, the market slid, largely laws we thought fed accommodation was going to evaporate. when the fed got more doveish, things turned around. we look at fourth quarter profits that are strong. the outlook for 2019 was terrible. first quarter profits were much better than expected. what's driving the market is profitability. the companies that don't have profits yet aren't as delightful as those that. lauren: did uber poison the well? >> i don't think you can point to one of these unicorns. i think what you have to look at is the trend of investors really looking at profits right now, because of all the uncertainty out there. lauren: the other part of the lucken story that i like is that
5:23 am
it's a china story. they want to unseat starbucks as the biggest coffee operator in that country pretty soon, actually. that's ambitious. and a lot of people believe that they can do it. >> i think it's also a technology story. they're viewed as a technology company because they're totally cashless and i think they're cashierless and they can deliver within an hour or half an hour. lauren: i think it's 18 minutes. >> i think they guarantee a half an hour. what's interesting, it's really a technology company more than the product. so people look at that and say okay, if they can do that with coffee, what can they do next. i think one of the things that's interesting is they're viewed as a technology company. lauren: stock to watch today. let's talk housing. the president will speak to the national association of realtors today. what can he say to make home builders feel a little bit better, more confident, if you will? >> if there's any human being who can talk to real estate people -- lauren: it's trump. >> it's the president of the united states.
5:24 am
he's going to be speaking their language. it's interesting. confidence-wise it's strong. the problem is, there's more head winds than tail winds. right now, i think what he may or may not say will be interesting. but the thing that they want to hear about is tariffs. there's about $10 billion annually of stuff that goes into houses that comes from china or comes from other places that are subject to tariffs like steel and aluminum. there's drywall, nails, screws, machine parts, hinges, all these things that come into a house and if they become 25% more expensive because of tariffs that eats into the profitability. lauren: are homes getting more expensive? >> homes get more expensive because of supply and demand. when it costs more to build and profits aren't there, the home builders are not going to build. lauren: mitch row rochell. >.cheryl: we've got red arrowsn the board as you can see. the dow is down 110, s&p down 13, nasdaq down 44 and three
5:25 am
quarters. got some strong language from china overnight. that seems to be making investors nervous on this friday. coming up next, president trump unveiling his immigration overhaul. what's in and what's not in. plus, democrats changing their tune on the crisis at the r border. >> stop manufacturing a crisis. yes, it is a crisis. we always said it gets to be more of a humanitarian crisis. cheryl: we've got the new battle brewing over the border. then, a chocolate classic getting a modern millennial makeover. it's a new look for the hershey bar, details ahead on "fbn: a.m." lauren: don't know how i feel about this. ♪ i want to live a life from a new perspective. ♪ you come along the first dogs trained to train humans.
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cheryl:u.s. stock investors loot a lower market this morning, dow lower four weeks in a row, worst
5:29 am
streak in he three years. tensions with china a big part of this. dow down 107, s&p down 12 and three quarters, nasdaq down 45 and-a-half. take a look at asia, asia is the big story here. the shanghai composite in china really the market you want to watch. the nikkei as you can see, we've got a little bit of green on your screen there. that auto tariff delay is big for japanese automakers as well as for european markets as well. european markets real quick as you can see red across the board here, lauren. we're looking at global reaction to the u.s. and china. lauren: the markets are saying we don't like tariffs. cheryl: no, don't like a trade war. lauren: president trump unveiling his merit based immigration overhaul but already democrats are calling it d.o.a., dead on arrival. cheryl: griff jenkins joins us live in washington as the president vows to get his plan passed. the question this morning is how. >> reporter: well, i don't know. cheryl and lauren, happy friday. we'll find out. it's been more than 50 years
5:30 am
since anyone attempted to really overhaul the nation's legal immigration system. president trump is now trying to do just that, shifting it from a family based system to a merit based approach, rewarding skills and education. >> we discriminate against genius. w.we discriminate against brilliance. we won't anymore once we get this passed, we hope to get it passed as soon as possible. >> reporter: now only 12% of green cards are based on employment skills, 66% are family ties. the new plan flips that, increasing merit to 57%, reducing family to 33%. in the plan, it has enhanced border security measures, building more walls, it doesn't address daca, temporary work visas or undocumented population. speaker pelosi calls it dead on arrival and taking issue with
5:31 am
the premise of a merit based system. >> i want to say something about the word they use, merit. it is really a conne a condesceg word. are they saying family is without merit. it's merit in the eyes of donald trump. >> reporter: this comes as lindsey graham unveiled legislation this week, saying the president is going to have to find a way to work with democrats. >> it may be so poisoned around here, they don't want to give him a win on anything. if they do want to work with him, he's got to showing a willingness to work with them. >> reporter: it feels like this is really just a first volley in a debate that's going to go all the way to the 2020 campaign. in california, a federal judge is considering arguments over a lawsuit blocking the president's funding from d.o.d. to build more wall. cheryl: the fight continues. griff jenkins, thank you so much. let's bring in amber athey, a
5:32 am
white house correspondent for the daily caller. what do you make of the plan, democrats say it's d.o.a. >> the president is calling this a common sense plan. i think what this really is is campaign fodder. the democrats are not going to agree to any immigration deal that doesn't address daca or the current undocumented population. this does neither of those things. this is all about revamping the legal immigration system and addressing border security. p democrats of course have talked about border security in the past in the sense that they don't support the president's idea of it. but we've spoken to senior administration officials. they indicate that even if the legislation doesn't pass or is dead on arrival as he pelosi said, they will use it as a platform for getting the president reelected in 2020. cheryl: we know that republicans care about two things, immigration and healthcare. those are the main issues for republican voters. you mentioned the 2020 campaign is probably going to be another issue. at the same time, skills based workers, that's something that businesses, amber, have been asking for, forever. most of the immigrants that are
5:33 am
here that we allow end up being those that make an average of $43,000 a year. this flips the switch on that. >> it does. some of the things they new visa system, which is called the build america visa system, would look at when considering which people should be let into the united states, is their educational attainment level, their average wage, their offer of employment in the united states, any unusual skills, all things that would be considered. pelosi claimed the president doesn't care about families. he said in his speech yesterday that he does prioritize spouses and children but it would be doing away with that chain migration system where you have people who are farther removed from the family being let in. cheryl: he's been talking about that since 2015 on the campaign trail. let's talk about what's happening in new york city. mayor bill de blasio running his run as the 23rd democratic candidate in 2020. the new york post yesterday, everybody in the city was buzzing about it. it's a bunch of people laughing.
5:34 am
bill de blasio, why is he doing this? >> he was being protested during his announcement interview on good morning america yesterday, three quarters of new yorkers say that they don't want him to run for president. he took such a long time to announce. you would think during his exploratory period that he would have realized the support isn't there. this i'm sure will fizzle out rather quickly. cheryl: new york post, new york city edging towards financial disaster, experts warn. i could go on and on. joe biden, there' he really is g a lot of ground in the polls against bernie sanders. i mean, is he basically the de facto candidate at this point? >> it sure seems that way. there are two things giving him a boost right now. that's name i.d. and the perception he can beat donald trump with working class voters. i've spoken to people within the trudge trump camp, they seem tok
5:35 am
by the end of the campaign he will be bloodied up and considered a socialist and that's how they plan to take him down. lauren: the trump administration is preparing to extend 25% tariffs to practically all chinese goods coming into the country that are not already hit with duties. that includes toys. rebecca mont is a toy association vice president of government affairs. she joins us now. thanks for coming on. the toy industry is a huge industry and how would it be affected by a higher tariff? >> well, the tariffs would have a devastating impact on the toy industry. and the 700,000 jobs, american jobs that we support. 25% tariff is essentially a 25% increase in costses and these companies are already operating on razor thin margins. a 25% cost increase is not
5:36 am
something they can easily absorb. lauren: why can't they shift production out of china, to another country? >> it's no secret that china is an important manufacturing partner with the toy industry, with 85% of all toys sold in the united states coming from china. the u.s. alone on any given year, there's about 3 billion toys sold any year in the united states. so you need to have a large production capacity and you have to have a large labor workforce and that capacity only exists in china. lauren: let's talk some of these numbers. if you look at what we spend money on that comes from china, at the top of the list is electronics, cell phones, laptops. each year americans spend $12 billion on toys coming from china. christmas is right around the bend here. we heard from walmart. their ceo said item by item, because of tariffs and walmart sells a lot of toys, we are going to be increasing prices.
5:37 am
if this all happens, what happens for christmas? i believe this would be the second christmas without toys r us. >> right. so this is kind of the one, two hit for the toy industry. consumers can certainly expect to see a more expensive christmas if the tariff goes into effect. and for our industry, a consumer has $100 to spend on toys and toys are more expensive, then there's just going to be fewer toys under the christmas tree. lauren:are you talking -- lauren: are you talking to the administration? >> we're talking to everybody in d.c. we're fighting tooth and nail on this one. this is going to be devastating for our industry. lauren: rebecca, thank you for coming on and sharing a perspective. these tariffs are going to pinch a lot of wallets. cheryl: it's a tax on the consumer. we've said it a lot on this program. chelsea manning is back in
5:38 am
prison. the former army intelligence analyst facing up to 18 months behind bars for again refusing to testify to a federal grand jury, investigating wikileaks founder, julian assange. she spent two months in jail on a previous subpoena but was released when the term of that grand jury expired. the same could happen this time around. tesla's ceo, elon musk, telling employees he's going to go hard core on cost-cutting. reports say musk sent an e-mail to employees that tesla has 10 months to break even. they will review every expense to find savings. passengers will be able to buy extra elbow room. starting this fall, passengers can book an empty middle seat guaranteeing that no one sits next to them on select flights. travelers will be able to reserve overhead bin space. the l value of extra space not cheap, tickets are three times
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the price of a standar stan sta. her i havhershey chocolate barse getting a new look. they will have emojis on the bars. it's only going to last for the summer but it's something different. kind of fun. lauren: emojis are hot right now. kids put an emoji on everything, in their bellies. let's take a look at how your money is doing this morning. you can he see we have a down market. but doing a little bit better. the dow is down 79 points. we were down over 100 a few minutes ago. coming up, socialism is becoming a big factor in the coming 2020 elections. we are talking to an economist who says there's a surprising reason why millennials are embracing it and who he thinks is to blame. and there's a record breaking day, but with two days left to
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cheryl: as we head toward the 2020 elections, the rising tide of democratic socialism among younger voters is reaching a fever pitch and our next guest
5:43 am
says the fault lies with the gop. lauren: he recently wrote an article called how republicans gave us millennial socialists. let's bring in matt goker. happy friday. are you really blaming republicans here for socialism? if so, why? >> we have a two party system that creates strange bed fellows and millennials for their entire lives have seen the case for capitalism made by a republican party that's also put some social views out there that poll after poll tells us that younger americans reject. now, i want to be careful here, because i don't want to say a that anybody's views on social issues are right or wrong. but when republicans bundle those two things together, it's easy to see how younger americans might see capitalism as part of some old traditional order that needs to be overturned. cheryl: that's a messaging issue. that's different. at the end of the day, not all
5:44 am
republicans are socially conservative. not all liberals are socially liberal. that's a separate issue. why is that messaging lost on millennials. we had a guest yesterday say it's the fault of colleges, the fault of education and the millennials that watch their parents lose their homes in the great recession, just don't understand what capitalism is and that it works in this country. >> economic events and anxiety surrounding them are absolutely part of the issue, as are some far left politicians that may prey on that anxiety. at the same time, what i can do as somebody who supports free markets is think how can i bring a positive message of capitalism to millennials who are ready and understand the need for bottom-up change. that's what capitalism is. it's the ability of individuals to have cooperate with each other, see if the ideas work. that's how society changes. that's capitalism. lauren: you said earlier for much of society, for
5:45 am
millennials, particularly capitalism has failed them. if you look at this long history of socialism, when you look at venezuela, i know that's an extreme example, but hasn't socialism failed so many people. >.>> if i imparted that capitalm failed anybody, i'm sorry, i miscommunicated. i would say they've seen economic upheaval in their lifetime. at the same time, socialism has a ghastly history in the 20th century. i think sometimes while that point is important to make, sometimes we lean on it too much, those of us who support free markets, instead of talking about what's positive about capitalism. cheryl: how does the message change for 2020? because you've got alexandria ocasio-cortez who is young and attractive and she's out there talking about being a democratic socialist. she and bernie sanders say that's different from being a socialist like venezuela. they're pushing a free more call message that i think is dangerous. there is nothing free in this
5:46 am
country, there's not free college and free healthcare. there's -- nothing is free. they don't understand that. lauren: they're also bringing in income inequality as a talking point. >> absolutely. i think making capitalism resonate with mill in iny'alls - millennials comes from three things. capitalism is exactly that sort of entrepreneurial dynamic spirit that changes the world and to the extent that people want to help alleviate suffering around the world, we need to take philanthropy and we need to apply that same type of bottom-up entrepreneurial spirit. cheryl: capitalism can help with that. >> absolutely. lauren:absolute.lauren:a absolut how capitalism is working in the markets right now. there's a trade war going on and
5:47 am
investors are not liking it. dow down 76, nasdaq down 31 and change. coming up, the run for the black eyed susans coming with a few black eyes. the big problems surrounding tomorrow peetomtomorrow' peek p. and coming up -- stakes. we'll tell you how to get covered coming up on "fbn: a.m.," because it's cold outside. ♪
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lauren: tiger woods had an up and down start to the pga championship. brooks kepka stole the headline. cheryl: a record setting start but still tiger's in the run. jared: tiger is tiger woods so there's still a shot. if brooks holds on to win the pga championship, that would give him four major wins in the last eight that he's played. no one has done that since tiger woods. brooks is the only golfer thursday in the first round to play bogie-free golf, along with seven birdies. brooks said it's one of the best rounds he's ever played. his score of 63 set the course record at one of the most difficult courses, also tied a pga championship record. the first in the history of event to shoot 63s twice. he did it last year. he leads by one shot. tiger woods may have one the
5:52 am
masters four plus weeks back, but he didn't master things yesterday. double bogies on two of his first three holes. hhe is two over par. john daly said he hates riding the golf cart because of the arthritic knee but he loved the love he got yesterday. there were first bumps and chest bumps, requests for cigarettes. he's smoking away on the cart with the cokes, the diet -- the diet cokes and smokes and the mcdonald's. lauren: sounds good to me. jared: take a look at some of the notables. look at that, mcilroy isn't far off. look out for tommy fleetwood. second round gets underway this morning. two weeks since the first of its kind controversial ruling at the kentucky derby, the preakness stakes is tomorrow. unfortunately, no triple crown
5:53 am
winner this year. country house, who was ruled the derby winner isn't racing, nor is maximum security. he was disqualified for interference. the race course will have nearly 7,000 fewer seats available in the grandstand because of safety matters and probable is the favorite to win. congratulations, boston. 12 championships this century for the pro sports teams. the bruins are off to the stanley cup final. last night they completed the sweep of the carolina hurricanes. let's end on something cheesy. cheryl: totally. jared: at a baseball game in seattle they were doing terrific ya night -- trivia night. cheryl: those horrible, look at his face. jared: what's the temperature of the cheese? >> lauren: i thought the same thing. jared: it's got be a cheese whiz, some kind of fake product. cheryl: he that's not a happy -- lauren: he looks miserable.
5:54 am
cheryl: thank you very much. catch jared's sports reports, fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. lauren: we have a down market as we watch these china trade talks. monday will be torture if you're a game of thrones fan who misses the finale on sunday. we have a way to cover yourself from spoilers and it's a destination for taco lovers everywhere, courtesy of taco bell. cheryl: love taco bell. ♪ spring fever. ♪ spring fever. ♪ my heart's beating fast. ♪ there ain't no doubt, love is in the air.
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♪ if you like pina coladas. ♪ getting caught in the rain. ♪ if you're not into yoga. cheryl: i love that song. lauren: vacation's calling. cheryl: it's the best. taco bell wants you to skip the drive-through and go straight to a luxurious resort. i p hop hope there's tacos invo. tracee: of course there's tacos in the take h taco bell themed . it's a limited edition hotel, kind of a pop-up. reservations start in june for stays that begin august 9th. only going to be available for five nights.
5:58 am
so if you're interested in this, you've got to book quickly. but in addition to special menu items, they're also going to have an exclusive gift shop with taco bell themed items, a hair a salon with taco bell inspired hair-dos and nail art as well. cheryl: people like to get married with taco bell stuff. lauren: if you're sick of seeing game of thrones spoilers, there's a company that has you covered. tracee: there's a new spoiler coverage plan for game of thrones fans who are worried about having the series finale spoiled for them on sunday. if you're a victim, if you've had the show spoiled for you, you can file a claim. you've got to submit that claim by may 26th, 100 words or less, what happened, detailing all of that. they want evidence, of course, screen shots of maybe some tweets that spoiled the show for
5:59 am
you. your claim could be up to $100. lauren: a lot of work for 100. cheryl: one more story. this is crazy. tell us who is the next t batman. tracee: according to variety, robert pa patenson is being considered for the new role to play the batman in the forth coming superhero film which hits theaters june 25th, 2021. sources do say it is not a done deal just yet but he has been the top pick. you look at the previous batman, christian bale, michael keaton, george clooney, and robert patenson. cheryl: thank you very much. lauren: enjoy the weekend. "mornings with maria" starts now. maria: hello, ladies. happy friday. thank you for joining us everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, may 17th. your top stories right now, just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. tariff delay, the white house set to wait six more months to make a decision on auto tariff
6:00 am
as the trade fight with china escalates. we talked about that with wilbur ross yesterday. we were expecting it and we've got the fallout. the fix is in, boeing completes the software update for the 737 max. details on the next steps before the jet is deemed safe to fly. and pinterest plunging, the company reporting a wider loss than expected for the first earnings report after the company's ipo. wall street getting its caffeine fix today, lucken coffee going public. this is the largest offering by a chinese company this year, competes with starbucks. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ i want to dance on the roof. ♪ you and me alone. ♪ i want to touch the ceiling. maria:.maria: we're


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