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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  May 20, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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tomorrow. we hope you will be with us, thank you for joining us, good night from new york. trish: tonight, steve banning is joining me live from paris, his first interview since he was called demon within america, bannon, former chief adviser to president trump fires back, his warning to the world on china. and his prediction on europe's election. steve bannon, he is here live, tonight, on trish regan primetime. and from europe, to china, to iran. president has a fresh warning for the iranians, if iran wants to fight, it will be quote the
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official end of that country, pete hegseth with intel from inside of the white house. >> and represent for guaido that man that free world recognizes at interim president of venezuela, americans' to know why the russians are plotting to take over the oil. man who restructured in modern history is joining me on why america first must be our motto in venezuela. big show. trish regan primetime begins right now. trish: he is public enemy number one as far as china is concern concerned. the man who identified and anticipated, looming threat posed to us. the united states by chinese
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mr. steve bannon, chief executive of donald trump's 2016 campaign and later chief strategist to president, has pounded china for its predatory economic policies, that must be corrected, china is launching its own attack on him, with chinese state tv declaring steve bannon is the true enemy of the united states here to respond in his first interview since china started launching these personal attacks, steve bannon himself live from paris, france, welcome. >> trish, thank you. trish: i appreciate you staying up late. it is 2:00 a.m. there in france, i want to get to one reason why you are there, the elections, but get to the china stuff first. starting on the other side of world, chinese say that you are hurting america, you are the problem. you of the demon, i believe it was the quote, how did you
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respond to that? >> well, it is interesting cctv, that is bbc of china and global times, the tabloid of people's daily, i think this first time in living memory they have gone after a private citizen, that shows how nervous they are, it shows that president trump gets the economic war, they are in shock that donald trump stood up to them, said, i'm not signing some trade deal with -- we don't have you commit to start to restructure your economy, to fit into the world economy. really it stopped this economic war on technology front and force technology transferred, trump's deal with light -- was a well thought deal, the reason that donald trump is president,
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the working people in country, the demore ables understood that the elites had managed decline. you see it remember they rejected that, the chinese, drafted off that for 20 years. wall street, london, corporatist, they made a ton of money shipping my high-value added jobs to china, they were not prepared to have a guy like donald trump say, we're not doing this deal, you have to commit to stop the cheats or stop the theft, and commit to alike a good global citizen. so, now you see him striking out today, interestingly enough after they attacked me over the week, chief negotiator and president xi went on a rare earth producer in china, i think that send a signal to united states, their economic war is about to go to another level. trish: china has a plan for next
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hundred years, we have a plan for next couple of years, if president trump is reelected then next 6 years. how much pain can our economy withstand if we're affected by this. thus far we've been in pretty good shape with the gdp numbers and job numbers. if it takes a turn, do the chinese sit back and say, i told you so? do we run the risk of maybe caving to the political and economic pressure. >> the backbone of this nation, working men and women have been through a lot, and you know through 20 sincery supported -- 20 century supported policymakers, what is important you see a coming together, those numbers you talked about, remember, that the drop in import prices, increase to 3.2 over 2.2 economy growth, it, it is because of trump's plan it is
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coming to fruition. so you see the fact of what trump is doing his long game, i think it is longer than a couple of years, he is bringing the supply chain back to the west, that is the heart of this, this breaks made in china 2025, that is heart of this advance chip design, artificial intelligence and robotics trying to steal or technology and become a dominant high inend manufacturer, trump is breaking that right now. if you see front page of "financial times," you have dan coats going to venture capital firms and private equity firms and walking people through the threats of huawei and others, that driven by senator rubeo and senator warren, the democrat, i believe you are seeing a coming
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together with tweets of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. and rubeo, in capital it has been a sea-change. i think we have mike pence speech all forces of government start to go this is is not about the chinese people. chinese people have been you know blown apart by this, this 100% of the ccp, radical cadre of the ccp, you are seeing a coming together, they say they can play long game, i don't think they have the bullets in the chamber. trish: i like at rise in chinese economy, it started under bill clinton, i'm not points the blame to anyone specific it continued under both parties, american business benefits from that, they liked it, they wanted to have a present in china, they thought they have a billion people there you want access to the market. so, ceos who were interested in
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daily stock price and quarterly earnings, think, i need to be if that market, is this where place you need government to step in? because market forces would be more selfish hig selfishly driv. >> this is is the heart of economic nationalism, the central part of this, you are too nice to call them out, i will this permanent mittal polil class, this is republicans and democrats from clinton, to bush to obama, this is corporatists. first thing they wanted to ship manufacturing jobs, they wanted cheaper labor, this is about cheap labor, this is why in world, china exports most is deflation. and over capacity. we have allowed them to do that. that is why you i not had wages
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wide. it is a party of davos, of the economy plan they benefited, this climbed by the elites, they did fine, then financial crisis, they bailed themselve out, is work, people in europe and u.s. and japan have taken it on the chin, this is a well thought through business model it worked, they were never called out until donald trump won 2016 campaign in upper midwest. those are the people who had his back, they know that jobs left, opioids came in, it was destroying the heart of the nation, that is where trump showed political courage, the pressure on him has been tremendous, more pressure from republicans, free traders, here is the insanity, china is a tote tal tearian tur have a lens
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mercantilist. this -- we had free trade mentality and happy talk for years, look at all false scare tactics that wall street used leading up this, the market would implode, just like scare tactics used when donald trump run the presidency, okay, the fear project turned out to be y2k. the economy is growing strongly, been it is a break even. and i tell you, trump is focused, i think you will see in his speech he will reiterate this, this is the single most important thing he will do in his presidency, this is ris his reagan moment. trish: the chinese are so mad at him and you. let me ask about europe, and we'll continue this, you got also working class there said we had enough, this is not fair.
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we have gotten the short end of this stick. what is it we should know about europe as we think about how the u.s. is going to react in 2020? >> i think you see brexit was 4 runner to 2016 trump election, in australia the other night you saw a populous, you know, a victory at very last second. i think you see here momentum building for populist national sovereignty parties. i am here in france, la pen has come back, she was defeated by macron, she and macron are in a dead heat for european parliamentary election, in italy, salveney leading, you have all pop populist parties including nigel -- you are
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seeing a revolution in europe, the same as united states, working class people tired of central government in brussels i call party at davos that have call all of the shots and let this issue evice rate the working class in italy and france. i tell you next sunday, i think we'll have a political earthquake in europe like when dodonald trump won in november. trish: i have a lot more to ask you, we will find out what steve bannon thinks of now 23, democratic candidates, he is back with me live from paris, after this. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin
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trish: i'm back with steve bannon, who said there is a political earthquake coming to europe sunday, good to have you here, he is live in paris, france. let me ask you about 2020. here. we were talking about china. you have joe biden out there saying china is not that big a deal. is that the sort of party line
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that democrat will pursue. if so, where does that land them or joe biden? >> i don't think it is necessarily democrats, i think you will see tough lines, bouabide en, you know -- to bide in, joe biden has to prove to american people, number one he las to prove he is not compromised by chinese communist party in 2013, on steve hilton show, president trump, asked for the inves investigation. did clinton cash, they drilled down on corruption of clinton apparatus, they did same thing on joe biden, they found in 2013, his son, hunter, unqualified went on a trip with him to china, and stuck around in bank of china, that unlike any other central bank in g20, reports not independent like federal reserve, it reports to
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the government, they gave this kid, 1 billion dollars and then to a billion 5, someone unqualified to run a private equity hedge fund, 1.5 billion to vist, he invested it i believe in surveillance companies some companies that opress the chinese people, that have been enslaved by the chinese communist party. joe biden is hiding from this, he will not come forward, president trump called him out last night on steve hilton show, we have to understand that joe biden and his family have not been compromised. this is why it has been on, chinese are great at u influence peddling, we have to know how much wealth his family has created off this, why he took a billion and a half dollars from an oppressive government, and
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what they did with it. and. he said they are not a strategic compete or, he has t to convince american people he is serious about it. i came back from berlin, and people in europe understand this is not a game, this is serious, and joe biden is blowing it off. people in they understand that joe biden looked other way while all jobs got shipped on china, as he gets forced to democratic primary he will get eaten up on china. i will say something about bernie sanders, he had every tune in 2016 with all information out there. the book, movie, he never went after hillary clinton, i kept saying bernie sanders it a pillow fight. donald trump took the tour, we
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went after hillary clinton every day of her corruption, and incompetence, and bernie sanders, all the supporters were so disappointed they should get on berndt ber bern bernie sanded ask why is he not on joe biden's compromise? >> who would you say is biggest threat for donald trump in 2020? >> since i think the election are now about mobilization, house races they beat us 52-46, they got 8 million votes more, 18 should be studied. it is about mobilization, they have terrific young candidates, but no one has broken out, they are in single digit, kamala harris, mayor pete, and beto across the board, they are running like they are running for student council president, they are not talking about china or iran, this is a dangerous
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world, president trump has a sit policy, this is like 1930s, we're going through a dark valley again tough, individuals, a lot of president trump calls them bad hombres, you hear debates, it was like, united states exists on an island that not the case, kamala and pete to get traction have to remember, you are running to become manner in chief of the greatest nation on earth, talk about it, engage on it, right now it looks like bernie and biden biden has to be forced back into democratic primary, he is getting a free pass, running a general elect strategy, i think that anyone is emerged i don't think they are down into it enough. i think it democrats to get more traction, they have to do is at least, act as a counter to president trump's pretty well thought through policy on china, president trump has a very set geo strategic plan, you are not hearing anything from democrats right now, you have to see how
11:22 pm
it develops. trish: it is economic and -- political, turning to iran. where do you see it heading? this president made a point was not wanting to engage our military in anything that might be considered needless, however if provoked, a whole different story, what does it mean with iran today? >> well, i think president trump ran on we spend 7 trillion in middle east on wars we did not win, american people -- one reason he is president because of the managed decline by the elites, president trump is not an isolationist. he is noninterventionist, we saw where intervention got us in last 20 years, president trump i think in venezuela, and iran, i think his idea and what he is thinking through is the right way to go, he put economic sanctions on it if we put
11:23 pm
secondary sanctions, i think he could break them. as a naval officer i was on a destrodestroyer there, i don't k getting ahead of yourselves militarily is is not the way to go, i am a big believer at peace through strength. i think iran, president trump had right plan, i don't know what advisory thing is, i know what i read in the papers, but i think that president trump has haze vision on iran -- his vision in iran, i don't think there will be military conflict there, i think there will be a lot of sabre rattling and i think the same in venezuela. they would like them handled. >> i hear -- a path that i don't think that anyone would want to go down, to risk lives, i have said, i would rather lose you know dollars than lives, there
11:24 pm
is a lot that can done, but there is a report that russians are trying to restructure venezuela debt. and by the way. their oil sales are way up. because we can't take any from venezuela, you think about strategically, western hi hemisphere but how do we get a resolution so wo we have some kd of a relationship with venezuela, they have oil that would rival saudi arabia, proven reserves. a third more than saudi arabia. >> look, russia is a troublemaker, they will always try to cause trouble, china is the one to worry about, china is getting involved there, cuba. first is front line nations, brazil, cl colombia, you have to it i in partnership.
11:25 pm
we have to have a very well thought through thing. when civil society implodes in venezuela, the payback will be horrific, this is a very troubled society right below the surface, you have to be careful what you do, we have to have brazil and chommi colombia on o. my concern about interventionists, they are good at getting us in the situation, but not go the ad at thinking through how you get a hold and getting out, we have to be involved. i don't think backing some guy with a bullhorn, and 9 soldiers behind him is the way to go. let's think this through. venezuela through. and let's thing think iran through. and let's use our economic power
11:26 pm
to bring about a resolution. trish: something he knows how to do. steve, it is great talking to you, i really appreciate you joining me tonight. >> trish. thank you for having me on. trish: good stuff, steve bannon, live from paris. >> all right we were talking about the economy, how great it is right here, u unemployment all-time low. coming up hear latest comments from robert de niro. also, president trump now issuing a warning to country that chants death on america. and burns our flag. coming up pete hegseth said that iran better listen. but first my interview with steve bannon is already making headlines here, did you hear what he said about bernie sanders? about biden? and china? and what is about to happen in and what is about to happen in the eu, my panel's reaction to
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trish: i was just talking live prosteve bannon, telling me how bad a spot the world is in right now, china is very much a looming threat. he said almost like 1930s again. joining me with react, ned ryun, and robin. one thing i thought was interesting regarding 2020 landscape, they are running for student council president. not thinking about meaningful big issues that circran, and china -- that is iran, and china is venezuela. this is the geo political economic issues that drive our future, and all everyone wants to talk about are you know things that student council
11:32 pm
president would be running on. what wrong with them? >> bannon has been right from day be on on china, so has donald trump, they recognize quickly that china is a threat who we are as a country. it was a fascinating interview you did, i would add trade fight with china is not just about trade it is about far more, about who will control technology was future, and set standards, we see 5g emerging, huawei, the proxy in fight for china, donald trump did an excellent move last week banning u.s. companies from buying foreign made telecommunications equipment, that is a huge step in the right direction, he understands what is taking place with technology was future, who'll control the flow of information and what it means for privacy, data and individual
11:33 pm
rights, that is what a lot of this is about and where we'll be a generation from now, thank god for donald trump, we got to this situation because republican administration and democratic administrations got china wrong. we have to win this fight, or we'll regret it for next hundred years. >> any economic textbook will tell you free trade is good, but donald trump pointed out that people were choosing for whatever reason, perhaps personal and financial to ignore, that china was not playing with any level playing fields, this was not free trade, this is not free trade. until government stepped upside, hey, companies don't care. they are too interested in the profit they make that day, week, month, quarter. >> you nailed it. trish: will the democrats embrace it? do you think they are willing to understand it and the come
11:34 pm
complexity? and the lobbying money. businesses want to be in china. >> glimmer of hope that i have chuck schumer tweeted out to not let up on china, we need to take a tough stance, he is our minority leader in senate, i am hopeful we're taking this seriously, yes tariffs will be a tax on the people. but, look at what happens with china and intellectual property theft. trish: they deny that by the way. >> they are. trish: you know, steve bannon is enemy number one, and they say how dare he say we steal intellectual property. i think we all know better. this is why i am surprised, robin. surprised and at joe biden. is steve bannon on to something
11:35 pm
there? i have not done due diligence but he said there is financial connection between joe biden family and china. >> i want to know more about that, that was an eyebrow raiser for me, a preview i think for 2020 election as an attack on joe biden as a candidate. i don't know, that was news to me. >> it is true. >> i got about hunter biden. trish: ukrainian concerns now the raising of this china issue. i don't want it to turn to conservatives saying, o'biden and china like trump with russia. >> trish, look back he took a billion and a half, hunter's firm from the bank of china, there are questions about what took place and why he actually received that investment, and then joe biden to say, chinese are not bad people, et cetera.
11:36 pm
the thing that is amazing about what donald trump has didn' don, he changed the conversation as bannon pointed out in washington d.c., a lot of people were asleep at wheel, they were content with china bleeding us dry with bad trade deals. donald trump saying the chinese charade is over, we see you who are you, it has highlighted great challenges we face, right now donald trump has answers, i don't see it from the democrat. trish: these are important topics this need to be front and center, he was right, he said we need to think through this. and have a plan. you go from step one to step two to three. you have to have a plan with iran, and venezuela. and china. and any other challenge, ned,
11:37 pm
robin thank you so much. >> we have a great job market right now, but you wouldn't know it, it hollywood, you get the leftist hollywood actor trash talking our economy, the president, you name it, coming up the disgusting comes that robert de niro is takes heat over. >> and pete your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. right. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke.
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like me. ♪ trish: the president with strong rhetoric directed at iran on twitter, said if iran wants a complex with u.s., it will be the official end of iran. iran responding by quad rube --
11:42 pm
quadrupling production of uranium, pete is joining me, is that kind of response they should give? you have tensions escalating, president saying i'm hear call me. and nobody from iran bothers to call? >> well, no, they are not going to, they will see what they can get away with in interim. they love the iran deal that obama administration gave them, a pathway to a bomb, evenly release of santion -- sanctions and piles of cash they like, that president trump scrapped that deal and said let's try a new one. he understand we're dealing with a bully, the foundation ofs iranian regime was based on revolution and opposition to america and israel, you have to believe you are a threat to be credible. and in region, in obama administration we looked like we were backing away, he puts an
11:43 pm
assertive foot forward, he does not' to intervene. you need credible threat of force, and iran has to believe we will not let them get to the bomb, that is steady calculation he is trying it make right now, i think if iranians push as far as they can, they know they can't challenge us, but we'll have to be willing to follow through should they go too far. trish: there is iranian feel, hey we worked that time with obama, we put together this deal. and this contract, and like you say, we'll just tear it up, and so, why should we work on another deal, with this president, because who is to say in 6 years, it does not get torn up again, how do we respond to that? >> some ways you can understand that flip side is maybe they should not have signed up to something so polarizing and barack obama shame on him for not getting more buy in from
11:44 pm
both sides on that one. >> it was never a real deal, they thought they had a naive president hoodwink, then they got a real deal maker with president trump, that is why we ratcheted up sanctions, and we're doing it more, president trump does not believe we should invade, but they think a change at top would be good, ambassador bolton, he sits. pompeo they are guys that iranians take seriously. i think that u.s. policy is iran regime bad, no dealing with them if they try to get a became, and if people are willing to rise up, we would support that change. anything other than -- is a better outcome. trish: do we have a idea about who would come next? >> at least they have an educated west everyone oriented populist, had a history of more
11:45 pm
western style governance. there are seeds there for that. trish: very good point. they would be open to business and capitalism,. >> yes. trish: some of those things. >> the people' not regime. trish: pete thank you so much. >> thank you. trish: okay actor robert de niro under fire for going over board with his criticism over the president. >> my exclusive interview with steve bannon, telling me no troops in venezuela. we have him. here is reaction. here is reaction. next. as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. doctor bob, what should i take for back pain?
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>> they are go good at getting s to situations but not good at getting a hold and taking us out, i don' i don't think that g a guy with a bullhorn and 9 soldiers behind him is the way to go. trish: bannon about how we're far off on venezuela, you have to think it through, pla plan it
11:50 pm
out. here is a guy that has done a lot of planning. hans is joining me on set, is he on to something. >> i think so, there has always been a tension between isolationists and interventionists, people who want to be globalist, but he did capture the nuance, this is part of our hemisphere, they have biggest oil reserves in world they will be potentially a big part of our economy. we have to pay attention but we also have to have a game plan, bannon was spot on whatever has been going on does not seem reflective as a well thought out game plan, it should be simple. is it really push too far to say we should approach this with america first?
11:51 pm
trish: that should be what you think about. with that, if you do america first mantra to venezuela to try to inflew inthat country, to help this and help us. what should thinking about? why do we want to be looking at venezuela? >> well there is a big part of our population that is not happy with way venezuela has been developing last couple decades. and in is humanitarian crisis on ground. what are best steps for them and us? i think that these you knowy was on your show last week, i'm happy to say that i think that john bolton is a interventionist, and marco rubio is looking at this, with an idea framed by a cuban america, socialists are bad, without thinking about next steps. looking at current situation,
11:52 pm
russia makes a ton of money by exports oil to united states because we're not getting oil from venezuela. trish: that is an important point, russia says, this is great, right? we tweak things a little bit, tell -- maduro real support them, and then no oil comes to u.s., there of russia. >> to keep things going they make? spades by selling oil to us. trish: something else going on took i learn that m maduro regie is going to russia saying, it cn you restructure our debt, then i guess that russia would own that oil there in venezuela. >> absolutely, solution is a bread base debt for equity. trish: in english. >> convert debt to stakes in the
11:53 pm
oil industry. help investment for recover of oil. and we should do that. to have it come back here, to the united states, because, the refineries that work with their oil are here in the gulf coast. so, if you want to do something really good for venezuela, let's do something so we go whack in there an -- go back in there and give our expertise to them, they export oil we make the money off it. i had a conversation today, that would blow you away, they are not in administration but a bit of a neocon, i heard him say, it's okay, this trading ban, that is okay because the foreign buyers of the debt that americans might sell will know how to invest in oil industry. trish: you say it okay for russia to buy up oil industry. >> buy our debt that we have, we can only sell to nonu.s. people they can then use that and give their --
11:54 pm
>> like pennies on the dollar, super cheap, then they wind of with all of the -- >> i mean. clearly it would be ideal if we could bring democracy to venezuela. but, political situations, are complicated, and there is a lot of differences in when people see on the ground and be we see here. what should be our foremost objective to venezuela is to bring them back to our oh, -- oh, eco system. >> i look at this and i see what bannon is saying he is right, i don't see a lot of thoughts on next steps, i now look at it, i said before, donald trump a master negotiator, he should look at this situation, and happened a couple week ago, say, there is a bit of a dialogue going on in norway, there is our
11:55 pm
people sitting in venezuela now who want some stuff in us. can we give them something so geweget what we want? if we control venezuela oil, i was watching president trump, give a speech he said, if we control the oil production through our economy, we control energy prices in the world economy for next 50 years. trish: that is a big deal, hans hume thank you so much. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. the ai i need? it's gotta scale across my business.
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12:00 am
>> steve bannon said something. they are running like they are running for student council president, there is real stuff going on. trish: >> president trump is tired of iran nonsense and he has put them on notice. never threaten the united states iranian responding threatening a crushing response if u.s. were to attack. last night, president claimed that is about iran's pursuit of nukes. >> don't want them to have


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