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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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david: i don't know, we'll see. >> we wish them the best, nobody here wants to get booted from uber. >> or enrich the lawyers. david: right. that is it for "bulls and bears," thank you we'll see you next time. elizabeth: robert mueller breaking his silence, he will will not testify and not clear president trump. here is the question, will blue dog moderate democrats go along? they are key, we debate that. you are looking at live pictures of attorney general william barr at alaska native justice round table in alaska, we'll keep you posted if he addresses today's fireworks. >> this story matters to your money, stocks down on fight with china, sell-off kicked to high gear when robert mueller spoke, dow sinking 410 at low, in end stock closed off of session
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lows, dow january levels, we have angles on your money covered, and also, what robert mueller did not discuss, what he left out. >> it is total full metal gridlock in washington, nothing gets turn. 200,000 vehicle hit crumbling roads every day, no cheaper crisis or healthcare. we're breaking that down. >> also, is joe biden following the script of the obama campaign back in 2012? the strategy was cutback on joe biden's campaign appearances to avoid negative headlines. is that strategy for biden right now? to historic tornado and flooding affecting millions, flooding turning towns to islands, 500
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tornadoes with a month, 312 straight days, we're on the ground with damage and latest forecast for more potentially dangerous weather, to chaos on border, border patrol forced to scramble. makeshift shelters to handle the flood of people crossing the border this more tsa airport officials, hundreds redeployed to the borders, border patrol scrambling, ad hoc on the fly improvinization. texas attorney general is with us tonight to break it down. >> thank you for joining us, we have this for you, late-breaking news, israel will hole new holdw electiontion after netanyahu failed to form a coalition ghft
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government. the "evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: welcome, you are watching the fox business network. >> we go to edward lawrence at justice department. reporter: special counsel robert mueller resigned said this is the last time he will talk about his report, he said he has no plan to go in front of congress and testify, and talked about two volumes, first, he said left no question, no collusion. >> a discussion of trump campaign response to this activity, as well as our conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy. reporter: and he left second volume more ambiguous, saying he did not make a determination if
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president committed a crime, that is what democrats latched on to today, nancy pelosi did not go as for to say she is pushing for impeachment. >> legislating, we're investigating, we're litigating. we're going to as we go down the path make a decision based on the strongest possible case to get the best results for the american people. reporter: white house tweak their argument a little bit, saying there is no collusion, and attorney general found no obstruction of justice. >> we're not asking you to, robert mueller did 400 pages, laid it out. attorney general made his decision based on mueller's information, everyone keeps forgetting this the entire decision about obstruction was based on mueller's report. reporter: specia special counsee
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may be closed now but democrats in office will make sure we hear about this report, 38 democrats are now pushing for impeachment. >> thank you edward lawrence. >> to rapid fallout from robert mueller's pressure, harvard law professor alan -- >> trying to put his thumb on a scale of justice againsts president. >> special counts should not give advantage to one side he did that, i think he will regret having made to statement. it politicizes his report and gives tremendous ammunition to those who say, that the report was politically bias until today i never thought that mueller had a partisan bias. today i changed my mind on that decision. elizabeth: this after robert mueller seemed to give a parting
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shot to president trump on the way out. saying that justice department policy prohibits him from indeeding a sitting president, kicking the can to congress, saying quote: let's bring in robert and matt schlapp. >> great to be with you. elizabeth: robert. with obstruction. what is worse thing that president trump did? the political cryptonnite here? >> the report lists 11 as you say, worst is when he spoke with white house council tried to get him to fire robert mueller. then firing of comey. i don't think either one of
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those gets close to obstruction of justice. that is what attorney general barr and rod rosenstein, found also. elizabeth: the democratic still subpoena mueller, the question, why done robert mueller get into the use of steel dassier in his probe -- steel dossier in his probe, and use of fisa warrants, the question is, when did robert mueller and his team know there was not enough prosecutable evidence, was this a perjury trap, did they wait long enough to say let's trip up the president? >> robert mueller knew within 100 days of his investigating, starting that there was no russian collusion with team trump, when he didn't ask to renew fisa warrant. he did not ask to extend it, because he knew there was nothing there. that point forward, liz, it was
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all about having this team of rabid, democrat trump haters, i have served with robert mueller he is a decorated marine, an honorable man, i don't recognize this man who spoke today, i don't recognize someone who said in america you have to prove your innocence, if you can't you should have some go through impeachment, that is unrecognizable from the man i served with. elizabeth: robert mueller is a man of distinguishe said russiae will not come on their resumed innocent. then robert mueller said if we have confidence that president did not commit a crime, we would have said so. it seems there is a double standard here. >> liz, i agree, i think that is most troubling part of what
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robert mueller said today and in his report. mark is right. it turns traditional statement by prosecutor their heads. in this country, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, yet he comes out with a strong statement about how that they didn't find clearly that the president did not commit obstruction of justice. and i don't think that is fair. it is contrary to traditional doj policies. elizabeth: matt, in is push back here. that president trump's candidate trump's team should not have been having links with russia what so ever or not accepted russia help. and also 11 incidents of obstruction of justice. seems that robert mueller left the door open for democrats to step in do impeachment, do you think they will? >> i think that nancy pelosi knows that an impeachment
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process would probably mean that whole democratic majority, would come down to whether or not the american people believe that donald trump colluded with russia. expa i think that american people have long ago made their decision, if you don't like trump -- >> or obstruct. >> right, but you can't obstruct if there is no crime in high opinion. if there is no underlying crime, iamerican people decided long ao he didn't do anything wrong with russia. she knows politic are bad but they still might doe it, in the en nanu nanu hanancy pelosi hase aoc people in her party happy. elizabeth: thank you so much. >> thank you. elizabeth: nancy pelosi not ruling out impeachment, saying she would want democrat to deliver, an iron clad case. this as 2020 democrat, amash
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said impeach, is it because democrats have boxed themselves in? 150 house bills dead on arrival in senate. 17 laws enacted. andy bigs. >> good to be with you. elizabeth: trump and pelosi, not getting anything done, no deal on infrastructure. drug prices. what is going on? >> nothing. you are right, look, the democrats have placed everything in impeachment basket, they can't even agree on what infrastructure should look like, they think it should include soft projects and green energy project that is not what most people think of transportation
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infrastructure, they -- we reached a point where democrats can't agree on one of most basic things that 4 months ago i thought lowest hanging fruit, transportation infrastructure bill. now they will try to continue to distract from their legislative failures or worse, doing nothing. move in to this impeachment basket. that is where we're headed. >> full house is back next week, key group to watch are moderate democrats who won seats in district that trump or romney won. we have to watch where they stand on impeachment. democrats do fear prim -- impeat could blow up their 2020 chanc chances. >> right, have you probably 20 to 30 seats there. that on the bubble either way.
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democrat took those back. i just think that if you start looking at unaffiliated voters, you will find about 2/3 or 70% in some polls, they don't want impeachment, they want is they like the economy, they think it is going well, they think there is a lot of good going othey are tired of it, they thought it was the over when mule arner -- muld there is no collusion, and democrats the continue to ride that pony. elizabeth: andy thank you so much. >> thank you. elizabeth: to that sell-off today markets already were on down side on fight with china this morning. and after all this said and done with robert mueller's statement, stocks fell to session lows, do you at one point below the key psychological level of 25,000, stocks did claw their way back.
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all unfolded as we approached longest economic expansion in american history, gerri willis at new york stock exchange with more. reporter: right, a volatile day for markets dow down 221, s&p down 19, nasdaq down 60, dow taking 1282 point downward move on comment from robert mueller. one trader told me. listen to john. >> that is something that market without not be able to sustain. something like that would take a long time, a lot of time and effort, a lot of attention, i think your attention would be so shifted to that, would get away from basic fundamentals of the economy and market. reporter: john saying that impeachment would be a very big distracttion for markets, traders and investors, they have so much more on the plate.
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we'll getting a report, earnings report from uber tomorrow, first report that uber will have since they went public, we're expecting they will say they have a billion dollar -- we'll follow that story. elizabeth: gerri willis thank you. >> coming up, much of midwest could blaines and south battered by 500 tornadoes in last month. america's heartland got rocked with devastating weather, more tornado, storms and flooding. and looks like russia has been conducting secret low yield nuclear test to upgrade nuclear weaponsar arsenal. that story next. i switched to liberty mutual,
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jeff paul with the story on damage in lynwood, kansas, about 600 miles away alison barber on the ground in ohio. reporter: dozens of homes destroyed in a tornado that touchdown last night in kansas region in lynwood, we are homes just like this, seeing them they have been damaged, a wall was knock down, over here in the grass, random debris and items from people's homes that are maybe a few miles away. further in this direction. trees that have been knocked down, homes destroyed, cars turned over. it was a mile wide tornado. this video of the tornado, incred ib no one -- incredible no one was killed in this. the folks can't believe they made it out alive.
6:21 pm
>> we don't have no vehicles, no house. we don't -- anything. you know. just like that. 5 minutes, gone. reporter: folks impacted are picking up the pieces and finding items. the road too recovery will be long. elizabeth: thank you jeff paul. >> let's go to ellison barber with story of severe weather in ohio. reporter: couple who lived here, have lived here for about 35 years, grand kids, kids, memories today, some their adult children help them salvage what is left. her daughter said she does not think here parents will be able to live in this house again. you see what was a dining room, and their living room. there is no ceiling. and debris all over. over this way is the bathroom
6:22 pm
this is where tricia hawkins said her mother was when the tornado hit. she said she was in this room, saw degree coming under the door, when she got out, she looked for her husband. >> she called my dad's name, tried to get up stairs to him, she got up she could not get door open could neighbor came over, and knocked door down. they got in the bedroom, the roof was gone, he was under some rubble. and the bed was on the front yard. reporter: mattress there that is the bed where her husband was in his 70s was cheap -- sleeping. bed is outside, almost like a doll house you can rich in pick and see what you want, at least 8 tornadoes touched down in ohio overnight hyundai, three of -- on monday, 3 were efthrees, they
6:23 pm
were severe tornadoes. one of those e-- ef3 tornado hit here. >> thank you. >> threat is far from over had. severe weather warnings remain in midwest, until the end of this week, fox weather center, is here with the latest rick. reporter: you get stuck in a pattern, it does not break. that is what happened for last 12 to 13 days, we have one more day, this is a look at last 24 hours of storms, really strong wind and big hail yesterday, then these storms right across parts of the plains, today, same story and overall, this is averages in the gold color there. march above average, april above
6:24 pm
average, may above average, we're at over 500 for may. we'll see in june this climate goes down a little bit. this will is today's threat, one batch of advance throat across - threat across northeast, and one across central blain plains. a concerning threat, areas from dallas toward tyler and little rock could shreveport, we have tornado watches right now, one across northeast, big line of storms cutting across cities, trenton, new jersey had a tornado warning. a cell that move through this is out of hire over next couple hours. then we'll turn tonight sight across part of south with a number of tornado warnings today, 4678 tomorrow the last
6:25 pm
little bit is be here at crashing ohio val -- here across ohio valley, places like philadelphia, dc, baltimore, than after this liz, i think we'll see tornado threat that severe weather threat, break just a little bit for us, that will be great news, the other big concern is because they have been happening across same area day after day. it comes with a lot of rain, incredible amounts of rain over last week across central part of nation, the rivers are well above flood stage, anywhere you see red is flash flooding, because there is so much rain it does not go away quickly, we have rivered, arkansas river at far record stages. all of that goes to the mississippi river. we'll see close to record crests, but because of this moisture -- planting seen may
6:26 pm
not be able to happen, a total loss for crops across south this year, a bright side, over next week. not as much moisture, we see it calm down a little bit, we have to get through today and tomorrow. elizabeth: rick thank you so much. >> coming up, what happens now, that israel is forced to hold new election, after benjamin netanyahu failed to -- we will bring that you story next. hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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elizabeth: breaking news, israel will hold new electiontion after netanyahu failed to form a coalition government, parliament voted to dissolve and call new electiontion. with my dr. zhudi jaffer, this appears a prime minister designate has failed to form a
6:31 pm
coalition. it feel like chaos in israel? what are broader implication for middle east. >> now as jaishe jared kushner d peace talk, i think over may be their hand in israel, a confluence of 3 different groups, the ultraorthodox. and then lieberman's party. and then other seats in labor party, netanyahu could not get majority of 65 seats that snapped back election, i think that region will try to exploit it. we saw hamas throw in rockets weeks ago. i can tell you region will try to use this to their favor, you can only blame the left in
6:32 pm
israel, this never happened before they usually yield to will of the population and form a coalition, netanyahu had to go to another elec election. then loser of elect would decide. elizabeth: how would israel enemy try to use this chaos in their favor? >> well try to say this is not a partner, that far right, they try to identify lieberman as that, that is why netanyahu said he was the person of the left today, but he was allowing left to win this small battle if you will. and the region, it could be iran, hamas activists or other radicals that don't want trump peace proposal to succeed will
6:33 pm
also try to take advantage. elizabeth:d jud jude. >> thank you so much. >> russia would be defying a crucial nuclear test ban treaty. brett, how should the white house stoppe respond to this new information on russia? >> they have to continuously monitor it, what appears to be happening now, russia, putin in particular, seem to lash out with the tests because they feel that you know the trump administration pulled out of this range nuclear forces treated that had banned missiles with a range between 500-5,000
6:34 pm
kilometer. putin had grievances toward u.s. policies for a while now, and u.s. defense missile systems. what they believe to be this continuous expansion of our defense architecture our missile deficient architect -- defense architecture in eastern europe. and trump administration put out a report we should have no limits on any ban on our u.s. missile system, that is a nonstarter ar for russia. when putin is out there trying to kind of unravel these u.s. interests and make it so this -- difficult for us to do anything about it now i think he sees this geopolitical climate as time to test us. i think we'll see this boldak from russia -- bold action, russia in particular. elizabeth: thank you so much. >> we're keeping close tabs on
6:35 pm
other stories, reuters report. to iraq fo trial. officials deny claims, they were tortured. >> now, check out this story. 39 kilos of cocaine a million dollar washed up on alabama beach, right before memorial day weekend. they do not know where the drugs came from, bring you health news, scientist in uk say they discovered a new compound that kills superbugs, that resistance to antibiotics, expert warn 10 million people could die every year by 2050 from superbugs. now, if you take taxi ride
6:36 pm
sharing service, uber, reports that uber will deactivate and no longer drive passengers who have a below score average. that is the score uber, for thin like being rude and leaving trash. uber delivers first earnings report as public company tomorrow. we'll bring you that and a warning to travelers in airports, if you like to use public usb ports to charge your phones, security expert warn you could get hacked, hackers have been meddling them to install malware on your phone. and swip. coming up joe biden, is he biding his time? is his campaign doing what obama
6:37 pm
campaign did in 2012? don't let joe biden out on the trail? is this a winning strategy.
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elizabeth: we're less than a month from first democrat debate, robert mueller spoke publicly for first time since delivers his report to attorney general. you think joe biden would be ramping up his campaign. but think again, it looks like biden campaign strategy is don't let go campaign a lot, joe biden held a dozen public events since he announced according to "washington post," his
6:42 pm
competitors held more, we bring in john cox. >> great to be here. elizabeth: you have been watching campaigns for some time, remember how in 2012, obama campaign kept joe biden hidden, they did not push him to the forefront. now seems to be seeing same thing, are they trying to avoid negative morning after headlines? >> well, common knowledge he is known to be a human gaffe machine. i think only thing he has going for him is he has name recognition. i can't run on an obama economic record that of 8 years of sub2% growth. right now we have record. record low unemployment.
6:43 pm
is he running on his sub2% record? obama administration which he was a part of let iran and north korea and china walk all over us. they entered into horrible deals, they did not support israel, he does not have a great record to run on. in the past he has made a lot of gaffes that made him well-known with the representation for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. elizabeth: including joe biden, vice president said that recovery was here in 2010 it was not it was flat lining growth. in these you know caucuses and in different states lining iowa, you can -- like iowa you cannot alienate groups, iowa democrat party is next month, they like the grip and greet, joe biden has to campaign. >> well, he is in an enviable
6:44 pm
position of being well-known, and he has 25 other candidates who will be sniping at east other, frankly, he looks decent, a lot talk about taking away private insurance industry, and turning it on the college, and getting rid of electoral college and massive government control of the economy like venezuela. that will not sell. elizabeth: you wonder if joe biden's schedule could reinforce president trump's nickname for him, sleepy joe. >> he is a little sleepy, he is a standard democrat in a sense he wants more government regulation of the economy. the regulation are driven up cost of living and place like california. he has to answer for that. elizabeth: john cox. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up fallout escalating, after robert
6:45 pm
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for just $149 you'll receive five screenings that could reveal what your body isn't telling you. i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. elizabeth: author of unverified
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antitrust dossier is reportedly refusing to cooperate, joining me now. vince coglianese. >> thank you. elizabeth: your reaction to steel not corporating and robert mueller. >> this christopher steel thing reveals his true intent. if there was any question remaining, if it were a part sop son -- partisan affair, let that out of your mind. now all of a sudden he clams up, i thought he was coordinating with the justice department, i thought what he had was truthful, what he has is a pack of lies, it come down to were they lies he told or lies planted for him. either answer should shock the system, we need to get to bottom. elizabeth: trump supporters say
6:50 pm
mueller's team did not get into how the steele dossier came about. >>, that is essential question, how does a guy like robert mueller look to russia interference and not at a dossier that is loaded with russia disinformation. this is the -- >> russia military intelligence did hack in. via wikileaks, basically break to dnc. >> true, that matters. information revealed from that was true. but what -- >> wrong for russia to do that. >> it was. but chaos we've had, threats to democracy that we've faced, has
6:51 pm
revolved around political drama fueled by steele dossier. filled with russia disinformation that robert mueller should have looked at and written it. elizabeth: adam schiff said this about justice department inspector general looking how russia probe start -- a quote. while trump stonewalls the public from learning the truth about his obstruction of justice trump and barr conspire. -- how is an investigation to how started a cover-up? >> yeah, you -- democrats condition havcan'thave it both f is doing what nancy pelosi did last week of exposing a cover-
6:52 pm
cover-up. adam schiff, is in a bizarre position be she still claims there is evidence of collusion, he has saying there is significant evidence. my question, why is he hiding it? why is he protecting donald trump if there is so much evidence. elizabeth: vicinity vin thank ve thank you. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: why would chaos on the border create chaos at the airport? that story next. to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: okay. we've got fast-moving developments at the border tonight and perhaps tops among them, the tsa now deploying up to 400 workers to help handle the massive influx of illegal migrants. the tsa says it is looking for volunteers while, quote, minimizing operational impact. let's bring in, look who's here, texas attorney general ken paxton. great to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: we have nothing but respect for the folks at the tsa, but does it help alleviate their problem at the airports? >> this is, obviously, a balancing issue, and if you'll remember, the president asked for more money for border security, wall building and all kinds of stuff. in texas he didn't get it all, and so he's having to balance priorities. elizabeth: what do you make of dhs flying migrants to other cities? >> it is troubling, but they
6:57 pm
just don't have the resources or the places to put them anymore. it's just out of control. elizabeth: we're tracking this story, and you can correct us if we're wrong, border patrol's having to scramble. they're using department stores, building tent cities, abandoned strip malls to house migrants, is that what's going on? >> yeah, we're in a place we've never been before because of the amazing numbers of immigrants coming across the border. hundreds of thousands every month, we're in a place we've never been before. elizabeth: putting them on airplanes, greyhound buses, department stores, strip malls, but somehow america's being awful and wicked and evil, right? we understand the child separation policy, that was explosive, and that should have never happened and should have stopped. but that is still with us, and what's set aside is what the border patrol is trying to do. >> well, and that is actually part of the incentive to come. people come with their families knowing they won't be separated and, ultimately, it leads to their release while they wait to
6:58 pm
hear about their hearing on asylum. we've got a system that doesn't work anymore. elizabeth: there's a mayor in new mexico who issued a cease and desist order, a private group was starting to build their own part of the border wall. what's going on there? >> i'm not sure, but it's an effort by private citizens on private property to put up a wall to protect themselves from, you know, ill illegal immigration and the consequences of it. elizabeth: now this mayor's saying, hey, stand down, you're not allowed. what's your take on that mayor? >> it seems like they ought to be able to work with the people there and whatever their construction issues are and, ultimately, resolve that and allow these people to put up their wall. it's their property. elizabeth: i hear what you're saying. there's this other case we're tracking too, we talked about this story on camera and may have discussed it with you. a judge in massachusetts charged with helping an illegal immigrant escape from the courtroom. federal agents turned down, basically, what's happening here, judge shelley richmond, she faces up to 20 years if
6:59 pm
convicted. what's your take on that story? >> look, we're presumed innocent, and she's presumed innocent, but if she did it, she deserves to be punished just like anybody else. she's not supposed to be helping illegals escape from writer in this country. elizabeth: who's winning this debate? >> america's losing it, because congress will not address the fundamental problem here. we've got a president who wants to do it, he's made it fundamental to his administration. and yet we have a congress that literally is ignoring the problem. elizabeth: so have you ever spoken with a democrat about the problems at the border? >> yes, i have. elizabeth: and what do they say? >> they typically say we don't have a problem or -- elizabeth: how can they say we don't have a problem when -- >> i don't -- it makes no sense to me. it makes no sense that someone would say we should knock down the wall -- elizabeth: but then they want stronger border barriers, right? >> some of them do, in the end. if it's affecting their part of the state or country.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: ken paxton, thanks for joining us. come back soon. thank you so much for having us in your homes. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is right here next on the fox business network. have a good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. special counsel robert mueller today breaking his silence and doing so in a somewhat bizarre fashion. he said his special counsel report spoke for itself. but then he spoke for almost ten minutes. during which he claimed that his role as special counsel was never to prove that the president committed a crime of collusion or obstruction, and then he claimed he could never have charged him had he found such evidence. which, by the way, he didn't. >> and under longstanding


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