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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 30, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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i have a very international perspective, i believe every nation should be transparent and fair, there is more work doing done, we'll continue talking about it see you tomorrow. ♪ kennedy: thanks, ladies and gentlemen, case closed. or is it? president trump said robert mueller's surprise statement on the russia investigation is proof that whole thing is finished. but for democrats, robert mueller's comments are fueling calls for impeachment. at 11:00 this morning, robert mueller made first and only statement in two years since the investigation began, many people here at fox didn't know what his voice sound the like. before he spoke, few people knew what he was doing to say -- going to say, he did expee speaa particular part caused a earthquake in tdc . >> we did not however make a determination as to whether or
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not the president did commit a crime, under longstanding deputy department policy, a standing president cannot be committed of a crime while in office. kennedy: constitution does not allow a sitting president to be charged. that is good enough for the president who tweeted, nothing changes, there was insufficient evidence, therefore in our country, a person is innocent, case is closed thank you. white house lawyers echoed president's sentiment as did vice president pence, democrats, they did not agree with that. and for many impeachment is still very much on the table, watch. >> with respect to impeachment question, at-this-point all options or the table, nothing should be moved out, robert mueller said loud and clear,
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president trump is lying, when he says no collusion, no obstruction, he was exonerated. >> all right, house speaker nancy pelosi a little more restrained. >> we're legislating, we're invesinvestigates and we're litigating, we're going to make a decision down the path based on strongest possible case to get the best results for the american people. kennedy: we're gest-- vibrating and die lating. she has a tough road ahead. we will talk why russian threat is not getting more attention, but first, is the case really closed or did the democrats just reload? ned ryun is here, fox news contributor, and richard fowler welcome back. >> good to see you. kennedy: i'll ask you both the same question, richard, what
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happened today? >> all that happened today was robert mueller reiterated what was in his report, he isolated 7 intenses where there could be possible obstruction of justice. bob mueller talked about russians and them engages in our election, everyone in congress, should be a bill passed to shore up our election. audible paper ballots, and ensure our democracy is safe from the russian doing this again. robert mueller warned us about. kennedy: i'll get to russian element later, i, agree. did robert mueller layout a case for impeachment today? >> i think robert mueller laid out a case in which we've seens
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house continue to investigate and ask questions about second volume. kennedy: nothing has changed, ned, what happened? >> we saw a political hack try to tell us an uncharged person was not innocent, turning entire premise of our legal system, on its head, now we say you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent, that is absurd, mueller could have said we found evidence to charge, we just didn't have the authority to change or he could have said our investigation led to us believe that president obstructed our investigation, he did not say either one. >> he could have been within his right. >> right. kennedy: i would have been much more satisfied if he had done
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that, ifs implication is a that president behaved in a way that almost rises to threshold of impeachment. >> his equivocation telling us all we need to know, this was a political hit job, with one of two purposes, maybe potential impeachment of president of united states or the idea of damaging him, to 2020 election. i think in many ways that is what we saw today, robert mueller dropped the masquerade, coming out for who he is. kennedy: he said this is the last word, i'm not going to speak any more about this. which was his way of saying to congress, don't bother with a soupine ai ain't coming. >> he said that the report is my testimony, from you, richard do you have questions you feel are unanswered from robert mueller? >> there are questions, you find
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when he goes to congress, he gives you 4 corners of his testimony, 448 page report of mueller, i disagree with ned second volume of this report lays out very clearly -- kennedy: it is not clearly that is the problem. >> i think it is. >> it is not. kennedy: it is not, then say charge him, impeachment him, say he is guilty, say he obstructed. >> wait. kennedy: ned is right, use presumption of innocent as starting point. that is not the ending point. >> well, in his pressure he said there is evidence. and -- >> 35 million dollar job to explore that evidence that was his job. >> he does that. in second volume, he gets where president called don mcgahn
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thole him to fire robert mueller how is not obstruction of justice. kennedy: that is a really good question, because obstruction of justice and conspiracy and perjury are serious crimes, they are crimes that people don't commit by themselves, ned last word, i am taking that up with my next guest, but ned, take the football. >> he had 30 hours with don mcgahn, i have known don for decades, he would have been able to say these, and given mueller enough evidence, but he didn't, if he did -- >> he said today. kennedy: you can say that, and that would have been acceptable. >> that is what he said. kennedy: it is not what he said. >> he did not. >> he did not say president was completely exonerated. kennedy: he could have made
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determination. >> white house attorney general said that president is exonerated. kennedy: i agree with you on that. it is not a full exoneration, that is the problem, he is trying to straddle both worlds, you have to go big or go home. he did not go big. >> is in the happens of congress. kennedy: alleluia for that. >> thank you. >> in his statement, robert mueller seemed to leave door open for an impeachment investigation of the president, he said department of justice has done its job. >> constitution requires a process other than criminal justice system to accuse a sitting president of wrong doing. kennedy: today white house press secretary sara sanders was asked if white house would cooperate with any house investigations. >> the president instruct everyone to cooperate to respond to the subpoenas.
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>> we have been fully cooperative throughout the process, i think that democrats move forward on that, what they do is not hurt the president, they hurt americans, they have to make a decision if that the course of act they want to take, of course, they have noah, jen athey -- noah,genda, no message. kennedy: great question from melissa, what is going to happen next, how nasty will things get in washington if democrats take a ride down impeachment boulevard? joining me now. bob barr, he knows about this topic, in 1997 he was first to call for president clinton's impeachment, and resignation. welcome back congressman barr. >> thank you. kennedy: what was point of this press conference today? >> point of the press conference today forever st. mueller to come before american people, say gee, i really wish i were an
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independent count with authority to make recommendation to congress on impeachment. but i'm not, i'm just a lowelly special counsel -- lowly special counsel but let me do it anyway, that is what it was about. kennedy: he could have used more forceful language in his report if he really had such strong feelings about the president committing obstruction of justice. back further than the clinton impeachment, and let's talk about nixon issue. you know as you remember he was not actually impeached, only andrew johnson and bill clinton have that mantel before them. richard nixon was a unindicted coconspirator. john michelle was convicted of obstruction of justice, conspiracy and perjury, he spent
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19 months in prison, he could have spent up to 8 years, there were several other members of nixon administration who went to prison for this not for things like, lying to fbi or congress, they remember charged and convicted of more serious crimes, my point and i'm not defending president but i don't think that one can commit conspiracy and obstruction of justice on their own? >> they can't, and historic cases nixon, near impeachment, and the clinton actual impeachment, there were pending cases involving president in which president was very clearly involved there was very substantial evidence in bill clinton a case that he had perjuried himself in judicial legal proceedings, we had when we considered prime minister in house judiciary committee in 1998, was a report from the independent council ken starr,
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he was required by law to deliver to the house that provided basis for the impeachment. we didn't go out there and look for something, we didn't have some half baked report come up to the hill from somebody that well, i would really like to too something but they won't let me so here you and congress do it. this pails in comparison to real cases involving clinton and nixon. it nowhere near the same. kennedy: it is not. and you know, differences are very stark. and that should be internalized as a warning for several people who are running for president who might get the job, my last question, nancy pelosi seems to be most restrained of house democrats. she is the speaker. is that because she knows she will not win here? or because she thinks that impeachment is too divisive. and in that respect, it is
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problematic for democrats? >> speaker pelosi is a very, very clever woman, she grew up in the very hard nosed politics of baltimore county, maryland, she knows how to manipulate and to say and when to say it, i think that republicans take her less -- should take her more seriously, she wants impeachment as much as anyone else, but she recognized there is a game to be played, if she stays above the fray, it makes her appear more of a leader, but she want its as much as anyone. kennedy: i think you are right about, that i think she doesn't it, but she knows she has to pull trigger at the absolute right moment. and you should not underestimate her political instincts, in this rel amrealm. she has history on her side. very interesting bob barr thank you. >> sure. kennedy: coming up, mitch
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mcconnell putting brakes on democrat last attempt to nominate a supreme court justice because it happened during an election year. now tables might be turning. singing a different tune, does the left have the right to be ticked off? i will ask the panel next.
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♪ my trial began. ♪ kennedy: woo. cocaine blue for cocaine mitch, mitch mcconnell might have pulled a fast one on democrat when it comes to nominating supreme court justices during a election year. he was giving a speech, said what he would do if a vacanty opened up next year. >> we would fill it. >> i'm a turtle. far cry from mcconnell's stance in 2016, president obama nominated oh, poor garland to supreme court. and mitch was like no way hoser. >> we think that important principle in middle of this
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presidential election is that emergency people need to weigh in decide who will make this decision. not this lame duck president on the way doubt th on way out the door but next president next year. kennedy: majority leader playing smart politics or a democrat's right to call him a big fat hypocrite. panel is here, daffodil dream come true, katy pavlich. and cofounder of run for america david bernstein, and correspondent from greg gutfeld show, kat timpf. meow. mellow. >> hello. kennedy: cocaine mitch, i love talking about him, i think he is being a bit of a hypocrite, you can't have it both ways. he has to put up garland. >> i don't think that is going to happen you about good
12:20 am
thinking. mcconnell's office, put out contacts this afternoon, saying mitch mcconnell was not talking about just putting through any nominee, he said opposite party in senate should not push through a nominee nominated by the president. then because white house is now occupied by a republican, and senate -- controlled by republicans, their therefore it is legitimate, does it square when what he said in 2016? not necessarily, but election have consequences. >> are you buying thi this thiss not sit well with me. >> i heard that, i think that just a bunch of word that i cannot say on tv. kennedy: you can say it. >> i think it is convenient. i think you could argue on a
12:21 am
technicality. what he is doing is what sometimes we see politicians do where they think one thing, then they think another thing because it is politically convenient, then they call it evolving we hope we not notice they are not. kennedy: biden. >> so-called biden rule. mostly by mitch mcconnell. and reality at last night, last time i read my constitution, president is not given a lot of earlier today, actually, president -- >> whole thing. >> not whole thing. kennedy: what do you think of the -- the -- a lot of people talk about that, my favorite amendment. >> on basis of this point. kennedy: can you name third amendment. >> i cannot. kennedy: how dare you, don't throw the constitution out here, and not be able to quote from
12:22 am
the bill of rights. >> but i reviewed it, if you are allowed to appoint supreme court justices, president should be allowed to appoint supreme court justices. >> they are not stopping the appointment they are stopping the confirmation. >> but there nothing about only an elect year. kennedy: i will say -- >> that. kennedy: you would agree senate race in 2016 was closed. people were so upset they would have given democrats control. >> i would not necessarily say that, i think it is really difficult, i am critical of this, democrat and republican do it, to interpret elect results as any one individual thing. kennedy: as mandate. >> particularly, you don't have 60% result. kennedy: libertarians never have a mandate, do we.
12:23 am
>> no, mandate, you leave me alone. kennedy: don't take my stuff, and don't touch me, unless i say, hey touch me. >> in which case it okay. kennedy: not necessarily human trafficking. >> is it, joe biden could learn from those statements, he could learn a lot from lib tearians libertarians about not touching. kennedy: several democrat still banking on russia investigation. did they try to win with better ideas? my meme is next, and yes, we'll do it live. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology...
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expedia. termites, we're on the move.24/7. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. kennedy: robert mueller making brown water murkier, the interesting thing is the crumb trail to impeachmentville special counsel sprinkled for resistance dems, short-sighted
12:28 am
reaction from almost all of president's 2020 opponents, robert mueller is right every american should be concerned about threat of russian agents, coming to dismantle our democracy one misleading facebook post at a time. instead dull chorus of leftist lemmings running for president are too busy parroting predictable talking points be they watched and screamed in unison lock him up. kamala harris, said we need to start impeachment proceedings, cory booker, immediately, eelizabeth warren, mueller statements make cheer it is an impeachment referral. up to congress. yeah. well you get it. all the seimonly names will change -- they admit they can't
12:29 am
legitimately beat the president in 17 months, and they want election, results down by fiat, and saying like a bunch of thick skulled minnie mug ins. worse of all let's ignore the russia problem an pretend our cr security is as robust as kylie jenner's lipin -- lip, injections. if they impeach, what are we left with? a frustrated electorate who opposed idea 66 to 29%, and. incumbent president who now gets to play victim as his twitter conspiracy materialize in real-time, or you get president pence. who next supreme court pick will
12:30 am
make amy coney barrett look fore liberal than recor ruth bader ginsburg. that is th memo. >> 2020 democrat seem to go behind impeachment call, should they focus on better policies than medicare for all and the new greenspan deal? yes, they -- new green deal? they should, back is our panel. i would want to make sure if russians didn't want me to be president, they would do --
12:31 am
>> we should focus on that. russia interfered in our election, and that is bad. but as a country we can't seem to get mad at that, reminds me one time my now ex-boyfriend, i said somethingb bad about a girl named liz, he is a mean girl, he said he liked liz, we broke up hours later, not related but it proved we were divided, liz, you are a very mean girl. >> liz is -- >> we're fighting over liz. >> liz is russia. >> looking at details of report. they state purpose of russians to have americans pitted to fight on silly issues. all liz's fault, but, here we are with robert mueller making this statement. and leaving open the door that
12:32 am
there was some kind of evidence to implicate the president in a crime but it was insufficient evidence then a gap about onus, rules about indicting a sitting president, and justice deputy comes out with a joint statement, but by end of day congress still go forward with this idea of impeachment. pitting americans again each other, we're still talking about it. >> that is what the russians' us. kennedy: americans don't want impeachment right now, that is why i am so surprised this is what democrats are going after, if you look at field, and you are an independent, you say, i wish someone would emerge with a great idea. >> yeah, this is a impeachment is a losing process for democrats, right? this is. kennedy: right now there is snow win, no -- no matter what they do, i know saying trying too
12:33 am
render death by a thousand cuts with investigations and statement. but that is not how you beat the president. >> democrats have been force call, i think important to russia issue. they have been calling for investment in election security. they is lacking on part of president who is too sensitive -- >> no details about -- >> way too sensitive. under funded he does not listen to his nationall security he can't handle his ego. kennedy: note just about russia -- it is not just about russia, that is sor short-sighted it iso every other yo country that wans to attack freedoms we have and enjoy by sewing discord.
12:34 am
>> it is not government job to protect the election system. >> local elections to be you know put -- have more backing, but not true to say that president and his administration have not put that kind of funding behind that, his national security plan that he released a year and a half ago lays it out in black and white. kennedy: i want to get to russia look at what ro robert mueller t election. >> close by reiterating central allegation of your indictment that were multiple, systematic, effort to interfere in our election, that allegation deserves the attention of every american. >> they will be back for more
12:35 am
blood in 2020, seeing how they can screw around with the next presidential election. so we should be concerned about this, but i'm wondering if russia is the big issue, and russian agents are offer this information in a number of ways, they are incredibly clever, is it conceivable that russian agents, got to christopher steele, and sold him disinformation for millions. >> it is consever conceivable b7 people don't' to conceive anything except saying that it is donald trump's fault, that fits in their narrative, if i were president, i would say come at me, bro. look at what bill clinton, democrats, favbility up 10 mers. >> i don't think there would be
12:36 am
a successful impeachment, i don't think there is enough votes in house. donald, if you are watching, come at me bro, feel free to use that. kennedy: i have been saying the whole time, it could be the best thing for president. >> absolutely, things that independents who decide election hate is to see people going after people at expense of trying to get things done. i think it has a lot too too with his personal feelings. kennedy: hard to know what the impulsiveness ends and strategy begins. >> right, but desire to say, you know i believe in my record, i believe in what i have done, and i believe i am innocent lit it stand for yourself, such a stronger statement as a leader then trying too remind everyone have you been cleared of all wrong doing. >> pleading can be done. fun.
12:37 am
>> is he not supposed to round some robert mueller, dangling out there may have been evidence he commit a crime, they will not talk about whether he did commit a crime, he is defending himself. kennedy: you know, i want to add something on, a reason that mueller was forceful case closed i'm done, no more questions, he doesn't top answer questions about the steele dossier, and russia's involvement there, you know russia is a dirty actor, and infiltrated both sides, everyone that thinks just one side or trump campaign colluded is naive. >> one side who paid for research, from a foreign spy with russian sources feeding bad information. kennedy: who are they, what was their goal, and how is that different from goal of russian agents who were using facebook and social media. >> way worse. kennedy: how is it different.
12:38 am
>> no one -- >> other thing robert mueller has not pointed out how did the facebook ads change people's photos, i tell you, there are millions of people who see ads on and bananas boiled and one thing that every gut doctor tells you to throw out, it does not make them throw anything out. >> algorithm. kennedy: don't bridge al gore be into this. >> we're out of time, congrat on fox nation show. >> david welcome and katy great to see you. >> lovely. kennedy: coming up anti-trump a other michael wolff with a new book. he claims one of trump's biggest supporters says, that president is running a criminal enterprise. who would say such a thing? more personally important persoy
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kennedy: anti-trump author, michael wolff taking another shot at the president with a second book, his last book was largely discredit, this one seems to be headed in the same direction. bannon predicts trump's past financial dealings would bring him down. oh, bitterness does not look good on you, he says that president has run what seemed to resemble a criminal enterprise. but will trump's base carat all.
12:44 am
will the president win bigger in 2020, with me. chief strategy officer of scott adams, welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: so you have written object ofly about the president, i think this is interesting because people keep trying to attack him from all different angles, and we don't know yet if it will work, we really won't know until 2020, but it seems that he one has really figure out the magics rs recipe for hiy ididdemise. >> hey have tried just about everything. what the stuff fades, because you know the facts on ground are not supporting it, they will have to either come up with a
12:45 am
new hoax or, they have to ask computer into help them -- putin to help them but he is not very good at it. kennedy: he really condition deliver, interesting. >interesting. -- can't deliver. damagdemocrats areparroting sak. all 2020 hopefuls except bernie and biden who are a little bit softer are talking about impeachment, they immediately go to impeachment, every candidate on is beatable. what is president doing that can be used against him. >> history on his side. i am no historian, but i can't think of a time a first term president with a super economy who was against someone with lower charisma. if you have a reagan working against a you know bad economy,
12:46 am
you have a bill clinton against a bad economy. then you could unseat someone. it will be hard, i think their best plays are either social media mischief, which i remind you is legal. nobody lost a job in 2016 for you know allegations. and seems to be doable and they would have to move maybe 2% of the people in a handful of states, they know who they are. or they can find out. kennedy: to many democrats that is a fore gone conclusion, they act as these movement has already taken place by joe biden shooting to top of polls, i want to talk about what president has done, and whether it has been used successfully in politicians in past you talk two movies played, at this same time. but they have separate plots.
12:47 am
we saw that at top of show, richard fowler and ned ryun had difference experiences watching the press conference. >> he is best i have seen in terms of being a sales person, he uses every tool a sales person uses, he is funny and visual, he leaves a bit o a bitt of an error, he is pitch pifer fec in persuasion most of the time. i would think will come down to probably social media, maybe with black vote or all of the common things such as say they go after him for sexism that was a big thing in first election, if he hands against han handsy e
12:48 am
biden. kennedy: a very tough sell. and i don't think if -- come back we have so much more to discuss, i appreciate your time. >> thank you. kennedy: scott adams thank you. >> topical storm is next. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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♪ it's nice. ♪ you got this! ♪ woo! ♪ ♪ ♪ kennedy: thank you for watching our show, i hope it was the best hour of your day. follow me, tomorrow night, chris whiten. don't miss deirdre bolton's
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