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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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help gary make friends. >> why do i need a robot to grasp anything, i need my friends. >> i think gary is for the idea. >> that does it for "bulls and bears" see you next time. >> crisis at border, new reports coming in about what president trump has been teasing to for his big border announcement tomorrow, president considering sweeping new restrictions that would effectively block central american migrants from entering the u.s. if they transit through a country other than theiron. get ready for a big court fight, to fight for 2020, how democrat are being accused of botching it. president trump runs on prosperity and economic great. and versus a 2020 walter mondale democrat they are running against prosperity on costly big
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government socialism, costly single payer health wear for example, green new deal, higher taxes and impeachment. now when will the gemcrats answer that wake-up call from voters that has think about ringing for some time. >> to northbound of house democrat that demand impeachment, you may be surprise how malthat number circumstance we'll tell and you break down what house speaker nancy pelosi is waiting for. what nancy pelosi might want before he opens quote, an iron clad prime minister inquiry -- impeachment inquiry, we have an idea. >> we have new details, breaking information that fbi did not specifically warn trump campaign about russian attempts to interfere. and more back in august 2016 briefing, it looks like anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok was involved, what does fallout of that. this as new bombshell report
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drops in dc publication of the hill, that british intelligence allegedly warned congress and justice department right before trump's inauguration that british intelligence lacked confidence in credibility of anti-trump steele dossier. that story tonight. >> president trump, facing a global threat, what an expert dubbed growing minutes of moscow, beijing, tehran access, and big obstacle to settling fight with china. not how trump is playing hardball, but something china is tiling with, a roadblock way bigger than trump's demand. >> you never guess some democrat is now spoiler pushing to delay until after 2020 the new nafta deal, the big bold gamble by democrats, that story we bring you to tonight. thank you for joining us. i am elizabeth mack donald, the
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"evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: president trump slapping back on the robert mueller after former special counsel comment fuel democrat call for impeachment, this is william barr said that mueller could pro grout up charges of conclusion of obstruction of justice, hillary vaughn on capitol hill. reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi is dragging her feet, deciding whether or not to let the house precede with impeachment hearings, even though yesterday, 2020 presidential candidate charged forward telling democratic control house it is time to take action but pelosi says, she is not ready to go there just yet. >> you have get the facts, america people deserve the truth. we won't be swayed by a few people who think one way or
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another, who are running for president, as much as i respect all of them. reporter: around 30 house members supported impeachment publicly, that less than 10% of the house of representative, that number is growing, vice chair of house damage come -- dodge committee saying he thinks time for former special counsel to come forward and testify. >> but, very hard to say that we received this report from special counsel mueller and we don't proceed with impeachment inquiry. reporter: democrats remain divided on how to take on the president. republicans and democrat this house in a stalemate overpassing disaster funding, this afternoon rejecting bill for a third time this week, house will have to wait until next week when everyone is here. elizabeth: hillary vaughn. >> let's get to nancy pelosi.
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saying she wants an iron clad impeachment case to bring to senate republicans that they can't ignore, word is that she may want, get results of 6 democrat led house committees now investigating trump organization, president's tax returns, financial records to try to make case that russia helped trump financially to make the case that then russia helped him little bitticly. politically, as 2020 democrats' the impeachment to start now. mary great to see you. your reaction on all this. what i time to cover the news. >> you have nancy pelosi who main interest is holding the house in 2020. and the presidential candidates whose main interest is winning the nomination for to be democratic candidate. we know in primaries that is tends to be real base of the democratic party, probably more
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left wing base. they are doing something that is more extreme, where she knows well, that american public is not interested in impeachment. she tru trying to find ways of saying okay we'll look into it but now the right now, and waiting to see what the committees come up with. elizabeth: vice president pence comments on robert mueller's statement with maria bartiromo. >> what was your reaction to what robert mueller said this week? >> well, i was pleased to see special counsel announce thats investigation is over. case closed. special count sense his report and concluded there was no collusion. and after review of the facts deputy of justice confirmed there was no collusion, or obstruction. elizabeth: you can see full
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interview "mornings with maria" tomorrow. your reacted to that? case closed, no obstruction of justice or collusion, no evidence of is. >> that is what trump camp wants to say, they keep repeating that, in that is what robert mueller found no evidence to go ahead with anything, he said case closed. but in that press briefing, he said if we were convinced that the president had not committed a crime, we would have said so. that is practically verbatim, i found that shocking, he was saying, i'm leaving it hanging out there that president is potentially a criminal. and up to congress to investigate. i think it was really unfair. i think it was like flinging mud at him as he walked out of the room, he does not have anything in that 400 page report that suggests a crime, if he found something that did, he could have recommended that.
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elizabeth: that is william barr says. >> right, true his job is not to indict. he is right on that. but it is not true that he could not have said, we found evidence of a crime, anothe there was wek that attorney general should investigate or something. he did not do that, there is a ryan, if he goes before congress, and he says, i'll stay within confines of what is in the report, we're not going to learn anything new. it is all in the report. elizabeth: right, so trump critics say, he broke -- basically committed obstruction of justice, and nearly's dozen instances, pushing people to mislead and so forth, but trump supporter says this started with a flawed russia probe built on paid for information in steeles
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dossier this is an entrapment. >> their big claim he tries to fire the pros dut prosecutor, hd around office in moments of bad temper, there is no -- nothing was done with that it was just an outburst and so there nothing material in being able to go after him on. elizabeth: i hear. let's get to president trump running on prosperity and solid economic growth, the democrat run on higher tax, impeachment, big government program. the president will have longest expansion in u.s. history coming in july, just 44 house democrat now demanding house impeachment. versus 400 demanding it with push for impeachment ar for nix. >> the democrat have two ways to win, one is personality.
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if they can make it about him personally, they might pile off some of "the independents," those they need if they will win eheadquarteelectoral thing, theo hope that maybe the economy does weaken. we're in long stretch, there are flashing yellow signs on the horizon. we have troubling slowdowns, more in the global economy than in u.s. but some signals in u.s. economy. if that happens and early enough, it has to happen early enough, then they might have a chance. elizabeth: mary o'grady, great to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: to major development in fight with china, chinese official accuse u.s. of economic terrorism. as canadian president trudeau
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met with the vice president to discuss new nafta. adedward lauren with latest on china. media blaming trump but nothing will get done before the g-20 meeting in napolitano beginning june 28, because of this. nothing will get done before 30 anniversary of tiananmen square massacre that is june 4, china is more worried about that, then trump, cracking down on any and all unrest and decent, there will be saber rattles attacks on trump. edward, no deal before g20? reporter: you know that is interesting we'll see if that is actually happening, a lot of folks in chinese official we talk with heard from say they believe that two presidents need to sit tagge together to break e impasse, this is a big impasse,
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all shipping containers off loaded in port of long beach coming from china are under that 25% tariff. you know saturday chinese retaliation tariffs get up from 60 billion of imports from 5 to itoin some cases 25%, now a hardening of tone in chinese, saying any that u.s. trying to bully china to a trade deal to what announced to naked economic terrorism. not just tariffs, u.s. sounding alarm on huawei and security concerns. one of reason that china pulled back to protect on u.s. company servers based in china, vice president pence addressing those today had. >> legal framework went china gives the chinese government access to information and data that collected by chinese
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companies like huawei. and to have a 5 gnetwork worldwide with access to sensitive national security information we believe is incompatible with national security interest of the united states. reporter: we were first to respect that chinese considering holding back rare minerals in retaliation, they are vital for technology, used in military, and stuff that rest of us use every day. now a technology analyst said that apple might be vulnerable to the chinese retaliation, much like u.s. targeted huawei. apple has 4 r&d centers in chinese cities and foundation that helps education and less developed areas in china, company has a large footprint, still had the pushing on with hard-line to get a fair trade deal. >> china is becoming a very weakened nation. just as iran has become a very weakened nation. and iran wants to make a deal
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also. reporter: on iran, president national security advice roor john bolton said early as next week he will present data to u.n. security count that proves that iran was behind pipeline attack in the middle east. elizabeth: to u.s., mexico and canada agreement, nancy pelosi now want its delay the new deal, now demanding that 4 congressal task forces, study new nafta, delaying up to 2020. no economic growth potentially coming out of that, trump administration was hoping to get done before august recess. and christina, has more on new nafta and more details. reporter: incredible. in last hour, how much news on that, you have mexico and canada ready to ratify. but stonewalling is happening in congress, like you said nancy pelosi wanted to look at a few things pertaining to labor,
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latest news vice president pence announced they will fast track that to congress, to be a 30 day period, they do believe they can get bipartisan support for this usmca new deal, and nancy pelosi release a statement, stating not a positive step for trump administration to do this, a lack of knowledge on the administration as well, that we were on a path to yes, but now this will change, i paraphrased that last sentence, the back and forth could stop in united states, and we have even more news to this so from "washington post," they say that president trump now is threatening to add tariffs to mexican products coming in because they want to stop flow of migrants from central america. elizabeth: you this so much. >> -- thank you so much. >> nothing creates economic prosperity like innovation,
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uber's first earnings report, now out, susan lee with more. reporter: we have uber rallying after hours, this is because the earnings did not come out as bad as some expected. revenue came in higher than expected, at 20% rate worse for company. but on earnings call there is a lot of positive comments that came from the uber ceo. they said they will stop compensating as much as they have been. because of the price competiti competition. also great uptick with uber eats that a 20 billion company on its own. they said, increase over course of the year. that positive.
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growth exceed 200% for the year. will be improving. elizabeth: now in a rate passengers too, thank you susan. >> coming up stuff of nightmares and anxiety dreams. your iphone sending personal data throughout the night to a lot of companies you never heard about before, coming up. i switched to liberty mutual,
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elizabeth: breaking news fox news reports that white house will threaten tariffs against mexico over illegal immigration and not doing enough to stop it. president trump has talked about this in the past, white house informed members of congress about this move. we'll have more later. >> a scary story, think your phone is taking a breather while you sleep? a privacy experiment found that your iphone is screaming your personal data to companies. the privacy experiment found in one week, an iphone shared an
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alarming aim of private data with a lot of companies, with us now, jeffrey fowler, he is a technical umist for the -- columnist for "washington post." that is a story, while you are sleeping tell us more. >> yes, i ran experiment, i plugged my phone so software, i saw my phone number economy mail address, gps coordinates going to companies i never heard of. this was happening because they were tracker companies that apps his downloaded, this built in them, but kept secret. this is actually a kind of a big privacy hole in the iphone that is ironic for a company like apple which advertised what happens on your iphone stays on your iphone. elizabeth: who are these companies. >> tracker companies, they do a
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variety of things, from help app developers figure out him to perspective their apps -- to improve their apps and market them better, or take your data on sell. it is hard to know what they are doing with the data, there is not any responsibility for them. elizabeth: how sneaky is this, you -- reported that trackers, the apps know people charge their phone at night. so it will be on. the phone has to be on, they don't do it during the day to interrupt, potentially tip you off. >> true that one reason. the thing is even if you turned off your phone at night, it not stopping this. any time you open an app, it opens in background connection to a tracker. for example app door dash. you open that, it opens immediately links to 9
6:32 pm
distracter companies. elizabeth: who are they working with? do we know the name of tracker companies they work with? >> we do, i named and shamed in my column. two for example are google and facebook, they get pinged every time you open door dash. elizabeth: and spotify, other companies? >> yes, almost any company you know that makes an app is probably running trackers, unless they are so big like facebook. but once that i found that were running trackers while sleeping are spotify, the weather channel, "washington post" app. running marketing ones, you name it. just like on the web, but now in apps, we don't have the visibility. elizabeth: jeffrey fowler of "washington post." >> you bet. elizabeth: what a story, several other developing stories, breaking news in jussie smollett
6:33 pm
case, accused of staging his own antitrump hate crime, he still proclaims his innocence, but chicago police got a court seal lifted on 400 pages of never before seen official documents in thi smollett case that could contradict him. 69 hours of video may be released by chicago police next week, the records were sealed after prosecutor dropped charges against him. >> on measles outbreak, now broken a record 971 cases reported this year, what is worse, the cdc warns this that measles outbreak if it continues to fall,s m measles will no lonr be occurred to be elimb -- considered to be eliminated in america.
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and to flying in nation's skies, airports are getting the memo on how dirty their venues are. in early july 30 major airports in the u.s. will start using new trays on -- you know the security belts, you put your shoes and laptops and property. they will get rid of those old trays, they will be decked out with antimicrobial technology. and finally, heart warming story in georgia, family of two-year-old logan moore, they went to a local home depot, to buy parts to build a walker, logan has a muscle disorder, his family was worried their insurance would not corp cover e $600 cost for the walker, when good folks at home depot heard about it, they built it
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elizabeth: political deadlock in israel, kushner met with netanyahu, sending country to new electiontion, raising fears that israel is now vulnerable and in unchartered territory, bringing in danny deknown. >> thank you. elizabeth: what happens now. >> we have an election. churchill said that democracy is worst form of government except
6:40 pm
all other form of governments, we're proud of our vibrant democracy, our neighbors don't have elections. hopefully prime minister will get enough votes to form a coalition. elizabeth: what did the peace plan? >> kushner met today the prime minister in jerusalem, we're looking forward to the initiative in bahrain. elizabeth: do you have a viable peace partner. >> unfortunately not, palestinians are not willing to consider the plan. but i am optimistic about doing something else, saudis, we see with the region, we can cooperate. they know it. we do a lot of things quietly, hopefully we'll see some
6:41 pm
development. elizabeth: no peace plan right now from israel with the palestinians. >> we're open minded. elizabeth: and political realists too. >> yes, we hear them in u.n., in ramallah saying we don't recognize israelis as partner, and president trump as a mediateior they don't' to engage. elizabeth: i want to move to this, hudson institute fellow herman wrote an op-ed about growing access. he said they are trying to disrupt and influence process in u.s. and middle east, and central asia, and more. that quite a statement to make, your take? >> iranians are all over. they are promoting terrorism. we see their fingerprints in terror attack in europe, and south america, we're worried about the iranians, for u.s. other global issues like north
6:42 pm
korea and venezuela, for us the threat is iran. elizabeth: he linked it to beijing and russia. beijing, tehran and moscow. >> we tried to designate hezbollah, terrorist organization, unfortunately, country and others, would not support our regular condemning hezbollah or designating hezbollah as a terrorist organization. elizabeth: that assess is real. >> we see is sometimes in yun, for us, iran is a major threat in the reunion. elizabeth: okay, ambassador great to see you. >> thank you very much. elizabeth: new details on breaking news story, first that fbi reportedly did not warn trump campaign in 2016 about russia interference. and peter strzok may be involved there. >> new reports coming in that
6:43 pm
british intelligence did reach out to congress and justice department early on before trump was inaugurated warning that steele dossier had zero credibility, stick right there, those stories coming up.
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elizabeth: more details on russian impact on u.s. elect system, fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with more. >> who are part of russia military launched a concerted attack on hur our political sec. reporter: book ending robert mueller's statement at justice department. >> there were multiple systemic effort to interfere in our election. that allegation deserves the attention of every american. reporter: there is rare support on both sides to thwart national security threat opposed by foreign nations meddling in next year's presidential election. >> how do we make sure they don't do in 2020 for whatever candidate they shoes. choose. reporter: along with republican chairman, they are expected to
6:48 pm
conclude russia bipartisan investigation by august. >> i think we have to pass bipartisan legislation to secure the election shin. reporter: this morning president seemed to be on same page, advocating for a physical audit trail. >> we're trying to do paper ballots as a back up system. good old fashion paper in this modern age is the best way. reporter: mueller was clear that russians tried and failed. >> this volume includes a discussion of trump campaign response to this activity, as well as our conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy. reporter: when democrat reclaim majority in house they made election reform front and center, house measure faced resistance in republican controlled senate. >> thank you. >> joining me now, former fbi
6:49 pm
assistant director bill gavin, your reacted. >> i think that catherine is right on target. this is a difficult sit of circumstances that we're in. unless we do something positive it could end up in a real tragedy. catherine is on target on this particular case. elizabeth: we had a bombshell from dc publication the hill. john reporting for hill that british intelligence warned congress before trump's inauguration that british government lacked confident in the credibility of anti-trump steele dossier, and trump-romaine lettucruss -- russia collusion. >> if that bears fruit, and is truthful and anyone involved in using information given by
6:50 pm
steele who was proven kind of a liar, they used it and continued to use it subsequent to brits telling your intelligence they had no cre credibility and we continued to use it to either obtain a fisa warrant or to get an extension of a fisa warrant without bridging that knowledge to the courts, that is shameful, somebody hase has exposed themss and their agency to prosecute concern. elizabeth: what your take on christopher steele reportedly not cooperating with the investigation into how the russia probe started. trump's critics say he obstructed justice, trump supporter say that mueller team knew early on, that there was no conspiracy it was -- they feel it was a perjury obstruction trap build for trump. >> well, i look at you know, if
6:51 pm
this is information, came prior to the inauguration. and it was -- we continued to utilize that, that is disgraceful. there is no reason why this should not be pursued. i assume it will be, once the inspector general horowitz report comes out and attorney general himself, that i think will get to the bottom of what happened within our intelligence and investigative agencies, bureau and any other agency that might have used the information knowingful well, that the information was bogus. elizabeth: bill. you raise an important point, solomon at hill says that the justice department was briefed by british intelligence, reportedly. on the -- basically the steele dossier, it had no credibility before trump was inaugurated,
6:52 pm
your take? >> again. justice department should have done something with it. had anyone really read the information from the steele dossier and then back up that with information from brits that the information from steele was erroneous that should have been brought to attention of the fisa courts, in this case i don't think it was, we either went on obtaining new fisa warrants or extensions of existing warrants that disgraceful, goes back to a group of people on pennsylvania avenue, and fbi on 7 floor, who were running wild doing what they wanted to do any time they want. elizabeth: bill gavin formerly with the fbi. >> thank you. elizabeth: up next, fox news reporting that white house the l
6:53 pm
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>> we're lucky to have president trump right now that, you know, he understands he was voted by the american people, and i think all other politicians need to realize that they were elected by americans to serve american people. and that is where a lot of people are losing that battle, i guess you would say, because we are over capacity in our cells, and the reality is illegal's not a race, and people need to understand that they were elected to defend our nation's borders and defend the american people that are living here. elizabeth: art, for mexican migrants arrested illegally crossing the border from canada into vermont, what do you think of president trump's idea and his policies that were just announced -- we, rather, reporting on just earlier? what do you think? quickly. >> you've got to do something. the bottom line is you have to do something, and he's trying to do something, and congress needs to get onboard. elizabeth: thank you so much for joining us, sir. come back soon.
7:00 pm
and thank you for having us in your homes and thank you for watching. it was a jam-packed hour. we're going to have more news tomorrow night. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the president strikes back. president trump today responded to robert mueller's partisan performance in which the former special counsel admitted he had no evidence with which to charge the president. >> i think he is a total conflicted person. i think mueller is a true never-trumper. he's somebody that dislikes donald trump. he's somebody that didn't get a job that he requested that he wanted very badly, and then he was appointed. and despite that, and despite $40 million, 18 trump hats


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