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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 31, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the president strikes back. president trump today responded to robert mueller's partisan performance in which the former special counsel admitted he had no evidence with which to charge the president. >> i think he is a total conflicted person. i think mueller is a true never-trumper. he's somebody that dislikes donald trump. he's somebody that didn't get a job that he requested that he wanted very badly, and then he was appointed. and despite that, and despite $40 million, 18 trump haters
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including people that worked for hillary clinton and some of the worst human beings on earth, they got nothing. it's pretty amazing. lou: they got nothing. and tonight we take a closer look at the wildly conflicted and committed partisan robert mueller and his special counsel investigation, the witch hunt that was from beginning to end nothing but a partisan effort to help the dems steal the 2018 midterm elections and overthrow a president. powerhouse attorneys victoria tensing and joe digenova join us here tonight as does corey lewandowski and ed rollins. and the security crisis at the southern border producing the biggest smuggling bust ever. border patrol agents arrested a group of illegal immigrants courtesy of the mexican drug cartels, 1,000 illegal immigrants. now president trump is ready to make a major announcement on border security.
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we'll have that, we'll take up the latest in our broken borders. dr. sebastian gorka, trump administration drug czar james carroll join us here tonight. and more carnage left by storms throughout the nation, tornadoes leveling communities from texas to iowa, to kentucky, flooding worsening along the arkansas river in oklahoma and arkansas. we'll update you with the very latest on the severe weather patterns that are dominating much of the country here tonight. we begin with president trump who today fired back at the former special counsel, robert mueller, for his outrageously partisan performance in which he once again claimed he had no evidence to charge the president, yet he was clearly disappointed with the lack of evidence. this was the point of the witch hunt all along, to steal an election, to obstruct, to resist and to overthrow the president of the united states.
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and president trump today said the outrageous actions of the radical dems on capitol hill is exactly the insurance policy that the deep state intended from the outset of what has become the greatest political scandal in american history. >> why didn't he investigate strzok and page and mccabe and comey and all the lies, and brennan and the lies and clapper and the lies to congress? and all of the things that happened to start this investigation? why didn't comey come clean? why didn't comey come clean and say the things that he knows are fact? why didn't mueller investigate comey, his best friend or his very good friend? and there are so many other things. here's a question, this is a study of russia. why didn't they invest the
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insurance policy? in other words, should hillary clinton lose, we've got an insurance policy. guess what? what we're in right now is the insurance policy. lou: and joining us tonight sebastian gorka, former strategist to president trump. seb, great to have you with us. the president says this is the very insurance policy that strzok and page were referencing in those lovers' texts from long ago. he's right, isn't he? >> he's absolutely right, lou. and because of yesterday's disgraceful press conference by robert mueller, we now know that robert mueller is colluding with that plot. i mean, think of just one thing that we learned in that eight-minute press conference. robert mueller, former director of the fbi, actually gave the presumption of innocence to russian military intelligence agents who were trying to
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penetrate our electoral system. two pages later in his press conference, he denied exactly that presumption of innocence for the president of the united states. he said he turned the whole american judicial system on its head and said that he has not found the evidence to exonerate the president. in the history of our nation if, prosecutors' jobs are not to exonerate people, they're to find evidence of a crime. there was no evidence, there was no collusion. robert mueller is colluding with the deep swamp. lou: and, seb, you're exactly right. mueller went to great lengths to talk about the presumption of innocence for the defendants; that is, those people he charged. but went to even more lengths to, if you will, slur the president of the united states with innuendo and insinuation.
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an outrageous partisan performance. i cannot for the life of me understand how mueller could imagine that his reputation, his legacy could survive such a performance. it was, without any question, outrageous. >> yeah. look, let's add one more thing to this. the internal department of justice regulations are explicit as are the american bar association's internal guidelines. a prosecutor has no right to make any declaration of any kind regarding innocence or guilt, regarding an uncharged person. this was written up by sean davis of "the federalist." if you don't charge somebody, you are not allowed to make any comments on whether they are
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innocent or guilty. that is what robert mueller did. and the idea that he didn't know that he was transgressing the department of justice's own regulations is, of course, not credible. therefore, we learned that he is a political hack, lou. it's sad to say this. as a former marine combat veteran, robert mueller disgraced himself and his career by becoming a political activist on his last day working as a public servant for the americans. lou: i love the wags on radio and television -- [laughter] yesterday trying the i say that -- trying to say that mueller, my gosh, he opened up the door to impeachment, their going to go after -- they're going to go after the president, it's a sure thing. and then, and then someone started counting things up like votes and started listening to what nancy pelosi and others were saying about mueller, and
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they expressed frustration, they expressed disappointment. because they know he made a damn fool of himself in that nine minutes and forty seconds in which he basically said the 448-page report is his testimony, and he needn't go beyond that. but he went well beyond that in that time yesterday. and i am not convinced at all that it's the last we'll hear from him. your thoughts. >> how, how patently absurd that this man actually said in his press conference, i want my report to speak for itself. [laughter] why are you giving a press conference, robert mueller, if you want your report to speak for itself? additionally, lou, can you remember a public if servant ever stating publicly my job is finished, and i don't want to testify about this anymore.
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why did the public servant who we paid for get to decide whether or not he has to testify on this issue again? don jr. wasn't paid for by the state, he didn't work for the public administration, and he's been subpoenaed now a third time. he doesn't get to give a press conference and say, guys, case closed, i'm not coming back. who do you think you are, robert mueller? lou: well, we're probably going to find out, and we'll probably find out before a congressional committee under the questioning of the republican members of that committee. that's my guess. seb, as always, great to have you with us. thanks so much. dr. sebastian gorka. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, attorney general william barr talking about the robert mueller as well as his investigation into spying on president trump and the trump campaign. >> i guess it's become a dirty word now. it has never been for me. i think there's nothing wrong with spying, the question is
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always whether it's authorized by law and properly predicated. and if it is, then it's an important tool the united states has to protect the country. lou: we'll take that up with attorneys victoria tining and joedigenova. also tonight, the battle over abortion and pro-abortion and anti-abortion forces, pro-choice, pro-life if you will, but that's what it amounts to. a new, larger divide, a big name threatens to stop making movies. we'll take that up. i'll share my thoughts on that right after these quick messages. stay with us, we'll be right back
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lou: the department of justice inspector general this week announced that an unnamed top fbi official illegally leaked sensitive information to media including sealed court records. but without explanation, the inspector general declined to prosecute the official. instead, referred the case to fbi for further action possibly. and new remarks tonight from attorney general with william barr responding to mueller. he says the former special
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counsel could, could have reached a decision on whether president trump committed obstruction of justice regardless of the department of justice's policy that prohibits the indictment of a sitting president. >> i personally felt he could have reached the decision. >> in your view, he could have reached a conclusion. >> right. he could have reached a conclusion. the opinion says you cannot indict a president while he's in office, but he could have reached a decision as to whether it was criminal activity. but he had his reasons for not doing it, which he explained. and i'm not going to, you know, argue about those reasons. but when he didn't make a decision, the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, and i felt it was necessary for us as the heads of the department to reach that decision. lou: joining us tonight, victoria toensing, former deputy attorney general for the division of the doj, joe digenova, founding partners of
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the law firm, and it is great to have you both with us. let me start with the excrew shading discussion already about whether or not the special counsel could have said he found a crime, victoria, or not. he said he couldn't find any evidence. it seems to me that should have sort of short circuited the whole discussion. >> translation: bill barr's such a gentleman, he was so kind to say he could have. look, mueller could have written up, just like ken starr did many years ago, i find the president did this and he's guilty. i find he committed perjury here, and he's guilty. one after another with ken starr. and he could have done that. that doesn't mean that the president gets indicted, that means he said he found sufficient evidence for an
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indictment. so -- lou: so the fact that he didn't doesn't suggest that he didn't. i mean, there is so much ambiguity in this, victoria, i have to tell you i find it infuriating. >> well, you know -- lou: i tend to think of robert mueller, former -- he was the director of the fbi for 12 years. i think i would have at least expected a triple-digit iq with pen in hand as he put that statement together. joe i didn't see that. -- joe, i didn't see that. this is a horribly written report, it is, to me, a horribly constructed nine minutes and forty seconds. was it intentional hi so? >> yes, absolutely. that press conference, without questions, was vindictive, abusive, unprofessional, and it was unethical under all bar association and doj rules.
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that statement was adolescent and juvenile just as his 43 438-page report was. unprofessional, illogical. the notion that he would say if we had confidence that the president didn't commit a crime, we would have said that. he should be disbarred for having made that statement in public. that is an outrageous accusation. the president is presumed innocent until he is charged and convicted of a crime. robert mueller stood the constitution on its head. lou: i want to put up, if we may for the audience, a full screen of that quotation from robert mueller's statement yesterday. if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. changing the president -- charging the president with a crime was, therefore, not an option we -- my god, that must be the royal "we" he so
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ponderously -- [laughter] >> it's he and andrew wiseman, that's the "we," lou. wiseman wrote it. lou: this is -- victoria, i find that just an infuriating statement. not in terms of law, not in terms of prosecutors, that's just an ignorant thing to say. and, obviously, written by somebody who thought he was so cute and so clever, so clever by half. >> well, i'm going to follow up on what joe and seb said about it being unethical, i think somebody should file an ethics complaint in addition to a bar complaint against mueller. not just what he said in the press conference, but for writing up those other 200 pages about, quote, obstruction of justice. lou: yep. volume two. >> i want bob mueller to testify, because i wanted him to be asked the question was there one thing in your investigation that you were not allowed to do because of an act by president trump? lou: yeah. >> that should be, that should be answered. it's -- lou: yeah, i think, i think --
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he may not be the brightest fellow, but i have to say i think he's smarter than to put himself before a committee in which republicans will be questioning him. as you all say, closely. >> just remember, lou, he was the head of the fbi during uranium one. lou: yeah. it's -- and was the bagman for the uranium, at least a sample of it, to moscow. >> yeah. lou: but, joe, let's turn to, also, this -- the inspector general strikes again. a high official of the fbi leaks sensitive information including sealed court records, he's not mentioned by name, and there is no prosecution? what is going on? >> that looks to me like it's peter strzok. which i find unbelievable in light of the criminal referral on andrew mccabe. lou: right. >> peter strzok was complicit in all of those acts so that if it
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is peter strzok covered up in that report, it is, to me, it's incomprehensible that horowitz would not make a referral and let the u.s. attorney figure it out. by the way, just because there wasn't a referral doesn't mean that the justice department won't investigate strzok criminally anyway. of so he's not the end-all and the be-all. lou: and when do we see, when do we see the inspector general's long-awaited report, much-ballyhooed perspective arrival on the fisa warrants? >> unfortunately, not for some time or because, as we understand it, chris wray has been stonewalling. and we know that from the evidence that he retroactively classified the document from the state department. >> yeah. lou: the shame for that department goes on and on and when does it end, joe? >> i'm afraid that only bill barr can solve this problem. chris wray is an empty suit,
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he's embarrassed the bureau. people inside that building know it, and they're embarrassed by his presence there. bill barr will solve this problem because he's the right map for the right time. the -- man for the right time. the president made a brilliant choice, and bill barr is the guy. he's going to do it. lou: joe, thank you so much for being with us. victoria, thank you. appreciate it as always. a great moment to share with you, a patriotic moment in st. louis last night. fans of the st. louis blues hockey team singing the national anthem. then the jumbotron malfunctioned during the anthem. listen to what happens. ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the -- blues! [cheers and applause] lou: they sang the anthem straight through, packed into
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the arena in st. louis to watch the game. game two of the stanley cup final against boston and the blues. well, appropriately, they went on to win in overtime, tying the series at 1 is apiece. one apiece. up next, hollywood using their pro-abortion, well, ideology and their economic powerhouse as a cudgel, trying to divide the country further. my commentary on all this when we come right back. please stay with us. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: breaking news tonight, louisiana democratic governor john bel edwards has signed a fetal heartbeat abortion bill that bans abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. the ban doesn't take effect unless the fifth circuit court of appeals upholds a similar, a review of a similar bill in mississippi. now for a few thoughts on
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the abortion and anti-abortion divide in this country and the acrimony that is driving both sides of that divide and has done so for almost a half century now. the divide is widening because of the push by anti-abortion advocates to roll back roe v. wade and ban abortions from the moment of fetal heartbeat is detected. as we said, louisiana's democratic governor, john bel edwards, signed into law such a bill today, the fifth state to do so. but it is another of those states, georgia, that has induced hollywood to full hysteria. georgia, because it is a major mecca for both movies and television production, has become the early battleground for a rapidly escalating conflict over reproductive rights, over a woman's right the her body or, if you prefer, the right to life. the abortion divide will likely
4:29 am
only widen, but we can avoid irrationality and inflicting unnecessary wounds in the name of either side of the debate upon the innocent. already two companies are threatening boycotts of the state of georgia because their ceos apparently believe that they must represent the wishes of their mows who, as disney's bob iger put it, quote, will not want to work there, end quote. saying he will have to heed their wishes. that is, by any definition, a straight-out threat. netflix's tedder is ran dose has declared netflix won't produce movies and television in georgia if that abortion ban is implemented. these two companies are public, not private companies, and i hope they will rethink their threats. their otherwise bright and responsible leaders would, without question, be violating their fiduciary duties and in the process harming only
4:30 am
innocents who work in their industry, making them collateral damage in a partisan, religious and ideological debate and conflict that is deeply unfair to those innocents. and most assuredly if they carry out their threats, retaliation from the other side will follow, and it will escalate to disadvantage and destruction of all. it is time for deeper thinking and not reflexive virtue-shaming on the part of ceos that is destructive for everyone's interests. they are, after all, leaders. do better. it will make for a much happier ending. joining me now, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst ed rollins. ed, good to have you. >> thank you. nice to be with you. lou: let's talk about the politics right now of the president of the united states having to defend himself against what was a bizarre, partisan,
4:31 am
ideological special counsel announcing the end of his tenure and the end of the witch hunt and doing so trying, trying hard to slur the president. >> what mueller did yesterday was he took a match and threw anytime a whole pool of gasoline and we're now going to spend the next two years going into a campaign with nothing being done relative to congress, nothing being done -- the president, obviously d. lou: well, that's to shame of the congress. >> that's right, but that's what they're going to do n. the house in particular, they're going to go on like impeachment, whether they call it impeachment or not -- lou: wait, wait, wait, i just want to look at these numbers here for a minute, because i had to listen yesterday to all sorts of wags in front of cameras across much of the country. let's take a look at the count here. 44 members of congress right now representing just under 10% of the entire house of
4:32 am
representatives calling for impeachment. pelosi clearly, clearly uncomfortable and discomfited by robert mueller's performance yesterday. that's where we are right now. >> well, first of all, congress is out, and they will be back in two weeks, and i promise you that those numbers will get much higher. and whether they do or not, the chairmen of these house committees have said they're moving forward with what's going to be perceived as impeachment. nadler's not going to start hearing other things, he's going to move forward, and you going to find a whole bunch of members of the house -- democrats won 43 seats. 39 of them are in trump-won districts. those are the people that are vulnerable. you have to get 218 out of the 238 that they have to impeach. they could have impeached him the day after the election as far as most democrats are concerned. lou: let's be careful what we're saying about impeach.
4:33 am
they could have charged the president, they could have impeached him. they'd play hell getting anything done. >> well, first of all, i'm just telling you that we better be prepared -- lou: al green brought -- [inaudible conversations] impeachment articles -- >> it's an idiotic process, i agree with that. what i'm saying to you is mueller basically lit this thing back up again, and i think to a certain extent, you know, we'll talk about this over the next months, but i predict to you it'll be all -- if it's not impeachment hearings, it'll be exactly like it. for the next two years, this president and his team are going to be harassed by the stupid democrats in the house. and the republicans in the senate had better come to rescue of this president if they want to get anything accomplished for themselves and for this president. lou: let me offer, if i may, a proposition and see what you think will be the impact. the president, we know, is planning a dramatic statement on the border. >> right. lou: on illegal immigration.
4:34 am
it's central to his very standing with his supporters across the country. if he does so and he takes to offensive, he has no reason to be defensive now. it's katie bar the door and the hell with these fools. he is on the offensive. and if he persists in that going on offense and taking the battle to these dems, i think, i think that he will tear them to pieces. and i think impeachment is a last refuge of these, these naked, vile, venomous dems is a poor place to make a stand. >> you always have to remember, and i hate to throw numbers out here, there's about 190 democrats that sit in seats that are safe, safe seats. nancy pelosi has an 82% democrat district. lou: 90 won't get -- 190 won't get -- >> so it's the 30 or 40 that are in the vulnerable seats. and as, so the ones the
4:35 am
president will have the most influence on are those people. i think he needs to take it to 'em. lou: and we agree. after all of that, we agree? >> i just want to make sure the numbers are right. [laughter] lou: well, i'm always glad when you're checking the math. >> i try to check the math. we want to give facts out here in addition to emotion. we have a lot of emotion. lou: are you suggesting that i'm one of those preponderance-based hosts -- opinion-based hosts that has no connection to reality, you mean, like you heard from various hosts that are supposed to be on the other side of the racket -- >> the other side are against our positions and even a few on this network. lou: i want you to take note, thank you very much for staying on the team despite my occasionally errant math. >> well, i make a few mistakes along the way too. [laughter] lou: i can't even say a few. ed, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. lou: we'd like to hear your thoughts. follow me on twitter@@loudobbs like me on facebook, follow me on instagram@lou dobbs tonight.
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up next, our broken borders allowing drugs and crime to pour into this country. that border is controlled by the cartels, make no mistake about it. we take it up with drug czar we take it up with drug czar james "there's got to be a time where we
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come to an end of breast cancer" "i know that there's a lot of innovation that can be done to actually achieve that. and so i'm very hopeful. i really strongly, strongly believe that we are about to turn the corner on this" "but, we are a mighty force when we get out there, but, the foundation of all that what we are doing is through komen" ♪ lou: breaking news now from the border and the white house. president trump tonight tweeting that on june 10th the united
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states will impose a 5% tariff on all goods entering -- coming from, rather, coming into our country. i'm trying to edit the president. how foolish. [laughter] from mexico until such time as illegal migrants come through mexico and into our country. stop. the tariff will gradually increase until the illegal immigration is remedied at which time the tariffs will be removed. details from the white house to follow. let's read that again. i think i owe the president a better read than that. if we could begin again. on june 10th, the united states will impose a 5% -- well, excuse me -- 5% tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico until such time as illegal immigrants coming through mexico and into our country stop. and there it is.
4:41 am
the tariff will gradually increase, the president says, or be stopped when the illegal immigration stops. a dramatic move by the president. and joining us now, the principal drug policy adviser to president, director of the office of national drug control policy, u.s. drug czar james carroll. james, good to have you with us, appreciate it. this is an important move by the president because the two are -- illegal immigration and illegal drug smuggling -- are connected by the worst possible actors, and that is the mexican drug cartels. your thoughts. finish. >> lou, you're absolutely right. the same people that are moving immigrants across. and, by the way, of course, they're charging these immigrants thousands of dollars. they're also moving drugs into our country, and they are intentionally creating chaos at our borders so they can take advantage of it to move drugs into the country.
4:42 am
lou: and the impact of this, at least part of the impact, 70,000 opiate drug overdose death every single year. 70,000 americans dying, and the democrats don't want to recognize what is a national emergency. >> it is completely unacceptable. we cannot continue to do business as normal. with almost 200 people dying a day, lou, from this, we have to take bold steps. the president and i am committed to saving lives, and we're going to do it by stopping the drugs coming into this country, by getting treatment to people that need it and also working on education and making sure kids understand the dangers of this. but all of the drugs that are killing americans are coming from outside the u.s. we have to stop. lou: and the majority of those drugs are crossing that border from mexico. we know the mexican drug cartels control both sides of that
4:43 am
border. finish we know -- we know also that the mexican government, if not under the control of the drug cartels, is strongly influenced if i can put it that way, by those drug cartels and their vast riches that they make every year. we're talking about somewhere around $50 billion in illegal drugs and -- coming across the border as a result of those drugs. this is, has got to stop. where is the mexican government? why won't they form a partnership with this president? >> well, i think they do want to form a partnership, but it's not on the right issue as far as i'm concerned. what they need to do is focus on the drug cartels and how they're sending this poison. they're taking advantage of people that have an addiction, that have a disease of addiction, they're preying on them. lou: right. >> right now they're focused on internal issues, internal
4:44 am
corruption. what they need to focus in on and start at the basics of the drug cartels and the trafficking that goes on, and that -- by focusing on that, that'll stop the violence in both countries, and it'll stop more americans from dying. lou are, that has to be the focus. it's my focus, and that's what we're going to do. lou: on this side of the border, it makes all the sense in the world to focus on addiction, to focus on people who are right now the collateral damage in what is nothing less than an existential battle between the drug cartels, the government of mexico and now, and now american society itself. james carroll, come back soon and look forward to talking to you and wish you all of the success possible. we appreciate it so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you. >> thank you. lou: and thanks to wonderful and generous employees of a home tebow in georgia -- depot in georgia, a 2-year-old boy, logan
4:45 am
moore, can now walk a little easier. christina and justin moore went to home depot to build a walker for their son who has a medical condition that affects his muscle tone and his stability. after the employees found out they were there and found out that the moores' insurance company wouldn't pay for that walker, while they were looking for supplies at the store, the manager told them to go out for some ice cream and relax and come back in an hour. when they returned, this is what they found. the walker completed, assembled with logan's name on it, in fact -- [laughter] and look at that smile. and look at home depot. up next, we'll turn to a less inspiring story. more delaware station in the country's heartland -- devastation. flood emergencies unfolding across 17 states now. we'll have that and much more right after this quick break. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: more tornadoes hitting the country and in so doing, creating a new record for tornadoes in consecutive days. now 13 consecutive days of 8 or
4:50 am
more tornadoes. nearly 30 tornadoes reported from texas to iowa yesterday. while zero fatalities reported from texas, one death was reported in kentucky. tonight severe storms continue to ravage the southern west virginia and central virginia regions. on friday the storms forecast to roll all the way to virginia, much of north carolina as well. house intelligence committee member mike quigley today putting on a bizarre demonstration of intellect and also radical dem desperation. >> the irony of yesterday was the special counsel is an honorable person who follows the rule of law more than anyone i've ever witnessed. at the same time, in his moment of extreme fairness he is protecting a president of the
4:51 am
united states who has absolutely no concern for the rule of law, who is flaunting it. lou: quigley, like the rest of the radical dems, lives in a separate reality and, obviously, thinks of the audience that he was addressing as somewhat less intelligenting than even -- intelligent than even he. well, joining us tonight former trump campaign manager and author corey lewandowski. corey, great to have you with us. the president understandably beside himself at the robert mueller performance yesterday. your thoughts about what you saw and heard as robert mueller spoke for about nine and a half minutes. >> lou, i think that bob mueller has done an amazing disservice to both the president and the american people. at the very onset of this investigation, over, you know, two and a half years ago he could have come out and said what he said at the very beginning of this was, there was no collusion, there was no coordination, there was no obstruction of the president. and, by the way, this president
4:52 am
was not going to be charged with a crime. and what we know, lou, is unequivocal that the information that bob mueller had over a year ago pointed to fact that this president and his team never colluded, but they dragged this on for the tune of $35 million of american taxpayer money, 675 days of going after individuals like myself and others, drag them before these committees when they knew right away at the very beginning the only campaign that potentially colluded with an outside influencer to impact the outcome of the election was the hillary clinton campaign who spent $5 million through their law firm to hire christopher steele. lou: and the democratic national committee as well. not even the witch hunt wouldn't even begin to look at those transactions and their purpose with the christopher steele, the former mi-6 agent who created that fraudulent dossier and then, for the purposes of the
4:53 am
fbi to fraudulently get a fisa a warrant. and we learned tonight from joe digenova and victoria toensing that the i.g. report has been delayed indefinitely because of christopher wray, the fbi director. there is still much work to be done in cleaning up the fbi and the department of justice. it is rancid, rancid with political corruption still. >> lou, when are the american people going to say enough is enough? when is the president going to instruct attorney general barr to clean house, to take care of the bad apples? lou, you and i both know bruce ohr is still employed at the department of justice. this is the individual whose wife nellie ohr was part of fusion gps, who walked the information over to either andy mccabe or james comey, the fake dossier. these people still work in the government. we need attorney general barr and mr. horowitz to finish the i.g. investigation and to bring
4:54 am
the criminal referrals. there's a criminal referral already pending against former deputy director andy mccabe. let's get strzok and page, james baker, andy mccabe and all the others. let's get this criminal referral done, let's get the i.g. report done so those referrals can happen, and we can put these people on trial for the crimes they committed. lou: it would be good to do so and great for the nation. it's all we can do at this point is await the developments as the president keeps pressing forward, the most transparent administration in history. he's ordered the release of all of the classified documents, given that order to attorney general s and we already are hearing -- we heard from the ndi, dan coats, and indirectly we've heard from many of the heads of the intelligence agencies that they're going to resist p such an order.
4:55 am
your thoughts about what the president should do in response. >> look, who cares if they resist it? he's the leader of the united states, he's the leader of the free world. that is his discretion, his discretion alone which he has now given to attorney general barr to declassify this information. the reason they want to resist it is because they know there was wrongdoing there. they know that this went to highest levels of the intelligence -- lou: and we've -- >> this is brennan and comey and clapper x. the story this week, lou, that former director brennan still has his top secret security clearance is so appalling, somebody should be fired. lou: and that somebody is likely lou: and that somebody is likely in di dan coats -- ♪
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♪ lou: president trump today slamming robert mueller in addressing the prospect of impeachment claimed by some wags on cable television news here he is. >> i never thought that would be possible to be using that word to me it a dirty word, the word impeach, it a dirty, thi filthy, disgusting word, it had nothing to to with me, i don't think so, there was no crime. high crimes and misdemeanor, there of no high crime, no misdemeanor, how do you impeach based on that. lou: no crime of any kind, that
5:00 am
is it for us. thank you for being with us. thanks for being with us tonight, good night from new here are your market movers for 5:00 a.m. breaking news this morning. they're reacting to a bold move from president trump. in an effort to win. uber reporting in their first earnings. a billion-dollar loss in three months. democrats had their sights on robert mueller.


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