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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 31, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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i think it will continue to work. >> i wish i had more time with you. thank you for having us. right here, foxbusiness network. have a good weekend. >> good evening. trump asked for the government of mexico to act responsibly, be america's allies in the fight against the drug cartels that smuggle illimitable immigrants, women and children for the sex trade across our quarter. president lopez as for the past several months, the ignored his injuries but are rejected them. as the numbers breach record level, they are increasing influence over the government and mexico itself. the cartel dealing drugs on both
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sides of the southern border. trump said no more today. announcing the u.s. will on june 10, implement tariffs on all of mexico's expert to the u.s. unless mexico secures side of our border. in stops illegal immigrants in mexico no matter their national origin and stop altogether the influx of illegals and america. so how has mexico and its government responded their foreign minister is on his way to washington d.c. obviously seeking talks on the issue. the reaction of corporate america was swift. the business media, wall street, the radical dems all howling in protest of tariffs. the chamber of commerce going so far as to try and trump.
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our number one goal is to make sure the tariffs don't go into effect. we're trying to persuade the white house not to pursue this. at the same time, we're exploring what legal actions we have. and there are legislative actions on capitol hill. >> the chamber of horrors, it's called with the audacity, audacity to take it's part in working against the national interest of the truly elected president of the u.s. chamber of commerce, institution of incredible arrogance and ignorance. the republican establishment spent the president would do exactly what he said, demanding that mexico act as a nation of laws and ends its tolerance of criminal cartels and their vicious violent trade. joining us tonight, brandon, congressman andy, political and
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dems are hysterical tonight. they are credit scrambling. afraid attorney general william barr is close to uncovering evidence of their atonement is overthrow of the president. attorney general said he is not satisfied with answered he received so far about the obama era into agencies that were spying on the trump campaign and the president and his administration. >> like many other people familiar with intelligence activities, i have a lot of questions about what was going on. i seem to get answers and i have not. i probably have more questions and some of the facts that i've learned don't hang together with the official explanations of what happened. >> an extraordinary statement by the attorney general. we take out the deep state in
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the flailing radical dems who realize they've been caught in a web of their own making attorney alex and strategist, yesterday and the abortion debate in america they just on, or states placing restrictions on abortion, reviewing for americans now say abortion is immoral. with us tonight, robert. and our top story, trump said he will place tariffs on mexican products if mexico failed to do its part to secure the southern border and stop illegal immigrants before the cross our southern border. the chamber of horrors, business round table, expressing outrage instead of support to secure our for, absolutely demand law and order on this side of the border. instead of making threats and
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taking on the present who puts america first. more on the reaction to the president order. >> good evening. white house chief of staff said they ask congress or helping them. he went on break. he then said they are not asking mexico for this. after playing here to washington d.c. he said he confirmed he talked with secretary of state mike pompeo and krishna by phone from the airport. he then tweeted out a picture, a selfie of himself in front of a sign. you can see there, defiance from the foreign minister there. he confirms he will meet mike pompeo wednesday here in washington d.c. what he calls to defend the dignity of mexico. tariffs question they put in question the ratification process in mexico. they plan to take up ratification at the end of june, beginning of july white house believe he on separate
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paths on parallel courses. >> the president says there's a humanitarian security crisis at the border. they've been saying that for however many months. you'll continue the prices at the border. 1000 just yesterday or so, to 100,000 and some months. it just can't be. we need to be a country that respects and promote legal immigration. >> some republicans breaking rank, this is a misuse of the tariff policy. he said tariffs and immigration should be two separate things. the house speaker into pelosi cannot say this is the president sewing fhere. president of mexico offering this morning to donald trump. >> bilateral relations must be
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through dialogue and communication. it does not lead to anything good. >> went to kitty said there's an easy way for mexico to avoid these tariffs. three easy ways. one step up security efforts, their seven border with carbon normal, target the smugglers and arrest them. thirtys to align policy with the u.s., work with the u.s. to keep asylum-seekers on the mexico side of the border before they get into the u.s. waiting their court process or hearing to come back in the u.s. >> thank you. eric it response from lopez. there holding a new partner rather than another typical mexican president who seeks their own names and goals while tolerating the very dangerous
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drug cartels. we have terrible news tonight. virginia beach, this breaking news. police there and say at least 11 people have been killed. six others hospitalized after a shooting, a workplace shooting at a municipal center. a city employee, he opened fire at 4:00 this afternoon. when police responded, they shot and killed the gunman. one police officer was shot and survived because of his bulletproof vest. the city's mayor called today's event the most devastating in the city's history. twenty us tonight, political director at, let's start with over door. this is a president that many believe, i would include myself, he could been an ally in
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securing the border and stopping illegal imitation. >> it's a promise in an election, bottom line, trump can be a great friend and a great ally. he can make great things happen in mexico. but they have to cooperate on this issue. we cannot have 100,000 illegals coming across the border every month, an idea next two or three years, we could have two to three or 4 million people more. >> as you know, the typical vicious of the border patrol use, everyone, illegal immigrant hunted at the border, three others successfully cross the border to the u.s. that means we're talking about 4 billion, a projection to be even higher than that but for billy illegal immigrants this year crossing that border.
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>> after his next presidential election it takes place. you talk about four or 5 million illegals in the country, that is five, six, seven. >> you get tired of the media think democrats are still so upset with trump? they hate him, he can't stand him. their automation is to paralyze government in this administration and prevent it from stopping the illegal immigrants from crossing the border, to prevent this president from having greater success over the next year end a half. >> for no alternatives, don't to support any, not interested. from that perspective, open borders is a policy, most of them are not brave enough to stay in the policy.
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or illegals in the country, more they think they shot of taking care of them. >> thank you. up next, border patrol thinks about the president's latest move against mexico or its refusal to release its own nation and help secure it's side of that southern border. also, if order a woman with non- wanted visitor. we'll have that story for you next. you're coming right back after this break. stay with us. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? (nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee?
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welcome back. house speaker nancy pelosi says the radical dems are well on their way toward impeachment. >> robert mueller finally spoke. then he indicated that now it's progress his job to take it from here. taking it from there? >> we've been on that path for a while. when we do get to where we are going, we will be ready. >> they're going to be friday. let's do a quick count. vacancies of 432. there in favor of impeachment.
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as they say, impeachment is not an idea whose time has come based on sheer mass. mexico's national farm counsel says they want to support territory tariffs targeting republican voting state of the u.s. and mexico fail to resolve their dispute over enforcement of laws against illegal immigrants. the farmers president says this would be a last resort of the u.s. and mexico settlement agreement before 5% tariffs and all mexican goods go into effect june 10. some of the u.s. goods, mexico and target include apples and potatoes. our next guest tonight here to talk about why the president tariffs on mexico are needed to stop you legal immigration by the mexican government will collaborate. the president of the national border counsel, good to have you
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with us. this is the president tariffs, his frustrated obviously. >> first explained to the american public that trump has tried to work with him for months now. this is not something new. he's done the diplomatic attack. he's worked with them, try to get him to do the right thing. he refuses to do this. let's discuss why. there's so much money that the mexican government makes through illegal trafficking of persons narcotic into the u.s. that
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boost their economy. they don't want to stop illegal immigration. didn't want to stop illegal drugs coming into the u.s. because they make so much money off it. the only way that trump can get the mexican government to react is to hit where it counts and that's in the pocketbook. that is exactly what he's doing. let's talk about grassley. >> i appreciate your enthusiasm but let's take it a little, let's stay little structured on this. we're talking about remittance. mexican nationals in such a america. they sent him home their money they have in addition what they need to live on to their families. that amounts to over $30 billion a year. the illegal drug trade alone, forget what they are making and as you know, a number of border patrol officials now think making more money from illegal immigration that the drug trade. which produces somewhere between 30 and $50 billion a year. not even including the deficit
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that we run with mexico. we're talking about $100 billion in trade as well. the mexican government is out of its mind to fight the president on this issue because they're going to be devastated if they continue to refuse to enforce the law. >> absolutely. you hear the economists talk about how the sky was falling when trump implanted tariffs on china, but i didn't fall. the stock market took a hit in a day but it bounced right back up. we just took a hit today, the stock market without up. mexico will not be able to withstand these tariffs. it will force them to act and do the right thing and this is why we support trump in the direction he's going. he will get this under control if will force the mexican government to be a partner in what we are trying to do.
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we cannot continue to have thousands of people into the country illegally get relief into the u.s. and we can have thousands of other people that make it across undetected. >> this is a very tense situation now. lopez saying this today, if we can have the full screen quote of the mexican president and his retort to trump, there become. america first says lopez is a fantasy. social problems don't get results when duties are coercive measures. your reaction to. >> how condescending is that?
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how arrogant is that for him to say america first shouldn't be what trump is trying to do. that's exactly what he's doing in mexico. what is he doing to help the u.s.? he's taking a mexico first stands but then he's calling the kettle pot black. we can't do that. we have to look out for what is best for our citizens in this country. that's what trump is trying to do it if he will not get on board, we will hit him with the sanctions we need to force him to do what is right. >> lopez, mexico first. he'll be acting in his own interest. if he is foolish enough not to act in the interest of mexico, they will be devastated because there will be quarter of a trillion dollars a ton of their economy. that will not be helpful for either his political prospects or the welfare of the mexican people. it's time for mexico to grow up. >> absolutely. two we wouldn't be in this situation people like chuck grassley would have done their
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job. if congress would have done their job, trump would need to be putting tariffs on mexico. that is the problem. >> it is precisely that but that is a matter that is now in the rearview here. this is all now about the future with the president taking charge of the situation. >> thank you. >> a woman in florida, awakened to the sound of her kitchen window being shattered but instead of coming face-to-face with a burglar, she found a different sort of intruder. 11-foot alligator in this happened in clearwater, four. the gator went through a kitchen window, started thrashing arou around, knocking over furniture and damaging walls. police and the gator trapper at the gator outside, the wound was at home. she said she's upset about the reptile smashing her good
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attorney general barr taking on the national left-wing media for ignoring the origins of the spike controversy in the trump russia probe in a interview said this, the fact that today people seem to be brushing aside the idea that it's okay not to engage in these activities against the political campaign is stunning to me. especially when the media doesn't seem to think it's worth looking into. supposed to be watchdogs of our civil liberties. breaking news tonight, radical
7:28 pm
them at a shift requesting and pursing briefings from the intelligence chief on the investigation. shift wants access to all of the documents provided to the attorney general as part of his investigation. in other words, he thinks he should have the same prerogative powers and authorities as the attorney general demanded all the documents by 5:00 p.m. june 6. joining us tonight, ceo of the group, former chief counsel. national center committee. i'm glad you end up your workload here. also with us, rocking strategi strategist, a party. amy, great to have you.
7:29 pm
what he's saying is true. the media has ignored the issue of the origins and the russian probe. your reaction. >> they have ignored the evidence that barr came up with. fact that he's finding out that the evidence is being brought forward is it matching up. according to what is being reported. you've got people like comay better definitely, i think they have every right to be nervous. >> your thoughts on far being stonewalled by the icy chiefs. it is incomprehensible to me how they think they can define the president of the u.s. and attorney general. >> attorney general authority hears is pretty clear. i think literally, he will get
7:30 pm
what he wants. what's remarkable is that congressman shift doesn't fully understand issues like the classification are within the executive branch. he can fairly ask questions to the fact from an oversight perspective but it is fairly ridiculous that he is demanding that he be even that information. he's expressed that the indignation about concerns about release of classified information get the same type as a partly perfectly content to argue the attorney general should make available members of congress grand jury information be against underlying it. it's in a couple places. >> the president of the u.s. putting tariffs on mexico's
7:31 pm
exports to the u.s., amy, as a last resort, he has been imploring lopez for months to help secure the seventh border to stop illegal immigrants in many kids, 2000 miles from south to the north to the mexico border, our southern. today, deciding he can't wait any longer. this is a national emergency. it is a crisis, what can you do? this is so difficult. we can't imagine what business in wall street will do instead of talking about what the american people will do and how long we can sustain $5 trillion in lost economic growth. the chamber of commerce goes after the president? your thoughts. >> the best way i can compare this, i have three of them,
7:32 pm
teenagers. the very last resort, if they don't do their chores, if they are not going to clean their room, listen to authorities, what do i do to make the pain actually heard? i take away their electronics. so this is something i'm doing. mexico has not listened. they are not following through. cannot drink their end of the bargain. what does the president do? he goes the toughest way he can do it. go where it hurts. >> your thoughts on how effective the president tariffs will be and why he should put up with the mountains. why should the american people put up with the nonsense that a nonprofit representing the biggest like nationals friends the president of the u.s.? has donahue lost it? >> we've heard a lot about avocado, it's enough to stop
7:33 pm
presidential action in the face of national emergency that he declares months ago and under the emergency, he has the authority to do this absolutely. they can challenge it all they want. the authority is pretty clear. he could do a lot more to things than this. the truth is, the president has shown even to those who aren't against it that tariffs can be a very effective tool at driving behavior. the fact that the mexican foreign minister is getting on a plane and going to come here immediately shows you this will get their attention and hopefully will drive action. >> absolutely. that is the point and the goal. i think we should all that on the president. thank you so much. the number of americans with measles now at a 25 year high, new cdc number showed 971 people
7:34 pm
confirmed this year with the measles topping 1994 peak of 1963, health officials lining the surge of infections on misinformation about the safety of vaccines, easels declared imitated in the u.s. 19 is ago back in 2000. no longer the case. up next, a shocking new study reveals the immense danger that resides below our southern border. people are a amy more used to tornadoes than others. we'll have that and more after these quick messages. what are they doing? we'll be right back. stay with us.
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a disturbing number of people being murdered in america. those murder rates have such a height, it's dramatically reducing life expectancy across america as well as the caribbean according to a new study from the australian national university accounts for about a third of all the world homicides. researchers attribute the high level of violence to political turmoil, poverty and drugs.
7:39 pm
you don't have to look too far for an example of that. it was revealed today, the president of honduras is a target of a drug enforcement agency investigation into drug trafficking and money laundering charged for his activity since 2013, his country has a homicide rate of 41 feelings for 100,000 president, one of the highest in the entire hemisphere. cochair of the border security practice, congressman serves on the house judiciary committee and pockets. great to see you. the president putting tariffs, how are your constituents reacting to the news? >> many of them are concerned because their is a border state, they do a lot of trade with mexico. there's a lot of people understand the president is taking a long-term view of things. also, just like the tariffs are going to hopefully motivate
7:40 pm
mexico, hopefully they will motivate congress as well. but also, you have to remember, the president is also facing to sherry which is what i believe our constitutional and congressional delegates authority repeatedly. the president is down to very few options that he can exercise, only avenue on our very real crisis. it's a real crisis, real emergency. they are considered, concerned about what the tariffs will do. people will recognize that. >> how you feel about the chamber of commerce, for example, during the president think they will sue him even if he is defending our border and the national interest? >> what i hoped would happen, everybody in the country would
7:41 pm
come to gather and say we are being invaded. 1.2 billion people are going to cross the border. >> you know this is going on the entire time, the republicans control congress. you know paul ryan is speaker, but every step of the way this president and his insistence on securing that border. we can talk about democrats, they have chosen their path. there wanting to do nothing. they're going to try to run the clock out on the president, i think usually so. embarrassingly so. but that's where we are. talk about with the democrats are doing. you need to actually do something. >> i couldn't agree more. i deduced, we talk about payments, and deduced a bill and i used that to fund the wall that was told, we will get to
7:42 pm
it. we don't want to do anything -- the speaker. >> what's his name? >> paul ryan. he said not going to do anything controversy before the midterm. this is what was promised. then i said okay, after the midterms you promise, yes. nothing happened. that is the real tragedy of what the republicans do. we were as inert as our colleagues on the other side. reality is, this is an emergency situation that cause a pause cause upon the entire country, and long-term. >> i know you realize what you're saying but what you're saying is, if trump not president, both political parties, republicans and democrats assigned the u.s. to
7:43 pm
help, we would be incapable of securing our borders, they would be wide open. we would have no toys about our destiny. by the way, tariffs and whomev whomever, across with impunity. this is an outrageous moment in history. even as the president stands up, stand up for the american people and this nation, he's been sold out by his own party democrats and what is the things he gets? the constant barrage of attacks from the left wing national media who are reckless and absolutely and comprehension of what is happening in this country. >> you said it all but i would tell you this, is a significant number of republicans in congress who want to take
7:44 pm
action, trying to take action and we've been afforded that in the past. we have to take control of this night believe there wanting to go out in congress but i appreciate the president is trying to do. he is trying to take action with the only avenues and options left to secure this nation and make this country safe and that is critical. >> imagine if this president only tried, instead he is committed to getting it done. i know you are as well. appreciate it. good to see you. video tonight of a little league team in iowa fifth and sixth graders warming up for a game. what is going on behind them. a funnel is forming in the clo cloud, in the cell. they don't seem to be a bit worried about it as the giant tornado forms, it disappeared
7:45 pm
pretty quickly, we are told. the one who recorded the video, she never felt unsafe. she would have left with her kid if she felt otherwise. but if she had done that, we wouldn't have these terrific pictures. pastors calling for a day of prayer for our president. our next guest, pastor joins us right after these quick messages. as my broker, what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. (thumps) ugh! carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? (splash) carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in? it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. if not, talk to schwab. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. to help block out food particles.
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breaking news, judge today ruled against closing missouri's last abortion clinic. planned parenthood received a temporary license to keep the abortion clinic open until next tuesday but the judge is considering a preliminary injunction. meanwhile, it's effectively enjoining. a new poll shows half of all americans considered abortion morally wrong. it's 50% of americans call abortion morally impermissible. 42% they abortion is an acceptable medical procedure. 2150 faith leaders are calling for a special day of prayer this sunday for trump. in light of the radical onslaught of attacks against him in a statement, he said this,
7:50 pm
trumps enemies continue to try everything to destroy him. his family and the presidency. in the history of our country, no president has been attacked as he has. i believe the only hope for him and this nation is god. how next guest with join reverend faith leaders in sunday's day of prayer for president trump. twentieth tonight, he's a member of a white house faith initiative, foxbusiness and jupiter. the host of a new fox nation show, pathway to victory debuting monday, june 10. interestingly, the same day as the tariffs on mexican goes into effects. congrats pastor. good to see you tonight. this idea of a national day of prayer for the president, i think it's a wonderful idea.
7:51 pm
whose idea was it? >> franklin instigated it. he asked us to join him. we are doing so happily. millions of christians will be praying for the president on sunday. we see it as conflict going on right now, not a conflict between owner and trump were democrats and republicans, you see this as a spiritual battle between good and evil. here's why i say that. for the last 70 years, the left has been on a crusade to turn america into a nation and with the help of liberal judges, they were succeeding in that. removing prayer and bible reading from schools, carry down crosses, roe v. wade as a lot of the end. two and a half years ago came along donald trump and reversed that direction. the left is in a panic especially over their most
7:52 pm
sacred believe, the right to kill babies in the wind. so they are going after trump with everything they have. we're not going to allow them to take him down. millions of us are standing with this president not because we think he is perfect, none of us is perfect. we're standing with the president because we know he's right. especially about the most important issues of life. that's what this sunday is about. >> on the right to life, reproductive rights, pro-choice, pro-life language, that's what it is about. it's either broke abortion antiabortion. language is being used to cast a veil across the issues. the moral issues that are represented. you ever thank you would see a switch, moving into law would be the heartbeat law? making it six to eight weeks at the latest that a woman can have
7:53 pm
an abortion. several already, five states. >> this is just an example of how we are moving in that direction because of the leadership of president trump. you had a wonderful commentary last night on abortion. he talked about how it's in america. you cited, 50% think it is morally wrong. we don't decide what is right and wrong by polls. there are moral absolutes. there's a time in this nation's history where the majority of americans thought slavery was right. they thought african americans were pieces of property so the supreme court validated that. the supreme court was wrong then as it was wrong in roe v. wade. i believe one day americans will look back and see that roe v. wade was the good case of our day. >> quick reaction to netflix,
7:54 pm
disney's ceo talking about withdrawing their productions, movies and television from georgia because of the heartbeat law in that statement yet and prevented. think they will take up production if they implement it. >> i would say let them go and don't let the door hit them on the backside if you know what i mean. for disney to do this when their whole market is children, they want to murder and support the murder of their future audience, that is not only not good morals, it's not good business either. they are insane, blinded by evil in their support of the worship. >> you have the last word here tonight. we wouldn't have it any other way. >> check out his new show,
7:55 pm
pathway to victory, debuts fox nation june 10. up next, your trump start back against mexico for failing to stop illegal immigration, your legal drugs and prevent the deaths of tens of thousands of americans to opioid overdose deaths. more on that, much more after the break. control of heartburn. so you don't have to stash antacids here... here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. can the past help you write the future? can you feel calm in the eye of a storm? can you do more with less? can you raise the bar while reducing your footprint?
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♪ ♪ lou: on wall street today, stocks sold off. the dow jones industrials down 255 points, the s&p lost 37, the nasdaq down 115 points. the nasdaq down just under 2%. a reminder listen to my reports two times a day on the salem radio network. president trump today -- [audio difficulty] that's it for us tonight. peter navarro, the hill's john solomon, china expert michael pillsbury among our guests monday. in the meantime, have a
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wonderful, wonderful weekend, and a reminder to follow me on twitter @loudobbs like me on facebook, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. we thank you for being with us, see you monday. good night from new york. trish: tonight, attorney general bill barr defending himself from democrats who don't -- [inaudible] all of this as barr defends the president -- is hurting the credibility of our intelligence agencies. all of this as barr defends the president against critics who accuse him of hurting the credibility of our intelligence agencies. watch. >> i think one of the ironies today is that people are saying that it's president trump that's. >> shredding our institutions.


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