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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 5, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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can you imagine how broadly she is smiling this evening? we thank you for joining us. lauren: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. president trump and the first lady on the way to greet d-day members. we're life on the ground for day three of president trump's u.k. state visit. tariff tensions heightened as the president says he's not bluffing and mexico will be slapped with tariffs next week, even though some republicans have their doubts. can a meeting today avoid those tariffs and if not, what does it mean for americans and their wallets? 2020 presidential candidate joe biden plans to combat climate change. wilhis plan already burning out. why his campaign is feeling the
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heat from both sides, including the one he is trying to court break out the wine and chocolate ice cream, they may benefit your health after all. it is wednesday, june 5th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. cheryl: here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. hopes of a fed rate cut, maybe two, jolting the market yesterday. the buying continues today. the dow up more taken 500 points yesterday. right now, the dow up 71. the s&p and the nasdaq are substantially higher in the premarket. we are keeping a close eye as always on the 10 year right now. it's been a flight to safety of bonds over the last few sessions, really globally. the yield is at 2.13%, that's a lot of 7 basis points. we're keeping a close eye on europe as theresa may winds her final week down as the leader of her party while the country looks for the next prime
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minister and a possible trade deal with the united states. all european markets are higher. we're watching for new news on progress between china and the united states when it comes to of course those trade negotiations. all the markets higher except for the shanghai. slight loss there. lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: president trump will pay his respects to american service members and allies who helped rescue europe from nazi germany. he will also make his first presidential visit to ireland that's later today. cheryl: edward lawrence has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. minutes ago the president took off in marine one to make his final leg here in the united kingdom. the president wrapping up his united kingdom leg of the trip. he will head to ireland, have a bilateral meeting with the prime minister there. the president on his way right now to portsmouth to commemorate the 75th anniversary of d-day.
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portsmouth is where many allied forces launched from to go to normandy. the battle took a heavy toll but turned the tide of world war ii. the president tweeting this morning, he said massive crowds were gathered in london to support him and the usa. something he said yesterday at the joint news conference with prime minister theresa may. >> there were thousands of people on the streets cheering and even coming over today, there were thousands of people cheering and then i heard that there were protests. i said where are the protests? i don't see any protests. i did see a small protest when i came, very small. so a lot of it is fake news, i hate to say. >> reporter: and there were larger protests here in london yesterday against president trump. there were also supporters that walked the streets and the two sides clashed and some cases, and the london mayor allowed the blimp to fly over the streets of
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london. however, a supporter popped it yesterday. listen. >> oh! >> that's a disgrace. it's a national disgrace. the president of the united states is the best president ever. shame on you. >> reporter: and that woman used scissors to pop the blimp there. she was arrested by police in london after that. but again, protests both sides, for and against president trump here. now he takes his next leg of this journey. back to you. cheryl: edward lawrence, live in london. edward, thank you. lauren: there's also talk of a deal with the u.s. and the u.k. when it leaves the e.u., a trade deal. president trump is walking back some remarks he made that britain's national health service should be included in ongoing trade talks. in an interview with pierce morgan, the president clarifying that the nhs would not be
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included in negotiations. >> i don't see it being on the table. somebody asked me a question today and i say everything is up for negotiation because everything is. i don't see that being -- that's something i would not consider part of trade. lauren: the british are proud of their health system. the president talked about his comments about meghan markle, saying he wasn't calling her nasty but rather just surprised to hear her make comments about him. cheryl: well, vice president mike pence is meeting with mexican leaders at the white house today with the first in a series of u.s. tariffs against mexican imports set to take effect on monday. lauren: let's get the latest from hillary vaughn in washington. good morning, hillary. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. mexico's foreign secretary wrapped up his meeting on capitol hill with the top democrat in the house, speaker nancy pelosi. he will head to the white house today for trade talks hosted by vice president mike pence. >> do you view what the trumped
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administration is doing as a bluff to get some agreement on the border issues? >> i'm always optimistic. >> reporter: senate republican leaders are in a scramble over how to handle the president's threat to tax mexico's imports until they fix the border crisis. senator ted cruz says the president is playing a game of chicken and he hopes mexico blinks first before farmers and manufacturers pay the price. some in the gop are thinking about overriding the president's tariff threat by voting to block the added tax on products coming across the border from mexico through a disapproval resolution. >> well, there is not much support in my conference for tariffs, that's for sure. >> there's some disagreement even among republicans whether a resolution of disapproval would be appropriate. >> reporter: democrats doubting the president's strategy. sharsharesharred brown say it'sy
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play for the president. >> it's clear a lot in the administration didn't agree and i believe he will back off when faced with the opposition among business, among his own republicans and when he see what a dumb move he has made. >> reporter: even though some senate republicans say the usmca being pushed through congress is stalled until this trade fight with mexico is over, they say mexico's senate is already considering the revampe revamp . cheryl: ford is cited in china for violating anti-monopoly laws. the company's joint venture fined $23.5 million for setting a minimum resale price on its cars. general motors, audi and fiat chrysler had been fined in the past for similar violations there. the chinese government has announced it was putting together a list of, quote, unreliable foreign firms.
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lauren: apple's ceo, tim cook, speaking to cbs news, says apple is not feeling the impact of president trump's trade war with china. listen. >> currently, the chinese have not targeted apple at all and i don't anticipate that happening, to be honest. lauren: cook added that he doesn't think apple is a monopoly amid reports that his company could be the target of regulation coming down from the federal government. now, separately, the treasury secretary steven mnuchin is set to meet with the head of china's central bank this weekend at a gathering of g-20 finance leaders in japan. trade talks between the u.s. and china broke down last month so they have much to discuss. cheryl: facebook invoters want to down-size mark zuckerberg's control of the company. pension funds called for zuckerberg to be removed as chairman, leading the charge, new york city comptroller scott
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stringer. he controls $785 million of facebook's stock. he demands facebook's board conduct an independent investigation into the company's governing structure. he says facebook is too dependent on one person and is accountable to no one. lauren: more turbulence for boeing as the company deals with trying to get the 737 max jet back in the air after two deadly crashes. the faa is reportedly announcing concerns over boeing 787 dream liner. they cited the 787 for flaws in the tires and wheels that could cause the loss of directional control. the fixes would cost boeing an estimated $5 million. meanwhile, there's a new study that shows passengers might not be ready to get back on a 737 max once boeing does get them back in the air. the industry study says at least 20% of u.s. travelers say they will definitely avoid the plane for at least the first six months after it gets back to the
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skies. cheryl: and here are other headlines making news this morning. the house has passed a bill that would provide a path to citizenship for more than 2 million immigrants who came to the country illegally as children. the bill is largely symbolic as it stands no chance of advancing in the republican controlled senate. mitch mcconnell unlikely to bring up the bill for a vote. the white house says president trump would likely veto that measure. the trump administration imposing travel restrictions on americans going to cuba. regulations ban cruise lines, yachts and recreational vessels from going to the island. educational and cultural trips known as people to people trips have also been prohibited. the rules are designed to dry up revenue and spark political change in the country. former sheriff deputy scott peter senspeterson has been arrr his inaction during the parkland school shooting last year.
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he was on duty during the shooting at marjorie douglas high school. 17 people were killed in the shooting. we know says it needs more time to consider a merger proposal from fiat chrysler. the french automaker's board is meeting again today to study options. it would create a world's third largest automaker by production with a market value of $40 billion. jeff bezos is heading to fifth avenue. the wall street journal reporting the amazon ceo is buying three apartments for just a cool $80 million. this is one of the richest deals in manhattan real estate. he's buying a penthouse and two units directly beneath it in a 1912 building that turned into a single family home. the three units are going to total more than 17,000 square feet. 12 bedrooms. that's what's happening now. lauren: nice. it's also nice what's going on on wall street after the second best day of the entire year and
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a 51 512 rally for the dow, thew is up again. the nasdaq is taggin nays nasda. google, facebook, amazon and apple all in the crosshairs of regulators. how this probe could affect the way you live your everyday life. and a sweet win for one man in north carolina, you will not believe how he won powerball's $344 million. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, i like it. ♪ that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, i like it. ♪ that's the way, uh huh, uh huh. i'm working to make each day a little sweeter. ♪
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lauren: the house judiciary comate at this announcing an anti-trust probe of tech giants. kevin mccarthy on the ingram angle last night. >> 90% of all searches go through go google. in the past, they read all the g-mail accounts. they own youtube as well. facebook owns instagram. they control so much of the data and they utilized that to keep other companies down. lauren: the justice department and the federal trade commission are also moving to investigate google, facebook, amazon and apple over the way they do business. let's bring in former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney david bruno. >> good morning. lauren: you heard the sound bite right there. i have a source, used to work at the ftc. he says look, anti-competitive
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behavior is hard to prove. you can prove dominance but when you look at it, amazon and walmart, walmart two times as big. if you look at their footprint. so dominance is easy. anti-competitive behavior is something else. >> i agree. and personally, i think we should be looking at the privacy issues of these companies versus anti-trust stuff. but it's here and they're getting it from all angles. you saw from representative mccarthy they're getting it from the house judiciary committee. they're also getting it from the executive branch now with the doj. lauren: bipartisan too. >> and ftc. absolutely. so there's tremendous amount of scrutiny going on right now. i agree with you, a very difficult thing to prove that there are anti-trust violations. lauren: what could be the outcome here? do we see these companies broken up. >> possibly. lauren: do we see more fines and penalties? >> those are all possible. they'll be looking at mergers and acquisitions. maybe they are going to break up. they do have the ability to fine. and certainly all those options
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are possible. lauren: let's shift gears and talk about the house democrats planning a contempt vote for attorney general bill barr set for next week. are they starting as we hear from jerry nadler, house judiciary, the chairman there, are they starting to feel that maybe they moved too far too fast demanding too much and now might be more willing to talk and negotiate? >> yeah, no question. there are reports coming out the doj has taken a position that the subpoena is over-broad. and personally, i think that as well. i mean, there's a federal statute on the report itself and i think a.g. barr did far more than what he was authorized -- not authorized, but what he had to do. he was responsible to do. he went above and beyond for the transparency of the nation to understand the mueller report. i don't think they're going to get it on the report. now, i think barr personally to testify is another issue. they're going to get barr in front of the committee. lauren: do you think mueller will eventually testify? >> i think so. i think so. lauren: he's going to have to,
5:18 am
right? >> he's pus pushing back, obvio. there's a difference between documents and the testimony and i think it fits in the same cattily. lauren: hope hicks is an executive at fox corporation but she was an aide, a communications director for the white house. she missed a deadline to provide documents to congress and her lawyer says well, she was instructed by the white house to do so and is she here potentially protected by white house confidentiality interests? >> yes, possibly. she did provide some e-mails and some documents. lauren: right. >> but, there could be an objection on the hope hicks side and the government side that there's executive privilege. it's going to be a common thread moving forward, through mcgahn, hope hicks, and various other employees of the government moving forward. we're going to need clarity from the courts on this issue. lauren: and that could take a while. this is all as democrats try to build their case to eventually
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bring possibly impeachment proceedings against the president. they just want more documents. they want more records. >> moving forward with the investigations first, they are going to need clarity on a lot of these legal issues as to who needs to provide documents and testify from the courts. lauren: all right. david bruno, thank you for weighing in on all that this morning. cheryl: also this morning, we've got a market that's looking a little green. we've got the dow up 94 in the premarket, s&p up 10 and three quarters, nasdaq up 32 and three quarters. we'll see if the selling will carry over from yesterday when markets open. 2020 hopeful joe biden joins aoc in raising the alarm on climate change. but after being accused of plagiarism will anyone buy it, including the rust belt. you won't believe what happened to actor tracee morgan and his brand-new $2 million bugati. but we've got the reaction and it's caught on tape. details, coming up. ♪ i know you're never going to
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while we're standing around not doing much, the rest of the world is moving ahead. they're moving ahead while other folks are tweeting. we're in a situation where we should become the -- sort of the innovative place in the world for the change that has to take place in the world. first thing i would do, day one as president, i would rejoin the paris climate accord which we, bacbarack and i put together. cheryl: that was joe biden unveiling his $5.7 trillion climate change plan and it's getting mixed reviews and he's
5:24 am
being accused now of plagiarism. an activist tweeted screen shots from a website that included a bit about making carbon capture and storage. that is the word for word from a group called the carbon capture coalition. the damage may be done. president trump tweeted early this morning, plagiarism charge against sleepy joe biden on historiedic husband climate change plan is a big problem. the media will say that his problem is he's drawing flies, not people to his rallies. you can't win without people. let's bring in political reporter joe simonson. good morning. >> how are you. cheryl: a big tee up for you on this segment. is joe biden -- first, the plagiarism issue, i want to ask about that, is he starting to
5:25 am
cow to yo tow to the liberals is own party. >> biden has been weak on policy specifics since announcing. he's been riding off his name recognition since getting in the race. that's been working pretty well for him. the base of the democratic party does want specifics. one of the specifics that they're clathey're clamoring foe do you stand on the green new deal. he's announced a somewhat less ambitious plan than aoc announced. it's only $1.7 trillion of federal spending versus an estimated $90 trillion with the green new deal. cheryl: let me ask you about something else, staying on the topic of money. it seems he's realizing he can't run on the issue of the u.s. economy. new polling numbers show that president trump's handling of the economy is resonating with voters. his numbers are going up. handling the economy, approve,
5:26 am
48%. border security, 46% of voters approve. these are pretty big numbers. maybe biden does need to look for something else here. >> i think you're right. one of the things that biden acknowledged in philadelphia during a rally, is yes, the economy is doing very well but that is because of me and barac. [. he's in an automatic -- me and barack obama. s he's in an awkward position. if you say it's going well, what are you going to change about that and what exactly can you give the american people. that's something that biden needs to answer. cheryl: i want to show you a clip that we assume i bring this up because he's been criticized in the past about how he acted inappropriately with women. watch this recent clip of him with one woman. >> for you. >> sweetheart. >> come on.
5:27 am
i want the press to know, she pulled me close. i just want you to know. okay? all right. and i was delighted. i was delighted. cheryl: i mean, it was a funny moment, you've got to admit, joe. but do you think he's handling correctly the issue of -- well, the issues that have been brought against him in the past. >> what i've been hearing from people on his staff, they really want biden to avoid these kind of incidents. yeah, it does make a cute viral moment. but they really want him to stick on message. and that means not bringing up any accusations that he acted inappropriately in the past. i think for better or for worse, for biden, this has become a tick of sorts. this is how he behaves. it's something he struggled with and also listening to ad vieser -- advisers is something he struggled with in the past as well. cheryl: joe, thank you for being here. >> thanks a lot. lauren: coming up, president
5:28 am
trump threatening to slap tariffs on mexico if they don't do more to stem the flow of illegal immigrants at the southern border. can a meeting at the white house today help fix the problem and put off the tariffs? and pack your bags, we've got the details on some mega deals from southwest. we'll be right back. ♪ benny and the jets. ♪ a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go! [chanting] it's not just easy. it's geico easy. oh, duncan. stay up. no sleepies. cheryl: well, hopes of a fed rate cut, maybe two, jolting the market yesterday, higher, buying continuing this morning. the dow is up 136 right now in the premarket. s&p and nasdaq higher as well. we're keeping a close eye on the 10 year right now. flight to safety. we've seen that kind of globally over the last few sessions. you can see the yield is at 2.13%, that's a loss of 7 basis points. also we're watching europe, theresa may winding up the final
5:32 am
week as the leader of her own party. the country will look for a new prime minister, a possible trade deal with the u.s. in a future and we're looking for new news on progress between the chinese and the united states when it comes to trade. the shanghai only market there in the red. lauren. lauren: that was u.k. trade, china trade and now mexican trade. vice president mike pence hosting mexican leaders at the white house today, days before a 5% tariff on mexican imports is set to take effect. here is senator lindsey graham on fox news at night saying the flow of illegal immigrants at the border must be stopped. >> as long as you can claim asylum in the united states and never be deported after you make the claim, they will come forever. we're on track to have 1 million people come over this fiscal year. we've doubled in 2019 the problem we had in 2018. so senator schumer and democratic colleagues are fixated on president trump. if mexico and the congress -- it's mexico and the congress that needs to up their game.
5:33 am
lauren: tori whiting joins us now. you heard from senator graham. he has a plan to stem the crisis at the border. and part of that plan is having these asylum seekers apply for asylum in their home country, not at the border. but either way, we need and want mexico to do more. are tariffs the way to do that? >> absolutely not. lauren. i think first and foremost we need to acknowledge that senator graham is partially right that we do have a crisis with immigration. but what he fails to point out is that it's congress who has solely failed to do their job in fixing our broke immigration system by reforming asylum and enforcing our laws on the books. and so we need to get back to doing those things and not punishing our allies and punishing the american people with taxes. lauren: what can mexico say as they they meet -- as their leaders meet with the vice president and secretary of state today, what can mexico say to perhaps make the president say okay, you know what, maybe we're not going to do the 5% and the
5:34 am
escalating tariffs. that 5% starts on monday. >> the u.s. and the mexican economy are linked because of nafta and what will eventually become the usmca, most likely and that is without a doubt -- you cannot ignore that relationship and so i would imagine that the mexican delegation is coming to the white house saying our economies are linked, if you do this your people will be hurt and we will retaliate. i will not doubt that mexico will ensure that retaliation will be as painful as possible for the american people. lauren: who has the president's ear in congress right now? what if there is the rebellion and they try to stop the tariffs from going into effect? >> i mean, senator mcconnell came out and said that they would -- they have the votes for a resolution to make these tariffs not happen and i wouldn't be surprised if they go forward for them to move forward as well. lauren: then the president could veto that and override that, right?
5:35 am
>> sounds like they have a veto proof majority in the house and senate, so we'll see. lauren: tori, thank you very much. >> thank you, lauren. cheryl: what a difference a day makes. u.s. stocks posting their best day in five months yesterday. the dow industrials closing up over 500 points. there is hopes for a cut in interest rates this year, maybe two. federal reserve chairman jay powell said rates could come down if trade concerns hit the economy. >> we coul do not know how or wn these issues will be resolved. we are closely monitoring the implications of these developments for the u.s. economic outlook and as always we will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion with a strong labor market and inflation near our sig similar . are we ready for a rate cut.
5:36 am
>> i don't think we need a rate cut to keep the u.s. economy going. trump is getting what he wanted. last year we were raising rates and he kept complaining about how he doesn't have the same luxury that obama had and so he talked about cutting and here we're talking about cutting. so he moved the needle there. in reality, just not raising is really what is needed here. the economy is in a situation where that alone gives it a chance and people to plan around that. but even with tariffs and all that's going on with china and mexico, it's not enough to turn it into a recession or slow it down enough, really. they can hold that back in their arsenal to lower if they need to. i don't think it's necessary to keep us going. cheryl: i think the economist at barclays disagrees with you. they say we'll see a half point rate cut in september, another quarter point in december. they're putting it out there. >> 65% of chance of a cut in july, 98% chance by the end of the year that we're going to cut. that doesn't mean it can't
5:37 am
happen. although even if i'm in the 2%, that's fine. i don't think we need it. will it help? i think sure, trump would love that. it keeps the markets going. he's had 25 positive economic tweets in the last month alone. so he's all about pumping up the economy and doing things. so i think that bodes well for that. could it happen? sure. i don't think it's necessary. cheryl: i do want to ask you really quick, we've been kind of following politics here, elizabeth warren she has singled out amazon. a lot of the democrat candidates are singling out large companies. she says she wants to tax corporate profits to pay for green jobs. we'll see more of this rhetoric. wall street is watching what happens along the campaign trail. what do you make of warren's comments? >> the whole reason why -- part of the reason why you have -- cheryl: actually, i need you to hold on. just a moment. we want to go to live pictures right now. president trump is just landing
5:38 am
in portsmouth, u.k., this is along the coastline of england. he's going to be participating in the 75th anniversary of d-day celebration and he will be greeting people from the united states and england. sarah sanders will be reading a piece of a prayer that was delivered by franklin delano roosevelt on the evening of jun. we just got that from our producers that are traveling with the press secretary. this is another wonderful celebration to honor the 75th anniversary of d-day. lauren: this is the final leg of that state visit. president trump to the u.k. you're looking at the president's plane landing in portsmouth right now as we remember that important date. 75 years ago, portsmouth was a port for the allied forces from which they went to normandy. as we wait for the president and the first lady to get off in
5:39 am
about a few minutes from now, there will be a photo opportunity with leaders of d-day on this anniversary. cheryl: our camera is a little shaky, folks. these are live pictures. we can't control the camera. it is a busy day for the president. of course, he's going to be participating in this ceremony here in portsmouth and then he and the first lady will participate in a meet and greet with veterans along with of course the queen of england. and then there's going to be a farewell moment with the queen, there's been a lot of pomp and circumstance with the royal family. there will be a luncheon today as well. and then he's going to head to ireland and what's going to be interesting here, he's going to be meeting with the irish prime minister and as we've been following the developments in brexit, the irish backstop we learned became a key problem for theresa may, prime minister theresa may as she was trying to negotiate the exit strategy. lauren: she tried three times for that deal with europe. it didn't happen.
5:40 am
okay, it looks like the president -- the doors are opening if you take a look at the screen right now. some military exiting, exiting the plane. we'll see if we get a glimpse of the president momentarily. cheryl: you know what's interesting about d-day, again, 75 years and the fact that this really was the turning point and the beginning of the end for aduefuadolfhitler. you had a massive allied group that landed along the coastline of france. why portsmouth is so important and also dover which is nearby this town, is the close proximity through the english channel. we saw this in the movie dunkirk. all of these forces used these beaches to launch that evening, overnight assault on of course to the german forces that occupied france at the time. i think what's been really interesting about all of this is the amount of veterans that are
5:41 am
still alive and we're going to see some of them today. there are still thousands of world war ii veterans that are still with us. lauren: the rescue of europe from nazi germany being commemorated and celebrated here today by two historic and traditional allies, the u.s. and the u.k. and as we noted, there will be this photo opportunity with the president of the united states, queen elizabeth of england, and there is the president of the united states, donald trump, getting off of the plane. looks like he's waiting for melania. she looks gorgeous in her white british looking hat. cheryl: another white outfit. lauren: a beautiful trench coat. they're making their way now into what seems to -- yeah, they're getting into the car and they will deport. that was a 45 minute flight from london for them. cheryl: our apologies for doug flynn. we had to cut him off. the next thing we'll see is the national commemorative event for the d-day landings there in poutthere inportsshout.
5:42 am
the first lady, president trump and queen elizabeth will be there. there are veterans from the u.k. and several veterans from the united states. lauren: beautiful day. we look forward to those events. right now we want to get to other headlines making news this morning. a new study warns that common heartburn drugs can lead to an early death. scientists at washington university in st. louis found that proton pump inhibitors used in products like nexium and prilosec may increase the risk of heart disease and stomach cancer. the dangers exist even at low doses. cheryl: the co-creator of empire shooting down a report that writers are prepping for je smollett's return to season six. lee daniels said this is not factual, jussie will not be returning to empire. it was revealed the actor lied about an alleged hate crime
5:43 am
hoax. southwest airlines is offering a sale that has fares for as low as $98. the promotion is designed to fill seats during the slow travel season. a north carolina man won the $344 million bal power ball jact from numbers he got from a fortune cookie. the next chance of the fortune is friday. the jack t pot ha jackpot has ga $530 million overnight. over. lauren: airports ramp up the use of facial recognition to keep you safe. concerns about how that technology could put your identity in danger. be right back. ♪ lucy in the sky with diamonds. ♪ lucy in the sky with diamonds.
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lauren: the u.s. government wants all of its airports to use facial recogniz recognition tecy 2021. privacy and tech experts are warning there are issues with vetting and also regulatory standards. let's get more from fox new's doudoug mcelway. >> reporter: republicans and democrats voiced real concerns
5:47 am
over the expansion of facial recognition technology by u.s. law enforcement. an fbi representative told the committee the bureau has a database of 36.4 million photos comprised of mug shots, license and clearance photos. an average of 4,000 times a month the bureau shares those photos with local and state law enforcement to comparison to images made available through the 50 million surveillance cameras across the country. an fbi representative testified that technology is crucial to catching terrorists and criminals and has proven very accurate after some tweaks to its. >> al: groalgorithm.>> the algof 91.2%. >> reporter: in an earlier hearing it wassed said, quote, it is virtually unregulated. lauren, cheryl, back to you. lauren: doug, thank you. cheryl: tack a look at futures right now, we have green arrows on your screen, a little continuation of the buying that we saw yesterday.
5:48 am
dow up 145, s&p up 17, nasdaq up 55 and-a-half. we'll see if we get those rate cuts later this year. coming up, you will not believe what happened to actor tracee morgan and his brand-new $2 million b$2 million bugat. we've got the reaction caught on tape. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ just dance. ♪ i'm working to keep the fire going for another 150 years. ♪ to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine.
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cheryl: tense moments you're seeing on your screen for actor tracee morgan. right after he buys a brand-new bugatti, the woman he got into a fender-bender with, you can see her in the video, got into an argument with him. she said she was scared because he was yelling at her after this wreck happened. again, it's caught on tape.
5:52 am
joslyn madeleine said she didn't know who he was until people told her after the fender bender. morgan banged on her window, he was angry after the wreck. this is right after he bought the $2 million bugatti luxury vehicle. lauren: powerful storms targeting areas already saturated with flooding. cheryl: let's bring in senior meteorologist janice dean. she's got the forecast for us. good morning, janice. janice: we've got a lot of tropical moisture moving in towards the gulf coast, some storms across the great lakes and ohio river valley. let's take a look at it. severe threat today, mainly gusty winds, strong gusty winds and maybe damaging hail, a slight risk of a tornado across the ohio valley, in towards the mid-atlantic. we'll be watching moisture moving in from the gulf of mexico, across texas, mississippi, louisiana and areas that don't need more rainfall from the weeks and months of rainfall that we've seen over the last several weeks. so here are your flood
5:53 am
advisories, downstream across the mississippi river valley and flood warnings for those areas getting all of that tropical moisture. don't think it's going to develop or get a name. doesn't matter. the bottom line is a lot of water across some of these areas, several inches of rainfall including houston, texas which is also on alert this morning. back to you. cheryl: you've been warning us about the heavy rain and hurricane season this year as well. janice, thank you so much. lauren: from bad news on the weather front for good news for lovers of bread, booze and chocolate. get ready to kickback with some of your favorite vices and we'll tell you about a big warehouse retailer that wants to bring you a tiffany-like experience. we'll be right back. ♪ these rocks don't lose their shape. ♪ diamonds are a girl's best friend. ♪ -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones.
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♪ pour some sugar on me. ♪ in the name of love. ♪ pour some sugar on me. lauren: indulging in pleasures such as carbs and alcohol and sugar too might actually be better for your health. cheryl: tracee carrasco is here with that story. tracee: good morning. stop beating yourself up if you eat desert or eat too much. a new study says carbs, alcohol and chocolate may be good for you. researchers say the vices cause guilt.
5:57 am
therefore, that increases your anxiety which is bad for your health. so that may be why it's good to have some of these things in moderation, of course. alcohol in moderation can lead to a longer life. that's according to this new research. and also carbs like bread and pasta they do contain some good things like minerals and things like that. lauren: what about chocolate? we're looking at it right now. tracee: i'm not sure. cheryl: i've seen studies where chocolate can be good for your l health. lauren: dark chocolate. cheryl: costco, somebody out there wants to propose right now, maybe costco is where they need to go. tracee: if you're looking for a luxury ring at costco prices, according to the earnings call last week, costco's chief financial officer says sales highlight from the last quarter was a diamond ring purchase of around $400,000. did you even though they sold something that expensive? yes, this was a 10-carat round
5:58 am
solitaire platinum diamond ring. they had one very similar on its website, looking similar to a tiffany's style engagement ring as well. so if you were to buy this at tiffany's a according to market watch it would cost somewhere around $1 million. lauren: costco has to be tricky how they use tiffany in their promotions because they had a lawsuit and settled with them a few years ago. influencers have become a huge part of instagram and now you'll be seeing more influencers? tracee: get ready to see more of these ads from instagram influencers, not just companies. because now instagram will allow these companies, these advertisers, to promote influencer ads. because they want to reach out to people on instagram. they think the influencers are the way to do it. they think it's more authentic, more real than a company ad that people actually engage with those instagram influencers.
5:59 am
about 68% of people log onto instagram because they want to interact with influencers. lauren: thank you very much. cheryl: that's it for "fbn: a.m.." "mornings with maria" starts now. maria: thank you, cheryl. good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. happy wednesday to you. wednesday, june 5th today, your top stories right now. we have breaking news this morning, remembering d-day. president trump arriving moments ago in portsmouth, u.k. where he will commemorate the 7 a fifth anniversary of the historic invasion with world leaders and honor the allied forces who fought to rescue europe in nazi germany. we will take you live to the president's remarks. a rate cut on the table? jay powell said the central bank is ready and could take action if the trade battle escalates. tariffs on mexico set to go into effect in five days.
6:00 am
vice president mike pence p will meet with mexican officials at the white house to try to make a deal before that happens. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ want to put this song on replay. ♪ could listen to it all day. ♪ could listen to you all day. ♪ all day. ♪ yeah, want to put this song on replay. maria: let's take a look at markets one day after that big rally yesterday. markets rebounded and the rally continues this morning. futures indicate a gain of 155 points, two-thirds of one percent. the s&p is up 17, nasdaq up 57 points on the heels of a big rebound yesterday on comments from fed chair jay powell, the head of the central bank, signaling that trade tensions could affect future rate cuts. he said the fed will be ready


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