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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 7, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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and more. bill mcgurn, you're terrific. thanks for coming on. thank you for watching. "lou dobbs" is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. talks between the united states and mexico continue tonight with only days before the administration will swipe a 5% tariff on exports to the united states. a warship only 100 feet from colliding with our philippine cruisers in the sea. president trump and the first lady are home. they've returned from their extraordinary six-day trip to europe and a state visit with queen elizabeth ii and outgoing prime minister teresa may np in normandy, the commemoration of
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the 75th anniversary of d-day and a brief visit to ireland. more on the president's most successful overseas trip, edward lawrence with the story from the white house. ed? >> well, lou, president donald trump and house speaker nancy pelosi have been trading jabs back and forth. as first reported by politico, house speaker nancy pelosi told her colleagues that she didn't want to see president trump impeached, she wanted to see him in prison. the president tweeting a few hours ago, nervous nancy pelosi is a disgrace to herself and her family for having made such a disgusting statement. goes on the say democrats are getting nothing done in congress and have no intention of anything other than going on a fishing expedition to see if they can find anything on me both illegal and unprecedented. on the china front the president gave exporters another two weeks until june 15th to get goods into this country before the increased 25% tariff is imposed.
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now the catch is on this that the goods had to have left china before may 10th. china's economy as it weakens, the china central bank injected more than $70 billion into its financial system. experts say china has been propping up its economy. >> the chinese government has a lot of leverage. the federal reserve can't give money to anybody it likes. the central bank of china can and mandate that the banks make the loans and give it out. >> china trying to ride out the tariffs. as i first reported and the president confirming, he will decide whether to impose 25% tariff on basically everything else that china imports right after the g-20 summit. lou: edward lawrence from the white house. the president today working the phones during his flight back to washington talking about details of a perspective deal with mexico reportedly he was to be presented with a formal
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proposal upon his return to the white house. according to a politico report, part of mexico's offer involves sending 6,000 of its troops to the mexican southern border and cracking down on routes being used by human smugglers, sex traffickers and drug smugglers. politico also reporting, however, that mexico is reluctant to declare itself a safe third country or third nation in supporting the remaining mexico asylum plan. a source says it could be extremely costly for mexico. jackie deand los is with us from washington with an increasingly complicated story. >> good evening to you, lou. the president arrived back from his overseas trip with the mexico tariffs still in play and this is what he said when he arrived at the white house.
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so it seems like three days of talks certainly did progress well between the u.s. and the mexican delegation. they progressed nicely but not well enough for the president to be able to announce a deal at this time. kevin hassett said this earlier. >> and the president will be presented with a lot of facts when he lands today. i think this will be something that will be relatively quickly moving. >> then later he actually said a, quote, every option is on the table when asked if the president would consider delaying tariffs. the president brought something new in the mix. in a tweet earlier today he said there would been an agricultural element to a deal. mexico would increase its purchase of u.s. agriculture. an increase could potentially alleviate some of the pain that the u.s. farmers are feel as a result of trade tensions with china. still on where we stand tonight,
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sarah sanders said a little earlier, quote, as of now we're still on track for tariffs on monday. lou: on track for tariffs on monday. but what is the situation. and i realize it's very difficult right now to get a handle on exactly what is happening in the state department where the talks are apparently going on. what is your sense of -- what is under discussion and when they will conclude, whether they will continue over the weekend? >> well, part of the conversation, as you mentioned earlier, was about mexico sending troops to the border for enforcement purposes to help in these negotiation process. that's one element that is in play. but of course the asylum issue is the other aspect of this and that could take time to work out. that's not the kind of thing that could be put into place overnight, those kinds of changes. that's why potentially we could see the 5% tariff go on and then see a deal come later.
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it may be why president trump isn't still ready to pull the trigger and tell us what he's got just yet. lou: jackie, thank you very much. and clearly, the mexicans are playing for time trying to defer whatever steps they might take, delay it. in apparently the hope that the rino republicans in the senate can prevail against the president. we'll see what happens. joining us tonight, president of the national border patrol council, brandon judd. good to have you here and to see you here in new york. >> thank you. lou: this thing in the report within this sounds, frankly, like a mess. what's going on between the mexican delegation led by their foreign minister and the so-called technical staff that she's brought with him and the u.s. your thoughts about what this -- what the prospect for success is here. >> i think the tariffs are going to go into effect.
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but you're already seeing mexico acting. they're talking about sending 6,000 troops to the border. this is strictly based upon the threat to impose tariffs. we're seeing mexico do something and that's strictly because president trump has stood strong and said mexico needs to be a true partner of the united states in securing our border. and that ultimately is going to happen. this is the outside the box thinking that you have constantly been calling for. you said we need new thinking. need people to come up with new ideas. these are the new ideas and frankly i think it's going to work. lou: and i certainly hope it's going to work. there is a plos spect. prospect. i see a number of impeding factors, obstruction, resistance and hurdles within the bureaucracy. i'm not certain whether the new secretary of the department of homeland security is -- he seems like he might be related to kirstjen nielsen in his refusal to move ahead. give me your sense of how
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effective you think he may be. because to this point he's been no more effective than kirsten nelson. >kirstjennielsen. >> unfortunately he came from the obama administration. lou: not a good beginning. >> no. and my concern is when he was the deputy commissioner of cbp the border was not secured. we talked about that at length. he was promoted to the commissioner of the cpb and the border was not secured. now he's the acting secretary and the border is still not secured. i'm not seeing any production that's coming out of his office. and so that's a concern. and because there's no production, you're leaving it all upon the president of the united states to come up with the ideas. lou: how are the agents in your union, how can they put up with this nonsense? >> it's difficult. we have one of the highest attrition rates in the government. lou: the highest. >> it's right at 5.5%.
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i don't think you can find another agency that has a higher attrition rate. and that's strictly because the border patrol agents are tired of being politicized. they want to do their job. they were extremely excited when president trump was elected because they thought they were going to be able to do their job. but simply because we have a leadership void we haven't seen that. we haven't seen the ingenuity that we expected. lou: today speaking for the president, the administration apparently, mark short, vice president pence's chief of staff. he is a koch brothers rolled up in form, shape and sold product frr the koch brothers. for big business. this is insufferable to watch. >> it's very difficult. again, when you look at the key issues that the president campaigned on, border security was the highest issue. and if we get the boar border ur control, good for him. he succeeded. if we don't, we have to look and
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say where were the failures, why did we fail and frankly it's simply because we didn't have the outside of the box thinking that we need. lou: and i think we can be categorical also in the response of failure brewing and born. that is with the big business lobby. the chamber of commerce, business round table, wall street, corporate america. ladies and gentlemen, i have been covering the establishment for a long time. i have never seen the assertion of power that they are right now carrying out against every level of the permanent bureaucracy often those on allies against the senate, against the house. it's extraordinary to watch this. this is an existential battle between this president. he's all that stands between the success -- by the way, that's why the establishment is rising
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up as they've never before, because they know that tariffs against mexico and china will be successful, open borders and the continued access to what the president calls the american piggy bank will gone on for the multinationals. not the working people, not our middle class. >> there's the reason that the rinos are pushing back against him. if he succeeds -- what's interesting about the rinos pushing back. why would mexico agree to a deal while thigh ear waiting to see if the rinos prevail. but strictly speaking, all you vhave to do is look at what the mexican government is doing. we've seen it before, we've seen the mexican government -- lou: short brief periods of time. >> but when they do, border security is achieved. lou: it's the smartest proposal put forward yet. the president is, as usual, exactly right. now it's a question of whether or not it can be sustained and
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first accomplished. brandon, great to have you with us. i don't want to conclude this conversation without saying we owe so much to the border patrol, those agents and we appreciate everything they're doing. and to see the radical dimms, the nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, mitch mcconnells, rinos and radical dimms aligning with the drug cartels that are exporting deadly drugs, illegal immigrants across that border, sex trafficking, it's an appalling disgusting gut-wrenching moment in our history. >> border patrol agents are true patriots. thank you so much. lou: as are you. this appreciate it. on wall street today markets capping off the best week of the year. remember all of the nonsense about tariffs and all of the concern and all of the gnashing of teeth and the wailing on wall
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street? up 5% for the week. un$1.1 trillion for the week. the s&p 500 up 30, up 4.5% for the week, the nasdaq picking up 137 points gaining 4% on the week. the total market index up $1.2 trillion since monday. that's a mere 4.5% increase on the week. up next, no papers, no problem. the outrageous story about who tsa allows to fly all around the country. remember that the next time you're lined up with your shoes off. next, nasa's latest announcement to bring amateur astronauts and tourists to the international space station. we'll have that and much more right after this quick break. stay with us.
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department of homeland security. the tsa reportedly allowing illegal immigrants on to flights within the united states without proper identification. that would make them undocumented immigrants. the agency reportedly accepting the illegal immigrants' notice to appear in court papers even though that's not even on the department's list of acceptable
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identification. a statement from tsa reads in part, quote, tsa has always had protocols in place for those unable to produce documentation and need to travel. ah. a department with a heart. i thought that was the story. that i believe is the official narrative. rino republican lawmakers still refuse to stand behind the president's tariff threat against mexico. among them senator ted cruz of texas going his very best beto o'rourke impersonation telling the hill the tariffs are the wrong solution to the crisis on the southern border. and not to be outdone, cory gardner writing to his republican colleagues today saying, quote, i'm all for fair trade, all for securing the border but i am not for turning or backs on the american workers aersand consumers for can i tury back on the american troops that have made america's economy the
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strongest in the world. joining us tonight, the director at the center for immigration studies, jessica vaughn. and jessica has heard a lot of bunk and bull in her time at the center. i think that corey gardner and ted cruz have reached new depths of rhetorical -- your thawrgts. >> it's sad. but really what it boils down to is they're afraid. they're afraid that the president is trying something new and different in getting results. they're afraid of what their handlers are telling them will happen if they come out in a strong way for border security and strong measures to solve this crisis. they are afraid of what their donors are going to think if they speak a word against using tariffs to get mexico -- lou: on that point. >> -- to deal with this. lou: -- i have heard that donors are not too pleased with those rino senators and the others
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opposing the president. this is an ugly moment in the history of the republican party. it is stunning what mitch mcconnell -- it's the ghost of paul ryan. you know, mcconnell is taking lessons from ryan and what he did to the republican party in the house. he wants to do the same thing to the republicans. that is destroy the majority in the senate. >> what they should be taking lessons from is the message that voters sent when they elected donald trump as president that they want immigration security and they want better trade deals and they don't want to constantly be doing things that are just in the interest of big donors, big business, you know, the globalist interest. and, you know, they're going to be put out of office if they don't get that message. lou: they're going to be put out of office twhab's the political
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effect. the effect on the nation will be. the president is exactly right, to bring to bear those tariffs against mexico. that is -- mexico is not watching these illegal immigrants come 2,000 miles from their southern border to the u.s. mexico border. they are assisting them. that is one of the devices of the left and also the corporate lobby. this is mexico helping the cartels. mexico -- i don't know if we have this map, but looking at the recent map by the government of mexico, shows no government control along the northern border. it's either cartel influence or cartel controlled. who is kidding here. we have a chamber of commerce, a business lobby, a business round table and wall street aligned with the drug cartels who are exporting death and devastation to this country. and there is the map.
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i mean, think about that. the green areas, ladies and gentlemen, are where the mexican government is in control. that tells you how severe the problem is and how close mexico is to becoming a full-fledged state and we pretend that is a bt l between the republican and democratic establishments and president trump and our middle class and working men and women and small business people. >> and the longer we let this crisis go on, the richer the cartels become, the more influence they are, the more ability they have to bring their influence here to the united states, and it benefits no one. it's really in mexico's best interest to work with us on securing the border. lou: well president obrador we thought was going to be a potential -- he's no better than the corrupt presidents that pr t
7:23 pm
preceded him in mexico and that's a shame shame for the mexican people living in the midst of corruption and deadly violence. jessica vaughn, great to have you with us. >> thank you. good to see you. lou: the koch brothers, political advocacy group launching four, count them, four new political action committees ahead of the 2020 primaries. the committees will support incumbents, including radical dimms who side of course with the koch brothers on wide open borders, amnesty, trade and other issues. the group, americans for prosperity, say they'll back candidates who quote lead by uniting with others to pass principle policy and get good things done. in other words, do exactly what the koch brothers tell them to do as well as the business lobby and yes, that lines up again exactly with the drug cartels that are, as you've just seen,
7:24 pm
ubiquitous and influence and control of much of mexico. a u.s. and russian warship coming dangerously close on the high seas. and president trump threatening more tariffs on chinese exports to the united states. asia expert and great american gordon chang joins us right after these quick messages. stay with us, please. cookie cut.
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lou: us and russian navy warships coming within less than 100 feet of one another, that close to a collision. look at this. incredible. this video shows the near miss between the uss chancellorsville. patrick shanahan offered this tepid response to russia's provocation. >> behavior as is unsafe and
7:29 pm
unprofessional. we'll have military conversations with the russians. lou: impressive. don't you think? russian president vladimir putin standing up for his new best friend, chinese president xi jinping, xi saying that the united states pressure on china and russian is unbriddable egoism. putin called u.s. behavior quote a path to endless conflicts, trade wars and maybe not just trade wars. that sounds like a warning, doesn't it? figuratively speaking it's a path to battles without rules that pit everyone against everyone else said the rather philosophical vladimir putin. joining us tonight, gordon chang. good to have you with us. let's start with that near collision in the philippine sea between our cruiser and the russian destroyer. >> what was even more dangerous than that clip showed is the
7:30 pm
russian destroyer crossing the bow of the chancellorville. they had to go full reverse on its engines to avoid a collision. lou: my question is why did the captain of the u.s. navy shipper mitt that proximity by a russian warship? i mean it's just, to me, insane to do that. >> that's the pentagon's rule of engagement. lou: that doesn't make a lick of sense. >> and the other thing is our rules of engagement permitted the russians and the chinese vessel to come close to ours. at the end of september you mad a chinese destroyer come closer to a u.s. guided missile destroyer, the uss deca decatur. we're not deterring these people. i'm sure they're shaking in their boots in moscow and beijing. what we need to do is impose cost on the russians and the
7:31 pm
chinese so they never do it again. lou: i'm starting to wonder about our idea of imposing cost. i would think most americans are leery. we've had sanctions against the russians for years and years and years. meanwhile as their economy is ailing and obviously in pain, they continue to move ahead of us in technology, weaponry, including the hyper sonic missiles that both china and russia put on display this week. and the united states is the only one left out of that party. and that is, again, a critical, critical advantage on the part of the chinese and the russianss against the united states military, for crying out loud. >> what's worse is this hyper sonic technology was first developed in the u.s. we have not developed it over the course of. >> lou: 50 years ago. >> now we have more tests than we have. lou: we're finding out that the obama administration did everything was scuttle our navy vessels and ground our aircraft.
7:32 pm
this is -- i mean, it's just devastating what obama and that administration did to our military in the name of what. strategic patience? >> what's even worse is that the obama administration didn't want to quote up quote militarize space so they allowed chinese -- what they did was prevented the united states from developing weapons to protect our satellites in -- lou: do you know -- i understand. i understand. and i have to say, what really -- i am aggrieved by the explanations of rationalization from the united states. i'm embarrassed that as acting defense secretary by the way, just like the ones before him, will sit there and rationalize and say things like military to military understanding. this is nonsense. the united states in this instance is this close to an act
7:33 pm
of war. and this is considered a rule of engagement on the part of the united states navy? i don't know -- i wouldn't know which end of the ship to fire from. but i do know this. letting the enemy get that close to you, or potential enemy -- i think enemy probably is a safe word -- is nuts. >> we allow the chinese to cause eye injuries in april of last year. and we didn't do anything after that. so of course the chinese think well we can injury americans and get away with it without cost. this is just -- this is horrible. what we need to do is say to the russians, close their consulates to the u.s. they we don't need you. and if you do this again, your embassy is gone. lou: again, i've seen sanctions that aren't working. their military moves apace.
7:34 pm
and it remains ahead of ours in the instance of hyper sonic missiles. this is dangerous stuff and i am sick of a military that doesn't have a response and answer. and they sound like mckenzie consultants as they respond. that isn't who we are. >> this is a political problem. you know, we have sanctions on russia which are purposely designed to be ineffective. and the reason that american diplomats give you is essentially what they're saying is we don't want to push russia too far. the point is russia continues to engage in all of these dangerous activities and they're not deterred. lou: i'm going to repeat myself. if it were not for president trump right now, what a sorry condition we would be in without his insisting on building up this military and restoring us to privacy and all sorts of weaponry and technology.
7:35 pm
scary stuff. gordon, thanks you, sir. here's one for the wannabe astronaughts out there that are still sicilians. nasa is opening the international space station to companies and tourists but it comes with on out of the world price tag, $50 million gets you there for a 30-day visit. don't forget the 35,000 dollars a night for the space room rate. the commercial trips expected to raise cash for nasa to pay for bigger missions like returning to the moon and going to mars. wow. that's one way to raise money. i'm not sure it will be adequate or quick enough. up next, president trump back in washington tonight amid a growing feud with nancy pelosi. the dynamic du duo of diamond ad silk with me next. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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7:40 pm
and silk and it is great to see you. and let me start with the great news from alec baldwin, no more trump impersonations. how excited are you? >> very excited. we don't know why he was going impersonating him anyways. he was doing a horrible job. i don't know if he was trying to revamp his career but it didn't work. we're glad he's leaving the scenes of that. go sit down. we don't want to hear what he has to say. >> we're glad we's done. we've been done with him. lou: it's good to have the president back home. >> yes. lou: he and the first lady, what a magnificent trip for them and for the united states to europe and to commemorate the 75th d-day anniversary. give me a sense of what you think about when you hear the dimms saying they just don't want this president to paint air force one with red, white and
7:41 pm
blue, our colors. i mean, what's your reaction to that? >> well, you know, you have to understand that the democrats are left-wing liberals, not patriotic. >> anti-american. you have to realize that. that's why they want to fight against our president of the united states. red, white and blue, those are or colors. they want to go against that. this is what we have to deal with and this is why all americans should take a look at the democrat party, the left-leaning liberals -- do you want to vote for something like that who won't stand up for your country, who don't want us to represent the colors. it's crazy, it's sad, it's sick. lou: you guys and i have never talked about this. one of the things that aggravates me the most is the president has a wonderful idea that mattis sabotaged. nationally, a great military parade to celebrate the fourth
7:42 pm
of july. and they moved him off to something else, you know, a different date. they don't want him to spend that much money. think about the last time this country has seen a major military parade. i can tell you. it was back in 1991 with the persian gulf war, you know, led by general schwarzkopf and our troops from desert storm. >> well, this is what the democrats -- they don't want us to be patriotic anymore. they want chaos, they want confusion and they want destruction. that's what the democratic party wants. if it's anything dealing with that, they're for that. anything that's bringing our country together, that's celebrating our country together, being patriotic, they don't like that, which is sad. >> and they are also realizing when you resist our president, you resist american citizens. it was the americans that voted this particular president in office and we love exactly what
7:43 pm
he's doing, we stand behind him, we support him. democrats need to either support this particular president president donald j. trump or they can go to another country somewhere. what they're doing is instruct tif and we're sick and tired of it. >> that's right. lou: what are your thoughts about the senate rino republicans led by mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi and her nonsense, chuck schumer, the radical dimms. they're lined uno up on immigran and border security with the drug cartels that are behind all of the illegal immigration smuggling, all of the sex trafficking and all of the drugs pouring across the border. 70,000 opioid overdose deaths in this country and they want to tell us it's a mat are of theirr values versus the president's? this is straightforwardly an assault on america. >> absolutely, lou. you have to realize who is
7:44 pm
getting the kickbacks from our border being wide open, the drug cartels, drugs pouring into our country, illegal aliens pouring into our country. when i see republicans -- some of these republicans i refer to them as the deep state snakes. >> that's right. >> when i see them going against what the american people want, a secure border, what the president of the united states wants, trying to protect us. when i see them going against that, who is getting a kickback from that. you have to be getting a kickback to not want to secure or border. lou: absolutely. corruption on both sides of the border and it extends all the way to the nation's capital. and indeed is representative and supportive and financially supportive of the swamp itself. diamond and silk, i see you can camel back mountain behind you. that tells me you're in phoenix, in scottsdale. it's great to see you and thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us. lou: this coming june 22nd and
7:45 pm
23rd, those two will be taking their chitchat tow tore the trump national dural miami. put it on your call len calenda. discussing the dangers posed by big tech and silicone valley. >> evidence that they're actually causing us harm? >> so, there's a lot of evidence. i think we now understand that the power of google, facebook and increasingly amazon and microsoft has caused harm to things that we know about like elections and democracy but also to public health, privacy and now the actual competitive framework of the economy. lou: the full interview tonight on "wall street journal" at large airs at 9:30 eastern tonight on the fox business network. up next, joe biden bending to the will of the radical agenda of the radical dimms.
7:46 pm
we'll have more on that right after this quick break. stay with us.
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that could reveal what your body isn't telling you. i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. biden conforming with the radical left that is now going to decide who will be the 2020
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democratic nominee. reversing his position on federal abortion funding, the so-called hyde amendment. biden changing his mind about the hyde amendment, facing sharp criticism, drawing new questions abts his credibility from former obama campaign manager david axle rod. >> this underscores questions about people have had whether he can go the distance. last night he flipped again. that was a flip-flop flip which is never a good thing in politics and it raises questions about his own performance and his steadiness and his campaign's performance. lou: going us t tonight, robert jeffers, pastor of the first baptist church in dallas, fox business contributor, great american. always greet to se great to see. your reaction to the democratic
7:51 pm
hopefuls who support or at least supported the hyde amendment that is prohibiting federal funding of abortion. here we go. and to see biden, pelosi, the other democrats saying basically they're against it personally but don't want to impose their beliefs on others. your thoughts. >> lou, you're from texas. you may remember this old saying, the only two things you find in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and dead armadillos. and i think joe biden was starting to find himself in that position when h he tried to straddle the mid of the road on abortion. he's against abortion personally but doesn't want to impose it nationally. that's ludicrous. and he's allowed the extremes in the dem party to push him into abortion for anyone for anytime
7:52 pm
whatsoever. 58% of americans are against public funding of abortions. one in three americans, according to cnn, say is abortion is going to be a key issue in 2020, more than any other time in history. the good news is president trump is on the winning side of this issue and he happens to be on the right side of this issue. this bodes well for him. lou: he is on the right side as far as i'm concerned and i know you agree on nearly every issue. this business that's going on in the republican party right now has got to distress you as it does so many of us. the rino republicans are selling out the president of the united states. they're insisting on with the radical dimms and the busy lobby in this country aligning with the drug cartels whether it's illegal immigration smuggling, whether it's drug smuggling or sex trafficking. it is that clear, that
7:53 pm
straightforward. they're aligning with the most corrupt and violent crime organizations on the planet. >> well, this is pure unadulterated evil, what is happening at the border. renting babies in order to cross the border. i mean this is horrific. and look, the rinos need to step up and admit they don't have the stomach for tough negotiations. most people don't. but if that's the case, get out of the way and let this president who does have a stomach for tough negotiations do his bit. the fact is everybody says what if the tariffs don't work. what if they do work? what if we do have control at the borders. it will be great for this country. we need to let the president do his job. lou: if they do work, that is -- the answer to that is precisely why the establishment, both the republican party and the democratic party are fighting this president tooth and nail because they know what he is doing will work and work quickly. >> that's right. lou: i've got to ask you, your
7:54 pm
reaction to the national day of prayer for the president last sunday. it was a moving moment in our church it was wonderful to see. your thoughts. >> well, it was wonderful in our church. and in thousands of churches around america. this helped galvanize people not just around the president but around god himself wanting to do what's best for our nation. and i'm telling you, lou, i'm sensing it everywhere i go in this country, there are millions and millions and millions of christians other people of faith who absolutely love this president. they know he's not perfect because we aren't perfect. none of us is. but they believe he's doing the right thing and i'll just tell you again on your program, i believe he's going to win massively in 2020. lou: pastor robert jeffers, i think that's a very good prophesy. we appreciate it. good to see you as always. a reminder, pastor jeffers new show debuts this coming
7:55 pm
monday, june 10th. please, please watch. up next, president trump's tough trade stance brings mexico to the negotiating table in a hurry. it also has the rino republicans in the senate scurrying like, well, like rats i think would be the expression. more on that right after the break. stay with us. i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. ..
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lou: the president of the border patrol praising president trump for taking actions against mexico. >>r. >> they are talking about sending 100,000 troops to the border. we are already seeing mexico do something because president trump stood strong in saying mexico has to be a true partner of the united states. lou: a russian destroyer nearly collide with a u.s. cruiser. the u.s. navy's response was tepid calling the incident unsafe and unprofessional. the market recovered $1.2 trillion in market cap. quite a week.
8:00 pm
thank you for being with us. we hope you will join us on monday. we thank you for joining us tonight. see you monday. good night from new york. david: mexico sending 6,000 troops to its border in an effort to show the trump administration that it's willing to curb the flow of migrants across their border. even some in the liberal media are saying nancy pelosi wept too far after reports surfaced that she wants to see donald trump behind bars. >> i think she is a disgrace. i don't think she is a talented person. i tried to be nice to her because i would have liked to have gotten some


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