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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  FOX Business  June 8, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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of you right here next week. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today in england working with other world leaders, there he will commemorate the allied invasion of normandy and the heroes of d-day tomorrow. the president's european trip has been a spectacular and memorable success filled with pageantry, plenty of pomp as well and beated by the forwards on -- greeted by the guards on parade and a sit-down with the lame duck prime minister, saw may. all another day in doing the nation's business abroad. meanwhile, back home politics as usual.
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the usual viciousness, the usual venality, both parties playing their parts in the long-running swampy operetta filled with dark and sinister villains, and then the president's own party the players are even worse at times, eager to betray and greedy for political gain. all this as president trump prepares to honor those brave americans and allies who fought in one of our nation's most historic battles, d-day. at the white house today, vice president pence, secretary of state pompeo meeting with the mexican foreign minister, assuring the minister that president trump is absolutely serious about imposing tariffs on mexico and its exports to this country, affirming the president's insistence that mexico stop illegal immigration, secure its side of the u.s./mexico border and end their tolerance of the cartel corruption that has overtaken most of mexico and nearly the
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entire border between our two countries. here's what the president said he expects of any deal with mexico. >> mexico, you know, wants to make a deal. they have their entire delegation right now going over to probably the white house location, but they're negotiating with our people. mexico, look, the drugs that are coming in, the people that are coming in unchecked, they're coming up by the millions, and i think they will stop it. i think they do want to do something, i think they want to make a deal. lou: we'll find out. despite border apprehensions reaching levels unseen in 13 years, the president is now meeting with even more resistance from senate republicans who seem bound and determined to undercut the president. those rinos acting more like radical dems than members of the president's own party. as the debate new tariffs on mexico unfolds there in washington, president trump is
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overseas doing the nation's business. the president in england this morning honoring those who stormed the beaches of normandy, traveling to ireland there to meet with the prime minister. the president remains there this evening. he will held to normandy tomorrow. but while the president attends to that ceremony, that commemoration, senate republicans seem hell bent on destroying themselves and their careers and perhaps the country. mitch mcconnell and the rest of his rino resistance leadership today, again, showing they have the same level of integrity and respect for the president as do the radical dems and the left who have sought to undercut him, to subvert him since day one of his presidency. >> the tariffs are unnecessary. >> tariffs, in this instance, are hurting the chances of getting usmca. >> this is going to cause increased costs for average americans.
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>> we would all be better off if we don't put the tariffs on mexico. lou: the rino and radical dems all braying the same tune, opposing the president and his policies on illegal immigration, a secure border. it is a national emergency. and these rinos and radical dems, in effect, aligning themselves with the heads of the major mexican drug cartels who traffic in human beings, sex trafficking, deadly drugs across our border, moving every day. and the cartels, the cartels making billions upon billions of dollars each and every year on every ounce of drugs, on every single person in the sex traffic that crosses that border and, of course, the immigration, the illegal immigration of central americans and mexicans primarily across that border. this should outrage every american. to share your outrage with the
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rinos and the radical dems who are concerned with the bottom line -- who are more concerned with the bottom line than the safety of our people, we want you in particular to have an opportunity to talk to senator mitch mcconnell, the majority leader's office number is right there. we've also listed the number of his, his boss, tom donohue who's the president of the chamber of commerce, or as we call it here, the chamber of horrors, representing the nation's business, big business lobby. as well as the number for the koch brothers. they backed americans for prosperity, they also are the ones calling on the senate to block the president and his border security policies and, of course, those tariffs because they know those tariffs will work. joining us tonight, tom homan, former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement, fox business contributor and great american. tom, great to have you with us. and your reaction to reports
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that mexico thinks that it's done quite enough and just wants to talk about what all it's currently doing even as the number of apprehensions last month rose to 136,000, a 13-year high for the month of may. >> i saw the press release that the governor of mexico did about how many people they've actually removed, and they basically adjust about 10% of the problem. actually, that's an actual number. about one in ten of till legal aliens who transited through mexico they actually did something about. they have not done anything. they need to do, they need to track the cartels that are managing this operation. they need to defend their southern border. they need to extend the migration protection protocol. they haven't done squat, and they need -- i know they're here talking, they're talking. i want to see actions, i want to see them doing something. enough talk. let's see what you're going to
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do. lou: yeah. the foreign minister looked like a fellow who thought he was too cute to be in the company of u.s. officials and blathering along, talking nonsense and while people are dying every day. 70,000 people in this country die of drug overdoses, opiate drug overdoses. we are at a point where the senate undercutting this president and the chamber of commerce, the biggest business lobby in the country, telling the president they're going to sue him to stop him from securing that border, we are watching the republican party itself betray this president because they know damn well that those tariffs will work against mexico, and the punishment will be quick, and there are consequences that they'll have to suffer will be intense. your thoughts. >> i agree with you 100%. i think it's disgusting that the republican senators want to cut the president off at the knees. are they paying attention to
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border, what's happening? what price are they going to put on national security, public safety and our sovereignty? stop worrying about the lobbyists and big companies, let's start worrying about the american people and protecting our border. let me say it again, the numbers out today, 46% of border patrol agents are not on the line. if you're in the world and you want to do harm in this country, if you're a terrorist, you're going to enter the country the same way 12-20 million people have done it. you're not going to buy an airline ticket or try e to get a visa. you're going to use the same route the 12-20 million illegal aliens use, and right now the border is porous, it's the open, it's not controlled. the border patrol itself said today, 40-60% of border patrol agents are not on the line. this is a national security crisis, and god help us if we don't step up and do something quickly. these republican senators and the democratic party are going to find themselves on the wrong side of history if something
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terrible happens to this country. lou: when i watch cornyn and grassley and the whole bunch of the republican leadership -- do we have this picture of the republican leadership in the senate? i would like to show the folks -- the audience these folks who pretend they are leaders. again, do we have that picture available? if not -- there they are. quite a jovial bunch. joni ernst, roy blunt, right to -- right to your right to left there, connell in the middle -- mcconnell in the middle. john barrasso, john thune in the back. these people are the ones selling out this president, and i want every american to see just who it is that is trying to commit, first of all, they're committing political suicide because they are refusing to support this president. they didn't pay much attention to what happened in the november midterms last year.
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everyone who did not support this president lost their seat, that's why the democrats are in control. it's going to happen again. and to see these people stand up and question the president, these are the geniuses who got us in this mess, tom. these are the same people who push these nonsense chamber of commerce open borders, illegal immigration, you know, by any number is just fine. it's their policies that have followed, and they question the president? it's outrageous. >> no, i agree with you. and, you know, it's not like the democrat party isn't doing enough harm to this country. lou: right. >> now we've got a few republicans jumping on the bandwagon. if you talk about the democrat party, i thought about this tonight, there's a couple things that the american people need to understand democratic leadership is not doing. they're not addressing the border. they're passing an amnesty plan for 2.5 million people, rewarding illegal behavior, and
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they're doing that, it's more important for them to give a reward program to 2.5 million people than to stop the deaths and the rapes and what's going on on our border and trying to secure our border. i don't think they're intentionally -- i almost think they're intentionally trying to create chaos on the border. we can't take action on parents that smuggle children, and i said more children will come. children are at an all-time high. i said more families would come, they came. and now they're passing amnesty plan, that's the last thing -- they just threw gas on the fire, because that'll entice more people to come. they all started coming after the daca in fy-13 after daca passed in '12, all of a sudden families started coming. it's just crazy what they're doing. they're not that stupid. they have to know what they're doing. so if there's a manufactured crisis, they're manufacturing it to embarrass this president in 2020 and say he failed on his number one promise. lou: it is, it is disgusting, what we are watching. >> sickening. lou: it is terrible.
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and i've got to say dhs right now is not responding any better under an acting secretary than it was responding under the previous now-departed secretary of dhs. i hope that changes very soon. tom homan, you inspire us all. thanks for being here, we appreciate it. >> thanks for telling the truth to american people, lou. keep it up. lou: yes, sir. thank you. up next, delusional democrats -- pelosi, for example -- ignoring the deadly violence in mexico, calling the president's tariffs dangerous territory. no, no, the dangerous territory is all of mexico. the dangerous territory is right on that u.s./mexico border. we'll have that and much more right after these quick messages. please stay with us. ♪ ♪
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lou: the president of the koch brothers'-backed americans for prosperity, tom phillips, praising the rino senators who yesterday announced their opposition to president's plan to secure the southern border to impose tariffs on mexico if they don't stop the illegal immigration approaching our border with mexico if they do not stop those breaches in security. phillips telling cbs news,
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quote -- i love this, i just love this, you're gonna love it -- it is worrisome what in ts relationship we have with mexico and tariffs, we hope it's just rhetoric, we do. but it's worrisome given the rhetoric over the last two years. he's worried, is he, about mexico. maybe he should worry about the 70,000 americans who are dying of drug overdoses, most of those from the drugs that are being brought across that border by the cartels with whom the koch brothers now have aligned themselves. as has nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and, oh, yes, majority leader mitch mcconnell and the republican leadership in the senate. house speaker pelosi today suggested president trump is treating mexico like an enemy. listen to her. >> i think that this is dangerous territory. this is not a way to treat a friend. lou: well, let's see how we
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should treat a friend. as you look there, the little green areas, those are the areas of mexico where the mexican government says it's in control. the red and the yellow spots, it's in dispute. the yellow ones. the red you'll notice there's just red and yellow at the top of mexico there as you approach our border. nearly 80% of the inhabitedded regions in mexico are under the influence or control of the drug cartels. more than 132,000 illegal immigrants apprehended in may along our 2,000-mile-long border with mexico. mexico's southern border, by the way, is less than 700 miles long. it would be much easier to secure for mexico, don't you think? and don't you think that 30 some odd thousand murders a year and the just extraordinary violence
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that is visited upon mexico by the drug cartels should be a matter of concern for both the lopez obrador government as well as our own? well, joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst ed rollins. i mean, ed, this is something to watch. pelosi's worried about that little, friendly nation to our south where they just send us illegal immigrants by the millions, where they just send us drugs by the tons and kill tens of thousands of americans every year, and their gangs. it is amazing to listen to this nonsense. and, by the way, did cbs news ask a follow-up question? did they point out a countervailing reality? >> listen, we have been an extraordinary friend of mexico. we have given them so much, north america free trade, what have you, rebuilt their economy. when you look at that map, nancy pelosi ought to get through san francisco and look to bottom of
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her state and see where it's all red, baja, what have you, which is all totally controlled. she ought to go down to san diego, some of the elements of it, that's basically -- lou: she ought to go without her bodyguards. >> right. well, she won't do that. you look at that map, that's southern california, imperial valley, that's all -- it's astonishing to me -- lou: above that border. >> right. the reality is we have a serious problem. the president's trying to face it. he's not talking -- these senators are talking about their parochial interests, but this is a national problem, and the solution is building a wall, tightening the security. meanwhile, the democrats led by pelosi are starting to want more benefits for the daca and what have you. and until they secure those borders, no other programs are going to get through. lou: well, in point of fact the president has signed an executive order to limit illegal immigrants from being able to secure our welfare assistance.
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that's a step in the right direction. it's hardly enough. and schumer and pelosi, you know, they seem to be in perfect unison with mitch mcconnell. he seems to be hell bent on taking the leadership of the republican party in the senate, subverting the president and dooming the republican party to the loss of the senate, republican loss of control in the senate in 2020. he's committing political suicide. >> the reality is we had a big class in 218 that we should have won 10 seats instead of 2 or 3, and he ran the whole operation, and we failed miserably. we have a big class of our republicans this time, including himself, and they better be supporting this president -- lou: well, that's the politics of it. the policy side of it, the most important part of this is that the united states is about to -- i mean, if they prevail against the president, stop him from
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imposing tariffs, stop him from securing that border, this nation is going to be completely overrun. >> oh, absolutely. there's no question about that. and the politics play a role in it, but i think at the end of the day this president has to stay strong, and they have to support him. lou: ed rollins, great to see you, thank you. ♪ lou: the radical dems and the nerve trumpers are -- never trumpers are, obviously, getting very concerned about attorney general bill barr's investigation of the origins of the russia probe. former fbi agent bill mott explaining why the discredited dossier author, christopher steele, should not talk to justice department. >> the democrats have a clock ticking. if they can't get things under way before the department of justice says here's our report on how the investigation was initiated, they're in trouble. when this thing got started about the trump campaign, it was pretty ugly. and then we're off to races. the white house will have some
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real ammo. lou: real ammo. it looks like there's plenty of ammo, it's just a question of getting it loaded. the trump campaign fighting to end a democratic national committee lawsuit that alleges the campaign conspired with russia to interfere in the election. trump campaign attorneys using the mueller report against the dnc. the court filing states this, quote: the report debunks any such conclusion by walking through the vast body of evidence that his office collected -- his, being the special counsel's office -- and establishing that none of this evidence showed the campaign in any way formed any sort of agreement with russia. up next, more on the president's defiance in the face of rinos and globalist business groups trying to stop him and the new tariffs on mexico which would assure both border security and an end to illegal immigration. that is what the chamber and business lobbies fear most. tonight the debut of joe biden's
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lou: turns out joe biden's new $1.7 trillion climate plan has a bit of a carbon copy feel to it. an activist tweeting screen shots of biden's web site about this one -- like this one, a widely available cost effective and rapidly scalable vision to meet mid century climate goals. that's word for word the same on the carbon capture coalition's web site. back in 1987 biden's presidential camp pain ended after he was exposed from lifting quotes as a law student and politician from figures such as robert f. kennedy and britain's neil kinic. but, again, more similarities.
7:29 pm
we'll see what happens. rino senators selling out the security of the american people, threatening to block the president's tariffs on mexico. the president today served notice to would-be resistance within his own party. >> and what do you think of republicans who say that they may take action to block you imposing her to tariffs? >> i don't know they will do that, i think if they do, it's foolish. there's nothing more important than borders. i've had terrific republican support. i had a 94% approval rating as of this morning in the republican party, that's an all-time record. lou: joins us -- joining us tonight, christian whiton, former senior adviser in the trump and bush administrations. great to have you with us. first, the mexican foreign minister shows up, and nan is city pelosi's office -- in nancy pelosi's office instead of the secretary of state? what could be more aggravating than that to trump white house?
7:30 pm
>> you know, yeah, this is not a great move, and this ising this shah china and condition canada did, especially before they gave in to president trump on nafta negotiation. the canadian foreign minister spent more time on capitol hill than talking to u.s. trade representative, bob lighthizer. now, the secretary of state, i believe, is traveling in europe, but the idea of approaching the president's opponents on capitol hill before candidly talking -- you know, the president has extended an olive branch. he has said we could get an agreement with mexico, and they've listed three fairly simple things that mexico could do. lou: as much of an insult as they have delivered here, his own party and mitch mcconnell are doing them far better in the way of an insult, actually threatening the president, the chamber of commerce, the principal business lobby in this country threatening him with lawsuits as he is dealing with a national emergency, and they have the arrogance and ignorance
7:31 pm
to actually threaten a sitting president with a lawsuit to stop the his policies that he deems necessary to secure the national interest. and that group of senators, republican senators, the republican conference in the senate betraying the president, and they mean, you can tell, they mean what they're saying. they're going to try everything they've got to block him. >> yeah. and i'm not sure that the vote count really is what they say it is. you have senator kramer from north dakota, you have senator tillis from north carolina, senator rubio from florida all either expressing support for the president or saying he clearly has the authority, which is what they're challenging. they're not saying necessarily this is bad policy. some are. some are saying he doesn't have the authority -- lou: christian, i have to say to you i have heard from those within that meeting, and what is being represented is, in point of fact, what was occurring.
7:32 pm
voices that would have been, you would think, speaking out, silent. and mitch mcconnell's conference obviously carrying the day. they mean what they're saying. >> well, that's very disappointing when you think also -- lou: hell, yes, it's disappointing. >> the reason this crisis exists is because when republicans controlled both houses of congress and could have, by using a budget resolution, essentially gotten anything through, refused to fund the law. what president hasn't gotten his number one priority -- rue rue you know the one who hasn't? -- lou: you know the one who hasn't? paul ryan as his resident traitor in the speaker's office. that's who. and now he has mitch mcconnell following. i mean, it's as if their, you know, the -- they're, you know, the ghosts of mitt romney and paul ryan are walking the halls of the u.s. senate. >> you know, it's, again, the house is in play for 2020, or at
7:33 pm
least it could be, if house republicans support the president and his broad agenda, if they latch on to the -- lou: what about the senate republicanses? >> right. and also that's, you know, 53, that's a narrow margin. i think people are assuming that you come out of the 2020 elections in about the same shape, but, you know, if you alienate your base which supports the president by percentages in excess of 90%, republican support for president bush, if you go against that, that is not a great -- people are more than willing to submit their vote -- split their votes, split their ticket. lou: well, i was asking you less the grassroots political and more the question of governance. this is, to me -- and i want to get your reaction to it -- this is the senate conference committing suicide of the gop, committing suicide. would you agree with that? >> if they follow through with the, yes. i think they will not be in a good position going into 2020. i hope they come to their senses. you know, i think that the texas
7:34 pm
delegation is getting a lot of complaints from some businesses in the -- lou: who is? i'm sorry. >> more broadly -- the texas delegation. lou: the texas delegation? every delegation. i have talked with people who changed their positions, various sources and all kinds of, in several walks of life who have changed their positions in 24 hours, for crying out loud. we are watching this business lobby in this country bring our government to its knees at least as it's represented by the republican conference in the u.s. senate. it is disgusting. it's appalling. and it is an existential threat, i would think. would you agree? >> to, certainly, to republican majority. yeah, i don't know what they're doing. it's not even good negotiating. i mean, even if you're just upset with this, stick with the president. we're talking 5% here. are we really that dependent on mexico? we need to have another
7:35 pm
conversation about that, if that's the case. lou: they obviously lack integrity, but they also are equally deficient in intellect. christian, good to have you with us. christian whiton to. as always. >> thank you, lou. they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? nueven if you try to eat well,. you might fall short in key nutrients. get more by adding one a day. it's the #1 multivitamin uniquely designed for men and women. one serving, once a day. one a day. and done.
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layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. lou: president trump in london today delivering this stern warning to mexico: >> mexico shouldn't allow millions of people to try and enter our country x. they could stop it very quickly. and i think they will.
7:39 pm
and if they won't, we're going to put tariff on. i don't want to hear that mexico is run by the cartels and the drug lords and the coyotes. i don't want to hear about that. a lot of people are saying that. mexico has something to prove. but i don't want to hear that they're run by the cartels. mexico should step up and stop this onslaught, this invasion into our country. lou: and acting i.c.e. director mark morgan says that deportation of illegal immigrant families is definitely one of the options that he is considering to deal with the growing crisis at the border. in washington today morgan told reporters, quote: i think we can't exempt anybody, that will include families. morgan say that is the deportation of families is a deterrent for those who would illegally cross our borders, and there are thousands, thens of thousands of -- tens of thousands of them doing so each year. joining us tonight, dr. sebastian gorka, radio host, former strategist to president
7:40 pm
trump. first of all, seb, good to have you with us. this is, this is a critical night in the history of this republic, i truly believe that. the gop conference in the senate working to undercut, to undermine, to subvert this president and his policies that are desperately needed to protect the nation and our sovereignty. your thoughts tonight. >> i agree with you, lou. this is crunch time for those who have the letter r after their name. it's a very simple equation, i think the guest you had earlier, christian whiton, said it well. you have an option to hitch your wagon to one of the most successful presidents in modern history, to make america great again, secure our borders, secure the safety of all americans, lou. it is not just the border. whether you're kate steinle walking down a promenade in san francisco, whether you are
7:41 pm
corporal ronil sing, these are all people who were murdered by illegal aliens. this is the decision point for the republican party. for mexico as well. the president sent a very clear message. mexico has been acting in bad faith, and we're not going to allow them to do it any longer. so whether it's the coward caucus of rinos on capitol hill or whether it's our southerly neighbors, these people have a very simple choice to make: deal with this president or pay the consequences. lou: the consequences, unfortunately, are going to be paid by the american people. because without a secure border, we are vulnerable to every kind of threat, terrorist threats, drug smuggling, sex trafficking, the opiate deaths in this country rising, as you know, exponentially every year. the president the only candidate who had the guts to take on the opiate addiction crisis that we face, and now his senate matter
7:42 pm
leader, mitch mcconnell -- majority leader is undercutting him with the same glee in his eye that you would expect to be in chuck schumer's or the deep state, the radical dems who have tried to obstruct him every step of the way or worse, subvert him every step of the way. what is the president to do here? >> well, the fact is i said this when i was in the white house, i've said it since i left. donald trump became president despite the gop, not thanks to gop. what is to be done? the president is the arch communicator. in one tweet, in one press conference he more to accomplish the -- he does more to accomplish the messaging that the g work p should have been doing for 20 years. he'd have to send a very simple message. you, through your actions, are going to demonstrate whether you
7:43 pm
are for the american people and for the safety of all americans in this country. if not, then you're sending a clear message. and you will pay the price, mitch mcconnell or your colleagues, in 2020. he has to send a broadside across the bow of the gop. lou: we can't wait for 2020 for an accounting. this is, i truly believe, an existential threat that is posed by the chamber of commerce and dunces who they've bought and paid for in the senate gop conference. they are doing their bidding. you can see mcconnell looking into the abyss and telling each of them to follow me. he is -- i mean, this is truly, truly troubling stuff. i just cannot imagine why there will not be just a, frankly, an uprising in this country against the business lobby, these
7:44 pm
pseudo-republicans who have just sold out the people who voted for them and put them in washington, d.c. and this president they elected. >> it's a betrayal. it's a betrayal of the american people, lou. it's a deal of devilish proportions between the chamber of commerce that wants illegal aliens to work cheap and undermine the american workers, and it's the democrats that want to have a new political plantation, a constituent -- a constituency of illegal aliens beholden to them. that's the bottom line. lou: sebastian gorka, always good to have you with us. thanks. we'll be right back. >> thank you, lou. eeth. complete protection from parodontax has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax.
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lou: i've talked with a number of people today, all of them off the record, but i can tell you tonight i fear for the republic. the republican party is being led on, well, in the u.s. senate on capitol hill by cowards. they don't represent the americans who sent them there to represent the national interests. instead, they are clearly led by multi-nationalists, big business and wall street and thing lobbies that represent those multi-nationals and business interests. in fact, the senators are afraid the president will do exactly
7:49 pm
what he was voted in to do and what he set out to do; that is, to shut down illegal immigration and secure our southern border, the force mexico to stop the illegal immigration that the chamber of horrors desires for its members. the chamber's demands of the senate prove just how afraid big business really is of president trump, as tonight he is on the verge of winning both a trade war and resolving the national emergency that he declare only four months ago. the republican party in the senate appears to me to be on the verge of committing absolute suicide. the tragedy is they may well take this great republican down with them. tonight president trump stands between them and the making of what will surely be a national disaster if these gop senators in the senate have their way. and the radical dem' disarray on full disclay over
7:50 pm
the weekend, particularly in -- display. just listen to what happened to former colorado governor john hickenlooper and former maryland congressman john delaney after they warned about socialism. >> if we want to beat donald trump and achieve big, progressive goals, socialism is not the answer. i was reelected -- [background sounds] >> medicare for all may sound good, but it's actually not good policy, nor is it good politics. i'm telling ya -- bounds i'm telling ya. [background sounds] lou: you know, he can say he's telling 'em, i guess, three or four more times, and they'd still be telling him. that was a pretty emphatic boo-fest there. today marks the 30th anniversary of tiananmen square massacre in beijing. there, the chinese military
7:51 pm
armed with assault rifles and tanks, fired on demonstrators who sought democracy. thousands of people died in that bloodshed although there is, of course, no official death toll. to this day, the chinese government will not fully admit to the actual number killed in those demonstrations and the armed engagement of their military. their unwillingness to apologize for the massacre, the failure of the communist chinese to recognize the death toll a clear, clear statement as to why this country should never decouple in its foreign policy commerce and human rights. particularly when it comes to our relationship with totalitarian regimes like china. oh, yeah,
7:52 pm
that's gonna be a good one. ♪ (playing) did you know that nationwide has customized small business insurance? huh-uh. maybe that's a song. yeah, maybe. (peyton) did you know nationwide is america's #1 provider of pet insurance, farms, and ranches? now that's a song. yeah, maybe. oh, that's gold right there. did you know that nationwide has an interactive retirement planner? (music stops) are we there yet? ♪ (nationwide jingle) too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice.
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but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. lou: joaning us tonight -- joining us tonight, emily campagno, fox business contributor and today co-host of "the five." it's great to see you, thanks for being here. >> thank you. lou: this is, i think, one of the darkest moments that i have seen in our capitol for a long time. this is an abject betrayal on the part of mitch mcconnell, the leadership that we have
7:56 pm
shared with our audience -- and i apologize for the images that you see as a result. it is an absolute shame, it is appalling that the president of the united states has to put up with such nonsense with the gop conference in the senate. >> the problem is this makes our party no better than the left. the democratic party right now is divisive on a multitude of levels -- lou: right. >> so why are we any better at this point? what we had up until now was a semblance of unity at some point which now is, obviously, being subverted. and i also think the larger problem is it's not only undermining the president's authority, but also the electorate. it's undermining the voters. lou: absolutely. they're telling every american who voted for this president, go to hell. we do not care. we have a cure in the senate, and we will exhaust it before we grow a spine, acquire a
7:57 pm
principle or, certainly, a doll lop of courage. >> prior administrations have, they have been continuing to fail at diplomacy with mexico and southern countries in terms of stymying the cartels' growing influence down there and the resulting push factors that push hundreds of thousands, millions of immigrants over our borders and also drugs and other things that have permeated our entire state. so if those congressmen and senators actually cared about all of the fact factors from which the southern border flows, you would think they would be onboard with this kind of creative and novel way to deal with it. lou: an effective way. i believe we're watching the chamber of commerce -- and, again, can we show those, the leadership of the u.s. senate gop conference? because this is -- a picture says, i don't know how many words, 10,000? 20,000? this is an endless book we're looking at, because it is --
7:58 pm
they are, they are reprehensible in what they're doing. their families have to understand what traitors they are to their conference, to their party and to country. this president, i think it couldn't be clearer, when the chamber of commerce and the most powerful business lobby in all the world comes together to stop tariffs on mexico and for the purpose of securing the border, stopping illegal immigration, it's got to be clear why it's important for those senators to stand up for this president. the only one who's done anything to even slow illegal immigration. >> and i that resistance oversimplifies the problem and also the economics of it. and it also models inappropriately a kind of refusal to even negotiate with the president or to have some type of discussion or to support him and say -- lou: and to do it while he's in london, overseas.
7:59 pm
>> quite transparent. lou: it's, and you make a terrific pointful -- point. this is the rino republican establishment in the senate aligning and allying itself with the radical dems of the house. now, that is a hell of a combination, isn't it? the american people -- we're witnessing something that has never, ever occurred in this country before. and it is, jerrold nadler talks about constitutional crises? this is a crisis of conscience, of soul for the country. and if these, these haggard, tired leaders of the republican party on capitol hill sell out this president, it's going to be, it is going to be a terrible day in america. >> and without that unity, then that's when the next election cycle, they're going to be the ones that suffer which means we're going to suffer too. lou: yeah, unfortunately.
8:00 pm
we too, the entire country. emily, great to see you. >> thank you, lou. lou: thanks so much. a reminder to follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbs tonight. we thank you for joining us. good night from new york. york. david: mexico sending 6,000 troops to its border in an effort to show the trump administration that it's willing to curb the flow of migrants across their border. even some in the liberal media are saying nancy pelosi wept too far after reports surfaced that she wants to see donald trump behind bars. >> i think she is a disgrace. i don't think she is a talented person. i tried to be nice to her because i would have liked to have gotten some deal


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