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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 10, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ dagen: 6:00 a.m. on the nose on the east, we look at markets, futures heading higher this morning to start a new week coming off best week of the year so far, 95-point gain on the dow futures at the moment but, again, dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq 100 futures all heading to plus side. weak economic data coming out of china showing import following as domestic flows, border trade tensions easing this after last-minute deal on friday to address immigration and avoid punishing tariff on méxico, you can take a look at how the markets performed last week, last week a lot of it driven by
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federal reserve will move sooner rather than later to cut interest rates because of the trade tensions, now we have easing there, what do you make of all of this, national security chief market strategist or the -- art hogan. >> good to see you. >> you can agree if i'm wrong, the weaker job's data is fed will cut interest rates sooner rather than later, what about this reaction to the trade deal with méxico? >> you know, i think you made very good point, the narrative has shifted over the last 2 weeks, the fed has got back if in fact, all trade tensions last longer, trade tensions behind us. that's the good news. the fed has to look at this and say, we will move and that
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really with whole host of speakers including powell who said exactly that. dagen: i called it trade deal, it's really immigration deal with the threat of tariffs removed, tariffs usually has been a trade negotiating weapon by president trump. so it's a short-term immigration deal, nevertheless upside down world of wall street, the market rallies because it looks like the federal reserve will cut interest rates, june was thrown out on friday. now that you have tensions with méxico behind us in the short run, why is the market still rallying because it looks like possibility that the fed will cut in june or even july, reduced the morning, why are markets still rallying? >> i think it's important for the market right now that treasury secretary mnuchin came back from a meeting and said there's a meeting in g20, that's important.
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the progress that we made and better on u.s.-china trade, much larger -- dagen: can the fed come to the rescue, though, we are in this world with what's going on with china and the tensions there, very hard to analyze what the fallout might be, how businesses have already reacted but factory activity so far this year, not just around the world but in the u.s.? >> right, there's two levels of trade wars, actually damage and you see slowdown of business, it's a confidence level. changing supply chain, how much has affected in levels of confidence by businesses and i think is harder to measure. dagen: how do you position yourself, i want to get united technology and raytheon, second
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largest defense company in u.s. behind boeing, 100 billion-dollar company between now given this deal and between now and the g20 meeting, how do you position your portfolio? >> well, interesting, obviously if you're thinking about retirement, not something that we will move around but you see the market has not gotten to at or all-time highs again and you look at what $168, pretty quickly, this would not be a bad time to say either wait until rally, my guess china will take summer to unwind and escalate trade tensions. dagen: you look at 10-year yield, selling pressure this morning given the kind of easing
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of tensions with méxico, nevertheless yield curve still inverted, i think it closed at 2.08% this morning, selling pressure there. the yield curve is still inverted, where would you allocate, if you will put money to work in a cash, where would you put it, in short-term. >> especially if in fact, we think we are with federal reserve. it's hard to know. i think that as you look at model, would rather have you get -- be careful what some of those defenses. >> we talk about long run, you can still allocate around sectors in your overall equity position, what looks inexpensive here in -- in stocks? >> well, you know -- dagen: sector wise. >> when you look at energy which
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nobody wants to touch, energy is very, very cheap. as a matter of fact energy -- dagen: good to see you, have a great week, what are you looking at? retail sales friday, inflation? >> pretty hectic week and when you start, i don't think you will see a whole lot more. dagen: good to know, art, or the hogan, moving onto news, baseball legend recovering after being shot, cheryl casone has details, hey, cheryl. cheryl: former boston red sox champion david ortiz ambushed and shot in the back in santo domingo in dominican republic happened overnight, ortiz
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telling the doctor, please don't let me die, i'm a good man before he underwent emergency surgery, shot in lower back, now listed in stable condition, surveillance video, a man got off a motorcycle and attacked ortiz at a crowded bar. the suspect has been taken into custody, he was caught and beaten by a crowd of witnesses. ortiz known as big papi hired in 2016 after leading the boston read sox to 3 world series titles, we will have much more later on with this story, jared max will be joining the show later this morning. more fallouts from the grounding of boeing 737 max jet, american airlines extending flight cancellations about 3 weeks, expect toddies corrupt travels for passengers every day through labor day. american airlines with two dozen and would not allow jets to fly
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again. acting budget chief is speaking of delay on putting restrictions on huawei in enforcement, sent letter to vice president pence and nine members of congress saying that american companies need time to adjust, huawei saying in a statement, quote, committed to supporting our existing u.s. customers. huawei technology chief security officer will be joining mornings with maria for exclusive interview, that would be tomorrow 7:00 a.m. eastern time. dagen, those are your headlines on this monday morning. dagen: staying home for your pets, i don't think i've done that. cheryl: absolutely i've done that. keeping it real. i'm being honest. dagen: coming up 2020 vision, democratic contenders descending on iowa making pitch to voters, the latest polls numbers and
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ask your doctor if everyday verzenio is right for your first treatment. dagen: president trump just tweeting this, now with new deal méxico is doing more for the usa on illegal immigration than the democrats, in fact, the democrats are doing nothing, they want open borders which means illegal immigration, drugs and crime, so he turns the spotlight back to the dems to get something done in terms of our asylum laws maybe. we've got a big show this morning coming up former white house trade official, incoming partner, williams is here, former cke restaurant ceo author of capitalist comeback andy puzder, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano
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u -- john bean, watergate name testifying on capitol hill, i'm curious what the judge says about that and you don't want to miss the interview, the ceo of union square hospitality danny myer, you know the shake shack, that's the man behind that. 2020 presidential candidates took stage last night at iowa's hall of fame dinner, white house hopefuls targeting president trump and even fellow candidate joe biden who did not attend. listen to this. >> we can't take 4 more years of donald trump. [cheers and applause] [inaudible] >> we are all a part of being the avengers, the republicans in
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2016, that was the hunger games. >> there are some well-intentioned democrats and candidates whoable that the best way forward is a middle-ground strategy, that approach is not just bad public policy, but it is a failed political strategy. [inaudible] dagen: former vice president joe biden leading the pack at 24%, this is an iowa poll down from 32% in this poll back in december following biden is bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and then mayor -- mayor pete buttigieg and 7% kamala harris, everybody else at 2% or below according to latest des moines register poll. new york city mayor bill de blasio is right there with
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florida mayor, not picked as first or second choice by anybody. joining the conversation this morning strategist president, former white house correspondent, pwc partner mitch roschelle and fox news contributor lawrence jones, i end with you lawrence and begin with you? >> nobody wants him to be president or their second choice. he's done a terrible job as mayor of new york city. i don't think -- i think it was only 2% that wanted him to even run in new york city. he barely won his last election. i think when it comes to this, you know, candidates biden is starting to surge more, you see all candidates turning all their attention to him. he tried to run a general election campaign, the other candidates trying to make him run a primary campaign. >> just support is softening in iowa, what do you make of that and doesn't bother to show up
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there, he really has to have good showing in first states, though, to get momentum going into other contests in the year? >> you're absolutely correct. i believe that his staff, staff has tried to shield him from the politics that are in the primary, but they can't shield him anymore. you see the candidates attacking him on his belief when it comes to abortion now. he flip-flopped then flipped right back to original position. >> calling changing mind but i think i recall that being called flip-flop, his staff is trying to hide him, not doing as much press, he's not putting himself out there as much. that's going to affect him. you keep yourself safe from negative headlines of biden making mistake or saying something that would backfire on him but the polls will close because people in iowa, people in new hampshire expect to hear from candidates. they don't care that you were the vice president, they don't care that you've been in public eye for decades, they want to shake your hand and want to see what he can do for america.
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dagen: he can do that, he doesn't want to be on stage where he's punching bag with all the other candidates because they will all go after him, interesting, mitch, first debate in miami later this month. >> the monodenominater was trump, trump and dagen was spot on, biden will be in the situation where he becomes the common denominator and all shooting at him. dagen: look at all candidates, when do people start dropping, lawrence? [laughter] dagen: he made commercial last week of him basically changing his child's diaper. >> unlike republican primary where you saw the field of candidates, they are going to stay in a lot longer than what you should expect in third debate before candidates actually start to mellow out to about 12 candidates on the stage. just because -- >> mellowing out.
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>> yeah, yeah. so many of them. i think because -- a lot of people don't expect to win but what they are trying to do raise profile and willing -- they don't have large amount of staff, it's just them. so this is just, you know, although biden will be the punching bag, president trump will be the punching bag and that's become the common denominator for all of these people, if you punch trump, then you get some applause and that's what they are looking for. >> it's kind of disgraceful and disingenuous to be putting yourself out there to raise your profile, if that's the new end game for running for president, i don't really think that we felt that or took that away from republican primary but does really feel different this time around. dagen: never underestimate the arrogance of a politician, i don't mean -- the self-delusion and i don't mean as slap on democrats and slap on all politicians. >> not just politicians, several people running running who haver been in politics before and looked at trump if he could do
6:19 am
it then i can do it. different type of arrogance. dagen: what happened to found internal -- founder of starbucks, howard schultz, where is he? there's a lot of biden support is what would be consider soft support, 10 to 15% soft support, only supporting him because he right now looks like to best candidate to beat president trump, so when you start getting some of these individuals falling by the wayside between now and say august, somebody told me that there's 25 percentage points up in the air that could move that's up for grabs, so if you wonder why beto o'rourke still hanging around, that's why, because he's hoping that -- >> he keeps rebooting campaign. dagen: that's why he's standing
6:20 am
around hope to go catch some of that. >> i think hillary is waiting around. >> no, no. no. >> i totally believe it. dagen: no, no. >> you heard it here first. >> i'm telling you, she's standing by to be the if something goes wrong, mark my words. dagen: does she think that the leadership party will call her on the phone? >> i'm not sure they won't protect her. dagen: we have to go, why do they not blame her for -- >> because russia did it, dagen. leaders in the party saying that russia is responsible with the disinformation for her loss. >> what? >> talk about disillusion right here. dagen: shaking our heads protestors flooding the streets of hong kong, what sparked weekend demonstration? plus chaos as massive fire burns
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near six flags magic mountain, more on the confusing evacuation next.
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dagen: headlines across america this morning, dallas news reports one dead 5 injured after storm topples crane in old east dallas apartments. the crane was being used at construction site next door to the apartments, still not clear what caused it to fall, but powerful wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour reported in the city, emergency crews help evacuate residents and searched for people and their pets. mercury news writes brush fire shuts down magic mountain amusement park, the park first announcing guests had to leave
6:25 am
due to heavy smoke surrounding it and hurricane harbor yesterday afternoon but a short time later said on twitter that fire officials wanted visitors to stay put as crews worked to contain the flames. then the denver post reports this, school of minds built a real-life iron man suit for new discovery channel series, college quick to say yes to the former cohost adam who asked if it could help build the suit out of titanium with two major add-ons, it had to fly and also repel bullets. the colorado school of minds by the way, mitch, is a really great school, is it not? >> i am not familiar with that. dagen: you're not? >> nor am i familiar with iron man. i said it on the air, i've never seen the movie, never seen the movies. >> are you kidding? >> my father-in-law went to school of mind.
6:26 am
very smart engineer. dagen: metals and mining. >> see. i get that one wrong. dagen: i didn't do that on purpose, iron man, you're a fan or not? >> of course, i'm a fan. dagen: thank you, thank you very much. robert downing, jr. rules. striking a deal, u.s. imposed tariffs on mexican goods everted, how the markets are liking it and more of 1 million people filling the streets of hong kong this weekend, what is behind the outrage next? your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell in nor maria bartiromo, monday june 10th, u.s. immigration deal and the united
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technology raytheon merger lifting global markets, this after last week's gain best week of the year, dow industrials snapping a 6-week losing streak, s&p 500 and nasdaq ending 4 straight weeks of losses, big gains, the biggest gainer there up 4.7%, markets today, take a look at europe, markets in germany are closed for holiday, australia's market we have gains on ftse 100 and cac quarante in france. in asia gains across the board despite weak import data out of china though hang seng gaining more than 2 and quarter percent. targeting big technology, the house judiciary committee holding a hearing tomorrow, we look at what to expect. has i have protests in hong kong, more than one million people filling the streets, what
6:31 am
is behind the outrage coming up? former red sox all-star shot over the weekend, how the sports world is reacting, we update you on his condition as well. i want to correct something that was said earlier, new york city mayor de blasio handily won in new york city but in iowa he's not even the first or second choice of voters there, not right now according to latest poll. our top story this half hour, a deal with méxico, president trump announcing friday he had reached agreement with méxico on illegal immigration, threatened tariffs would not be put in place, but after a new york times article over the weekend claimed friday's deal had largely negotiated, been negotiated months ago, the president took to twitter saying if méxico and the u.s. couldn't cooperate, tariffs could still be on the table, the president tweeting this morning this, now with our new deal méxico is doing more for the usa on
6:32 am
illegal immigration than the democrats, in fact, the democrats are doing nothing, they want open borders which means illegal immigration, drugs and crime, joining me now former u.s. commerce department deputy director and financial ceo chris garcía. chris, what do you make of the deal with méxico that happened late last week? >> yeah, victory, absolutely a victory for everybody, for all sides. i think the president was kind of head of the curve on this, i predicted that he would come out and say that look at what the mexican government is doing and look at what the democrats-led house is not doing, but modern require modern solutions, this is something that we see méxico largest trading partner after china, we need to keep the relationship strong but we also have to make sure we protect our southern border, méxico can reform its own country to make sure that it's stable environment, asylum seekers and they need to go after the drug cartels and human traffickers, that's the only way we can expect to curve that gushing
6:33 am
through southern border but congress has to act. the ball is in congress' court right now, they have to act if we will see any type of solution long term for this. dagen: mitch, i want to bring you in here because the concern -- this is certainly eases people's worries about an escalating fight with méxico but it introduces the possibility that, well, tariffs could come back, come back on méxico, tariffs can be used somewhere else and the wall street journal editorial page writes about this, that the threat of 25% tariffs on all mexican exports to u.s. is gone for now but businesses can't be sure it won't come back, president trump tweeted that over the weekend and businesses depend on consistent policy to make decisions on how to deploy capital and willy nilly uncertainty and, again, initial relaxation and that sigh of relief but, again, when will
6:34 am
concerns turn by business op reaters, ceo's to the threat of additional tariffs? >> i think it's going to take a while because immediately when this happened and méxico having nothing to do with trade at all could be used in some other country and other scenario. chris, this leads to the question for you which is that the tariffs are off for now but could be back on if méxico doesn't live up the end of the bargain, do we know about enforcement provisions and the uneasiness does not evaporate if business owners worry that they could come back on, what do we know about enforcement? >> yeah, we saw that there was an agreement to review after 90 days the joint communication released by state department, after 90 days both countries
6:35 am
review tactics and see how progress is coming along. again, a deal is not a deal unless it's enforceable. 5%, 10%, 25% tariffs are still on the table, that's the difference between businessman and career politician, the businessman will look for ways to implement a solution and get get the problem solved quickly and politician quick the can down the road and continue to get reelected. that's the creative genius of president trump not only reaching deals with issues at hand but finding ways to enforce them with unconventional means. dagen: what about the deal with china, though, that's also hanging over the market and every dollar that import into the united states will be hit with tariffs if something doesn't happen, the clock is ticking and time running out with everybody's attention turned to g20 summit, any potential headway this made on
6:36 am
the china trade deal? >> yeah, the chinese, they we tracted both concessions that they made on ip theft and cyber espionage, we are hoping that at least the talks so far have been going on so good. report that is we are getting from chinese media and the u.s. media but i would say that the g20 summit, you know, let's not expect any kind of miracles, i think that the chinese are still not invested, i don't think that they have an interest in reforming the structural changes. they benefit if a deal is not made but, again, if the president continues to ratchet up the tariff threat, that's going to force the chinese back to the table. dagen: i want to bring you this president trump tweeting about the -- about méxico just a few minutes ago, we have fully signed and documented another very very important part immigration and security deal with méxico, one that the u.s. has been asking about getting for many years. it will be revealed in not too distant future and will need
6:37 am
vote by méxico's legislative body. we do not anticipate the problem with the vote but for any reason the approval is not forthcoming tariffs will be reinstated, again, reiterating that tariffs are his stick of choice and that -- so again, in terms of business we just talked about uncertainty that hangs over markets because of that, you have seen with manufacturing activity that has slowed dramatically so far this year and that's a critical voting base for president trump. i want to turn to health insurance for illegal immigrants, california lawmakers have agreed to a deal becoming the first state to offer full health insurance to some living in the country illegally. the agreement also allowing certain undocumented immigrants to participate in the state's medicaid program, the changes reportedly carrying 100 million-dollar price tag, this is for younger people, so this was actually a compromise with the governor and the
6:38 am
far-left lawmakers in the state but nonetheless illegal immigrants, some of them in the state will be getting health insurance. >> yeah, i'm not as well on the particular budget issue with california, i would hope that my home state would have better judgment than that, when a state of california has 28 her% of all homeless veterans in the united states, when that problem has not been dealt, 150,000 american citizens living in the streets of california, i would hope that california would have better judgment and divert funds to citizens first, of course, we would like to help the world, we would like to help refugees and asylum seekers of all kinds, we have to take care of american citizens first. dagen: again, what did milton freeman say, lawrence, you can't have open borders and welfare state but this is a growing welfare state.
6:39 am
illegal immigrants 19 to 25 to be eligible for medicaid program. how is california going to pay for it? are people going to continue to flee the state? >> i think they are, they will be flee to go texas bringing liberal policies to texas. piles of trash, i just came back from la, big issue. every time you ask them how they will resolve this, they say they don't have the money. looks they have the money. >> one way to pay for it, they will tax individuals who have not paid for health insurance in order to pay for it, taxing citizens who choose not to have insurance to pay for the plan in part. >> insane. >> they brought back obamacare. >> good point. >> individual mandate 2.0. >> in the state, but, again, this is a compromise. they wanted more individuals, they didn't want to have -- i don't know if there's any age cap at all on the number of illegal immigrants getting
6:40 am
medicaid or health insurance in the state, chris garcía, thank you so much, good to see you this morning. >> thank you. dagen: massive protest in hong kong over proposed law concerning extradition, cheryl casone with details. >> outrage demonstrators took to the streets in opposition to the bill which would allow hong kong residents to be taken to mainland china to stand trial, critics are worried that china's government could use to target activists, hong kong's leader says she will move forward with the legislation. remember, britain returned control of hong kong to china back in 1997. tyson foods is recalling more than 190,000 pounds of ready to eat chicken fritters, some may contain plastic, that includes schools, meanwhile, kroger issuing recall of berries because of possible hepatitis a
6:41 am
contamination, food and drug mechanics says it found contaminated berries during routine inspection, private selection brand of frozen blackberries and two sizes of frozen berry. x men may be losing steam, dark phoenix somewhat failed at box office. >> stop that right now. >> it's not me. >> it's me. cheryl: dark phoenix netted $33 million in ticket sales domestically, makes it the worse opening an -- in x men history, cost $200 million to make. secret life of pets 2 debuted, 47 million, that was also short
6:42 am
of expectations. maybe the beautiful weather, dagen had something to the with the rough box office weekend. dagen: probably. law and order reruns. cheryl: there you go. dagen: nothing better than law and order. cheryl: yeah. dagen: incredible news, shocking news coming up that red sox legend david ortiz shot, we give you update on his condition plus reaction from the sports world. and technology heads to capitol hill, the house looking at big tech tomorrow google facebook and amazon ramp up the antitrust debate.
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dagen: welcome back, focus on big technology, the house judiciary committee holding a hearing tomorrow as it explores whether the largest tech firm violate u.s. antitrust laws, joining us now morning anchor on fox news headline bret larson, bret, what's going to happen? >> nothing. this is going to be -- [laughter] dagen: whole segment. give me some juice. >> we saw them, they did this with microsoft back in the 90's, it took more than a decade to really get any progress and then the issue was microsoft installed their
6:47 am
software by default, this is an interesting one because it's hard to say consumers are hurting here when you look at the fact that google and facebook, they are free services, you don't pay to use them, how is it harming the consumer? what we don't see how it is harming the consume near terms of privacy violation, data gathering, all the massive tera bytes of data they are collecting every week, literally the amount of data we leave behind, a dvd per week, you're looking at harry potter once a week, that's the data you leave behind. those are the questions that need to be answered in terms of antitrust, it's going to be hard, is google doing things to prevent competition in that space, they have 90% of the search market right now. i'm sure they would like to see some of that but nobody uses bing. it's not just search, calendar,
6:48 am
e-mail, hard drive. dagen: also google and facebook combined controlling the vast majority of online advertising. >> they are the digital ad market. >> that's it. you want to reach 2 billion eyeballs, you have to go to them and more and more now we are seeing amazon is in the advertising space. people aren't going to google, i want to buy a spice rack, you will go to amazon and type in spice racks and am dope has probably people paid to -- someone searching spice racks, 10-cent to show mine first. >> thinking of this going to the hill, think of mark zuckerberg when he was testifying and how out of touch members really seemed, i really worry about problem, we don't pay for using services, but we are paying, they are making money off of us, is the government the right place to find solution?
6:49 am
they need to be involved but we need -- >> zuckerberg was on the hill talking to senate and congress, senator chuck grassley asked him how his company makes money, how do you not know this? you need to know the things, someone in your office needs to understand this. this is what we are up against, congress is behind on technology, i'm sure they have staffers, this is not one side of the other but both sides of the aisle. dagen: there's bipartisan agreement that you heard similar things from republicans and elizabeth warren. >> right. dagen: in terms of -- where do you see this going? >> if you talk narrowly about the hearings, they will talk about being monopoly, same situation where elected officials aren't going to understand business model, aren't going to be able to unpack that, the real issue that needs to be litigated is privacy, they avoid privacy discussion because they will be defending themselves saying they are not monopoly.
6:50 am
we have to address the privacy situation. >> the privacy situation is worst than i think any of us are aware of. companies that trade our data and right now you think about it, you think, well, what's the big deal, i searched for pair of shoes, i saw advertisement, what happens to insurance company says can you keep tabs because he's going to er -- >> running shoes. >> he's going to liquor store every couple of weeks, these are the kinds of things that are potential and the problem with a lot of the technology like take ai, for example, when facebook launched, they didn't realize that, you know, cambridge analytica would be the conclusion. >> facebook knew what it was doing. kind of a little distraction over here because it was -- that was going on and for years and years of where you access data.
6:51 am
coming up red sox star david ortiz shot, update on the condition, plus the sports world reaction next. away who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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6:54 am
dagen: boston red sox legend david ortiz shot last night, jared max with update on condition and reaction from the sports world, jared. jared: good morning, dagen, david big papi ortiz suffered nonfatal gunshot wound to lower back in dominican republic, in stable condition following surgery and expected to make a full recovery. authorities say the 3-time world series champion and baseball studio analyst was ambushed by a
6:55 am
man who had gotten off a motorcycle, fired at the dominican hero and bullet went through lower back and police think it may have struck leg of somebody ortiz was with. police questioned the suspect once healthy enough for it. ortiz told doctors, please, don't let me die i'm a good man, ortiz's father assured that big papi would be around for a long time. stanley cup, game 7 in boston, must win game 6 in st. louis 5- 5-1. needed 4 sets, rafael nadal, once again, 12 french open title, 18th grand slam, behind federer on all-time list. tomorrow usa in opening match against thailand.
6:56 am
we have a couple more matches coming up today in the world cup and those will get underway 12:00 eastern time, argentina followed by the match with canada playing second after that. glad david ortiz is okay. dagen: exactly. i was looking at famous david ortiz quotes, i swing hard in case i hit it, that's it. [laughter] jared: larger than life figure physically and in dominican republic is like a god. >> explains why all the people attacked the guy after he shot ortiz. jared: hopefully motive soon as well. former teammate tweeted thank goodness that you will be okay.
6:57 am
big scare. dagen: prayers go out to david ortiz and his family. thanks, jared, sports reports fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115 major merger, united states technologies and raytheon reaching deal, next. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is monday, june 10. your top stories 7:00 a.m. eastern. the u.s., mexico immigration deal, a major merger lifting the markets, 87 point gain on dow futures right now, gains across the board in the u.s. after gains last week. the best week of the year for the markets. the dow industrials snapping a six-week losing streak and you saw the blue chips the biggest gainer last week, best week of the year. but again, it was because it was expected that now the federal reserve is going to cut interest rates and maybe soon. so does that change that
7:01 am
thinking now that we have this deal on immigration? no tariffs, not yet, on mexico imports into the u.s. in europe we have markets in germany closed for a holiday but gains in england and france. and in asia overnight it was gains across the board. this despite some weak data on imports coming into china. the chinese economy looking very soft. nonetheless, you had gains across the board even in shanghai and on the hang seng in hong kong. major defense deal, united technologies and raytheon combining in an all-stock deal. the new company will be valued at more than $100 billion. a leadership shakeup at uber, the company's ceo is consolidating power and taking direct control of operations. and move over kiley jenner, we will tell you who is the new queen of instagram likes, all that and so much more coming up this morning. joining me, cleary strategies president, former white house
7:02 am
correspondent, ronica cleary, mitch rochell and lawrence jones. welcome one and all. i promise i'll begin to speak more clearly. i feel like i've had marbles in my mouth despite speaking all weekend. i apologize for that. >> somewhere between law and order episodes you caught some sleep. dagen: a little bit. nothing wrong with law and order. but what do you make of the data coming out of china, mitch. we were texting about the yield curve between the 10 and the three-month treasuries is still inverted even this morning and what about the -- which, again, signals the federal reserve will probably be cutting interest rates shortly. >> china's economy is softer than we can imagine. that's a big part of the calculus of any trade negotiation with them. they are very dependent upon commerce with us. that's part of it. as relates to the yield curve,
7:03 am
there's $11 trillion worth of sovereign debt with a negative yield around the planet and as central bankers appension manager -- and pension manager, need to buy fixed income instruments, they have to buy treasuries. they're buying long-term treasuries, the 10 years, that's driving down the long end of the treasury curve. the short end is expecting a rate cut, as is the market. i think it's baked into the market. the market may be disappointed. if economic data continues to come out strong, i don't think the fed is going to lower rates. dagen: with the immigration deal, tariffs on mexico averted on friday, late last week, certainly the odds of a rate cut this month fell. you're looking out maybe later in the year. >> trump's going to meet with xi later this month and if the white puffs of smoke come out of that meeting, that could alleviate concerns about more tariffs. tariffs may not be in reality weighing as much on the market or the economy as we think. dagen: let's talk trump, trade, tariffs, weak economic data out
7:04 am
of china showing imports slipping as doughs mess particular demand slows. china imports falling sharply by 8.5% in may from a year earlier. this comes amid strained relationships between the u.s. and mexico over trade and border issues. but a deal struck, tariffs averted. and we will avoid punishing tariffs or putting punishing tariffs on mexico at least in the short run. joining me now former white house trade official, incoming partner at aiken gump. cleat williams. what do you make of mexico? there's a cloud, some uncertainty hanging over this because this is a deal that's going to get reviewed, what, every 90 days and the enforcement mechanisms are still a little bit unclear. >> right. well, the president is someone who obviously is very good at using leverage, was able to use that at least successfully in the short term with respect to mexico. but like you said, there's a lot that has to happen in the next
7:05 am
90 days and we're going to be watching that closely. i do think the fact that the united states was able to avert those tariffs is good. with respect to china. i think there's a linkage there and i do think it's important that the u.s. finds a way to focus on china and keep that as the priority. because i think this broader uncertainty does make it more challenging to move forward with china. dagen: the president tweeted a short while ago, we have fully signed and documented another very important part of the immigration and security deal with mexico, one that the u.s. has been asking about getting for many years. it will be revealed in the not too distant future and will need a vote by mexico's legislative body. we don't anticipate a problem with the vote. if the a approval is not forth coming, tariffs will be reinstated. what is he talking about? >> i don't know. i don't know what the new element is of the immigration
7:06 am
specific part of the deal. obviously, i hope that it's something that their legislator can deal with because i think it's in the u.s.'s interest to avoid tariffs here. dagen: can we move on to china? you already mentioned china, the technology, the threat there. the white house acting budget chief pushing to delay the u.s. ban on huawei products. he says quick action is going to hurt u.s. companies that use the technology, arguing they need time to adjust to the restrictions. >> yeah, i mean, in some ways it's not surprising. i think it's important to note that his comments don't get to the substance of this. this is a congressional provision that he's responding to and what the budget chief is simply saying is that the u.s. needs more time to implement that and i think that what it shows is what happens when a company like this gets this embedded and integrated into the global supply chain as they have, that it becomes difficult to reverse that and that's why
7:07 am
you need to get on top of these things early. dagen: let me ask you this, in terms of how does the fight with huawei fit into the overall trade negotiations? because for so long we would hear from people in the ad medicine strayings, -- ad administration, oh, these are separate, the espionage and cracking down on huawei and going to other nation toss try to have the equipment removed and create a united front that it was separate from the trade negotiations but how can it be? >> i think it's important that the u.s. be able to act in its national security interest and for foreign policy considerations and that everything isn't related to the trade deal. i thought what the treasury secretary said this weekend in japan was interesting about how the president if he got some comfort with the trade deal, may look at things differently with huawei. i haven't heard that before from anyone other than the president.
7:08 am
i do think when you look at huawei, though, you need to distinguish between a lot of the different actions that are going on. there's the congressional piece that we talked about already. then there's a question of saying okay, we don't want huawei and the u.s. network and there's another question of no one can do business with huawei and we shouldn't allow companies and contractors to do that. i think these are distinguishable things and there's a lot of wiggle room there. dagen: what do you think really quickly between now and what happens at the g-20, you want to give it your best guess, what happens during the summer? i think about this 90 day review on the mexico immigration deal and i think that creates a great deal of uncertainty for businesses in the short run and even the long run, because they don't know when this president might use tariff as his stick of choice with other nations. so just really quickly, what you see in the short run here. >> look, we're all looking forward to the g-20. i think lighthizer and mnuchin have done a great job on the
7:09 am
substance. this has become political and it's going to take the leaders to catalyze a deal. you could see something in a three to six month range in terms of a deal. as i mentioned before, the administration does need stay faux coupled i think all relative strength is what gives us the advantage in the negotiations. if there is more uncertainty in the marketplace, that that can be disabling to the united states. the president has taken strong action on taxes, deregulation. it's done a great job for our economy and i just hope that some of this uncertainty doesn't take away from that because i think our economy could really boom if we can get certainty coupled with those policies. dagen: good to see you. thank you so much. come back soon. sure to tune in tomorrow. maria has an interview with huawei's chief security officer. you don't want to miss it.
7:10 am
breaking news, sales force signing an agreement to acquire tableau software. shares jumping in the premarket on the news. a classic move. t this is on top ofthe deal betf this aerospace giant of united technologies and raytheon merging which, again, this deal pales in comparison. mitch, your reaction to this? >> tableau is a data analytics company and the reality is they're premier players in their respective spaces. if you want to understand customer accounts and what you do with customers, you can use tableau for data analytics. the future is in data analytics. the deal makes a lot of sense. tableau lets you visualize data. you can see what the numbers
7:11 am
mean. i'm not surprised. i think we're going to see more and more of these technology companies that have niche areas coming together because digital transformation is the future of most businesses and this really enables that. dagen: thanks so much, mitch, for breaking that down. that aerospace deal, this coming up, united technologies, raytheon creating a defense powerhouse. details on that. plus instagram's top celebrity, beyonce, landing at number five. number one, later this hour. ♪ -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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7:14 am
dagen: more on breaking news that we told you about earlier. sales force buying tableau, cheryl casone has details. cheryl: you were talking about the stock market and you're right, classic reaction by investors this morning in the premarch account. tableau shares are soaring in
7:15 am
the premarket on word of the deal. of course, the buyers, sales force, that stock is under pressure, 2.8%, tableau, the stock up 34% in the premarket. this is a $15.7 billion deal. it's an all-stock deal, working out to $177.88 per share of tableau, a 42% premium to tableau's closing price on friday. big news that we're watching. also, we've got a major merger in the aerospace defense industry, united technologies making an all-stock offer to merge with defense contractor raytheon. the combined company valued at more than $100 billion. now it becomes the world's second largest aerospace and defense company by sales, just behind boeing. the new company going to make everything from engines and seats for jetliners, commercial planes, to f-35 jet fighters, patriot missile launchers, even space suits. both of those stocks up in the
7:16 am
premarket, especially raytheon, up more than 9.5% right now. new york state taxpayers getting the short end of the stick when it comes to getting federal funds. new report from the rockefeller institute of government shows the empire state comes in dead last even though residents send the most money to washington. the negative number works out to nearly $1,800 for each new yorker. the report's author says part of the problem, progressive tax system here. and a mythical musical the big winner at last night's tony's. >> the tony award goes to hait haititown. [ cheering and applause ] dagen: the smash musical walking away with eight trophies last night including best musical. the ferryman was next, earning four awards. bryan cranston won his second
7:17 am
tony for network, an adaptation of the 1976 film. he took a jab at president trump. he said the media is not the enemy of the people, demagoguery is the enemy of the people. guess who else attended the show? here is our very own maria bartiromo at the 73rd annual tony awards, there she is last night at radio city. i love it when she dresses up. she looks so fabulous and fancy. dagen: she looks fabulous every sing gesingle day. maria bartiromo. cheryl: looks like she had fun. dagen: president trump tweeting this morning, when will the flailing new york times admit their front page story on the new mexico deal at the border is a fraud and nothing more than a badly reported hit job on me. something that has been going on since first day i announced for
7:18 am
the presidency. sick journalism. coming up, focus on trade. futures pointing up as the u.s. and mexico avoid punishing tariffs. what investors are saying, next. plus buying a piece of the great bambino. a jersey worn by yankees legend babe ruth had here in the studio, plus the price tag. that's ahead. ♪ ride this chevy, ride this chevy down a little back road. ♪ drive yourself over.
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dagen: let's take a look at markets this morning, 118 point gain on the dow futures this
7:22 am
morning. investors shaking off weak economic data out of china, showing imports slipping as domestic demand slows, this comes amid strained relations between the u.s. and mexico over trade and border issues. a deal however struck on friday addressing immigration, tariffs averted for the time being but then we've got big deals to tell you about, particularly this raytheon, united technologies deal. joining me now wells fargo investment institute president, derek koff. if this news is coming out, signs of strength even with the salesforce, tableau deal, a little less than $16 billion there, if it's good news is the market going to react positively to good news? as mitch was tweeting i think yesterday, last week it was bad news equals an up market because the fed's going to intervene. what say you for the next few weeks?
7:23 am
>> i think mitch is right that bad news last week gave us almost 5% in the market alone. but this is deal season. i think there's a lot of companies, we saw a couple he'll this morning, deals that are trying to get the deals done mainly in advance of taking advantage of the tax code changes in december 2017 and also to get in front of the election 2020. because you could have some pretty serious changes or even possibly repeal of the 2017 tax code. so a lot of these companies want to get those inked, get them on the books and get them moving forward. dagen: do you have a question? how do you navigate as an investor the election? >> i talked about this last week. seems like mexico could not go the long haul. do you think china is willing to wait until after elections because they're expecting it to affect the president? >> i think maybe where the markets have gotten this wrong the last month or so is that there's been this anticipation
7:24 am
that there's this massive deal coming at the g-20. and while it's still possible, anything is possible, they need to be talking right now and basically getting a deal lined up and in place if something's going to get signed and inked at the g-20. china certainly wants to play the long game on this, i think is willing to do so. what's probably missed, though, is i think the u.s. wants to play a little longer game here too. so keep in mind that the president needs to carry the rust belt states in election 2020 which would be pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, and if he books a deal right now that's going to be long since forgotten by november of 2020. >> is that part of the strategy? we've been talking about the idea of the mexico deal, the 90 day check-in. is that part of the strategy, maintaining the uncertainty that we have that we can't say it's done? it 150e78 seems like it's -- i e it's on purpose but there's a strategy involved with 2020 at well.
7:25 am
dagen: political but not necessarily economic. investors want to be able to price out future earnings and businesses want to be able to plan out years in advance in terms of capital spending. you're making -- you're setting the groundwork for a real economic slowdown. >> if the economy slows materially in the second half of the year, that changes the calculus on the timing of a deal. i think they've got to pull the deal forward. if it doesn't, though, i think they can let it go for some period of time, the 90 days with mexico, play it out a little bit longer. the administration needs to give the sense they're being really tough on trade to carry those types of states they want to and need to in the election. dagen: mitch, i want to -- i'm curious about the economic data later this week but what do you want to ask darryl? >> darryl, i'm curious about, back to dagen's point or my point she reiterated. dagen: i i stole it from you. >> i'm trying to figure out,s
7:26 am
has the market priced in a rate cut and what happens if we get data this week and next week and the following week, that's good news and then it looks like the fed isn't going to cut rates, is that going to be bad for the market? >> right now, the march he get has absolutely -- the market, the fed fund futures priced in at least one rate cut. >> equity markets have as well. >> yes. there's about a 30% probability that you could see as many as three rate cuts by year-end 2019 which we believe that's gone too far. we don't think the fed is willing to do that. june to us looks like it's off the table but most likely if the data continues to soften and we have key data this week, probably a july cut is in the cards or maybe september. dagen: what data this week, what's the most important? retail sales? >> retail sales on friday to show the strength of the consumer or lack thereof, right. the last months' reading was kind of weak. and then industrial production on friday to show manufacturing,
7:27 am
if it's weak on friday, that will be three of the last four months in a row where industrial production has been negative which will be a key sign that the manufacturing data, durable goods, cap expendin ex spendis fading in the wrong direction. dagen: if the markets are positive about a rate cut, though, that means the rate cut gives juice to an economy that isn't in recession, it's a soft economy that's lifted up by the federal reserve but not one that's incredibly weak. what are you watching to see if that calculation changes? >> going back i history, what's important here is are we getting rate cuts as a mid-cycle pause and restimulus to extend the cycle or are we getting rate cuts because of a fear of a pending recession? which could not be that far off. 1998 we got rate cuts because of a mid-cycle pause and it extended the rally. but you've got plenty of
7:28 am
examples like 2001, 2007, where the fed started to cut rates and we ended up in a recession. so we do need the economic data to strengthen to make a better case for a mid-cycle pause. dagen: the fed cut surprised half of one percentage point cut in january of 2001 with the unemployment rate at 4% at the time but we had had the technology market fall out of bed. so there was a lot of disruption in the markets at that time. >> that's right. dagen: that was one of the things. because there were basically businesses that wer folding hand over fist throughout 2000. that was going on in the backdrop. >> we don't think this is a rate cut pending or heading into a recession. if you go back and look at recessions, you've got to have one of two things happen. one is, you've got to have higher interest rates which puts strain on the economy or you have to have a big, large excess. neither of those are a key
7:29 am
problem right now. >> this is all designed to extend the growth. >> yes. dagen: good to see you, darryl. coming up, the mueller report fallout, one of the key players in the russia probe with new revelations on the government's tactics during the 2016 campaign, what carter page said to our own maria bartiromo in an exclusive interview. plus, instagram queen, kiley jenner coming in at number two. the top celebrity, ahead. ♪ all you've got to keep it strong. ♪ move along, move along, like i know you do. ♪ and even when -- at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond.
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, june 10th. your top stories, 7:30 a.m. eastern. the u.s./mexico immigration deal and a major merger lifting global markets. dow futures up 118 points, this after gains last week.
7:33 am
the best week of the year for the stock market. the dow snapping a six-week losing streak. up almost 5% on the blue chips. not too saab shabby on the s&p d nasdaq as well. gains in england and france and in asia overnight gains across the board. despite weak import data out of china. the economy there looking soft. leadership shakeup at uber, the company's ceo consolidating power and taking direct control over operations. plus, microsoft's streaming move, details on the company's new streaming service test ahead. plus move over kiley jenner, we'll tell you who is the new queen of instagram. instagram likes, that is. to our top story this half hour, mueller report fallout, former nixon, like richard nixon special counsel and watergate key figure john dean set to self today as house democrats seek to
7:34 am
keep the spotlight on the mueller report. the president tweeting this over the weekends, for two years all the democrats talked about was the mueller report because they knew that it was loaded up with 13 angry democrat trump haters, later increased to 18. but despite the bias, when the report came out the findings were no collusion and facts that led to no obstruction. the dems were devastated after all this time and money spent. $40 million. the mueller report was a disaster for them but they want a redo or doover. they are even bringing in cnn sleaze bag attorney john dean. sorry, no do-overs, go back to work. joining me now, fox news judicial analyst, judge andrew -- >> how can i respond to that? la. dagen:[ laughter ]dagen: let'sn dean. i said democrats should send kevin spacey, he has plenty of time, have him come in and have
7:35 am
him read the mueller report allowed. why john dean? what's he got to offer. >> i wish congressman nadler who represent the district in which we're seated at the moment, i would ask him that. i suppose they want to try -- to me, it's indefenseable. from their point of view, the house democrats, they want to try to a analogize don mcgahn, the white house legal counsel who is defying a subpoena, in my view a mistake, i can tell you the way i think he should handle it, john dean's legal role, the white house legal counsel in the nixon years. with respect to john dean, he stunned the watergate committee. there were two committees, there was the sam irvine committee which had house and senate on it. that went on for a year. at the beginning, richard nixon's approval rating was in the 70s.
7:36 am
at the end, the approval was in the 30s. i don't think the house judiciary has that this time because of mueller and because of cable television and investigative journalism at a level that didn't exist in the nixon and watergate era, i think we already know the facts. so putting john dean on, i don't know where they're going to go. in the law there's two kinds of witnesses, a fact witness, a person who perceived with senses some relevant event or an opinion witness, a person with expertise in some field and can interpret facts for the fact finder. i guess they're going to put him in that latter category. dagen: he will be grilled by republicans on the committee. >> yes, he will. dagen: it might work to their advantage to pars the, quote, facts in the way they want to via john -- using john dean as a mouth piece. he's got to answer to the republicans too. >> i think it will be a negative for the democrats at the end of
7:37 am
the day by the time the republicans finish interrogating him. they can intear get him about anything -- interrogate him about anything he wants, they can interrogate him about the nixon years. he's one of the few people still around from those days. dagen: it's a history a lot of people don't know. even i was a child during the watergate hearings. i'll point something else out. you've got to go back and do a lot of reading on what was going on. there was so much more going on to hurt nixon's approval rating. there was the failed confirmation of l. patrick gray as the fbi chief. he had been the acting chief during the watergate break-in. all these things started tumbling out during the confirmation hearing. it wasn't just the rayburn committee and the other watergate -- >> the vietnam war raging. dagen: and the arab oil embargo. >> he went from one of the greatest landslides in history
7:38 am
to resignation in '74. what happened in those two years? sam irvine. jolly old avuncular chair of the committee, kept bringing witness after witness, the most significant of which was the fellow we'll hear from this afternoon. what he'll says about mueller and president trump is nothing but his opinion. i don't know how relevant that is to a fact finder. dagen: before we move on, do you think mueller eventually testifies? >> yes, i do. dagen: you do? >> yes. i am very critical of lawyers who avoid subpoenas. if somebody sends you a subpoena, legitimate authority, a grand jury, a congressional committee, and you can't give that information, you don't disregard it. you take that subpoena to a judge and you challenge it. you end up with contempt and with damage to your legal reputation and to your ability to practice law when you just
7:39 am
sit on it. so the attorney general and don mcgahn should not be sitting on these subpoenas. they should challenge them. dagen: let's move on to investigating the investigators. on sunday morning futures yesterday maria sat down with former trump campaign advisor, carter page. here's what he had to say about his relationship with fbi informant stephan halper. maria: when you spoke with mr. halper, were you under the impression you were getting information for the state department, the cia and fbi at that time. >> i had a long-standing relationship with professor halpe. we'll see. again, i always believe in innocent until proven guilty but this was -- my conversations with him intensified right in the months before my illegitimate fisa warrant in september 2016 when all the defamatory articles were being placed by the dnc. professor halper was being
7:40 am
positive, he was like sort of a harriet tubman figure. he understands sort of the injustices of my -- or he presented himself as understanding that and i sort of trusted him. dagen: judge, your reaction to that? >> the more we hear from carter page, and of course the missing part of the puzzle is what was told to fisa. the president said that's going to be released notwithstanding howls of outrage from the intelligence committee. the more we hear from carter page, the more this sounds like a classic setup. information provided to him, fed to him so he would say something so they could tape him saying it, so they could take the transcript, look what this guy says, we have to investigate trump. that in a nutshell is what i believe is now quite apparent, the fbi domestic and foreign intelligence all working together to concoct this investigation which ended up with the mueller report.
7:41 am
>> do you think john durham is going to get to the bottom of this? he's gone after agents before. is this something he's going to review? >> he's certainly going to review it. i don't know if he's going to get to the bottom of it. we heard this is a full-blown federal investigation with a grand jury. another point we heard it's a review for the attorney general. if it's the latter, he won't get to the bottom of it. >> he has the authority if he wants to go to the grand jury. >> yes, he does. if he's going to go there, he's probably going to go to the bottom of this. the last time he did this i was critical of him, that was cia torture, he white washed the whole thing. nobody was prosecuted. there were many war crimes committed there. dagen: katherine hairage reported last week durham is getting up-to-speed. >> if katherine is correct, i have to reason to disbelieve that. dagen: i paraphrase. >> we'll find out soon what he knows. will we find it out in a report or indictment, that's the
7:42 am
question. >> he's the prosecutor definite before that we'll hear from michael horowitz, the inspector general in the justice department his report is coming out in a few weeks. >> i think so. dagen: that will be focused we think strictly on the fisa warrant and abuses there. >> i said this time and time again. the problem is fisa itself. its secrecy, its low bar for issuing subpoenas, its awful track record of 99.9% of all search warrants requested grant. dagen: i shake my head, the fact that the fbi cadet surveillance warrant on an american citizen, somebody working for one presidential campaign, using information paid for by the president, the campaign opponent. that's just shocking and appalling and i think everybody should be -- >> bottom line is, they can do this to donald trump, now they e most powerful person on the planet, they can do this to anybody. dagen: it will bite you.
7:43 am
it will come back and bite you. the people who are cheering that, it will come back to haunt you. coming up, upping its game, microsoft rolling out a new streaming service, the timeline, next. the babe on the block, the coveted yankees collectibles up for grabs right here in the studio, what they'll cost you, ahead. ♪ the lord made me hard to handle. ♪ so loving me might be a long shot gamble. retirement for me is doing the things that i want to do, not the things i have to do. unlike seattle, less than half of americans participate in their employer retirement plans. so what keeps people more engaged in their retirement? i want to have the ability to easily transact online, great selection of funds, great advice, everything in one place. helping people in their working years and beyond.
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7:47 am
dagen: an executive shakeup at uber. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: yeah, uber coo barny harford and cmo are being pushed out. the ceo telling employees he plans to be more involved in day-to-day operations now that the initial public offering has passed by. there is the stock in the premarket, barely up, four cents. uber's expansion into the middle east is progressing. the ministry of economy in the uae approved ubers acquisition of kareme. tune in tomorrow morning, 7:45 a.m. eastern time, susan lee will speak with the head of uber elevate, the company's new helicopter service in new york city. something new at microsoft, the company planning to test the new video game streaming project this october. microsoft says the users will be
7:48 am
able to stream any x-box 1 game to a mobile device. thdays after google said in they would announce their own video streaming game in november. shares of microsoft up a little over 1% right now. get this, selena gomez is number one when it comments to likes on instagram. the singer, the actress, producer, has nearly 152 million followers. that is less than some other celebrities on instagram but a social media monitoring site says gomez sits on top because each of her posts attracts an average of 3.6 million likes. obviously celebrities can turn that into big bucks if they've got their insta game going. dagen: didn't she encourage people to not use social media because she said it was destructive, comments at the cannes film testifie festival.
7:49 am
dagen.she said basically peopled to turn social media off. remember, she had a kidney transplant. cheryl: yeah. dagen: she has i believe it's lupus. cheryl: i think it's lupus, yeah. dagen: that lifted a lot of people up and shared an important part of her life. cheryl: you like to see her sharing that personal thing. the political things i don't care about. when you share something in your life that a lot of teenagers can relate to, being ill, talked about body issues in the past. i think that's helped her. dagen: indeed. buying baseball history, babe ruth had's swag right here in the studio, how much this memorabilia will set you back, next. ♪
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
♪ coming right down the middle. ♪ don't stand there and let it go by. dagen: baseball on the block. i should say the babe. hunt auctions turning back the clock, offering coveted yankee memorabilia from the early days. joining me now, hot auctions president, dave hunt. auctions coming up at yankee stadium this weekend. >> this saturday. dagen: let's start with the price. i would expect the babe ruth jersey -- >> not everybody can get these. you have to have a way to get them. there's only six of these known of any equality. this is from the late '20s. you see the beautiful condition, original yankees across the front which is interestingly, the only time in their history the franchise name was across
7:54 am
their jersey, ever. as a style it's very rare. should be exciting to see if it hits the mark, we'll see. dagen: $4.5 million, that is the -- >> the highest price ever paid for one is $4.4 million. we'll see. it has a good shot it could exceed that. dagen: you're aiming for a record for this babe ruth jersey. how do you authenticate this? >> it's a great question. everything is obviously guaranteed as sold. but you have to go through -- it's almost a scientific process. you look at the tagging, originality of the letters, the numbers, anything that tells us different clues. it's not an easy process but as long as you're careful and look at the star's photographs, for matching up, it's pretty simple. dagen: if you've got 1 point 15* million dollars, walk -- 1 point 15* million dollars in walking around -- $1.5 million in walking around money, what about this bat. >> he played a long career, had a lot of different bats. this one is special. there are little notches and
7:55 am
ruth joked around with his buddies, he said i'm going to notch my bat every time a hit a home run, like the gun slingers, every time would kill somebody. he did. he did it for about two years and there's only about four or five of these known, really rare piece. dagen: resident mets fan was asking about this world series -- it's a presentational pr tro. the salad bowl. if we can take a look at that. that will set you back couple hundred thousand dollars. >> 1923, ruth was with the yankees for a few years, this is their first world championship. this is given we believe to the manager and it descended in his family. >> there's only one for that series. >> it's different. back then they didn't give an official trophy. they would give something to a manager, sometimes the coaches, so this is as close as you could get to what you would perceive now to be the official trophy.
7:56 am
dagen: what about the autographed baseball? >> babe ruth baseball, the classic collectible. the sand lot, we hear that all the time. this one is in beautiful condition, it's got ruth, ty cobb and eight of the original 11 hall of fame i'm ducties. -- inductees. these pieces have become wonderful investments. we've done almost 30 years. they keep increasing and people almost buy things and they resell them and they just keep going up. dagen: what would you spend your money on? >> anything that the team used. with babe ruth, that's where it starts and ends. that's the most iconic figure in american sports history. i remember the uniform, the bats, some 20 years ago, you think boy, a couple hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money, now we're talking about millions. it's amazing how they keep increasing. dagen: good to see you. after the auction we have to update everybody. dave hunt. take care. coming up, still ahead, car
7:57 am
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dagen: good morning i am dagen mcdowell forma. monday, june 10 your tops stories 8:00 a.m. eastern, merger monday to tell you about on wall street universiti united technologies ray see thatton all stock detail valued more than 100 billion dollars plus u.s.-mexico immigration deal self-driving global stocks higher, tariffs, so far, are averted on mexican imports into u.s. futures trim digit gain buying picked up steam as morning modified on 19-point gain dow after best week of the year for stocks last week dow adding almost 5%, in europe, markets in the green germany closed for a holiday,
8:01 am
gains in england and france, in asia overnight, same story gains across the board on all four major markets there, despite weak data out of china, on imports. >> former red sox all-star david ortiz has been shot the latest on his condition. and the outpouring from the sports world straight ahead new 2020 poll shows joe biden's lead in iowa slipping what it means to the rest of the field all coming up former white house correspondent ronica pwc mitch roschelle fox news contributor former -- [laughter] o high school student. >> lawrence love you love y [laughter] good to see you in terms of biden would be expected a confab in iowa over the weekend, did not show up like eh i am in the lead i am
8:02 am
the best man to -- to beat president trump why you still see him with significant lead even there. >> it is inevitable poms are going to close matter of people getting to know 23 candidates not everybody is going to like his history. and you do have the progressive left joe biden does not fit into that ring general election campaign trying to stay with headlines. dagen: described as a joe biden the best to beat president trump at least that is the perpetratiception the be be aed bernie sanders elizabeth warren seen as far left among candidates look similar. >> hard to stand out in that crowd. >> loudest voice in the room ploerj monday united technologies ratheon a defense
8:03 am
giant salesforce buyitableau software, a 15.7 billion dollars deal this is to better analyze data going forward especially for a lot of clients in a very competitive cloud competing market, this comes off likes of google obligate analytics firm we need to get bigger, bingo, 33%, close to that range also united technologies ratheon the deal of the year, the biggest so far in 2019 worth over 100 billion dollars combined revenue over 74 billion dollars, each and every year, going to be the second largest aerospace and defense company after boeing when it comes to united makess
8:04 am
engines, tomahawk missiles f-35 better jets many see not an antitrust problem despite the size of this combined company as merger of equals no premium paid on either side it is going to be a big competitor for boeing, and talk about the 737 we did have american airlines going to delay 737 max reintroduction where he flying until september this unifier ralph nader told us you don't think you want to see it in the skies ever again back to you. dagen: that was corvair how far back to ralph nader relevant. >> automakers, gm ford fiat chrysler up in premarket trading you see general motors gaining most gm had most to lose in terms of any tariffs
8:05 am
slapped on mexican imports into united states given the factories there kind of the crossborder supply chain for these companies this comes gains come on heels of president trump calling off the tariff threat against mexico for the time being even after deal tensions remain over trade and immigration, weak economic nervous breakdown from china showing imports slipping as domestic demand slows china imports falling sharply down 8 1/2% in may from year earlier joining us new jersey congressman house agriculture committee member, jeff van drew, great to see you when are the democrats going to get onboard with doing something to really take care of the immigration problem changing our -- even sending humanitarian aid to those at the border. >> i have had viewpoint i think we should approach this entire subject immigration system broken i think we need to work on that i think that
8:06 am
there is a pannickage he in dea in my view, major points if you look at it i think it is important that the mexican deal did work out, i am glad that it did i hopefully it continues to work out as it is consistently reviewed, i think what we also must do, is we do need to have strong firm borders no question about it. and i think if we could work out a situation, where our borders are strong, we are safe, we don't have leaky borders people coming into the country without control, i think that is number one. secondly i think we need to take care of and you know there was separate legislation down we know the he dreamers ensure there is a future for them, would i rather see that we keep doing five, 10 year extensions i think should go through a process, where just
8:07 am
like our grandparents, parents learn about america take the test pledge to the flag, and we move forward and they become united states citizens that pay taxes are part of the process as well as the other people that are here the 1 to 13 million people so safe borders take care of people that are here in the country, and they actually go through the process the traditional process becoming americans finally we need a better work visa program, so that people can come here, do the work that is needed whether it is in farming or recollecting regulation are a other areas where used a great deal we have then, a safe and functional system that really works. i think it should be all done together. of the there is so much poster you areing on both side i would love to see us try do it. >> i seems you are more a reasonable glat on this how do
8:08 am
you get your party that seems that has been hijacked some of the extreme elements of the party aoc's of the world rasheed to get boundary with legislation that secures border talks about dreamers. >> i think we just have to keep talking about it speaking about it there are some people in some groups like for example, in the blue dogs, there are some folks that would absolutely agree with me and that is a caucus of people that are more moderate, and the problem solvers made up of republicans and democrats working together trying to come up with answers, you know it is interesting to me, this whole process even with elections starting so early now, so much of what happens in just in politics in general not one side or the other, ends up being political posturing, i deaths patri really mean want to get a work product on maybe a dentist i
8:09 am
am a dentist by profession you like, you know, if a kavanaughity you don't like to look at it say it is there you want to fix it something we should want to fix would benefit both parties the united states of america, it would make a safer make us more functional more productive, in every way that we can think of. dagen: turning to 2020 congressman 19 peddling democratic candidates took to stage iowa hall of fame dinner last night white house -- hopefuls targeting president trump even vice president joe biden did not attend i want you to listen and get your reaction. >> i am running for president because we can't take four more years of donald trump. >> -- and -- donald trump. >> we are all a part of being
8:10 am
the avengers, the republicans 2016 that was "hunger games" well-intentioned, democrats and candidates believe best way forward is a middle ground strategy that approach is not just dead public policy but it is a failed political strategy -- >> -- with -- and -- >> -- not going to win by -- promising to return to normal. >> new poll showing former vice president leading pack 24% that was down from 32% in this poll in december. this is iowa. the democrats is there, so down a little bit there, followed by, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren mayor buttigieg. >> harris 7% everyone else 2% or below according to latest
8:11 am
cnn des moines registration poll how do we track this. >> there are so many people running it is almost impossible to track i would my prognostication would be a lot is going to change, and as we move along, and different people are going to rise, other people are going to fall, a lot is going to happen it is extremely early. and very, very difficult at this point to tell what is going to happen that it would tighten up for vice president biden no surprise i don't believe any surprise at all, virtually nothing to do with him just natural progress that is going to occur here. i think the most important thing is i believe again to remember it is democrats are going to have a real opportunity here regardless of who rises or falls i think middle ground, you know i know, i speak with a lot of people and you know we all do, i guess -- in congress it seems to me old saying that
8:12 am
most people are either in the middle, or left of the middle or right of the middle but hovering somewhere around the middle seems to me that most people truly are capitalists, one form or another you can be a compassionate cal li-- capitalist things you can do to make sure people have health care to ensure that our country is safe, and making sure that people have opportunity, no question about it, opportunity to education, you can't give success you can give opportunity, and folks should have that, so that is the compassionate capitalism we have always been i believe always will be a capitalist nation, so this is all going to be hashed out really living history right now going to be interesting to see what happens. >> you say that but not running for president congressman, that is you can get away with that thank you for being here, please come back. >> thank you for having me, i will. >> something i said earlier about ralph nader, he lost his
8:13 am
grabbed niece in that crash boeing 737 max jet ethiopia i was make light of involvement in trillions safety that warrants apology i do apologize ralph nader suffered a family loss in that crash god speed to him blessings to his whole family former red sox all-star david ortiz has been shot the fight with mexico offering support, we look at prices, at the pump ahead. ♪ ♪ this is not a bed...
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8:17 am
in the back in hometown santo domingo in dominican republic overnight. the boston red sox legend reportedly telling a doctor quote please don't let me die i am a good man, undergoing emergency surgery listed in stable condition, this morning, get this video shows the moment police say man got off a motorcycle and specifically ambushed ortiz at very crowded bar there you can see suspect in custody after he was beaten by a crowd ortiz known as big pappy retired 2016 leaving red leading heed red sox to three world series titles. >> united technologies making all stock offer to merge with defense contractor ratheon, confirmed yesterday. combined company value more than 100 billion will become the second largest aerospace defense company right behind boeing going to make engines
8:18 am
seats for jet liners, f-35 jet fighters patriot missile launchers, spacesuits listed on novrj novrj ticker rtx stocks having a reaction this morning. >> the acting budge achieve secretary seeking a delay in restrictions on huawei in place, a letter to vice president pence nine members of congress saying american companies need time to justify a huawei saying quote we remain committed, to supporting our existing u.s. consumers, we should add andy purdy huawei chief securities officer joining "mornings with maria" for an exclusive interview tomorrow 7:00 a.m. eastern time, there was this i love a heartwarming story from minnesota a police officer mowing an elderly woman's lawn after responding to a call to check on her police department
8:19 am
says when she said she had no one to cut grass decided to do it himself took post seen more than 1700 likes so far i love that picture, i will mow your lawn you are okay help you out back to you. dagen: i love it thank you. >> start your engines fore unveiling versions of the best-selling police interceptor lines. >> tensions with china tugging at oil prices the swift end to dispute with mexico offering some support. stay with us. ♪ ♪ we can dance ♪ ♪ ain't got no rain on it come on baby ♪ this is the couple who wanted to get away
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>> oil prices in focus we have a 22 -- 24 cent gain on barrel of crude right now at 54.22 a barrel, posted steady as u.s.-china trade tensions than demand on oil, but height crude supply swift end to u.s. trade dispute with mexico an immigration dispute lending support what to make of this, steven what are you watching? >> absolutely hi dagen, essentially the situation in oil narrative changed six months ago all about supply-side, wall street piled into this market, making bets on higher prices, prompted by the reestablishment of sanctions with iran ongoing loss of oil out of venezuela, civil unrest in libya with extension, and no end in sight trade zput with china focus is
8:24 am
on flan looking at the industrial metals complexes down 20%, thus far, and we've seen a correction of about 15 to 20% in oil prices, so clearly, as we head into the summer, global supplies of oil i wouldn't call them tight would i call them stable. but the point here and as far as your trading nymex, oil supplies in united states extremely well supplied, united states is producing record amounts of crude oil not going to end any time this year, so we are looking at market here in u.s. that is well supplied with oil. of the and demand picture with regard to the global picture that is now in doubt. >> it is mitch, you mentioned something going into summer peak driving season i have also heard a lot about the summer blend that is used in terms of prices at pump i am
8:25 am
curious for those at home if lower prices at pump does summer blend factor into prices not as low as hoped they would be. >> will always add a firmness in the market because of the petro chemicals required to make those blends. i am here in california, and here it is most exaggerated right now certainly that is supportive of price but that is something that is already been priced into the market, a lot of the regulations go into effect april 1, may 1 retailers have to have this blend in tank a lot has been priced into the market, so at this point what is going to drive the market, primarily is the price of crude oil, which looks to me at this point more of a geopolitical in sense of do we get a trade dispute. a resolution to the trade duty. >> steven good to see you come back soon. >> absolutely. >> the trump economy, my next
8:26 am
guest says may's weaker-than-expected jobs number not a bad sign and weighs in a police interceptor line we take you for a wide. ♪ come by the sea, on a blanket with my baby ♪ key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. ycan the past help you. write the future? can you feel calm in the eye of a storm?
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8:29 am
dagen: dag daipg f-- dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. >> investors eyeing two key deals, in immigration and deal with mexico, and then united technologies ratheon merging creating a 100-billion-dollar company futures pointing to a triple digit gain to start this new week 128-point gain on dow futures this after, the
8:30 am
markets had their best week of the year last week, but in hopes federal reserve will cut interest rates to shore up growth in europe markets in germany closed for a holiday england france showing gains in asia overnight gains on all four major markets despite week chinese import data. massive protests in hong kong more than one million people filled streets what it means for relations with china. >> interceptor one of ford top sellers not available at local dealership we take you for a ride in the new vehicle top story this half hour trump economy after last week's jobs' report, came in a little bit lighter than expected, not just not bad news for the trump administration, my next guest says well, what does he say andy puzder here former chief cke restaurants good to
8:31 am
see you -- >> good to be here. >> what do you make of jobs report you have a op-ed titled what is title of it? there you go, may jobs -- how do you read last week's report? >> the economy created 75,000 jobs people were expecting more but you have to keep in mind the unemployment rates already at 50-year low 3.6% how many people are there out there who we actually can bring into employment? there were under six million people unemployed last two months, last time there were that few people unemployed was 1999. 50 million fewer in the population a o you are running out of the ability to employ massive numbers of people there around the that many people the interesting number is how many job openings there are like how many jobs are businesses actually creating that they just are not able to fill because they can't find employees in march that number was 7.5 million, the number
8:32 am
for april comes out in about an hour comes out 10:00 today, it will be very interesting to see that, see whether or not in fact businesses are continuing to create jobs, but unable to find employees happens to be what is driving up wages, by the way, continue to grow accelerated pace employers competing for employees positive stuff going on. dagen: but i will -- it requires a strong economy, to get reelected as the president does it not andy? should the president focus be everything on make sure that our economy is stable? because the -- the tariff threat on mexico, creates business uncertainty. and now you have introduced the idea of this is a stick the tariff sticks will be used again potentially down the road maybe not just with mexico, but another nation, at the same time, you have this massive trade deal that u.s. is trying to negotiate, or get done, with china.
8:33 am
does the president need to be careful here about introducing things that might create softness in the economy? >> is it i very much want to see president trump get reelected over any of the i don't know 264 democrats running for office. this is who we elected the most important thing that is he stay focused on economic growth, and would i love to see last two years of the administration, be like first two where we really had this laser like focus groon growing the economy this ice president to best interests of the country if congress isn't going to do something about real cries southern border jee jo jeh johnson said a crisis at borrowed if there are weren't a crisis jeh johnson never would have that i had if congress won't act a president will being a we need to act with respect to china
8:34 am
everybody greece maybe disagree with tactics how you do it will this pvt is addressing long term prospects we face as a nation i hope last two years we get focus back on growth. dagen: not even two years -- less than a year and a half. or less than a year and a half until the election next november. >> i hope keep that focus next five 1/2 years put it that way. >> there you go, do you have a question. >> andy you are talking about the fact the president is making moves when it comes to the border making movers when it comes to china, another thing that we are talking about today, is the fact that we're seeing, looser restrictions on licensed jobs going across state border when i was covering the white house i recall an event at the white house with -- with ivanka kellyanne conway talking about how important for military spouses, and i think this is
8:35 am
an area where the president is not getting enough credit for recognizing a very real issue, that affects those who serve our country, and the people who are married to those who serve our country why this is so so important while maybe coming out of the labor market tightening, i think this is really deserving of some credit needs to be looked at further, expand. >> i absolutely agree a way to get more people into labor force we need that absolutely. but particularly, for spouses, of people that serve in the military, this is very, very important. i mean it is not like paying our people that serve in military incredible amount of money the ability of spouses to be employed can help families children people that serve, and there are governors have done that gary in north dakota signed a bill governor arizona signed bill making it easier for particularly military spouses to get employment when they move from
8:36 am
state to state i hope other 48 everybody else follows that this is a very important -- not again not only floirment purposes and economic purposes, but to help, our people serving in the military. >> andy good morning quickly, are question it is mitch roschelle, by the way, this friday talk economic data we get retail sales number i am cures when you you took to business leaders in retail how they feel about enthusiasm of the consumer given all uncertainty out there in the economy. >> the most recent numbers i have seen anywhere from consumer confidence being at 20-year high have to being a historic high that drives consumer spending consumer spend, of course, drives two-thirds of gdp, the business community there is you know, if you read anything in the press, the press is -- so is anxious to come up with negative economic knews this president the news has been so positive if you read press you
8:37 am
can't help be a little leary but i think long term what i am hearing from business leaders they are expecting consumer spending to continue to o grow to serlt economists believe wages are going to continuing to up we've got more the people working than ever in the history of this country, wages have been accelerating very, very positive pace especially for low income workers people are taking home more that have they earn because of tax cuts with consumer confidence high you couple consumer spending to increase may be down month-to-month but overall i think you expect an increase. >> ford with new versions of police car more efficient than before fox automotive editor live at metlifes stadium in new jersey going for a ride hey gary. >> started raining here too police car not really any more a police utility vehicle
8:38 am
interceptor utilities based on brand-new ford explorer, and last year ford sold 33,000 explorer utilities best-selling sold as many as every other car combined 50% of the police car market, this one is all new turbo charged model is fastest police vehicle you can buy even beats sedan some other brands i am with this high performance, 24 miles per gallon, best thing about this, for police departments if you parked on side of the road as police often are 60% of the time ford says engine doesn't need to reason i even if you have all lights sire nz, that radar gun on even -- starts at 41,000 dollars, turbo a little bit more a base model that is a little bit less but while you are not able to buy this we will be able to get new ford
8:39 am
explorer based on it will coming up summer one of ford's best he seller bad news for you you are going to see a lot of explorers rear view mirror not able to tell when are cop cars when are civilians maybe better off not seeing at all let you all hold your ears, tlo siren on not sure how loud that is on your end. dagen: um that is a sound i appreciate you sharing with us, that we never, ever want to hear. you are wheeling that gary. >> i am very impressed. >> it is got power electricity motor hybrid, regular version not a hybrid gets 285 horsepower this is the second quickest utility police vehicle you can buy that turbocharged one is the fastest 150-mile-an-hour top
8:40 am
speed, beating around the track. >> we know with electricity motor gives you good torque off the line. >> new version of the ford interceptor coming up havoc in hong kong massive crowds rushing into the streets protesting a controversi ing in. >> the man hidden shaky shaq union square hospitality group discusses restaurant empire how his personality really kind of leads it all. more, ahead. ♪ ♪ incomparable design makes it beautiful.
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in hong kong over a controversial piece of legislation joining me now is host of "varney & company," stuart varney. mr. varney good morning what say you sir. >> good morning dagen, i am going out own a limb here i think that that protest gigantic protest in hong kong is part of the backdrop xi jinping talks with president trump about trade. we assume xi jinping is going into that meeting with a
8:45 am
unified political situation back home. but dissent of a mill people on streets of hong kong suggest you might have to worry a little bit about disent back home the protesters in hong kong really about a local issue, extradition between hong kong and who can be taken out of hong kong put on trial in beijing a local issue but when you have a million people out of seven million population a massive demonstration about free speech will surely play some kind of role in the u.s.-china trade talks that is my position maybe i am going out a bit on a limb i was shocked to see so many people in hong kong a place i know very well i lived there i was shocked to see so many people come out send such a strong message to xi jinping that is where i am coming from dagen: you were not wrong ever.
8:46 am
>> lau[laughter] >> well done. >> i am serious you are not wrong ever, that is correct. mr. varney "varney & company" monday through friday three hours 9:00 a.m. to noon coming up in exactly 14 minutes stuart varney, coming up cooking up success, the man behind shaky shaq hospitality group revolutionizeing the food industry discusses his success to restaurant empire, next. ♪ starting here, in procurement, helping us find the right suppliers. then here in logistic, to avoid disruptions! here in sales. even here! i'm talking about ai we can build to work... here, predicting trends. and here, wherever our data lives! and here, working with all our other ai! i think we're done here. expect more from ai. ibm watson.
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i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. dagen: restaurateur danny meyer of a innovator more than two decades behind shake shack
8:50 am
and union square hospitality group. >> so i am happy you are here because there is so much to talk about jobs numbers outlast week showed weaker-than-expected jobs, people are worried about an economy that is slowing down. you have a great vantage point in the restaurant business before we go into your fantastic empire how do you see things, do you think things are slowing down? how does the broad economy look to you? >> i don't think things are slowing down at all. as a matter of fact i don't think jobs are slowing down i have never, experienced in entire career a tougher time finding people who want to join the restaurant industry. we are finding them because happily we have a reputation where best people want to work, but if the line of people used to be 50 people long now shorter so there is a shortage still of workers and i am not at all pessimistic about economy based on that. >> in terms of backdrop consumers coming in people
8:51 am
paying up for good meals good service. >> absolutely. >> that you represent. >> we are in an economy right now i think also in a time in life where people want to buy experiences over things. so restaurants i think are really, really well placed right now there is no question, on the other hand people want to buy convenience, they want to be able to take out their smartphone the remote control to life push a button get everything dlifrtd to front door restaurants remain a place people can be with people i think those experiences roam have even more value than ever right now. >> tell me what your priorities are in terms of starting restaurants acquiring businesses, how you put these various businesses together under the umbrella tell me about union square hospitality. >> i wish i could say that i had great strategy maria it was episodic when opportunity came along to work with tom in 1994 opened gramercy cavern opportunity to open two
8:52 am
restaurants on a desolate park madison square park in 1998 we opened, and led to shake shack when opportunity came to open, amazing museum of modern art opened a mod whern mets said do you want to help is do something for our fans even on nights when not so happy, we opened four places in here in field shake shack -- a lot of what we have done has been episodic once shake shack decided time to grow we didn't have a second shake shack for five years. then we became rather strategic about the whole thing. >> you are strategic in that not only do you own these restaurants under union square hospitality umbrella but you have equity fund takes stakes in compensates i want to ask you about you took shake shack public what was the decision behind taking shake shack public, starting to monetize,
8:53 am
some of these great businesses within the overall business. >> i think whether you go public or take money from a private equity fund or a loan from bank one way or the other you are raising money shake shack decided at that point, that we really did want to ratchet up the escalation of the business, the scaling of the business. and we also wanted to create a currency so he we could reward employees been there a long time when shake shack went public, one hundred percent of all managers got stock options, one hundred percent of all employees including hourly employees were comifb opportunity to purchase stock at $21, the amount of money wealth that those employees were able to create, buying homes for the first time, paying off college loans. >> has to make you feel so good. >> would we never could have done that as private company i am proud of that. >> what would you say most important different trend happening in your business. >> there is no question, that anything that save you time
8:54 am
improves quality, and feels healthier is a winner i don't have any question -- we're not going to offer time have more time in lives, we are not going to want to eat less healthy, so i think that those are real trends to say as far as p artificial meat companies i will tell you that we whiffed on that had opportunity to look at those businesses unfortunately none of the chefs in our business said they wanted to use those products, i think that -- i think there is something to be said for investing in businesses that you would use yourself. you know we are -- i wear auburns almost every day i hope one day to invest in auburns because a business is doing well not necessarily a reason i would do it i think that vegetable cooking is absolutely on the rise. i don't think that americans are ever going to as a country, stop eating meat
8:55 am
protein i don't think i am, i do them eating more vegetables so, for example, when shake shack takes this question on its about do we create a veggie burger cravable you would eat it made out of vegetables not synthetics meat. >> should be expect more monetizing business you are investing in more shake shack type? >> interestingly union square hospitality group is a private company gives us an opportunity to do is to constantly sift through our restaurants in our own good time without people look at quarter earnings ask is there will go in them there rivers if we find an idea that we think could be scalable we will do it we have one restaurant right now, about which is brand-new called daily provisions two years old doing incredibly well upcoming like shake shack when shake shack was a baby we have three
8:56 am
more leases so we are very, very excited about that one. >> we will look forward to that congrats to you great to see you. >> you, too, maria, thank you. >> thank you so much still ahead final thoughts frommall our all tar panel. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
dagen: final thoughts from our all-stars. >> thanks for having me. my show live is today. keeping up with jones. thank you for your support. dagen: yes. keep it coming. keep it coming. mitch? >> i hope this week we have actual good news. we have cpi, we have retail sales. i hope it's good news. i hope good news is good news for the market. dagen: okay. unlike last week, where bad news was good news. >> we want good news. dagen: we'll see if joe biden takes a cue from that tightening poll. maybe he will come out a little bit more. dagen: he's weight. again, he's waiting for some of
9:00 am
these people to fall by the wayside. >> they will. dagen: oh, yeah. please. >> the real test is warren. is she going to take bernie out or not? dagen: we don't have an answer for that. thank you so much. stuart, take it away. stuart: good morning to my brother, lawrence, right there. and to you, dagen. be careful. you are going to be on my show soon. good morning, everyone. we are very glad you could join us this monday. we are very happy to tell you that the big stock market rally continues. it's been spectacular. the dow is up 1170 points last week and look at that, we are going to open with another triple digit gain which will put the dow well above 26,000 again. yes, we are approaching new highs. the s&p, the nasdaq, also on a tear. more big gains at least at the opening bell this morning there. now, all of this after mexico agrees to help stop the flow


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