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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 8, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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corey lewandowski and walid phares are among our guests. you can catch "bulls and bears" at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. thanks for joining us. [♪] trish: i.c.e. is standing ready to deport one million illegal immigrants. before the left gets up in arms over it. they should look at the president who has the record for the most of deportations in a year. it's not president trump. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan joins us. the president touting the strong economy today at the white house. >> since the election we developed more than 6 million new jobs.
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if i would have said that during the campaign it wouldn't have been a pretty picture the next day as i read the headlines. trish: the economy is growing. the job market is showing how robust it i. what does that mean politically speaking? congressman ralph norman on that. a public school in florida is trying to figure out what to do with its principal after he tells a parent in an email, i can't say the holocaust is a factual historical event. public school in florida. holocaust denier? we are on it. "trish regan primetime" is next. tonight immigration authorities are standing ready to deport one million illegal migrants who
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already have pending removal ordinary i --orders. >> all the way through an extremely generous due process pipeline had removal orders. they don't leave, that are still awaiting removal by i.c.e. the president comment, i don't call these raids. i agree with him. this is what i.c.e. is supposed to do. trish: this is what i.c.e. is supposed to do. part of what it's supposed to do. it does a lot of things. it is supposed to do this and it has done this under many, many administrations. but the democrats are out there crying foul. they might be surprised to learn that the highest number of deportations came in 2012 and that was during the obama administration when i.c.e. removed about 410,000 migrants. president obama. joining me now, former acting
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i.c.e. director tom homan. i want to clarify one thing. the cages, the detention centers, they were all there under president obama? president obama deported 410,000 people? >> yeah, the facilities including the so-called cages were built under the funding and approval of the obama administration. i was there. trish: you wouldn't know that when you listen to the media and democrats in congress. it's almost as if this president is the first one in the history of the united states of america to be trying to enforce our borders. >> absolutely. the last three years under the obama administration when i ran enforcement operations, we arrested and removed around a million illegal aliens.
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you didn't hear a lot from the democratic leadership in congress. we did our job. i have been saying for months, i.c.e. need to get out there with a nationwide operation, seek out people who have had due process. especially family units. the judge said they have got to go, we have to do this. or else there is no integrity in the entire system. >> you need that, otherwise you run the risk of continuing to encourage this. why not come here. if in 2020 you see one of these democrats promising open borders and free education. why not come here? >> that's a problem. central american families keep coming because 90% do not get
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relief because their claims are fraudulent but they are not leaving. we see all these people leave and no one is coming home. i.c.e. did this in the obama administration. i did this in 2015. we put them on airplanes and sent them south. guess what happened? the numbers on the border dropped dramatically. trish: it catches on in those communities and they say maybe it's not so good to go to the u.s. because you are going to get put on the plane and sent home? >> yes. consequence is a deterrence. we learned that as children. if there is a consequence as a deterrent the bad behavior subsides. trish: let me ask you about another story in the news. "the washington post" is reporting i.c.e. and the fbi are
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working together using state driver's licenses for facial recognition searches. they are scanning through millions of photos without the license holder's consent or knowledge. i.c.e. doesn't comment on investigation techniques business that partly how they are trying to track down people? or is that not the case in your view. what us through what that might be? >> i'm not going to get into specific terra cotta peek ins. but technology like that. technology like that is used for criminal investigations, not for administrative immigration enforcement. half of ice is homeland security investigations. they did 34 criminal arrests. terrorism, drug trafficking, child predators. they conduct a criminal operation and use sophisticated
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techniques and i will leave it like that. as far as look for someone here illegally that technology was not being used when i was director and it's being used today. trish: somebody here illegally who may have committed a crime. the president said he wasn't so interested in just rounding up families or people that were law-abiding citizens, albeit that's an oxymoron because if you are here illegally you are not. is this a technique that can be used? >> absolutely. right now the focus is on criminal charges and criminal indictments. but it can be used and i can't say whether it will be used in the future. it may be. but right not you prioritization is criminals. they use more sophisticated technology because they are
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criminal operations. they have use a lot of technology in the investigation and you different technology for different reasons. but they are very good at what they do. that's why when they do this naitiondwide operation they will use a myriad of operations to locate the people who are in hiding. trish: you would think after widespread condemnation department kralts would stay as far away as alexandria ocasio-cortez's comment about concentration camps as they could. >> the united states is running concentration camps on our border. that exactly what they are. they are concentration camps. trish: she is still maintaining that. now you have this congresswoman rashid a tlaib backing aoc up saying u.s. detention centers
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are like concentration camps. the united nations atomic watchdog confirming that today iran started enriching uranium that levels that breach obama's 2015 agreement. my sources are telling me trump's maximum pressure campaign is working. who thought this was a good idea. a michigan music festival is doing a 180 after it decided to charge white people double. a florida principal is in trouble after saying the holocaust was not factual. most people think a button is just a button. ♪
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trish: a high school in palm beach county, florida is in turmoil after a principal was kicked out for suggesting the holocaust might not have been a real event. an email channel shows the principal writing this answer to a parent rightfully concerned about how the holocaust is being taught. the principal wrote back quote
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not everyone believes the holocaust happened, and you have your thoughts, but we are a public school and not all of our parents have the same beliefs so they will react differently. i can't say is a factual historical event. i believe the word is historic. he goes on to say because i am not in the position to do so as a school district employee. what? in a public school in florida the principal can't say the holocaust happened? it was an historic event? it's a weirdness that's more aappropriate for our society.
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the mother had to push for a year to have this addressed by the school system. he has apologized for the email but reassigned. but he's still on the taxpayer payroll. congressman, i am stunned by this story. we are living in a world where the principal of a public school is effectively trying to deny the holocaust saying he can't say whether it's an historic event? >> i thought it must have been a kindergarten teacher. but to be the principal of a school to say the holocaust doesn't exist. there are those who believe world is flat. for him to make that statement in an email that you can't retract, then for him to try to
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wash it back shows how weird -- it's beyond weird. i hope the parents are outraged. you don't reassign somebody like that. it needs to be in another line of work. trish: the "new york times" is saying he's being fired for being politically correct. it's not politically correct in any way, shape or form to deny that millions of people were killed, slaughtered by adolph hitler. the "new york times" thinks he was trying to be savvy politically to everybody's sensitivities? >> you don't even make that type an argument. when somebody emails that type of a statement. if he's out of reality he ought to be not in the school system. what other questions does he
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raise? it's idiotic that he's staying in an email. he ought to lose his job and not be with students. 2,500 students? trish: in a heavily jewish community in florida. i'm disgusted by the whole thing. i bring it up because i think it's a good microexample of a macro problem education. everybody is so sensitive and they are trying to be so careful. but they are starting to rewrite history. this is not a good direction for the country, sir. >> he needs to have consequences. the private sector, you have that type of behavior they are no longer employed. but in the education system they just move them around. move them around why? what's he going to say next? trish:ed the taxpayers should revolt. >> they should revolt and express their feeling and not put up with that kind of behave
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high year. he needs to come to the holocaust miewf seem in washington, d.c. trish: apparently he has. he's out there doing the tour. these economic numbers in the economy near and dear to my heart, unbelievable. really good job numbers we saw friday. i'm pleased to see nor people are getting into the workplace. a lot of these people had given you have. very, very strong economic signs. sheer is a political question. do you think people are as motivated to go to the polls and vote when the economy is this good? or do you any like mid-terms they think i can stay home and sit this one out. sometimes people will go because they are so serious with the situation. they want went throughout and voted fourth now president trump. when you think those are good,
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do they still go to the polls? somewhat i found in politics, people vote their pocketbook. if the economy is doing well, this president as he mentioned earlier, 6 million jobs, 245,000 manufacturing jobs. in my state of south carolina manufacturing has come back like never before. we went through 8 years of dismal growth of 1%. look at the number of people work. look at the enthusiasm. and not just that. look at the regulations that were cut. he has done it in 2 1/2 years. it took obama 8 years to do nothing. he's a businessman. he understands it. to do this in 2 1/2 years, i think people will go to the polls. look at the rallies. the people he attracted. that's not manufactured. trish: congressman, it's good to see you.
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a michigan music festival did a 180 after deciding to charge white people twice what they charge people of color. first remember the media fear mongering about iran? >> the prospect of war with iran became a much more concretely advanced concept today. >> when things escalate things can get out of hand very quickly. trish: find out what my sources are telling me that could mean about trump's maximum pressure campaign. pete hegseth and former deputy national security advisor for vice president cheney steven yates will be here to react. they are here after this. the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. trish: a source in iran familiar
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with the regime's thinking is telling me his country will negotiate with the united states. that's a pretty big deal if they do and a big win for this administration. according to the source, the iranian president told president macron that they want to restart talks. hours after saying this they announced they are enriching more uranium. so what the heck is going on? joining me now, pete hegseth and former deputy national security advisor for vice president cheney, steven yates. is this the only leverage they have in on the one hand they are saying we want to negotiate. but they are back channel that, telling, you know, in the case of myself, a reporter, or
8:26 pm
telling emmanuel macron that they are willing to yoash gait in this environment while see you mull midwhile simultaneouslg nuclear enrichment. >> if they are talking about resuming negotiations in the p5+1, that's years out of fashion. maybe they will try to tiptoe toward negotiating this president directly. maybe they want to wait out donald trump and see if the agreement can come back with a democrat in 2020. i have every confidence he'll make them pay for address against the united states in a
8:27 pm
time and way of his own choosing. trish: when you enrich uranium, it's like with semi conductor chips, they keep improving, and the more they improve the faster they move toward improvement. with uranium the more you enrich this stuff the closer and closer you get and the faster you get towards nuclear capability. to me, if they actually put two and two together it's a dangerous recipe for them. if they get that close to a nuclear weapon, the president is going to react in a way that will not be good. >> you would think so. but now they are playing a double game it's a put up or shut up moment for the continent of europe. they said they would never accept an iran nuclear bomb.
8:28 pm
but they have been willing to entertain the fact that rawb is passing all of these thresholds to get the capacity to enrich a weapons grade nuclear bomb. europe is not serious about enforcement. the european union and the united nations don't have the capability to enforce -- trish: they have us, right? >> that's right. they have us. they don't. they have to be lock step with us and willing to stand strong with us. so european capitals have to come alongside us and say you breached the agreement, even if the u.s. is out of it. and the u.s. is our enforcement arm since we are not. that's where the solidarity has to be brought in. trish: steven, do you think we have that mama chron. he's -- with wha d with ma macr.
8:29 pm
>> i agree where the europeans are does matter. we should put a mountain of pressure on them to live up to this. we have been on the receiving end of this for too long. they better step up or step aside. but in a way, this is a main disrespect to them. they whether authors of the iran deal and they got obama to go along with it. trish: the president is, okay, no more deals. if i were them, i would say, you know what? i have to think about negotiating something and showing up at the table. >> the europeans are living on the legacy of their influence.
8:30 pm
when is the last time something the e.u. did was even forced without the united states of america? we are the on player at the table to include israel. they will act if we don't. the e.u. is important at the table but ultimately we are the only player that matters. >> we are the hegemonic power of the world and if we want to continue to enjoy low mortgage rates and have the u.s. be the currency of the world. the u.s. dollar. that sometimes means you have got to have enough force. people don't always make that correlation. good to see you, guys. starbucks trying to quite a firestorm. now apologizing to police after one of its locations evicted six police officers. coming up, a guest is asking why this happened in the first
8:31 pm
place. but first this wouldn't be the first time she has been accused of anti-semitism. but now rashida tlaib is defending alexandria ocasio-cortez saying u.s. detention centers are like concentration camps. >> the united states is running concentration camps on our southern border. and that is exactly what they are. they are concentration camps. chugga-chugga, charles! my man!
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>> mitch mcconnell said she backed something that was worse. if all she could do is focus on him. uplift the women of color in your caucus. it's very disappointing that the speaker would try to diminish our voices in so many ways. trish: rashida tlaib trying to
8:36 pm
drag nancy pelosi into a fight there. suggesting that nancy pelosi doesn't care about women who are minorities. the democratic party is imploding right before our eyes. it's no wonder. when you have the likes of ilhan omar, rashida tlaib and alexandria ocasio-cortez refusing funding for aid for our border just because trump wants it. this is the problem with our country that they should take some ownership over. nancy pelosi is publicly shaming those on the far left due to their refusal to support the emergency border bill saying all these people have their public whatever and twitter world, but they didn't have any following. they are four people and that's how many votes they got.
8:37 pm
aoc and ilhan omar are not so happy. they are responding on you guessed it, twitter. aoc defends her quote saying it's called public sentiment. ilhan omar accuses pelosi of being salty. isn't that ageist? she seems to be suggesting that the power has totally shifted away from nancy to them. joining me right now, former nevada state gop chair, and robin biro. robin, i don't always have moments like this, but tonight i'm having one. nancy pelosi is doing the right thing. i didn't appreciate her 180 when she was against funding for the bordered wall, then she changed her tune at the last minute. i would appreciate it if we could see some consistency from
8:38 pm
all of these politicians. but it is what it is. now she is dealing with these women that are just going for the jugular in a way that's not healthy, not appropriate, and could send our country down a very, very bad path. what is nancy to do? >> it's so interesting to me. i have criticized her so many times, but she does know how to count votes. so she is right there as far as that goes. and she -- the on problem i have with it is she is criticizing the youngest ones. and time is linear. these people will be our future whether we like that or not. trish: they apparently you want to know that saying she is salty. they are saying she doesn't care about minority women. they are saying she is salty. this could actually be, you want
8:39 pm
to talk about the undoing of a party, the democrats as we know them seem to be splintering before my very eyes. >> you are right. robin also hit the nail on the head with the fact that we are going have the younger generation taking over at some point. but i'm a mom of four, and i am in charge of teaching my children how to be respectful toward their elders. speaker pelosi is smart enough to know she is in charge of making sure the democrats keep control of congress. these the four genius freshmen are incredibly naive and you have to remember that miss tlaib who is demanding respect, she is the one who was first elected actually said she told her son,
8:40 pm
we are going to the impeach the the. she has a bit of a problem when it comes to respect. and speaker pelosi has the gavel and deserves the respect. trish: she for whatever reason, is struggling to command it. her party is coming apart at the seams. politically speaking, how does this play out as we go into 2020? you look at this leftist fringe of socialists who want to remake the world as they see fit. that means god help wit help yoe way, sir, you are a white man. >> nancy knows she has nothing to lose. she made a promise she wouldn't run for speaker again. how it plays out? the biggest question is how she is going to handle the i word,
8:41 pm
impeachment. i want to see how she can manage that specifically. trish: it's going to be hard. and that also is a recipe for disaster for her party. rashida tlaib says yes she absolutely believes the detention centers where we are housing migrants who come here willingly but illegally to our country are the same thing as the concentration camps that killed millions of jews in nazi germany. a massive slap in the face to history and to anyone who lost a loved one in that war. a revisionist version of history, if you ask me. a music festival under fire after deciding to charge white people double what i quote people of color pay. that's their words. we have all the details.
8:42 pm
it's the internet's latest craze. the bottle cap challenge. mariah carey is putting her own spin on it. starbucks is under fire after one location gave six police officers the boot because one customer felt unsafe with the police officers there. evidence in ryan says the left continues to demonize anyone in uniform. he's here next. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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trish: starbucks in trouble after a tempe starbucks kicked out six officers, including one military veteran. one customer told them he didn't feel safe with the comes around. so they were asked to leave. it seems like controversy over controversy. didn't they have a training seminar where they are supposed to be more aware of everything? are they getting too aware? >> last year there was an incident in philadelphia where
8:47 pm
two black men were arrested in philadelphia. and they shut down 8,000 stores. the shame of it is, these weren't just six police officers in were some veterans. this was 4th of july and they were kicked out. this is not surprising. the increased demonization of men and women in uniform. whether it's i.c.e. officers or border patrol. the fact of the matter is it shows how intolerant the left is. they want to kick the sarah sanders and ted cruz out of restaurants. it used on we could have rational disagreements. but the far left element rapidly taking over the democratic party, they don't even want to have those rational
8:48 pm
disagreements. they think our ideas are not legitimate ideas. and we should be kicked out of restaurants because these are not legitimate ideas. trish: you don't have a right to exist in their space. i have one little girl who just loves police officers. but she really -- every halloween, okay, honey, what do you want to be for halloween. every year it's a police officer. now she has taken up to dressing up our new dog in a police costume as the police dog on next halloween route next year. but we don't live in new york city anymore. but i remember when we did live in new york city where there was so much black lives matters and so much hate direct at police officers, i thought this is not an easy costume to have in new york city. the fact that i even have to
8:49 pm
think that, ned. the little girl who admires the police force and wants to dress like them on halloween, it has to go through your head, is she going to take heat from this at school? there is going to be backlash? that's crazy. >> right. this is the world we live in, though. there are a lot of good men and women. no one is perfect. but there are so many good men and women in uniform whether they are police officers or the military. but they make a lot of sacrifices. it's a very stressful job. and to be treated with such disrespect after all the sacrifices they have made. veterans now serving on the police force. starbucks has apologized. i think they will have to have more conversations about respect
8:50 pm
to police and veterans. they might have the to have a full day of training. trish: i would appreciate if people thought about all sides. sensitivity all the way around. what the heck where you can be biased to one side and not the other. as always, sir, thank you very much. good stuff. who thought this was a good idea? a michigan music festival is doing a 180 after deciding to charge white people double. the internet's latest craze. the bottle cap challenge. mariah carey is putting her own spin on it. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ dto experiencer gthe luxury you desire on a full line of utility vehicles.
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are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. trish: time for lightning round. lauren good to have you. >> how are you. trish: first up. michigan music festival charges double listed ticket price for white people, they scrapped their people of color poc discount after receiving backlash. >> great that event brighten br, encouraged group to change it, i understand their intent, making it accessible for all groups, but they did a reverse racism, discrimination comes in all forms, we need to strive for is inclusion of all groups, and
8:55 pm
making sure that everyone is able to attend these types of evens, not discriminate based on color, to me that is sends a wrong message. achieving the opposite of what they wanted. trish: it is happening too much in our society. next topic. newest internet heated debate, is air-conditioning. one study reveals that temperature of office buildings is historically set to comfort of men, can i say, yes. i will settle this, air-conditioning is sexist. >> i don't disagree with you. i am freezing every day when it is summer. i don't disagree. to tall hardware second -- to call hardware sexist is ridiculous, it is a machine,
8:56 pm
like lighting and sound, everything that goes into an employers productivity. they want to make sure they get most out of their employees, hr is monitoring this. trish: in my studio it is moi. do you know it like the bahamas in here, it is great, so membership -- women come in say, thank you, it feels so good, i am like hell yeah, we like it toasty warm. >> it is freezing on this one, i think they do it to keep us awake. trish: mariah carey, adding her own twist to the viral bottle cap challenge. ♪ did she really get it off. i don't buy it. i say this as a singer. the laws of physics.
8:57 pm
high note really can't actually blast that thing off, there may have been a fan in the background. >> i thought maybe a hair dryer or something. there is some gimmick, it was on brand, she did a great job, kind of painful to listen to. trish: i am with you. thank you lauren, good to have you here. >> thank you. trish: far left, freshman congresswoman rashida talib, she now agrees with aoc's opinion that migrant detention centers are concentration camps. see this. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez your colleague who was at the border with you compared the facilities to a concentration camp. do you agree with that comparison? >> absolutely, there is a number of expert that say, it is traumatic, i don't know how toke blain--explain to people what w. trish: wow, that was something. right? i again just question, what
8:58 pm
direction people want to take us in, there is a revisionist version of history, where somehow now hol coff wa holocaut that bad? need i remind her, people were thrown into the camps again their will, gas chambers, they were murdered, there is a difference rashida talib between the concentration camps of nazi germany and the detention centers at our border, people are willingly coming to the united states could breaking the law, for whatever reason, i don't care, it is their choice to come here, they are put in the detention centers until u.s. legal system can deal with them. don't forget, you are the one that didn't want that emergency border wall, funds, right?
8:59 pm
you didn't want to give them the beds, rashida talib for you to criticize these centers, and refusing to offer any kind of support and financial support for them? seems hypocritical, not to mention the fact you clearly have no understanding of world history. and it is a scary thought we have these members of congress working, supposedly on behalf of america. that have no respect, no understanding, and no appreciation for actual world history. scary times unfortunately. when this is somehow becoming acceptable and the norm. anyway we'll continue our discussion tomorrow night,
9:00 pm
kt mcfarland, and sabestian going to worand andy biggs, then for kennedy, judge napolitano takes it away right now. see you tomorrow. >> thank you, president trump has a few reasons to smile, major new poll getting him highest approval rating of his presidency, but same poll shows he could lose the 2020 election to not one but five different democrats. is it reason to worry or a big pile of. as only he could say, fake news, judge andrew napolitano for kennedy tonight, according to abc news "washington post" poll, 44% of americans act prove the president trump's overall job performance, that up five points since april, two better than previous best right after his electiontion. on flip


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