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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 9, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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joined by indiana senator mike braun and ned ryun, it has been a pleasure filling in for kept r kennedy. so long america. . i am david asman in for lou dobbs, early sign of trump administration pressure on mexico. is yielding positive results, border patrol ap -- -- radical t rolls on, nardler preparing tosum subpoena a dozen individuals. attorney general william's barr probe to origins of russia witch-hunt, pressures
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christopher steel to meet with dodge invest -- doj investigators. fox's chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge can details. reporter: former british spy steel of concerned he would get throne under the bus in the report, and appointment of u.s. attorney durham on investigate origin of russia probe ramped up pressure on steel to corporate. a key witness was talking with inspector general at 11th hour, that now appears to be steel. broke details that steel was interviewed in the uk in june by 3 lawyers, from inspector general's office, requiring some
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witnesses to be reinterviewed, site another detail, steel was interviewed twice by investigators work for special counsel robert mueller in september of 2017, but the 500 page report makes no direct reference to the so assaulted steel dossier. and the mueller want calls it steel reports, which has effect of minimizing fact that democrats paid for opposition research. david. david: thank you very much. >> and breaking, new numbers from department of homeland security, showing illegal immigrant app pen -- apprehensions are dropping in june they dropped for first time in 6 months. acting dhs secretary, claiming that decrease is due to mexico's stepping up enforcement operations, customs and border patrol data, showing ap
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apprehensions dipping due in part to hot water, but latest numbers show 11% decrease in arrests over the same period of time last year, president's pressure on mexico finally bringing mexican population to realization that cartels and violence they break are only true beneficiaries of illegal immigration. a federal judge in new york overseeing sens census citizensp question has denied the motion to change its legal team, states that administration lacked satisfactory reasons for substitution of counsel. joining me now ed rollins, a lot to chew on. particularly origins of the witch-hunt, you know, you hear the phrase from catherine
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herridge, deconflicting of accounts, trying to give these people a chance to essentially correct lies they have told in the past, could the origins of the witch-hunt be a part of this campaign? no question, horowitz has a lot at stake, the last bastion of the investigation, he has to get it right, and tell it like it is. i think he everything i know about him, he is supposed to be an honest broker. he has ability to find out. the threat of these guys purgeerring -- purg >> themselves that jail time. david: nadler looking to create perjury traps of his own. clearly he is trying to make his
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part of what he is trying to do the perjury traps part of the campaign. >> the unfortunate thing all people that went to mueller ordeal, testifying, it dragged back through it again. i'm not sure there is any more information that could come out of it that is already in the report, they have to hire lawyers, go through their testimony, it is a show, on the house part. just as opposed to really investigating what in the mueller report, to date does not seem to be anything. david: i am thinking michael flynn for example, they look for any conflicting accounts he might have given, focus on drill down on those to put him in a position where he will be part was problem. >> he is already bouncing all over the place, with three different stories and blaming his past lawyers for filing
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wrong information, the judge may not put up with that we'll see. david: media trying as much as they can to connect the administration with horrific change against the democratic donor jeffrey epstein. trying to make it about trump, and members of his administration, when real story is about epstein and bill clinton. the many trip -- bill clinton said he has only taken 4 trips in jeffrey e epstein's jets, tht claim is contradicted by conchita sarnof, a reporter who has seen the flight records. >> i know from pilot logs, pilot logs writ' by different pilots, and different times, that clinton went, a guest of epstein's 27 times, almost every time that clinton's name is on the pilot logs there are
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underage girls, initials, and there are names of many, many girls on that private plane. >> are you saying that former president is not telling the truth. >> yes, i am saying, sadly he is not telling the truth. david: i have a feeling pause of those logs democrat may drop any attempt to bring this to bear on trump administration. >> i would think so, former president is very identifiable, a pilot write its in the log, in his handwriting, they can be soup u -- pretty much knows he s in the back of the plane. david: how we'll tell with crisis at border, there appears to be some is some progress because of work that president did with mexico. >> a dramatic change, it shows it is working it will work, you have to continue to move forward on it, support from congress would be helpful. but i think even without that
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support, the president is on the right path. david: all congress is doing, in particular the democrats from congress who run for presidency are trying to make the matters worse. >> they want to have open borders, no question about, that they all say open the borders, give them a patching ticket if -- parking ticket if they come across. we're not going to let that happen. david: will that change after the democrat convention, before that all of the contenders move to the left, will it change? how can they change their status on immigration? >> they can't, whoever the nominee is said, throughout the course of debate, i am for open borders or easing the borders. borders. david: the lure of thing like santsan -- sanctuary cities, thy are doubling down on continues. there still that lure drawing them. >> first city to have sanctuary
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cities was san francisco. diane feinstein was mayor when they did that, hard for her to say, governor of city has been wrong all of the way, sudden say cities are bad. it will be hard to say we have to dos close the doors. president so the right path in this course. on the economy, itself, economy. i think isees -- it has to be number one issue that president comes to bear leading up to the election. we have great news to report on, deals that appear to be working their way through all kinds of trade issues and et cetera. dow think that president will focus on that. >> immigration is a side bar, but the economy is the critical thing, if he continues to get credit for this economy he will get reelected.
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david: how could he not get credit, all polling shows that president himself is the one gets the credit, not some sort of lay over from obama administration. >> president deserves the credit, they just need to continue to talk about it this is what shaping and here is why it is happening. econ 1 wher 101. that would be key -- if i were running this campaign, that would be first issue, second would be immigration. david: ed rollins thank you. >> coming up, i don' joe biden s his own biggest lie. >> all my time in public life. i plan to defer to as middle class joe. david: we look at latest evidence that severely under cuts his middle clasper sonia. >> latest develop in middle east that could hasten end of u.s. involvement in afghanistan. we'll take up that and more right after the break. beep goes off ]
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david: u.s. and afghan officials say they are closer to ending. they met in qatar agreed to a road map in peace, u.s. and
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taliban are closer to reaching a deal that would focus on u.s. withdrawing troops if the taliban agrees to not use afghanistan as the base for terrorism. trump administration slapping new sanctions again three senior officials of hezbollah, targeting hezbollah for the malign agenda in effort to help iran crippling crippling u.n. s. joining me now, fox "business national" security foreign policy analyst, dr. walid phares, thank you for being he here. >> good to see you. david: hezbollah of created by iriran. is there any thinking they might be turned to terrorism in u.s. >> they can. the killing of many servicemen and women in iraq.
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hezbollah is part of iran's regime, they have been doing in lebanon is allowing iran to escape the sanctions, but problem is that hezbollah is port of the lebanese government, trump administration needs to put pressure on lebanese government to unlink with hezbollah. david: we're putting pressure on virtually every aspect ofs iranian regime that we can think of. but their is this media narrative, going out that the obama-iran deal was working so well. and the trump administration came in judge just rieux -- just ruined perfection. >> to this argument, we say iran deal is reason for why iran changed course from less dangerous to more dangerous, it purchased with that 150 billion that we sent to iran, iranian money, but not the regime could
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they purchased weapons, tanks, long range missiles then deployed militia in iraq, syria, lebanon and yemen, that is not progress, ir -- that allowed iro expand. david: the whole way that deal was sold t to begin with. let's play a sound bite from president obama when he was busy selling the iran deal. >> because of this deal inspectors will be able to access any suspicious location. put simply the organization responsible for the inspections will have access where necessary, when necessary. david: that was vice president biden behind him, inspectors will be able to access any suspecsuspicious location, thatt true. >> the real version, inspector inspected what the iran regime allowed them to. that is a big difference. david: we have no idea what they
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were getting away with during the course of that iran deal, correct? >> number one, we don't a good idea, and number two, we've done nothing with as important matter that is icbns, long range missiles, what are they sending with those, roses? though this is the prelude for weaponnize nuclear forces. david: iran is announcing their plans to enrich uranium, that is what the administration is focused on right now. went on they get beyond 90% enrichment they have a bomb? >> they do have a bomb. once they reach that point, my concern that europeans are looking at this, saying well maybe iran has good intentions, trying to use europeans to put pressure on us, by threatening them, we'll go beyond those red lines, they wait on europe to put pressure on washington, why? they were doing find until you withdrew. david: restraint though that
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president showed in dealing with the attack, tanker attacks. instead of going striking them and killing his many as 150 iranians, pulling back, and not going distance with that, does that get us any cred from europeans? >> it does on one hand but other hand what is behind president trump decisions we don't' to jump when iranians' to us jump, we don't want to clash with them on their timing, they are planning their own attacks in iraq and syria,. the irannian regime beliefs opposition here will do so much pressure that we'll withdraw from syria and iraq. david: the iranian mullahs rely -- opposition to president trump in u.s., and encouraging that as much as they can. >> not the first time, they have done it before, vietnam was done this way, the radical regimes
10:20 pm
count on political division in washington, that is why we need to be unifieds. david: we are unified z with our allies middle east, that including israel and saudi arabia, and united arab emirateses who are working together with us, you may have this odd coalition between israel and arab world that is opposed to iran. >> this is greatist acheap. in middle east -- that is greatest achievement in middle east since a long time ago when president went to riyadh. david: his first foreign visit. >> in may. he addressed 50 arab and muslim leaders. many coun country, saudi and uad egypt not in public are coordinating with israel because iran is a threat to all these country. david: we have amir of qatar here, visiting with president at white house, qatar is one of those few sunni arab countries
10:21 pm
that still have relations with iran. >> they have increased their relationship with iran since they broke with saudi, and uae, we know that qatar and u.s. have a lot of business together but we need to send a message to qatar to unlink with muslim brotherhood. david: that is what president was trying to do today, there was a dee -- a deal to buy boeinger planes. >> the u.s. position to convince qatar to not go forward and become an ally and partner with iran, and remember president said we going to investigate muslim brotherhood links to terrorism, but muslim brotherhood are from protected by qatar. david: to link back to discussion of israel in 1981, israel attacked saddam hussein program, successfully, might we
10:22 pm
see something by israelis that we don't get involved ourselves? >> in general terms israel when it feels threaten to the core, and a smaller size stayed, they would strike and make phone call later. i think this time align between trump administration and israel is way beyond, that israelis would put their resources if they feel iran is threatening them directly. david: walid phares thank you. >> thank you. david: staip state department employee, covering up foreign inteintelligence contact for moe than 5 years. >> coming up next, more on jerry nadler harassment of president trump and his inner circle, take
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david: a poll revealing real winner of first democrat debate, that is president trump, he is leading warren, buttigieg, and harris after trailing each before. the poll finding 26% of voters say that economy is most important issue for 2020. that good news for the president, 51% of americans now approve of the soaring trump economy and cred that th credit, joining me now, author corey lewandowski. you authored a wonderful piece about last week salute to america. all people on left said it would be a disaster. and you mentioned one phrase that stuck out to me.
10:28 pm
that praise hits home a theme for middle american patriots. >> david, you look back at what we sel celebrate on 4th of july, your independents, president showed we are proud to be americans, we can achieve anything, you saw stealth bomber flyover lincoln memorial or air force one and blue angels it was amazing to see military might to remind us. our best days are in front of us. we're that shining light on the hill, president trump said, there is nothing that is impossible for this great country, i believe, that i think that is what the celebration was about. david: 100% contrast with democrats who are always talking about limitations, the way in
10:29 pm
which america should be limited, another example today with the new green new deal. bernie sanders teaming with aoc. to present that, that about putting america in a world war ii footing, you know some crisis when americans wil will be -- wl below unfortunately had to get away freedom but it is about giving up freedoms and opportunities that democrat are talking about. >> it is about once again taking a step back, not putting america first. and look we don't elect a president of united states to represent other people's values or other countrieses priorities we elect that person to take care of ourselves, what the democrats on left are running for is a globalist agenda that is everyone else is better than us be we should apologize and make sure we cut our emissions when countries like china and others continue to pa pollute.
10:30 pm
>> what should we have to always take second place, i travel to therother country, they say thak you donald trump for putting america first, we should be proud, but if you listen to the democrats, we have to be apoll apologetic. david: the bring us back to emerson poll, before the debate, before america saw what was on display, all of the limitations, that americans would face no matter when can day they -- candidate they vote for, it turns out after the debate americans like president trump more. >> that is because we saw in debate, everyone said, if you come in illegally you gets everything free, we heard bernie sanders say he will raise taxes on middle class so the people who are here illegally can have free health care and free college education, that is not what the country was founded oi thought i was watching a debate for venezuela or cu cuba,
10:31 pm
socialism, versus capitalism, capitalism wins every time. david: more than that, as you mentioned with regards to illegal immigrants, they are only people for whom there are no limitation in america on the amount we pay for healthcare or any other kind of welfare program, they can come it -- commit any crime they want go to a sanctuary city and be freed of any responsibility. >> this is a shame, you think about it, if you are an american citizen, you try to get your kid to college by paying, you go to jail, you and are an illegal ill alien, and your child goes to college, it is free. they think what you go to iowa, michigan, and pennsylvania that team who get up every day and go to work for a living think that is where our country should be gee you are mistaken. david: witch-hunt continues,
10:32 pm
nadler is busy writing out subpoenas, will be getting one, how would you respond. >> i have not receive a soup openna yet -- subpoena yesterday, but based on previous record on way he treated some of the witnesses, there is a part of me that wants to go out and confront the chairman, and look for my apology for me and my family he is long ove overdue, personally, i would love to have a conversation with ed thatter, in front of the american people to see how much of a witch-hunt this really. is but the truth is, there were no crimes committed by trump campaign, no collusion, no obstruction that is over. if they really want to look to what transpired look at 5 million dollar hillary clinton campaign, made a law firm to start this whole thing, and people who are responsible for it abuse their power those government officials investigate those people. david: those investigations
10:33 pm
going it, not by nadler, but by the inspector general for capacitdepartment of justice, mr attorney general, are those discoveries going to come out in heart of campaign itself? >> i sure hope so, i hope inspector general horowitz makes a criminal referral for comey, brennan and clapper and strzok and page, we know mccabe has a criminal referral for his work. and so we need to hold these people accountable, we need to understand how the fisa application was first put together, and then approved by a judge in information they got and where they go the it from, every day we get better move --e get more information is goes deeper and deeper, i believe this goes to the obama administration someone in that white house, saw it santioned and authorize it and allowed it. that is why.
10:34 pm
david: corey lewandowski thank you. >> thank you. david: we'll like to hear your thoughts on this share comments follow lou on twitter at lou dobbs, like him at facebook and follow him on instagram. >> coming up next, latest move by trump administration toiicic pediate asee lime claim, after the break. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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david: new jersey state attorney general, democrat, gray wall sent letters to two republican sheriffs claiming they violated his order to limit cooperation between local law enforcement and i.c.e. this year, gray wall began a new direct testifive. which by way, also happens to be a crime. >> president trump wants to speed upping wel legal process r illegal immigrants seeking asylum. before, i.c.e. officers had to wait 48 hours before they could talk to those, they cut wait time to a single calendar day.
10:39 pm
a spokesperson sending us a statement, reading in part: david: joining me now, homeland security reporter for washington examiner, anna garateli, thank you, let's talk about those numbers. we understand that this time of year there is usually a slowdown because of the brutally hot weather down south. but this -- compared to last year at this time, it is a drop as well, it does appear that something is working, no? >> well, that is what you would expect acting secretary of dhss to say, his work and president's move with mexico and mexico
10:40 pm
stepping up the enforcement actions. they it is really making a difference, but 16 out of past 17 spring to summers, you have seen a major decline in people trying to illegally cross to the u.s. i don't think it is fair for the administration to say, hey what we're doing is really working. i think it is -- you know part of it might be. but you also have to look at just the trend, there is truth in that, and other thing is since the acting secretary of homeland security, early 2017, he started as country top border official, at the time in spring, apprehensions were under 13,000 people per month. now they are up to 132 thousand last month. it is not like -- >> with the 11% cut, right? that is a pretty significant cut, is that normal by summer
10:41 pm
standards 11% cut? >> it is like 25 or 28% since may to june, it of down. but the thing, you come from 132 thousand, levels that were not seen since 2006. which was the year 95 years of border patrol history the most people illegally crossed into country and apprehended. it is hard to compare. david: what about what is going on mexico itself, are they getting serious about cracking down? >> mexico is doing a lot, they deployed the national guard to their southern border, that is 150 miles wide. compared to our southern border about 2000 miles wide, every day, i see respects by mexican -- reports by mexican media outlets, we arrested 50 people, 20 people, showing they are making strides toward that. the issue is how much are they actually doing and who is still
10:42 pm
getting through. you see people from one sector of border last month, saw people from 55 countries apprehended in that one area. not just central americans who are coming to u.s. or seeking asee looasylum. last year there were 150 countries. >> now, at same time, the administration is trying anyway possible on its open without help from congress, other than the recep passage of the -- recent passage of bill from congress part is trying to expedite some of these asylum claims is that working? >> they have not started it yet, they are looking at doin doe isg to the officer whots who do the asylum interview, speaking with open in border control custody after 24 hours. the issue is, for a lot of family and children in custody,
10:43 pm
they are held for days. they are to be held for 3 days. for adults, one in el paso they hold cuban adults for 2 to 4 weeks because they don't have room to move people to i.c.e., if you interview people av one day, you have 2 to 4 weeks you could be interviewing them. >> quickly on this issue in new jersey. attorney general there is forbidding sheriffs who want to work with i.c.e. officials from doing so, that kind of policy tied in with everything that is going on sanctuary cities has to be a lure for immigrantses coming in. >> that since rifling, right -- that is interesting, right, trump administration was talking about hey maybe we should send everyone to sanctuary cities after released from border
10:44 pm
patrol or i.c.e. that would have backfired. because the they -- the cities e not going to cooperate with i.c.e., should they want -- >> make it illegal for try to prevent their sheriffs from cooperating. >> right. david: all right. >> a crazy situation, anna thank you so much we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. david: crazy video tonight from virginia. a sinkhole is swallows up an entire car. >> there it goes. >> oh, my god, oh, [bleep] oh,. david: this happened last thursday in dale city, sinkhole sucking up a parked red minivan. >> officials say heavy rain push an under ground pipe out of place, causing road to collapse. >> up next, new numbers showing effects of big tech bias on
10:45 pm
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david: a u.s. appeals court ruling president trump is not allowed to block people on twitter, a three-judge panel
10:49 pm
calling the block unconstitutional view point discrimination, it may add to growing antibig tech sentiment among conservatives, 76% of folks who identify as conservatives do not trust facebook. former vice president joe biden putting his financial record in the spotlight tonight. for many who likes to -- man who likes to refer to himself as middle class joe tax returns show, he and his wife's book payments and speaking engagement added to more than 15 million since leaving washington in 2017. respect details his lavish life style, 12,000 square foot rental home, in northern virginia, and purchase of a 3 million dollar beach house in delaware. joining me now, kelly sadler, former special assistance to president trump, now director of communications, america first
10:50 pm
policies and america first. as you take the glimmer away from middle class joe. >> oh, yes, it does. you should not go into politics looking for a big pay out once you leave, joe biden -- he was not a plumber, not a cook, he came in to government to serve the american people, like all too many of these politicians that come here to washington d.c., once they leave, they go on speaking tours, demanding $100,000 to show up, they have green room stocked with food they like and beverages they look and kushy lifestyle, and then get in for their -- this pay out, she not a middle -- he is not a middle class joe, she million air joe. david: so is bernie sanders, a socialive millo onion air -- millionaire, bernie sanders condemned mr. steyer, the billionaire activist for getting
10:51 pm
in the race, he said she a friend, but he does not like idea of billionaires running for office. but what about millionaires, bernie? it is okay for them to do well but not for others. >> regard to tom steyer it is kind of funny, a billionaire donor to democrats, the fact he looks add this field, and said heck, there is room here, i don't need to donate to these guys, i should en se enter is m, hilarious. >> it is. david: court in network, ruling president cannot block users on his own twitter account. >> a lot to be said, a lot not said in this ruling, for example, do government officials have to abide by the same standards, do -- can they block or not? on their personal account, and social media companies, if we're treating it as a public utility,
10:52 pm
should she they have same standd of freedom of press, first amendment rights, the social media are blocking conservative content, and skewing and sensors conservatives, this came out in poll you mentioned, but look today, today was interesting, if you go on twitter or google right now, you type in clinton and epstein, you get zero. google search mentioned. if you do e epstein trump there are a bunch of suggests, and if you go on google images and ask for epstein and clinton there are no images of them together, that is anecdotal that will be discussed thursday. david: we should have mentioned a big social media summit on the at white house, google by the way, they began changing the all go rhythms more -- algorithms,
10:53 pm
making them more liberal, i used to do climate change, i did climate change skeptic, i got a lot of articles, in new day they jump dump on that. >> jared kushner and campaign, he was successful at useing social media. in a very positive way for the trump administration, i am wondering, they must be alerted to, that facebook and the rest of them will try to block body from trump campaign from using social media, right? >> we have already seen social media director at white house, facebook took away his account they bought he was a bot, he is a public official all over the place, the fact they suspended his account because they thought he was a bot is problematic, it is now back up and running but you never see these biases from other side, you never see
10:54 pm
liberals blocked or their accounting suspended only seems tto became at conservatives, the hill is looking at this. cruz, and nunes, nunes has a lawsuit out against twitter, thithissomething we'll see moren future, as this campaign progresses. >> the algorithms and moderators, twitter has these moderators that can take apart decide for themselves, what hate speech is, as we've sieve before -- seen before hate speech to one is not the other. >> marcia blackburn for example, she ran for senate, she had a campaign ad that mentioned planned parenthood, they thought it was hate speech, are you kidding me, this just seems to happen to conservatives running for office, not the other way. david: kelly sadler, let us know what happens at social media
10:55 pm
conference thank you. >> thank you. david: coming up next, new venture for company that plans to take people to space. we'll have more on that and a lot more when we come back. stay with us. bha most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer. bill's back needed a afvacation from his vacation. fan amusement park... so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain. so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move. dear tech,
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3.1 billion shares on the big board. virgin galactic will be the first publicly traded space travel company. the deal will give anyone riftors a 49% -- give investors a 49% stake. desperate dems from the house judiciary set to subpoena witnesses. >> i would love to have a conversation with jerry nadler so they can see how much of a witch hunt this is. but there were no crimes committed. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. if they want to know what transpired. let's look at $5 million the hillary clinton campaign paid a
11:00 pm
law firm to start this and the people responsible for this who abused their power. david: you can catch my show "bulls and bears" right here onn fox business network. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. trish: the fight over the citizenship question on the census spiraling into a debate over racism. with nancy pelosi kicking it off. >> this is about keeping, you know, make america -- the hats? make america white again. they want to make sure certain people are counted. trish: the hat? and make america white again? come on. it's a little bit suspicious. congressional congresswoman ilhan omar under fire for embellishing a


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