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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 14, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ ♪ places. [♪] david: tonight vice president mike pence touring the migrant detention facilities in mcallen texas to show what's really going on here. it's very different from what the democrats claim is going upon inside the facilities. >> president trump wanted us to be here and he wanted the cameras to be see so you can see firsthand how these families are being treated. each and every one of the children and parents i spoke to told me they were being treated well. david: brandon judd is here in
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just moments. the president weighing in on the democratic infighting. you might be surprised who is defending. tropical storm barry could turn into a hurricane before it hits louisiana's coast. look at this takedown of a submarine attempting to smuggle $250 million worth of cocaine. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. i'm david asman in for you trish. our top story, vice president pence getting a first-hand look at the crisis on our southern border. kos tes * in -- -- alexandria
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ocasio-cortez insists it of the a manufactured crisis. >> the cruelty is manufactured. this is a manufactured crisis because there is no need for us to do this. david: joining me, head of the border council, brandon judd. what do you think? >> i think that hearing today was high drama. i thought it was good she was playing to those individuals who are uneducated on border security issues, and if you listened to her you would think everything is horrible. but your listeners want an honest conversation on this. she said we should never be holding people in facility that are meant for 72 hours and we hold them for 60 days. that shouldn't happen. but then she goes too far and starts to sensationalize everything else and loses
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credibility from that point on. we just saw vice president pence go down to the border. he shod the public exactly what she saw in those facilities. and it's not the picture she tried to paint today. david: we have a crisis at the border because people like her first refused to admit there was a problem at the border, then refused to fund the facility she is criticizing. of course, they are in tough shape because they didn't get the money from people like her. >> she talks about cruelty. what is cruel is she withheld money. she didn't vote for that supplemental. she is trying to with hold the money to politicize this issue. that's what's cruel. another thing we have to point out, we are not doing anything different than what we did under the obama administration. so all of these facility and
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policies, they came about under the obama administration, yet you never heard the hard left screaming at president trump about him being cruel. it's only president trump, and that is a false narrative. david: i think what bothered me more than anything else, it certainly bothered the patrol agents who were there, is how cruel and unpatriotic she is concerning the people who put their life on the line at the border every day to keep us safe. one of the congressmen likened it to the vietnam vets being called baby killers in the 1960s and 70s when they came home from vietnam. it's a tough situation. very tough situation. but you don't criticize the people whose lives are on the line to protect us by what they are doing. >> we lost a border patrol agent who went into the colorado river to try to save some individual
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that were in distress. he lost his life. he left behind a wife and three children and one on the way. this is what our border patrol agents do on a daily basis. we put that uniform on, we go out there and we are trying to protect the sanctity of life. then to be demonized by people like congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, to be compared to nazis saying we are running concentration camps, that's wrong and she knows it's wrong. david: and then there is the race card. saying the border patrol agents are racist when in fact you mentioned the death of the border patrol agent. i don't know if he was hispanic. but before him the last five border patrol agents to be killed are hispanics. she is claiming the hispanics who die because of their job are
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anti-hispanic. >> i don't want to be over the top, but that is crazy time. 52% of the united states border patrol is comprised of minorities. how is it that the only federal law enforcement agency in the federal government that has more minorities than whites. how is it that that law enforcement agency is racist? we are not. our agent are not racist. they are look at this as a job they don't want. they want open borders and they have to throw out every single card they can and the race card is one of them. david: they want open borders. that's why they are doing what they are doing. immigration authorities are set to carry out raid in american cities targeting people in this country illegally who received deportation orders. president trump confirming the
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news hours ago. president trump: it starts sunday. they are going to take people out and bring them back on their countries. we are focused on criminals as much as we can. david: joining me, congressman matt gaetz. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house was giving instructions to individual who are here illegally about how to avoid the police. how to avoid arrest. it's extraordinary when the third in line to the presidency is coaching people on how to break the law. >> it's not just nancy pelosi. you continue to seat most of high profile democrats in congress and running for president opposing the interior enforcement of our immigration law. i can't even believe this is a subject of controversy. they are saying people who cross our border illegally and get caught and have a court process,
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then a judge he they have no right to be here. they have no asylum claim, they have no right to be here. democrats are saying those people should get to stay in the country and it's somewhere between wrong and racist to remove people with a lawful deportation order. if you do not remove people with a deportation order. you are saying anybody that gets here doesn't have to go. the fact that the president is prioritizing people who are dangerous to communities is the right focus. >> today we got a taste of the game plan of what i think we'll see big time after these deportations begin, which is looking for the heart strings of america. tugging on the heart rings. bringing up stories of innocent people caught in the web through no fault of their own. these kids being caught in these camps are brought here sometimes lured here by these crazy
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policies that sanctuary cities have, et cetera. those are the stories. we'll hear horror story after horror story by the mainstream media that will give all the information the democrats want the next few months. >> why aren't democrats bringing forward legislative idea to reform our asylum laws. before our asylum laws got so misinterpreted by the courts, people didn't show upholding a baby. now you have children being rented, stolen and sold and smuggled across our border. we have 5,000 fake families we discovered in the last few months. that's the last thing i can imagine for a little baby, is to be sold or snatched up by somebody and recycled back across the border into the arms of cartels to do it all over
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again. i would think we would all be able to come together to make the changes in our asylum laws. but we have democrats wanting to sensationalize the fact that we are executing the orders made by judges to remove criminal illegal aliens. david: your committee just issued a statement saying robert mueller will testify july 24. your reaction? >> house republicans were told earlier today that robert mueller would be delaying his testimony by a week, but he would be extending the amount of time he would be willing to testify. an additional hour of testimony but a delay. my suspicion is nancy pelosi is trying to back mueller's testimony up against the august recess. i don't have any basis for that
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suspicion, but it seems weird to me we are shuffling the deck on something as important as robert mueller. david: we know the questions we'll hear from democrats. we have been hearing these questions over and over again, ever since mr. mueller came to popular attention. i think the questions for republicans, namely, why did you not look into russian interference in the clinton campaign instead of the trump campaign. that sort of thing is going to shock a lot of people. that's my suspicion. >> i think the disadvantage for democrats is there is no question they are going to be able to ask him that will fundamentally alter the conclusion that there was no criminal conspiracy between donald trump and russia and there was no chargeable crime on obstruction to come out of the office of the special counsel. so they are boxed into those. but there is a lot we want to
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know about the russian attempts to spread lies about donald trump to destabilize him both before and after he was sworn in as president. david: congressman gates, great to see you. appreciate it. we are keeping a close eye on tropical storm barry. it's gaining strength as it barrels toward the louisiana coast. details on when the storm is expected to make landfall. plus a live report from new orleans straight ahead. a gender reveal stunt gone horribly wrong. but first the democrat party's infighting getting uglier by the minute. alexandria ocasio-cortez accusing speaker pelosi of being a racist. president trump: i'll tell you something about nancy pelosi that i know better than i do. that i know better than i do. she is not a racist.
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david: alex acosta is out. the labor secretary stepping down after renewed uproar after the new arrest of sex offender
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jeffrey epstein. you probably remember acosta offered epstein a guilty plea that was slammed by critics. but president trump is defending acosta in part it appears because the economy is booming. president trump: i know one thing. he did a great job. until this came up there will be was never an ounce of problem with this very good man. >> it would be selfish for me to stay in this position and continue talking about a case that's 12 years old rather than about the amazing economy. david: joining me is steve moore. was acosta becoming a distraction? >> first of all. the guy did a hell of a job. he was a great labor secretary. he got rid of a lot of regulations impeding employment. i don't know all the details
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about this plea agreement. but he had a tenure at the labor department he can be proud of. i'm proud to have called him a friend and still do. and i think he'll look back on his tenure at the labor department and think about how well he performed and helped create one of the great employment booms in american history. david: today the president was at a lockheed manufacturing plant in wisconsin. the manufacturing numbers are extraordinary. three years ago president obama in the waning days of his administration said we lost manufacturing jobs and they are never coming back to the united states. we have 500,000 new manufacturing jobs in the first two years of the trump administration. >> this is something i love
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about donald trump. he sticks by his people. he's loyal. i went through some of the same stuff as acosta did which was nominated for the fed. in most of administrations the president might have thrown me under the bus. but donald trump sticks by his people. i was proud of what he said about acosta. it's why people want to serve this president. you are right about the manufacturing. i was looking at the numbers. you look at manufacturing, construction and mining. three classic blue collar employment jobs that were being erased the last 10 or 15 years in the american economy. we created a million jobs in those three. so there is another 500,000 created in construction and mining. that's a big, big number. remember obama said about a month before the election, it will take a magic wand to bring
12:20 am
those jobs back. those are big-paying jobs for middle class workers. the policies put in practice by the obama-bind administration are what caused a dropoff. there was a net loss during the entire obama era of manufacturing jobs. i think back to that 2010 summer almost 10 years ago when biden was the cheerleader for the recovery summer. they ended up with 200,000 over a 3-month period? >> and we spent a hell of a lot of money to get those jobs. this is a pro business president. i don't always agree with everything donald trump does, believe me. but i think has his eye on the ball. the wage gains were very good in the last labor report. and this didn't happen by
12:21 am
accident it's because we created that tax cut which is pro business to make profits, expand the operation. the great thing about this labor pictures. the workers for the first time have bargaining power. if they don't like what one employer offered they can go down the street. david: you mentioned legacy. >> the energy. a lot of the manufacturing jobs are related to the energy picture and that's a big one, too. david: tropical storm barry is barreling toward the louisiana coast at this very moment. officials warning this will be a significant weather event. a live report from new orleans moments away. a major drug bust caught on camera. extraordinary. watch.
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david: tropical storm barrie gaining strength. the storm is expected to reach hurricane status when it slams ashore hours from now. rick, how is it looking there? reporter: it's not bad now. it's barely range on bourbon street. a lot of the bars and restaurants are closed and many will be closing soon because things are expected to deteriorate rapidly tonight. the big concern is the rain and flooding along the mississippi river. they closed over 200 floodgates,
12:27 am
in fact closed every one of them for the first time. they think they are okay. i spoke to the army corps of engineers. they said the system was tested so they are confident the levees and flood walls will hold. >> things change rapidly and that's why we always stress, this is what we are seeing now, but convictions can change. residents need to stay aware and keep aware of what is going to happen and what is projected to happen. rain shouldn't be a huge impact on the river itself. but it is a factor in the interior. reporter: 3,000 national guard have been mobilized. they are staging emergency
12:28 am
supplies and evacuation orders were issued for numerous parishes and grand isle. the main roadway, la-1 is under water hours ago. in morgan city where the storm is expected to come ashore early tomorrow morning, we have a storm cam where you can see the wind is blowing and things are progressively getting worse. that's the story in new orleans. david: rick, take care. switching gears. president trump weighing in on a student between democrats. far left freshman alexandria ocasio-cortez and nancy pelosi, listen to who the president is backing. president trump: i think cortez is being very disrespectful to somebody who has been there a long time.
12:29 am
i deal with nancy pelosi a lot and we go back and forth and it's fine. but i think that a group of people is being very disrespectful to her. i will tell you something about in that you know better than i do. she is not a racist. for them to call her a racist is a disgrace. david: members of the congressional black caucus are defending the speaker as well. it seems she is backtracking on using the race card. so is the democrat socialist freshman regretting how she handled her boss? joining me, niger innis.
12:30 am
what do you make of all this? >> bring out the popcorn. i'm enjoying the show. i have a great deal of empathy for nancy pelosi. but she kind of made her own bed and now has to lay in it. the moment she had an opportunity to discipline this so-called crowd of the four horse women of the apocalypse was when omar came out and made some vicious anti-semitic tropes and statements and anti-american statements. she could have disciplined them symbolically by doing it through omar. she cowered, caved and that gave that group, the four horse women of the apocalypse the advantage. david: aoc is denying she played the race card.
12:31 am
do you agree with that? she accused pelosi. >> what i do know that came from her chief of staff, aoc is enjoying the favorability, and the favorability she has in the media because democrats have the majority. democrats have the majority because of the house democratic leadership. the fact that you have black women coming to the rescue of nancy pelosi says everything that nancy pelosi is not a racist. as someone who travels this country almost every weekend, i care about preserving the majority. david: what do you think of president trump's comments about nancy pelosi? >> i think it's try age you laying by the president, and d try angulation by the president.
12:32 am
there is a problem when you have one wing of the party accusing the new moderate to conservative democrats for being segregationists. >> pelosi laid it out for you and everyone else. they have four votes inning this caucus. women of color in subcommittees and leadership roles. we have disagreements aired publicly. >> you know, we never accused mitch mcconnell or speaker boehner of being racist. david: we have run out of time. thank you both have much. the liberal mayor of los angeles
12:33 am
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but you will look at their suffering and your heart will be changed. - [voiceover] with your gift of just $25, we can rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. david: the house voting in favor of an amendment to prevent president trump from taking military action in iran. it would block funding for u.s. military action against iran unless congress declared war or enacted specific authorization. joining me, a special operations
12:38 am
soldier. i want to look at the bigger foreign policy picture, particularly since joe biden is touting his foreign policy record. iran is one of the messes president trump is trying to clean up from the prove yution administration. isis is a horrific terrorist organization that president obama called a jv team and left them alone so they could build up their presence in syria. it was trump who had to come in and wipe them off the map. >> exactly. and biden could barely pronounce isis. the obama administration wanted to conduct action against isis and root them out. but the problem was they pulled us out of iraq too soon. we saw them basically hiding out.
12:39 am
the obama administration signaled we were going to leave. so when the u.s. troops left, they were able to take over. the trump administration got it done and got the caliphate wiped off the face of the earth. there are still remnants of isis, but they are nowhere near the strength they used to be. david: and they used to hang out in syria. we remember president obama painting that red line. >> we communicated in no uncertain terms with every player in the region that hat's a red line for us and there will be enormous consequences on the chemical weapons front other use of chemical weapons. david: syria walked over that red line and there were no consequences. the same thing happened shortly after trump came into office and then came the tomahawks. >> when obama said we were going
12:40 am
to do something if they release chemical weapons and we didn't, we look foolish and weak. we have this mess because we allowed these groups to metastasize. we allowed the russians to prop up the syrian regime. syria is an absolute mess. it's a perfect example of why we need to show strength when it comes to the middle east. david: china, for decade china was getting away with murder. not only in terms of their economic poll i have which the president is trying to turn around through his trade deal with them. but militarily moving in on places where they shouldn't have been. the next administration did next to something with it. >> from a cyber standpoint and intelligence perspective they
12:41 am
have been taling our intellectual property. -- they have been stealing our intellectual property. they are building up their artificial intelligence. they have a.i. farms, they believe the chinese government and they believe whoever controls a.i. controls the world. the administration before didn't want to do anything about it. so trump is trying to do something here. dave: finally, russia, the country that was supposed to be motivating president trump to do anything they wanted to do. remember when obama topped their president on the knee, tell vlad after the election i will be able to do anything. this president comes on and takes them on in places like syria where we wiped out a lot of russian mercenaries.
12:42 am
>> right, exactly. russia was more and more emboldened when president trump leaned over and told the previous russian president that he would have more ability to work with him during the second term. that of course made them think they could get away with a lot of this working to disrupt our campaigns and election cycle. we basically left them unchecked. they are citing in venezuela and syria. they want to break the alliances we have with different countries. finally we are look at doing something about it. david: coming up, a major drug bust caught on camera. watch. wait until you hear how much cocaine the u.s. coast guard seized from this submarine.
12:43 am
first the homelessness crisis in los angeles reaching epic levels, but the city's mayor is doing nothing about it. ben stein is here to sound off on the liberal mayor's failed policies.
12:44 am
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david: hopelessness reaching epidemic levels in los angeles. business owners are fed up and they are setting up obstructions like planter boxes to deter the homeless from setting up shop out front. joining me is economist and southern california resident ben stein. i am sure you are seeing a lot -- you always bragged to me about how more wonderful it was to live in l.a. than new york. but you must be getting pretty sick of this. >> we don't have any homeless in beverly hills or malibu. we have very few in west hollywood. all places where i have homes. but the homeless problem in downtown is unbelievably bad and
12:48 am
terrible. it started with the idea you could take homeless people who are basically mentally ill, give them drugs and they would be fine and become president of a local bank. but it didn't work out. they have to be put in mental hospitals. we have judges and politicians who understand that, it won't get better. we have judges and politicians who say let the homeless do whatever they feel like doing, it won't get any better. david: we have the same problem in new york. it's not as bad as l.a. because we have winters here where the homeless seem to go to the shelters. our mayor and your mayor, they are essentially using the sidewalks as bathrooms. this city is becoming filthy.
12:49 am
>> it's absolutely unbelievable. if someone told you 30 years ago it would be a right to defecate or urinate on the sidewalk, no one would have believed them. it's impossible to believe. how did that become a right? the same way abortion became a right. something a judge made up in the constitution that doesn't exist. these people are mentally ill. it's very sad, i know some of them. and i would hike to see those people put in mental hospitals and give them some chance at rehabilitation. but we won't do it because the judge won't let us do anything to help the homeless. >> it's becoming more than unsightly or unpleasant. you have typhoid fever used to be something as you know, i used to cover third world countries.
12:50 am
now you have it in los angeles. >> we have it in los angeles and neighborhood right near where maxine waters lives. she lives in one of the fanciest neighborhoods in los angeles. she lives in the fanciest neighborhood in los angeles and there are homeless people all around her. some of them are carrying typhus. unless there is a will power to stop it it won't stop. politicians are so cowardly. where is the will power? david: it has to come from the people who vote in the politicians. things got bad in norkt late 80s. they got so bad that liberals were voting for rudy giuliani. it can be turned around like the
12:51 am
crime situation can be turned around. are voters getting so fed up that they might begin to do the right thing? >> there is an awful lot of people who would be fed up and moving out of town, way far out, far far far far far suburbs so they don't even have to look at the homeless anymore. if they didn't have this option moving away out of town there would be more concentration on helping the homeless to get some order back in their lives. there is no organized movement to help the homeless. none. david: a gender reveal stunt gone more any wrong. find out what happens seconds after an australian couple find out they are having a baby boy.
12:52 am
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12:56 am
earth is angry. until i feel like my kid would live on an with fish in the water i'm not bringing in another person to deal with it. >> i don't know what miley cyrus is talking about. some people i heard on twitter are saying they are not too upset miley cyrus is choosing not to have children. they don't feel she would be a good role model. david: she he no only is there no fish in the water. she says the earth is exhausted. it can't produce. this is obviously a woman who never got her hand dirty work in a garden. >> i'm exhausted trying to figure out what she is talking about. david: the coast guard busted a submarine carrying 17,000 pound of cocaine. an estimated street value of
12:57 am
$230 million. >> the video was incredible. people cannot believe the work they did in this video. but it brings light to much of the work they do every day and the amount of drugs they eased was truly phenomenal. david: jumping on top of the submarine. i didn't see a life vest he had on. >> i can't even imagine how scary that would be. david: you go in the water with all that equipment on, you are not going to float very long. a gender reveal in australia with a couple got more than they bargained for when the car used for the reveal catches fire. you can tell from all the blue, it's a boy. >> we see all these different
12:58 am
gender reveals. but you have to be careful and you have to be start about what you are doing. he could have killed himself or somebody else. i'm glad they hit him with a fine. good luck to him and his upcoming baby boy. meanwhile, a scary scene on an air canada flight carrying 284 passengers when it hit severe tush learns. it was forced to make an emergency landing in hawaii after 40 people sustained injuries. it makes you realize we are not in absolutely. i think there is at least seven very serious interest people were not even in their seatbelts pray people flew all the way up and hit the top of the plane. came back down. i cannot imagine how scary it would've been to be on the plane.
12:59 am
i always have a simple on. >> you always here, a plane ride is much safer than driving a car and farmer people killed in cars than plane accidents. but when you are driving a car you do have some personal control unless you're the pilot or the plane. you just have to sit back and know what they're doing. >> of course when you're driving you more control. but you necessarily don't have control of the people on the road. when it goes back to driving, you're a little more comfortable because most of us die every day hundred drive everyday. people will be a little bit more comfortable in the car. >> i do breathe a little more easily when i'm driving a car then when i'm sitting in a passenger as a plane. great to see you. we appreciate you coming in. >> good to see you david have a good weekend. >> take care. i have a show on fb and, you can watch me every weekday at 5:00 p.m. eastern time and i
1:00 am
host a show called bol "bulls & bears" and we have a lot of fun and you will too if you watch. have a wonderful weekend. wall street begins right >> a "strange inheritance" mystery... >> i thought, "what? what is going on?" >> ...a norman rockwell shocker. >> is it a fake? >> well, this was the question that was in everyone's mind. >> oh, if these walls could talk. >> i want you to put your hands like this, and we're going to pull it toward me. >> aah! >> there you go. >> oh, my goodness. >> keep going. ♪ [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby in arlington, vermont, once home to norman rockwell. it was also home to a man who left his child


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