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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 15, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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all i'm saying is if they are not happy here, they can leave. i am sure there will be many people who won't miss them. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett, thanks for joining us. trish: president trump's strategy on china is clearly work. president trump: we are taking the toughest ever action to confront china's trade abuse. look at the front page of the "wall street journal." you will see where china had its worst year in 27 years. trish: the wall street journal spelling it out. unfortunately this news is being overhah doughs none other than by the president's tweets. tomi lahren is joining us with her reaction. immigration raids under way and
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anti-immigration protests in colorado. robert mueller's testimony after members of the judiciary committee over time to ask mueller questions. monica lewinsky weighing in on some of the worst career advice she ever received. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. the world's second largest economy posting its slowest economic growth in nearly three decades. that economy is china. president trump insists the slowdown has a whole lot to do with his trade policies.
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president trump: china has its worse year in 27 years. i am not look for that. but we had a deal with china and they decide not to make the deal. they wanted to renegotiate the deal and i said no, thank you. so we put tariffs on china. president xi is a friend of mine. i used to say a good friend. we are probably not quite as close now. but i have to be for our country. he's for china and i'm for the u.s.a. and that's the way it's got to be. trish: joining us robin biro and ned ryun. i drew a big circle around that story first thing this morning. that's a heck of a headline. the president deserves a lot of credit for that. he was willing to put in these tariffs at a time when even republicans were saying don't do that.
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it will slow business down overall. and yet we have seen the opposite. we have seen tremendous growth here. we have seen a very low jobless rate. employees were seeing an increase in wages. what do you know, we are seeing china is suffering. china is losing american businesses. >> that's fantastic news. thank god for donald trump. when he came in he completely changed the conversation and said an existential threat to america is china. they are interested in dominating their own people and interested in dominating the united states. but the bad trade deals and forced technology transfers. trish: robin, you say it's not all it seems? >> not entirely. i was hoping these companies
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would come back to the united states. but some of the companies are going to high juan and vietnam and malaysia. trish: i don't have a problem with that. of course, we want them to come back here. but you have got to think about the bigger picture here. china is growing hand over fist. they continue to grow both an economic and political threat to the united states of america. if we have any ability to diversify those companies and put them in street a number and taiwan. yes, i would rather have them here. but it's better than china soaking up all our money. >> as we are weakening china and getting companies out of china. we added half a million manufacturing jobs in the u.s. this thing is trending in the
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right direction. i hope it lasts another 4 to 6 months. trish: i have got to get to the story i don't want to talk about. i would rather talk china all day long. i would rather be talking about how we can have a meaningful impact on that and get jobs back to the u.s. but instead i have to talk about this because the president tweeted this, and he suggested that four far left democratic congress women all minorities should quote go back to quote the places they came from. not a great thing to say. obviously. it's awful, actually. he's the president of the united states, for goodness sake. i will throw this first to ned, sometimes ned has interesting insight and gets inside the president's head in a way perhaps i can't. but what's the message -- what's the method to the madness.
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was he trying to provoke them? what was the idea? >> he was. however, inartful the comments were, i think he was trying to make ilhan omar and her compatriot comrades in the squad the face of the democratic party coming into 2020. and he's asking, why are you here? all of your ideas are deeply un-american. your social i., open border policies that would destroy national sovereignty. however inartful. trish: you have might be on to something, and if there is a method to the madness however nutty this may seem, he may have succeeded there in painting the democratic party at one way. they are on the war path tonight. here we go. let's watch. >> the most of recent xenophobic, bigoted occupant of
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the white house. i will always refer to him as the occupant as he is only october:pieing space. this is a president who has said grab women by the bleach. this is a president hop called black athletes' [bleep]. this is a president who called people from black and brown countries [bleep]. it's time for us to impeach this president. trish: the president saying today they are the ones out there calling him names and he doesn't have a choice. he has to respond. president trump: what am i supposed to do, just you wait for senators? he said aim higher, shoot higher? what am i going to do, wait until we get someone in a higher position? higher office. these are people who hate our country. they hate it i think with a passion. now, it's possible i'm wrong.
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the voter will decide. but when i hear the way they talk about our country. when i hear the anti-semitic language they have use and the hatred they have for israel and love for enemies like al qaeda, i do not believe this is good for the democrat party. trish: maybe that exactly what it is. notice he said the democrat party. if you make the democrats all about them. nancy pelosi was trying to distance herself. she lad pretty thorny words for them in the "new york times." maybe he wants a party that's united behind these four women? >> no, this is a tactical
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distraction. there was a reason to do it. >> his tweets all leading up for the past week have been egging this on between nancy pelosi and these four congress women. there is nothing new here. yes, the language was horrible and abhorrent. i'm glad you called it out, trish. but these ladies in their speech this afternoon, don't take the bait, i want to get down to the brass tacks. trish: they are all taking the bait. every single one of them. it's like i need more camera time. i don't get it. they didn't need to have all the swear words in there. they could have been the class act. they have all need to class it up. >> i will say this, it highlights the fact when ilhan omar was asked at this press conference will you condemn
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al qaeda. she didn't. there is a method to the madness. if they become the face of the democratic party it highlights the heart and soul and battle for the democratic party. if they become the face of the democratic party i think donald trump will walk away with a win in 2020. trish: good to see you have. coming up, remember when joe biden couldn't contain his excitement for obama care? watch. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states of america, barack obama. [bleep] trish there are wait until you hear what bind is proposing to save obamacare. are aliens being hidden in
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nevada? 2020 presidential hopeful blasting president trump's i.c.e. raids. >> this administration announcing they are going to do mass raids is completely unproductive and harmful. >> what donald trump is doing today across this country in the name of safety and security there make us less safe. trish: democrats quick to blast those raids, totally silent after a group of protesters remove an american flag from an i.c.e. facility and replace it with a mexican one.
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trish: the trump administration telling central americans who want free and easy access into the united states much america, saying the fear of returning home, if you are safe in mexico, stay there. hundreds of thousands of hondurans and guatemalans who want to claim asylum here will
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need to claim asylum in mexico. the white house say if you are fleeing a government and have a legitimate claim asylum. you will receive it. but 90% of these claims are proven fraudulent in court. will the massive change cut down on the number of immigrants with coming through our southern border? joining me, grant malcolm. again, it's innovative, creative. the administrative -- the administration found an interesting work-around. this seems to make sense. mexico is a good place, pretty much. if you are trying to flee from honduras because you are fearful of going to honduras you can go to mexico and start over there or at least apply for asylum.
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>> it makes sense to me, unless you listen to nancy pelosi or aoc or certain members of congress who say this is an agree just overstep by the president. and the president is not doing his job and he's being a dictator and a tyrant. i would say it seems to me that congress isn't doing their job because they are actively working with the president to address this non-manufactured crisis at the border. in june we had a 28% decrease because of what the president put pressure on mexico. congress won't help our president out. so president trump decides, i will do something that makes a lot of sense. if you are seeking asylum and fleeing a country. seek asylum in the country in which you currently find yourself. trish: mexico is starting to
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help a little bit with the threat of tariffs that would have been disastrous for them. china is losing american business right now. he knows these financial weapons do work. so creative. graham, much-reported i.c.e. raids kicking off demonstrations in denver where protesters took down an american flag. they have defaced it and added a mexican flag. john hickenlooper is out there running for president and he's refusing to condemn this. as a veteran, how do you have react to all of that? >> i'm going to compose my words as respectfully as possible. i don't want to answer this as a veteran. i be want to answer it as an american. i watched that videoed and i
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couldn't believe what i was witnessing. a group of americans go to a mexican facility at a mexican government facility, take down the mexican flag and raise the american flag. that would be considered an act of war or act much invasion. it's amazing to me we are in this process. trish: were these mexicans doing this? i think there were a lot of americans are participating tonight, too. >> if americans were going to another country taking that country's flag down fan raising the american flag. trish: i think we are talk past each other. these are americans take count american flag. they are not mexicans take count american flag. >> i.c.e. protesters, exactly. trish: i hear you. as a veteran you should be
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especially sad. you fought for that country and fought for that flag. graham, it's good to see you. coming up, men in black international. what if i told you -- if i told you there are more than a million americans convinced an alien invasion could, might happen right here in the united states of america. we'll have details on this straight ahead. monica lewinsky back in the spotlight. wait until you hear what she says is the worst career advice she ever received. robert mueller will testify wednesday. congressman greg stubey is sounding off on this confusion and what he wants to hear from
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trish: special counsel robert mueller is set to testify before two judiciary committees next week. the simple math makes it impossible for each member to question. 41 members on the judiciary committee, 5 minutes apiece exceeds the 3 hours for his testimony. now some wongmen are raising the alarm. >> i came from a state legislature in florida. and i chaired the florida senate judiciary committee in the state where there are 22 million people. never would i have ever disapplauded members of my committee in the minority or
8:26 pm
majority to not have the opportunity to question a witness of some import as bob mueller. trish: congressman, we heard what you said. you have some reservations and concerns here. the democrats on your committee are going to be deciding on some of the timing within the questioning structure for next week, and you are fearful. i think you have a right to be that republicans who by the way deserve to know a lot from mueller, too, are going to get shut out. are you getting more clarity on this? >> only the top 11 in seniority members will have the opportunity to speak. now we are being told we have an hour and a half a side. so it appears all the republicans will have the opportunity to ask mr. mueller problems and probably four democrats won't have the opportunity to ask questions. you still won't have every
8:27 pm
member able to ask questions and some members may not want to ask questions, but yield their time to somebody else. trish: what do you want to ask? >> i think the american people want to know how did ge we get to where we are today. was it was an warrant as you issued buy a fisa court by an unverified dossier. you, mr. mueller, did you investigate that. if there was a warrant based on the fact they swoirt was verified. why didn't you investigate them and file charges on them for swearing an unverified document? trish: what do you think he'll tell you? that the million dollar question, right? will we actually see a real watergate on steroid? >> here is the guy who had a
8:28 pm
press conference saying he doesn't want to testify before congress and if he does he won't testify outside the four corners of his report. so he could say it's in my report. if it's not included in my report i won't make a comment. we have no idea how he's going to answer the questions. i'm sure he'll have some excuse why he didn't go that way. but the law allows him to go that way if he find the law had been broken. that is how he was able to charge other people throughout this investigation for completely unrelated crimes. i hope we get to hear that investigation and the results of that very soon. trish: i hope so, too. i hope you do get to ask a lot of probing questions of mueller and i hope he's forthcoming.
8:29 pm
congressman steube, thank you very much. on tonight's lightning round with tomi lahren. monica lewinsky and aliens invading america. >> all student debt would be canceled in six months. >> we'll make community colleges across this country free for those who cannot afford it. >> i want to get the universal healthcare as quickly as possible. trish: you have to hear the sound for yourself. we are on it for you. full linef utility vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing.
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antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. trish: two democratic 2020 frontrunners attempting to distance themselves in a big
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way. >> a lot of people don't want to hear that we are going to snatch away their private health plans and saying we are going to instantly have everybody on medicare isn't realistic. these are things that are questionable on their merits. trish: mayor pete isn't the only one telling his fellow dems to pump the brakes. >> the question was asked whether we support eliminating private health insurance. some said yes, i said absolutely not. i understand the appeal of medicare for all. but it should be clear it means getting rid of obamacare, and i'm not for that. trish: joining me, former senior advisor to president george w. bush, brad blakeman. are they starting to realize socialism didn't work in venezuela and it won't work
8:35 pm
here? >> a few of them are coming to realize they can't promise what they can't deliver. and the american people aren't buying what they are selling. the founding father of obamacare, president obama himself said he thinks single payer medicare for all is attractive. more you have the guy to who brought us obamacare, which was brought to us on a mountain of lies and he's telling you medicare for all is attractive. and joe biden is saying not so fast. trish: it's not affordable. by the way, rates have gone up. they haven't gone down. and they have gone up because you get government subsidies involved. people being forced to take on these plans. you have to or face liabilities if you don't. the whole thing was i think we
8:36 pm
can say with affirmation, a disaster. obamacare did not work. we need something much, much much better. and you know, i don't know, on the one hand they are trying to tame this. on the other you get the squad out there and others who are promising open borders. you have got gavin newsom in california. so which is it? do you think, brad, because those are some kind of mean nasty tweets from the president over the weekend targeting ilhan omar and the others. do you think he did this deliberately so nancy pelosi and others would have to defend those women and they would be increasingly be elevated and become the face of the democratic party? >> they are the face of the democratic party.
8:37 pm
the inmates are running the asylum. trish: biden isn't like that. pelosi isn't like that. >> the democratic party has long past pelosi and biden. they are left in the dust. they are the ones that brought socialism to the foreand allowed it could be talked about and considered. trish: he sent those tweets after nancy pelosi criticized those women. i wonder if he sensed nancy pelosi and joe biden and some others were starting to recognize this was not a sustainable or good path and aoc and others were damaging the brand power and it would be damaging in the near and long term. >> i think the president was frustrated with the fact that you have prominent members of the democratic socialist party saying things that are
8:38 pm
un-american. i take the president's tweet to mean love it or leave it. they are on a course that the president is a racist. they are just using any opportunity to try and prove it without fact. trish: there is a new poll that takes the top 4 2020 democrats and pits them against the president. i know you have to take them with a grain of salt. but the polls show four come out on top, but there is not a lot of trust for national polling after the 2016 elections. with sanders beating trump, warren beating trump and bide be beating trump, what do you think of this? >> with over 20 candidates on the democratic side trashing the president, it's a wonder that the president is where he is. i happen to believe he unless
8:39 pm
very good shape because the president has a record of success. there is a balancing act between donald trump in my opinion. rhetoric versus results. it's a scale. people will take the rhetoric. sometimes it's hash shall because he's delivering. trish: you have got american companies saying to heck with this, i don't need to be in chain a with all that's going on, and they are relocating. but even as i said to a guest earlier, if they are relocating to vietnam or taiwan, that's good for us because that's less revenue for china. >> and we are diversifying our business. we can't put all our eggs in china's basket. trish: on the policy front he has been incredibly creative.
8:40 pm
and they are trying to do their part to try and prevent people coming from guatemala into mexico. all of this feeds upon itself. i gave him props for the creativeness, but the rhetoric is tough. people will vote for those results. >> people vote with their pocketbook. if the economy is doing as well as it is today, donald trump should be a clear winner. trish: that's why he wants those rate cuts. a major blackout. and guess where the mayor turned bill deblasio was. i have a hint for you. not new york city. first it's the country. it's the country that wants
8:41 pm
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trish: european leaders
8:45 pm
scrambling to salvage ways left of the iranian nuclear deal saying iran is still far away from developing a nuclear weapon. but iran is breaching the agreement and continues to do so. boris johnson says he would not back the united states if it took military action against iran. joining me right now is new york congressman and house foreign relations committee member lee zeldin. we tore up the deal. iran is really mad. they are trying to shoot down our drones. they did. they shot down our drone. they are trying to attack a tanker from the u.k. that's trying to make it through the strait of hormuz. and the u.k. is willing to take that and not back us? >> if the europeans wanted to save this deal they would have
8:46 pm
to show willingness to enforce it when iran tells the world, telling the iaea that they plan to violate it. if the european response to that is to try to save the deal and not have any willingness to enforce that violation, there is no deal left. you have the different stages of denial. the p5+1 includes the u.k., france and germany. they want to be serious about the negotiations they have to show a spine and stick up for what they call a deal which they never asked for a signature for it was an unsigned political commitment. trish: they got a lot more out of that deal than we did. so they had more reason perhaps to want to see it in place.
8:47 pm
i think, i suspect, the president indicated over and over again that he's ready, willing and able to negotiate with the iranians. but that deal is done and we need to start over in is a lot of things, israel in particular i think need to be on the table. their responsible soreship of terrorism globally needs to be on the table. let me turn to another topic near and dear to you. new york, mayor deblasio is not acting like a mayor. we had a massive blackout in new york. his city. 40,000 people were without power. but apparently he doesn't need to be there. >> as someone who travels, and i traveled before this campaign. you have to be in charge wherever you are, it's as simple with that. with email, cell phones, i'm in
8:48 pm
regular touch with my folks confirming the situation is being handled properly. i think all these folks did a great job. trish: he's not actually there because he's running for president without having a prayer of a chance. >> when you are polling at 0.00, the best thing he could do for his presidential campaign would be to be at home and do your job well. this won't help him with his presidential campaign or his reelection campaign the next time he wants to run for mayor. you are elected to be the mayor of new york city. the waive he has shown himself as mayor of new york city, he doesn't just agitate and up set republicans and conservatives, you can tell he upset his own party. he battles with governor cuomo
8:49 pm
and the democrats within the five burp on yous. d the five boroughs. trish: even new yorkers know that. i think they booed him when he announced he was going to run. the house just introduced a resolution to condemn the president's tweets from the weekend. what do you think of those tweets. >> on the merits which the president if i was giving him advice, should focus on the merits of this argument as much as possible. the president is right to go after these people, their position on medicare for all. the green new deal. their embrace of anti-semitism. their opposition to israel. that list goes on. if the president sticks to the merits of those arguments he's going to win. the resolution that was introduced. of course, it's hyper partisan.
8:50 pm
the democrats have shown no whimmingness to name names which it's a member of their own' party. then you have liewfs farrakhan and others from the party. if you want legitimacy whether you are attacking the president of the united states or some rank and file republican in congress, you have to have a willingness to go against your own. it's a one-house hyper partisan resolution. there is a way for them to rights above it. trish: the women -- lots of bad language today in their press conference today. frankly, they kind of put the ball a little bit back in his
8:51 pm
court. they could have taken the higher road. he could have taken the higher road, too. but now we are in a situation where they increasingly are making themselves look bad, and the democrats have the political theater to go along with it. coming up, it's one of the hottest movies this summer "men in black international." trish: what if i tell you there is more than a million americans who are convinced tour government is hiding aliens. we'll talk about that. wait until you hear what monica lewinsky said was the worst career advice she ever received. to nowhere.
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award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. trish: welcome back, i am thrilled to have fox nation host, author of book, never play dead, tommy on the show, welco welcome. >> thank you, it's about time. trish: congrats, you have a new book, nef never play dead. you get into a difficult time that i think we're experiencing as a nation, you call for a better tone in our political
8:56 pm
conversation. walk us through this, i think that country at large has become a victim. >> i think also important to remember that conservatives for too long have been the silence majority, it is time for us to get louder, stand our ground, young conservative women, and on college campuses we're seeing it day in day out. conservative thought is trampled over because left is trampling over with labels and trigger warnings and safe space. we love the -- left, we love their ability to speak their mind, we last free speech, but this is time for the conservatives to speak too. time for us to speak out stand up for ourselves. trish: that is hard to do automatically, i think if you
8:57 pm
are nowadays label conservative, you are seen as someone who is racist. ain't women, and antigay. and so, trying to fight back against the you know, misconceptions, i suppose about an entire group of people. sometimes it's tough. >> yes, and that mob mentality. i have been with my family, been a victim. we're going all over the country, meeting great people, you would not believe the number of conservatives that i spoke to, i can't go out in public and say i support donald trump could they fear the labels and physical attacks, it is time to say enough. trish: i get it, let me ask you. we've been talking about president's tweets.
8:58 pm
he is tired of the ilhan omars and rashida tlaibs and aoc's painting him as a villain. but does he runs risk of brings this conversation spiralling downward further by making the tweets and statements he did over the weekend? your thoughts? >> well if we had a dollar for every time someone on left was triggered by one of trump's tweets we could have built a wall by now. like one of your guests said, did he use th the best wording, well maybe not but i get it love it or leave it. they call him a racist, a nazi, a bigot and a i did mor plore -- deplorable, day in day out. it is all white noise to me at-this-point. trish: it feels that way. we had historians on the show,
8:59 pm
saying it has come to a level that is unprecedented. the lowesthe left blames presidp for, that maybe the left in terms of its dispier t desire to constantly shut down free speech have brought it on themselves. >> absolutely, one thing that i love about this president, he does not back downed, we have old age republicans, with john mccain, and mitt romneys, you have to love them, but they were not fighters, they were always apologizing for everything they said, this president will not do that. he does not like the way the new democrats are hijacking their party and the country, he will stand up say something, tweet something, i don't have a problem with it, i think high was misunderstood. trish: i look forward to talking with you again, tomi, congrats
9:00 pm
on the book. we appreciate you coming on, we'll talk soon, i hope. that is it for us, have a terrific evening, kennedy is next. kennedy: i am back, great to be here, president trump is not backing down. he is flipping the script like a half full water bol bottle, nowe 4 congress women calling him racist. and president says they are the real racists. which side will emerge. it started when president trump tweeted over the weekend: >> loudly and viciously telling peep of unitetellin


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