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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 19, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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come -- to live here. we're here because of the generosity of the american people, and i, for one, am grateful for that every day. well, that's it for us this week. join me next week when i'll be talking with top white house economic adviser larry kudlow right here on "the wall street journal" at large. thank you for joining us. ♪ gregg: good evening, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett in for the vacationing lou dobbs. well, president trump coming out swinging against the radical dems and the left-wing national media, blasting them for having what he calls a sick partnership. their never ending hate and hysteria unable to faze the president as he moves forward with his america first agenda. and the dems' 2020 hopefuls are facing opposition to their radical proposals from within their own party. plus, a pivotal weekend of immigration talks in store between america and mexico's chief diplomat.
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secretary of state mike pompeo expected to push the mexican foreign minister toward a safe third country agreement, but with 45 days left in the window in which mexico is supposed to curb illegal immigration at the southern border, they are signaling they may not actually be onboard. and breaking news tonight from the strait of hormuz, president trump labeling iran as nothing but trouble as u.s. officials say iranian forces seized two oil tankers. in the meantime, iran is denying a claim by president trump and the pentagon that an american warship destroyed one of their drones yesterday above the strait. all of this coming as the u.s. says hundreds more -- sends hundreds more troops to the volatile region. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more tonight from the pentagon. >> reporter: gregg, iran says it has seized two oil tankers today; one british, the other
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liberian. the national security council issued the following statement after initial reports of the british flag being captured. quote: we are aware of reports that iranian forces seized a british oil tanker. this is the second time in just over a week the u.k. has been the target of escalatory violence by the iranian regime. the ship is now heading toward the iranian island of kesham and has gone dark according to officials who say they have lost contact with the ship which was in the persian gulf. the u.k. security council is currently holding an emergency meeting to decide how to respond. we received this statement from the ship's owners: stena was approached by unidentified small crafts and a helicopter during transit of the strait of hormuz while the vessel was in international waters. we are presently unable to contact the vessel which is now heading north towards iran. there are 23 seafarers aboard.
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yesterday the iranian islamic revolutionary guard corps navy released this video and admitted it captured a united arab emirates oil tanker last weekend. it is holding those 12 sailors hostage. president trump addressed the rising tension with iran. >> we hope for their sake they don't do anything foolish. if they do, they will pay a price like nobody's ever paid a price. >> reporter: meantime, the foreign minister denied iran shot down a drone yesterday, in fact, they proved the u.s. navy did not shoot down the iranian drone but, in fact, the video appears to prove the opposite, that an iranian drone was above the vessel for hours. the tape then stops. marines onboard used this state of the art electronic jamming device to bring down the drone. the device causes the electronics onboard a plane to jam. secretary of state mike pompeo addressed iran's foreign minister denying that the u.s. downed the iranian drone. >> it went down.
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and the fact that foreign minister zarif either didn't know or lied about it, i can't account for it. it happened. >> reporter: iran's foreign minister is currently in new york. iran is currently holding at least three oil tankers that we know of. gregg? gregg: jennifer griffin, thanks. well, the president also on top of some other major developments around the world today, tackling everything from brexit to trade. edward lawrence is live at the white house with the details. hi, ed. >> reporter: hey, gregg. yeah, the international pressure has certainly been turned up here, and now the president dealing with a number of hot spots. and i'm not just talking about the temperature here in washington d.c. president donald trump says that the president of south korea asked him for help with a trade issue with japan. >> the president of korea asked me if i could get involved, i said how many things do i have to get involved in? i'm involved with north korea, i'm involved in so many different thing it is. we just did a good trade deal with south korea.
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but he tells me that they have a lot of friction going on now with respect to tradement primarily with respect to trade. >> reporter: japan placed export restrictions on materials vital to south korea's tech industry. this comes after a south korean court ruled that holdings of japanese companies could be liable to compensate korean workers in colonial era mines and factories. the president also tight-lipped about progress with china trade talks. president trump only hinting that china needs a deal. >> secretary mnuchin did have a call with the chinese counterpart. they had a very good talk. we'll see what happens. we're dealing with china. we're doing very well there. they are not doing very well. they had the worst year they've had in 27 years, and we're having the best year we ever had. >> reporter: and the chinese commerce ministry saying the two sides talked about implementing the agreement from the g20. now, that is the u.s. allowing companies to sell technology to huawei and the chinese making a
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large purchase of agriculture from the united states. the chinese have not yet made that buy, and now sources say they won't budge until huawei is taken off the blacklist altogether. now, the president also talking brexit. president donald trump saying that acting prime minister theresa may handled it poorly. he says that he talked with boris johnson who possibly could become the next prime minister today. he says that boris johnson is a different kind of guy. president trump saying he's a different kind of guy, so they get along. gregg? [laughter] gregg: that's an understatement, two different kinds of guys. [laughter] ed lawrence at the white house, thanks very much. our first guest tonight has a good deal of knowledge when it comes to dealing with threats in the middle east and understanding just how the trump administration is likely to respond to today's latest provocations from iran. joining me now, kt mcfarland, former deputy national security adviser to president trump and fox business national security foreign policy analyst, dr.
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dr. walid phares. good to see you both. these two tankers seized by iran are british-operated, so i suspect -- i'm pretty sure that we're in very close contact right now with great britain about what to do. if there is a response, would it be a british response? >> i think it's worth taking a step back and say what's really going on here. you know, gregg, the persians -- the iranians -- they invented the game of chess. they're awfully good at it. but we, the united states, we invented the game of poker, and trump is really great at playing poker. and here's what the hand is. like you said, the iranians, they're sort of mucking around in the gulf, they're trying to sort of create crises, but they're a real problem, and the real reason they have a weak hand is because their economy is contracting. they have very high, 50% inflation. they have very high, probably 40% unemployment of their educated youth population and three-quarters of their population is a youth population. gregg: right.
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>> so they're in real trouble. they don't have any good cards. we, or on the other hand, trump has all the good cards. our economy has never been better, a 75-year high, employment, a lot of jobs created. we can wait. gregg: sure. >> and if the iranians don't want to come to table, if they don't want to pray this game, i think trump needs to ratchet it up i said to you before no regime change, but guess what? if you don't want to negotiate with us, we'll negotiate with the regime that comes after you. gregg: walid, i think k.t. is right that the crippling sanctions imposed by president trump are having a very dire effect not just on their economy, but i think in turn on their leadership. they're really back on their heels right now. and, you know, general jack keane had an interesting comment. he said what the president is doing is really working and working pretty darn well. so we ought not to at this stage engage in provocation.
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we ought to let it settle and wait a little bit. what do you think? >> well, that would be our strategy, but let's look at the iranian strategy. they know, for example, that we are putting a immense pressure on them. they know that it's boiling underneath. there are many iranians unhappy with this, and at one point -- as it was in 2009 -- there will be an explosion. so what is it they are doing right now. they know they cannot do and engage in a full-fledged scale war with us, that's for sure. so what they're trying to do is trigger us to respond in a limited fashion so they can go to international community and say, look, we are at risk, let's go to some sort of agreement and stop us from continuing -- gregg: right. so, k.t., it's sort of the iranians are setting a provocation trap right now. >> yeah. gregg: and at the same time, you know, they're trying to push the envelope, see how far we can go before we licit a response from
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the u.s. or great britain. >> you know, the funny thing about trump is a lot of people who try to troll trump with a reaction, he jumps in with a reaction. but in this case with iran, they're trying to troll him into maybe he does a military, some kind of military strike on iran and then the iranian leaders can go to their people and say let's all rally around the flag. trump not taking the bait this time, and i think walid's right, time is on our side. it is not on iran's side. so just sit back and relax. they gotta come to us unless they want to face really, really a collapsing economy within six months. gregg: well, you know, the other part of the equation, walid, is there's a sense that the iranians felt that obama was a pushover, that he was desperate for a deal. and so they delivered to him a flawed deal, you know what i mean, the sunset provision was ludicrous.
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but trump's no obama, you know? and as k.t. pointed out, he plays his cards quite differently. he's tougher than obama. so they got a whole new adversary to deal with, don't they? >> absolutely. it's about time because what the trump administration is doing and doing it very right, very cautiously, you know, it's against eight years of the obama administration, at least since the deal was signed. so it's not an easy thing. what we need is more time to apply the strategy. what they're trying to do is outlast us, and guess what? at the end of the day, the iranian regime has no response other than wait for november 2020. imagine, they're part of our politics now. if the administration is renewed, then they have a super big problem. if not, there's their hope. gregg: k.t., the president did order and then back off a tactical missile strike. but, you know, we've done that in the past, and they do have an effect, you know, on the adversary. >> sure. gregg: it forces them to back
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off and reconsider. so fundamentally, there's nothing wrong with that, is there? >> no, not at all. and look, i mean, the iranians are a proud people, and they've been humiliated by the united states, by trump. and so, you know, it's hard to have a humiliated nation go to a negotiating table, but they got their macho back now. they've had a couple of drone strikes, they're trash talking the united states. they're in a position now where they could come back to negotiating table without a lot of humiliation. but i will make one prediction. as walid said, they may think they can wait out trump and that trump won't be reelected, but even his opponents are now saying, well, he could be reelected. so my prediction is before the election the iranians do want a deal. they don't want to deal with a second term trump. gregg: do you agree with that, walid? >> yes, k.t. has a point, she can see far. but my concern, quickly, is that
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they may start playing games in syria and iraq. that's where we need to pay attention to. we need to do better with the iranian opposition. if we do that, then they'll come to table. gregg: well, they've been playing the game in syria, supporting bashar al assad, i'm not sure that's ever going to change. great to see you both, thank you. >> thank you, gregg. gregg: the latest step taken by the trump administration to cut down on illegals entering through the southern border. plus, radical dems struck out on obstruction the, struck out on calling the president a racist, so now are they turning to violence? violence? we'll have that and muc
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gregg: well, the trump administration g further steps to asylum -- to end asylum system abuses, it will expand its remain in mexico policy requiring asylum seekers to wait outside the united states. u.s. officials are slated to make the first returns of illegal immigrants in the texas border city of brownsville as early as today. ing the policy was already in place in laredo and el paso, texas, as well as san diego,
10:18 pm
california. well, the mexican ambassador to united states says his country is not to sign an agreement to help deal with the crisis at the border. martha barcerena says she rejects the third country safe agreement which would force asylum seekers to head to the united states to first pursue safe haven in mexico. if there's no deal by monday, new tariffs could go into effect. secretary of state mike pompeo will be meeting with the mexican foreign minister this weekend to talk about that agreement along with illegal immigration as well as trade. joining me now, sara carter, investigative reporter, a fellow with the independent women's forum and a fox business contributor. sara, great to see you, as always. >> thank you. gregg: so the u.s. government is now enforcing this new policy. sorry, you've got to stay on the other side of the fence or the border there, and mexico is saying, gosh, we're not ready to handle all of in the. [laughter]
10:19 pm
>> well, then they need to stop them at their border with guatemala. see, the problem here, gregg -- and over the weekend, this past weekend, i was talking to officials, guatemalan government officials as well as u.s. officials about this issue. remember, president morales from guatemala did not show up on monday to discuss this issue with the president mainly because inside his own nation the leftist opposition was basically pressuring their constitutional court to stop the president of guatemala from signing any safe country third agreement. they went so far as doing that, they put an injunction against him. then they also put an injunction against his ability to sign any agreement with any other central american nation or mexico. then you have president obrador of mexico. he understands, he knows what's going on here. he's allowing it to happen. i mean, just look at what he said today about "el chapo" guzman who is the head of the sinaloa cartel who just got a life sentence. he basically thought it was
10:20 pm
inhumane to sentence "el chapo" to life in a maximum security prison. gregg: he's a mass murderer. >> he's poured poison into our country for decades. gregg: oh, yeah. >> made billions of dollars, and the sinaloa cartel is still being operated in mexico by his family members. gregg: well, you know, when you've got so-called partners like that -- >> that's right. gregg: -- mexico, you know, it's hard to get anything accomplished. by the way, i read your story that you broke about the oversight committee and their report that the hysteria by the media notwithstanding, the truth is that roughly 95% of children have actually been reunited with their families, right? >> that's absolutely correct. so of the numbers, of the data that has been given to house oversight committee, remember, this is thousands of pages of documents, this is a ton of work by health and human services to insure that they're getting the correct data to committee. they have shown that of the
10:21 pm
data, which is more than half of the kids that they had in their custody at the time -- now, remember, it keeps increasing because people keep coming across the border -- all of them, about 95%, have been returned with, to their families. so they're not even being held by the u.s. this is all politicizing. let me give you some stats here, gregg, just so the viewers understand what's going on here. in the last five years, family units have increased -- that means people traveling with children to united states across the u.s. southern border -- over 620%. gregg: right. >> asylum claims in the last eight years have increased over 1700%. in 2013 one out of ten people used to apply for asylum, because it's almost impossible to get. not now, of course, because they met them do that. but now it's, i mean, literally one out of one hundred. and now it's one out of ten. so it increased up to 1700%.
10:22 pm
this is the reason why president trump and his administration realizes there is a humanitarian crisis at the border. you cannot come into the united states just because you come from a bad neighborhood or because there's poor economic conditions. gregg: right. >> that's not a reason for asigh rum. president obama said that that himself. gregg: i was going to say, those are president obama's words. but, of course, presidential candidates, you know, have amnesia, acute amnesia, you know, every five or ten days. before i say good-bye to you, i have to ask you about -- because this is right in your wheelhouse -- the insufferable james comey who loves to insinuate himself into every conceivable issue, you know? the reverend comey, i guess. bishop comey, we should call him. so the latest thing is he says, he compared americans who support president trump, he compared them to a, quote, mob
10:23 pm
and they should be sent back to their dark corner. doesn't this just prove all, what you and i have been saying, that comey is nothing but a hyperpartisan who abused his position of power for political reasons to try to influence the election and destroy a president? >> absolutely, gregg. this type of rhetoric coming from the former, by the way, fired former fbi director of the united states and the rhetoric coming out of his mouth and that of john brennan has been incredible. in fact, it's extremely dangerous rhetoric. and that's why i'm really concerned. what's going to happen during the hearing next week with mueller? what we're going to be seeing evolving from this. there is a reason why mueller has agreed to testify, and it's not for any good purposes. remember, these people are very tight, mueller and comey are very close friends, and to turn around and call americans who voted for a president to put him into office a mob and say that those americans should be put
10:24 pm
back into a dark corner is extremely, i mean, it's really unheard of. and he really should, i think, take a step back and keep his mouth closed. you know, you have said this before, you know, everything you said and will be held against you. so i think there's a lot of questions that the american people actually have of james comey, and i would love the opportunity to ask him those questions. gregg: he is the most malevolent actor in this entire hoax and witch hunt, and the damage that james comey did to fbi, take a decade for the fbi -- which is a very good institution -- >> absolutely. gregg: -- to recover. and there's james comey, the glorious comey weighing in on top of the mountain. sara carter, good to see you. thanks. >> great to see you too, gregg. thank you. gregg: coming up next, president trump slams the violent rhetoric of the left-wing national media and the dems.
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>> you know what i'm unhappy about? i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can hate our country. i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can say anti-semitic things. gregg: president trump today slamming freshman congresswoman ilhan omar over her numerous anti-semitic and anti-american remarks. omar has said she will be -- and this is a quote -- the president's nightmare. i think it's more like christmas gift if you think about it politically. president trump went on today to call omar's remarks a disgrace to our country. well, the radical left is out of actual ways to beat donald trump and is turning now to violence? really? watch democratic senator jon
10:30 pm
tester as he's asked on msnbc about how to beat president trump in 2020. >> i don't think even in the states where donald trump won big that it does you any good running away from donald trump. i think you need to go back and punch him in the face. i mean, the truth is, is this guy is bad for this country. gregg: punch him in the face, president of the united states. yes, punch him in the face. tester of montana. classy guy. and, of course, host joe scarborough completely ignored the comment. wake up, joe. but it's the just the new way of the left. there's a new poll, pew research center finding 91% of democrats believe the way politicians speak and their political differences could result in violence compared to 61% of republicans. wow. joining me now to talk about it, gina loudon, author, member of president trump's media advisory
10:31 pm
board and new co-chair of women for trump. gina, good to see you, thanks very much. >> great to see you, gregg, thank you. gregg: so here you have today aoc saying of the president, and i'll quote, his violent rhetoric end dangers millions -- endangers millions of americans. and, of course, the media ran with that all day long. you've got jon tester, u.s. senator, who says punch trump in the face, and the media largely ignores it, including joe scar scarborough. what do you make of it? >> what i make of it, gregg, is that they are so on the other side of the american voters here, because if you really look at what is actually done -- not the words this aoc and her little tribe of people like to talk about, but the actual things that have been done, the actual violence committed, we've had violence against an i.c.e. agency, we've had white powder
10:32 pm
sent to donald trump jr.'s home where his children were, we've had eric trump spit if on, the list goes on and on and on, and that's not even to speak for the people i go talk to every single day who come up to me and tell me stories about how their children have been committed violent acts against. if you wear a red m a aga -- maga hat, you're asking for violence. you can't cite one incidence of violence of conservatives against socialists. gregg: the president expressed disdain for ilhan omar, a shield threeb -- rashida tlaib, aoc, you know, the infamous squad. but isn't it true the more they are out in front and the more they open their yaps and say this utter nonsense that is largely up informed --
10:33 pm
uninformed, and the more they, you know, like omar is ranting against israel, our greatest a ally in that region of the world -- >> right. gregg: -- i mean, doesn't that benefit republicans? >> yeah. and let me first say in terms of squad, the real squad is the women for trump that you're talking about at the beginning of this, because we really are working for the american women, for the president who has pulled 600,000 women out of poverty. that's a real women's issue, who has created 6.2 million jobs and more than 56% of them were for women. because those are real women's issues. and then you take these folks rattling about racism when they are making anti-semitic and racist statements and inciting violence for real that is actually happening, right? not things that someone's trying to put on them or trying to twist or misconstrue their words to say, but actual acts of
10:34 pm
violation, actual words of anti-semitism, actual words that are racist. and, gregg, the american people don't think like this, and that's why people like aoc have something like a 30% approval rating in her own district. gregg: well, it's hard for them to say smart things because they're not smart. [laughter] gina loudon, best of luck. >> pleasure. gregg: we'd like to hear your thoughts, share your comments and follow lou on twitter @loudobbs like him on facebook, follow him on instagram @loudobbs tonight. coming up next, the desperate demss say they have a plan to get answers out of robert mueller. president trump says he could care less. care less. we'll take that all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. >> they had an impeachment vote the other day, just a big waste of time. no other president should ever have to go through it. and the vote was a totally lopsided vote with many democrats voting in favor. as far as i'm concerned, they already took their impeachment vote, and the impeachment vote was so lopsided, it was a massive victory. and you know what? at some point they have to stop playing games, because they're just playing games. gregg: welcome back. i'm gregg jarrett in for the vacationing lou dobbs. well, that was president trump this afternoon talking about the disgraceful impeachment vote that exposed the democratic party's divisions in the house
10:39 pm
of representatives. more than 90 democrats voted to impeach him while 137 dems voted against it including adam schiff, james clyburn, elijiah cummings, you know, the whole gang. president trump has called the vote the most ridiculous and time-consuming project he has had to work on in his presidency. well, the president also said today that he will not be watching bob mueller's testimony as the dems are lowering their expectations for next wednesday. the game plan is to bring mueller's report to life. [laughter] it was dead on arrival, but they're trying to resurrect the darn thing. one house judiciary official telling reporter, and this is a quote, not everybody is reading the book. no kidding. but people will watch the movie. probably not. democrats admit they don't expect any revelations from mueller because he is a, quote, creature of the doj who will
10:40 pm
stick to to the book. there's another revelation. joining me now, heritage foundation senior legal fellow and former department of justice lawyer hans von spi kousky. hans, great to see you. >> hi, gregg. gregg: so, it looks like democrats are just trying to get mueller to regurgitate in the form of sound bites what's in his report. they're looking for sound bites, you know? they want to play it over and over. there's a psychological term for it, you know? it's like lifting a barbell, you eventually get tired. >> right. gregg: aren't people already tired of it? >> well, the american people certainly are. it's very clear that once he issued the report, that should have been the end of the investigation. because, as we all know now, he found that the russian election collusion claim was a complete
10:41 pm
hoax, and there wasn't sufficient evidence to show any obstruction of justice. look, if democrats expect something different, something they're going to be able to use against the president, i think they've going to be -- they're going to be disappointed if mueller does what he promised. remember, he held a press conference in which he said if he's called to testify, he was going to stick to four corners of his report, because the report spoke for itself and that he wasn't going to go beyond that. gregg: i mean, if they expect him to say, oh, yeah, there was obstruction of justice, then those dems are smoking something, and you know what. >> right. gregg: all right. so i've got to ask you about the ever-sanctimonious james comey, he's at it again. >> right. gregg: he's now penned a column that is entitled, i think it's entitled the questions i would can ask mueller. think about the insanity of this. this is the guy who stole government documents,
10:42 pm
presidential memos, and deliberately leaked them to immediate -- to the media to trigger the appointment of bob mueller, his longtime friend and colleague, to investigate the man who fired james comey. and this knucklehead has the temerity to be now feeding questions to bob mueller. what do you make of that? >> well, it's just amazing how much james comey has totally the destroyed his -- totally destroyed his reputation as a professional with his bias and partisanship. and the real question that needs to be answered, which he hasn't answered, is how in the world it was that he approved fbi agents working for him submitting applications to the fisa court to start the electronic surveillance of the trump campaign when they were certifying under oath that they had verified the facts and claims being made in those
10:43 pm
applications. and as we now know, it was all based on the unverified steele dossier, nothing else, and it's very clear that they abused their authority under the law, and who was it that approved that? james comey. gregg: well, of course. he signed the first three fisa warrants. >> right. gregg: and you know what he'll say, he'll either say -- he'll either plead ignorance or amnesia. well, i don't really remember that. yeah, i think i may have read the document, but i was relying on other which, by the way, under the law is not a defense. here's my favorite question that is in comey's list of questions to ask bob mueller. this is my favorite one, you've got to love this. there it is on the screen. in particular, did you find that a trump foreign policy adviser learned that the russians had dirt on hillary clinton in the form of thousands of e-mails? it's not a crime, mr. comey, the
10:44 pm
hear a rumor. but comey knows, apparently, nothing about the law. and so he used that allegedly has as a pretext to investigate the president in direct violation of federal regulations, didn't he this. >> yeah, he did. -- didn't he? >> yeah, he did. and it wasn't just donald trump but, remember, he used that also as a pretext to investigate michael flynn, the fact that he was talking to russian ambassador. gregg: oh, sure. >> there's nothing illegal about that. they had no basis to even start that investigation of flynn. gregg: you know, i went through all of the different questions, and he divides them into volume one, volume two, you know, collusion, obstruction. >> right. gregg: all of the collusion questions, there are seven of them, have absolutely nothing to do with a conspiracy or some criminal collusion.
10:45 pm
yet comey doesn't know that. isn't it frightening that a guy like that was actually head of the fbi? i mean -- >> oh, it is. and, like i said, he's proven his lack of qualifications and, frankly, lack of ethics with everything he's done since he left as director of the fbi. and that someone like that was in charge of the chief and most powerful federal law enforcement agency should scare americans. gregg: yeah. i'll just leave you with this last one. if you're looking for a laugh, read comey's column because, i mean, it's really hilarious. isn't it true that you found evidence that trump wanted to build a tower in moscow? he's a developer, hello, not a crime to construct buildings in moscow. american companies have been doing that for quite a while now. >> they sure have.
10:46 pm
gregg: hans, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. gregg: coming up next, president trump calls out a new york times columnist for groveling to him in private and then calling him a racist in public. we'll take it up with ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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gregg: a pastor in virginia is using a creative way to show his support for america. the friendship baptist church in central virginia posting this sign reading: america, love it or leave are it. it's an old saying. the pastor says he wants to make a statement about the political divisions in washington. president trump is going after "the new york times" columnist tom friedman. friedman wrote a piece titled trump's going to get reelect, isn't he -- reelected, isn't he. well, the president dismissed the writer as a phony after friedman bad mouthed him in the column. the president called him a weak and pathetic guy who weaseled his way into a phone call with the president. he tweeted that friedman was nice and respectful on the call and called him a phony for writing this afterwards. two-faced, maybe. joining me now, pastor robert jeffers who's par to have of the
10:51 pm
first -- pastor of the first baptist church of dallas and a fox business contributor, also host of "pathway to victory." a pastor, great to see you this friday. so this sign, america, love it or leave it, why would that inspire controversy? i don't get it. >> well, you know, i think, first of all, that's between that pastor and his congregation about that sign. but let me say very clearly there is nothing wrong and everything right with inspiring patriotism. that is a godly value, and just a few weeks ago at our church we had a huge patriotic service with fireworks and thousands of people. ollie north spoke, and i told our people, gregg, we're not here to worship america, but we are here to worship the god who made america the most exceptional country in all the world. and we as christians ought to be celebrating that and not denigrating that fact. gregg: all right. now, i've got to ask about what happened in san antonio.
10:52 pm
the city council there would not issue a permit to chick-fil-a because the owner of chick-fil-a are had donated to focus on family as well as the sal veation army -- salvation army, right? [laughter] so governor abbott, to his great credit, basically signed a new law protecting religious liberty. what's your take? >> well, i am so proud of governor abbott for doing what's politically incorrect. and, again, the viewers need to know, chick-fil-a has never done anything to discriminate against gays. the only thing they did was support organizations like focus on the family and salvation army who believe in traditional marriage. and, look, people may differ on that, they may not agree that marriage should be just between a man and a woman like i believe. but just because you embrace a traditional belief doesn't make you homophobic and anti-gay. i mean, after all, this traditional view of marriage has been the teaching of judaism and christianity for thousands of
10:53 pm
years. look, gregg, this is the motive and the tactic of the left. they're not about freedom, they're not about tolerance, they are about silencing any beliefs with which they disagree. gregg: well, they only like freedom of speech for their speech but nobody else. >> that's right. gregg: right. >> that's exactly right. gregg: so, you know, this houston, i believe it is a houston church at the behest of sheila jackson lee have now decided to create that church as a sanctuary for all -- for illegals which is, by the way, a violation of a law passed by congress. are these sanctuaries creating more of a problem, not to mention a violation of law? >> well, first of all, gregg, this is a real misnomer. there's no such thing as a sanctuary for criminals that law enforcement officers can't arrest people. they can come to any place,
10:54 pm
including my church or your place, and if a crime is taking place, they can arrest people. such thing as a sanctuary at our church. look, we don't ask people their immigration status when they come in to worship. that is not to our job. we're not an extension of i.c.e. or the government. but i don't believe churches ought to interfere with government. god has given government the task of enforcing the law, he's given the church the task of spreading the gospel. but a church is wrong, individuals are wrong if they help people break the law. gregg: pastor, always great to see you, sir, thanks very much. god bless you. appreciate it. >> you too, gregg.
10:55 pm
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reporter: crude oil up. gold and silver flat. equifax set to pay a $700 million settlement over the company's data breach. hackers able to expose 150 million social security numbers and birthdays and addresses. a reminder. listen to lou's report coast to
10:59 pm
coast on the salem radio network. president trump saying iran is nothing but trouble after two oil tankers are seized by iran passing through the strait of hormuz. iran is going to work out very nicely. iran is showing their are colors. iran is in big trouble right now. their economy is crashing. it's coming to a crash. they are trying bring soldiers back home because they can't pay them. a lot of bad things are happening to them. it's easy to straighten out or easy for to us make it a lot worse. reporter: president trump will be in nrnlg * this weekend where he's meeting with supporters in bedminster. lou will be back monday.
11:00 pm
my new work "witch hunt" available for preorder online. i'm gregg jarrett from new york. trish: iranian forces ramping up their aggression. the president quickly resporntding to this report. president trump: iran is in big trouble. it's easy to straighten out or make it a lot worse. trish: mike baker. a nightmare. the far left congresswoman ilhan omar says she'll be to president trump. tonight he responds. one wort


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