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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 22, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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more tomorrow night, stay with us, we'll see you right back here tomorrow, as always, 8 p.m. eastern, kennedy begins right now. new studio everyone. kennedy: thank you trish. bernie sanders is a laughingstock, his deloved socialism once again shown to be a scam, sanders feeling the burn of basic economics and running into the brick wall of unintended consequences he was warned about forcing country to 15 an hour minimum wage, paying his field workers annual 36,000 a year salary, if they are knocking on doors and canvassing neighborhoods in tevas and cargo shorts, they have to put in closer to 60 hours a week, that means their average pay will be about 13 an hour, that makes
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mr. fight for 15, a big fat hypocrite, bernie is learning painful economic lessons that other small businesses have been battling when you are forced to pay that higher minimum wage, you have to either fire people, cut their hours or automate and robots are too rashal for socialism, now bernie has to cut staff hours by 30%. to not be a communist fa -- fabu collective bargains cannot there their way, now they are trying to publicly embarrass sanders to capitulatincapitulatingcapitular entitlement. when it comes down to the wire
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and bernie needs his own squad of feel workers, door -- field workers, imoo door anythings kng 60 hours a week, they will probably tell him to go jump in the lake, that is the memo. kennedy: democratic michigan congresswoman reshe'd re-- rasha ta -- tlaib called for a $20 m minimum wage, why stop there? joining me on the panel. attorney a author danielle
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mclaughlin. and another attorney tyler grant. they will sue each other. and house of kat on fox nation, it is kat timpf. >> hey. kennedy: woo. i love this so much because it was bound to happen. we see it happen over and over particularly with female senators who talk about equal pay, they end up paying their female workers staff, 76 cents on the dollar, just time before bernie realized that 15 dollars an hour for everyone is unsustainable. >> who could have seen this coming? except for everyone with the most basic understanding of economics, it happens all of the time, almost as if waves your arms and yelling about economics does not change they are real forces that will impact reality. it is a reality.
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i don't think he will 11 learn anything, he is still spouting same socialist garbage. not only are these policies stupid, as he also a hypocrite. kennedy: only time before someone went to the press, they watch him, they work for him, they see, he says everyone delivers a living wage, they are squeeking by on 36,000 a year, that is cruel, and very untoward. >> you hear all-time socialism has not been practiced correctly, we see on this campaign, wait, you have to pay for talent, that sounds like capitalism, maybe there is a conspire as with tlaib, she is trying to push agenda more and box bernie sanders out. >> he can't afford to pay more, he only thatl has 3 houses. kennedy: do you think she is secretly a republican. >> maybe.
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kennedy: why stop at 20, they can't define a living wage, and socialism. >> problem with bernie, he made a moral case, gone after walmart and amazon. >> big corporaterations. >> right, but, the more difficult question, small business owners or campaign like his, he needs the people to be knocking on doors, 60 hours a week, but can his campaign afford to pay them at $15 an hour, not. kennedy: they get 4 weeks off expesmeemployer based healthcart single payer. >> right, i think his problem, full of hypocrisy. all over. but i think the fact he made the moral case is all right biting him you know where. kennedy: does not matter what the moral case is, you know milton prid friedman, they point
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you can have good intentions but the bad things that happen on the way are not worth it. >> 15 in new york is not same at rural america, the idea that is a federal minimum wage is something to think about. kennedy: also in this something we don't talk about enough. employees will never pay anyone more, that is the most anyone will get paid, that is why businesses should be able to determine if someone is just entering workforce, they don't ern as much as someone who has been there for 5 years, but someone who has been there for 5 years does not have incentive to work harder, why would you. >> right. and i hate when people on lift t try to paint this as people on right don't have a heart, they don't care, it no, it just does not work based on retallality it is about understanding reality. kennedy: i love, as kat points
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odd, bernie is a millionaire. capitalism mines you get to make your own choices, depends on how you employee, he also donated very little money to charity. >> democrats are not wrong in fact that wages are scag -- stagnant but they are not creating a plan to bring about change. if you knock on people's door is that really worth $20 or minimum wage we grew knew as we grew up, it should be more of a voluntary basis. kennedy: warren says if 15 an hour minimum wage is necessary to fix an economy that is -- not booming, on the verge of
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collapse. yes, today she wrote, she sees a precarious economy that is built on debt, only we to stop it from devolving to another crisis and adopt her policies like forgiving 600 billion in student loans, and her green manufacturing plan with universal child care and getting rid of the debt ceiling, manti president tweeting: is warren picking the wrong fight? i would argue she is. i think there is a way for democrats to talk about and sell the economy and to own further success. it is not through negativity and hysteria. that is the wrong way to do it, if you are trying to scare people to voting booth, i think
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she is picking the wrong lane, and her political instincts will fail her here. >> your point about fear, motivating people that does not work. i do think that democrats can make it the case about the economy, at-this-point president is about a million jobs behind where obama was in his term. there are facts out there on the economy, it also how people feel. kennedy: i want to push back a little bit on that. we have actually seen wage growth, we've seen hourly wage growth, and most personally wage growth for -- importantly wage growth for first time earners, that is critical, part is due to the tight labor market, if you say that president's policies don't affect the labor market,
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then why would you want a different president if it does not make a difference. >> this is just the tax cut did not do what they were promised to do, democrat the hold president accountable. to other point about feelings, who do you think is in your corner, not so much about data or polls. kennedy: right, what is in it for me. >> right, more than half of america thinks that economy is doing well, they give president, also more than half say they won't vote for him. kennedy: they said that last time, and he had no policy and no record to run owha oon -- whs missing here from warren is anything about personal responsibility, you can't talk about debt, and people spending too much money without addressing what will happen in future, you can't give blanket debt forgiveness and expect again there will be no consequence, there are banks, there are people there are
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institutions that hold that debt. >> right, any democrat that says they canner i forgive student ds lying. it is aforrable half of these you know student debt obligations are held by private banks, or private investors, reason why interest -- >> how many are small banks? >> well, i would not say so much small, but certainly we secure, across investors, government would have to go around negotiate with hundreds of thousands of different investors who hold a piece of different debt, they ta take on debt, they expect pay out at all interest, they don't want to receive back principle balance. kennedy: it did not given sensitive to colleges to offer better majors or to shore up their end, you what have administrative bloat, and colleges that add more lowers of
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administration this does nothing but add laish o layer of bureau. >> right. as government gets more involved in education, things are more expensive, i don't understand why people say, okay let's get the government more involved. she and not mention fact, she did not weigh it against ability to pay, people are paying off their debt more than in the past, i am reading this, i feel she is trying to bamboozle me, like i won't notice, and do my research on what he is talking about. -- she is talking about, i am always offended by that. kennedy: the over simplification combined with fear that is a one-two punch that shows she is not going to beat the president with that. and you know, just same thing about immigration there has to be a level of personal responsibility, i know that is a
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tough sell. in this era of don't worry i'll fix it panel, they will fixing, they will return later, we'll talk about president, he said he does not want to go to war with iran or north korea. but john wil john bolton does as still there, why is he there, christian whiten will discuss it with me next. don't miss your golden opportunity to experience the luxury you desire on a full line of utility vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. i y mutyour car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection.
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plan. kennedy: the president may not be opening a golf course in iran any time soon, but he may be on verge of opening a can of whoop ass instead. the war drums louder tonight. as the forces seize a british tanker in strait of hormuz then said they captured 17 stays working for the cia, and sentenced them to death? is if 1983. but pompeo calls it fake news. >> iranian regime has a language history ofly -- long history of lying. kennedy: why is he smiling like that? iran foreign minister claims he knows what is behind the president's aggressive stance,
9:18 pm
tweeting quote: john bolton turning his venom against the u.k. -- will the president take a chill pill on iran, or is he about to get dragged into war by ambassador bolton, akara the chf of stash. christian whiten welcome back. >> great to be here. kennedy: i know you know this, we have talked about this, i don't want war with iran. i think it is a bad idea. go ahead. >> iran is one who is driving this situation, if bolton can mastermind capture of the british owned oil tanker that is a neat trick. that is iran that doing it.
9:19 pm
iran is putting the crises into play not a single staffer in white house. kennedy: he made no bones about his desire to drop heavy weaponry on places like iran and north korea. and there is an actsios report they supposed let's talked to 7 sources to talk the to president about bolton, they report that president keeps him around as kind of a nutty bargaining chip to keep them nervous. >> i think that president keeps him around there are two jobs one to help coordinate policy, another is unwritten job to to enforce when president wants down in a bureaucracy, also i think, that president likes boll tobolton, sometimes boll top bos
9:20 pm
the ba bad cop, other times trup is more hawkish on nato. kennedy: bolton wants to pacify nato and president wants other nato countries to pay more to be in the alliance. that is understandable but, bolton has a distinct world view in 19 ways in -- world views in many ways in direct opposition to president, i am sure there are less hawkish people in president's orbit who do not want him to invade iran or try to blow up some of their nuclear facilities, so how do w do we al to president's better angels on this. >> john is right, he has been in the past, iran's nuclear program, i have never seen evidence, looking at nuclear break outs, i don't think that sanctions alone will stop, that
9:21 pm
he never advocates striking iran. >> he got us in and out of afghanistan, he does have a great track record. i take that back. but -- >> 5 35 members of congress and one president that got us into afghanistan, a separate issue. kennedy: and a couple others who got us out, current occupant in this category, talk about sanctions, make people crazy. what evidence is there of sanctions making people sane? >> well, they are tough, we have more aggressive with them in resenatrecent decade, targeting financial institutions, rather than broad sanctions to an economy, going after organizations, and prop up regimes.
9:22 pm
the problem is you can never time those specifically, there is a. kennedy: i would like t to see. i agree with targeted sanctions being more effective, but you see are starving people e, ran's economy has -- iran's economy has crumbled, and in venezuela they have a higher infant mortality rate than in syria. i am looking for is, when do they work? when to we see evidence of that? in those three places they don't seem to be working yet. >> yes, it is really tough. this is the problem with the dichotomy of sanctions versus military action, there are a number of other things that include political warfare, that you could do to weak e weaken tf are tough, clearly the iranians
9:23 pm
are feeling pain. you look at protests in iran you see them blaming their regime. rather than focus on bread and butter, i think they have an effect, but problem europeans sought turn mine our sanctions we have done pretty well, with this crisis in iran i don't think there will be war, you can relax on that, brits will whimp out on this, that is what they are best at doing when confronts iran, and trump cannot be more catholic than the pope on this issue. kennedy: all right, peace be with you christian white inthank you. >> thank you. >> coming up. president trump also unleashing latest round of verbal round house in the fight gain the squad, 4 progressive aggressive congress women are hitting back. but are their attacks making him stronger? i ask the party panel when they
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like me. ♪ ♪ haters gonna hate ♪ kennedy: taylor shake away. president trump refusing to back down in his fight with so-called squad. that was taylor and katy perry, remember, but they are friends again, squad members say, they ain't goin nowhere. the president tweeted, i don't believe the 4 congress women are capable of loving our country, hey should apologize to america and israel for the hateful things they said, they are weak, and insecure people who could
9:29 pm
never destroy our nation. yesterday alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> he is using racism, he is stoking white supremacy, and allowing frankly neo-nazi groups to go off unchecked, that is a key part of rousing his base. kennedy: this morning tlaib said she is not backing down either. >> i'm not going nowhere. not until i am type of this i s president. kennedy: president tweeting. a racist group of troublemakers, young, experienced and not very smart. they are pulling once great southern californidemocratpartyt
9:30 pm
i.c.e. and homeland security, so bad for our country. is anyone winning this fight, or we losing? party panel return. kat are you sick of the name the squad. >> i thought you should stop naming your friend group after the age of 11. kennedy: they stole it from taylor swift, she had a great squab. >> they wish. kennedy: do they have models in their squad. >> they don't, you need at least one. i don't know, i think that only people this is working for are those involved. i think this fight keeps going because they love the attention, they nation heading for staying stuff that is bananas, now make headlines as victims people have sympathy forever them, and president, most people when there is a news cycle whether
9:31 pm
they called nancy pelosi a racist, you are happy to grab popcorn and watch, he said, they are fighting i'm not involved, fighting is my favorite thing, he grabs his boxing gloves, they are having too much fun, i understand, i have been in relationships like that. kennedy: good for both, president has to put socialism on city stage, and squad has ta raid money, people in congress are always running for reelection. >> true. this is time that president pulls defeat in victory. nancy pelosi looking ahead to 2020, saying, we have to pick up this middle in addition to like. have we progressives. kennedy: not just about you, we have a lot of moderate races to win. stop with your primary talk. and we would like to win back the white house, we can't do that with you sucking up the oxygen. my problem, with the calls of racism back and forth, is it
9:32 pm
cheapens the word, and lessens the impact, when everyone is a racist mo one is a racist. >> i agree. i think you could be call add xenaphobic. you don't have a legitimate point of view because you are somehow different. 4 foreign -- >> i heard them say send her back to out train. >> i hear it all of the time, i have thick skin. this country was born. it is king george, get out of our lives, this is wrong. and on and on. fundamental american ideas, what hurts me about this, this is a disregard of fundamental americans. i get it too, who are you to
9:33 pm
talk about politics and these things, you are not from here. kennedy: is that what native americans said to pilgrims send her back. >> i don't care about your persecution, get out. kennedy: you pale pansy. we don't want you here. >> like a principle distinction, the democrat never pass up an opportunity to trash america. kennedy: what was donald trump doing for years and years, people who want to get power criticize the country, people in power -- >> i think there a difference wanting structure to be tipped over, and dismantle the structure of america from the economy to the culture, and having an issue with a particular politic or a particular policy. >> i see that. the fear and i understand conservatives are concerned there is a issue where socialism will be impressed on a country
9:34 pm
not built by founders to be social. socialist. >> no private open are ship of property. >> runs through -- >> absolutely, but you talk about hating america,. this is just ugly, to your point kat,. kennedy: live america. >> i love america too. >> i will not leave it. i can't. you know. >> they are wrong. kennedy: we have to move from one heavy topic to another. macy's getting beaten up worse customer at a black friday sale over a new sit of portion control plates to help women. yes, tongue and cheek design that outlines how much food a woman should eat, depending if she wants skinny jeans or mom jeans, like mitt romney.
9:35 pm
accusing macy's of accusing centuries of crushing beauty standards for women, joined in plate pile on they accused company of endangering women, and history like the 3. >slices of pizza in the mom screen circle, macy's, they capitulated, was it really hurting woman with the light-hearted design. or does outrage mom, run the country now. >> i also think if you are someone who sees a plate, any plate. and you are upset and very emotionally damaged by what is on the plate, then you probably had underlying issues that are not the plate's fault. kennedy: bingo. >> i never had -- >> it pushes you over the edge.
9:36 pm
>> i am emotional, i managed to not have any emotions about dinner wea ware of any kind. i am neutral on them. kennedy: i don't have a problem, i think a lot of people practice portion control, and they wrestle with themselves. and macy's, and i think we'll have to get in line at vomit orium if federal government has their way. >> a telling moment, the fact that corporation so scared of outrage mo mob immediately pulls something out had. they are so worried there company being destroyed, you know if you rail want to actually have an interesting discussion about hold health care, and schie -- health care,e obesity. kennedy: go too disneyland, maybe people should be practices
9:37 pm
portion control. >> go to golden coral. i don't want to pay for that. >> i saw this, i think there are some concerns about, eating disorders they are serious, otherwise. tyler and i were fighting off who is getting the big glass. >> we make fun of moobs, man boobs more than any other show. >> that is why i am here. kennedy: i am proud of that. >> michel moore 's chest more time than sugar ray lynyr lynn d hit the speed back. bag. >> we're an equal opportunity, nonmedicare for all, thank you so much. >> a glorious night.
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kennedy: the president looks unbeatable in 2020 thus far according to a potential preliminary challenger. mark sanford, telling fox news he does not think that anyone will beat donald trump. so why is sanford bothering, he said we need to focus more on the national debt, saying:
9:43 pm
>> white house and congress agree to pass a new budget deal that tosses out automatic spending cuts, raising debt ceiling new july 2021. have fiscal conservatives abandoned washington. joining me now, washington examiner commentary editor, tim carney welcome back. >> hey. kennedy: i feel like you and i are only ones left at the mall, every store front is abandoned because they are all shopping at the debt version of amazon, they are spend like crazy. >> none care about the debt, they don't to want to curb spending, it is the way it is in washington, the tea party was supposed to cut into this, they came into power, heck they had
9:44 pm
more to spend on and cut taxes but that ballooned debt further. there does not exist in washington d.c. a politician who cares about debt. kennedy, no like founders of temperance movement, like discovery moon shine. you mentioned o'rourke, he dropped in on tappe tea party bs big platform was cutting spending this was almost laughable. >> the dems are just going to increase spending more than the republicans, but one formula we had was a republican party and a democratic house that lead to spending cuts. >> we're not get that any time soon. if a worthy cause. but you know, and god bless mark san food, sh forward -- son in e
9:45 pm
will care. they don't even qualify as a footnote, i share his passion for cutting spending and controlling our national debt, but the very worthy cause, but that is not your encore, that is something you bury in the middle of your set with a couple of d-sides. >> i think this is good to have a challenge from right to donald trump, bill weld not that,. kennedy: no, a challenge to his own liver. >> we heard challenge from left to trump since day one, on everything, but to have sanford say, we're spending too much money is good i would like him to go further, say, a lot of these handouts, corporate welfare stuff is bad, say tax
9:46 pm
hikes are bad, your tariffs are tax hikes, make trump defend himself from a conservative critique that voice needs to be heard, even a guy getting 1% will have a lloyd ar louder voii don't think that -- >> no. they are not going to do anything, i know there are a lot of conservatives never-trumpers, a few people left at the party, who still believe that we have to be responsible stewarts for -- fe stew wards for coming generation, like republicans got in office, they are saying democrats don't mind if we spend money? this is grade. alienated america is name of tim carn's book. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next. be right back. beep goes off ]
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kennedy: robert -- has passed away at age of 99, he served 35 years in southern district of new york, he put more men in
9:51 pm
handcuffs than anyone, except maybe madonna. this is the topical storm. topic one. let us start night in russia making a killing on the horses. oh, no. this is why you never run against vladimir putin for president. this is a medieval times reenactment. to show world how russians live, 30 years ago. that was before communism collapse. they within from hacking each other on horseback to hacks you, strengthen those pas passwords people, especially you ped podesta. you can watch rachel maddow, just a joke, honey don't cry again on tv, you are way too emotional, weird.
9:52 pm
topic two. not only story outside of country tonight to new jersey, a couple married for one day, it felt like 45. why? look at that. 45th president crashing a wedding at trump international. never would have happened under president hillary, only thing she would have crashed was her own server. even if people's pantsuit gave a toast, happy couple would blow for thrif give money on speakin. the president said t send her back, just kidding. >> it was a huge hit, but witnesses say he didn't say long because high was rushing up stairs to watch the kennedy show. yeah, for some reason, they pronounced it hannity.
9:53 pm
i am sure it was the just a jersey accent. topic 3. buffalo wild wings bringing back famous buy one get one wing deal, people who eat there have something to look forward to beside cramps. it is also a killer wing deal save you money for marijuana you need to enjoy them. i just upset the buffalo wild wing crowd, all of my producer paul's friends. if you excuse me, i have to go read some poorly spelled hate tweets. >> thank you in topic 4. mug shot monday. this week's winner, a florida man got caught stealing a car, he could not drive his stick shift, rather than mocking him with transmission puns, i will
9:54 pm
stay neutral. 25-year-old, there he is, hey, baby, gearing up for a serious legal battle after goingful tracy chapman, and hitched a ride in a fast car allegedly robbed a driver at gun point but he could not find first, the cops found him he did back sitet driving on the way too big house, booking on charges but he is out on bail. he found a brand-new mustang with horse power. here i go. i can shift this. where is my stick? that looks like be wok o one ofr pitch meetings without a helmet. fun. there they are, i love horseys, they we mind -- don'ti -- topicw study claims drinking coffee will lower your risk of obesity,
9:55 pm
i would like to thank researchers at university of starbucks. with help from the dunkin' institute, this is not a real study, this sounds like a bunch of hung over scientists got caught slamming espressos on company card, they said no, this is an experiment, according to these esteemed or steamed scientist, caffeine fights brown fat. you know like. the brownies they were eating with their coffee. a cup of joe may help you lose a couple pounds, and has nothing to do w what goes on in the lab but everything in the bathroom, i don't mean to be a party pooper, you will be enough of that a after call of the coffee. >> look at that.
9:56 pm
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kennedy: it is migh mouth. thet monday, here we go. ♪
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>> twitter, facebook, @kennedy nation, tomorrow corey well you well -- good night. . lou: good evening breaking news tonight, president trump announcing a compromise among the white house, the senate and congressional leaders on a budget that eliminates possibility of a government shut down this fall, a two year deal, we take it up in the show. and radical dimms and left wing national media refuse to accept the special counsel's vindication of president trump after 3 years of investigation by the fbi, and mueller. nadler, schiff and the rest of the radical dimms now pretending that mueller's upcoming


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