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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 23, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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have been found to have broken the law. good night from new york. [♪] trish: we are hours away from former special counsel robert mueller's public testimony on the trump investigation. >> no collusion, no obstruction. that's not good enough. $40 mill. interview 500 people. they got nothing. >> why would democrats think mueller's testimony will lead to impeachment? police officers attacked while on the job.
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could this actually help the president to win a second term in office? i think we are on it. here is a bizarre story. how did an in-n-out burger sold exclusively on the west coast end up on a street in new york city? "trish regan primetime" starts right now. we are just 1 hours away from the most of ken is pay thed congressional testimony in history, certainly recent memory. 8:30:00 a.m. eastern time sharp. the democrat in charge of running the show tomorrow is completely failing to understand the tar witness or his own job for that matter.
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here is mr. nadler on the guide yabs the doy gave mr. mueller. >> i think it's arrogant of the department to try to instruct him on what to say to keep information away from the american people. he does haven't to comply with that letter. he doesn't work for them. attorney general bill barr stepped in. it's the opposite of jerry nadler's claim. as you know, at his press conference bob said he intended to stick with the public report and thought go beyond that. and in conversations with the department, his staff was reiterating that that was their position. and they asked us for guidance in writing to explain or to tell them what our position was. so we respoptded in writing. the department sent the guidance
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they requested. reporter: mueller actually requested. >> yes. trish: got it? robert mueller wanted guide yabs. nadler was continually wrong as he continues to be. the democrats aren't in charge of the hearings because these are house hearings. that's causing some concern from republicans. robert mueller announced his right-hand man so to speak will be joining him tomorrow. that has the president a little bit miffed. he is tweeting he's not happy with that. so there will be two people there tomorrow. robert mueller will be testifying and he'll have the guy who helped him on the report alongside him. the former chair of the nevada
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state gop. amy, what do you think this is going to hook like tomorrow? >> i think it will be uneventful. i don't think we'll hear anything new coming from mr. mueller. i think what mr. nadler already said today, i think he knew exactly what he was doing. his intent was meant to be misleading. it was meant to stir the pot and create unnecessary tension. so the general public could be misled. trish: adam? >> we are not going to hear anything new. but we'll hear robert mueller himself discuss what's in that report. and the majority of the american people have no idea what's in it. namely the second part of the report does not exonerate
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president trump. say what's the truth which most of people don't know that bill barr never told us that we have a right to know. nobody is above the law. trish: i'm anticipating for the democrats, they are holding out hope -- if they took the time to read the report they wouldn't have hope. they are hoping he'll say something that would cause them to say bingo, impeachment. you know, done, sealed, delivered, let's move forward with our impeachment proceedings. i think even robert mueller -- if you read the report, it's clear to him, there is nothing there. >> you are absolutely correct on that. the fact that speaker he hosey and head of the democrat you can party went so far as to create a six-pain cliff note version of it.
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most of of them haven't read it themselves. trish: , adam, i think it's a bad idea. when there is nothing to impeach on, it make them look like a bunch of sour grapes. >> it's not a question of robert mueller saying this is a time to impeach. he created a report that is a roadmap. it's important to note that leon garowski did the same thing during the nixon hearings. trish: what about the fact that you have a bunch of politically motivated individual who didn't want this guy to become president. he became president because the american people made the decision. then you have an investigation into him colluding with the rugs which you knew all along never
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happened. it was quickly proven, check out volume one. it wasn't prove be. they knew it wasn't proven. why would you continue on with an investigation into something you knew was non-existent? someone thing we can all agree on in the report that the russians systematically interfered in our elects. trish: that's different than what you are trying to accuse the president of doing. the democratic party believes donald trump conspired with the russians. why doesn't the investigation continue on that case? >> because we are talking about obstruction of justice. the president asked his white house counsel to fire mueller. he asked corey lewandowski to fire jeff session. that's not oh stay.
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trish: the last i checked you had attorney-client privilege. a little bit different when you are the president, i get it. he does not have the infrastructure in mace to negotiate some of these things. the obama administration came out and said it, that nobody would have got to be second base as they did here with eric holder and president trump because they had an structure in place. what people did is they took advantage of an administration that didn't have all the bells and whistles, was just up and running and wasn't as politically charged as the rest of washington, d.c. am i right, amy? >> you are. in that report he actually stated and was very clear about it that there was not sufficient evidence found. there was no collusion, there was no corroboration. the fact that we keep moving forward in this fashion is
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districtly just to get everyone off track. the democrats are losing. the economy is doing great. the president is skyrocketing with his poll numbers. >> they kept this all going through the mid terms because they had some kind of idea. they were holding out hope that the american people would believe it and they could convince them this was a man conspiring with a foreign power to actually take the election. that's a heavy duty charge. when you have learn as they did very quickly that it was nonexistent, to be pursuing every path and put the president in a position where he's saying to his counsel, naively so, again it was white house counsel and not his own personal counsel, but may *, can you figure this. amy and adam, thank you so much.
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adam, i think you are going to be severely disappointed tomorrow. president trump vowing to pretext his tax returns. president trump blasting democrats for not doing enough to figure the crisis on our southern border. you are only going to see it here. don't go anywhere. president trump: we know that strong nations must have strong borders. and we are building a strong border against so much. you have
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security. the policy allows them to deport up grants who have illegally entered the country in the last two years. it's getting all kind of pushback. i know you were just down at the border. but this policy that is going into place has democrats angry. they are saying it's racist. the president is trying to exclude people here because of the color of their skin. and he's using creative my word not theirs, tactics they don't approve of, the executive powers, et cetera. how do you respond to all that? >> i saw first than this past weekend the influx of migrants coming into it.
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last year was a huge year with 160,000. this year is 280,000. for those who did not come across the border that claim asylum are getting due process. for those that snuck past the border agents or overstayed visas, this is an area we'll have to start cracking down. the president is right to operate under a bill from 996. trish: how is that case are you motivated to say you came to the country illegally, time to go back. >> it's not racially motivated. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and hillary clinton at one point held this political position. it makes about as much sense than is about as much truth in this as what aoc said about our border agents, that they were
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running concentration camps. trish: speaking of aoc and her allegations concentration camps at our border. walk us through this. what did you see? >> i went with a group that was majority democrats. our group would have to come back and tell you what the people working for our border patrol are doing. they didn't sign up to mix baby formula and changing diapers. they are doing everything they can to be able to follow the law, but also compassionately reach out to these people. one member of our delegation asked this question, how many new fence pods have been built new? >> there has not been a new
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fence built since the obama administration. trish: when they wanted water aoc says they drink out of the toilet bowl. could there be truth in that. >> i would like to use a better word and into the down, but it's a bold faced lie. they had 1,500 family fraud cases of men that came in with children that were not theirer on. only 1% of these males came in with children in 2014. now it's 50%. they and prelearnedded migrants from 67 countries. two from pakistan over the weekend. trish: how in the world did an in-n-out burger end up on a new york city street? remember when democrats called
11:19 pm
for incivility to take down president trump and his supporters? remember? >> you get out and create a crowd and push back on them. tell them they are not welcome. >> they go low, we -- trish: cory booker says he wants to punch president trump. first, president trump feud with the far left squad is ramping up tonight. bill mcgurn is here in our studio on why the squad is the studio on why the squad is the gift that just
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president trump: the radical left with these people of i believe hate our country. but i watched this maniac tlaib screaming and shouting. this was before she was a congressperson. this is not what we want representing us. and i think it's why we are going to have a tremendous victory in 2020. trish: the president blasting the squad today, the people he refers to, two members of the squad, firing right back. watch. >> the inherent racism that has always been part of him and how much he always takes an opportunity to others to vilify them. >> i'm not going nowhere. not until i impeach this president. trish: inherent racism. he's always had?
11:25 pm
ilhan omar. joining me is "wall street journal" columnist and fox news contributor, bill mcgurn. these women are the best thing that ever happened to donald trump? >> they are a gift to donald trump. conor lamb won a special election in pennsylvania. former marine. took a seat from the republicans. the thought was that democrats learned their election. he didn't campaign against donald trump. he campaigned on healthcare, was pro guns. that's what pelosi did in the november election and 30 of her caucus came from districts in which donald trump had won. now that's all gone. she doesn't want impeachment but
11:26 pm
that's what these people are driving. they may be unpopular view ofs among the american people, but among the progressives they are popular. trish: you are able to present the face of the democratic party through these women. >> the debate is do they hate america or not hate america? i think that's a good debate for donald trump. trish: i can react to ilhan omar's comments about venezuela. it's america's fault. >> this week i was writing about ilhan omar and rashida tlaib. they want to go to israel. they spoke of israel as the occupation of palestinian territory.
11:27 pm
donald trump wants israel to let them in. put them on stage and let them make their crazy statements on stage. trish: very anti-semitic statements and anti-america. >> this is not what the democrats want, what the candidate want in was an anti-boycott sanctions bill, of the seven running for the presidential nomination, i think five voted against it. this is not the kind of debate they want. in 2012 they stripped the language about jerusalem. when president obama put it back in, they booed. trish: nobody is talking about joe biden. nobody is talking about bernie sanders. nobody is talking about elizabeth warren. it's as if trump helped these
11:28 pm
four women to suck all the oxygen out of the room. >> and put these questions on bds on the presidential debate. now the moderators have to ask these candidates where they stand on these issues. trish: and he has put the democrats in a position to hal rally to these women's sides. >> mrs. pelosi in particular. first the -- she testified her. then nancy pelosi tweeted well the president was a racist. that unified the party for a while. then after ilhan omar dropped this bds resolution on them. they are not apologetic and he'll push their party in the direction they wanted.
11:29 pm
a lot of them have issues with the moderates, what they call the sell-outs of the democratic party. mrs. pelosi as herself just recently denounced the bds movement as bigoted. now a lot of her party are supporting it. what is she going to choose? what her statement was before or what these women say now. let them get to israel to make their statements. trish: they are more of a headache than perhaps she bargained for. coming up on tonight's lightning round with kat timpf. why tom brady is in hot water tonight. look at this horrible video of officers attacked in new york city.
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come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. trish: president trump working overtime to protect his privacy. the house ways and means committee are on defense. president trump's team is arguing congress seeing the thanks returns has zero purpose, and therefore you be constitutional. joining me on what comes next. what does come next? >> with the tax returns? you know, i ran for congress 23 years ago. i gave up my tax returns, i would never do it again. the reason why is, a, you are not required to. you are entitled to keep it
11:35 pm
private. nobody for you or wants to help you is going to use them. the on people hot look at them are your enemies and they will take information out of context to try to distract you to explain what none of us can explain, your tax returns, instead of the reasons you are running for office. unless congress can articulate the reasons they need to see them, it's a fishing expedition. trish: if you run for president of the united states you have to turn over your tax records, why would anybody have to do that? >> they introduced some legislation to require that going back 10 years. but as most of of us that look at our tax returns. it's not complete information. it's just information needed to calculate your taxes. it raises more questions than it answers.
11:36 pm
trish: the big thing coming up tomorrow. we are hours away from pretty important testimony, robert mueller will be testifying. ways your gut on this. what do you think you are going to see? what do you think you will hear. >> i think we'll see mr. mueller is a smart guy. he'll be smarter than most of of the peopling him questions, and he'll point them back to the report on any up and tough question about what they covered in the report. i think what the democrats will do, some of them will get 5-minute speeches that will be chock full of information and daring the republicans to waste their five minutes to correct it. or they will ask him to read specific portions they already identified in the record, probably out of context to get it on videotape so they can use it later in television ads. mr. mueller reading something that sound unflattering about
11:37 pm
the president. i think that's what you will see. trish: theater, but not a lot of actual substance. >> i would be shocked if he gave any substance on obstruct or collusion that you can't read in the report. and things that weren't in the report, i don't think he'll answer that. trish: like what? >> what did you learn about the steel dossier. what was the predicate to change this investigatio versus from ae investigation to criminal investigation. you had 13 attorneys on your staff and anybody reading the paper could see that collusion was falling apart. at what point did you determine that wasn't going to be provable and what happened after that and why.
11:38 pm
so there is a lot of questions you could ask him. trish trish: do you think they will ask him. >> i think they will ask him and i think he'll stall and give five minutes with that person. trish: do you think that he's above board on all this and trying to do his job and a good american, or is he a political animal like everyone else. >> i worked in the department of justice when he was head of the fbi. i know him by reputation like most of people. i'm curious. i don't think there is a legitimate excuse for volume two of this report. all that garbage about obstruction. i don't know. maybe i will have a greater opinion after tomorrow. if he was behind that or got played by this partisan staff he put together to present it the way he did. >> very partisan staff.
11:39 pm
perhaps that's the reality of washington as well. >> but everybody is partisan. there is a way to manage that to make sure that there is people in the rooms of all persuasions to keep people honest. maybe that happened, maybe it didn't. the main thing people need to understand, we shouldn't be here. this report shouldn't have been written, it shouldn't have been made public and he shouldn't be testifying on it. trish: i read all of volume one and two. it's clear to me there was a major mistake made and it was for political reasons. why do you keep pursuing it. and say gosh, why does this happen in the first place? >> how do you write a 450-500
11:40 pm
page report and not talk about how you got there. here is what their apparent motivation was and i should have never been appointed for those reasons, and it doesn't address that. >> you know, i don't wish for anybody to be prosecuted. but we know that individuals leak classified information. we know that. who is addressing that. when is that going to be addressed. a 250-page report about obstruction of a guy that was legally entitled to do everything he did and wasn't covering up a crime. there is obviously a double standard here and the people of
11:41 pm
america need to understand what's going on. their weaponizing our criminal justice system. >> that's my fare. it's good to have you here. thank you so much. coming up. are anthony worn and huma abedin back together? our brave law enforcement officers on the streets of new york city. our panel is weighing in. president trump: with raging anger, ignorance and malice, the i can't tell you who i amce, the or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need.
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i'll pass.
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>> i can't believe it. they are not stopping. trish: you are watching a disgraceful assault on law
11:46 pm
enforcement. former mayor rudy giuliani blaming the incident on mayor bill deblasio and his hands-off approach for the nypd. doug wead, good to see you, and deneen borelli. i don't know why this is happening. i think there is a whole slew of different reasons. but at the crux of it as far as rudy giuliani is concerned is this liberal bias perpetuated by this mayor, what do you think it reasons are? >> when i first saw this video, it turned my stomach. to disrespect our law enforcement in this way is utterly outrageous. today it's water.
11:47 pm
tomorrow who knows what individuals might do in order to attack our law enforcement. trish: the whole black lives matter movement had a lot of police brutality baked into it. when you look at what's happening in new york city now and contrast it with new york city in the past. walk us through the dangerous spiral this city, new york seems to be on and in. >> the big thing that's different right now from previous crises is to me you get no condemnation from democrat leaders. you have antifa and their violence where they attack journalists, a gay journalist in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage. they threw a milkshake at him that apparently had cement tonight. you have no condemnation.
11:48 pm
you have senator booker talking about punching the donald trump. then blame donald trump for it. i am eager to condemn these sort of things. trish: you think about the left. you feel like they have free rein. they are taking aim at you. somehow you are not a human being like them. they are dehumanizing people who are trump supporters. >> think about the countless trump supporters who have been physically assaulted since president trump has been in office. the comments from cory booker
11:49 pm
are reprehensible. trish: i want to show them to the viewers because you brought it up and so did doug. cory booker is trying to pay tough guy and late-night tv. donald trump is a guy who hurts you and my testosterone makes we feel like punching him which would be bad for this elderly out of shape man that he is. >> i think he could take you. not that we want to encourage that. i should point out mr. booker's latest polling isn't even above 2%. he's not too popular. so if democrats can't win on policy, violent rhetoric will be their tactic? >> representative scalise almost
11:50 pm
died because someone tried to kill republicans because they were playing softball. to inflict harm on anyone who is a trump supporter or the president himself. trish: some people say he deserves it because he dared to support donald trump. doug will be you usually -- doug, you usually have some voice of sanity that makes me feel better. you say it's not as past bad as you have think. but you have say we have been here in history before? >> we have been here before. but it's not a good sign. it was a bad history. this is pre-civil war activity. it's pretty scary. you mentioned scalise. that was a bernie sanders supporter who attempted to
11:51 pm
murder those congressman. no republican blamed bernie sanders. they said they understood it was one of his supporters gone amok. trish: anyway, deneen, doug, thank you. good to have you here tonight. huma abedin and anthony weiner are back together? really? macy's in ottawaer over plates macy's in ottawaer over plates and kat timpf ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone!
11:52 pm
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a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. trish: welcome back, time for our lightning round, we have kat timpf, anthony wiener. and huma abedin. i saw a headline? >> this made me feel so good about myself, i have dated garbage men, with no redeemable qualities or jobs, i could get into details but my dad is watching, but i have never once dated a convicted child sex oracle fend - ofender, huma, you
11:56 pm
can do better than this. it not that bad. trish: some people never learn. >> how did ayma -- a man find ot in-n-out burger was in new york street. >> in-n-out did this. there is no way a citizen did this. that would mean they would have to bring burger from texas or california all the way to new york. that not possible, it is delicious, they could not have taken a bite, even if it were not, it would have taken a bite they were on a plane. i have shown up to every destination, covered in crumbs, i call shin an begins.
11:57 pm
trish: you might be on to something. i am bummed they are not on the east coast. >> so good. trish: better than shake shack. >> i agree. macy's you were fire for selling plates? >> mm-hmm, people say that the plates were body shaming and promoting eating disorders, i saw reaction, i thought macy's must have had employee bust in people's phones smash existing plates and forced them to use these, turns out, that is not it, they just made them avail financial for sale. i understand. eating disorde disord is a seris issue, if you are that upset, you have issues, it is not the plate. i am emotion neutral. trish: i think that macy's suspended the china.
11:58 pm
>> come on, you don't like it, don't buy it. trish: tom brady in trouble, roasted, 6-year-old daughter, diving off -- a cliff on vacation in costa rica or something. she was kind of hesitant. but what did tom brady do, you are coming. >> people say, hurricane harvey ihe is a badparent, they are bly out of proportion, she is fine. only problem is that the same video i see all of the girls posting, i follow on instagram, somehow their job is to post on instagram. they all have these videos every week. it was hack but fine as a parent. people are just jealous it tom brady. trish: if you are tom brady's kid, and gisele's kid, you know, you will be able to jump off a cliff.
11:59 pm
>> absolutely. the kid is fine, let people parent their own kids. trish: yeah, that is a good libertarian view. >> absolutely. trish: live free or die, kat timpf. >> thank you. trish: do you like our new studio. >> beautiful, so beautiful. i love it. trish: i'm really getting comfy here. let us know what you think, reach on twitter. reach out on facebook. and reach out on instagram, you will not find any pictures of me jump from a cliff. >> neither, not yet. if i am ever with tom brady i would do it. trish: that would be a good reason, tune in tomorrow, we have wall-to-wall coverage of mueller hearing, i will be back tomorrow night, joined by congressman andy big gs.
12:00 am
and it should be quite a day, right. see you tomorrow night, kennedy begins right now. kenedy: would you trust a progressive democrat with your hard earned money? you should not. this new crop of president at candidates, are spending their campaign funds on a bunch of crap, it is hilarious and sad, showing they would waste your tax dollars faster than poop through a goose. we begin with joe biden. according to politico, 12,000 dollars on pa yeah -- pallela in


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