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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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they want the person to win. >> that sounds like an addiction. david: it does, but it's sweeping the nation. like the or not, it's here to stay. that does it for "bulls and bears" rsh. liz: president trump slamming the democrats for doing quafer they can with this quote impeachment nonsense. house judiciary chair jerry nadler now indicating impeachment is more than tough talk. he says they have in effect been conduct an impeachment inquiry on president trump. the big question that folks on capitol hill want to ask james
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comey. we have got them. we'll give you have the update on how members of the intelligence community disappointed to hear what mueller testified how he and his team did not investigate that unverified steele dossier. to the house. getting out of dc a day early for their august recess. some democrats purnlted on their own border fix. they are skipping town while the * announced big bombshell. a major third country asylum deal with guatemala. bias in the media. a major newspaper only check the republicans making mistakes at the mueller hearing when the democrats made a lot of the mistakes. the networks have media analysts saying the media failed to
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explain the russia probe in a bite size way so voters can understand that president trump should be impeached. the media making the case against trump? is that journalism? welcome to the show. let's start with president trump. he just unload on a host of targets from democrats talking impeachment. then went after the 2020 democrats. we have chad pergram on capitol hill with the latest on that fight over impeachment. and we have hillary vaughn with the details going after the 2020 democrats. >> president trump is hopping mad at house democrats.
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he made stark comments on how he thinks they handled the mueller hearing wednesday. president trump: they are doing everything they can with the impeachment nonsense. we had no obstruction or collusion. these people are clowns. the democrats are clowns. they are being laughed at all over the world. >> democrats had a puzzling press conference on whether they should impeach or not impeach. i tried to get charity from jamie lufkin and eric swalwell of california. >> are you saying -- how is this not not binary. >> when you look at different kongs and the way they addressed it, it was done in different ways. what we are suggesting is this court filing is the first time you are seeing us telegraphing to the court is one of the
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remedies we have is impeachment and consider whether that should be used. >> the republicans say impeachment is not a formal thing. you want to establish your own narrative during the summer recess. confusion about impeachment is a problem for democrats in swing districts. nancy pelosi said democrats plan to own the august recess. liz: they are going into 2020. they only have 49 bills enacted so far. they have been running on half the rate of prior congress. mitch mcconnell has been blocking them. he said their policies and laws are unacceptable. if the democrats are saying they are in an inquiry, doesn't that mean they are moving towards a
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vote of impeachment? >> they were right. eric swalwell was right saying this has been done in different ways. but the idea that republicans can portray them as being for impeachment, you had two democrats saying they are for impeachment. no one quite knows what is in impeachment or out of impeachment. just because you have all this talk going on, the democrats in these battleground districts are at risk. liz: the president taking shots at democrats. reporter: president trump sounding off on democrats running against him in 2020. he he the world is hoping someone else is in the white house other than him because they believe they can take advantage of the u.s. on trade if trump is not in the white house.
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>> with sleepy joe, we can make any deal we what with him. reporter: the president says not only will he win 2020, but many republicans will flip seats in the house and take back the majority. >> that's why we are going to take back the house and continue to hold the presidency and the senate. we picked up two sights in the senate -- two seats in the senate. reporter: the president says he thinks american wine is french wine and is considering a tax on french wine. liz: great to see you. let's get right to former visor to president clinton, doug schoen. a lot to break down. trump is saying republicans are going to win back the house and more seats in the senate. >> if the democratic priorities,
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only one of three is legislate and the emphasis is on this impeachment inquiry, war it ultimately proves to be, it sure helps the republicans and doesn't help the democrats. the american people want action on the matters they care about. jobs, healthcare, the environment. and we are not interested. they had it with impeachment. poll after poll. >> the majority members say they don't have enough for impeachment. president trump said you are going to have sleepy joe biden. >> he showed sleepy joe as he calls him is leading him all over the country including the south and southwest. so he understands the priority for him is to knock joe bide' down. that being said, if joe biden is
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the one who has to front for a left-wing democratic party apparently led by the squad emphasizing impeachment, that only helps the president's reelect. liz: if the mueller probe didn't exist, the real headlines would be how far left the democratic party is. we have been covering it. pelosi butting head with jerry nadler. your take on that. >> there is big pressure for impeachment. jerry nadler is saying just impeach him now. don't even have scene squirey. so there -- don't even have an inquiry. there is pressure to impeach and investigate. so the party is being pulled left. as you correctly say. liz: they are going home to their constituents right now
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empty handed. they don't have a lot of legislative victories. you know what? there are a lot of media headlines about pelosi sitting down with alexandria ocasio-cortez to settle their blood feud, the american people say who care. we don't want you to green room hopping. get to work. we sent to you d.c. to do that. stop speaking about you. it's about america. >> that's right. it's what i have been saying both here and articles i have written on -- liz: there is a civil war, who cares about them passing the peace pipe? what a distraction, what a waste of time. >> they will be fighting again
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by next week. just you wait and see. liz: will you come back and break it down? and he's a book author as well. the s & p and nasdaq had record closings. the justice department on the merger between t-mobile and sprint. charlie gasparino has that story. this blockbuster merger would combine the nation's second and third largest providers. the attorneys general want to block it. president trump telling fox news, sean hannity, no, the 2020 democrats are not gaining traction. could it be because of the impossibly expensive and grand proposal from the 020 dems that
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liz: the war in syria is still on. a missile launched by the assad regime hit an area with women and children. an american woman work in syria plead with president trump to stop the killing. joining me now is retired lieutenant daniel davis. she is saying it takes a strong leader and u.s. government to stop this brutality.
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we are dealing with assad backed by russia here. what are the options? >> this is just heard breaking and hard to watch. it pulls on everyone's heart strings. but the fact is, there is nothing we can do short of getting into a civil war in syria. this underscores why we need to get the troops we have there out. we don't want to get drawn into this. this fight is between the syrian government and russians and al qaeda-backed militants on the other side. liz: it's the collateral damage of women and men and children getting slaughtered. i hear what you are saying. we have to move to this story. iran, the u.s. confirming iran test fired a medium range
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missile that flew toib the north. the "new york times" reporting this is a tests today laying. iran does this. it did it in 2015 after the nuclear deal was signed by obama. what's going on here. >> iran has a fairly sizable missile arsenal. they fired off that missile. some of the people within the government of iran showed their displeasure but it doesn't represent any new threat to the united states. it's trying to say we are still here and trying to show it matters. but it doesn't change anything for us. liz: boris johnson demanding a british oil ship, ripping upper rea may's strategy.
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he went after the left wing labor leader, jeremy corbyn who is against brexit because he got paid by iran state tv years ago to support iran. watch this. >> the honorable gentleman is being paid by iran tv. he's conspired with the mullahs of iran. how incredible we can even think of adopting that stewardship of this country's security. liz: bore rils not having any of it. he's throwing down pretty quickly. what's your take on that. >> 95% domestic politics.
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one side throwing the other side urnlgd the bus. but it's a good thing if britain will take more action in the gulf and the u.s. does haven't to do it all. and it's good for us not to expand the threat into more than it is because we can handle this with our own military. liz: a california judge. look at this story, really sliced into and cut down a $2 million verdict. this is over claims that the roundup weed killer caused non-hodgkins lymphoma. the judge said the ruling was
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unconstitutional. let's get to an update on jeffrey epstein. prosecutors subpoenaed personal pilots on his jet to corroborate allegations they were -- that he was sex trafficking. and those pilots also kept lists of who was on the jet. a drone flew within 20 feet of a jet. the two pilots on that airbus saw the drone flash past the cockpit. the plane was at 3,000 feet. that means drone was flying 8 times the maximum height for drones.
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remember this wild video of the coast guardman making a dr. act of bravery. he tried to get them to stop. he's an unidentified guardsman, but he's getting an official award for his heroics. the smugglers were arrested. the 2020 candidates making a fast and furious push. president trump, he just cut a big deal with guatemala. just as how democrats ditch their border fix in order to leave for august recess early. jardiance asks:
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the minister, we are doing an important signing. it's an historic asylum agreement between our two countries. liz: the u.s. struck what president trump calls an historic safe third country agreement. it will cut the migrant flow coming into the u.s. we have the equivalent of entire u.s. cities pouring over the border urn checked. brian babin of texas. this comes within one week of president trump threatening tariffs and more as democrats leave town early. he's a great negotiator. he carries a big stick. i think that big stick brought guatemala to the table, it brought mexico to the table.
6:27 pm
we have seen some decrease in the numbers. it's still an overwhelming crisis. our border is not under our control more than what we have -- what we are seeing the cartels and human traffickers seem to be having more control than our own government. then we see the democrats complaining and holding hearings and yet not offering anything to give relief to our border patrol folks. we need to put their money where their mouth is and put action behind their words. liz: correct me if i'm wrong. the democrats don't visit the border. in an election year is when they go down there. they make a lot of media headlines about the deception facilities. they slow walk the humanitarian aid. they leave town early for summer
6:28 pm
recess. they did not take up a vote on their own border bill fix. what is going on here? >> i think they want open borders. liz: i don't mean to interrupt. some people any that's just a republican attack line, republican bumper sticker. can you explain why you have say they want open borders? >> i think it plays into their agenda. they are hard hard left. many socialist policies are being proposed. i think we have seen every single one of the democratic candidates raise their hands hand and wants to give free medical care to illegal aliens. they proposed to give the vote to illegal aliens. they are already voting in california in local elections. they know this plays into the advantage of the democratic
6:29 pm
party and their socialist agenda. if these people coming across the border were rurp cans or anticipated to be republicans, there would be barrier protection in a short period of time. liz: what's important is we have fallen through the looking glass and are now on the other side of the mirror. it was never considered hard right or conservative when the majority of democrats said yes. chuck schumer said yes we need better border structures. we've need to tighten the border, we need to get control of the bored. president trump is doing this without any help from congress. your reaction to that? >> you are exactly right. this is exactly what's going on. they do not lift a finger to try to alleviate the problem. all they do is complain. quite frankly the president is
6:30 pm
doing an amazingly great job with the limited tools he has. one of those of tools i must say is interior enforcement. we have hundreds of thousands, over a million people who have been ordered to leave the country by the federal immigration courts. federal judges have ruled this. and they don't carry out the law. liz: the u.s. supreme court just harmed president trump a victory. the supreme court saying yes, the administration is right, it can redirect $2.5 billion in money approved by congress for the pentagon for the border in order to build the wall. sir, your take on this. this is a big fight. on this show we reported for a year now the president was within his rights to reprogram fund already appropriated. that the pentagon was using on the border. your take on this. >> my take is exactly what's
6:31 pm
happened. i am so happy to hear that we have won this round of this judicial fight. because you know, every time the president tries to use executive orders in the absence of the legislative work and cooperation with the democratic party and the house and the senate, you know, they go to the courts. pry mayor live they go to the 9th circuit. the president is absolutely determined to secure this border because as i said, the cartels and the human traffickers are the ones in control of our border. we are overwhelmed. my district is being overwhelmed as well. we have schools being swamped. we have public services being swamped. i can tell you that's many in fact well over half of he these people coming in illegally are already on some kind of welfare system. it's going to bankrupt our
6:32 pm
country. we want to be a compassionate country. the president is trying to work a deal with guatemala. but we have to have cooperation. and we have to have cooperation not only from the northern triangle countries but we have to have cooperation from the other side of the aisle. let's fix this problem before our country has no borders whatsoever. liz: recapping, the supreme court says yes, the trump administration is right. let's get you an update on a story coming up next. bias in the media. a major newspaper fact checking only republicans at the hearing. and we'll show you have where analysts talk openly how the media didn't do their job for the democrats in explaining the russia probe in a bite size way
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liz: catherine herridge breaking news. let's get right to catherine herridge. catherine: after the testimony my contacts reported they were beyond disappointed to hear directly from robert mueller that he did not investigate the steel dossier. he says the key question is whether the investigation targeted christopher steele. intelligence officers told me the russian campaign was likely designed to damage both candidate, hillary clinton and donald trump. moscow's ultimate objective was to tarnish the eventual winner. mueller's job was to investigate russian interest force and
6:38 pm
related matters. but he testified the dossier predated his appointment. while technically true. the fisa warrant was reauthorized and overlapped with mueller. and it goes to the heart of the issue. >> i'm quoting from the steel dossier. extensive evidence of conspiracy between the trump campaign team and the kremlin. did russians tell that to christopher steele or did he just make it up. >> let me say as i said earlier with regard to steele. that that's beyond my purview. catherine: the investigation into the investigators led by john durham is whether key information was withheld from the fisa court.
6:39 pm
liz: let's get to ned ryun. we love him so much we are bringing him back on. the ceo of american majority. your reaction to what catherine reported. >> one of the most of staggering moments from the mueller hearing was when he said he was unfamiliar with fusion gps. the steel dossier was used to secure a fisa warrant basically using the steel dossier as the evidence and not having making that clear to the fisa court they were using what was unsubstantiated information. i have to say this. the fact that mueller's team apparently did not investigate fusion gps and christopher steele, we know from bruce ohr's testimony that his first stores was a russian intelligence officer and ukrainian
6:40 pm
businessman with close ties to putin. i am convinced the steel dossier was filled with russian disinformation. and the media and democrats were stooges of putin in destabilizing our democracy. liz: both parties. that's the untold story here. you make a good point. you have jerry nadler saying we are effective live in impeachment inquiries. chad pergram reporting on that. we do know the president is saying william barr, you go at it with the doj ig. to your point, this is about precedent. it's about using the powers of the intelligence community to do surveillance of an opposition campaign. we are not east germany. >> this is a fact -- we now it's
6:41 pm
a crime to falsify fisa applications. that was done either by people at the fbi or doj. our surveillance state was massively abused. we have to find out the facts from john brennan, james comey and andrew mccabe to understand what were you actually doing? i think there was a massive abuse of our constitutional rights and it led to destabilizing our constitutional republic. and there have to be consequences. if we allow this to continue on, it's only going to get worse. people involved in this have to be held to account. people have to go to jail. liz: we don't want russian meddling. president trump tweeting on the breaking news we just brought to you. wow, big victory on the wall.
6:42 pm
the united states supreme court overturns a lower court injunction letting the southern wall be built. big win for border security and the rule of law. moments ago the news came out the supreme court said yes, president trump is right to be able to reprogram money already appropriated to the pentagon and other agencies for the border security. he can now use that and reprogram it for the wall. ned ryun, your reaction? >> i have been arguing section 284 authorizations by the defense budget. we can repurpose it. this is his right as commander-in-chief to use the funding to have national security and secure the southern border. i am encouraged to hear that. we know $2.5 billion is a start in the right direction. there is going to be a lot more money needed but this is a
6:43 pm
massive step in the right direction. liz: we for a year have been going through the existing regulations, the cbo saying the president is within his rights to do this. next up, we'll bring you a breakdown of the bias in the media on the mueller hearings. this time it's "the washington post" claiming law makers grilling robert mueller. guess which ones from which partist only fact checked. we have more evidence of the meefd yeah acting like democrat party leaders. president trump telling fox news sean hannity that the 2020 democrats are not gaining traction. we'll tell you have yes said that. president trump: we'll see if one of these people that gives the united states away can possibly get elected.
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liz: we showed you how cnn said no more race your hand questions
6:48 pm
during the debates. critics say that will stop them from having embarrassing moments like raise your harden if you want to give free medical to illegals. the editor caught calling terror victims in jerusalem saying more than four jewish pigs killed in jerusalem by the principle rrp bomb explodes. 39 were severely injured. >> it's so difficult these days. the cable news networks are appealing to some of the most of extreme of ideologies. and i think it's turning off their viewers. you can see that with the
6:49 pm
ratings. they seem to attract people with an sea general today. they all started with the idea they were going to provide good news for people. they would provide both sides of an issue. he was caught red-handed saying some horrendous things. liz: fact checking lawmakers, but then only fact checked republicans. watch this exchange. >> the reason again that you did not indict donald trump is because of olc opinion stating you cannot indict a sitting president, correct? >> that is not the correct way to say it. as we say in the report.
6:50 pm
we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. liz: mueller did agreerler and made the correction. "washington post" also not facing checking ted lieu saying i think a reasonable person can agree there are three crimes of obstruction of justice. robert mueller had to correct him on that, too. >> i don't know. there are a lot of facts they didn't pick up on. i didn't see any mention of the fact that was brought out in that hearing that glenn i am only had dinner with the russian lawyer. he had dinner with her before and after that meeting at crumb sour than was nothing about that either. i think people are getting tired of not seeing a balanced view in the media. a lot of these politicians are feeding into this and people are
6:51 pm
getting turned off. they want answers and solutions. they want something done about the problems of this country and they want an end to the gotcha style of reporting. they want a fix for the border. they want infrastructure. they want help in their struggle to make ends meet. liz: the ted lieu example was one just example. msnbc analyst richard stingle says it's the media's job to make the case for democrats to impeach president trump. >> we in the media didn't do a good enough job of sum flying a bite-sized way. it took us too long.
6:52 pm
why'get everything on a 3 x 5 card that we say over and over. robert mueller isn't a partisan and he didn't want to be part of that. >> this feeds into people's worst view of the media in some respects and i will exempt this from you. they have an agenda. i grew up thinking the media was there to tell you the facts. you make your own decision. but this guy is saying is the media has to advocate one way or another. i don't think people want that. i think people would appreciate the fact that the media would tell both sides of the story and let people make their only decisions. liz: coming up, while the 2020 democrats are pushing wildly unrealistic plans you will have to pay for. president trump going full bore
6:53 pm
at the 2020 dems. saying the way you are behaving, republicans are going to win back the house. president trump: when we had the majority in the house, they didn't do subpoenas all day long. can my side be firm?
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now. there's so much action in happening right now with the president. he called sleepy joe biden, you will have sleepy joe biden take on iran? he is really camping up the rhetoric could your take on all that? >> use in such a great position and what a genius he is to courageously exploited. he's in a position of having been president for 2.5 years and everything is just going great. nobody's live is better today than it was 2.5 years ago so the democrats are in this ridiculous position of having to vilify him to things that he hasn't done. they vilify him for colluding with russia and mueller put that to rest. they vilify him for being racist. ask his friend kanye west. you are trying to tell that to people who are part participating as prosperity so what do the democrats have to run on? it absolutely nothing.
6:58 pm
they are raising their hands to a bunch of silly stuff that's risky and expensive and it doesn't solve problems. we don't have any problems right now. liz: mayor pete booted buttigieg is up with his idea to fix the economy. his ideas to have the federal government scored the independent contractor's people live in silicon valley unionize. the federal government would have to fuss -- forced unionization. your take on that? >> you have it right. you say mayor pete buttigieg is up with this idea. you are out. this is a terrible terrible idea. the great thing about america is its innovation, its resiliency and the rising of the gig economy where people have real options in their lives about when you want to work and how they want to work that they can work from home and market their sister since to e-bay or buy a nice car and work at their choosing through uber. he wants to regiment this and
6:59 pm
you know denies it and standardize it and ruin it. he is taking the thing that's working and trying to run it. the american public knows it's working. liz: what show the plan for the 2020 democrats are running on. you know what's flying under the radar screen with all this talk john. we have been tracking you. so taxes the democrats in congress are talking about it last night we talked about lopping the payroll tax hike to 15% per individual and now even democrats are joined by republicans and they want to carve a tax that would hit the oil and gas sector. as a sector that rescued us from plunging into a recession last decade. >> the pattern is the same thing. it's the same with buttigieg. the democrats are identifying things that are working and they are trying to make them seem like they are the problem and make them stop working. why would the democrats want to do that? in the short term it's because
7:00 pm
they don't have any choice but in the long-term the democrats like it when things aren't working because the government can seize control. liz: donald luskin thanks for being with us. we hope we have helped ignite. lou dobbs is next. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody and everybody can congratulate the president of the united states. it's been perhaps his greatest week of his entire presidency and ending on a friday with another high note or two or three. the supreme court has just cleared the way for the trump administration to use federal money to build the trump border wall. it will be a reality. the president also today announcing a deal with guatemala restricting illegal immigrants who would seek asylum in the


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