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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 26, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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we thank you for being with us tonight. we look forward to seeing you mondamonday night. david: president trump blasting democrats as the left call for more investigations into president trump. president trump: all they want to do is impede, investigate, they want to go fishing. and i watched bob mueller, and they have nothing. there is no collusion, there is no object trucks. they have nothing. it's a disgrace. david: nothing, zip, zero. a huge win for president trump as the supreme court clears the way for the trump administration to use military fund for a border wall. we have the late-breaking
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details on that. here is something you don't see he day. a raw chicken coming back to life. trish regan primetime begins right now. i'm david asman in for trish regan. house democrats filing an application in court to open ebb more investigations into president trump. democrats are not letting go. in fact they are doubling down. house judiciary chairmanniery nadler says the democrats need to see the russia probe's grand jury material and that could lead to impeachment.
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>> the house of representatives is the only institution of the federal government to hold president trump accountable for these actions. to do so we must have access to all the record. to a recommendation of articles of impeachment. david: nancy pelosi for her part seems sceptical and promises democrats won't move forward without a solid case. >> we will proceed when we have what we need the proceed. their advocacy for impeachment only gives me leverage. i have no complaints with what they are doing. david: president trump is saying the criminals in all this are the democrats themselves. >> these people are clowns. how do you object truck when
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there is no crime. it was worse than that because it was a phoney crime. the crime was what they put on. david: joining me on all of this, pete hegseth. democrats just head the biggest egg in the history of politics. i wanted to say poor mr. mueller. he locked pathetic there, searching for answers. why did he want to go on? >> because have have d because they have nothing else. they invested in the russia collusion narrative and bob mueller. tucker carlson said be careful when you meet your hero, you might be disappointed. >> he gave a small statement so
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he didn't have to testify. he said i'm going to become a private citizen. they subpoenaed him. they knew he wasn't up to the job because they knew he didn't know the report. as bad as his performance was is to keep going. they don't have anything else to run on. their base is invested in hating him so much. nancy pelosi comes out as the rational one? shocking. david: what that performance showed is the president was right when he said this is all about 1 angry men. it was not in mueller heeding this investigation. specifics that he just didn't know. he didn't know what fusion gps. this was an andrew weissmann report, was it not? >> was it 18 angry democrats including bob humaner? stepping back from it, if they want to do this, if they want to
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go forward, they are wasting the american people's time. we'll pend more time in the election season talking about this as the candidate in 2020 trying to break through and make their own case are fighting among themselves. as president trump says, look at the economy, look at the jobs. you go to middle america, no one is talking about this. nobody. i don't know why they don't get that message. david: the reason it was important that wiseman was in charge and not mueller ways he was pro hillary. he was at hillary clinton's wake, if you will. >> the so-called victory night didn't turn out to be so. even bob mueller was challenged on the optics. he wouldn't concede the fact that he never attempted to build a team that would be perceived
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as legitimate by the american people. president trump was right when he said how do you obstruct something that never happened in the first place. if they didn't collude, what are you obstructing'? he knew the whole point was to digs credit his presidency. he said if i'm going to solve the people's problems, i need a clean slate to do so. david: mr. mueller did have the purview of looking at russia influence. the trump tower meeting ad infinitum with a whole host of subpoenas. but the russian agent who was at the trump tower meeting met before and after fusion gps. he didn't even know what fusion gps was. >> it's shocking. it shows you how difficult bill
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barr's and michael horowitz's job is. bob mueller testified because he felt like he had to. if you are in the cocktail circuit. you do egg you can to take down trump. he did his level best. bronze star was the winner in vietnam. but this performance undercut any chance to have an impeachment. >> timing is everything. all of these other reports will come out just before the election. some of them will be waiting for another year or so. the timing could be devastating for the democrats. let's move on. 2020 candidate and nyc mayor bill deblasio is challenging president trump to a one-on-one dough bait in new york city.
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is this wise for a mayor who is not doing well in the polls? >> president trump would never take this. you don't punch down. i have been utterly disturbed by the i am across of the nypd in this city, the disrespect and the way in which they are handcuffed and can't respond to it. bill deblasio is running for president and not paying attention to the train wreck in his own backyard. i talked to nypd officers today and they feel unable to respond to this because their leadership would never have their back. so this is a campaign stunt from zero percent. david: we just heard the mayor
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of chicago denounce the mischief. we see the same thing in los angeles. i don't think this is something that can continue ad infinitum. as liberal as these voters are, they have to have the back of their police. the police show a great deal of restraint. in these moments the first thing observers do is get out their phones and start recording. if you don't have a police chief to back you up, you will have lawlessness. it's almostly based on highs about police conduct -- on lies about police officers and you have got to call it out. david: rudy giuliani did such a
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great job when he came in as mayor of new york city. >> you need a mayor who backs the cops. david: you would be a great mayor. >> never going to happen. david: what do you do when you are down in the polls? for kirsten gillibrand it's playing the racist card. >> that wall is a wall of division. making america great again is making america white again. david: one woman in a restaurant horrified when the food on her plate appeared to come back to life. look. did the raw chicken move on its own? was it real?
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david: house speaker nancy pelosi has been feuding for weeked with the squad. the speaker acted like there wasn't a problem in the first place. >> i wouldn't say there was. the congresswoman is a very gracious member of congress. david: aoc claims the meeting was positive and productive. will this be a long-lasting truce? joining me, my guerin this and antjuan seawright. this is july 10 on "the
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washington post." persistent singling out -- this aoc talking about nancy pelosi -- it got to the point where it was ex reply it singling out of newly elected women of color. >> i think what we have seen is a display of diversity in our caucus. but people aren't talking. when they talk they realize they have more in common than we do differently. and all the differences we have would never amount to the differences we have with the other side and i think that was on display today. david: i have got to credit rush limbaugh for this. he said when the president was tweeting out his comments about the squad. rush limbaugh says the president knows what he's doing. there was a separation, a gap
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developing, and the president wanted to bring that gap together, to bring it back together so that when americans thought of democrats, they thought of the squad and nancy pelosi together. i think that's what happened today. >> you know, my brother antjuan is right. there is diversity in the socialist party u.s.a. which us order to be called democrat. do you remember one flew over the cuckoo's nest. nancy pelosi is kind of like nurse ratchet. residents of the asylum have taken over the democratic party. it's the party of open borders. full healthcare for illegal aliens.
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infantcide. >> you are about to fall out off your chair from drinking the kool-aid. you want this narrative about the democrats when the republican party is the one driving this party off the cliff. but i can reassure you that the same collective spirit you saw in 2018 when we breathe you all like a drum at the ballot box is the same you will see in 2020. david: i don't think it african-american unemployment rate would be as low as it is today. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez weighing in on the resignation of puerto rico's governor. >> i am so incredibly proud of
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everyone in puerto rico. they were so relentlessly creative in their protest. this is just beginning of a chief colonization process taking self government into their own hands. it's just a first step. we have a long way to go. david: chief colonization. >> you have to love aoc. she has got the directions at home. if you want to see the full flowering of socialism run amok, take a look at our territory of
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puerto rico. i don't say that with develops, i say that with dread. core was one of the first civil rights organizations to fully support puerto rican statehood. but what is going on with their fiscal insanity, they have turned into our version of greece because of far left-wing tax and spend socialist policy run amok and imposed that socialist experiment in puerto rico. >> however, what we saw in puerto rico was a display of we the people of to make it known they are not happy with their government and as a result of public outcry and public display of non-approval, you saw the governor was forced. and i believe in the concept that we still govern ourselves
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by we the people. >> antjuan, it heartened me to see jackass on jackass crime. david: it's not up to aoc or anybody except the people of puerto rico to decide whether it's statehood or not. have a great weekend. caught on tape, shocking video of a loose tire rolling down a new jersey highway crashing into a car. new coast guard video just released showing drug smugglers tossing bails of cocaine into the ocean. the mueller hearing didn't go too well for the democrats.
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president trump: iran wants to make a deal, i can tell you that right now. but if i'm iran, i would say i'm going to hold out for sleepy joe biden instead of trump. with sleepy joe we can make any deal we want, he doesn't know what's happening. david: the rogue regime will do just about anything to undermine the u.s. in retaliation for the trump administration pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal. but president trump says economic pressure will bring
11:27 pm
them to the bargaining table. is the president right, putting the economic squeeze on fighter? >> i think so. the campaign of maximum pressure is work. food prices are going up 85%. he's showing great restraint. but what we do next is so important. i believe we need to dust off the old ronald ray gab playbook. ronald reagan was so effective using the radio and communicating to the people of poland. he said that it made a huge impact, a huge difference and bringing down that communist regime. david: ronald reagan in the late 1980s took off militarily against the iranians. took out several of their boats and oil platforms after they
11:28 pm
attached mines to some tankers, and that shut them up for a while, several years. ronald ray gab himself was not opposed to use force in iran. >> you have to know when to use the force. the strategy to communicate with the people. we have a network funded by our state department, why don't we have farsi-speaking programming? i heard from a number of iranian americans who said that's the right strategy. there is a huge disconnect and his henchmen and the people. back in 2001, after 9/11, the people of iran were in the streets holding candlelight vigils in support of america.
11:29 pm
the islamists cracked down on that. 2009, that regime was teetered. so let's inflict a little more pain on the ayatollah. let them feel some heat at home. it will help hopefully bring the iranians to the negotiating table like the president wants and get a better nuclear deal. david: north korea launches a short-range missile. but president trump doesn't seem too worried. >> short-range missiles. my relationship with chairman kim is very good. he didn't say a warning to the united states, i can tell you that. he can't say a warning to the united states. >> were you two worried about that? >> the last time they fired a long range missiles was in 2016.
11:30 pm
notice he did not mention president trump or the united states. i think this is a negotiation tactic by kim jong-un. i think what happens the next few weeks is vital. we need to get back to those talks. secretary pompeo says they may resume? two weeks. david: one florida woman horrified with it appeared her raw chicken crawled off the plate. i don't think she would be the only person screaming if i was there. did the raw chicken move on its own or was it a fake? some networks think it's shameful to investigate the origins of the muler probe. >> it's shameful, shameful that republicans would focus on
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maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. david: breaking tonight. the supreme court just ruled the president can use $2.5 billion in pentagon funding to build the wall on the southern border. it allows the southern border wall to proceed. big win for border security and for the president. congressman sean duffy, your reaction to the decision? >> we had a shutdown, the longest in american history over $2.5 billion to build a southern border wall. now donald trump has been
11:36 pm
approved to use military money to build the southern wall. i have been to the processing facilities, and we don't have the staff or resource to care for the flood of people coming in. this is one tool, a wall to help the president control the flow. david: you say we all know there is a crisis at the southern border. that wasn't true until a couple weeks ago. the aclu deniers challenged this supreme court decision. they want it thrown back to the 9th circuit. however, the president can right now start building the wall. he knows how to get billing done fast. we have seen it in new york and we know it can be done on the border. >> i'm a house guy, and a lot of house guys get frustrated that the senate doesn't do anything.
11:37 pm
but mitch mcconnell has been focused on approving nominations to the courts. and it has a huge impact on politics and we saw it today with two of the president's appointments voting to allow the construction. david: this was a big campaign promise. it looked to be a problem going into 2020. but this clears the way for that. >> it does. this is not just $2.5 billion. it won't end the amount of money in the next budget the next year. the president is going to be able to build out every year $2.5 billion of border wall. we think it will be $24 billion in total. if we stop the incentive for people to come to our southern border we probably don't need a
11:38 pm
wall. but when you have thousands and thousands of people coming every day, you need a barrier to stop people from coming into the country. the president ran on this and he's winning on it, delivering again on another promise he made to the american people. david: i want to switch gears. what exactly triggered the mueller probe when understanding its origin is something he says he couldn't look into. >> do you have any basis to believe steele would lie? >> as i said before and i will say again, it's not my purview, others are investigating. >> it's not your pursue to look into whether steele is lying with, or whether glenn simpson was meeting with the russians the day before and the day after you have write about the trump
11:39 pm
hearings. david: the "wall street journal" editorial board says the american people need answers. the ig report we were told would be june. but that came and went. >> matt gaetz was great there. the charge mueller had was to investigate interest force in our elections. how can you look at fusion gps and the democrat party getting information from russia and create the dossier that started the investigation that has taken the american politics by storm. this has had a huge impact in our american election. if bob mueller says he can't investigate it, give me a break. i thought matt gaetz did a great job. the democrats won't take the mueller report and the mueller testimony on its face.
11:40 pm
they will continue the investigation to impeach trump. what you see in congress is two sets of democrats. one who hate president trump and another group who will try to impeach them. they know smart politics is emotional politics. but what's happening is they are being challenged from the left. they are pry married from the left with candidates who say we'll need to impeach donald trump. we need to take him out of office in the primary. now they are saying i am going to lose my seat from the left. i have to support the impeachment of donald trump. the problem for the democrats is most americans don't agree with that. these democrats are going to lose their elections, republicans are going to win the house, nancy pelosi will have the galveston for two years because of the crazies in her
11:41 pm
party and the crazies in her base. david: think all the congressmen from red states. they came out in 2018 and they can be out easily in 2020. >> there are 28 democrats who will be in reelection in a trump district. you only have to win 18 seats to win back the house. this is insanity if you are a democrat. you should calm it down, leave trump alone and focus on the american people, but they can't do that. david: it was a huge reveal. we saw a big part of it we hadn't seen before and it doesn't bode well for the democrats. great to see you again. thank you for coming in. coming up, shocking new video of a loose tire rolling down a new jersey highway and crashing into a car.
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what do you do when you are down in the polls. for kirsten gillibrand, it's play the race card. >> make america great again is making america white again. -keep it down there. i have a system. -keith used to be great to road-trip with. but since he bought his house... are you going 45? -uh, yes. 55 is a suggestion.'s kind of like driving with his dad. -what a sign, huh? terry, can you take a selfie of me? -take a selfie of you? -yeah. can you make it look like i'm holding it? -he did show us how to bundle home and auto at and save a bunch of money.
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>> when he said let's build a wall, he meant against anyone. he meant that wall is a wall of division. making america great again is making america white again. it was fully intentional and he's dividing the country on racial lines purposely to tell people who feel deeply left behind, it's not your fault it's because of the black person stealing your job or the brown person or the muslim or immigrant or refugee. david: the question is who is
11:47 pm
doing the dividing here. is what she is doing a winning strategy? joining me is economist and former nixon speech writer, ben stein. will her strategy get her anywhere? >> no. mr. trump is the least racist person ever in the white house. he has never said a racist word or written a racist word. but the democrats can't stop heaping it on. when they have nothing to say, they say racist, racist. they could do something with the education system or criminal justice system. but they don't do that.
11:48 pm
they just say racist, racist, racist. it reminds me when i was a child. i grew up in a border state and we had a lot of racist. when we didn't know what to call somebody we called them a bad racist name. the only evidence of it is she is saying it. david: on the contrary of what she is implying that somehow this president doesn't care about minority groups, this is the best time for jobs for both the black americans and latino mar cans we have seen in this country. so on the contrary to what she is saying, this is a president who cares about the welfare of any port citizens. >> harry truman used to complain
11:49 pm
about the do-nothing congress when he was president. we have the most of do-nothing congress. all they do is say racist, racist and conspiracy, conspiracy. there is no evidence that is true, they are just make it up. shame on anybody who believes them when there is no evidence of it at all. just call someone * a name and hope it sticks. it's a big lie. david: gillibrand is pledging to spend $10 trillion to combat climate change if elected president. that's a lot of money. >> it's a huge amount of money, especially when you consider the greatest amount of pollution going out into the atmosphere if it's change the climate. it's coming from china, india, countries we have no control over whatsoever. we could spend 110gillion
11:50 pm
dollars and all this pollution is coming from china. why are we project our fire power at a country doing a good job such as ourselves and let china off the hook. david: we want to go to zero emissions in 10 years. >> absolutely impossible to do. what contempt she has for the american worker to want to do that. what contempt for the american driver to do that to the automobile industry. these people have no shame about lying, lying, and no such notion as there is enough contempt. they can't ever show enough
11:51 pm
contempt for the ordinary american. david: the unions have been supporting auto unions for decade, but i don't think they would support this one at all. >> please don't write in to me and say we should have electric car. the electricity for the cars comes from somewhere and that comes from building power plants powered with coal. david: coming next, the details on a massive coast guard drug bust. also, the video that everybody is talking about allegedly raw chicken leaping off the table. madison gesiotto has -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity
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♪i do it for you >> welcome back everybody. time for a lightning round. join me now from 2020 campaign advisory board member in madison, great to see you thank you for coming in. >> good to be with you tonight david. >> a word of warning, this is not for the faint of heart. a group of diners getting a surprise, could it be zombie chicken? take a look. [screaming] all right, i don't know how intense we can replay this
11:56 pm
madison but there is a lot of questions about this, whether it was in china or the united states. whether it was chicken or maybe a frog leg. what do you make of it? >> apparently this was a woman in florida who posted the video to facebook. she acquired over 4 million views. some are saying maybe the nerve endings in the chicken were still alive hence the movement. but professors at auburn and other pieces saying no there is no way the chicken is that fresh. and so they are skeptical about the video. we will see what ends up happening but i will keep going to chick-fil-a. >> up next, smugglers ditching in the ocean. they seized 2300 pounds of cocaine. i would not bet on anybody getting away from the coast guard. >> not at all. we've seen some incredible video the past weeks first during a drug bust now this
11:57 pm
where the smugglers are across tossing bales of cocaine off of their boat. i think $35 million in street value was seized and they will be offloading it in california. very interesting. i would not want to be running from them. >> right. the coast guard is an extraordinary operation. they know what they're doing. meanwhile have a personal story i would like to share with all. as a feel-good friday evening story. burly man coughing giving this single mother the gift of a lifetime. a brand-new car. burly man coffees is a conservative alternative to starbucks for those who do not know, they use almost all of their profits to help out single moms. in this case, this is gina and her son, the full disclosure, i have known this wonderful family for about six years now. they are terrific people, that is my wife behind angelo and the burly man people there,
11:58 pm
those are the founders, jeremy and tiana. they do a extraordinary job there also a group called, that is angela with his friend is his. sisters of life also help out the family tremendously. you know, capitalism gets a really bum deal from a lot of people in this country. particularly democrats were saying socialism would be better but this shows that you can combine a big heart with good capitalism work at the same time. right? >> what a heartwarming story. i really enjoyed reading about this family. and about the family that started the company because they are doing an incredible job. not only their company but what they're doing in the community this is the second car i understand they've given away. correct me if i'm wrong maybe hundred for single parents it's amazing and i'm really proud of
11:59 pm
them. >> again, their plans for 100 cars they will give away but they really started the whole enterprise with the idea they are christian couple, they started the whole enterprise with the idea of doing charity and giving these cars away to women who really need them. >> it gives me hope i can tell you that. >> it does, a lot of hope. a runaway tire causing chaos on a new jersey highway. we previewed this. look at the picture. i'm averaging driving by. first of all the tire, i would try by the way to knock it over. these people just look at it, watched it jump on top of the barrier first and then, bam! right into a car. wow! have you ever seen anything like that madison? >> i have not and i hope i never do. the crazy part about this is not only did it go over and jump the barrier it ends up clipping a woman's car only to
12:00 am
hit her husband behind her who was a new jersey officer. now the police department is looking to try and find out where the tire came from.>> madison, i hope this never happens two. frankly i've seen sites like that on a highway and it ain't fun. good to see yogreat weekend. you can catch me every week night that 5 pm eastern hosting my own show, it is called "bulls and bears". we have a lot of fun, tune in right here on fox business. 5 pm eastern time every weekday. have a great weekend everybody! maria bartiromo wall street week begins right now. maria: happy weekend everybody welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was. and helps position you for the week ahead i maria bartiromo. a big week coming up and coming up in a few moments at ups ceo david abney is my special guest this weekend.we talk about his business and what it means about the economy and and vesting. at first the u.s. economy is slowed slightly in the second quarter.we


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