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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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instagram @loudobbstonight. we look forward to seeing you here tomorrow evening. good night from new york. trish: president trump continuing to hammer congressman elijah cummings over the poverty and crime-ridden baltimore. listen. president trump: pointing out the tremendous corruption that is taking place in baltimore and other democratic-run cities, all you have to do is looking at the past mayors in baltimore and see what happens. trish: sean spicer is here. a new report on how much the green new deal will cost each household.
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rinse up, aoc. state millennials get a bad wrap? wait until you hear what percentage still get financial help from their parents on a regular basis. president trump keeping the focus on baltimore tonight. he's not backing down from calling the city from a disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess. he's calling out the politicians, too. president trump: pointing out the tremendous corruption that has taken place in baltimore and other democratic-run cities. just look at the past mayors of baltimore. i have received more phone calls than i think on any other subject from people from baltimore and the other cities
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thanking me for getting involved. those people are living in hell in baltimore. one fox reporter found out today firsthand. take a look at this. a that actually ran through her live shot in baltimore as she was covering the whole story about the president's comments in baltimore. so there you go. joining me, former white house press secretary sean spicer. how's that for timing? >> good tv. trish: the president is going why very few republicans have gone before. to call out the elephant in the room, so to speak. the democrat policies in so many of these poor communities have failed, really, really failed this population. >> yeah.
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you mentioned before and the president pointed out, it's not just baltimore. most of of these major custodies, have been run largely by democratic party operatives going back decades. yesterday they continue to have problems with job creation. healthcare delivery and crime. trish: the answer is always more money. why aren't they fixing these places? >> i think part of it is once you fix the problem, this is a self-licking ice cream cone. democrats need people to rely on government to perpetuate more money to ask for more money and then they control more power. the more that people are dependent the more they continue to have a stranglehold on the politics of that area. i do think, however, we need to draw that contrast. it's bad enough just to point it
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out. but we need to offer a different reality for people. we need to offer them away out, to say we as the republican party can deal with the president's tax cuts and economy. he's lifting up all segments of the economy. you name it, whatever color are you. all segments of the economy have been lifted through the president's policies. with what's going upon with democrats we need to go in and offer a better alternative and say here is what our healthcare delivery system looks like. bringing better-paying jobs into the city. we are looking at the murder rates across america. top five murder rates and top five stiffs led by baltimore. just a little factoid. the last time i was reporting
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from colombia, bogota, their claim to fame was their murder rate was less than baltimore. >> i worked on the trade deal with columbia. at the time, democrats in congress talked about how the farc and other groups made colombia dangerous. the city of medellin said their crime rate was lower than the city of baltimore. they were holding up immediate ia -- medellin *and other citiee trade deal. they never wanted to look in their own backyard. trish: as you said, once you fix the problem, then as a leader
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you are no longer needed in the same way. you just keep everyone happy enough. barely getting along and keep telling them they are victims and it's not their fault, it's government's fault because nobody is willing to write a check big enough? >> yeah. look at the school districts. they don't want to talk about reforms. when you talk about conservative ideas. getting kids out of bad schools. making sure we put parents in charge. it's the democrats at the front of the line saying no, no, no, no, no. yet we are defending these policies that failed children. we defend policies that don't keep our streets safe. they go after police, they talk about -- they come pout against the men and women who defend our streets. i saw a clip on fox where there were people going after and throwing water at police officers. that should be called out. we should be respecting these individuals who protect our
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streets yet democrats are nowhere to be found. trish: you get the second democratic debate which is under way as we speak. i suppose we are going to hear a lot more of, it's their fault. it's trump's fault it's white americans' fault. it's white men. right? that are the problem in america. and they are not doing enough to support everyone else. it seems to be a consistent theme like calling trump a racist and anyone who supports him a racist. >> they don't have much to go on. their wages are going up. a lot of the americans are benefiting in a way they haven't in decades. the democrats don't have a policy to go to. americans understand they are
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doing better than they were two years ago. trish: we are going to talk about that later. women are not comfortable with some of his rhetoric. but does that translate into them not voting for him? i think bottom line, americans are pretty simple. we are results oriented. if the economy is doing better and if you are safe, then doesn't that take on a special significance? are people willing to look the other way on some of the tweets they don't like? >> i think you put your finger on something important. the economy, crime and safety are gut feeling. you either feel safe in your community or you don't. you are taking the family vacation or you are not. people can throw statistics at you all day. back in 1992 the economy was
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growing really well. bill clinton came in and said it's the economy, stupid. it wasn't about statistics, it was about the gut feeling people had. the majority of americans feel the country is moving in the right direction. that's why you see the name calling. democrats can't run against the tide where people are feeling better about where they are. it will be interesting how far left they go. this will get messy. the last debate people saw how kamala harris went after bind. whether it was right or wrong, it was effective. i think the next two nights, if you don't get a bump after this time the stakes go up. you need 2% on 30,000 small
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donors to your campaign. you have got 8 candidates who seemingly qualify. everybody will be doing what they can to get that bump to propel themselves forward. trish: so they are going full-on socialist. we'll bring sow highlights. socialists. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez celebrating the announcement of her green new deal calling it a green new dream. remember? >> i think it is a green dream. and it is. it is. trish: new study revealing the green new deal comes with a green cost. former reagan economic advisor art laffer is here and he'll give us his take on aoc. also, a rollercoaster state.
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trish: president trump amping up personal attacks as the clock particulars down to the 2020 election. more than three dozen interviews with womb nebraska suburbs, critical forces in the election. the associated press found nearly all of them expressed dismay or worse at the president's insults despite giving him credit for the booming economy. i don't know, part of me, you know what? these aren't even polls. these are ap going out to these districts and saying to 24 women, what do you think of the president's rhetoric?
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nobody really likes it, deneen. but isn't the reality of the situation a better economy, better turn the, isn't that what actually people ultimately vote on. >> i totally agree with you, trish. it is about reality. and how families are better off than they were urn the previous administration. the households feel much safer. you can see the bonuses and people getting more jobs. the president is look out for the forgotten men and women. he ran on that platform and he's bringing results to the table. americans are seeing those results firsthand. but you have the other side, the democrats, they have nothing to run on, just like sean spicer mentioned. they have nothing to run on except big government and higher taxes. trish: they decided to run on
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him and his personality. and if you vote for him, you are the scum of the earth, basically. >> i don't know about this associated press poll. but the greatest and latest poll we have is the mid-term elections. what we did see in a real way was that women -- it is a problem. it is a problem. putting on my political hat here to give the president full credit for the surge in the economy. but if i'm his political advisers, i'm telling him, take advantage of this. people have jobs, they have money in their pocketbooks, the economy is going well. just rather than distract.
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>> elijah cumming is going after leaders in maryland and baltimore and other u.s.-run democratic cities where these policies have failed. baltimore is a mess. >> i think everybody need to come together to figure out how to deal with some of the major issues in our inner city. bringing people together, bringing people together rather than just go on the attack. i think there is a political motivation there as well. >> a democrat-run city. these cities have been run by democrats for decade and they are til in demorable condition. it's outrageous the images coming out of baltimore.
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it's outrageous that a white person can't criticize a black person or black neighborhood when there is clearly a problem or issue that need to be addressed. the streets of baltimore are deplorable. trish: remember on the campaign trail he looked at a grouch black voters and said, okay, we are going somewhere that was sacred territory. but those policies have not worked and the cities are in miserable states. so it's okay, we have to get creative here. you have got to try something different, kristen. >> this is where i say i am never going to be on this show or anywhere else and say any problems at universities or government bases is all the fall of the one party. but if we are going to address this, people need to come
11:20 pm
together. the members of congress and everybody, and look at this as a whholistic problem. trish: i'm all for that. deneen, how does he fare with women. i think he's pretty results oriented. >> women are results oriented. all voters should be. i think american women voters are much smarter than that to fall into looking at the left always complain being the president because he's able to get his message to americans on social media where the anti-trump media does not do it. trish: most of women are cfos, chief financial officers of their families. we are going to talk about
11:21 pm
millennials still receiving financial help from their parents. >> what about this product that helps you form a closer bod with your cat. alexandria ocasio-cortez celebrating her green new deal in february. >> it's comprehensive, thoughtful, compassionate and extremely economically strategic as well. trish: my next guest says the reagan economic program was strategic. art laffer. -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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climate change. >> corporations and climate change. >> china and climate change. trish: sounds like a broken record. 2020 presidential hopefuls say, it is the biggest threat to our country going. but according to a new study, alexandria ocasio-cortez green new deal is going to be a huge burd on america. so much for being a salvation. these numbers, they show you they cost the american household in five key swing states $70,000 in the first year alone. it makes no economic sense. joining me is someone who can certainly make that claim himself, art laffer, now madal of freedom winner. art, let me congratulate you again on that.
11:27 pm
>> thank you so much. that was lovely. trish: talk to me about aoc and this green new deal. whether this would be economically sustainable in any way, shape or form. >> as they have it, no, it would not be. it's a large number, it would destroy the economy. what bothers me is the idea of al gore who was a sensible moderate person in this. he always suggested a carbon tax offset by a payroll tax or carbon tax that would negate the negative aspects of trying to get a greener planet. but the democrats have thrown that overboard and have gone for a wild and crazy thing of only taxes. government spending is taxation. what they are proposing would be catastrophic for the economy of the u.s. i wonder how much is sort of a
11:28 pm
charade and smoke in mirrors. and for that matter how much she even understands. >> i don't think they understand it. i wish they would get a professional economist out there. i don't know how far they have become political and not economists. al gore was very careful in economics. made it explicit his carbon tax would be matched by the payroll or income tax to mitigate the damage to the economy. trish: they are out there getting to choose the winners and losers to fund the companies for solar panels. they suddenly have so much more power because they are
11:29 pm
controlling the giant purse string which is consistently, this why baltimore and other u.s. cities are now being put in the spotlight by the president who is saying enough is enough. right? >> you are completely right. you look at all of these cities that have had the left wing policies, all of that stuff put on top of them, they created a catastrophe. in 1950 detroit had a population of 1.85 million people. today the population is less than 600,000 because of the foxes in the city and the taxes they have driven that state into bankruptcy. that city into bankruptcy. if you look at the poor people who are still left there, they have been deprived of all their opportunities for prosperity.
11:30 pm
i wrote "enterprise zones" in the 1970s. make it a tax-free zone. trump is talking about it. it should be done -- i have been to the south side of chicago. the joke is when my family and i moved to southern california, hide old neighborhood was no longer integrated. i lived in those neighborhoods my whole life and very simply you have need tax-free zones there to allow people to prosper like everyone else in this country. you don't need to burden them with taxes and restrictions and overregulation. it's just terrible. trish: someone is right to call them out on this. >> i want to ask you a question. you are from new hampshire, aren't you?
11:31 pm
trish: yes, born and raised. >> new hampshire has the ability to get female politicians in high levels. we are counting town at some time to go back to new hampshire and become a senator or governor of that state. you would be perfect. look at marsha blackburn in tennessee. she is the most of spectacular senator anywhere. you could be' elected in a landslide. trish: that's quite a recruitment. >> and chief economist. it's a zero income tax state. trish: people wonder how we make it. somehow we get by. you are funny. you crack me up. thank you so much. another college scandal. parents are giving you have legal custody of their kids to get need-based financial aid.
11:32 pm
also tonight, how often does this happen. incredible video of a young girl hit by a bird while riding a rollercoaster. we'll have her reaction. president trump says the deal is going to get much tougher for the chinese if they wait until after his election in 2020. my next guest is the chinese are in a tough spot. president trump: china is dying to make a deal with me. but whether i will do it, it's up to me.
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every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. president trump: if china has their way, they will wait until after the election and pray trump loses. then they will make a deal with
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some stiff like obama or bind and all the presidents before. what they do is just pick our pockets as a nation. that's not happening with trump. trish: that was the president today putting china on notice as trade talks resume in shanghai. he said china should make a deal now. because if they wait they will have to make a deal with a stiff. well be they would be smarter to get it over with and do the right thing now. joining me, former deputy national security advisor, kt macfarland. we'll start with you k.t. in this term does he have a shot of the getting anything substantial out of beijing? >> absolutely.
11:38 pm
the chinese haven't figured out how to deal with trump. he stand up to them and he doesn't get scared when they try to bully him, and he's unpredictable. he's got russia probe. he's going to be removed from office. now all of a should be they have to recalculate. even trump opponents will say he'll be re-elected. you either do a deal with me now or you face me in a second term. trish: david, how much has this been costing china? i get it, you either deal with it now or you are dealing with it 10, 20, 30 years from now. in some way i think it's commendable and smart attacking
11:39 pm
this head-on. >> china is hurting a great deal from it, and i think it will get worse. the problem is the pain has not gotten bad enough for either pain yet to force a deal. i think the issue is interesting, maybe they are trying to wait it out to see if he loses reelection. and they will get a better deal. the issue there is, of course, first all, there is a great chance he can get re-elected. it's obviously very possible he'll be re-elected. the issue for our side, and i'm just trying to point out his chances of getting re-elected go up a lot the stronger the economy is. the longer this goes on and the more business investments here suffers the more that potentially undermines it. trish: the fed is will, ready,
11:40 pm
and able to lower rates. if you can keep the u.s. economy going. u.s. voters are saying we are not feeling the economic pain. they may not feel as confident about him. in china they don't have the ability to vote anybody out of office. does the fed help us enough with lower rates to ride this whole trade thing out? first to k.t. >> you know, they are going to make a calculation ayear from now in the summer before the election and decide maybe trump is going to be re-elected, therefore we better do a deal while we can. or they will decide to risk it, we'll take the chance. maybe he won't re-elected. either they give trump a deal
11:41 pm
because they can get a better deal before he's re-elected in which case they help him get re-elected or they wait and risk everything. i think at the end of the day the chinese will do something a year from now and we'll get a deal. >> i think the polls will show one year from now exactly what they show now it's a 50-50 elect. i think kt is probably right. china will try to drag it out to at least next summer. but i would be surprised if there is political clarity. it was an election night surprise when trump beat hillary. the issue i would come back to about the fed. businesses are not going to make long-term capitalist expenditures. long-term, this is what president trump did so well when he first came into office. deregulation. repatriation, all of these things are giving businesses a
11:42 pm
lot of confidence. some of that is waning. the sooner a deal can get done, the sooner the businesses, and that gets trump re-elected. trish: china is suspicious of us for everything. including me -- they went after me on their television network. right now they are blaming the united states for the hong kong protests. they say we are the ones creating this chaos and the violence is directly a result of us. what do you say? >> not at all. but what it does do is it points out their paranoia. the chinese leadership are all in their 6. when they were boy, their father were dragged from their
11:43 pm
positions. but the chinese leadership is terrified of what you are showing on your screen. they are nervous. what happens in hong kong to spread to beijing and shanghai and the coastal cities of china. once civil unrest happens in china, this group of leaders knows what could happen to them. i think they are overreactioning and they are probably going to make things worse by that overreaction. >> the chinese are not behind this but i wish they were. it's complete paranoia from the chinese government. trish: a new study he nearly half of millenials still receive financial help from their parents. first, here is the latest on another brewing college scandal. parents allegedly giving up hell custody of their kid so they can
11:44 pm
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trish: according to the "wall street journal" wealthy parents are trying to game the
11:48 pm
university system by giving up custody of their children to gain access to fining need benefits. this allows their kid to get thousands of dollars in scholarship money they previously weren't qualified for while taking the benefits away from the kid who actually need the money. why are people constantly trying to game the system? joining me, presidential historian, doug wead. human nature. we are not the most of altruistic bunch. if you create the loopholes, people will take them. disowning their kid at 18. >> they get lawyer to tell them how to do it.
11:49 pm
remember leona helmsley said only little people pay taxes. i had to put a son through law school and a daughter through law school. i'm the little people. we had to pay for our kid' tuition. joe biden got and advance on his book and he didn't pay any taxes. give me his lawyer. trish: warren buffet says it's not fair that my secretary pays all this in taxes and i don't. the flip side is, warren, you could donate. that's a whole separate thing i won't get into. but that's the private equity tack hole loophole that the fat cats get away with paying less because they count their income as investment which they
11:50 pm
shouldn't. but i digress. that's who these college kid and their parents saying let's find a work around. isn't that the problem with academia? all these liberals, they think they live by a different set of rules. >> yes, it i. i can't resist saying wonderful bill gates, we love him and they donate all this money. but they donate it to the federal government as you said. they set up their own non-profits because they don't crust the federal government any more than we do. part of the story is people game the system with acros academia e they think it's corrupt. paying elizabeth warren $350,000 to teach one class there while
11:51 pm
she is out trying to promote free tuition to her student to help keep the family wagon rolling. it's kind of yucky. i think people are tired of it. some of these rich people are thinking, hey, they don't trust academics. they favor certain categories. asians are blocked now into harvard. they may feel justified in cheating. trish: it does feel yucky. good word. next, a new study that says half of millennials are still receiving help from their parents. are these the same kid getting the handouts from the colleges? i digress. let's go behind this incredible video of a bird hitting a girl on the rollercoaster. all the details and a lot more
11:52 pm
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your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. trish: welcome back time for lightning round, trump 2020, madison is back. first topic. this is great. not saying much for our society, half millennial receive financial help from their parents. they have not moved on, they are
11:56 pm
still hanging out in the basement. gets that allowance, what is going on. >> 46% to be exact, still receive financial help from parents whether that is paying cell phone bills helping them pay rent, buying groceries, they are not taking care of themselves. study talks about, fact that there is soaring student loan debt, a high cost of living right now, lower salary. i understand some are trying to get ahead in bigger cities. that is not always case we do see lazy millennials. >> i was 18 my parents said, see you, you are on your own kid, good luck. then millennials say, they cannot afford love. because the dating scene has become too expensive. madison, where is the creativity? >> this one was disappointing,
11:57 pm
we're seeing mare marriage rates decline, and divorce rates go up, they say dating is expensive. i don't know what type of dates they are going on, you could be creative. trish: a picnic. >> museum, hike, walk . >> wow they need to get over it. stop living off their parents get more creative on the dating front. >> a hotel in denver will deliver puppies, and pre-- to your room, call up and ask.
11:58 pm
>> i love this. on national dog day, on selected days in august, 6 to 10 puppies brought to your room with different italian appetizers. and champagne. coolest part is that every puppy is adoptable. i assume this will be expensive. but someone may leave with a puppy on the way out. trish: cute. all right, here is something you don't see every day. a bird, do we have a video? a bird like nailing a girl. woe. in the face during a rollercoaster ride. there it is. wow. who knew those rollercoasters were so dangerous? for the bird. >> this rollercoaster is described tallest longest fastest ride in southern
11:59 pm
hemisphere, it was in australia, she gets hit in the face by a bird. she was okay. not seriously injured, she can be seen laughing later, her family purchased that video, they could not resist. >> all right. on your device help you form a closer bond with your cat? >> what is this? >> this one is bizarre, described a more intimate grooming expe experience with yr pet, called the licky. it has a mouth guard and a tongue that comes off you can lick your cat with. trish: this gross. >> used it by holding it, said their cat likes it. >> my team found this story. madison good to see you thank
12:00 am
you for joining us. >> thank you, trish. trish: have a terrific night, kennedy begins now. >> that cat thing is really freaky. kennedy: they are freaky, that is why i hate cats, thank you, trish. baltimore has mayor problems, there is crime, addiction, urban decay, hopelessness. and same goes for other cities like detroit, memphis, chicago. phillie, parts of los angeles, there is feces all over the place in san francisco. and this is from sea to shining sea, but why can't we just sit down like adults and try to fix the problems. latest controversy began over weekend after trump claimed that baltimore was a rat infested mess that no human would top live


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