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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 31, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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byron york. tom coleman, tammy bruce among our guests. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and instagram. [♪] trish: tonight, freebies for all. far-left candidates doing their best to out-freebie each other. alexandria ocasio-cortez back in the news saying -- >> i don't think that marginalizing palestinians you create justice. once you have a group that is marginalized, then you create a -- once someone doesn't have
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access to clean water, they have no choice but to riot. trish: new york officials announcing a bill. this is another water throwing incident. a-listers flocking teen italian island for google camp. combating climate change. wait until you hear how these millionaires and billionaires got there. a behind, it was not in a tesla. "trish regan primetime" begins now. democrats on the debate stage in detroit focusing on fre freebie.
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>> tuition:free. trish: everything is free. but that's not all. they also trained their sights on president trump labeling him a racist. >> we call his racism out for what it is. >> naked racism in the white house. >> what trump is doing through his racism and xenophobia is demonizing a group of people. >> we live in a country where the president is advancing environmental racism, environmental racism, criminal justice racism, healthcare racism. trish: you want to talk about economic warfare and trying to divide and conquer. joining me now, marc lotter and democratic strategist, robert a patello. you and i both know that's never
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going to work. * there are some democrats out there that know it's not going to work. when you have get bernie sanders and elizabeth warren trying to feed into the aoc types in the democratic party, what does it mean for the democrats? >> it means bernie sanders and elizabeth warren won't be president. 8 of the people on the stage didn't agree with warren and sanders. you saw them try to direct them. trish: buttigieg was talking about debt-free college. >> there is a difference between making college more affordable. beto's is to make community college for affordable.
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trish: this college stuff is never going to work especially with the likes of elizabeth warren being paid $400,000 just to teach a class. it all costs money. college costs money. >> trillions of dollars. and they are not explaining how they are going to get. they won't even tell the american people they are going to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for their fanltd i dreams. and i saw the headlines today where all about how the moderates were attacking the liberals. but i think vice president pence said it best, this was the liberals fighterring the socialists. there is no moderate anywhere in the room. trish: can we agree, socialism does not work. not even in denmark, dare i say.
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>> the problem is that when republicans passed the last tax cut without paying for it, you can make the economic argument. they are arguing fiscal important. trish: okay. you know what? you are talking to the wrong customer on this one. if you want to talk tax cuts, i agree with you. sometimes you have to spend a lit toll make a little. but robert did you know the united states of america took in the highest revenues ever taken in the history of this great nation under president trump? how did we do that? how did we manage to take in more revenues? >> you have to understand. when you pour gasoline into a fire it lights for a while, then it goes out.
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the national debt and deficit is going to destroy the economy and we have to bring the under control. trish: bring it under control. you want to diminish gdp and less in tax revenue? i hate to break it to you. but you are talking to a woman who spent 20 years covering the economy including the first job at goldman sachs. higher taxes to not make better tax revenues for america. >> we don't have a tax revenue problem, we have a spending problem. we need to cut spending. adding $3 trillion for the green new deal and $32 trillion for the fake socialized medicine for all. the debate is basically a free-for-all. everything is free-for-all, and they hope that's going to get
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them past past the election. we have more jobs available than we do unemployed people. that means pressure on companies to raise wages, increase benefits. trish: i am sure i get my irish up on this robert. but when people start to suggest lower taxes don't help the economy it makes me a little angry. >> as long as you cut spending to go along with it. trish: i will give you that. we should cut spending and we should do a much better job at cutting spending. but he made the right move in cutting taxes. that for sure was the right move. i will take that over higher taxes any day of the week. elizabeth warren was speaking to msnbc's chris ma shoes.
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apparently sheet -- chris matthews. she was struggling to get a word in. >> how much are your taxes going to go up. >> how much are your costs going up. >> how much are your taxes going up. >> no, how much are yourcrosses. it's how much families are saving. >> why don't you answer the question? >> because the question. >> it's not a republican talking point. it's a question. >> it's a question about where people are going to come out economically. >> that's not my question. my question is how much do mine go up? trish: good for chris. he knew exactly what she was asking and she refused to answer the question. he was an economics-major at holy cross. he studied economics alongside
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my uncle. at some point somebody is going to pay for this. there was an article titled "chris matthews called sexist for could be assistantly interrupting elizabeth warren." -- for constantly interrupting elizabeth warren." you can't demand an answer to the actual question? i know chris ma thiewf -- chriss and he's an equal opportunist when it comes to getting his questions answered. when he says how much are my taxes going up. how much will people pay? >> you back one of these people for president tonight? would you back sanders?
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>> secretary clinton didn't equal the numbers president trump got. >> the other problem is whatever you say about obama, he brought the nation together. trish: okay, he's passionate. but he's not sexist because he wants an answer out of elizabeth warren, robert, is he? >> these reporters now grow up in the safe space generation where they never have to face any obstacles. so when they encounter a campaign question, it means they are lying to you or they are going to lie to you when they equivocate on the question. bernie sanders will not be the democratic nominee or president.
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chris matthews -- trish: he certainly is a moderate these days. the bernies and elizabeth warrens of the world are in a whole different camp. i think that's tragic frankly about the democratic party. they have lost their way. sort of that old-style democrat has gotten lost and replaced by socialists who want government to run the world. >> you are right, trish. let's bring this full circle. it wasn't that long ago when barack obama was saying he wasn't in favor and obamacare wouldn't provide free healthcare to illegal immigrants. fast forward and the new democratic party is even further to the left than barack obama. and that party of barack obama lost 1,000 seats in congress at the state levels because of that
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policy. now they are going even further to the left. but if you can't handle debating joe biden and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. wait until donald trump is staring across at you. they are not ready. trish: after a string of attacks, new legislation makes it a felony to douse police officers with water. a former nypd officer is here. he'll react. he said liberal politicians are to blame. viral video of one young american learning a valuable life lesson. trish: how democrats learned the monopoly lesson? remember the con season tracing camp comments?
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>> the united states is running concentration camps on our southern border. trish: now she is going after israel again in her latest interview. he'll want to hear former israeli special forces aaron collins reaction coming up after this. -keep it down there. i have a system.
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trish: freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez proving she has learned nothing from the backlash she rightfully earned after calling southern border detention centers concentration camps. now she is at it again, agreeing that israel's actions are somehow quote criminal. israel is occupying palestinian land and principle principle --d palestinians should riot. she never applied logic at any citism aimed at her. >> what's going on with israel and palestine while the many
11:18 pm
very, very deep, it's very, very criminal and unjust. >> absolutely. if you engage in debate on israeli policies you are called anti-semitic. protesting occupation it doesn't mean you are against the existence of a nation. trish: joining us, aaron cohen, and former senior advisor to president george w. bush. it's okay for her to criticize. >> walk like a duck, quack like a duck, it's a duck. she made her comments about concentration camps, mocked the
11:19 pm
holocaust. our most of valued ally in a region where israel was surround by enemies. everything israel had it had to fight for. our most of trusted ally is israel. what would the world will like if israel was gone? the arabs we fight among themselves. israel is a state that has more freedom than its enemies. even though their enemies hate israel, they are willing to live in peace, but they haven't had a moment of peace living with the palestinians. >> it's an amazing country with an amazing population of people that created something from nothing. aaron, you know that well. when you look at this and say there are some prominent democrats out there. like chuck schumer, there are people who can speak up in the
11:20 pm
party and be a voice of reason and be a leader saying aoc, ilhan omar, rashida tlaib, and ayanna pressley, knock it off. israel is our partner, israel is our friend. if you keep it up we'll show you the back entrance out of congress. why is nobody doing that? >> i want to go into some profiling of the democratic party and schumer and pelosi. nobody in israel is fearful of aoc and her extreme left wing -- nutty -- we say it's more object a daily basis. israel has thanked five wars and they defended themselves.
11:21 pm
we can tell you firsthand about how torturous my training pipeline was to reduce the amount of civilian injuries when going after terrorists, thousands of men dressed as arabs. we don't even care. we see her as the kardashian of politics. she is not somebody we take seriously. trish: you will be surprised how much influence kim kardashian has. the fact that chuck schumer and the rest of them don't say anything. >> so, well, here is the thing. on security levels, we are not taking it seriously. i believe schumer and his party with these nuts on the left. i believe they are fearful based on my psychology here looking at them. they are fearful of the social
11:22 pm
media repercussions and the power she commands from these instagram posts. at the end of the day, it's nothing more than attention-seeking behavior. i think she'll paint herself into a corner. the democrats if they want any legitimacy, they will have to start to disestablishes themselves from her and i think they will. trish: i think you are right. tonight white castle giving away one million free flyers in honor of the 15th anniversary. >> i want the perfect food. >> are you hungry? go to white castle. >> coming up, we'll tell you how to get yours. a viral video of a young american learning a life lesson from none other than monopoly. >> it's the worst part of the
11:23 pm
game. >> what? >> taxes. trish: we'll talk about democrats and whether they learned their monopoly lesson. new legislation to make it a felony to douse new york police officers with water. this coming in the wake of video showing officers getting sloshed with water. -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. no matter what you trade, at fidelity [ text notification now that you have] new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles
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11:28 pm
officers are pushing to make this a felony. and they are blaming mayor deblasio. the one running for president. for this disturbing attitude overall toward cops. >> mayor deblasio was elected to lead a city, not lead a movement. it's time we have some real leadership in city hall. it's time we hold our elected officials accountable here in the city and in albany. and we make sure that our district attorneys prosecute those that violate the laws and hopefully my colleagues in albany will support this legislation. trish: it's time to vote bill deblasio out of office. can we get bloomberg back? we had safe and clean streets.
11:29 pm
you didn't smell pot when you walked down the streets. joining me, nan hayworth and harry haylock. given that you were in law forcement, how do you feel about bill deblasio or any mayor in any city across america that looks the other way when police are treated so disrespectful. >> the reality is liberals have a war against police and law and order in this country. every time you turn around, they are trying to find different ways to keep bad gyres from going to jail. like in new york city, they want to get away with jumping the turnstiles. just give them a sum mans instead of make an arrest.
11:30 pm
deblasio believes that he's the god's gift to the progressives. so he shows his face everywhere else but new york city. we have had a very, very bad relationship with this man who demagogues the police. every time the police do something that he feels it's a minority neighborhood that he uses as a pawn for his political gain. trish: when i lived in new york city, there were police stationed. you had the world trade center there. so it was a security concern. a lot of police there. talking to then anecdotally. they really didn't like him. i get it. because now your boss is someone who doesn't like you. and you are out there with your life on the line.
11:31 pm
running all kind of risks and you have got someone who doesn't care. and, nan, i wasn't kidding about the -- about the pot on the treat. my children were like mommy, i smells like a skunk. i said it sure does. but we are in the city and there aren't any skunks. it's a big 6'5 one, mayor deblasio. it's disgusting. i don't care what people do in their personal lives, but why do i have to smell it on the streets? >> it is unpleasant. mayor deblasio is spending down the a industry money he was --
11:32 pm
the patrimony he was provided by the superb leadership of mayors giuliani and bloomberg. mayor giuliani when he became mayor he went after those quality of life crimes that truly do matter. if you don't pave attention to the small things, the bigger things will become overwhelming. marijuana, broken windows. we have this sense of civil disorder being tolerated. and the police being -- at war -- trish: nobody deserves it. the people who are hurt are the people who are really struggling. >> let me tell you something. first of all, my hat's off to the republican state legislators who are trying to pass this law. but the bottom line here is you have got a better chance to get
11:33 pm
ice water in hell than getting this law passed in a democratically-run state. by chance this law is passed. what will happen is you won't get any democratically elected district attorney in new york city who will prosecute these people for a felony. the only way this law will actually work is they have a minimum handled story where the people have to go to jim at least for 90 days for committing this act. that's never really going to happen exempt for republican cities and towns in the state of new york. that's it. >> upstate new york is actually -- trish: right here in new york city. >> bill deblasio claims he's fighting for the little guy. the little guy is the one who has to ride the subway and walk
11:34 pm
in the bad neighborhoods. and he's demonizing the good guys. he's out campaigning right now. tonight, one million -- >> i want that feeling that comes over a man when he gets exactly what he desires. i get that feeling. we have to go to white castle. trish: i have never had a taco bell taco. and i have never had a white castle hamburger. it's like you are not american. coming up,', billionaire
11:35 pm
investor is speaking out about social media. >> i started facebook, i run it. and i'm responsible for what happens here. so are you feeling?
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11:40 pm
hurt or democracy in the process all just to make a buck. joining me is one of those first investors in facebook, he's also the author of a book, "zuck wake up to the facebook catastrophe." it's pretty scary. walk us through. >> the issue we deal with we long trusted technology to make our lives better. beginning early after 2000, first google, then facebook, realized they could build global products by essentially spying on us, gathering personal data and creating a world where thee reinforce preexisting beliefs. they manipulated first our attention, then our behavior. in the beginning it was small stuff so it didn't really
11:41 pm
matter. but as they got to be global with billions of users, the scale of problems went from small inconsequential things we didn't care about to the things that really matter like the undermining of democracy. like harming all young children. when you think of what happens on instagram with teen bullying. the damage to democrat sir and privacy. these -- damage to democracy and privacy. these are huge problems. and they have not stood up to take responsibility. trish: do they care at all? >> i think they care. but i think they look at the world differently than i do. i think they think connecting everybody on facebook is such an important mission that it justifies any means to get
11:42 pm
there. you don't need to be a religious person to realize that's a deeply flawed idea. at the end of the day, they have been taught the consequences of whatever they doyles not their problem. i just dirls agree with that. i think when you do stuff, you have to take account of it and you have to stand up and say i made this mess, i'm going to clean it up. at this point they are behaving as though they are not accountable. that the government isn't going do anything that matters. so far they have been getting away with it. but the great thing is the justice department and the federal trade commission have brought up anti-trust and that helps. that's a first step. trish: in an anti-trust case, you are saying we are going to break up this company because it's hurting the consumer, can you make an argument ethically it's hurting consumers, it's
11:43 pm
hurting people? >> so here is the thing. i don't think breaking them up is the first step. the regulation of the u.s. applied to at&t in 1956, that's the model i use. they put a fence around at&t. it was smaller than the businesses at&t was operating in. that created the space for ibm to create the computer industry as we not. they also took at&t's patent portfolio and made it available to any competitor at no charge. and they required at&t to spread to mci and competing services. i think it's important that google and facebook not be able to pursue all these new opportunities they are going after. they are harming the whole economy.
11:44 pm
they are going to go in there and strip the profits out of the news business, then transportation and financial services and the like. trish: i still wonder if there is something in terms of our productivity as human beings to get the kids to keep coming back. the results of your book, i deactivated my personal facebook account. i mean, it's that compelling. i encourage people to read it. that is the world that we live in. >> can i give our viewers one more piece of advice? here is the thing to remember. what's really wrong here is we thought we were giving a little bit of personal information for great service. what's really going on is they are going around us into the real world two our bank, to
11:45 pm
credit card processors, to help service data companies. anybody who has anything that touched us initially. they are buying all that data. they create data, high resolution images, essentially everything we have ever done and they use that to influence the choices available to us, but then to influence our behavior, actually manipulate our behaver. you look back ann at that and say that's not the deal i signed up for. they can do these services without that. we need to ban this third-party use of our most of intimate data. then we can have a discussion about what's legitimate and what's not. trish: good for you. i hope you will come back. i want to keep talking about this. this is important. >> thank you very much. this is not [inaudible] it's
11:46 pm
about right and wrong. trish: switching gears, there is a democratic presidential debate going on. fox's peter doocy is in the spin room with the latest. hey, peter. >> so far the 30 minutes of substance to the debate has been about healthcare and kamala harris versus joe biden on the issue of healthcare specifically. at one point while the former very much was trying to essentially defend obama ware against the california senator pitching something similar to medicare for all, the senator harris told biden that his plan would leave 10 million americans uninsured. she said that that is without excuse. but biden shot back and he said that her plan would cost too
11:47 pm
much money and he reminded her this is just her latest healthcare proposal. she said they are not going to beat president trump with double talk on healthcare. kamala harris has referred to the former vice president joe biden as senator bind at least three times that i have heard. we don't know why that is. it could be when they greeted each other on stage, the former vice president said to kamala harris and he said go easy on me, kid, and it doesn't look like she liked that. trish: the story behind this viral video. one young american learning a live lesson from noo monopoly. >> it's the worst part of
11:48 pm
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you. trish: it's time for our lightning round. joining me from the "daily caller," stephanie hamill. i never had a white castle burger, but now is my chance. they are giving away a million burgers for free.
11:52 pm
>> i don't know if you have seen the movie harold and kuhmar. in the movie they were smoking pot and they went oned a wierld fabulous journey to get food. it was comical. and they eventually got their sliders at the end. but they went through a lot. they were beaten up. >> but you have to order it through uber eats. people have until the end of the month or until they give away the one million sliders. i have never had white castle before. trish: have you have had taco bell? >> i have. a-listers and ceos are boarding mega yachts and private jets to go to camp talking climate control. it really is serious. what's going on with the hollywood hip think it i on
11:53 pm
display? >> the a-listers are getting together in this posh place in italy to talk about climate change. they will show up in style. they are expecting 100 private jets on location. and they will be using gas guzzling suvs. they probably left the air-conditioning running in their mega mansions. we have former president barack obama. leonard dicaprio, katy perry. it's outrageous. once the celebrities start living in teepees and start bike and walk, then they can tell me what to do. trish: i love this video. this kid is reacting to taxes in the game of monopoly. >> it's
11:54 pm
>> it's -- it's okay, it's part of the game. >> no, it's not. it's the worst part of the game? >> what? >> taxes. trish: taxes. i know. you think maybe we ought to teach some democrats that game and give it a whirl? >> we should. this video has been going viral. i remember playing monopoly and i hated that part when you have to give away your money. that's how i feel every tax day. i don't think he would be a fan of the democrats running for president. you know how they want to tax americans. trish: that kid is a real american boy. stephanie, it's so good to see you. fun story. coming up, a special tribute to someone, someone close to me after this.
11:55 pm
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that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. uh-huh, where's the camel? "mr. big shot's" got his own trailer. ♪ wheeeeeee! believe it! geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. trish: friday morning i got a call a very dear friend of mine, someone who represented me throughout quite a bit of my career, john, had passed away unexpectedly. we worked together for about 9 years. he came by when we were launching this show, it must
11:59 pm
have been in october or novemb november. to say hi, he was an extraordinary man. and represented people all across the industry, in entertainment. for myself and news business to entertainment, people, in the music business. he had an extraordinary career, i want to say, sh he was the rel deal, in an industry that can be filled with sometimes not the best people, sometimes people who will just tell you what you want to hear, sometimes people who are lie through their teeth. these was a very honest, a very good man. somebody i always trusted, somebody who was a tremendous adviser, and a tremendous
12:00 am
friend. john, i will miss you. i will be in los angeles the next couple of days to mourn him and celebrate his life. thank you, john. kennedy is next. kennedy: beautifully put, trish, i knew john for years, he was a lovely person. very funny. and driven by music, humorous and dedicated to those he represented, very much, thank you, trish,. ing of yotrish,. thinking of you and all people who were members of john's chosen family. >> america we have two choices. bankruptcy or socialism, last night in first democrat debate, the divide, on issue


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