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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 1, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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drink. david: if you are on television, somebody somewhere has your face in some computer system. you might as well get a quick drink while you are at it. that does it for ""bulls and bears"." liz: just a short time ago president trump addressed his threat to hit china with an additional tariff of $30 billion. that was enough to wipe out a rally and send stocks down triple digits. and we'll bring you what the president said about jobs. we have got it for you. the president on his way to the rally in cincinnati, ohio in just a few hours. also, a twist no one saw coming. a turn shock media and democrats alike. now the 2020 dems making the
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debates a referendum on president obama. it's another sign of how far left the party has gone. we have the rundown on the 2020 democrats not only ignoring democrat officials' advice, bur they are attacking obama. when they go after obama, it will put a sharp focus on their own policies. that polls show americans don't want. remember how the democrats wanted robert mueller to make their narrative for them about the president? now the 2020 democrats making a narrative for why voters shouldn't go for them. we have the break down of the plugs, the gaffes, the mistakes, the whoppers from last night, and the word they did not speak that affect yours and your family's prosperity big time.
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the media calling out democrats for consistent distortions on the economy and the border. james comey escapes prosecution for now for leaking his memos to get a special counsel to probe president trump. tensions boiling over in the senate between republicans and democrats over lindsey graham's new push to overhaul asylum laws. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business network. we begin with developing fights and chaos from the white house to capitol hill. chad pergram is on the hill with the latest on a grueling fight
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on immigration as well as spending. let's begin with edward lawrence at the white house. edward? >> president donald trump lighting a fire under president xi jinping for these trade talks. he of the giving a deadline for tariffs. chinese sources are saying the directive is to decouple from the united states. that is buy from other sources. also build stuff or make it in china that they would byte otherwise from the united states. chinese sources tell us they refuse to add back tonight concessions removed from the trade agreement, and want the u.s. to trust china that they will protect intellectual property rights. china will not budge on the text and they will not change their
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laws. chinese imports will start at 10%, but the president hinted they will not stay at 10%. president trump: i did more than anyone thought on the first $50 billion. i can do much more or less. with respect to a deal. but they will pay a tariff. reporter: the president saying during the g20 the chinese agreed to buy more agriculture from the united states, and that has not happened. there is another meeting scheduled between the two trade delegations in september. we'll have to see if that meeting still old true now that tariffs can be in place starting september 1. liz: let's get to chad pergram for the big battle on capitol hill. >> the senate passed the bucket
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tax deal. the vote was 67-28. this suspend the debt ceiling for two years. they got 29 of the 53 republicans. why? they are concerned about the lack of deficit reduction. that point was made by kentucky senator rand paul. >> it's a derg, today is the final nail in the coffin. >> this bill spend no money. they have to deal with that in september. house speaker nancy pelosi says she is not worried about another government shutdown. >> we'll have that debate as we go along. i think we set a blueprint for success to avoid a continuing
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resolution, to avoid a shutdown. >> here is a tweet from president trump. a two-year deal gets us past the elections. 70% of all federal spending goes to entitlements. 16% goes to funding the military. that leaves 14%. nobody wants to cut defense or entitlement. that's why the republicans have concerns about deficit reduction. liz: here are the word you didn't hear the democrats say last night. economic growth, wages and jobs. in a twist no one saw coming. 2020 democrats, including even obama's vice president joe biden making the debates a referendum on president obama. >> open borders is a right-wing
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talking point. >> did you say those deportations were a good idea or did you go to the president and say this is a mistake, don't do it. >> the only way we'll guarantee these family separations don't happen in the future is to repeal this law. >> we sat together in many meetings. i never heard him talk about any of this when he was secretary. >> i would not oppose the tpp as it was original lire put forward. i opposed the surge? afghanistan. liz: pretty striking, going after obama now. >> this is so much fun to watch. who would imagine that president obama would be painted as a right-wing anti-immigration xenophobe which reminderred us obamacare is an enormous farrell
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our. it was pretty stark and kind of fun to watch. liz: here is obama's former chief of staff rahm emanuel. now they are ignoring him and they are going after obama. >> there were shots taken at president trump because joe biden was his vice president. >> the guy is at 90 percent among democrats. the most of successful, progressive, prolific president who had an incredible chief of staff since the great society. what are they doing? >> every element from wilson to teddy roosevelt to franklin roosevelt and the great society builds on the progress of generations before to
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generations to come. liz: rahm emanuel is referring to obamacare. but your reaction to what rahm emanuel is talking about. >> i think this is the only thing he ever said that i agree with. i encourage the democratic candidates to march left. they are going places, they have gone places the vast majority of americans think is crazy. they will say we are going to open our borders, provide free healthcare to anyone who is here illegally. we'll destroy obamacare and take away your private health insurance. we'll guarantee you jobs and $1,000 a month. the list goes on and on. most of americans think it's nuts. liz: president obama was not for open borders. i want to get to the whoppers and mistakes the democrats made.
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i am not saying you were saying that. the montage we showed before might have implied that. look at the rundown of the mistakes they made. >> auto workers, hundreds of thousands will be out of jobs by the end of the year. right now in america we have seniors who everybody day are going into the medicare system. >> we should put some of these insurance executives who totally opposed my plan in jail for the opioids they sell out there. liz: kamala harris citing a report from last year saying hundreds of thousands of auto workers -- she is talking about the entire supply chain feeding into the auto industry. no one is talking about 20% layoffs. the estimate she used since has been cut in half. joe biden talking about
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insurance executives. they don't sell opioids, the drug industry does. >> the mistakes could fill pages and pages. but here is the thing. you have to lie to the american people to convince themselves things aren't better than they were. you have to say to them essentially and hope they are stupid and willing to listen to me sitting here in the debate as a presidential candidate telling you how bad life is rather than say look i'm getting paired more, my kid are getting paid more, my neighbor has a better life, my taxes are being cut. if you come from the african-american hispanic population community, it's the lowest unemployment rate ever. you have to ignore all that's and convince people it's an economic waste that isn't true. liz: critics have called out president trump for being
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polarizing. '. we just got a report that the president is telling the rally-goers not to have demeaning chants of. >> the president is advancing environmental racism. criminal justice racism. healthcare racism. we need to fight back and show something better. >> we lost the state of michigan because everybody from republicans to russians were targeting the suppression of african-american voters. >> our president is supporting al qaeda. liz: the son of osama bin laden was just killed. >> when people hear those accusations that the president is supporting al qaeda, it's
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outlay just. a lot of people go, they are talking about me. because i don't agree with some of these policies. it doesn't mean i'm a racist or that i have i will will towards somebody. they are the d that -- the amee through it. at the end of the day they will make a decision and think that's not the direction we are going to go. liz: watch this roundup. >> the bills that the president -- excuse me, the future president here -- make sure it many eliminated and no more subjects does for either one of those. we were responsible for 15% of the pollution. 85% of it is something i helped negotiate, the paris climate accord. i would meth immediately stree join the paris accord.
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8 years of can trump would be a catastrophe. liz: he didn't negotiate tpp. there were a lot of otherrors there. your take? >> my heart goes out to him because those of us who speak publicly, we make mistakes. it's happened to me. i will say something ineloquently or something i don't mean. but you hopefully don't say it again and again in a national forum. it's made people wonder, is he on his game and capable of defending his own decisions. i don't want to be too critical. be prepared, be concise and
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explain your topics and issues as quickly as effective live as you can. liz: joe biden got heckled at the democrat debate because the obama administration deported 3 million illegal immigrants. biden saying he won't deport at the same right. we'll show you how the 2020 democrat candidates don't haven'ten programs. also ahead. elijah cummings called his baltimore community quote drug infested. and said that the drugs are killing millions and turning our children into walk zombies. the president called him out on it.
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liz: the european union says it will keep working with iran. iran officials are calling those sanctions childish. let's bring in former naval intelligence officer don bramer. >> the e.u., france and their
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allies, they are look for a way to save this deal, and to try to be the king who put together all the king's horses. what i mean is lower medications and see how we can bring iran back to the global table. liz: switching gears. national security advisor john bolton is talking about u.s. sanctions on iran's nuclear programs. the u.s. will extend waivers. >> the 90-day sanctions are shorter than usual. but they allow china, russia and other members in the e.u. who continue to do business with iran to understand the united states is watching. we are being very aware of the type of transactions they are conducting. we have to sit down and figure out a way to put this together
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so we can lower tensions. liz: let's go on to north korea. it put its rock it launch system on display. a u.s. military base. here is president trump on that story. president trump these are short-range missiles. we never discuss that. what we discuss is nuclear. a lot of other countries test that sort of missile also. >> the president is right. as i said from the beginning, i think it will be hard for north korea to come to the point where they won't want to defend themselves. they have half a century of animosity towards the united states and its neighbors. use refused to -- tulsi gabbard
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refused to call out assad after kamala harris called her an apologist for the syrian dictator. >> do you consider him a torturer or murderer. >> that not what this is about. i don't defend or call out. >> the world knows what kind of man assad is. use needs to decide which side of the aisle she is on. a few years ago she was courting the administration for a cabinet position. she served in uniform and i respect that. but that unsanctioned trip she went abrought on was a risk. had something gone awry, who would have been at risk? the servicemen and service women
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who would have had to come in and save her. liz: harris county, texas, the salute claims exxonmobil violated the clean air act when the plant released unauthorized emissions into the air. to this devastating natural gas pipeline explosion in lincoln county, kentucky. the blast and ensuing fire. a local meteorologist says the explosion was so big it showed up on radar. the feds say that 33-year-old suspect in the massive capital one date today breach, she threatened to shoot up an unnamed california social media
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company. that's what the allegation is there. the fbi says they you found 20 guns, including assault rifles when they searched her property. look at this scary scene at a chinese water park near the north korea border. 44 people hurt when a machine that creates artificial ocean waves malfunctioned. it launched a massive tsunami. five of the injured suffered broken ribs. but officials deny claims that worker operating that machine was drunk. finally, southwest airlines flight attend damage decided to roll out the welcome wagon by climbing into an overhead bin. she is not going to be in trouble with the bosses.
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joe biden says crossing illegally is just that, a crime. but several of his o opponents y that's just a right-wing talking point. they are talking about weakening the border even more. the justice department says not will not prosecute fbi director james comey. why some are saying no, comey is not out of the wiewds just yet. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies.
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liz: the senate judiciary voted to advance lindsey graham's ally sum changes. no separation of children, but it would expand from 20 to up to
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100 the number of days families must be held together when making asylum claims in the u.s. great to see you, senator. what are your thoughts on this? >> i applaud the chairman for attempting to take on this problem. this crisis on the border has existed since last fall. despite everything the administration and department have tried to do, the way out of this is legislation. he clearly knows this problem. liz: do you think the house will go for it? >> no. what have we seen this month? we spent a couple months wringing our hands about i.c.e. going out to find people ordered deported by a federal judge. the last couple days in detroit we heard people say they don't want to use detention and they want to decripple thattize
6:31 pm
crossing the border illegally. liz: cory booker is being criticized for making no sense on that. we are look at 1.1 million people trying to cross this fiscal year. the democrats have no border policy. that was encapsulated in an he bear ising moment for kirsten gillibrand at last night's debate. let's roll the sound bite why they don't have border policies. >> senator, what is your response? >> hmm -- again, president trump under his administration, seven children died in his custody. under his administration families have been torn apart. this party is talking about real idea for the future. we are talking about what we'll do to change america. liz: the question was, what's
6:32 pm
your border security policy. that was the answer. your take? >> we heard nothing from her. she is from a border state. she has known this problem existed. she is one of a group of people calling it a manufactured crisis. she is trying to blame the current president who has done more to try to fix this problem than anybody i ever worked for and i started my job in 1985. that was trying to dissuade people into thinking she knows about it than she does. liz: listen to tulsi gabbard push back on bernie sanders' idea to give free college tuition to illegal immigrants. >> do you believe college should be free for undocumented immigrants? >> i don't. i think we need to look at the
6:33 pm
millions of undocumented immigrants in this country who have been suffering as they have been living in the shadows. >> we can't incentivize people for coming into the country illegally. the study and data tells us if you apply a consequence to illegal behavior, in this case, entering illegally, you will get less of it. incentivizing people after they are here or decriminalizing it, you will get more problems. liz: we have a video showing the maryland congressman calling the baltimore community dust-infested. the doj isn't going to prosecute
6:34 pm
james comey for leaking memo to the press. but he's not out of the woods yet. toyour car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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president trump: we have to help the people. elijah cummings has not helped the people. but what happened in baltimore is disgraceful. liz: that was president trump today on baltimore. as democrats like joe lockhart, bill clinton's former press secretary going so far as to tweet vote for trump and around racist. this as exit polls from the 2016 election show president trump won a higher percentage of minority voters than mitt romney did in 2012. for her reaction, let's bring in deneen borelli.
6:39 pm
time to tone down the rhetoric. right? >> this is what's going on. it's not about race it's about reality. thank goodness president trump called out elijah cummings. he need to keep going and call outer politicians as well who are not serving their constituents. baltimore streets are an utter mess. this has been going on for a number of years. the other question is where is the money that has been designated to the baltimore to help the citizens in baltimore. it's a good thing the president called out elijah cummings. liz: you are saying the president is right, elijah cummings has been representing baltimore in his district for 26 years. what's your take on that fight, the way that debate is going? >> it's outrageous that cummings
6:40 pm
has been in office for decade and the streets of baltimore are still a mess. and he's not being held accountable. the race card is being played to cover for cummings for not being accountable which is look out for the citizens of baltimore. president trump's policies are work and resonating with hard-working americans. his pro-growth policy cutting taxes and rolling back regulations. we are seeing record low unemployment numbers. 8' -- 8, 700 neighborhoods wille benefiting. the democrats would rather focus on race which makes it an emotional issue. liz: president trump took fire for calling baltimore quote
6:41 pm
infested. here is elijah cummings in 1999 saying the same thing. >> this morning i left my community of baltimore, a drug-infested area where a lot of the drugs we are talking about today have already taken the lives of so many children. the same children that i watched 14 or 15 years ago as they grew up now walking around like zombies. liz: what are they fighting about? they agree with each other. >> exactly. representative kusming is shameless. he's not going to try to help his community. he had the opportunity to go out with ben carson to walk the streets and he wouldn't do it because he just wants to stay in the club with the house of representatives. he wants to stay in the club and
6:42 pm
not try to help his constituents. but cummings isn't the only one. we have the former mayor of baltimore who had to step down because of scandal. she is on video as welcome plaining about the streets baltimore. and sow is bernie sanders who is -- and so is bernie sanders who is running for president. liz: deneen, i can tell you are fired up and upset about this. >> i am tired of politicians with their lip service. they continue to get away with everything. they stay in office. bowter problem is people keep voting them in. people need to look at how these politicians are not doing anything that is best for their citizens. they would rather stay in office, stay in the club and keep getting elected. liz: a project baltimore survey
6:43 pm
showed 13 high schools in baltimore, students had zero proficiency in math. the unemployment rate for african-americans tripled. >> you can't defend it. how can you defend it? look at the videos we are seeing about the streets baltimore. the evidence is there. liz: former fbi director james comey will not be prosecuted for leak memo to trigger a special counsel to probe president trump. he may not out of the woods yet. that's coming up. it's powerful, fda-approved
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liz: the justice department not prosecuting former fbi director james comey over a document he leaked to get a special counsel appointed. he passed the memos to a law professor at columbia university
6:48 pm
who then gave them to the "new york times." jim what is your reaction to this? >> this is not an exoneration. it's clearing the littlest of hurdles comey faces at this point. liz: the reports are coming in the memo he leaked to the professor was classified by the fbi after the fact at a low level of confidentiality and they couldn't establish intent. but the i.g. soon to be released report on the russia probe is coming out. comey is not off the hook here. >> not by a long-shot. the director of the fbi has a friend who is a special employee -- something i never heard of in 17 years of federal employee -- who is literally there to massage the media, to leak information comey wants
6:49 pm
leaked to the "new york times." the other starting point is he's make memorandum of conversations with the president of the united states. he's only do that because he's expecting some sort of trouble. he's expecting there to be a problem even though the president could are fired him for being too tall and he would be within his rights. the mindset of this man is different than most of senior law enforcement people i have run across. the bigger part of the probe, john durham. looking into the origins of the trump investigation. how was the fisa court either misled or not. and the use of the christopher steele dossier and the use of christopher steele after he had been fired for leak together press. they are the times of things we should want to see in daylight to know whether the fbi was
6:50 pm
operating within the bounds. liz: this is about the precedent of use the intelligence apparatus, the intelligence community, to spy on an opposition campaign. that's the danger zone here. james comey was basically fired for his handling of the hillary clinton email probe. now the allegation coming in is he took memos out of the fbi offices after he was fired. and he had confidential information in his personal home. so ways your reaction to james comey on this front? >> it's the department irony. here is the guy who passed judgment on hillary clinton and her intent when it came to the use or misuse of emails and servers. now we are hearing maybe he was
6:51 pm
miseution or possessing things he shouldn't possess at his home. it sounds like a cultural problem at the very top reaches of the fbi, comey, mccabe, strzok, they all created a comfort in creating rules for themselves that didn't apply to anyone else in the rank and file. liz: the comey memorandum were used in the mueller probe report as evidentiary proof. but not you feeling that comey was biased, so he was writing those memos going after trump. we'll never know the true answer. those are the criticisms of james comey. we know the men and women of the fbi are honorable, patriotic. i talked to many officials who say they don't like what's going not washington bureau, the d.c. bureau, they feel they are a law unto themselves. >> i think that's largely right.
6:52 pm
there are a lot of rank and file people. it would never dawn on them to go on "the view" or write kiss and tell books. it's what you don't want in place for the most of sensitive corruption probes you can imagine. looking into president trump and hillary rodham clinton in 2016. you expect and deserved best as an american citizen. what we got was a bunch of bias pan narcissism. good to see you. liz: the democrats really going after each other. it looks like a good old-fashioned policy debate. how the attacks could help trump and the debates are a referendum on president obama.
6:53 pm
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elizabeth: u.s. officials say that trump administration is preparing to withdraw thousands of troops from afghanistan in exchange for concessions from the taliban, including a ceasefire. part of a deal to end nearly 18-year-old war there. democrats really went at it hard with each other, watch joe biden under cut president obama.
6:57 pm
>> if you are president. >> absolutely not. >> it was joyless. >> over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations, then laughs about it if asked if she had ever smoked marijuana? i>> i can only take what she sas in her opinion so seriously. >> yo you can't beat president trump with double talk. >> if democrat spend of day destroying opedestroying each oe time you get to donald trump, with a one-on-one you have done all of the work for him. elizabeth: what happened to when they go low, we go high? >> i don't know. because. these guys are going at each other hammer. gabbard destroyed kamala harris with that attack, maybe that was
6:58 pm
coordinated with joe biden. elizabeth: we don't know that. >> but they are right, they are slicing each other. elizabeth: kamala harris today downplayindownplaying gabbard se is not a want t a top -- top tir candidate, what do you think of that? >> i think it is right first of ul. i checked out a lot of news reports on, clear kamala harris did when she accused her of, kamala harris is the darling of the liberals, she had a pretty conservative, i would use that in quotes, prosecutorial record, but she appeared to not respond very well, not well prepared. joe biden on the other hand seemed prepared, he went after booker, came back a little bit, a little bit of a surprise, but he did flub up difference between a text and url.
6:59 pm
elizabeth: they made the debate of a referendum on president obama, his border policies, joe biden contradicted president obama in this two points and also on obamacare, they went after obama last night. >> isn't that indicate of how left they have gone. they are making obama too conservative for them right now. there was a great article in "wall street journal" this week that talked about this is like 1972. liberals are so far left, and consumed the base that way, they will nominate someone who is way out of mainstream, president trump will benefit from this. maybe go to a 49 state landslide like nixon did. elizabeth: mondale, mcgovern, how they lost. >> yeah. elizabeth: great to see you.
7:00 pm
>> thank you. elizabeth: thank you for having us in your home, we hope we helped you, lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. lou: good evening, deep state strikes again, disgraced former phoeb phoefbi director james cos scape pros -- prosecution, justice department, referred comey for leaking classified information. we take up the latest development in that issue here. >> president trump continues to defend the united states against years of theft, of trillions of american dollars, theft of american technology, and intellectual property, and unfair trade, by the chinese. the president announcing national tariffs to be levied


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