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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 1, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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elizabeth: great to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: thank you for having us in your home, we hope we helped you, lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. lou: good evening, deep state strikes again, disgraced former phoeb phoefbi director james cos scape pros -- prosecution, justice department, referred comey for leaking classified information. we take up the latest development in that issue here. >> president trump continues to defend the united states against years of theft, of trillions of american dollars, theft of american technology, and intellectual property, and unfair trade, by the chinese. the president announcing national tariffs to be levied on
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chinese goods, they will be imposed beginning september 1 if the united states and the people's republic of china fail to reach a trade deal by that date. president just two hours ago acknowledged he is considering a blockade of venezuela. you are looking now at pictures, live pictures of cincinnati, ohio, where the president is only moments away from treeing his supporters -- from addressing his supporters in cincinnati, we'll expect the president to address among other things the chinese failure to honor their agreements, the necessity of tariffs. he will be scoring last night's debate of 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls, and always tickets to his rallies in high demand, only 18 thousand seats available, in this arena president telling me today more than 100,000 people had asked
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for tickets, we'll bring you his remarks, as we expands on his administration's policy initiatives and news developments of the day, we suspect he may take up a few political issues as well. breaking news tonight, according to fox news sources, justice department has decided to not prosecute former fbi director james comey for leaking classified information. this despite doj inspector general michael horowitz. john salomon reporting and writing that prosecutor found the ig's findings compelling but they did not believe they had enough evidence of comey's intend to violate the law. >> president trump today announced national tariffs against china earning feckive
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september -. >september. each year, these tariffs do not include the 250 billion dollars of goods already under tariff at 25%. radical dim senator chuck schumer, praising the president today. and aligning himself with the president on china. listen to this. >> we have to be really tough on china. they have taken advantage of us, america has lost trillions of dollars and millions of jobs. because china has not played fair. and being tough on china is the right way to be. lou: byron york joining us, chief political correspondent for washington examiner, fox business contributor, to hear chuck schumer lineup with the president on any issue, is
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extraordinary and newsworthy, but on issue of trade with china it is important alliance. >> humor has done this before, you are right, this say big deal on anything, any president, not a bad idea to have leader of the opposition in senate on your side. it bodes well. but specifically on china. where trump aattorney parentally has -- apparently has support of the farmers in midwest, they are hurt by this, but they say we've been abused by china for so long, something has to be done. really what you look at complexity of the issue. you look at practices of china over many, many years, this was not going to be easy. so that fact that it is moving on this stage, and there have been fits and starts, and unkept promises, all that stuff was to be expected, but schumer thing very good for president
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who can claim bipartisan support. lou: he can claim it, and in fact it is very important in his negotiations with xi jinping. because of -- with democratic party and its leadership, chinese have to understand there will be but one result, that will be the president's position. he won't be second guessed or under cut by main o many of the very same opponents within the democratic party who had under cut him for the first two and a half years of his presidency. >> that is a very important point you raise. this president and american negotiators can say to the chinese, this is not the president of united states all by his lonesome. the democrats or his side, leader of the democrats on his side with this. so if you are thinking about
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waiting donald trump out and it will get better, not going to happen. you need to make a deal now. lou: it come as the president was if you will, preparing the battleground, saying to the chinese, that if you are going to wait me out, wait me out. i'ming about to win 2020, i will be here waiting for you, and deal' just get tougher and tougher, the leverage is improving considerably. president has plenty to begin with, but now this a marked improvement. i want to take up the issue of this rally tonight. where the president is going to be, as he always because, talking policy, the initiatives he is driving, and yes politic as well. but now with so much going on whether be federal reserve, the drive to cut interest rates, to deal with the alliance that is
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enlarging between russia and china, and all that president is contending with in foreign policy -- this is now the 2020 election writ large in a matter of weeks. >> you know, you just listed a lot of really big and serious issues. you know that a lot of the press coverage tonight about this, will be whether the crowd said send her back again. whether the chant that we heard briefly at the north carolina rally will appear again, president said, he does not want that to happen. you know there is another thing that is really just sitting in plain sight with this, president is drawing big crowds, you mentioned this is 1818,000 seat -- this is an 18 thousand seat arena, if kamala harris or joe biden or bernie sanders were pulling crowds like this it would be a big story. this is the biggest single indicator of incidentty of
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donald trump support in 2015 and 16 as the campaign went on. and he appears to go out and do the same thing, getting huge crowds again. lou: having the opportunity to talk with the president earlier today by phone as i indicated, he was very proud of the fact that so many people wanted those tickets. by my count that is about a 5 to 1 ratio. you need a get car to make those -- guitar to make those claims this president has done so from the very moment he began his candacey in 2015. it is a phenomenon. >> it a very big deal to him too. when he was in television, ratings were a big thing, crowd size is important to him. it has been a marker of his bullpepopularity, and everyone s
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well. i was in south carolina, a kamala harris rally middle of day in myrtle beach, she got a thousand people there. lou: not bad. >> lunchtime, they came to her rally, a thousand is good, but we're talking multiples of that trump rallies. lou: trump rally and as you say multiples we'll be going to the rally as soon as the president takes the stage, byron, if you will, can you stay with us to take part in the fes fesstive -- festivity as we try to watch what is happening politically with this president and the issues he will take up, always good to have you with us, thanks for being here. >> thank you, lou. lou: one thing we'll take up is the president scoring of the debate last night, all of those
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democratic hopefuls, and their sudden attack on a president. it was not donald trump. we have more breaking news for you. north korea has fired two more short range ballistic missiles into sea of japan. it is the third weapons test in over a week. 6th since last year's summit with the president. the north koreans firing short range ballistic missile last thursday. they tested a rocket launch or wednesday, president trump said that at thi situation with norta is very much under control. >> up next, radical dimms, use the latest debate to attack one of their own. and, of course, each other. and boy did they ever. also tonight, thousands gathering for president's rally. actually tens of thousands in cincinnati, ohio. look at that crowd. we'll be looking at that crowd and the president here next. right after these quick
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messages. stay with us.
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taliban, united states would slash number of troops from 14,000, to about 9,000. in exchange for concessions from the taliban, which would include a ceasefire, a reconfidencing a -- renunciation of al qaeda and forced to negotiate a peace deal with afghan government. this withdrawal is absolutely condition with reaching that agreement with the taliban. we have been reporting to that you american workers in middle class are under assault in the senate right now. mayor business lobbyists, the biggest in nation, they are biggest lobbyists of any kind in the country, the koch brothers, business round table, chamber of commerce, yes, combined with the republican and democratic leadership, they intend to make it easier to outsource american jobs to cheap foreign labor,
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absolutely a contravention of the president, his policies and everything he has run on. senate bill 386, it would mean the doubles of h-1b visas and india and china would take most of those visas to compete directly with our american workers, a handful of senors are skeptical, months those who are skeptical, we will soon learn had they will oppose the legislation, senator josh holly, he told fox news brett baier, that the bill has yet to be discussed in committee, he at least has serious concerns about what it would do it america's workers. >> there is a bill senate bill 386, fairness for high skilled immigrants act, reports it may be taken up and discussed in judiciary, has it been. >> it has not been, if it comes
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before judiciary, i will look at this closely. >> some see this as a gift to big tech, and indian h1 bks. >> i would be concerned about anything, a gift to big tech, that would hurt american workers or drive down wages, one of the features of our broken immigration system it has helped keep wages flat for too long, for workers, who are try the hardest to get a raise weaker to reforming well -- we have to reform legal immigration so our workers have a chance to move in order. lou: senio senator josh harley,s gift is sponsored by senator mike lee, cosponsored by 19 other rinos, they include mitt romney, rob portman, joanie earnst. willing to sell out american working men and women and their families. >> there are two telling lines today from the left wing national media.
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those lines suggest that recent debates did not go well for radical dimms 2020 hom hope fula head from "washington post." >> facing trump, democrats turn on another from the president, . >> "washington post," the candidates have done as much to make a case against one another. as against the president without offering much in the way connecting with the voters they will need to win the presidential election. >> joining me now, fox business political analyst, republican strategist, ed rollins, good to have you. >> thank you. lou: democrats having a testify night. towfer night. -- a tough night. >> they will have a tough time. in are articulate about their
7:19 pm
positions, some like bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren, really are passionate about their socialist beliefs, they the establishment is the biden camp. i don't think, no one else i think, thinks thatted b, thingsn survive. lou: he has a huge lead in every poll. poll. >> and a low bar to pass, i would say he passed. if he wants to duck and dodge his 40 year record, i was chosen by obama, idea that i got to be vice president because obama vetted me with 10 lawyers is a good excuse why democrats should nominate him. lou: give our audience, a sample, if you missed the evening, over on cnn. biden was attacked by a lot of folks on the stage. i think nearly every one.
7:20 pm
>> in 2019, in america, for a democrat to run for president with a plan that does not cover everyone, i think is without excuse. >> mr. vice president, you want to be president of united states, you need to be able to answer the tough questions, i guarantee if you are debating donald trump he will not let you off the hook. >> there are people right now, in prison for life for drug offenses, because you stood up and used that tough on crime phony rhetoric. lou: and parade went on. >> it was -- as much disarray in democratic party that i have seen since mcgovern was nominee in 1972. they have a long way to go before a pick a nominee, they have a different process than republicans have, they have winner take all primaries. you could draw this out for a
7:21 pm
period of time, it may narrow to 5 or 6 people, they would fight to the convention, they are on different wave length than vast majority of americans. lou: this president has everything going his way, last several weeks, victory, after victory are whether it is in court or you name it, he is prevailing. then senate bill 386, mike lee, 20 other rinos that i mentioned going after american jobs, and offering up more outsourcing to cheap foreign labor, it outrageous what they are doe toth president, his -- doing to the president be his motto, buy american, hire american and he is standing up for the forgotten man and women in this country, they are attacking him. >> it distractions. the issue is border security, trying to fix, that that i want to fix this with a chamber of
7:22 pm
commerce and koch brothers. lou: they are soldout to people -- >> no question, washington lobbyists and what have you. if this bill passes. lou: mitch mcconnell, you know this nonsense about him being an agent of russia. he is an agent, an age o age agl street, koch brothers. chamber of commerce, this outrageous, he should support the president. >> i agree, this is something -- we should make drawn out, they passed president he should make clear. lou: ed roll ups than rollins t. >> thank you. lou: up next, president trump said he has seen success along the southern border. >> getting very good numbers from the border, the 21,000
7:23 pm
soldiers supplied by mexico, and i want to thank mexico, they are doing a great job, the numbers are way down. at the border. lou: we take up that pro dress with former acting i.c.e. director tom homan, latest from president trump's rally in cincinnati. stay with us, a lot more straight ahead, there vice president mike pence. my guess is he is about to introduce the president, we'll have a few quick commercial messages, and we'll be right back with the president of the united states stay with us. after walking six miles at an amusement park... bill's back needed a vacation from his vacation. so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain. so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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lou: immigrations and customs enforcement has reportedly released more than 218,000 illegal immigrant family into united states since the end of last year. homeland security source telling
7:28 pm
washington examiner's anna, that the greatest number of illegal family members were released in texas, 82,000 of them in san antonio region. 75,000 in el paso trojan. acting director of u.s. citizenship, immigration services, ken cuccinelli says that trump administration officials are clamping down on the oft ignored retire a requir. that is the latest in administration's effort to follow the law, enforce the law, secure the border, and lawsuit and judicial activism, notwithstanding that is the way they will precede. , joining me now, tom homan, fox business contributor, how should
7:29 pm
we interpret this? i.c.e. let 218,000 immigrant families loose? >> a couple ways, they had to release them, they conditions hole them for over 20 days, congress never funded i.c.e., with the detention beds, congress has failed to close the loopholes, and give them money are in th the detention beds. but, i.c.e. needs to go out there, and remove them. i have been saying that, we have been talking about this for a year now. it needs to happen, until you show a consequence, until you show, if a judge orders you removed, you are going to go home, we'll make sure you go home, and central america needs to see those planes coming home. president talked about interior
7:30 pm
enforcement, have you been talking about it. mark morgan head of custons an s and border -- customs and border protection, it not happening? what is the reason why? you mentioned congress, we know that this congress is not going to lift a finger to help donald trump. >> have have talked many times, courts are not help, except very rarely. we need to do everything we can within boundaries of the law, cuch nelly icuccinelli is doings same thing border patrol and i.c.e. needs to do. i know i.c.e. is hurting for resources, you are dealing with the crisis on border, but they have 7,000 special agents with
7:31 pm
title 8 authority, we have to do it, it worked for me in fy15, we need to have it it needs to be large scale, not a little bit here a little bit there across the country. lou: returning to my question. why isn't this helping, president want its to happen, cuccinelli, morgan. they want it to happen, what reason why it not. >> i do not know, when i was i.c.e. director, i just did it, i didn't look for approval from different or white house, i did my job. there are 7,000 deportation officers -- lou: what are they doing right now? 7,000 people filling jobs that by the way i know full well, that just is not happening. what are they doing? >> well i know they are working hard. they have over 4,000 jails, you
7:32 pm
respond to, rest of the criminals before they hit the streets, for sanctuary cities, we -- release a criminal ale y . they need to go find that criminal alien, the sanctuary cities have hurt efficiency of i.c.e. operation. lou: tom homan thank you. >> thank you good to see you. lou: president trump taking the stage at u.s. bank arena in cincinnati, ohio. among a number of other things, there he is, waving to the crowd. over a hundred thousand people look for tickets in the u.s. bank arena, there are only 18,000 seats available. i have been told reliably, the president never talked to a group, a rally where there was a vacant seat, can you imagine?
7:33 pm
we're expecting trump to take up the 2020 radical dim presidential hopefuls and his assessment of their two nights of debates. and disastrous fed debacle of yesterday. what it mean for the economy, for the american consumer. and family. and we'll be talking about he will be talking about, certainly. his announcement of 10% tariffs on an additional 300 billion dollars, of chinese goods, and exports to this country. supporters, started lining up, early this morning, i mean before 6 a.m. outside of the arena. the president's trip to ohio, highlighting his plan to win the state against in 2020. you will remember, in 2016, he won ohio, by 8 over hillary clinton. victory surprising membership, including that state a former governor, the never-trumper john
7:34 pm
kasich. where is john kasich these days? we'll have to find out. what is up surprising it success that ohioans are enjoying, since the president took office. cincinnati alone, unemployment rate, hit 18 year low. and we'll have the president as he begin z his address right after this quick handshake and this break. stay with us. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer,
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lou: there is president trump. addressing his supporters at the u.s. bank arena in cincinnati, ohio. >> trump banners, trump hats and trump buttons. that i've never seen. this great congressman said, i don't know, sir, but i can tell you one thing. if the rest of the country is voting like tennessee is voting. you will win by a lot be we won we won by a lot. our nation is stronger today than ever before. we have the number one economy on earth.
7:39 pm
no economy is so strong. we're rebuilding the awesome might of the united states military and soon it will be stronger, relatively speaking, than at any time in our history. when we took over it was depleted. we took over, a depleted military. it not depleted any more, i can tell you that. your spirit is strong, our stride is back. and our stand is square, we're finally putting america first. [cheers and applause] it's about time. >> joining me bruce. washington times columnist, and fox could contributor, and best
7:40 pm
selling author of the culture jihad, right here. the book to we recommend it to you. the president talking about all of that has been achieved. it is sudden as they say brag it is fact. >> this -- it remarkable. lou: it is brag. >> and he is allowed to do so, it has been hard work considering what he faced, last night, we saw a bunch of democrats that are being one way. donald trump showed everyone what americans want, he has been himself from the start, from that golden escalator to today, every day, the same guy, he did not change or adjust himself, he has been delivering, this is the potential of the american presidency, it is the nature of the kinds of people that america delivers and raises. and it an exciting time.
7:41 pm
lou: who he delivered todd, is record low unemployment. that is what he talking about right now. in cincinnati. where they benefited from their decision to give 8% margin to the man who became president in 2016. >> lou, i come from a blew collar fam -- blue collar family, i understand that at end of the day there are republicans, certainly democrats who deat don't care about thosed of workers. but president trump does, one thing that i really appreciate about this president, he stood up for those people who don't necessarily want to go to college, they want to be the construction worker, the mechanics, they are taking on good, noble jobs this president is affirming them that is one thing i write about, this president is protecting the backbone was country. >> left wing extremist who
7:42 pm
reject everything that we hold dear. no one is paid a higher price for the far left's destructive agenda than the americans living in our nation's inner cities, they are paying a price, you see what happens, we spend billions and billions for years and years, it stolen money, and wasted money. and it is a shame. for decades the communities have been exclusively by democrat politicians. and it has been total, one party control of the intercities. inner-cities, a hundred years, and look at them, we can name one after another but i won't do that. because i don't want to be
7:43 pm
controversial. we want no controversy. the democrat record is one of neglect and corruption and decay, total decay, the democrats have tacked and regulated jobs, and opportunities out of these cities. out of existence. they have squeezed the blood out of them. left wing mayor -- lou: president trump does not want to be controversial. and he is actually being eironic but following thatting i suggesd that he is somewhat constrained but getting his point across, he is not backing off about baltimore about the failed
7:44 pm
leadership in dozens of american cities. failed democratic leadership. and need for them to make a change. >> i wrote about this in my column on fox that at end wa of the day, haveu these cities, los angeles, where they deal with disease that goes to middle ages, you have san francisco turned t to a -- cesspool of human waste. and baltimore, for 50 years democrat controlled baltimore, what is the result, it is a third world situation. lou: president is taking up immigration. >> 21,000 soldiers on the border right now. i'm starting to like mexico a lot, they do a lot more for us than the democrats do, right?
7:45 pm
a lot more. the numbers of way down, you will see, that way away down. democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents, they put foreign citizens before american citizens. we're not going do that. 572 people were murdered in chicago last year. [ booing ] lou: one of the many lines he talks about democrats doing more for american. , i mean the mexican government doing more than americans than democrats. stunning stuff. >> it is true.
7:46 pm
lou: it is true. >> that is it, this man who did not get memo or take memo that forbids you from talking about the fails democratic policy, he says they don't care about their own constituents, look at baltimore and chicago and los angeles, and san francisco. and denver now. these cities. detroit, et cetera, you have people -- >> let me interrupt. president is waiting, there is a demonstrator in the crowd. >> oh. >> they are chanting. their way through this. president, taking it in stride. or pacing. dependdepending. >> yes that is what they have been reduced to, just yelling at him, in meantime he changes everyone's live for better, finally, we have a president who is selling political establishment and media establishment, that not talking about the destruction of the
7:47 pm
inner-city i the problem. not talks about the individual lives are more and more hopeless because of the liberal policies. and latest is allowed to continue, by looking away, he does not look away. this is also part of what he represents. the forgotten man and woman, if there was -- it people in baltimore and chicago, people of new york and los angeles. lou: the president today speaking earlier, let's listen to that as we wait for the protester to perhaps exit the arena. >> the rage filled democrat party is trying to tear america apartmenapart. democrat party is now lead by four left wing extremist who
7:48 pm
reject everything that we hold dear. no one is paid a higher price for the far left, destructive agenda than americans living in our nation's inner-cities, they have paid a dear price, you see what is happening, you see our inner-cities we spend billions and billions for years and years and years, and it is stolen money, it wasted money. it is a shame. >> last year it was 16 billion from the federal government from baltimore. todd this is failed leadership, empirical, it is in the fails of everyone to look at this what is happened. to once great city, baltimore, but now happening in cities across the country. >> well, it is. my hometown, memphis, tennessee, suffering same fate as many communities, what is common
7:49 pm
denam -- denominate or, memphis is run by democrats. we hear from members of community, say they appreciate president trump calling this out, shining a light on something that needs to be discussed. lou: to me, it is stunning that we have to have a light, that president had to focus on this. we have a war on poverty in it nation for last 54 years, we have sthehave -- like baltimore devastated. >> it is concerning to think about it maybe that was a destruction -- distraction. how much money has been spent on war of poverty, while everyone was looking away. lou:l let's be clear, it is leftist national media that are fuserefused to look at what is before them, and support a false
7:50 pm
narrative or as president puts it, fake news. let's listen here. >> broke the all-time record. so. the homicide rate in baltimore is significantly higher than el salvador, honduras, guatemala, i believe higher than give my a place. that you think is pretty bad. give me a place. the guy said afghanistan. i believe it is higher than afghanistan. in our country. think of that, i believe we'll check numbers, if we're wrong they will tell us tomorrow, it will be a headline, trumpicage exaggerated, i do believe that rate is higher than afghanistan. yet democrats. want to spend hundreds of
7:51 pm
billions of dollars, on illegal migrants instead of supporting their own struggling communities, no good. hno good. the conditions in nancy pelosi's once great city of san francisco are deplorable. do you remember the world demore able? -- the word demor deplorable. do you remember what hillary used that word, she used deplorable and irredeemable right? i said, what a terrible mistake she used that word irr irredeem. it turned out to be deplorable, that was not a good day for hillary, crooked hillary, she is
7:52 pm
a crooked one, crooked. she is crooked . nearly half of all homeless people living in the streets in america, happen to live in the state of california. what they are doing to our beautiful california is a disgrace to our country, it is a shame. the world is looking at it, look at los angeles, with the tents, and the horrible, disgusting conditions. look at san francisco, look at some of your other cities, and then you have a governor, you have a governor. that invites the whole world to
7:53 pm
come to california, we'll pay your 4 healt -- we'll pay for yr he'lhealth care, you wonder whyo many team are coming up, you have people like that governor, say come, we'll give you health care, come on, who would not come up? how crazy is this. >> how crazy is this? school, healthcare, today, i simp patrosimple proposal for dt leaders to is up certificate suo end illegal mi migration and wel use the vast savings to rebuild our inner-cities, that is what we should be doing. by the way, you know they keep talking about the voters,
7:54 pm
voters, they. want security. what about a thing called voter i.d.? voter identification? lou: for fact checkers. my fact checkers in control room tell me that afghanistan murders 66 -- 6 for 100,000, in baltimoe 56, back to the president. >> wow. >> voter i.d. they give you everything they can give you, except like voter i.d. and things that matter, republicans believe that a nation would care for its own citizens first, our pledge to america's workers has secured commitment to train more than 12 million americans, for the jobs
7:55 pm
of tomorrow. you know who working very hard on that, probably never heard of her, ivanka trump. [cheers and applause] she is working very hard. she gave up a lot. she had a very easy life. over 12 million people that teaching them. great companies of our country, that teaching people. how to do it. it is an incredible them to watch, to give former pris or ps a second chance of life, we pass ground breaking criminal justice reform that nobody could have passed, except us. president obama tried, a lot of them tried, they could not get to passed, i got it passed.
7:56 pm
a lot of help pro-- from liberals and conservatives, biggest beneficiary is the african-american community. bibiggest beneficiary. [cheers and applause] we doubled the child tax credit, created 9,000 opportunities zones. in distress communities.
7:57 pm
you okay? it's a stunning performance by this president to focus on all that's happening in this country joining chuck schumer in alignment with the president against china. by the way, the president aligned with the government of mexico. this fellow can't be too much of a quote-unquote racist. in point of fact embracing mexico, its president, its
7:58 pm
government because of all the help they are providing america, acknowledging it, and doing so warmly. the president is against the illegality. he's for law and order. >> after the debates we see this pulling away from the values of the american people. maybe his reaction is they need to find some kind of common ground for the president. i think that's a good combination. >> i think the president is leading as we couldn't ask a lead tore do more than what this president is doing to bring people together in point of fact. >> you are absolutely right. i suspect the democrats are looking at their numbers seeing this president is making inroads into minority community and black voters are beginning to understand this president cares
7:59 pm
about the plight of minorities. lou: the reality is this president has always asserted the leadership that was not republican in point of fact. it was not traditional in the traditional sense. but he's american in a strong traditional sense, keenly supportive and protective our heritage, our values, our nation and what it means to be an american. there is an opportunity here for the democrats. whether any of the 24 candidates who would like to oppose him in
8:00 pm
2020. they might consider what happens as we hook at chuck schumer lining up on the issue of china. we thank you for being with us on this hour. good night from new york. david: president trump holding a rally in cincinnati, ohio. and hitting the democrats right off the bat. president trump: i was watching the so-called debate last night and i also watched the night before, that was long, long television. and the democrats spent more time attacking barack obama than they did attacking me practically. david: "the next revolution" host steve hilton and britt mchenry are here tonight on that. the battle over baltimore heating up.


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