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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 8, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, president trump today working to help heal two communities and a nation. the president and first lady traveling to dayton, ohio, and el paso, texas, meeting with the victims of last weekends' shooting and thanking first responders, doctors and nurses who have been caring for them. as president and first lady you were bringing comfort, the radical left was spewing venom, spewing their hate for the president, showing no regard for truth. listen to what some of the radical dimms had to say about president trump today. >> he is trying to intimidate
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this community, make us afraid of one another of our differences of the border of immigrants. he is in large part to blame for what has taken place. >> what has trump done? poured fuel on the fire. as sitting president, trump's anger, hate and divisiveness, pitting americans against one another. >> white supremacy allowed political leaders to promise to build a wall while not building hospitals, schools or infrastructure, critical for the success of all americans. >> in el paso, the terrorists, shooter, basically mimics a lot of language that president trump has used. lou: well. the smiles, from those who met with the president today, telling a far different story.
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not one of hate. but one of gratitude, some considerable pride. president and first lady, visiting the hospitals without the national press corps following. white house saying, this was about the victims, families, first responders, doctors, nurses, not a political opportunity. our first guest said that the to president has done more for people of color, all americans, than any other president before him. in light of the shootings in ohio and texas. joining me tonight, ma mar -- harmeet dhillon. the president putting up with more vicious, nasty lies from the left, than i have ever seen
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directed against 5 republican presidents. this is a period of history that the democratic party will i believe, long regret. >> lou, i think we are both veterans in commenting on these political issues. but yesterday was lowest day in in american history that my memory in terms of het rick from the left. dem thdemocrat run to zero-sum , view this as an opportunity to attack the president. that is really disgusting, out of all these people, president is only one who does not try to divide us according to race. the others, be it cory booker or beto o'rourke or joaquin castro, they are race baiting in a
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despicable way with lasting consequences. >> i think that is right headline. we have just got in president now, responding to all of the venom and just melicious untruths spewed by the left. the president reacting to suggestions on the left he was politicking today, what i they brayed like a chorus from hell. >> they should not be politicking today, sheriff brown and the mayor asked if we could go in, i said let's do it. they could not believe what they saw. they said, they had never seen anything like this, the entire hospital, no different from el paso, the hospital was i mean, everyone was so proud of the job
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they did, they did a great job, they did a great job here. then i say good-bye. i okay them in at their request. we made the tour, they could not believe it, she said it to people, he said it to people, i get on air force one. i turn on television, and then they are saying, well i don't know if it was appropriate for president and et cetera, you know same old line, they are dishonest people, that probably why he got zero president he failed as a presidential candidate. lou: president reacting, your thoughts? >> president is right. you know, he is trying to focus on the victims ask survives on, and move forward, try to brush off who the crazy democrats are doing. look, there have been many shootings under democratic presidents, inspired by bernie sanders. warren was hero of dayton shooter. and alexandria ocasio-cortez's
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wordy echoed in mouths of the antifa. you don't hear them comment on that because that is not american. i hope we're able to move beyond this period. i doubt it, seems that democrats have latched on to this in a talking way to get votes, and all that over the body of dead americans, that is disgusting. lou: there is an indecency about all this on part of the democrats. there is something indecent about so fue few republicans standing up for this president as well. frankly, i am -- i am i guess, i am anewerred to the left. their nasty, vicious lies, they are without conscious, they care neither about lives or subjects, the objects of their politics of
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personal disruption. but the republicans to lack courage, principle to stand up for this president, and to absolutely repudiate these left wingers who are doing this to our nation, to the very people of this country, not just our government, or our president. is to me, astonishing. >> well, this is not without precedent. we've seen many republican in last few years, paul ryan and others playing marcus of queensf queensberry rules, today what any sane person needs to learn from mob, you can never bend your knee to the mob and apologize to them, they will take it as a further negotiation to eliminate you. lest 24 hours, twitter took official campaign account of
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mitch mcconnell off of line because mitch mcconnell was trying to document threats again him, there is no doubt we're in an absolute digital civil war in this country. and republicans need to be prepared to stand up, fight back or live on their knees, i'm not prepared to do that. lou: you, i am still, absolutely confident most americans. twitter, google, silicon valley, big technology and the power they have put behind the left. and weaponized technology on behalf of the ri of the radical, what can this president do, what can american do to stop this? >> >> a lot of criticism from left and conservative establishment of talks of regulating the companies, my solution, take away immunity they have that other companies don't have that
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fox news does not have, that any other corporation in america has. communication decency acneds too be clarified. and also, holding companies accountable through normal standards, if lying to consumers, stealing data, breaking their own contracts with consumers, they should be able to be sued for that. lou: ha -- harmeet dhillon thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, concern about google involvement with the chinese technology company, which also identified strongly with the people's liberation army, huawei. we'll be discussing lenient punishments, if at all. for those who leak classified
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material. and those who try to over throw the president of united states james comey's fbi is still corrupt. stay with us, we'll be right back. hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
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anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. lou: republican senators marco rubio, josh holly and tom cotton
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demand answers from google about its relationship with the chinese technology company huawei. the senators concerned a start speaker con-- smart speaker concept, may be used to listen on american's personal convery conversation. and senators said they want answers by the end of the month. u.s. collected more than 27 billion dollars in tariffs from china in last year, that money is the same as the rescue programs authorized for farmers, that money going to help offset the losses for american farmers. and cover the government's bil bills.
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and budget. at least most of it. joining us, gordon chang, senior fellow at gates stone institute. your reaction to huawei, and google relationship? what happened to zte . why are we pussi footing with the chinese. >> clearly . >> you mean like amazo amazon, n opt out by the way, that is big of bezos, and amazon. >> yeah. but this is point because the chinese will listen in, they will take this information feed to their artificial intelligence systems. lou: the ones they worked on with google, that system. >> yes, that ai system, and google has been involved in the aie searc research in beijing, a
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institute in chinese capital this information is pipelined to the chinese military in china, they don't have civilian ai research. lou: they don't have civilian, they are all working for the pla, and with the pla on everything they are involved in, this i -- in this country. let's turn to strong letter sent by 3 senators, i am not criticizing the senators, i think that is terrific they sent a letter, but it amounts to nothing in response from google. >> the important point is that the u.s. government is going to do something about it everyone understands, president trump is given a direction to the entire government that you have to go after huawei to protect american networks, huawei has been surveilling everyone. and clearly its servers --
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>> then why is the come commerce department offering waivers? >> no issues have been issued, considering the break downs in trade talks, i am not so sure the waivers will go through. lou: call it a break down, i consider it more of a constructive impasse from u.s. perspective. we know that economy of people's republic of china is collapsing in point of fact. it is in deep, deep trouble as it president xi politically. we heard a lot from various chinese officials over the past weeks but very little from president xi . is there a reason for that? >> yeah, i think because he knows he is in trouble. he is responsible for hong kong, the disaster there for beijing,
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and for quote, unquote, losing america, that is the narrative in beijing. he is also for that crumbling economy, which could very well be in necessary negative territory, numbers in june and july they point, flash red, sheet on-- heis the one blamed,s policies. i think he is quiet, because he knows he is in trouble. >> and president in designating with his treasury secretary mnuchin designating china, as a currency manipulate or, the power of that brands, this president, is a genius at brands. politically, he just branded people's republic of china as a cheat. we know they are thieves. and poin point of fact, global community cannot escape that brand that is now the imprem tor
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of president xi a china. >> you can see it in the reaction, they said this will bring down the global financial system, that is an over reaction, it shows they understand the significant. -- what president trump said monday, is that united states will not be pushed around any more, we'll not show deference to chinese as previous presidents did. lou: to be specific, chinese are trying to say it was global markets. in point of fact the deterioration, chaos they spoke of is really, really centered on the chinese economy. thank you so much gordon always good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: congressman joaquin castro, doxing his own supporters and trying to harass trump donor, tweeting out names of over 40 from san antonio who maxed out their donations to president
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donald trump. one was wayne har wel who donated to castro congressional campaign and slammed how the dimms are vilifying the president. saying. i think that san antonio community needs to take a real deep look at what castro is doing, why is he doing this? -- president trump rappin wrappp his visits in dayton and el paso, he met with victim, first responders, doctors, nurses who care for those victims. the president's only public comments following his visits are these words. >> we had an amazing day. as you know we left ohio. the love, the report for the office of the presidency, it was -- i wish you could have been in
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there to see it, it was no different here, we went to the hospital, we came from the hospital. we were there a lot longer than we were anticipated to be, it was to be a quick, we met with numerous people, we met with also the doctors, the nurses, the medical staff. they have done an incredible job, both places, incredible. the enthusiasm. the love, respect and also the television -- let's see if we get something done, and republicans' to do it and democrats top d want to do it ts a great hero this man. you know who he is. that will be a -- but, what a job, you did. >> thank you, sir. >> there are a lot of heroes, a lot of people doing justi incree work. this one of the most respected
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men in law enforcement, thank you very much. >> thank you very much for president. >> president trump -- you said tha[inaudible] >> they should not be politicking today. i had it with sheriff brown, the mayor, nan to go, they asked to go in, let's do it, they could not believe what they saw, they said it to people, they have never seen anything like it. the hospital, no different from what we had in el paso. the hospital, was i mean, everyone was so proud of the job they did, they did a great job, they did a great job here. then i say good-bye, i took them in at their request. we made the tour. they could not believe it she said to people, he said to
4:23 am
people. i get to on air force one, i turn on television, and then they are saying, i don't know if it was appropriate for president to -- you know and et cetera. et cetera. same old line, they are dishonest people, that is probably why he got i think 0% he failed as a presidential candidate. we saw great people. i want to meet this hero before anything. we appreciate it. >> the president meeting with the communities, victim, first responders, all of the people, he said of whom we're so deeply appreciative of all they have done. up next, i.c.e. agents carry out one of largest immigration raids. is this the beginning of robust interior enforcement of immigration law. >> and the ever revolving door av the puerto rico government's
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av the puerto rico government's mansion 3 governors in a ♪
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lou: census bureau wants to hire non-u.s. citizens to reach they say are difficult to help. and those with permanent residents who seek citizenship, when asked if census bureau would hire illegal immigrants, a spokesperson said this, there is nowhere in our legal flexibilities that refers to people we could hire as illegal. when pressed further, spokesperson said term noncitizen does encompass anyone who is not a u.s. citizen.
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unbelievable. >> and department of justice calls the raids largis largest e work nice enforcement act in history, julian castro, used those raids as an opportunity to call for demise of immigration and customs enforcement. >> joining us, jason jones, retired captain of the texas department of public safeties intelligence, and counterterrorism division, jason good to have you with us. this is right now border seems to be changing. we know that the mexican government has sent thousands of its troops to the border for the first time to enforce their side of that border against illegal immigration, cartels who move drugs, sex trafficking. this could be the beginning of a transformational moment in
4:30 am
history, what do you think? >> i'm with you. i tell you, i just got off of the border, i was there for 3 days briefing congress men who is is happening there in trade craft that cartels are implementing against u.s. law enforcement. along that southwest border. trade craft that we're seeing like nothing before, the aim of people that have been pouring in, we have to stop. and luckily, due to two great programs that the positive has implemented, one. migration protection protocol program having a direct affect on number of people crossing. and with what he has done working with president of mexico to ask people to stay in mexico while a process is created. between the soldiers down there it has helped us tremendously, we're seeing that in numbers now. >> i'm told that numbers are rising, number of mexican troops to border are increasing, many
4:31 am
were concerned by this point we might see slippage in those numbers, and less of a commitment on obrador's part, but seems to be preserve his agreements. >> that helped, i can tell you, i was just there talking with border patrol they are believe that numbers, that should come out for those who have crossed illegally, next week, will be somewhere between 76,000 to 79,000, i know that is still a lot of folks, but remember we were at 144,000 a few months ago, the numbers are coming down. and the policies that president has put in place, are working. we're starting to see it. lou: that is absolutely heartening. we have a ways to go the numbers also compare to a year ago are dramatically higher than then. real test here will be the drugs
4:32 am
that are captured. the apprehensions of illegal immigrants. and the arrests on sex trafficking, because the border does remain porous, is it your judgment we still need a wall? does everything that has been accomplished? this a huge improvement, does it be on vi yeah, thobviate the ne. >> no, we need that wall. will walls work, we know they work, they have been working way before this president. and so, we know that walls work, we need them, i was down there seeing that first hand. i will tell you, we have to think differently in within century -- 21st century, and we need to look at mexican cartels for what they are. trying to go after these organization, operating throughout world, leveraging military grade weapon, killing so many mexican citizens this year in first 6 months they have killed over 17,000 mexican
4:33 am
citizens, 200,000 since 20007. -- 2007. lou: and when you see these recent pictures, particularly northern part of mexico, sina s- sinaloan hit squads in tact call gear. the weapon rear, they look like they are out gunning the mexican government itself. and the army. >> they are. you know since 2006, the mexican government began you know utilizing their most elite military units again the cartels, fast ford 1 forward 14
4:34 am
years, violence is worse than it has been. that is why you hear me call, say, that we must designate the car at thcartels as foreign tert organizations, and bring all homeland security enterprise to bear against this problem. lou: i believe that president is close to doing so. certainly one hopes again ms-13 and antifa, and other groups. jason jones,a always good to hae you with us, thank you so much, look forward to talking to you gain, soon. >> thank you for having me. lou: pr pfe puerto rico has a nw governor, the third governor in less than a week. wanda vasquez has been sworn in after previously saying she did not want the job.
4:35 am
hours after the court overturned swearing in of pedro perra lusi. he okay ove over last friday. we would like to hear your thoughts on all this, your comments, follow me on twitter @loudobbs. >> up next. jerry nadler's, he is a desperate fellow, he has come up with a new target as he continues to waste taxpayer money and the time of his committee. he has done nothing, nothing at all, but try to arrest this president, we'll be right back with victoria toensing and
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plan. lou: the house judiciary committee lead by nadler. nadler, demanding all of kavanaugh's records, including e-mails from national archives, they want all those papers from when kavanaugh served in white house counsel office under president bush. they tried and failed to block
4:40 am
cakavanaugh's supreme court nomination, as far as ed that lawyeed thatlawyer is concern -s concerned it never happened. -- fired for of them since 2016, judicial watch obtained those documents, show 14 employees of fbi. for leaking classified information. some of those employees were to be fired but, they have been suspended without pay. what is going on? we'll take up that very issue. with victoria toensing, a former deputy assistant attorney general, joe digenova. founding partners of the digenova & toensing law firm, great to see you, judicial watch. thank you tom fenton, chris
4:41 am
ferrel. all of the folks there. doing that work and coming up with a very sad truth. it does not look like justice to me victoria. >> no, lou, but i don't think it is over, one person named there was mccabe. they -- the description of his interview was he lacked candor, quote, unquote. lou: that is a quaint phrase, lacked candor, lying sob is that that they meant. >> your sense about this is really, spot on. only way the fbi will be reformed is through accountability of all these individuals, i think that from what we hear, coming down the pike there will be some real accounaccountaccountability, wer
4:42 am
finger crossed. you know, your instincts are on the money. it has to happen even though we have a fbi director who seems to be asleep at the wheel. lou: i cannot figure out christopher wray or the frankly, you know -- >> i can. lou: the fbi. >> i can figure him out, a jeff sessions send th syndrome, i amt going to let any dirt come out, that means i am cleaning house. i'll protect the fbi by hiding everything and then no one will know the horrible things that went on, that is what he is doing. lou: let's turn togoing after justice kavanaugh this is the stuff of evil. what jerry nadler is doing, the radical dimms bewom, the becomee
4:43 am
without consciou conscience. without foundation, denying the realities, still they attack 'president, this administration. and terms of kavanaugh, his appointee, this is evil personified in one chairman of the judiciary committee. >> well put, brett kavanaugh was confirmed by u.s. senate, that is a senate function, they said they are satisfied with him, the house of representatives through nadler saying, well we're not so sure we'd like to investigate his background when he was staff secretary for president bush. that is nonsensical, this is not a legitimate legislative purpose, this is vexacious and
4:44 am
invidious. it awful, i think they will be slapped down this material will never be turned over by national archives, they will be ordered by white house not to do it then nadler will do what we did in case of don mcgahn, he will sue to enforce his subpoena, high will lose again. >> you kept saying they were without this and without that. they are without any legal knowledge. i read parts of the briefs, these people don't know what they are talking wellingly. hire is what the law circumstance you can get don mcgahn's testimony, who was in white house only there there was a criminal trial. and what you want is at issue with that criminal trial, so where is that criminal trial? last i looked, there was no crime. lou: james comey, getting a pass, as you know i find that irksome.
4:45 am
where is durham and his investigation? i actually expected greater energy in this. i'm not -- i was about to say, i caught myself before i could misstate something myself. i am an impatient person. but this is taking a long time. >> actually, lou, it is not. >> it is not. >> it is not. no, here is why is going on. durindurham has been asked to wa miracle after 3 years of incompetence with sessions, and rod rosenstein then mueller. now, durham is being asked to mop it up. he is moving with incredible speed, he has conducted more than 50 interviews of key personnel, and i'm going to tell you tonight, that james comey, and a lot of others will be sadsom come september, it will be a
4:46 am
wonderful time for country for acuaccountability, and a bad tie for a lot of former obama people who broke the law. >> but we now have a justice department that is behaving professionally. >> yep. lou: in the interest of american people, i can't wait for september. thank you very much victoria toensing and joe deven va. digenova. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, option that voters fine more appealing be that half of the democratic 2020 presidential field. we'll have this and more right after this quick break. stay with us, i mean. look at beto, like a natural leader to me. natural, well, we'll have more on that. right after the break. stay with us. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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lou: new "quinnipiac poll" finds 12 of dems 2020 hopefuls are polling at 0%. that is not good, they are polling lower than 10% of voters who say they don't know amongst these dems who they would vote for. that quite a category. and 1% of voters who would not vote at all.
4:51 am
it may be time in fact for those candidates to reconsider their -- well ther there their presidl aspirations. >> frank -- spewing speechous nonsense on nbc's air. nbc not objecting it was directed at president trump. listen to the connection between the had the's act of mourning and his order to fly our flags at half-staff for 5 days, and nazi. >> president said that we will fly our flags at half-mast. until august 8. that is 8-8, the numbers 8-8 are significant in neo-nazi and
4:52 am
white su supremacy movement, because the letter h is the eighth letter in the alphabet, to them, 8--8 to them is heil hitler. lou: that fel fellow is stone cd peculiar. i don't know him. i would not want to. he is talk about just -- >> unhinged. lou: white a whack job. >> hea let me tell you who appod him at fbi that is robert mueller, he has been on hsnbc for last two and a half years, spouting to russia collusion, but they keep him employed. now he has a trump derangement
4:53 am
sisyndrome which is a pandemic there and he is doing num errol- numerology this crazy stuff. lou: he left something out, going through that pure bs. i love the way they challenged him. and followed up with their critical judgment as he did so. president obama called for 5 days of half-mast flags across the nation after sandy hook. as did this president. this time. after this weekend's mass shootings, they forgot to mention that. >> of course they did. msnbc in general ran a kyron yesterday that said that mass shootings were trump inspired terrorism. nicole wallace said a lie on tv yesterday that the president
4:54 am
wanted to eraticate. the hispanic population, she had to apologize, i watched her today, she said that president was a white supremacist, and people who support him are racist and white supremacists, what is eron ironic, these lefts are those calling for a calm and a healing of the nation, and their rhetoric is most divisive and hate filled that i have ever seen. lou: democratic party has become the party of hate, there is no doubt, they are embracing every unprincipled political possibility one could imagine. it is -- calling names. going through all of this nonsense. attacking the president personally. their politics of personal
4:55 am
destruction will destroy that party. >> it will, i think that average american understands what is go on. and they are tuning out mainstream media, 69 % of american public lost faith in mainstream news media that includes 75% of independents. lou: you know, sometimes, ignorancey is own reward. we'll see what happens to them. kelly sadler, thank you, we'll be right back. >> thank you, lou. this was me six years ago... and this is me now! i got liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. then i won the lottery, got hair plugs, and started working out. and so can you!
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lou: the dow down 22. but 567 points higher than its knowledge intraday low. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. president trump slamming joe biden saying sleepy joe isn't quite what he used to be. president trump: you know, joe is a pretty incompetent guy. i watched his interviews and watched what he said and how he said it. i wouldn't have rated it very
5:00 am
high in the first place. but joe biden truly lost his fastball, that i can tell you. lou: that's it for us tonight. go cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories. the trade war of words continues. president trump hitting back at china, calling it an anchor weighing on the u.s. economy. a brand-new report shows that beijing's exports and imports were better than expected. what does this mean for any possible deal happening. rob.lauren: two massive fitness plans are under fire today because the chairman plans to hold a fundraiser for president trump. how the white house is responding. cheryl: from tvs to toilets, seems like every appliance has a smart feature. are the extra perks worth it? lauren: speaking of choice, whether you prefer


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