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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 8, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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high in the first place. but joe biden truly lost his fastball, that i can tell you. lou: that's it for us tonight. go cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories. the trade war of words continues. president trump hitting back at china, calling it an anchor weighing on the u.s. economy. a brand-new report shows that beijing's exports and imports were better than expected. what does this mean for any possible deal happening. rob.lauren: two massive fitness plans are under fire today because the chairman plans to hold a fundraiser for president trump. how the white house is responding. cheryl: from tvs to toilets, seems like every appliance has a smart feature. are the extra perks worth it? lauren: speaking of choice, whether you prefer coffee or
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wine, new studies may have you sipping more of the good stuff. it is thursday, august 8th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ this is the night. ♪ we can a arrive. ♪ into the summertime state of mind. ♪ ride until the finish line. ♪ lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: let's take a look at how your money is moving this morning. futures are in the green, dow gaining 41 points, s&p up 6 and-a-half, nasdaq up 26. cheryl: this after yesterday, the dow swung 633 points at its widest span yesterday. it closed down just 22 and-a-half points. lauren: unbelievable. and the yield on the 10 year treasury right now is making a
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little bit of a comeback, gaining 4 basis points this morning, 1.73%. cheryl: the flight to safety to gold has continued all week. a little bit of pressure on the contracts this morning, still above $1,500 and oil hitting a seven month low yesterday. oil is actually higher by almost 3% right now. lauren: saudi arabia is trying to talk up the price, relief rally in asia. the biggest gainer is the kospi -- is the shanghai composite in china, gaining just about 1%. they had surprisingly positive data on exports last month. cheryl: the brexit battle continues with a key figure speaking today out of brussels. we see green arrows across the board. lauren: it's all about trade, the trade war with china dominating headlines once again this morning. more tough talk coming from president trump. he says that china is, quote, killing us with unfair trade
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deals and the stock market will ultimately go much higher. the president calling china an anchor that is weighing on the u.s. economy. cheryl: this comes in lock step with beijing's currency falling to the lowest level since 2008 and as the u.s.-china trade r war ramps up, new data shows china's imports of u.s. goods fell 8% a year ago, that was an improvement from a 31% plunge in june. lauren: we get the latest from edward lawrence in washington. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of movement within china, possibly signaling this could be a prolonged trade dispute. chinese sources tell us that they believe 10% tariffs will be imposed on september 1st on an additional $300 billion worth of imports coming into the united states. china is also preparing, according to our sources in china, for 10% tariffs to become 25% tariffs because china will
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not buy u.s. agriculture. government officials are at an annual retreat. one idea is to further support foreign companies in china, but not just from the u.s. the china economy is still slowing, president trump is looking at this, believing china will need a deal. >> thousands and thousands of companies are leaving china now because of the tariffs and we're in a very good position as to whether or not a deal will be made, i will tell you this, china would like to make a deal very badly. >> reporter: a senior administration official tells me u.s. technology firms are selling to huawei under a temporary general license which expires august 1 a fifth. the process started for companies to get a new license to sell after august 15th. the decisions are at least three weeks away. as firms sell to huawei, a new rule in effect next week will
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bar federal agencies from buying from huawei. zte and three other chinese tech firms as well. the rules ban any service as well as video security and telecommunications equipment made by the companies. the rule will extend to government contractors in august of 2020. the u.s. and china are positioning to see which side will blink first and offer concessions to a trade deal once it appears unlikely there will be a trade deal this year. cheryl: gop senators want answers from google about the company's work on a smart speaker with huawei for the u.s. markets. marco rubio, josh holly and tom cotton say they're concerned about possible eavesdropping by the chinese. lauren: let's take a look at lyft shares this morning. the stock is rallying right now in premarket trading after the company's second quarter revenue jumped 72% from a year ago, stock up 5 and-a-half percent right now. lyft raised the sales guidance
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for this current quarter. ridership grew more than 40%. lyft says the price war with uber was easing. cheryl: your next lyft ride may cost you money. the company raised prices in june in multiple cities. they said the hike may hit more cities soon. lauren: the riders don't like that but i guess it makes sense for the company. they are expected to post a quarterly loss despite recent price increases. analysts looking for growth with their popular uber eats. cheryl: uber wants to be your source for bus and train particular he's. the company is joining forces with cities in the u.s., canada and britain. lauren: president trump praising the cities of dayton and el paso overnight after meeting the men and women affected by the horrific shooting. cheryl: not everyone was happy
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to see the president, as reagan reports. >> reporter: president trump met with victims and first responders in dayton and el paso. but the reception he received from locals was mixed. out, trump, hay that's how el po protesters greeted the president in spanish. >> i hope air force one may have some of its cameras on. trump, you are not welcome in this community. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: but the el paso republican party wanted the president to know they support him. >> there are tens and tens and tens of thousands of people in el paso that appreciate the president coming to as we say here in spanish to share his condolences. it is the proper thing to do. we are thankful for him to do that. >> reporter: president trump praised first responders during a visit to the emergency operation center. >> the whole world knows what a
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job you did. >> reporter: he also visited dayton where he met with first responders and victims. he tweeted it was a warm and wonderful visit, tremendous enthusiasm and even love. >> the mayor and i asked the president to move to bring the senate back in session, to say he wants the background check bill on the floor. >> reporter: dayton's mayor reacted to the president's visit. >> we reiterated the importance of action around these issues and guns, the people of dayton are waiting for action from washington, d.c. >> reporter: the president met with glen oakly who is hailed as a hero for leading children out of the walmart during the el paso shooting. cheryl: in the wake of the shootings, president trump recall reportedly had a phone conversation with the nra chief executive yesterday. the washington post is reporting
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he told trump that endorsing tougher background checks would not be popular with his voter base. lauren: meanwhile, there is this. white collar walmart workers walked out yesterday afternoon to protest walmart's gun policies. workers at the e-commerce offices in portland, oregon and san bruno, california want walmart to stop selling guns and end donations to politician whose receive funding from the nra. cheryl: we showed you the jump in oil price at the top of the show. there is a new warning in the persian gulf. lauren: there sure is. tracee carrasco has the details. tracee: u.s. officials believe iran is using gps jammers to confuse commercial ships into traveling through iranian waters. iran then allegedly using the opportunity to attempt seizing the ships, this comes as iran is accused of seizing three tankers and shooting down a u.s. navy
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spy drone in international waters. puerto rico has its third governor in less than a week. the u.s. territory secretary of justice wanda vasquez was sworn into office yesterday. this comes as the island supreme court ruled in last week's swearing in was unconstitutional. ricardo rossello appointed karaluso days before stepping down. broadcom is nearing a deal to buy semantics enterprise business. according to the wall street journal, the deal could be announced as early as today. it could value semantics' division at around $10 billion. this comes after broadcom's attempt to purchase all of semantics fell through. a new study says that late night cup of coffee won't keep you up. the city d study shows that cafe before bedtime doesn't impact how long it takes to fall asleep or lead to a tough night but
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nicotine and alcohol used four hours before bedtime were both associated with bad sleep and that is what's happening now. cheryl: my family drinks coffee with dinner, sometimes after dinner, myself as well and i have no problems sleeping. lauren: my mothers says she can't have a sip of caffeine after 2:30 in the afternoon. thank you. let's check in with your money after a very volatile day yesterday. some stabilization again this morning which is exactly what we saw yesterday before all the carnage. dow up 68, a quarter of 1%, nasdaq up 35, a half of 1% this morning. still ahead, president trump digging in his heels in the ongoing trade war with china. will beijing blink before the president is forced to take even more action? social media under fire once again, but there is one company making big changes to ensure that your data is secure. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.."
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cheryl: social media is under fire again over private concerns. this forced instagram to cut dies with one of its partners. they say hyper has been improperly collecting data and
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using it to build detailed profiles of users' move machines and -- movements and their interests. instagram says the firm violated its privacy policies and they kicked it off the platform. hyper is denying they broke any rules. lauren: president trump standing his ground against china and the escalating trade battle. the president says he is confident the u.s. economy is strong enough to withstand any retaliation but for how long? we bring in tori whiting, an economist at the heritage foundation. tori, good morning. >> good morning. lauren: how long does this go on? do you think the president goes through with the 10% tariff on $300 million september 1st. >> it's clear that the president is wanting to move forward with those tariffs and what's really unique about this situation versus others in terms of the trade war is that china did not wait for the tariffs to be imposed to retaliate in terms of announcing they ar not going toe
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doing ag purchases anymore and who knows what is next. there is definitely a significant escalation. what is getting missed in owl of the discussion is what does this mean for the american people. lauren: higher prices for things. and then we have this report out of china this morning that shows unexpectedly their exports grew 3.3% in july. what do you make of that? is that because of the weaker currency there or what? >> well, i think the currency is kind of set aside from this. what's mostly i would imagine happening is that china is finding other export markets just like the united states is finding other export markets to try and make up some of the difference when it comes to things not getting traded with one another. for soybeans, the u.s. is trying to sell more for the eu. that doesn't make up for the losses with china but at least helps with some things. lauren: hhelp.lauren: help usf
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this. what is the end goal? we find our own supply chains that don't rely on one another? how long does this go on for. >> i think the strategy should be resolving the issues. trade mutually beneficial for the people of both countries. strategy is decoupling, i think that is donald trum troublesomee future of the u.s. economy. it will be a slow and painful process for the supply chains to be changed. that doesn't sit well with us in terms of productivity, efficiency and competitive prices. lauren: in the meantime, are we stuck with the 2%, the obama-style growth that the economy saw where we were looking at 4, potentially 5% before all this. >> president trump should absolutely be paying attention to the growth numbers. it is not a coincidence that these growth numbers are low following a year and-a-half or
5:18 am
so of his trade policy. when you have deregulation the way it's been and tax policy the way it's been under this administration, the clear outlier is a turn away from free trade. if we could get that changed, i think we could see the growth get back up to a good place. lauren: final question, remaining 20 seconds here. what is one thing the u.s. or china could do to just restart negotiations and potentially get something done. a lot of people are saying president trump should say we're not going to go through the with 10% tariff. >> i think that would be a great start. i think both sides need to lower their weapons and agree to restart talks in good faith. lauren: tori whiting, thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: well, the holiday shopping season may be a little more crazy than usual for amazon. fed ex is close to severing ties with the company, saying it will stop delivering amazon packages through ground network at the end of the month.
5:19 am
fed ex already said they're shipping the air contract with amazon in the united states. amazon is building their own delivery network. now they must find a new way to deliver packages, calling ups or the postal service. lauren: the 10 year treasury is holding 1.7%, and dow futures are higher. we're seeing gains from when we started the show, now up 83, nasdaq up 41, s&p tacking on 11 this morning. coming up, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell harassed by death threats outside his home. now he's the one being punished. big tech's latest controversial crackdown. and good news for wine lovers, why you may want to pour yourself another glass right away. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ everybody with their glasses up and i'll drink to that. ♪ yeah, yeah.
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lauren: twitter locked mitch mcconnell's campaign account for posting a video of protesters outside his kentucky home. the campaign manager said in a statement this is a problem with speech police in america today. twitter will allow the words of massacre mitch to trend nationally on their platform but locks our account for posting actual threats against us. twitter says the campaign's account will remain locked until the video of the protesters is deleted. meanwhile, there's this. the white house will host top tech companies tomorrow to discuss the rise of violent extremism online.
5:24 am
it's unclear if president trump will attend. it's also unknown at this point which technology companies will be present. cheryl: sticking with the president, lauren, he is not letting up his attacks on the federal reserve. mr. trump tweeted again, our problem is the federal reserve is too proud to admit their mistake of acting too fast and tightening too much. and that i was right. they must cut rates bigger and faster and stock their ridiculous quantitative tight owning now. ownen now. -- tightening now. rebecca, i need to start with a couple facts about the president's tweet. first off, the fed last month announced they are going to be ending and have ended quantitative tightening so the president is actually wrong on that. we should add that the two-year and 10 year note is the narrowisnarrowest since april o. this goes into the politics of the trade war and some of the misrepresentations that are happening right now. >> yeah, cheryl, i totally agree with you you.
5:25 am
the president wants an accomodative monetary policy like he believes barack obama got and his economy's been so good that the fed hasn't needed to do that so he's been pushing them because he has seen -- obviously, he wants to escalate the trade war, he wants to make china an issue, he wants to get what he believes is a much better, fairer deal for america and in order to get that he needs a more accomodative monetary policy when the world is reacting and slowing down as a result. cheryl: this goes back to the age-old he question here that we've been debating all week, is it really what's affecting the global markets, is it the federal reserve banks around the world or the trade war with china that's got most global investors pretty nervous. >> it's the cart before the horse or vice versa. they're both so interconnected and related. this is the first president who has taken on china and what he believes are unfair trade
5:26 am
practices, being treated a treay as a third world country but surpassing us in some cases with the gross national product they produce. cheryl: china's economy is slowing down. the import/export data, imports are down for china. when you look at what's happening with the chinese, they can control their currency. there is nothing the president or anybody can do about that. >> yeah, i mean, being a currency manipulator is a very specific label that comes with a lot of repercussions. and again, this is the administration that has the gumption to label them as stuff, with steve mnuchin calling them that. absolutely, cheryl, this is another thing that china has that the united states needs to look at and actually call out.
5:27 am
let's call it out. cheryl: rebecca, we've got some earnings coming out, we already had lyft, we're going to get uber, maybe things can change. i'm trying to be hopeful as we talk about our markets. rebecca, thank you very much. >> free market. cheryl: free markets, i love it. thanks, rebecca. lauren: under attack, backlash over the brand chairman of two massive fitness chains because of his ties to president trump. the boycotts that are brewing this morning. and how one sandwich chain wants to do something about meat balls. it has something to do with the meat part. they've got a beef with that. who it is, coming up. ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa, i just want to feel this moment. ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa. ♪ i just want to feel this moment. ♪
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cheryl: the chair pman of the
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company that owns equinox fitness clubs and soul cycle has reportedly come under fire for being a trump supporter. steven ross is throwing a fundraiser for the president in the ha hamptons tomorrow night. people have been canceling their memberships after they heard about it. this comes after joaquin castro posted a list of san antonio trump supporters on twitter. one of those supporters talk to fox news digital about the post. >> i'm not upset about being advertised. i'm upset about being advertised for the purpose of interfering or having problems in my own business and my own personal life. what was he hoping for, that maybe one of us would get shot? i don't know. lauren: what was the motive behind releasing the names? joining me now is siri kim and
5:32 am
robin bu byro. robin, what was the motive behind releasing the names because it seems it's awfully dangerous personally but also politically for some of these candidates and politicianses. >politicians.>> it certainly isi wouldn't have taken, not one i stand behind. this of course has been said it's public information so they did share it publicly. it doesn't technically fit the definition of docking. if there was a motive behind it, it those have been financial, the same way for example when laura abraham in many people's eyes crossed the line with david hog and he called for a boycott of advertisers. i think that's what they're going for is a boycott of businesses because they're owned by trump supporters. that's the best i can figure. lauren: i want you to respond to that and also if you talk about if you wear a m a aga,
5:33 am
make a america great again hat, you too are targeted for being a trump supporter, so it works the other way too. >> congressman joaquin castro has clearly made a fatal error pour twfor two reasons. one, he outed his own donors. these individuals donated to him and his brother over years in texas. what he's trying to do is make people go after private citizens for he donating and i think whatever the democratic party wants to say about the process, the one thing that robin and i can finally agree upon is this is not okay. and two, as it relates to punching a man to the point he has to go to the hospital because he wears a hat, free and open society and a democracy in the united states should work both ways and it is the selective morality of the liberal elite and individuals who protest places like soul
5:34 am
cycle because it doesn't work for them that only they get to have an opinion and not people like me and not people like the man who wore a maga hat. lauren: we all in this country get to have our opinions but the way we showcase them is often big question mark and getting violent lately. i want to talk about this. the presidential candidates are descending on iowa for the next couple days. former vice president joe biden and the montana governor steve bullock, they kick it off today. as you can see, this event goes through tuesday with pete buttigieg. one person who will not be in iowa today, new york city mayor bill de blasio. he took time last night to talk to sean hannity about his tax plan. watch. >> for folks who make over $2 million income -- >> 70%. >> 70%. >> when you combine everything. >> that means they get to keep 30%. >> you take 70-cents out of every dollar. corporations, what is the top marginal rate for corporations that you want.
5:35 am
>> right now it is way too low. >> give me a number, a ballpark. >> ballpark, between 40 and 50%. lauren: robin, this is more left than any of the other candidates. how desperate is the mayor? >> well, the good news about that is we really don't have to worry about him. he's not qualified in either of the two polling metrics to make the next debate. he polled last in public opinion on both polls for both debates. look, he's only got 7,000 of the 130,000 necessary donor, unique individual donors to meet the criteria. it's a nonstart. his tax plan is -- elizabeth warren's plan makes more sense to me than his does. lauren: so we can count de blasio out. on the left, there is a very strong narrative that if you make money in this country, the government is going to take it from you. >> yes, i think mayor bill dis blas yow is important because he -- bill de blasio is important
5:36 am
because he runs the largest city in the world. he has a management problem, not a money problem. as he was mayor of new york sticks he gave his wife $850 million of new york city taxpayer money for mental health initiative and when questioned about the democratically run new york council, they could not think of a single accomplishment. and two, mayor bill de blasio whos was also campaign manager for hillary clinton in 2016, gave the new york city school system $773 million. so he wants to take your money for programs he likes that don't work at all. that's the voice. lauren: thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: well, maryland congressman he'll locongressmans an offer for president trump. >> you know what i want president trump to come to my district. i want him to -- oh, god i want him to come, so bad.
5:37 am
>> have you spoken to him? have you asked him. >> no, i can't get to him. so you all are doing a good job of that, put that in your editorials. i want him to come. i want him to come. i want him to an come and look t entire city. i'll ride with him for hours if he will. cheryl: the president criticized the city and he was called racist for his comments. video from 1999 resurfaced which showed cummings calling the city drug-infested. lauren: i have great news for wine lovers everywhere. there's a new study from columbia and boston university, it says moderate wine drinkers have lower mortality rates than heavy or nondrinkers. it looked at data from 8,000 americans over 16 years. they say it's not clear if the alcohol consumption was
5:38 am
responsible or if it was due to other factors. cheryl: like stress. lauren: like stress. cheryl: okay. well, after yesterday's 600 point plus swing on the dow, a lowe've got green arrows on this thursday. we'll see if this holds. the story really changed yesterday. can't make promises about this. the dow is up 71, s&p up 10 and a quarter, nasdaq up 40. still ahead, more trouble for boeing, another one of its jets may be vulnerable thanks to the software. and two words, bacon intern. could be the opportunity of a lifetime, folks. we're going to tell you about it. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ because all i need is a beauty and a beat. ♪ who can make my life complete. ♪ (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage.
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lauren: more potential trouble for boeing, this time for the 787 dream liner. a security researcher reportedly leaked code that could allegedly allow someone to get into a restricted part of the plane's network and control its flight controls, its sensors and entertainment system. boeing denies the claims, adding it has run tests on the potential flaws a that consistent funder the plane's network is not vulnerable to hacking or security risk. cheryl: let's get you caught up
5:42 am
on global market action right now. dow futures after yesterday's swing, we've got green numbers, dow up 77, s&p up 11, nasdaq up 42 and a quarter. now to asia, as the trade war continues between the u.s. and china, a little bit of a recovery on some good china data coming out of their economy. the nikkei, the shanghai, kospi all green. in europe, a lot going on in europe today. do you have green across the board. let's bring in ranko barrett. there's a lot going on. first, let's start with liz trust and her l colleagues in the u.s. trying to make this sell to the trump administration that any type of brexit deal would be good for the u.s., u.k. trade relations. also, you've got the fact that boris johnson is still pushing for what could be a pretty hard exit out of the eu for you. what's the market reaction this morning? >> i think liz's trip to the states is a nice distraction
5:43 am
from brexit, basically. will a u.s. and u.k. trade deal be good for both countries? absolutely. look, it isn't ratified yet. the rat phi cas ratification ofl with the u.k. would be many months in the future. what we're looking at for sterling is just the brexit, wil we leave with a deal on october third and if not -- october 31st and if not how significant will sterling's losses be. cheryl: let's talk about global interest rates. the philippines just cut their interest rate by a quarter point. central banks around the world are doing this, it's a dangerous road, whether it's japan, france, germany, switzerland. these are negative rates in these countries. and then the fed here is cutting rates, china adding stimulus. isn't this banks giving themselves little room, if no room to move?
5:44 am
>> absolutely. i think the interesting thing is that the fed actually, even though they're dealing with the most room to cut in terms of the fact that interest rates in the states are generally higher than elsewhere, actually the fed in practical terms will be constrained by the strong u.s. labor market and the fact that inflation is coming up toward target in the us. the problem is going to be that the fed will struggle to ease as much as the global central banks. as a result, you you'll see the dollar remain very strong and that's a political problem in the states. so really it's going to be a very controversial topic over the next six months where the fed will struggle to take the heat out of the dollar. cheryl: we have been debating the dollar in this country for days, and of course the fed's role in all of this and it's going to certainly continue. thank you for joining us out of london. lauren: speaking of dollars, if you wanted to plan a trip to europe, now might be the right time. cheryl: stronger dollar, tracee carrasco. tracee: that is right. jetblue is adding europe to
5:45 am
its destinations. the air line's ceo said flights from the u.s. will begin in 2021 and said fares will be dramatically lower. netflix making another big deal for content. the award winning creators of game of thrones have signed an exclusive deal with the streamer to write, produce and direct new series and films. hbo, ham so amazon and disney we among the suiters. in the end, netflix scored the powerful pair. meatless meat balls, subway is teaming up for a beyond meat ball sub. they will be available in locations across the country and in canada starting in september. if you love bacon, we've got an internship for you. one lucky person is going to earn $1,000 to spend the day eating bacon. the internship is being offered
5:46 am
by california burger chain farmer boy. the person chosen will need to taste test the company's bacon dishes for an eight hour shift. you can apply on instagram, saying why you're the best person for the job. that's what's happening now. could you do it, eight hours? cheryl: no. but thanks for the story anyway. lauren: i could. thanks, tracee. coming up, how much smart do we need in our lives? a smart vape? a smart toilet? are smart gadgets really making us dumb? and thursday night football is back. the nfl preseason kicks off tonight. we've got all the matchups when we return on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i really want to love somebody. ♪ i really want to dance the night away. ♪ i know we're only halfway there. it's part of being human. sonoma county declared a homeless emergency in 2018.
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cheryl: frustrations boiled over in the baltimore orioles dugout. lauren: jared max has the store. jared: the baltimore orioles can't get out of their own way. not only did they get beaten at their home park a 1 15th straight game. new york had five more home runs. they had 52 this year. in the fifth inning baltimore's manager said something in the dugout that craz chris davis dit like and he went after the manager. he said things happen in competitive environments. the nfl preseason kicks into full swing, 11 games tonight. saturday, the raiders host the rams. oakland will not have antonio
5:51 am
brown. he is set to make the raiders debut but brown has a foot injury. he suffered extreme frostbite last month in france. he used a cryo therapy chamber, burned his feet badly. you're at a baseball game, you're holding a baby, a foul ball comes your way, what do you do. this phillies fan did it all. he showed reflexing reflexes tht make him a goalie. i would love to see the reaction maybe from mom. cheryl: or say that's not safe to hold a bay di an baby and cal ball at the same time. there's that. people are getting injuries at baseball games lately. jared: eight of the 30 teams with the netting. cow boys are going to bay this weekend. d a ak, they've got an offer on the table for him.
5:52 am
ezekiel elliott may not play unless he gets a new contract this season. cheryl: we have 11 games? jared jared: 11 games going on tonight. the redskins broadcast will be interactive and fans have an opportunity to win money by predicting what happens in the game. something new, we'll see more in sports. lauren: jared, thank you. you can catch jared's sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7, on sirius xm 115. watch "mornings with maria" today. she's interviewing three time mlb vp alex rodriguez, coming up 8:30 eastern time. cheryl: smart gadgets are everywhere from your bathroom to your refrigerator. is smart tech making us less smart? we'll break it down when "fbn: a.m." returns. ♪ what a girl wants. ♪ what a girl needs. ♪ whatever keeps me in your arms. ♪ i'm thanking you for gibbing
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ifor giving itto me. this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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>> looking to make your vaping little smarter, jewel c1, app to
5:56 am
check out, how often you are using it, how much vapor you're taking in and find it when it's lost. lauren: is this the smart device that we really need? too much smart, bring in the smart. pressure is on. >> i often joke about the stupidity of my smart home, i have smart lights that come on at certain times of the day, lightal -- door light and i think in some cases we've gone a little too far. i saw the alexa-enabled kitchen facet. but we are seeing not just -- we like to talk about smart devices, the internet device,
5:57 am
smart toilet. cheryl: we love the devices, intrusion in our lives is what we worry about. >> you can check in on your kids and see them when you're away, if you can do that, so can anybody else. some of the things are a good idea, a smart toothbrush, sounds lame, when you think about it from a perspective it's going to tell you, hey, you're on track, you've been brushing your teeth properly all week, that's great, give this information to your dentist and say, yes, i am flossing. lauren: every part of our body and our lives are into technology that's monitoring that we do everything perfectly? >> right. lauren: it's weird, i know how
5:58 am
to brush my teeth. >> there's privacy people that -- privacy experts that are concerned with amount of data. right now being used to sell you more stuff, what happens to your insurance company, we know that you didn't brush your tooth last week, we will raise. lauren: you ate too much sugar. cheryl: couple of years ago we were talking about credit cards being stolen and hacked, now more valuable for hack tore sell health records, they are now more valuable on the black web -- >> dark web. cheryl: dark web, than your credit cards. >> credit cards have become in terms of stealing them, it's like oh, well, how many gotten the replacement card in the mail without asking for it, 10 million people's numbers are stolen, here is a new credit card, that's where that's gotten
5:59 am
to. cheryl: one thing that will say, i wear the smart watch, monitor sleep, workout, it really does let me know how i'm doing, that's personal gratification. >> absolutely. i wear the apple watch, i monitor my workouts, i can see my heart rate if it's going on, what's going on here, too much coffee. lauren: i want to go to smart jewel, e-cigarette, why would jewel be doing something like that? >> that's a great question and i don't have an answer for it. i don't understand it. the jewel situation would make more sense to me, you can use this app to help you cut back on nicotine intake and monitor how much you're actually using, you're overdoing it and there i would see it, health benefit of helping you help yourself but other than that, are people losing them and need bluetooth devices.
6:00 am
cheryl: remember catch him at fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115. maria: mornings with maria. good morning. maria: happy thursday to you, i'm maria bartiromo, thursday august 8th, your top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. markets pointing to higher opening this morning, futures up 77 points on dow industrials, coming after wild wall street, nasdaq, s&p able to come back from sharp losses to tend day in the green yesterday. dow finished slightly lower after 2.6% plunge earlier in session. oil sliding into bear market territory yesterday, reports that saudi arabia is discussing options with other produce toaster send a decline and u.s.-china trade turmoil once again, president trump saying thousands of companies are leaving china due to tariffs and china would like to make a deal badly as the u.s. moves to ban hauwei and other chinese companies from government contract. boycotts over support of president trump,


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