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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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food she be wants. she goes out of her way for a taco bell. >> you have to drive an hour to get to a taco bell. david: that does it for "bulls and bears." liz: stocks closing out the week slightly on the down side. president trump goes after hollywood liberals and celebrities over the boycott of seoul cycle and he can question knox. the president said hollywood is doing a disservice to the country. after protesters shouted threats of murder and violent threats outside of mitch mcconnell's kentucky home. an msnbc guest receives i want
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pitchforks' outside the home. the san antonio, texas voter wrongfully outed by joaquin castro speaks about how he's forced to review emergency measures with his family because of castro's tweet. should castro be held accountable if anyone is harmed? to nancy pelosi and an entourage of democrats campaigning in central america. they are there injured cutting and slamming president trump's border policies, including attacking trump's deal with guatemala. they are saying that in guatemala. a deal that would take in asylum seekers. is this the democrat plan all along? maybe new voters?
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richard trunka in his criticism of the i.c.e. raids at the meat plant in mits reveals dcial revs immigrants are union workers. this same meat company, a plant in mississippi was hit with a government lawsuit for racial, physical and sexual harassment of the immigrant workers. we'll go deeper into how they help' members. newly released documents from the justice department raising more questions. what did fbi officials know and when did they know it about how biased christopher steele was. he said he was desperate that trump lose before the fbi got surveillance warrants. what christopher steele really
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feared. i am elizabeth macdonald, the evening edit starts right now. welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business network. edward? >> president trump walking off of air force one, about to get on marine one. you can see the doors open on the helicopter. he's going to head to his resort in bedminster, new jersey. he says he hopes the chinese delegation will come to the united states in september for planned meetings. the u.s. dem nation is work on those plans hoping they will come also. the president today you having the ante saying no government department will buy from huawei. president trump: we are not doing business with huawei it's
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simpler not to do any business with huawei. >> reporter: the government contractors in august of 2020. the president made that decision after the chinese promised to buy agriculture. those agriculture buys never came through. no substantial purchases were made, signaling to farm belts republicans that's enforcement must be a goal. >> negotiating the enforcement provisions of the china deal is very, very important. president xi said he would start buying more agricultural products. he has not done it. reporter: also being able to protect intellectual property of american companies. the president saying he would like to see a full-point rate cut to help american companies compete in the global
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marketplace. '. and help american companies globally. liz: the federal open market committee meeting will happen right after the september tariffs take effect. 7 house republicans sending a letter to the house ethics committee asking it to investigate democrat joaquin castro for naming and shaming trump donors in his district. the allegation from these guys who want that ethics complaint investigation, their first amendment rights were affected here. trump donors say they are being harassed. the owner of an oil company in san antonio, texas being told, we hope you burn in hell and your business goes with us.
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another trump don'tor says he and his family are worried about their safety. >> we are together as a family and talked about situational wareness. talked about exit strategy. avoiding and exiting conflict. talked about staying low. staying close to home. and just being at our very highest senses. liz: six of the castro donors castro tried to shame, also gave money to castro and his brother julian. now they are scared and they are getting attacked. should castro be held accountable? >> i don't know if he's legally accountable, the information is public. but he certainly weaponized and used it against them. same way, i'm a newspaper man. i print something that's public knowledge, it's hard to see how
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you can be held accountable it's a cruddy, nasty thing to do. and it was done to have this effect, have people write nasty things to these donors. liz: his own constituents. the "new york times" said "trump opponents want to name his big donors," his supporters say it's harassment. to go back on a more serious level, the 1950 supreme court case. the state of alabama wanted the list of naacp supporters. they were afraid to give it to them because they thought their members might be lynched. there has been a long debate over this on how much of this should be public. i think neighbor raise the limit, if you give $100 you are
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not listed, but if you give a lot more. it's also not the first time of. the guy from theville a was outed and so were mormons. liz: critics are saying it's shocking a congressman is doing this. >> it may not be illegal. liz: pelosi and democrats cam name central maish america. he -- in central america. she says she need more information about the president's deal with guatemala. she describes that as a difficult challenge to the guatemalans and it's shameful what's happening in guatemala. >> she says she needs more information. but she didn't need more information before shy of denounced the system. the democrats there be against
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anything that's helps the border. if the democrats care about places like guatemala, what they need is a freer, more prosperous, the president negotiated. they think they used to claim to be tough on trade. if we get this deal things could be more hopeful. it's designed do this. iran was and much more of a threat to the united states than guatemala. they have snow solutions to the board. one solution on the democratic debate was free healthcare for anyone anyone who wants to come in here illegally. liz: what does it say to the people of guatemala when they see a powerful dem crafts krat coming in there. the president had to get that deal done with guatemala via tariffs. >> they are in a tough situation
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it's not at wealthy country. liz: are they going to take border security seriously? >> i'm not sure mrs. pelosi will have a lot of effect on guatemala and policy. i think they are more concerned about the president. i think they are more concerned about pleasing the president than mrs. pelosi. maybe that will change if she has a bill focused on guatemala. liz: we are early in the process for 2020 and all of this is happening now. >> we had two years of russian agent, now it's white supremacists, then hate latinos. we'll get a lot of that in the next couple months. liz: the markets closing lower after a rocky week. we are sticking around june levels.
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jacky deangelus is on the floor of the stock exchange with more. reporter: all three indices are lower for the day and the week as investors grapple with china and trade worries. a new document showed the national highway traffic administration may be preparing a formal investigation into tesla and its driver assistance system auto pilot. the company calls it business as usual. also take a look at bear stocks dciad alook at bayer stocks tod. those claims having to do with roundup, an herbcide that some
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believe have carcinogenic properties. liz: we'll talk to the u.s. attorney who helped coordinate the i.c.e. raids in mississippi. what really happened as the democrats and media miss the big story. physical assaults of workers at those plants. and the the illegals are union members. christopher steele said he desperately wanted trump to lose. was that noted in the fbi warrant information to do surveillance on the trump campaign?
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liz: iran reportedly using gps jammers to trick ships into going into iranian waters so iran can seize them.
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reporter: vessels have been warned about iran jamming their gps devices and trying to lure them into iranian waters. the new warning comes three weeks after iranians seize the british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz. iran seized another oil taker sunday. today a cruise ship company announced it was canceling trips to the region until further notice. the united states wants other countries to join a coalition to protect shipping i shipping in n gulf. >> i think we'll continue to get updates and provide which
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countries are participating on a routine basis. reporter: but so forfar only one nation, the united kingdom has joined the coalition publicly. iran's newly sanctioned foreign minister says international presence is a sense of insecurity. iran's jamming efforts will not affect u.s. navy warships because our warships will not be jammed because of encryption, liz. liz: hundreds of pro-democracy protesters flooding hong kong airport for the third day of occupation. the chief executive of hong kong spoke about the violent
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protests. i don't think we should make concessions to silence the violent protesters. we should do what is right for hong kong. at this moment what is right for hong kong is to stop the violence and say no to the chaotic situation hong kong has experienced in the past few weeks. liz: this could get very dangerous. reports are coming in that beijing is sending its own military and police officials to secretly mingle in and join in with the hong kong police forces. this could get dangerous. >> hong kong protests continue and i think they are the symptom of a broader problem. it's revealing that undergirding
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this protest is the fear by hong kongers that they will have to sacrifice their fund amountal freedoms at the doorstep of beijing even before the 2027 handover. liz: reports coming in that the u.s. is asking south korea to help protect shipping interests in the strait of hormuz. why south korea? >> south korea is a shared ally. and they have shared interests. and 35% of sea-based oil trade passes through the strait of hormuz. that's 20% of traded oil in the world. the main market system are heading toward asia.
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not only is it in south korea's interests. liz: we are following these tories tonight. an update to the story we brought you last night. the stabbing in southern california left four people dead, two injured. police say the suspect is a gang member with a violent criminal record. he has been to prison 16 times. the question is why was he released from prison. president trump seemingly putting on hold his could the cn of rod blagojevich. brian knight was just five years old when his father roy knight
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left to fight in the vietnam war. he was killed in a mission in laos when his aircraft was shot down. 120 victoria secrets models signed an open letter to the ceo calling for action to protect models from sexual abuse, rape and sex trafficking. they say the allegations may not have been aimed at victoria's secret but direct at photographers. a delta airlines ban reversed that would have stopped airline customers from bringing on board pit bulls. last year pit bulls were banned after multiple attacks on passengers. but the dmt says airlines must let any breed of service dogs on
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board. adam gates was seen using smelling salts just before the opener with the new york giants. the patriots fans, new england patriots fans may need smelling salts. tom brady's contract has been readjusted. he could be a free agent after this upcoming season. his boston area mansion is up for sale at a whopping $39.5 million. more information on the extensive contract with bruce ohr and christopher steele. and also steele was desperate that trump lose. richard trunka, the big problem,
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president trump: when people see what they saw yesterday, they know they are not staying here. liz: 300 of the 680 people detained have been released. let's go behind the story with mike hurt, the u.s. attorney for the southern district of mississippi. he worked with i.c.e. on these raids. thanks for coming on. lots of criticism in the media that children were separated from their parents. your reaction. >> the father myself, liz, any time i see children affected by
6:29 pm
the parents illegal activity, it breaks your hear it. but we see this not only in the immigration context,ing in bank fraud, tax evasion, drug abuse. i hope there is similar outrage any time a child is separated from their parents who break our laws. liz: but i.c.e. is working to reunite the families. >> they have already been reunited. that's what a lot of the folks in the media won't tell you. this is one of the most of impressive operations i have seen conducted by law enforcement. when they came to the processing center, they were asked if they had small children at home or in school. they were given phones to call family or friends to make arrangement. if two parents were brought in, one parent was relied on humanitarian reasons. fit was a single parents, that
6:30 pm
single parents was released. you had 380 illegal immigrants released back into their country. we have got to get the word out there that we did this operation humanitarianly and did it with dignity. liz: illegal workers get abused work in the shadows. one of the meat plants last year in mississippi paid a $3.5 million settlement with the federal government because the supervisors were found to be hitting illegal workers and making them pay money to them for normal every day work activities. they get severe live abused and work for less than minimum wage. >> i can't comment on any of the
6:31 pm
civil settlement. but what i can tell you is in the southern district of mississippi. this office and the united states attorney's office has prosecuted businesses and owners. i personally have prosecuted individuals who abused illegal aliens, taken advantage of them. there is taken ongoing criminal investigation. if we find evidence these owners, these businesses have violated federal law beyond a reasonable doubt, we'll go after them. liz: richard trunka attacked the i.c.e. raids. he says trump reveals in a tweet that's illegal immigrants are union members. they put food on america's tables.
6:32 pm
>> that has nothing to do with the operation we executed wednesday paper was criminal and administrative search warrant. we look at the law, we look at the facts presented to us, then we enforce the law, period. liz: some polls show americans support the majority support legal immigration. it's at record highs. your take on that, sir. well, we are a nation of immigrants, liz. but i would say first and foremost we are a nation of laws. the rule of law is the bedrock principle of our country. if we don't have laws we don't have order. if we don't enforce our laws, we have no justice. liz: coming up, former vice president joe biden is no stranger to mistakes and gaffes on the campaign trail. he gets called out by president trump today. he says he hopes his rival will be joe biden.
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first a bombshell report. newly released documents from the justice department reveal the fbi knew christopher steel, the author of the anti-trump dossier was desperate that trump lose before the fbi used his file to get a warrant on trump's campaign. another word that keeps coming up is bias. te. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? content on their endless quest, to nowhere.s, run hopelessly in their cage. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits.
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6:38 pm
surveillance warrant on the campaign. here is the quote. steele was quote desperate that donald trump not get elected. was passion not about him not being the president. your take on this. >> the documents are 34 pages of what they call fbi 302s. it was the fbi interviewing bruce ohr. so i went through all of them this morning. i want to see for myself what was in there. my take away is simple. it's surprising and troubling that bruce ohr, the associate deputy a.b. was outside his normal job area. the associates to the deputy a.g. and my late father was an a.g. that's a staff position.
6:39 pm
how could bruce ohr be in this hotbed political significance investigating things about hillary clinton and donald trump when his wife worked at fusion gps. you have bruce ohr, associate deputy ag in the middle of these investigations and his wife. in the 302s, the wife gave ohr to the fbi. that's the information she developed while work at fusion gps. >> and then stayed in touch with christopher steele. >> met him for a cup of coffee. they wanted to maintain the back channel into the department of justice. he should not be giving information to the fbi that his wife created. liz: the connections lasted through 2017.
6:40 pm
here is senator lindsey graham telling sean hannity, the worst may yet to come. >> this is the tip of the iceberg. i know personally there is a lot more out there. the word that keeps coming up is bias. the people investigating trump wanted hillary clinton to win and him to lose. the chief source of the fisa warrant was mr. steele who hated trump's guts. so there is a common theme here that the investigation of trump was very biased. liz: this is about precedence of this country. using the intelligence apparatus in this country to do opposition research in the campaign. >> you hear it's nothing but a republican right-wing talking point. but this is a serious issue. to those who have been saying
6:41 pm
all along we must look at how this started, we must look at the fisa warrant process, i commend them for saying that. you don't prejudge anything. but these are serious issues and bruce ohr had massive conflicts of interest. liz: the next step is the steele dossier, the quote insurance policy. thanks for reading those 34 pages. i tried to read them. president trump saying joe biden not ready for primetime. politicians make mistakes when they say thousands of word a day. liberal intolerance unchained. twitter mobs with electronic pitchforks boycotting trump fundraisers. the left hikes to say we are open and intolerant. but critics say not so much.
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liz: the 2020 democrats making their way to the iowa state fair. hillary vaughn is at the state
6:46 pm
fair with more. hillary? reporter: joe biden calls himself a gaffe machine. >> we choose truth over facts. you had people like margaret thatch -- excuse me, the former chairman and the party in germany. the fact is the bills that the president -- excuse me, the future president here that the senator is talking about -- >> today he's doing damage control cleaning up his latest misstep. >> poor kid are just as talented as white kid, asian kid. reporter: he says he misspoke and immediately corrected himself. >> i think joe biden being joe biden. i don't believe the vice president was being racist in that moment.
6:47 pm
like a lot of us when we are speaking, he just got caught up in his word. >> i don't comment on the vice president's campaign. president trump: joe biden is not playing with a full deck. this is not someone you can have as your president. but if he got the nomination i would be thrilled. reporter: biden fired back, donald trump's deck is all jokers. president trump: i'm winning in the polls. they are desperate. they have lousy candidate. reporter: but caucus-goers are pushing candidates to explicitly labeling trump as a white racist. >> i said it. >> why can't you say he's a white supremacist. >> he supports white supremacy.
6:48 pm
reporter: joe biden was also peppered with the exact same question during this fair visit. he told the reporter quote, you just want me to say the word so i sounds like everybody else. liz: so the media is trying to do this with these questions of the 2020 democrats. next up. hillary clinton warning democrats, stop grandstanding on tv about impeachment. americans won't believe you are dispassionate and non-biased. this as jerry nadler goes on tv to talk about impeachment. >> this is informal impeachment proceedings. we are investigating and gathering the evidence and we'll at the conclusion of this, hopefully by the end of the year, vote to vote articles of impeachment to the house floor or we won't. but that's exactly the process we are in right now.
6:49 pm
liz: don lufkin joins us. what was your reaction when you heard all that? >> well, it starts out my wondering who is hillary clinton to be giving political advice to this season's crop of presidential as pe asiprants. nadler is perfectly capable of walk the plank without anybody giving him advice at all. let the democrats do impeachment proceedings. let them use the sacred constitution of the united states to harass a president they don't like. we call that a coup d'etat. it's down right un-american. liz: we have the doj report
6:50 pm
coming out on the probe of the probe. it was chuck grassley christopher steelee was worried about. the results of that we'll see next month. i want to switch gears. senator elizabeth warren getting backlash. congressman richard neil, chair of the house ways and means committee. he said hey, warren, your wealth tax is not going to raise money. richard neil is undercutting elizabeth warren. >> the idea of a wealth tax from elizabeth warren was never to raise money it was simply to demagogue against rich people, to punish people for becoming too successful. every time wealth taxes have been tried, they always fail. and the reason why, if you are smart enough to get that rich.
6:51 pm
you are smart enough to evade the taxes. remember what happened in the 70s when the top income tax rate in great britain, people went to france. can you see france as a tax shelter? if elizabeth warren puts those tax policies in this country, i will learn to play the guitar and move to france. >> i think david bowie did the same thing. there is a wide open lane for democrats to step up. these democrats cite risk saying are out of touch, tone deaf, americans want basic kitchen table economics. the voters know america's success comes from the entrepreneurial genius of america. they are the engine of america
6:52 pm
and the united states. it's the small businessmen and women that drive kit forward. if you can get an aspirational democrat coming up, there is an open space for that person to take off. your final word. >> i'm having a hard time thinking who that aspirational democrat could be. there used to be a time when people like bill clinton were a third way aspirational democrat. none of the people on the democratic debate stage is any of that. they are on the take from the welfare industrial complex. winning the general election involves a whole new set of issues. good luck winning the general election when you got through the primaries with these kind of' policies. liz: online censorship calls for
6:53 pm
boycott and even incite violence. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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liz: critics on the right say liberals bullying and intolerance is getting worse talk things like on-line censorship and boycotts. let's bring of the independent women's forum. patrice, first i want your reaction to an msnbc guest
6:57 pm
calling for action against steven ross. he's the equinox and sole cycle owner for holding a trump fundraiser. watch this. >> i want pitchforks and torches outsides this man's house in the hamptons. there's no reason why people shouldn't be able to be outside of his house and making their -- >> demonstrating totally. >> peacefully understood. >> yes. >> pitchforks and peacefully understood, i'm not sure they square. your thoughts? >> they don't. this guy is full of drama, liz, and i think a lot of these television pundits need to turn down the drama, turn down the rhetoric and be responsible. it's one thing to say hey, you know, i disagree with the policies and i think it is fine to challenge and criticize those policies, but to tell people go out there with pitchforks? what are they going to do with those pitchforks? sending the mob out there after a donor or a fund raiser, just because they don't like the candidate? i think, you know, at the end of the day, this is not bring
6:58 pm
anybody together, which is ironically the very -- one of the criticisms that they lodge against president trump, that he's a divider, but they are actually the ones dividing. >> here's another msnbc guest trying to equate boycotts of equinox and sole cycle as morally equivalent to the boycotts of apartheid. watch this. >> people boycotted apartheid products. remember, years ago, you wouldn't buy stock or products of any company that supported apartheid. why isn't there not that same thing with people who support donald trump and their products and their companies? and there has been with equinox this past week. liz: wow, really going after a company because of their political -- by the way, the owner of the company is not an active manager of equinox or sole cycle. the company says he's not around. what is your take on this? >> a lot of hyperbole with no substance. to compare the united states to apartheid when the country was literally oppressing a majority
6:59 pm
of people is really irresponsible, and i think the host of these shows actually needs to rein in some of this rhetoric. they like it because it creates the viral moment, liz. this whole sole cycle protest is not going to go anywhere. why? because a lot of people who go to sole cycle and equinox, they love it there. they love the product. that's great, if you can afford the luxury workout, go for it. i think a lot of them say even though they're liberal, they may oppose the president's policies, they like to have a community that's a little bit separate from the partisan politics. i think we all do. liz: your take on the president really going after hollywood and celebrities, calling for the boycotts, your reaction? final word to that. >> yeah, you know, i think the president is right to say wait a minute, this movie -- i think he's referring to the new movie coming out "the hunt". wrong timing and wrong message. >> thank you very much for joining us. love your insights. >> good to see you.
7:00 pm
liz: thank you for having us in your homes and for watching. we hope we helped you tonight. lou dobbs is next on the fox business network. have a good weekend. lou: good evening everybody. these are treacherous times and now we have a fight that is just beginning for our rights under the 2nd amendment. president trump says both parties are in serious talks now to expand background checks. the president also saying the views of the national rifle association will be fully respected, and now the third most powerful republican in washington, mitch mcconnell, adds his voice, saying a ban on assault weapons will be one of the issues front and center when congress returns after labor day. the radical dems efforts to overthrow the president go


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