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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 11, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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night from new york. trish: we obtained bombshell new evidence exposing the bias at the fbi. why did the fbi use the dossier to obtain fisa warrants when the fbi clearly knew christopher steele was biased himself and anti-trump. president trump saying there is strong congressional support for background checks on guns. why one radio talk show host says the president needs to tact now in order to keep republican seats in congress. might this be his ticket to that
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gender gap and women. what about democrats policing their own irresponsible language. >> i have no problem shining the right back on the donors who fund this kind oficationized hate. i want pitchfork and torches outside this man's house in the hamptons. trish: unfortunately there is a lot more where that came from on the left. why are these little creatures taking over neighborhoods? "trish regan primetime" begins right now. tonight, bombshell new evidence from documents obtained by fox
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showing that the fbi knew all about christopher steele's anti-trump bias and yet continuing to cite his unterrified unforced dossier to renew multiple warrant. in fact bruce ohr knew christopher steele was totally desperate to stop trump more than a month before the official application to spy on the campaign was filed. joining my, former chairman of the house oversight committee, jason chaffetz, along with former fbi assistant director dan colton. what's your reaction? >> i'm not surprised. you have tremendous animus against mr. trump, now president
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trump. these individuals used the power of their office to try to interfere with his election. i think they violated the civil rights of people in the trump campaign putting together a false document to get a warrant to spy on them. i was on the fbi 30 years and i may have missed something. but i have never seen in my entire lifetime anything this egregious and destructive to their the reputation of the fbi and those who serve them. >> i suspect you are not surprised either. you may not have been in the fbi for 30 years, but you have been in congress and you felt you were a victim of the deep state as well, weren't you, sir? >> yes. it's terribly disappointing. this is the highest echelon of the federal bureau of investigation. i was on the house judiciary committee when they were trying
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to reauthorize the fisa court. it allows the senior most of people to go before that court and present information that has to be balanced. but what we are learning here that's so newsworthy about this. we are seeing the documents that the doj knows have been there for a long time that show they knew this person was discredited. it was acting director of the fbi, mr. mccabe who testified under oath that without this feele dossier they wouldn't have gotten these warrant to go out and spy on a presidential campaign. and does it get any worse than that? trish: it doesn't. they never bothered to red flag it for the judge. to say none of this stuff was verified. you would think if you had such salacious sterile you would think about dotting the is and crossing the ts. it is the fbi. they ought to have the resources to investigate something and not
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rely on attacking christopher steele who had his own biases. let's talk about bruce ohr married to nellie ohr who worked for fusion gps who employed christophechristopher steele. a lot of them, incestuous nature of the material as to who knew what. >> the director of the fbi did not let field agents do this case. he brought it back to headquarters. had this cronies, his immediate subordinates do this case. agents in the field wrote not have done this. you have to clear with field supervisors and field commanders. comey knew that. so he didn't let the field do it. he had headquarters people who
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owed him and he had them do it. he was critical so he took it away from us. trish: by the fall of 2016, bruce ohr knew that steele was quote desperate. christopher steele felt so strongly about this and was willing to push and push and do what was needed. this is right before that first fisa application. so they know christopher steele has a massive bias and they never bothered to check his work jason? >> well, remember -- jason? >> well, remember who is paying for all this. this is the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. of course, he's desperate to get this information. he's being paid to generate it. john ratcliffe from the
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judiciary committee, congressman from texas read the unredacted version of these fisa applications and at the very top it says "verified application." at some point they will have to have the courts. justice roberts is in charge of that fisa court. at some point the court have to stand up for itself and say how did you provide this information so the judges stamped their approval. trish: if you are the judge rubber stamping this stuff. the fisa court is scary enough because they don't though what goes on there. now we are learning bit by bit apparently a lot goes on. they never bother to get the right verified materials. danny, with i'm a reporter, right? do you think i would go with a story because one person says
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this is true? never. never. yet the fbi goes with the story, a salacious story from christopher steele who never even went to russia. you want to talk about foreign intel influencing our campaign. this is a foreigner sitting overseas calling his buddies in russia to get intel on a presidential candidate in the u.s. >> i don't fault him as i do the fbi. it's their job to be truthful to the fisa court. i have made fisa court applications. i signed off on many of them. the most of important relationship we have is with that court. we have to be honest and forthcoming. and you can't hold back bad information. trish: a political year and the presidency of the united states is on the line?
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>> if trump had not been elected, we wouldn't be talking about this tonight. none of this would have come out. >> the fbi fired steele. they put him off the payroll. but there is a reason why they had bruce ohr do this. ohr's wife is working for fusion gps hired by the democrats, a group of less than 20 people, it's just a coincidence, nellie ohr, the wife of bruce ohr is there and they have him interact with steele. mr. durham, the u.s. attorney in konl will do it. trish: what is taking mr. horowitz so long to provide the information i think america desperately needs? guys it's good to see you. we'll keep asking that question.
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top democrats blaming president trump for division and the mass shootings. >> let's not mince words. this president is encouraging greater racism. >> there is no question white nationalism is condoned at the highest level of our government. >> we have a president of the united states who is particularly responsible. trish: one msnbc guest is calling for torches and pitchforks tie want torches and pitchforks outside this man's house in the hamptons. there is no reason he should be able to have a nice little party. trish: our next guest says liberals are blind to the way they are dividing our country. thousands of crabs are taking over a neighborhood. democrats complaining president
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trump isn't getting enough done on gun control, they say. this as the president publicly pushes back against the almighty nra on the background check issue. my next guest says president trump is doing what no other president in history has tried. syndicated radio talk show host john fredericks is here. he joins me right after this. >> we have tremendous support for really common sense, for really common sense, sensible, important background
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president trump: frankly, we need intelligent background checks. this isn't a question of republican, democrat. we don't want people that are mentally ill. people that are sick. we don't want them having guns. trish: thank you, president trump. thank you for saying that. it needs to be said. you don't want people who are mentally ill having gun or access to guns. the funny thing about all this,
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in the that there is anything funny about this. i imagine right about not you nra is wishing president trump -- this could be this president's nixon in china moment. something many think will help him politically. radio talk show host john fredericks. welcome. >> trish, thanks for having me. i appreciate it. trish: the nra, they have a big voice. they are pretty powerful and they don't like the idea of anybody telling them anything on this one. but the president is saying we need a little common sense here.
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he'll also tell you, and i agree with this. it's a multi-prong approach. it's mental health and social media, and making it harder for a guy to kill if he does haven't a gun. >> this president is the change agent to get things done. he's the only republican president who can stopped up to the nra and bullying gun advocates. we have a major problem with guns. what president trump proposed is common sense gun solutions. very simple. 92% of americans in the latest rasmussen poll have said we have to do something on guns. it's outrageous what's
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happening. trish: americans don't want background checks, that's their talking point. >> they are saying it because they are bullies and they push back. you have to have the courage to stand up to them. the alternative is republican complete armageddon in 2020 amongst congress. there are a whole bunch of people who are going to lose. we are behind in suburban women. when you have moms in suburbs shopping for backpacks with bullet-proof vests for fifth graders you have a problem. trish: it breaks my heart. i have three little ones. and we get newspapers delivered to the house every morning. my kids say, what is it -- we try to shield them from this and from the tv with all the news. it's not easy when you are a news reporter. but you try to save your kids
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from know being this stuff because you don't want them scared when they go to school. but i think that politically speaking, there is an opportunity to do something in a way that is the right thing to do for the country, is the right thing to do for society at this point in time, and yes is the right thing to do if you are looking to bridge that gap right now with suburban moms who like me are trying to hide the newspapers from their kids. does he have the ability to really -- i mean, it means breaking some glass, john. you know? >> you have to have the courage to stand up for what's right. what the president has proposed, trish, is common sense solutions that have no impact on the infringement of second amendment rights.
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i am for the second amendment, i now, too. we are both gun owners. trish: i'm not. you are alone on that one. but i believe in gun rights. but the nra wants you to think that if you put in more in the way of background checks or say, maybe we ought to think about not having assault weapons out there except at the shooting ranges, that somehow is you taking away their second amendment. is that a brainwashing that's happened in society that the republican party and conservatives frankly have allowed? >> if you are going to win in 2020 you have to have common sense solutions to these problems. and this president has to be able to break the chokehold that the national rifle association and other state gun lobby organizations have on republicans who are scared to death that they are going to get
12:21 am
pry married. here is my message to them tonight. as a trump conservative here is my message. there will be no primary because you are going to get beat in november 2020. you have got to win in 2020. you have to go to the voters and have the courage to say i am not going to be beholden to some lobby stopping me from doing common sense legislation. trish: common sense more than 92% support. trish: it has nothing to do with your second amendment rights. i'm taking heat. the nra doesn't like me have much. but i am with you. at some point someone has to stand up and say this is the elephant in the room. we don't need to be beholding to lobbyists or the gun industry that profits off this by exploiting people's fears. i credit you for speaking out as
12:22 am
well. thank you so much. john frederick. another biden gaffe to add to the list. remember this? >> my mother believed and my father believed if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be, i could be vice president. his mom lived in long side for 10 years or so, god rest her soul -- your mom is still alive -- trish: this time biden said quote, poor kid are just as bright and talented as white kid. what? you are going to hear this for yourself. can you think what would happen if president trump said that? disgusting video of a grocery store overrun by a gang of rats. but first the u.s. is blaming
12:23 am
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trish: three days of protests kicking off at hong kong's international airport as they come to blows over china's doxxing of a diplomat. now our state department is calling china's leak typical of quote a thuggish regime. as these tensions threaten to boil over president trump says he is not ready to make a trade deal with china. kt macfarland and former special operations veteran brett
12:28 am
velicovich are with us. walk us through the doxxing effort and why this is significant and why they are acting like thugs. >> they are acting like thugs. the chinese leadership are paranoid about demonstrations. what's happening in hong kong, these are prolonged demonstrations that have gone on for a number of days and weeks. the chinese leadership is very nervous for a couple reasons. hong kong is suppose to be the centerpiece of their liberal policy of friendliness toward their neighbors. and their fellow countrymen. number two, if they are worried what happens in hon hong kong cn happen in beijing. the trade wash with trump isn't going very well for the chinese. they are having a lot of
12:29 am
pushback from some of their foreign policy in the region. they are acting like thugs. they have to blame this on somebody. it must be americans, it's not the chinese people in hong kong. here is proof it's americans and they are releasing the name of a diplomat. trish: how should we be thinking about china in the long run? china is always out there trying to break them up like the soviet union. that may not be such a bad idea to break them up ala the soviet union because you are talking about such a massive place with such a massive economy. the bigger your economy, the bigger your military. that could be kind of a problem, especially for us. fast forward 20 years, what are you thinking about? >> it's typical for the chinese government to blame external
12:30 am
influences for their political disturbance. so this weekend marks the tenth weekend of continued protests with no end in sight. the chinese are trying to act like it's not their fault. and they are trying to tell their citizens to stop buying iphones and stop bying u.s. product and stop traveling to the u.s. for tourism. this justification of painting the u.s. as a black hand behind the protests, it allows them to send in military boots on the ground and tell the world and their citizens they are going in there to root out these foreigners. but the trump administration is not meddling in these hong kong protests. the administration made it very clear that state department officers have maintained a measured response.
12:31 am
stay out of this because number one priority is the u.s. trade deal. we don't need to stoke more of these protests and it's already a fragile enough relationship. trish: there is a nationalism, right, kt? i saw it with my discussion with the anchor from their television station there. there was a kind of sort of nationalism effort at least on social media in china, big bad, u.s. >> yes. and the reason they are feeling they have to do that. what's the glue that holds china together? they have been promising their people an increased standard of living for decade and their economy is slowing down and it's far worse than they are letting us know. what they are seeing is pushback
12:32 am
particularly to xi jinping personally. he responded by trying to have a complete total surveillance society at all times. 24/7. if you dissent you don't get an apartment, you don't get on a bus, you don't get a job. you are only a good chinese citizen if you do everything the supreme leader and the president xi jinping tells you to do it's an indication of weakness on their part, not strength. trish: i have a feeling the hong kong protests are just beginning. we have a lot more coming up. top democrats blaming trump for the division. this one msnbc guest calls for torches and pitchforks outside a trump fundraiser. >> i want pitchforks and torches outside this man's house in the
12:33 am
hamptons. i have been to the ham tons. it's very nice. there is no reason why he should be able to have a nice little party. trish: my next guest says the left is out of touch with the way they are dividing their party. biden says poor kid are just as talented and smart as white kids.
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terminix. defenders of home. trish: the "new york times" says it's most of live liberal leadership that is increasing
12:38 am
trump's personal favorabiliti'. joining me right now, former hillary clinton advicor antjuan seawright and jana ellis. this is the "new york times" saying look, more people like him now than liked him in 2016. but you wouldn't know that by reading the new york times on a regular basis or watching msnbc. it seems like the world hates donald trump. what's the disconnect? >> the disconnect is the mainstream media. they are reporting what they want to report instead of reporting the facts it was nice to seat piece in the "new york times" that's fact based. they are look at the difference
12:39 am
between 2016 when people were hesitant because they weren't sure president trump would fulfill his promises as opposed to the 2020 election. he prioritized families and the federal benches putting conservative judges on them. jerry nadler is resuscitating the impeachment crazy claims. i think his approval rating is of course going up. trish: related to this is joe biden out there. he made another gaffe today. antjuan, i want to get your take on this. the gaffe was saying something i think if donald trump said this he would have been labeled an
12:40 am
immediate racist and they would have said it was a dog whistle but bind they latest off and say it's a gaffe. >> we should challenge students in these schools. they have advanced placement program. we have a notion that if you are poor you cannot do it. poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids, asian kids. trish: i get what he was trying to say it was an honest mistake and he screwed up. but had donald trump said that, what would the reaction be? >> i would have been raising hell as i always do because i believe when you compare donald trump and his history and comments compared to joe biden reason panel people will agree there is a big difference in the two and the things they advocate for. i will go back to something
12:41 am
jenna -- i said on your program and others, i believe the president is a racist. but i don't want that to dominate the conversation because we know that already. trish: you have keep saying he's a racist. >> that's where i'm going about the polls. the polls are a snapshot in time. i'm not surprised the approval rating is consolidating among his republican base. approval ratings and where they are now does not translate to people showing up to the polls for them. what we know in this country, there are three or four or five states that determine the pathway to 270, and that does not mean those placessage people will translate into a victory for donald trump because his approval rating is improving among his republican base. >> i think people are more vocal
12:42 am
and active trump supporters than they were in 2016. we can compare president trump to any of the 2020 candidate and they are not running on any policy that will increase the freedom for the american people. >> that's a friday night lie. trish: it's not. you watch those debates. we could play another sot string. but they are talking about very socialist policies antjuan. trish: i'm out of time. thank you so much. terrifying video of hundreds of crabs take over an american neighborhood. top democrats are blaming the report for division and the mass shootings. this is one msnbc guest calling
12:43 am
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>> people of color are targeted under this administration. i have no problem shining the right back on the donors who fund this racialized hate. i go further. i want torches and pitchforks outside this man's house. you own it. you own the blood. you can't do it. that's what swing voters have got to understand and be shamed into. trish: dangerous and reckless rhetoric coming from members of the liberal media talking about stephen ross who owns soulcycle. joining us, doug schoen san gabriel.
12:48 am
i know the left is blaming the right. >> and the right likes to blame the left. trish: is there any truth that will happen in this environment? >> i am less interested in truces than results. i would like to see leader mcconnell call the senate back into session to work on background checks, red flag legislation. lie and fry legislation and assault weapons bans. we don't need ordinary citizens legally buying guns that can shoot 30-100 round a minute. cut the rhetoric. get things done. sadly, we are getting the opposite. trish: this program has said some things you wouldn't expect -- this president has
12:49 am
said some things you wouldn't expect if you were the nra. i go back to a book he wrote called the america we deserve by donald j. trump. in that beak talked about needing a ban on assault weapons and he talked about the need for vigilant stronger back ground checks. this is a man who i think in his heart is not fully aligned with the nra. he has said all along, i believe in the second amendment. but does the second amendment really give somebody the right to have the ability to fire off and kill so many people so fast with something like an assault weapon, gabriel? >> i think guns aren't the issue here. i want to go back to what the msnbc host did. trish: humor me. can you answer that question?
12:50 am
maybe this president has an opportunity to actually do something for doug schoen's comment and maybe from the earlier gift helps him politically and helps him with all those moms buying backpacks and back to school that would shield their kid from bullets. >> president trump has been doing a great job in a lot of different policies. a lot of people on the left want to paint president trump as a horrible person just because he's a republican. unfortunately we hear rhetoric like this from this income * contributor. trish: a lot of conservatives don't want to go near this because the nra is trying to convince all of america they are going to take away your guns, and that is nothing of any substance to that. >> i couldn't agree more. but my position on the issue is
12:51 am
pretty simple. i heard what the president said. put your leadership on the line to get things done. call mitch mcconnell, and say i want the senate back next week. get them to take up assault weapons, lie and try, red flag and background checks not in september. but right now. and you know what? let the chips fall where they may. trish: can he do an executive order? >> i don't think you can do enough with an executive order but i would be happy to see him try. trish: now gabriel i will humor you and get back to what is an important issue. it's disgusting to see the commentary coming out of msnbc. at what point does this really and truly lead to a violent nation that is on the brink of some kind of civil war? >> i think it's already -- there
12:52 am
is a lot of rhetoric feeding this. when i was in antifa i went to the home of a ceo and yelled obscenities in front of his house. but now they are a row kateing violence. >> we don't need violence. we need action. results. trish: rats having their way with a grocery store. can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, you can really promise better sleep?
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and you can get your money right. with sofi. check your rate in 2 minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. >> welcome back. time for the lightning round pigeon amino young americans for liberty, good to see you kristen. >> thank you. >> we go to taylor swift to my kids just love but they've actually, have the mouth of two girls they shouldn't really should be so political. apparently she thought that way back in 2015 because she is a new article invoked , right? she say why she did not endorse hillary and 2016. >> that's right. many may remember she was quiet in 2016. a lot of us are thinking maybe it's because he's a secret conservative. now she is speaking at saint she is not a conservative and
12:57 am
the reason she was was that she did not want to harm the campaign she told vogue that resident tromp or candidate trumpet the time had weapon eyes to celebrity endorsements so she did not want to use her celebrity status damage clinton anyway but i think trish, the reason she was quiet, is because she has a lot of fans from her country music career in law there may be conservative. maybe she didn't want to alienate them. >> look, there's something to be said, if you're an artist just focus on the art. two way into politics and be commenting on it, you run the risk of really alienating a lot of people. anyway, hundreds of crabs. overtaking a fellow neighborhood. can we see it? icky! what's this about? >> israel has been making its rounds. hundreds of crabs all over the street. it has been called a crab invasion. you can see the cars are even
12:58 am
having trouble just navigating the streets without running them over. people on twitter are kind of responding to this with horror and disgust but i have to tell you, trish, i think the crabs are kind of cute! now if it were spiders or something of that have a much different reaction but i thought it was kind of adorable. -- >> i would not interact with them but i do think crabs are kind of adorable. maria: one tokyo, will go from this to worst because everything that crabs are cute, please do not tell me think that these guys are cute, these are rats in tokyo. grocery store. >> totally different scenario here! this is utterly terrifying and disgusting! a store in japan is closed down because a gang of rats overtook it. this video shows rats basically bungee jumping off of atm machines, looking through frozen foods, tearing down from
12:59 am
high up shelves. it is utterly the stuff of nightmares! the video has been viewed many times. the store is shut down and apparently being cleaned out. i cannot imagine who would want to shop there when it reopens. >> one last story for sister is calling out her sibling who posted a misleading picture on instagram. how is it misleading? >> a girl was called out by her own sister for posting a fake picture of which she appeared she was about to go take a hike. the girl was wearing hiking gear and sitting in front of trees and a very inviting looking path. but then her sister on instagram pointed out that the girl was actually in their own backyard. she was not in fact goingon a hike. people find this kind of funny. you know we offer as opposed misleading instagram pictures . it was just kind of a funny callout.>> yet, her sisters
1:00 am
like yeah, yeah, you're not quite all that. kristen, really good to see you, thank you for joining me tonight. >> and thank you everyone for joining me all week, have a wonderful weekend! i will see you back here >> one family's secret history buried in old boxes. >> i needed to know who i was, where our family came from. >> a fortune in precious art looted by the nazis. >> renoir, degas, botticelli... >> i'm sorry, the degas, the renoir? >> oh, yeah. we didn't know until we started to read through these documents and discover what he'd been looking for all his life. >> two sons vow to keep their father's search alive. >> it's about vindicating my father and my grandfather. >> we said, "you can't sell this painting. it's ours. it's stolen." [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ rd


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