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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 11, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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lou: good evening everybody. president trump today working to help heal two communities and a nation. the president and first lady traveling to dayton, ohio and el paso, texas, meeting with the victims of last weekend's shooting and thanking the first responders, the doctors and the thursdays, who have been caring for them, but as the president and the first lady were bringing comfort, the radical left was spewing venom. spewing their hate for the president, showing no regard for truth. listen to what some of the radical dems had to say about president trump today. >> he's trying to intimidate
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this community, make us afraid of one another, of our differences, of the border, of immigrants. he is in large part to blame for what has taken place. >> what has trump done? he's poured fuel on the fire, but as the sitting president, trump's anger, hate, and diplomat advice everness putting americans against one another. >> white supremacy allows political leaders to promise to build the wall while not building hospitals, schools, or infrastructure, critical for the success of all americans. >> in el paso, the terrorists, the shooter basically mimics a lot of the language that president trump himself has used lou: well the smiles from those who met with the president today telling a far different story. not one of hate, one of
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gratitude, and some considerable pride. the president and first lady visiting the hospitals without the national press following behind, the white house saying this was about the victims, their families, the first responders, and those and those hospitals, the doctors, and the nurses, not a political photo opportunity. our first guest tonight says the president has done more for people of color, for all americans, than any other president before him, and in light of the deadly shootings in dayton and el paso, joining us tonight, the vice president of the republican national lawyers association rnc committee woman for california member of the trump 2020 advisory council, the president putting up with more vicious, nasty lies from the left than i have ever seen directed against five republican
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presidents. this is a period of history that the democratic party will, i believe, long regret. >> lou, i think you and i are both veterans commenting on these political issues but i think yesterday was definitely the lowest day i've seen in american history in my memory in terms of divisive rhetoric from the left, and at a time when people should be talking about healing and thinking about the survivors and victims and what we can do to fix the situation going forward democrats run to the zero sum game and view this as an opportunity to attack the president. it's real hi disgusting. it's going to have long term effects in these communities and out of all of these people the president is the only one who doesn't try to divide us according to race. these others, be it corey booker , beto o'rourke, or any of the others, joaquin castro trying to demagogue the president supporters all of them are in a despicable way with lasting consequences.
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lou: i think that's exactly right, and we have just got in the president, now, responding to all of the venom and just malicious untruths spewed by the left. this is the president reacting to suggestions on the left that he was politicking today while they braid like a chorus from hell. president trump: they shouldn't be profit-making today. i had it with sherrod brown. he and the mayor, they asked to go in, could we possibly go in and make the tour with us and i said yes, let's do it. they couldn't believe what they saw and they said it, we've never seen anything like this. the entire hospital, no different than what we had in el paso. the entire hospital was, i mean, everybody was so proud of the
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job they did, because they did a great job, and then i say goodbye. i took them in at their request, we made the tour. they couldn't believe it. she says the people, he said the people, i give them their first one but they do have a lot of televisions and i turn on the televisions and then they say well i don't know if it was appropriate for the president, you know, the same old line, as they're very dishonest people and that's probably why he got i think about 0% when he failed as a presidential candidate. lou: the president reacting. your thoughts? >> the president is exactly right. i mean, he is trying to focus on the victims and the survivors and move forward and trying to brush off what these crazy democrats are doing. look there have been many shootings under democratic presidents and many shootings inspired by bernie sanders, elizabeth warren was the hero of the dayton shooter, alexandria ocasio-cortez's rhetoric has been echoed from all of these antifa people including the
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tacoma bomber and others yet you don't see any republicans blaming those politicians for those despicable acts because it's not appropriate and american to do that, so i hope that we're able to move beyond this period but i kind of doubt it. it seems like democrats have latched on to this as a talking point and a way to get votes and they're doing it over the bodies of dead americans. it's really disgusting, lou. lou: there is an in decency about all of this on the part of the democrats. there is something indecent about so few republicans standing up to this president as well, and frankly, i'm as i guess i'm becoming to the left and their nasty, vicious lies. they're without conscience because they care neither about lives nor the subjects, the objects of their politics of personal destruction, but the
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republicans still lack the courage, the principle, to stand up for this president and to absolutely have these left wing ers who are doing this to our nation, to the very people of this country, not just our government or our president. it's to me, astonishing. >> well this is not without precedent, lou. of course we've seen many republicans over the last few years, paul ryan and others play these markets and the left long since abandoned decency and today, what any sane person needs to learn from the mob is that you can never bend your knee to the mob and apologize to them because they will simply take it as the beginning of a further negotiation to eliminate you. just today, twitter actually the last 24 hours, twitter took the official campaign account of mitch mcconnell, the number two- most powerful republican in
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the united states off line because mcconnell was trying to document threats against him. there is no doubt that we're in an absolute digital civil war in this country and republicans need to be prepared to stand up and fight back or live on their knees and i'm not prepared to do that, lou. lou: yeah, you nor i, i am still absolutely confident most americans. twitter, google, silicon valley, big technology, and the power that they have put behind the left, and weaponized technology on behalf of the radical dems. what can this president do? what can america do to stop this >> well, you know, there's a lot of criticism from the left and even from conservative establishment of talks of regulating these companies. my simple solution is takeaway the immunity that they have that other companies don't have that fox news doesn't have, that any
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other corporation in america has , the communications decency act needs to be clarified and the attorney general could issue a statement about that and so could the president but also holding companies accountable to normal standards. if they're lying to consumers which they are, if they're steal ing data breaking their own contracts with consumers they can be sued they should be sued and regulatedded for that and it's very simple and it needs to be done yesterday, lou. lou: thank you very much, we appreciate it, thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: up next the new concerns about google's involvement with the chinese technology company that is also identified strongly with the people's liberation army, huawei. we'll take that up. attorneys are with us tonight and we'll be discussing the lenient punishments if punishments at all for those who leaked classified pearl, and oh, yes, what about trying to over throw the president of the
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a u.s. official confirms that north korea has fired two short- range ballistic missiles from its west coast. this, the fourth-such test in roughly two weeks. these launches also following the start of u.s. and south korean joint military exercises despite objections from kim jong-un. the mexican government threatening legal action after this weekend's shooting in el paso. the president is urging the united states to implement tighter gun laws, while mexican foreign minister says the united states failed to protect mexican nationals. seven were shot. perhaps the department of justice should sue the mexican government. we might consider that for the loss of american lives as well, 67 americans have been murdered in mexico, over the past year. the department of justice should also sue for loss of human
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resources, american potential, collect on the cost of illegal immigration, drug smuggling that results in tens of thousands of drug overdoses, the devastation of so many young lives, mexico may want to rethink their grand idea. joining us tonight, tom ho man, former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement also fox business contributor and great american. tom, good to see you. >> good to see you, lou. lou: let's start with first of all, the el paso shooter shoots down, we've got what 31 total dead in these two horrible tragedies, and we have mexico, which is just beginning to behave like a mature and responsible partner of this country, with this kind of nonsense. your thoughts? >> well look, i agree with your talking points and look this shooter is a nut and is something that we can't control, and he didn't ask to see anybody
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's identification to find out if you're a citizen of what country before he started shooting these people and you're right. the mexico government, they're complicit with tens of thousands of american deaths every year by failing to hold the criminal cartels accountable. now the drug cartels been operating with impunity and tens of thousands of americans died because of that so we can point fingers at one another all day long but the bottom line is that americans have suffered much more at the hands of the mexican government than the national mexico ever suffered at the hands of the united states, not talking about $25 billion a year sent back to mexico in remittance payments. look we're good partners right now, mexico is doing a lot on our southern border now is not the time to point fingers at something that is no doubt a very sad tragedy but let's not point fingers at one another, let's work together and continue to work on this border and take care of problems on both sides of the border. lou: it would be nice to think
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that's where lopez was going, but indeed, he's not and as a matter of fact he looks increasingly like a stooge of a mexican drug cartels which control, as we know, about 80% of mexico and are now starting to move toward more violence and even the capitol city of mexico city. it is hard to imagine how we can have these discussions about everything that is besetting our society without talking fundamentally about drugs, their impact on mental illness and their relationship to mental illness, and the cartels are at the root of that and for the president of mexico to come out with this just makes him look like a stooge of those cartels that are dealing in so much death and pain. >> yeah, we've been talking for , i've been talking for almost a year the criminal
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cartels what they're doing to mexican citizens. people in his own country. the mexican cartels not only controlling the drug traffic, they're controlling all of the illegal immigration traffic and they know it, but the problem is you've got so much mexican law enforcement, mexican military, it's hard for the u.s. to know who to trust so let's stop dividing this issue and work together, if you really truly want to improve the lives of mexican nationals in mexico, the first thing you need to do is enforce your own laws within that country of mexico. it's against the law to traffic women and children in mexico. it's against the law to traffic king narcotics, so let's holdup the rule of law like our great president is trying to do and work together to try to solve this problem. it works better when we're both working on the same goal than trying to work against each other. we proved that with illegal immigration. recently they stepped up. actually they are doing more than they have done because president trump has demanded it and we can see the results of that. we can do the same thing with narcotics trafficking if we choose to do it.
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lou: absolutely and to think that no one in the national left wing media wants to give this president credit as the change agent here. he's the one who threatened tariffs and that's when the mexican government responded. tom last quick word. >> this president, we've been trying to get mexico to help for decades, this president is the one that made it happen. nobody else, and one last thing, i'm sick and tired, of this president has done more for this country than the last six presidents i've worked for, the decline in illegal immigration because of this man, president trump. lou: i couldn't agree with you more. tom homan, and a french inventor making more history this weekend , becoming the first to fly across the english channel in his hoverboard flying 22 miles in about 20 minutes. i'm going to add that up how fast would that, okay that would be about reaching a top speed of
7:20 pm
106 miles an hour and he tried this last month but failed and he crashed into the ocean. not this time, telling the french media, his new focus is building a flying car by the end of the year. i have to say, an inventer and that looks like a lot of fun. up next more scrutiny of jerome powell. the wall street journal says he's in over his head. we'll have that and much more, right after the break. -and...that's your basic three-point turn. -[ scoffs ] if you say so. ♪ -i'm sorry? -what teach here isn't telling you is that snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance. -what? ♪ -or maybe he didn't know. ♪ [ chuckles ] i'm done with this class. -you're not even enrolled in this class. -i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody.
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lou: a wall street journal article on jerome powell's comments last week that sparked a massive market sell-off, the headline? well let's share that with you. jerome powell's off the cuff approach leaves investors on edge. where have we heard that before? within central banker telling the journal, powell is over his head in terms of create creating volatility in the market. where have we heard that before? a statement that would have been made, almost at any point since,
7:25 pm
well, last october, 2018. well joining us now, bill lee, he's the chief economist, bill great to see you, and managing director chief economist at moody's. thanks so much both of you. good to see you, john. bill let me start with you. this market, today all about a trade war, driven by the chinese , my goodness. i mean what a thing this trade war is. tell us how scared we should be of it all? >> lou we should be more scared of chairman powell. he had the worst performance in any press conference in the history of the fomc. you know, he could have he truly snatched victory and threw it into the jaws by not coming out with that moment, when all they were looking for was to say we, the federal reserve, are going to back spot the u.s. economy and we're going to do whatever it takes to make sure that growth stays with us. all we had to do was make that
7:26 pm
statement and today we would not have had any reaction to the tariffs we would not have had any reaction, because that kind of certainty is what the federal reserve is supposed to be doing. by mr. eiten by mr. eiten an tee ing we will be there to back stop the economy if needed. >> but he scared everybody by saying he may be won and over. lou: a little exercise by jerome powell. >> and bill would be glad to know just before i came on the set i looked at the futures market and right now the futures market assigns odds of 58% the fed funds finishing the year no higher than 1 3/8%. that means four rate cuts in 2019. now i'm getting excited too. lou: [laughter] well, i'm sitting here laughing on a day when we're watching this tremendous sell-off in the market, but it is laughable. it's an investor reaction, reacting to the fact that the chinese are manipulating their
7:27 pm
currency, bill. they are manipulating they've been manipulating their currency for two decades. >> the first lesson i always teach in any international economics course at columbia was you can not appreciate yourself to wealth and the chinese know that also. what they've been trying to do is to offset the u.s. tariffs and the market loss in china has been evident because it's based on weakening for the last several years but what we see as a policy move on their part is they manipulate things weakening and then when they needed it they let the currency go so the step-wide movements we see is clear evidence they are manipulating the markets. >> and let's get used to the volatility and not forget that even with today's sell-off we're still 21% higher than we were after the christmas eve sell-off of 2018, believe it or not so the markets going all over the place and gyrating chances are this is going to be a short- lived die by the market and it will recover quickly enough. lou: it's not based on any --
7:28 pm
>> earnings are still growing. lou: any metric that would be usually -- >> i think the market decline truly is warranted because of the fear that the fed is not there, to back up u.s. growth. that's the fear and that's what the market is trying to digest. how much of a shock will the u.s. have, what will the fed do? >> i hate to say it if jerome powell but the president has been right about this and he started with the fed last october and he was exactly right on the timing and by the way, let's be clear. jerome powell for whatever reason and the fed decided not to follow the markets. they decided they were smarter. i can't tell you how many little snowflakes are running around saying well the fed should be deciding where these markets go. >> i'll make a bold prediction that the fed eventually will follow the markets and maybe even get ahead of the market and so as i stated earlier there's a
7:29 pm
good chance we may see fed funds at 1.5% if that's where i believe, the 10 year treasury will be. >> john, let's face it. share odd powell really overestimates his ability to communicate with the markets and he's shown time after time he's not able to clearly community whereas chair yellen if he didn't quite have the answer right she'd pull out her script and start reading straight from what the staff prepared her for. powell has never done that and overestimated the capacity. lou: very quickly because it's a matter of great interest to all of our viewers and most of the nation. devaluation of the wan, this is having a broad global impact though. >> definitely hitting all of these different emerging markets countries so it's going to make matters worse for the world economy, it's not sitting well with these emerging markets countries, that china is trying to go ahead and recruit to become part of the road initiative. >> exactly.
7:30 pm
lou: the chinese and i thought they'd be such good partners. >> brazilian currency is off by 4.5% since late july. lou: wow. john, thanks, bill lee, thank you, sir, and you know? i think you've got this fed thing figured out, bill. appreciate it. up next, jerry nadler's well , he's a desperate fellow and he's come up with a new target, as he continues to waste taxpayer money and the time of his committee, he's done nothing nothing at all, but tried to harass this president. we'll be right back with victoria tensing. stay with us. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits.
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lou: the house judiciary committee led by democratic radical dem jerry nadler renewing its smear campaign against supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. nadler demanding all of kavanaugh's records including e-mails from the national archives, they want all those papers from when kavanaugh served in the white house council's office from 2001-2006 under president bush. the radical dems tried and they failed to block kavanaugh's supreme court nomination but as far as jerry nadler's concerned, that nomination and confirmation apparently never happened. the fbi under fire tonight, newly-uncovered documents show the bureau investigated 14
7:35 pm
employees for leaks but only fired four of them since 2016. judicial watch obtained those documents showing 14 employees of the fbi referred to the agencies internal health ices office for leaking classified information. some of those employees were supposed to be fired but they've only been suspended without pay. what is going on? well we're going to take up that very issue, with victoria tensing, a former deputy assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the justice department, and a former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, founding partners of the tensing law firm great to see you, and my gosh. judicial watch, thank you, tom. i mean, all of the folks there are doing that work and coming up with a very sad truth. this doesn't look like justice to me, victoria.
7:36 pm
no, lou it doesn't but i don't think it's all over. one of the people named there was mccabe. now, the description of his interview of andy mccabe was that he lacked candor. isn't that a term for, i mean -- lou: lying sob, is that what they mean by that, joe? >> i think what we're in for is things that are going to be very very good. you know, lou your sense about this is really spot on. the only way the fbi is going to be reformed is through accountability of all these individuals, and i think from what we hear coming down the pike there's going to be some real accountability. we all have our fingers crossed about that but all of the indicators are that some folks are going to really be held accountable so your instincts are right on the money. its got to happen even though we have an fbi director who seems to be asleep at the wheel.
7:37 pm
lou: asleep at the wheel or worse, victoria, i can not figure out christopher wray, and i can not figure out frankly the fbi itself. >> i can. i can figure him out. it's a jeff sessions syndrome and that is i'm not going to let any dirt come out because that would mean i'm cleaning house. i'm going to protect the fbi by hiding everything and then no one will know the horrible things that went on. that's what he's doing. lou: and let's turn to going after justice kavanaugh, joe. i mean, this is the stuff of evil, what vary nadler is doing, what the radical dems have become they're without conscience, they are without foundation, they are denying the realities here, and still, they are attacking this president, his administration, and in the
7:38 pm
instance of kavanaugh, his appointee, appointment of justice kavanaugh to the supreme court and his confirmation. this is evil personified in one chairman of the judiciary committee. >> well put. this is in cid eus what nadler is doing. let's remember, brett kavanaugh was confirmed by the united states senate. that is a senate function. they said they're perfectly satisfied with him. the house of representatives through nadler is now saying well we're not so sure so we'd like to investigate his background when he was staff secretary for president bush. this is nonsense it call. this is not a legitimate legislative purpose. it is just awful what this committee is doing, and i think they're going to be slapped down , this material is never going to be turned over by the national archives. they're going to be ordered the white house not to do it and then nadler is going to do
7:39 pm
exactly what he did in the case of don mcgahn. he's going to sue to enforce his subpoena and he will lose again, just like he's going to lose. >> and lou you kept saying they were without this and without that. let me tell you what else they're without. any legal knowledge. i read the parts of these briefs these people don't even know what they're talking about legal ly. here is what the law is. you can get don mcgahn's testimony whose in the white house only if there's a criminal trial and what it is you want is material to the issue at that trial, and where's the criminal trial? my goodness, last time i looked there was no crime. lou: and james comey, getting a pass and as you know to say the very least, but joe, where is durham and his investigation and i actually expect a greater energy in this and i'm not, i was about to say, i caught
7:40 pm
myself before i could misstate something myself. i am an impatient person but this is taking an awful long time. >> actually, lou, it's know the lou: like i said it's not. >> it's not. no. here is what's going on. durham has been asked to work a miracle after three years of in competence with sessions and rod rosenstein and mueller and now durham is being asked to mop it up. he is moving with incredible speed. he's conducted more than 50 interviews of key personnel, and i'm going to tell you tonight that james comey and a lot of other people are going to be very sad come september. it's going to be a very wonderful time for the country, for accountability and a very bad time for a lot of former obama people who broke the law. but we now have a justice
7:41 pm
department that is behaving professionally. lou: and in the interest of the american people, i can't wait for september. thanks so much. victoria, joe, thank you both. >> thank you, lou. lou: doesn't take long for the 2020 democrat hopefuls to politicize, deadly shootings in el paso and dayton and some make it all about themselves. if i was president i would use my department of justice to actually investigate white supremacy. >> i challenge everyone in the democratic primary race to have, to join me on common sense things like gun licensing. >> i'm the most bipartisan guy you ever met. the guys i drink beer and watch football with they're all republican. >> i'm going to do everything i can to make sure that america remembers this at this defining moment of truth. lou: my god. ♪ ♪
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lou: well in the wake of this weekends mass shootings in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio there have been a number of takes on what motivates a mass murderer. those ran the left talking about access to guns and what they call white supremacy and the white focusing on violence video
7:46 pm
games, hollywood and mental illness and on either side, the point of fact has all of the truth. looking at the mass shooters from the past 20 years, most of them are young, predominantly white, although all races are represented. also, there's socio economic backgrounds and political ideologies are varied but whether they were clinically diagnosed or not, they all had deep mental distress. the real question is why do our schools, our businesses, our communities, why do we choose not to ask tough questions and recognize people in desperate need of help before tragedies like these over the past weekend here is the president now, addressing the issue. president trump: the shooter in el paso posted a manifesto online, consumed by racist hate. in one voice, our nation must
7:47 pm
condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart, and devours the soul. lou: the president calling for all of us to root out the dark sources of deep hatred in this country. republican senators marco rubio, josh holly and tom cotton are demanding answers from google about its relationship with the chinese technology company huawei. the senators concerned a smart speaker concept developed by huawei and google together may be used to listen in on americans personal conversations they also want to know if google found any security vulnerabilities while working with the chinese company. they want answers by the end of
7:48 pm
the month. well the united states is collected more than $27 billion in tariffs from china, since the president's tariffs went into effect last year. almost half of the tariffs collected over the past 12 months, that money, the united states has received from china, is the same as the rescue programs authorized for farmers. that money going to help offset the losses for american farmers, and cover the government's bills and budget. well, at least most of it. a new poll finds 12 of the dems 2020 hopefuls are pulling at 0%. that's not good. that doesn't sound like traction does it? those 12 candidates are all poll ing lower than the 10% of voters who say they don't know amongst these dems who they would vote for. that's quite a category and the
7:49 pm
1% of voters who said they wouldn't vote at all. it may be time in in fact for those candidates to reconsider at least their presidential aspirations. nbc news national security contributor and former obama-era fbi official spewing nonsense on nbc's air. nbc apparently not objecting because it was all directed at president trump. listen to him make a connection between the president's active morning and his order to fly our flags at half staff for five days and of course nazis. >> the president said that they will fly our flags at half mast until august 8. that's 8-8. the numbers 8-8 are very significant in neo-nazi and
7:50 pm
white supremacy movement. why? because the letter h is the eighth letter of the alphabet and to then, the numbers 8-8 together stand for hitler. lou: that fella is cold stoned peculiar. senator lindsey graham, oh, man is this man tone deaf or blind or what or both? displaying an incredible degree of ignorance last night. look at this, standing in front of his campaign posters in a crowd of supporters in the greenville republican party, please note this overall modest it as he discusses mass shootings, that's right, the tragedy of the weekend while pushing his own ideas for gun control. here he is. >> i'm looking for a democrat to work with, not to insult, so i'm hoping i could find some democrats that will work with me , starting with the idea of
7:51 pm
the walls. lou: the senator promising a named democrat he wouldn't insult him. that's suggesting that perhaps i don't even know what it's suggesting. that is a picture that is worth more than 10,000 words, as he promotes himself in the midst of tragedy. up next the sensory overload that triggered a convention of democratic socialists. who knew, we'll have that and much more right after the break. you don't want to miss this, comrad. don't miss your golden opportunity to experience thrilling performance. now at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, hmm. exactly. so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need.
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terminix. defenders of home. lou: a democratic socialistic of america convention in atlanta didn't go quite as planned, a self-proclaimed comrad got together to "defeat capitalism" but then descended into chaos through wisperring and grammatical issues and more. take a listen. >> first of all james jackson in sacramento i want to say can you please keep the chatter to a minimum? i'm very prone to sensory overload and there's a lot of wisperring and chattering going on. >> thank you, comrad is there a speaker next? >> point of personal privilege? >> yes. >> please do not use gendered language to address everyone. lou: well they had their rough moments. joining us tonight, charlie hurt , washington times opinion editor, author, fox business
7:56 pm
contributor, and senior policy analyst at the independent women 's forum, great to have you both with us. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. lou: i mean that's quite a display there, patrice. defeat capitalism that way? >> boy oh, boy. if that's how they're going to defeat capitalism then capitolists are in very good shape. these are young people who are triggered by sense, sounds, and the wrong pronouns, and it's ridiculous but this is unfortunately, the generation of young people who have been taught to be very sensitive, overly sensitive to everything and everyone and not to offend anybody. in the real-world though i mean they frankly should be living in a bubble right now. lou: patrice just used the word "woke." i'm not sure what the heck it means, charlie. i woke this morning. i woke very early this morning, but -- >> grammatically you didn't. lou: [laughter] this is true but the poor
7:57 pm
socialists. first, they kill 100 million people and then bernie sanders picks up their cause and now, the entire american democratic party picks up their cause, and it's just got to be so embarrassing for them and then a video like this comes out. it's just terrible but the sad thing about it is the entire democratic party has literally been taken over by this ideology and i would dare you, lou, to go find a single democrat whose running for president to even lightly mock that whole scene right there, because they would, they would be afraid to do it. first of all they're too woke to offend these people and second thing is they actually believe all of this nonsense this crazy socialism, and they wouldn't want to turn off their support base. >> yeah, to charlie's point i think what's interesting is while we laugh, and it's funny, we can't take them too lightly either. i think it's interesting to see that the democratic national
7:58 pm
socialists of america, whatever their group is has grown from 5,000 to 50,000 in just three years, and even more, they've got their biggest advocate out there, aoc, who she has an army of minions who turns these ideas coming out of this party into something of platforms that i think the democratic candidates and party has to embrace or defend, so they are certainly overly sensitive but i think they do have ideas gaining traction. lou: charlie are you concerned about that traction? are you concerned? >> only in this respect. i am very concerned about the fact that you have that many idiots who are drawn to this. they are so uneducated they've been so destroyed by our education system in america today, that patrice is exactly right. these people actually believe in this stuff, and presume presumably they got through school. they probably graduated from high school. a lot of them probably graduated
7:59 pm
from some university somewhere and they actually believe this stuff and it's their revisionist history, lying to them about the basics of math, and economics, and this notion that oh, yeah, everybody can have some free stuff. just grab it. lou: charlie you're scaring me to think that we've got that many people in the country who are incapable of, well, coping. charlie, thanks so much, patrice , thank you very much for being with us. patrice? president trump's remain in mexico policy yielding results, brandon judd, the head of the border patrol council praising the president's plans today. that's it for us tonight, we thank you for being with us, tomorrow gordon chang among our guests, we hope you will join us as well. thanks for being with us tonight goodnight from new york. monday
8:00 pm
night. maria bartiromo's wall street is next. maria: happy weekend everyone. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was an helps position you for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo. what a week it was!in a few moments, former federal reserve chairman allen greenspan is my special guest this weekend. we're going to talk about the economy and this week that was wild in terms of the stock market. also ahead, we will talk with not one but two golf superstars this weekend. brooks kept a and rory mcllroy, coming up right here. but first the dow halting is losing


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