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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 12, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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you can which can me tomorrow 4 p.m. eastern with connell mcshane, we close out market of day, i will be back with you this hour tomorrow, lou dobbs, a very familiar face, up here next right here on fox business. lou good evening, was jeffrey ep steepstein murdered or did he kl himself? will we ever know? w.h.o. weeks -- two weeks and a few days after being found dead, the hunt is on for answers, we take it up tonight. >> big banks playing politics with illegal ill greg -- immigration. president trump today following through on another campaign promise, strin strengthening our
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immigration system. >> breaking news tonight. there are new reports that fbi is searching epstein's caribbean estate, agents said to have arrived this morning by boat, looking for evidence any of wrong doing this as "new york posts" report that epstein hanged himself in his jail cell by wrapping a bed sheet around his neck, securing it to the top of a bunk bed, there were many questions remaining. among those why was epstein not checked on for several hours, despite a required check for every 30 minutes, who of the unname -- who was the unnamed cell mate who was transferred friday just hours before he was found dead. >> and new york medical examiner
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stating that an autopsy horizon performed but -- has been performed but she needs more information to issue a cause of death, as questions pile up and linger in the minds of many american, attorney general william barr raising concerns, he and the deputy of justice demand answer glis wa. >> i was appalled and whole department was, angry to learn of the mcc's failure to adequately secure this prisoner, we're now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are concerning. and demand a thorough investigation. we will get to the bottom of what happened. and there will be accountabili accountability. lou: joining us. the hill's john solomon. great to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> let's start with a question i
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don't think that either of us would have imagined two weeks ago. your thoughts about the questions that have arisen now in the death of jeffrey ep epstn while in federal custody. >> yeah, no. this is a tragic situation, you can look through the last 20 years of inspector je general report at justice department, through multiple presidents, problem of management of bureau of prison, staffing and suicide watches have been flagged time and time again. instead your bureaucracy was focused on wild investigation of justice of russia and trump and other things, not to the core mission, whatever comes out of this investigation, the failure of bureau for a long period of time will be a story line we'll remember. lou: attorney ja general must wonder what he got himself into.
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department of justice has been run by idiots, and corrupt idiots at that for quite some time. >> we had weak steward ship under session, be one thing that was inou inencouraging that bilr answered questioning directly. there will be justice both for people that epstein collaborated with and those who let us down in new york. lou: we're let down by our government in so many ways in this country. >> yeah. lou: we're at a -- i believe we're at a crisis that has not often considered, and that is a
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crisis of confident in this government, and in fact we have fewer questions about government than we have appalling answers. it is absolutely not equal to the challenges we face. and i'm talking about permanent bureaucracy where justice department, whether it is department of homeland security. >> right. lou: it is a government that is really outside of the control of the people. even as a constitutional republic, not a direct democracy. but it seems wayward to the any sense of being for the people. >> well, our founding fathers had a healthy distrust of a large government, now we have such a massive government, home homeland, justice, you can see what happens, instead of focusing on core competency you focus on -- no matter how many warning signs are there we
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continue to get deserved. it is thyme to time too send a . lou: and your sense if you will, for deep state circumstance we're looking at -- state is. 2 villains, strzok and mccabe are suing u.s. government, we have really turned the world upside down. it is not anything resembling justice or accoun accountabiliti think that any american would recognize. >> i think that american public smart enough to know they sued as a publicity stun not because they believe they have great legal claim, they oversaw one of the most outrageous investigation in fbi history, the conversion of our counter intelligent apparatus to a political dirty trick. we saw from bruce ohr notes they
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should be looking for a place to hide from shame. lou: or preparing for a jail cell or is that too optimistic on my part? >> too be determined. the attorney general has been clear, he plans to hole people accountable. in ep steep case in russia case this fall we'll learn a lot about what ac accountability me. >> it is quickly approaching fall. >> it is. lou: it is to be hoped you are right. on the time table as well. sooner the better. the uk, talking about spygate, australia, italy, some of the -- their compliest compliesty in se
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seems to be a compelling conclusion. >> it is still murky. 3 years later, we don't have questions as core as what did our allies do and what did fbi ask? shows how slow the justice department and fbi have been in giving us transparency. now things have accelerated with attorney general but we're a lom way from knowing of what do what, and when. i think starts in september we'll start to get key timeline and facts in all cases i suspect if foreign intelligence ally of u.s. got involved it was because they were asked to be involved, fbi bow would have had to know t was going on, that will go back to leader ship of the fbi. >> john solomon the hill. >> thank you. lou: up next, nancy pelosi election meddling in guatemala? we take up how she moved or radical agenda south.
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last weekend's election in guatemala. and results. and will george soros be happy or displeased? that is a critically important question. >> trump administration announces new rules for illegal immigration moving the country closer to a merit-based immigration system. >> we'll be right back. with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. doctor bob, what should i take for back pain? before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief.
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lou: president trump taking u.s. immigration system toward a more merit-based system,. the administration will deny green cards to immigrants who abuse the welfare system. edward lawrence in washington with more on today's decision. reporter: lou, the administration has been cracking down on illegal immigration, now that new rule to books for october will narrow the focus for legal immigration. what this does, it goes after green card holders and others who want legal status, 400,000 people. and for applicant who puts a black mark on their application if they used public ais a stan -- assistant or plan on using it like food stamps, medicate and
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public housing, the new rule just clarifies when congress has already made law and will make a financial impact. >> benefit to taxpayers is long-term seeking to ensure our immigration system is bringing people to join us as american citizens, legal permanent residents first who can stand on their own two feet, not reliant on the welfare system. reporter: this rule means in addition to assessing an av an applicant for citizenship over public need, it also application considers household income, education and health back to you. lou: thank you ed war lawrence. >> -- edward lawrence. >> joining us. ed rollins, "new york post" columnist. michael goodwin, he gets to keep
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it either way. >> thank you. lou: start with epstein, here he is, a man who over two weeks ago, attempted suicide. he is no longer on suicide watch. how does this happen? >> this is one of most absurd things, i know judicial system st broken, but this this case there should have been a 24 hours a day watch, there was a huge hearing friday, released all kinds of documents he has involvement with very important people in world, rich and powerful. and idea he could be just sitting in there, and deciding he wants to hang himself, that is suspicious. lou: quite a scenario i are drafting there, i don't know that we can go that far. >> i can't, but i just -- i can tell you it was incompetent.
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andry have a prisoner like that you need to watch him. lou: i'm saying, i don't know if we could go that far, not improper to speculate, i welcome the speculation. and always logical. but to think that we have to guess at why the bureau of prisons, michael, doesn't have him under suicide watch. what psychiatrist would have interviewed epstein following his attempted suicide, and decide, you know, what the heck. i feel good in this guess. he is not suicidal, so, turn off of camera, leave him be. >> he said he won't do it again, he promises, that is epstein he promises. it does not smell right, there something wrong with this story. and seems that there is either a procedural screw up or something
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more serious. lou: and sinister. >> yes. so, i hope the investigation will tell us which. lou: and i hope they will do it you know while before we get to our rocking chairs. the fbi doesn't have a great record investigating anything. investigating itself. for some reason i have more than perhaps some would consider reasonable cynicism, make that skepticism about what they will do. but i would like your thoughts about just very simply, a justice department that is this far out of control. talking with john solomon earlier, i believe this government is increases. the permanent bureaucracy. the executive functions in this government are not they seem unresponsive to the president, they seem to not care one wit, where are we? >> i grew up in a navy town, if
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something happened on the ship, the captain was always responsible, i would have fired warden today, period. he had a prisoner to -- >> i am sure their warden unions that -- >> i am sure there are. >> they don't call them wardens any more. >> too many public employees say, they were overtime 5 days, they did not do job they were supposed to do, someone needs to be held responsible. lou: there is already push back, the staff is overworked and under manned and blah, blah, blah, that does not explain the absence of a camera or not keeping one of the -- if not the highest profile prisoner in that follow -- facility, this is a man, based on his knowledge, greatest threat to some of the most powerful men in this
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country. >> if any good news is that bill barr shares outrage, he said i'm appalled, first day, right out of the gate, that this could happen, i think he perfectly understood that this just is not going to flying there is something seriously wrong, i commend him for that. lou: and i just want to say thank you to william barr for taking attorney general, i can't imagine what circumstances and national mood would be were he not. i want to turn to another turn here. part of the administration. at the same time they are announcing this rule, president is making clear, he wants more legal immigrants in the country. senate looking a at 386. that is oriented today visa holders to double the h1 bvisa,
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that is outsourcing american jobs weaker kellyanne conway -- we teen have tha down have that, she said this is negotiable with the republicans, she thinks they deal can be done on illegal immigration, and on guns. >> throw it all in together, give it up to democrats night ms well too it at once. do you think that democrats are give up on getting more gun regulation for something to immigration that absurd. at-this-point, two serious issues need to be dill with separately, and -- dealt with separately. lou: his base is expecting a wall. illegal immigration to be stopped. year-over-year is rising. we have 4 times number of families being apprehended at
7:21 pm
will border this note going well. i believe this is a historic president, that this man is doing things that were unimaginable even 10 years ago. november 2020 is nearing at an alarming rate, somebody is advising him in most peculiar -- to his interest manner. >> they are not looking at promises he made to base over the years, that base is very important to get it energized gain, and again, and against sthsagain.this will be a very ce election. no matter who democrats nominate. lou: you know who is coming straight at the president? focusing on the forgotten man and forgo forgotten woman, thats polkpocahontus.
7:22 pm
elizabeth warren going at working man, and woman in country talking about taxing rich and raising hell. >> she is causing quite a sphir ostirin campaign trails, she has moved up in the polls, but i think she is the one who is beginning to separate from sanders and kamala harris, the 4 were top tier. she is now i think the clear second. i believe if it is not biden, she will be the next up in the contest. lou: if is is biden, that means country would have gotten every lame statement he made, including most recent in weekend, we believe in facts not truth. that is a hodson's choice. to i accept facts or truth. >> she running best cam 59 camp. she will be very viable in the
7:23 pm
hamptons. >> at some point bernie sanders will have to drop out, and i would think most of -- his voters would go to her. lou: so, are you moving your chips toward senator warren? >> i think she is a very cred credible candidate, i don't think she will be tough to beat. lou: but if this president forgets his base, and listens to these folks advising him to illegal imgriffith park, the imn control, job, and visa and american worker, it will be a dandy of an election. >> i never thought i would say this, she has become a very effective candidate for her base, different from our base. lou: basis come and basis go. >> yes, you can write that down. >> i won't have to i will just
7:24 pm
remember it. lou: bless your all right, thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next, tellingi telling . americans don't buy into kamala harris' healthcare proposal. >> what a recent election in guatemala could mean for the future of illegal immigration. and an interesting story about nancy pelosi and foreign election interventions. i thought we were against that sort of thing? stay with us, we're coming right back. but this year, there's a more thrilling path to follow. (father) kids... ...change of plans! (vo) defy the laws of human nature... the summer of audi sales event get exceptional offers now!
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you can keep your mind on bigger things. ♪ safety first. ♪ and second. ♪ and throughout the all-new ram 1500. motor trend's 2019 truck of the year. ♪ lou: president trump has done more to address sex trafficking. >> these are incredible men and women that help us. hsi, special respond team,
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incred ecredible people. this president hazem -- empowered them to do so, he made a desktoppic in th -- topic in l office. lou: 26% decline since president trump took office. the newly elected conservative president in guatemala, says he wants to rework the third country agreement with united states, requiring u.s. bowen bod central american illegal immigrants to seek asylum first in guatemala, nancy pelosi was in guatemala last week, doing everything she could to influence the election and support socialist candidate who remarkably despite her po powerl
7:30 pm
present, she lost, and the issue of safe third country agreement, could still be worked out as a result. joining us, tom fenton. president of judicial watch, let's turn to the election of president geo mattie, a which of in the lurin the election. what does it mean for safe thursday cun dee we'll did united states. >> good news for president trump's effort to try to curtail immigration crisis. i don't think they will rethink that program. >> i thought we didn't medal in
7:31 pm
for -- meddle in foreign elections. >> you are assuming there is principle opposition. there is a "washington post" story last week. they sense down first planeload of deporties in guatemala. i don't think that program is going anywhere. lou: you know. washington most has been admitting a few things of late. we should not expect pi trend, but nonetheless, so is the times, you know. rare but it seems to found its footing, at least knows how journalism should be practiced. as it demonstrates time to time. i have to ask you, epstein, is there anyway in the world that you think we'll get an answer
7:32 pm
about what happened and why in this federal facility? >> i think we'll get answers, but will anyone buy them because of the credibility that the justice department has suffered. protecting hillary, targeting trump. and now this prosecution of jeffrey epstein, southern district of new york has a lot to answer about how this prosecution was handled and whether this was appropriate, i am not fan of epstein, there a question of whether he could have been prosecuted for over an agreement they done like. -- they didn't like out of florida. >> they -- southern district of new york was prosecuting for the same crimes that he reached a plea agreement with the southern district of florida.
7:33 pm
>> assuming all was correct, their key job was to keep this man alive, they failed. there are now questions about his death, my view is, these prosecutions and handling of epstein was as much a political decision by the patterson that run the -- hart so partisan thae justice department on day on day. and rule of law decision, we don't have to like him to think that justice department -- look he is dead. he should not be dead. and the justice department's crediblility is increases becaue of that failure. i don't know if barr can rescue that justice department, even given his credibility. lou: i think if anyone can it is william barr. just quickly. john solomon -- george soros secret 2016 access to state department it looked like he he
7:34 pm
was running the obama state department, your thoughts about that reporting. and the import. >> it conforms with our other documents that we have gotten showing that you had soros organization helping state department direct spending abroad to help them review grantees. and you have soar soros funded through state department funds. and in europe. and you know, george has every right to engage in politics but, attack -- taxpayers fair it ask. lou: tom thank you. >> thank you. >> illegal immigrant accused killing mollie tibbetts in iowa last year, now claim his constitutional rights have been violated. defense attorneys for christian
7:35 pm
rivera filed a motion charges iowa police, integrated him before he contacted the mexican consulate, violates b thereby hs constitutional right, and losing his trial to less white or hispanic county in iowa. >> coming up here next, justice department challenges a union of immigration judges, that is right. did you know, immigration judges have a union? they don't like to work much. that seems to be the conclusion. now what about that union in we'll take it up, and more right after this break. stay with us. all money managers might seem the same,
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lou: pnc bank no longer backing illegal immigration detention centers, in lent more than a hundred million to private prisons and detention centers but stopped friday after the demonstration from anti-i.c.e. aactivists. they have all cut ties to private companies running detention facilities. the justice department looking
7:40 pm
to decertify an immigration judge's union. you probably thought that judges don't have unions, but immigration judges do. that union has criticized the trump administration. at issue whether federal immigration judges can legally be in a union. the federal labor relations authority has criticize president plan to impose quotas and deadlines on the judges, you know to actually work and create results to deal with a massive backlog of immigration cases. joining us, former acting u.s. attorney general, matthew whitaker. great to to have you here. >> thank you. glad i could be here. lou: i it not realize that immigration judges have a union. >> they had a union, i was chief of staff and acting attorney general, the union resisted a lot of our plans to reduce backlog of 900 thousand pending asylum cases, all we were asking
7:41 pm
-- so average immigration judge carries over 700 a year, we asked to do less than average, we said less than average, that will be one of your management standards. and they resisted it. in the high volume districts. where we see a lot of the cases file, they would continue the cases over and over, we worked in issuing attorney general opinions, i know bill barr has kept them to try to stream line the system bridge this back to rule of law. under some control. the supreme court issued a opinion regarding the whether their management -- they are management or worker and can unionize, scc administrative law judges, i think this is application of thank to me this
7:42 pm
is something we were work oi was glad friday to have them announce they would seek to decertify that union. lou: if they are telling the president-united states to go to hell, they will have a hard case proving they are just workers, that makes no sense to assert that -- dair dare we call it privilege. >> the judges, there is a right to appeal went the immigration court system that is within the deputy of justice, and manage by attorney general who sits at the supreme court of immigration courts and has a lot of authority to set precedent. a lot of judges did not like precedent that sessions and barr to make sure they are more -- >> hard to imagine attorney general barr coming into a
7:43 pm
tougher environment. >> i am very familiar with the environment. >> i look at the mess that is the justice department, when i look at every issue from immigration to national security. to the judicial system, itself. ththe detention center and bureu of prisons, this is mindlessly out of control. i don't know if it is rescuable. >> there is never a boring day at the department of justice. with bureau of prison be all u.s. attorneys in their office, and you are wearing the white hat, you are doing justice, at the same time, you are also held to a very high standard, we expect people with powerful position of department of justice use that power appropriately, they are following protocol, in place, like at mcc if appears nobody knows how to watch someone like epstein. lou: and who decided that after
7:44 pm
he tried to commit suicide suddenly he was not suicidal. >> within 10 days. lou: this is beyond. this gives every conspiracy theorist in the country reason to speculate. i got a kick out of. a couple of the dem president at hopeful in 2020, saying that president some not speculate. the entire country is speculating, and knows what this stuff smells like it smell like is in a partne barn yard. >> you know, you apply reason and common season, that tell us that this is fishy, does not make any sense. lou: i hate to break it to the left here, but this is america. we speak our mines, we speak -- minds we speak plainly we don't give up, easy our right too first amendment ea or second
7:45 pm
amendment. >> amen to that. >> will we know. >> i think we will. lou: come back soon. >> i will. lou: up next, whatever happened to that movie, depicting the hundredthehunting of deplorablea deplorable, i am very interested to know what happened in that movie. why did they ever make such a sickening movie. lou: we'll have that stay with us. don't miss your golden opportunity to experience thrilling performance. now at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. why accept it frompt an incompyour allergy pills?e else. flonase sensimist. nothing stronger.
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lou: kamala harris' radical medicare for all on pos proposat sitting well with everyone. >> we're all paying for health care for everyone. lou: there you have it. joining us, republican strategist amy ta -- the woman d to be kamala harris' worse
7:50 pm
nightmare, stay away from health care, leave it alone. we don't want you to mess with it. start with hopeful in democratic party, a couple lead by cory booker saying -- that president should not talk about his theories or concerns about epstein and how he died and that jail cell. as if america suddenly doesn't have the right and president of united states does not have right to economy -- express himself, he is just giving voice to what most of you think about. >> right. you know, i wish he didn't retweet the comedian, however, we're all thinking of the same thing. you know this -- >> were you thinking the same. >> thi i'll be careful, i was nt happy to see on twitter, the hash tag trump body count or
7:51 pm
cliclinton body count, we need o be responsible and be extra careful with putting certain thoughts, are we all thinks that he was murdered, absolutely. lou: that is one thought. among many that we're all having, and expressing, i heard everything today from epstein was not murdered, he was taken out of detention center, you know in a body bag, and made hissies scape. the -- escape, the series go on. >> i have not heard that one. >> how likely is it you would be you know reading, and listening to stories about he just didn't have a camera in the cell. just the day after all documents were released. and you an named cell mate still not been identified. you go on and on with this. it is preposterous. and -- >> it is. lou: it smells --
7:52 pm
>> it is mind-blowing, i would agree, not -- i think that there is a lot of conspiracy theories. but what will end up being true. which, i don't know? lou: who is injured by americans doing what we do? talking? expressing yourselves. that first amendment does not -- >> now body. lou: come on, you get mind control, you control speech you control minds that is what the left wants here. so every time they say beware full, i -- be careful, i say to hell with them, i have no interest. turn to the movie. "the hunt" hollywood pid peddling per vision and violent, we're to be watching ourselves and how we talk about things and common sense and clear way, what is going on with hollywood, and is it wonderful this conservative backlash actually had an impact on comcast, nbc.
7:53 pm
universal studios. >> it is. and was needed. then universal actually had the nerve to say, well, this is not the right time to bring this forward. it is never the right time. we now know that we have a huge problem with mental illness, a huge problem with families falling apart, a huge problem with people finding whether it be a knife, a car, a gun. misusing those. and injuring and killing hundreds of people. why are we even allowed to produce film like that. lou: why note talk about mental health in the country, ability to deal with mental illness, identify it and treat it. we don't have that conversation because that is not what the leftments to drive the narrative. and -- lift wants to drive narrative. >> they are hypocrites. >> now president for crying out loud, lining up, if i listen to
7:54 pm
sincsenator graham talk about president's commitment to gun control. >> i think he is determined to do two things, to make sure that people who are suffering mental health problems, dangerous, and to themselves and others, that we act before they use the gun. and that we enhance background checks in a way that makes common sense there, is bipartisan support for this. lou: you know. i have to tell you, amy, lindsey graham sounds like old lindsey graham, he could talk out of either side of his mouth at will. your thoughts about this? i hope he is not representing the president's view. >> well, i hope so as well, i hope he is not. he can put all of the laws out there. the important thing is we need to move forward with the laws we have imminent -- implemented, a
7:55 pm
law will not stop somebody who is mentally ill. period. it is not going to happen, my family is encountered a young individual, who it took a knife instance, jumping off hood of a car, it took cutting himself and tackled and to be arrested, multiple times, and kicked out of multiple schools, before authorities could do something, he was underage, and he posted on-line he would shoot up a school. it took over a year of all of this, and he didn't have access to a gun. >> we're out of time. we have one of these hard outs, hard to get out. their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits.
7:56 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ david: another big selloff on wall street. the dow jones industrials down 396. light trade thing, 2.9 billion shares. a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. attorney general william barr today assured the public the investigation into jeffrey e epstein goes on despite his death. the epstein co-conspirators shouldn't rest easy e, and epstein's victims deserve justice. that's it for us tonight, the border patrol union's brandon
8:00 pm
judd among our guests here tomorrow. we hope you'll join us. we thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ trish: president trump vowing to fix our broken immigration system as the department of homeland security announces the biggest change yet for green card applicants. why e this policy will be a huge relief to american taxpayers. and as president trump looks to attract the best and the very brightest immigrants to america, guess what 2020 democrats are doing? open borders, all the way. that's what they're calling for x they're promising taxpayer, u.s. taxpayer-funded health benefits to anybody who wants to come here illegally. >> you have been talking tonight about big government health care plans that you propose in one form or another. raise your hand


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