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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 13, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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that are running for president, they just want to open up the country, let anyone in. free education, free health care, a free lunch. kennedy is next. kennedy: thank you. >> what in haitis happened to jeffrey epstein? the mystery that everyone is talking about it and obsessed with. was it suicide? was when murder. garden variety incompetence? or was the whole thing faked. saturday morning many of us woke up to news that epstein of found dead in his manhattan jail the cell, while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking dozens of under age girls and conspiracy charges, he was very well connected, the trumps, the clintons, some british royals, you name it, he knew it, he reportedly had a lot of secrets
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that could be very damaging to a lot of these people. they say, he could not have killed himself, if he didn't who did? some say it was the russians, other claim it was the queen even president trump got involved, suggesting that maybe bill and hill were involved. "new york post" tonight reports he hanged himself with a bed sheet, the feds offering some clue, we're told epstein was not on suicide watch, why not? and guards had not checked on him for hours, was he not supposed to be looked after every half hour, his cell mate reportedly made bail friday. there is also reportedly no video. and attorney general,ual barr im barr is furious. >> i was appalled, and whole department was. frankly, angry.
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to learn of the mcc's failure too adequately secure this prisoner. kennedy: 66-year-old up stein was looking -- epstein was looking at 45 years in prison, could something more sinister be afoot? joining me, jack johnson. i don't think we need to engage in conspiracy theories at-this-point, because we're doing that with party panel in a little bit. let's take about nuts and bolts, this person needed to answer for some crimes he has committed, he is a convicted i is sex offende. he is such a high profile inmate, so many charges, so many people involved, how could he have killed himself.
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>> i was not surprised when i heard first feed broke saturday morning. i was not surprised. my guess is he planned on checking out all along once he was remanded after he did not make bail. he realized high would be dying in prison, he had one failed attempt. he was with a cell mate, probably why he survived, they badge on window -- badge -, ban, i have done suicide watch. kennedy: with this we need explanation. >> absolutely. kennedy: we're not getting that. from department of justice, attorney general, a guy who is really pissed off, looking for answers that does not help. you have president and all sorts of people in media, objective and otherwise who are chiming in. and again, there are basic questions that need to be
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answered, ben made the point we all knew he was suicidal, i knew he was and i never met the guy, so how do you get off suicide watch? >> this is where technical policy perspective comes in, a chief psychologist, a license clinical see co psychologist. they determine who comes off watch, with the warden. one thing people are missing, he was a proud publicity case, he is considered central inmate monitoring, the management decisions are not just made by warrenwar ward in, and regional director in the loop, and monday morning quarterback comes out without facts they question the warden this is a fair decision. kennedy: this is fair to question the warden, when you have president of united states who could bism came implicated s
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by association. not say he did anything, there are multiple people involved 4678 high has been charged with heinous stuff. my feeling would be if you are one of these people who was interacting with him, you sure as hell better play by the book. god forbid something like this happen, your career would be over. >> lit me say. i have done so sued watch. kennedy: how do you become unsuicidal. >> you are evaluated by a clinical see col je psychologisy basis, when they feel you are no longer a threat you are taken off watch. but the problem with mr. epstein, he is taken off watch ordinary inmate go to general population, and he did not have that luxury being a high profile sex offender and right as a pretrial inmate to remain in session -- segregation. high presented extraordinary
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management concerns. kennedy: more reason to keep eyeballs on him. >> that is -- you are on suicide watch or not, the. suicide watch averages. anywhere from 4 or 5 days to a week, when is longer than a week, they pay staff to supervise this person. 3 shifts, they transfer him to a medical center. kennedy: what is more of a hassle, extra staff member or having an entire investigation to the deputy of justice, and oig . >> not so much extra has ill -- >> it is that is a lot extra money mormon power. >-- a lot more of the manpower. >> highway do yo how do you knot say, i know layout. i am programming, i want to fight this case. >> there is a 2000 page document dump the day he died, that named
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names, and put him at much greater risk for god knows what that has not been answered so people plug in stories with their own imagination there is no to explaining the fears and theories. that is a fai failure, thank you jeff don. >> thank you. >> william barr has a message. >> let me assure you this case will continue on. against the anyone who was come complicit with epstein. this shot res should not rest e, victims desev justice, they will get it. kennedy: barr announced that doj will conduct an internal inquire to epstein's death, and that agents on speed boat raided
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his private island, and looking for evidence. federal authorities must determine what to do with his assets, which could be sole off to compensate the victims, but will face a stiff legal challenge from his estate. and a lawyers in. could justice still be served or will clintons get off easy? i'm kidding. all right meet party panel, party fox news contributor emily and former adviser to president clinton, and fox news contributor doug shown, and robby swafy is back. so let's talk about the people who might be in trouble, ven though jeffrey epstein is dead. when the a g talks about conspiracy, who he talking
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about? >> no one else has been indicted, in charges documents is said unnamed. but people pretty much assume validly it is miss maxwell, his right hand man for all decades. what is interesting you talk about document dump if came out of her defamation suit she settled. >> the victim who at the time was 17 years old, virginia jeffrey. >> yes. and what is interesting, about miss maxwell, she is likely in europe right now, there not necessarily a clear case of we don't know where she is physically. important to note she has been alleged to be a sexual abuser herself, she would programly face charges of conspiracy, and sexual human trafficking but also abuse. kennedy: she is the daughter of very successful publishing tycoon. and she has her own money, she
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still has an apartment -- she sold her apartment in manhattan are in 5 million. so, doug, have you the 81 spir e conspiracy theories, no one is giving us an acceptable explain explaining a so they are going crazy, so what do you make of this. >> i say. with all due respect to your first guest. something within very wrong. if a man like epstein was able on a second try to kill himself, in the way that has been a scribed. i want answers, everyone wants answers, i think kennedy you are right, people who are complicit or worse need to be held accountable. kennedy: what about the idea of civil asset forfeiture.
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you liquidate his estate as restitution for his victims, but there is a lot me has not been convicted of, it is hard to convict a dead guy. >> there are thorny questions raised by this. taking his stuff, his property, give it to people he harmed. in this case, that fine. but broader principle of allowing government to do that, that is people who are not so clearly guilty, who may not be guilty having their property taken before they have been convicted, it happens people's cars get taken. kennedy: homes and money they had when they were arrested. >> all this aside, there is no conspiracy needed to explain this. criminal justice system has to knows of problem, jails are badly run. kennedy: very powerful unions. >> good people work there but bad people work there who face
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no consequence for being bad at their job, and neglect happens all of the time, it not the fun answer it is nothing weird. kennedy: i truly believe he took his own life, something strange happened in all these things don't add up, and it just gross incompetence then a bunch of people need to be fired. >> could i make a quick point, the doj can go through civil courts that is criminal case. that means that doj goes before a civil judge, noncriminal judge and says. this guy we should have this set aside, and it goes to us, a judge determined but likely for restitution, second option, would be all of these victims that will likely sue the estate, note new york state child victims act that goes into effect thursday. that means anyone -- >> lifts statute. >> for next year. >> so, just so viewers
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understand, likely less -- more efficient route would fr from te victims suing the estate itself not goiing forfeiture out with doj that gets tied up. >> all right, we have much more with the panel. they are coming up next, talk about joe biden, once again. firing up the good old gas machine over the weekend. wait until you hear what he screwed up this time, will there come a point where voters heard enough, we discuss that after the break. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right -
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♪ kennedy: that is right democrat, you are in love with a psycho, good job. a time when it look like joe biden's hands might cost him the election, before he started moving his mouth, the self-proclaimed gaffe machine back at it, taking time out from campaigning to build a time machine. >> i watch what happened to those kids, parkland came up to see me when i was vice president, you watched on halls
12:18 am
of congress. kennedy: that was 2018, he was referring to the horrific parkland shooting massacre a year and a half after he and president obama left the white house, vice president biden later corrected himself saying he menu town. and -- meant new town. he also got in trouble for declaring that poor kids are just as white and clever as. >> win the election or will senior moments spell end of grope and change. part party panel is back. doug. i think of my parents, they are conservative democrats, but they are pretty moderate. and i think they like the idea of joe biden, but i also can feel them looking around, if it
12:19 am
is not joe, who is it? when does this stuff start to cost him in the polls? >> first he starting to come down in poll, there is drip, drip. i also believe as i think you do what happened in last three or five days is much more serious than any of this other stuff. problem with who else, is the most likely alternative now is elizabeth warren. we did not sign up for socialism. kennedy: yes. there are many democrats, and not a popular view to have. interesting thing, it not about joe biden's age. president trump is almost his age, and bernie sanders is 55 years older than he is, they
12:20 am
have so much energy, they are shot out of a cannon pissing vinegar day in day out. >> they are the same combative focused candidates they were before. with biden, you see a little he is not quite as quick to respond, you can get the dates wrong, i am sure he takes a lot of meetings, but i don't want to have to pick between truth or facts. iit is coming across me he might have a harder time in a debate against trump than we thought a couple of years ago. kennedy: a lot of democrat have written off marianne williamson, she would have thrown him so many curveballs during the debate. he is the one person -- she is
12:21 am
the one person he would not know how to take her on. >> yang referenced li libertaris the other day, i appreciate that. kennedy: so what do you do? >> well, deputies on who the you -- depends on who the you is. these are elect bill tie, drama of who performs best, and who is resonating, who has that fire and et cetera. kennedy: mighty mo . >> i think ha is interesting since that second debit debate,s sitting in bottom 30, and warren is surging full steam ahead for those conservative democrat or moderate. the idea is horrifying at-this-point. kennedy: she is a combination of
12:22 am
beto and bernie sanders. with beto hyperbole. but then you know she does the deep buy into some sanders plans could her plans are not quite as costly at bernie's, they are still totally unsustainable. i think this she would be tough opeopponent but very beatable. >> i don't see working class whites in 5 or 6 key swing states turning to warren with her medicare for all, increasing taxes across the board, i remember she said insurance companies charge high premium as they can. and pay outlet ill, tha -- littt is capitalism. kennedy: but they are stealing from you. >> sucking money out. kennedy: they are so immoral i love it. >> panel coming up later, first up, aoc, another one courting
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kennedy: funnest thing about embracing liberty over party is the desire to share its principles with those who seem most disgusted by it, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has been digging her piggy toes into the libertarian pool, playing footsie on a kno instagram video saying: she is right. there are crucial coalitions to be made. but her antifreedom statism -- ster road is yo --ster
12:28 am
steroids is an unavoid anable tsunami. the new programs like green new deal the run out of money and bleed your children's choices dry. economic control is not marily y control of a tec sector of human life but control for means of our ends. don't tell that to alexandria ocasio-cortez she called capitalism irredeem able and used warmed over maxist talking points as a stale crutch. her wish list is dangerous as childish, and her army of zero summers will change your behavior by any means necessary, and use hammer of freedom on --
12:29 am
the right out of you. if she's to apply her antiinterventionism to the economic as well as foreign policies, i will glad fl gladlya hit off her peace pipe, i think that pigs would sooner flying if i hol hold high myself bril -- h waiting for, that i middle east, that is the memo. kennedy: there are view liberty leading individuals left in congress or national stage. should we welcome a oh, c and hope -- aoc and hope she learns more on the way, with me now, john stossel welcome back.
12:30 am
>> thank you. kennedy: yes. areas of overlap, that is great, people in congress who agree on certain issues should find each other but having a little bit in common with libertarians, does not mean that everything el yous a ok for aoc . >> it not, i am glad she knows that ligh lightly educated persn knows what the word means, if we could sell idea of leaving people alone. i don't understand why they can't get the rest of it, i meet with the lefty activists, they say, you are so upset about big government. why not about big business, i say business can't use force, they look at me blankly, as if that does not make difference.
12:31 am
kennedy: but it is okay to use force to alter, and warren said that free markets are -- or markets not free markets, markets without rules is theft. what to you say about that? >> often if it has no rules, there is theft. but we have rules. kennedy: don't the markets generate their own rules as they go? >> yes. for example, mcdonald's does not poison us, not because of the rules, but because their representation depends on not pos ownin--poisoning us, they td safety standards well beyond what rules are because they are scared to death about losing their representation, they are free choice rules. to get rich under capitalism, you serve your customers well. entice them. >> there is till this idea, and they are outdated ideas. but, the younger progressives
12:32 am
are feasting on them, somehow, if someone has a lot of something, that means that other people have nothing, there are so many more people with nothing you have to take this here and redistribute it. >> here is a oh, c on capitalism, it is irredeemable, they are seeking and maximizing profit. >> yea. >> duh, that makes things better, she is making a federal job guarantee, so why work hard then, if you are guaranteed a job, how can they be so dumb? yet we need more people like you, and her attractive women who speak well, she never says uhoh,well. maybe never mind about you. but -- >> earning -- she is pretty though she is real pretty. kennedy: if she were like a pock
12:33 am
mark 350 pound. >> n nobody would pay attention. >> not a chance, a few guys on-line. >> she speaks well. kennedy: just like you, john stossel, and your golden tongue, and your heart ofitis, tha ice,s what i love about you most. >> heart of ice. >> are cold-hearted best thing in the world. >> i am not, i care, i just want it to be voaltary. voluntary. >> you are right, i could get frostbite just putting my hand on your shift, i lov -- chest, e it. >> wow. kennedy: don't leave. >> you are giving me cold shoulder. >> there is john waving on tourists, motorcycle backfire they will run-up 47 any time, getting their steps in i am up to 10,000. all right, something very strange is going on in russia. 5 the country all elite nuclear
12:34 am
scientists are dead after aic prokinexplosion at a radiation , now there is fear of a nuclear leak. this is just latest deadly accident to hit russia's military this summer, last week massive explosion at a siberian military depot killed one, and injured over a dozen, last month russian naval offer of said 14 v sailors died. -- said that 14 russia sailors died. what in the world is tboaing onn with the ruse skis?
12:35 am
welcome back baker. >> thank you, unlike john stossel, i do not have a heart of ice. kennedy: i wish you did. >> i can't believe you said that to him. kennedy: it is a compliment from one li libertarian to another. >> it is not. kennedy: it is. >> let's take about the russians. nobody should be surprised that russians have a sketchy history of workplace safety, the various accidents should not surprise anyone. but we look at it, we say why are we even talking about it there was an explosion. and it involved possible testing of a nuclear engine for a cruise missile. this is important, not just that, but off the radar screen, people -- i think, should be researching and look at, is
12:36 am
there is an arms race going on. off radar screen. particularly with u.s., russia and china that important when we talk about what is next spirit of war look like. involving hyper sonic cruise missiles, the reason why this is important, because right now, there is no operational defense mechanism, no antimissile system that could stop next generation of hyper so sonic news missiles. >> this is dangerous, they don't have the money to appropriately develop something like that. safely. and they are not going to tell us when something actually leaks. >> no, that is true.
12:37 am
you mentioned that submarine with the fire back in beginning of july. several day before putin acknowledged that there was a nuclear reactor on this su submr submersible. not particularly that one. people should focus a little bit on what is taking place in terms of the development of weaponry for the future. we talk about cyberspace, and threats in cyberspace, you are not getting rid of the ground pounders and missiles. the missiles next are the hypo sonic, they fly. kennedy: we need our own robots. >> they are unpredictable. kennedy: we need kevlar.
12:38 am
titanium wrapped robots. >> with hearts of ice like john stastossel. kennedy: mike baker thank you so much. >> thank you, john stossel. >> never speaking you to again. kennedy: trump administration cracking down on immigrants targeting those who rely on welfare programs, critics say new rules punish the most vul vulnerable. we discuss it next. don't miss your golden opportunity to experience our most advanced safety technology on our full line vehicles. now at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month payment. experience amazing.
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kennedy: the trump administration, rolling out tough new changes to the immigration policy, acting director of citizenship and immigration services ken cuccinelli announcing new restriction that could deny green cards to legal immigrants, that are more likely to lean on government assistant. announcement less than a week after i.c.e. raid in
12:43 am
mississippi. agents there detained nearly 700 individuals believed to be living and working in the nation illegally, over weekend, kamala harris accused president of quote ter rise -- terrorizing immigrant communities. is president putting america first or fulfilling a campaign promise, joining me, is the party panel, i don't have a problem curtails these benefits buzz that make me a coa make med the -- cold-hearted john toes s? >> cancel and out allowing well immigration. >> if you have too choose
12:44 am
between a welfare state. >> i could not disagree more. i think we have to have secure borders, raid while probably. kennedy: build a wall. >> i'm for border security. as many -- >> i would not expect that from you. >> why not? >> there was a compromise, in 2013, that would have got then done. kennedy: "gang of 8". >> yeah. and you know. if someone is illegal immigrant, i don't think that fact they may not now but may rely on government, should have anything to do with whether they get a green card. kennedy: argument is if you going to attract best, brightest, not richest or phd's but people who work hard and are self sufficient, i suppose that is racist? >> the philosophy is steps moving forward merit base system they have put forward,
12:45 am
specifically for viewers, they are doing in this law in october, defining what public charges when until now has not been specifically defined. >> that is who cannot get a grind card. >> yes, and about 45% of immigrants receive food stamps and medicare, in a tiny part 6% cash benefit to greatest part of population in california then, oregon. soy, i think moving forward it is more important for us to understand that benefit program in general, and how much our tax dollars are going to it. kennedy: in are a lot of programs that are excluded, including medicare part b, and certain recipient of medicaid. i don't have a big problem with snap. i don't think that people should
12:46 am
go hungry but other big ticket welfare programs, i think -- -- time too ramp down. >> we can't soft big problem by getting rid of food stamps, native borne take their share of welfare, we have to cut across board, and we have to be ruthless, no one will do it. >> i am not ruthless, i am a compassion at -- >> self identified beautifully, nice to see you all. >> thank you. >> happy monday woo! topical storm is next, it is a good one, go -- go wake grandma. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage.
12:47 am
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kennedy: wife of pablo escobar claims in her new book in the colombian drug king pin thought about getting into politics, but he chose nasho ter -- narcoterrorism, let's start in washington, highway patrol has started new pilot program. mm-hmm. no. no, oh.
12:51 am
harrison, that is why you never take direction from an air traffic controller who slurred speech and hiccups. pilot forced to land on pacific av. >avenue. motorists were shocked. they don't get a lot of planes on pacific because of the traffic lights. quicker to take the atlantic. the pilot was not hurt, but cops ticketed him for failing to signal before changing lanes and using carpool lane without know extra passenger. now one of hurt. and pilot told police his engines just quit. crazy stuff, nice to see someone just quit beside the guarding watching epstein. too soon? topic two. one for hip-hop fans. woo. back on tour this week, brought him to sunshine state of
12:52 am
florida. there is always something going down. there he is. dear god i can hold on. you never know what might drop in danger. the man behind the song feel right, fell right off the stage and hit a fan, the only hit of the night. if you have been back stage at a rap concert. the real question is how did he trip, or how is he standing up. you are not supposed to mix hennessy with cannabis and cough syrup, it is way better with simple syrup. concert kay -- across caused -- chaos kaz cause the rapper to cancel the rest of his show with a leg injury. >> he is watching his favorite movie, legends of the fall.
12:53 am
anthony hawkins as gabby haynes. >> we don't cover a ton of wnba basketball, but tonight, last night, the dallas wings beat the phoenix mercury, and afterward they played basketball. first and foremost, congratulate 99% of you watching first ever wnba highlights, the peoples the not in a se a celebratory mood,y went from boxing out to boxing. there you go. britney, hit her baby one more time. these brode broads don't know ho punch, they spent their lives playing basketball, inste instef
12:54 am
watchinwatching basketball wive. which is more helpful. >> they were able to get a flight home. >> topic 4. mug shot monday. this week winner strange cat burglary. look at this. yeah. woo! let's-year-old anthony bishop allegedly broke into an oregon home with his cat spaghetti, they were living in an air-conditioning duct, anthony was wearing a on onesie that belongs to the female homeowner. it is crazy because who name a cat spaghetti. they were forced to use a laids or poinlaserpointer to guide hee car which was doing 80 miles an
12:55 am
hour whehurry -- hour when it h, imkidding, the car done hit her, they not the cat. >> topic 5. natural light beer making a hard seltzer. comes in two flavors, first time natty light drinkers had options in life, unlike is others, natty nectar sells in 12 and 24 pack, they can save money for thing they need like pai mail bail mo. >> i am sure it is de licious, people who tried it have fall up
12:56 am
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2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ ) ♪ mouth trumpet monday! ♪ ♪
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