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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 13, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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bottom 5. melissa: we have to go. madison, we'll look for that surprise candidate to jump in, that is interesting, thank you. >> thank you for watching, lou dobbs is next right here on fox business. lou: good evening, the people's republic of china, a nation beset with challenges, an economy in decline. facing now widening unrest, and demonstrations in hong kong. there protesters stormed hong kong's airport for a second straight day. clashing with riot police and the departures from airport canceled for a second straight day. people's liberation army moving troops to hong kong's border, president trump urging all parties to remain company.
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>> a warning to the supreme court. top radical dimms and senate telling supreme court justices tto -- heal the court or face a fundamental restructuring. one of the most bizarre warnings in history of the supreme court. this country calm was not order of the day on woot, investor exuberance rallying the stock and bond market, dow soaring after trump administration announced delay on tariffs of some chinese goods on 3 1/2 months, dow jones up almost 400 on the day. with the administration's decision, edward lawrence reporting from washington. reporter: president deciding to put some items under tariff on september 1, others delayed until december 15, largest group
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items on september 1, they include many things like milk, meat, agriculture products, sour cream, also steel products. and u.s. trade representative delayed tariffs on other items until december 15 or health, safety and national security reasons, that is cell phone, laptop. video game, toys and clothing, u.s. and china trade teams had a phone conversation this morning, no real progress on overall trade deal. but they agreed to talk against in two weeks. we wanted to know if china gave up anything for that delay in tariffs. we asked chinese commerce ministry the spokesperson said no. and china still refuses on buy u.s. agriculture. >> so far they have disappointed me. they have not been truthful or they have delayed the their
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decision. we had a good call with china. they would like to do it. the problem in hong kong, they would like to do something. reporter: president still hoping china reverses course and buys from our farmers. today lou. lou: thank you. edward lawrence from the white house. >> the trump administration's announcement to delay additional tariffs on some 300 billion dollars of chinese exports to this country, set off a huge rally on wall street, dow surging 373. s&p 500 gained 43. nasdaq jumping 153. the rally silencing many of wall street firms, and national business press who largely hyped up trade tensions with china.
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to show you how silly the anti-tariff voices are, 24.5 billion dollars of chinese tariffs collected by coast oms and border protection agency since last july represented, are you reading? .11%. of our entire economy. .11%. moving trillions of dollars in market cap. that makes perfect sense. since those tariffs were implemented in july, the economy hasek panded bial -- expanded b almost 2%. >> radical dimms senate minority leader chuck schumer out doing himself, planning to ask, we're told, president trump to withdraw the 5 billion dollar request for border wall funding. i can imagine why he would do
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that, it would fracture the trump base. schumer idea is this, instead of using that money for border security, he wants the president to use that money to combat gun violence and white supremacy, president should tell schummer to find 5 billion to combat, anty of amin mean and -- antifa, and ms-13 and illegal immigration. joining us tonight, brandon judd, good to see you, let's start with the idea that we are looking at ever increasing numbers of people crossing into the border. we're looking at 400% increase -- better than 400% increase in families apprehended the border. very little talk about construction of the wall, almost radio silence on it the base is getting a little restive.
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how did the border patrol? >> i am glad you brought up chuck schumer and he is asking president trump to divert money to go towards gun violent and towards combating white supremacy. the factory mains we have many people that are killed on a monthly basis by illegal immigrants that are in this country illegally. why isn't schumer stepping up, supporting those families? the angel moms and dads? why is he not stepping up and supporting those people who are victimized by illegal aliens in this nation, he does not do, that this politics he is playing politics, i am disgusted with that and wall, border patrol agents are aware president trump is doing all he can within his authorities to give us recourses we need, we have seen a drop in
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last two months. first two weeks in month of july, president trump is doing what he can within his authority to push back against the people like chuck schumer. lou: it is to me a very strange situation. right now the president is moving in -- made a decision about gun control, he is moving, talking about doing deals with the democrats and the rino republicans, of course, who including mitch mcconnell. this will be a very big deal with the base. because this is not who they elected. his daughter is out talking about her preference for gun control, she is an advocate now, the -- and talking about more legal immigration. supporting 386, h-1b visas doubling, the president taking a
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strange turn here. a disturbing one for those who elected this man. >> i am part of that big base. my agents are part of that base, we absolute slight want to see him step up and do the right thing for border security to push hard for border security. i look at this new rule he just implemented, where you have to be able to support yourself if you come in this this country legally. a great rule, that sends a message in the world. i came to border patrol as a young agent to get a travel card, you have to be able to prove that you could support yourself in mexico to come to united states these rules are good, it sends out a message, if you come here, you have to be able to do things right, that does help in border security
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message and narrative. we still need that wall, we have to be able to control the flow of drugs where they come in to allow us to be successful. i hop he continues to push very hard for that wall. lou: a tale of two immigration officials, first, citizenship and immigration services, ken cuccinelli. standing up tall, saying this new rule you just addressed is -- not a new rule, but the enforcement is. to require a basis for coming into this country that you bable to be self reliant, not a drain onous. and unfortunately, the director of dhs, mc-- saying he thought
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interior enforcement raid on the 7 planses in mississippi. he you thathought that timing ws unfortunate. i never heard anyone in law enforcement on any level say our timing was unfortunate? to enforce the law, are you kidding me? >> you can't apologize for timing, when that operation was in motion for over a year, they investigated it, they did that they need, back to your point, cuccinelli is 100% standing up tall, doing what the america public needs him to do, this not just a base. i hope that everyone understands that president trump is appeasing the bass, but cuccinelli also speaks on the dmppeds, the independent in this country they belief in the rule of law, that we to support our
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law enforcement agency and officers, they believe in all this and ken keump nelly speaks on him as well. he is doing a very good job. lou: mormorgan. these are illegal -- illegal immigrants not undocumented. i i don't know about you but i am hopeful there is a growing strength went dhs that will be helpful. thank you so much. >> chaos at hong kong initial airport, riot police armed with pepper spray, clashing with thousand of protesters. those demonstrations shut down operations at world's eighth busiest airport for a second straight day. enio our correspondent with the
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story. reporter: the local media calls it unprecedented chaos. second day in a row pro democracy activists staged a sit in blocking check in and security areas, getting in the way of passengers, and stopping over a hundred flights from leaving. an angry mob turned on one person thought to be a double agent for chinese. tying him up and roughing him up. riot police bursts in armed with weapons, batons and pepper sprays. several were injured. activists were targeted and taken away. av 10 weeks prove test for grear democracy. president trump tweeted our
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intelligence informeds that you chinese government is moving troops to border with hong-chi kuo, everyone -- hong kong, everyone should be calm and safe. u.s. long supported democracy in hong kong. chinese saying that american officials have turned violence crimes into a beautiful fight for human rights. we'll see where that fight goes next. >> thank you. >> we'll take up the events in hong-chi kuo tonight, former state department adviser just returned from hong kong, and latest in the unnatural death of jeffrey epstein. what happened to warden and two guards who were supposed to be watching him. and what about that substitute and much more. and facebook is listening to our conversations, we take up latest privacy concerns and ohr after
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xfinity mobile is a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. click, call or visit a store today. lou: >> evidence of strong grassroots support for president trump's reelection. 61% of money raised by the trump campaign in this cycle come from
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small donors. think about it. people contributing 200 or less, making up about 60%. 51% of dem's combined donations, 2020 hopefuls from small donors, to the day's develop. s on financier, pedophile epstein's unexplained death in a federal prison cell, the story gets stranger. attorney general william barr reassigned warden of the metropolitan center and put on leave two guards assigned to watch epstein, one was a substitute, neither checked on him for several hours before he was discovered. what is taking something of a backseat and raising some questions about media focus and the popular consciousness are larger and more systemic pedophile scandals in this
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country. consider this, about 5,000 priests have been accused with about 10 convictions, think of that 10. and about 8,000 boy scouts have been victimized and amongst the scout masters who were carrying out the sexual assaults there have been only a few dozen convictions, many of the abusers are dead or statutes of limitation ran out, it may have been as planned. joining us, former reagan without without -- white house political director, ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: trump donors, a lots of small donors 61%. >> a very important way to raise money, mitt romney could not raise center small donors, mccain could not raise money, period.
7:20 pm
it will be a billion-plus dollar campaign, when you put $20 or $30 to a campaign, as small donors do, you are invested, you want to make change. someone o who is riches and givs 2800 bucks they don't care, they do it all of the time. >> president today getting a boost having made a decision to relent on about half of that 300 billion dollars holding off until december 15. the market loved it these tariffs are such a sliver of a fraction of our economy. wall street is behaving as if this is an existential threat, maybe it is? >> critical thing this president needs to be in this for long run.
7:21 pm
when he gets the chinese deal worked out, it will still be a hard battle. lou: it may not work out. >> it has to belong lasting not o--not two years then come back. lou: think about this ed, i think that president deserves irimmense credit for this. there used to be free trade, wall street, and chamber of horrors and all lobbying groups had smothered american consciousness to submission, free trade, no matter how much is cost it was free trade, outsourcing of millions of jobs, offshoring of millions of jobs in plants that went to other markets, he has done an incredible job, he changed the direction of the country, and
7:22 pm
urging boundless trade around the world. >> fair trade. lou: that is incredible. >> fair trade and america first is key. american farmers need to be benefited by able to sell their products in other markets than just china. let us go to other markets. lou: the people who advise this president, politically, it is as if they are ignoring elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and a number of other hopefuls who are directly carrying out a wedge campaign against this president. appealing to working men and women, to the working family. appealing to those who want to just, as what is his name, mayor of new york? de blasio, bill de blasio, he wants to tax the hell out of the rich in this country. i have no problem with raising taxes on wealthy, personally. but for him to turn a deaf ear
7:23 pm
to his base, suddenly embracing gun control? suddenly you know. not doing as much vocally and vo -- vociferously as he should in my opinion. >> i have been around the game for a long time, any time that democrats that are happy or want to negotiate. , it is to their advantage, they will win on those issues, president is keeping them from winning, he needs to continue, that the reality that accomplishments he made are great selling tools, he has to sell them. >> it could -- look at the achievement. the state of this economy. an insurmountable political asset the president has achieved, to all americans. legitimately having done so and hist nichistoric in the process.
7:24 pm
>> two campaign there was an under estimation by bush people against bill clinton. a disdain among mccain people and republicans that this guy obama could not win. my sense is we better watch these candidates, one will emerge, it will be a very some of -- competitive race. lou: quickly, epstein. the developments become more bizarre. the unlikely seems to be what is most probable here. that is there are so many questions surrounding this man's death. and what happened. it is excruciating and conspiracy theorists are having a heyday. >> critical thing for the president, president should let bill barr, fully doing the right
7:25 pm
thing here, first day out of the box, he moves the warden aside, let him run this investigation. lou: he will. >> make sure he does, don't let white house or don't let the hill have hearings on this at end of the day when they find out what within on. lou: he can't stop the hill. >> you can make sure your witnesses are not -- >> bill barr will take care of that. >> that is key. >> bill barr i is a horse. lou: only shot we got. >> thank god he is there. lou: amen. ed rollins good to see you. >> thank you. lou: up next, "new york times," oh, man this is hard to believe, they don't like the tough rough language of your president, they changed a headline based on twitter verse. and i don't think they will be taking the president to task so much about any rough language should sh he employees, their
7:26 pm
executive editor out did the president. by the way the editor is supposerred tis up-- supposed t, we'll take it up after the break. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i can't believe it.
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lou: breaking news. you know that facebook seems to be the leading member of social media that almost no ro no one troughs, and reasons are piling up. facebook is under fire for collecting user audio without their permission or their knowledge. new reports suggest that facebook hired hundreds of outside contractors to transscribe user audio chats, company said they stopped that week ago. only transscribed them for users who opted for service within facebook mess en che messenger . >> "new york times" trying to come it terms with its decision
7:31 pm
to change a neutral be on objece positive trump headline to appease the far left twitter mob, stating that original headline was a quote, e expletie mess. and headline writer feels terrible for having been fair and balanced. "new york post" michael goodwin, summing up the paper's problems today. >> times has created a monster, it has to gives it readers a daily dose of hate trump every day. and if you don't, if you drop the ball on one headline, they will come after you, because this is now what they expect of the "new york times." lou: joining us now byron york, chief political correspondent for washington examiner, fox business contributor, byron great to have you here.
7:32 pm
this crazy to think that the executive editor of the times speaks like that and actually was apologizing by implication in telling the poor assembled editorialist that headline writer was sorry and feels terrible about will wheel thing iwhole thingof being fair and bd toward president of united states. >> you have to look at what kind of incentives does this produce inside new york times newsroom, which has to knows of incentive doing anti-trump, the headline said that trump urges unity against race itc racism. given the news of the day, that was an accurate and neutral headline describes what president had done, twitter went nuts. lou: the left went nuts. >> they said they would cancel
7:33 pm
their subscription, they have to have a town meeting in the new york times about this the editor has to say that the poor guy who wrote the headline feels terrible, he is sec ove sick ov. what incentive does that give for anyone doing that again. basically. message is, we did an object of straight headline about donald trump and we'll never do it again. lou: yeah. this is horrific what the leftist media in this country is doing, and will continue to do, they will persist throughout 2020 election without doubt. turning to the president, making if you will a pivot, he is pivoting on illegal immigration, and border security. doing so in a somewhat gent lehrman aftegentlermaneuver.
7:34 pm
is there a breaking point here with the base? >> there is, i know you have talked about it, the big thing is the wall. if the president is running for reelection, a year from now. 14, 15 months from now, and he cannot show a lot of progress on the border barrier, the wall, whatever you want to call it, this is a serious problem, you heard all president's rallies in 2015, and 2016, it was his premier campaign promise. premier campaign promise. and there were opportunities to get it that he did not take. then when he pursued it, he pursued it under conditions after losing the house in which it was virtually impossible and had to use executive power after that. lou: byron, you mentioned the
7:35 pm
house. in this election it is mcconnell and senate. there a growing it seems to me false confidence in the trump campaign structure and the white house itself in policy, that the president can do what he wants, because the base has nowhere to go. it is a peculiar kind of arrogance it seems to me, because they just received a lesson from paul ryan in the house of representatives in midterms it is like they want to continue to make mistakes by not afixing themselves to reasons and people who made donald trump possible. >> well, the -- this over confidence you are talking about is when they look at the democratic field, they think who
7:36 pm
among them could beat president trump, and answer, they believe is nobody. but when you say base has nowhere to go, the basal -- always has somewhere to go, that is not vote. lou: byron york thank you. >> thank you. lou: we'll be right back. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed.
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7:40 pm
supreme court. several high profile senate dems warning united states supreme court it could face a fundamental restructuring if the justices fail to take steps to quote, heal the court. from senators blumenthal,er did maer diddurbinand gillibrand. referencing rulings by court whicconservative majority. federal reports on issues concerns american people should be available if the government, we should know what our government is doing, what is happening on our country. yet most basic information is all but impossible to find in
7:41 pm
government sources. for example. u.s. state department does in the rang rank nations based on r of victims in sex trafficking. we're to just take their word for it there are no numbers to support their statement. the united states by the way according to statement,rages isg top 3, yet there are no public numbers of americans who are victims of sex trafficking. >> where is federal resource on jobs outsource of united states when searching, top result that only 14 years old linking mass layoffs to the outsourcing of american jobs to cheap foreign labor markets. the chamber of horrorses must have gotten to them, a note to the feds, we still don't know
7:42 pm
how many illegal immigrants are here, how many cross the border each day, despite latest reliable estimate of number of illegal imgrains immigrants. from 22 million to thei 32 mill, they still want to use decade's old number of 11 million. forget trying to find a report on remittances sense by foreign workers here. top two results on site is advice how to send remi remittas to iran. you can send that money to iran and somalia as long as the recipient is not blocked, so
7:43 pm
says the treasury department. >> joining us now har -- harmeet dhillon. it is great to have you here. and let's start with first your op-ed today, california trying to keep trump off of the ballot, straight forwardly, you argue the constitution, means he will be on that ballot. >> yes, so, just like your previous segment, you mentioned how democrat want to tear up fabric of our supreme court, they are throwing out constitution in california. there are two requirements. california trying to impose or has passed a law that requires candidates to public 5 years of tax returns to appear on the
7:44 pm
primary, we're not standing for this in california, trump campaign and president and my clients, republican national committee of california party and three republican trump supporters have challenged that in court could we're looking for a hearing next month. lou: good luck. it outrageous what the state of california is doing on so many levels. let's turn to this warning to the supreme court by blumenthal and white house and other radical dimms. the affrontry to actually threaten the supreme court trying to intimidate them to acquiescing to radical dimm's view on gun control, it outrageous, what can be the republican response? >> this is shocking. but not even a republican issue. ruth bader ginsburg has pushed back on this type of success they pack the court or otherwise -- she thinks it is fine the way it is, 9 is a good number. and the fact that she is on the
7:45 pm
court at her age as a result of this system, under system that bernie sanders or others are pushing they would not have older people on the court of, they have to look at that both ways. but this is the type of thuggery, that is the correct word, thuggery and bullying if done against a individual judge, if you are gavin newsom you said, if you don't rule a certain way, i'm going to take care of you, and change your way of life, that would be investigated as a threat by fbi. but if it is done by a pak of democrats who have arrogance to do this, many are lawyers by the way, they think there is strength in numbers, i hope that honest liberals and judges push back on this, this is bad. lou: it is horrible. i have to talk about president's turn illegal immigration, anding wellegal immigration, doubling e
7:46 pm
h-1b visas and gun control, all of a sudden he is a fan, how will this go down with the republican party, rinos might like it, but his base i don't think? >> well, i think we're seeing a lot of mixed messages on these two issues. taking the immigration issue, the h-1b visa issue there are ways that system could be reformed to make sense, they need to look at means at incop e levels, in silicon valley, the workers are paid less sometimes half of american workers, if there were a require tom pay rey them more you would see job -- >> i think i have to interject. we can't be naive about this. that part of the h1
7:47 pm
b requirement for employer is ignored at well, there is a requirement, as you know, that company make a good effort to find an american worker available. before hiring a foreign worker. in the h-1b program. >> the laws are not being enforced, i think what more important this week is president announcement of making sure that all of the immigrants who are seeking a green card held to clinton-ary la era law. i think that is a great development. that is going to impact more people. lou: are you thrilled with his gun control position. >> i think it is -- i think that red flag issue is very troubling. and potentially unconstitutional, i do not want to see a united states. lou: this is nonsense every time there is a shooting to start braying about the you know, rights of millions of americans, giving up their secondmm
7:48 pm
rightamendmentrights because ofm the left, this over for me that is a nonstarter. >> i agree. lou: good. i knew i liked you. thank you harmeet. >> thank you. lou: harmeet dhillon. terrific, terrific discussion. up next, another day of mob rule in hong kong. or is it simply a thirsts, a hunger, and a desperation for freedom, we take that up and more right after the break. great riches will find you when liberty mutual
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lou: well, the predatory trade practices of china, cracking down on hong kong, how does that play in trade war with u.s., a survey finds americans have a lower opinion of china than before. pew research center finding 60% of americans say they have a unfavorable view of the communist country, up from 47 percent a year ago. >> our next guest just returned from a train to asia, including hong kong, christian whiten is joining us.
7:53 pm
good to have you with us. the demonstration in hong kong, how much longer will beijing tolerate them. >> i think that beijing is stuck in a way, everyone is worried about a envision, either a 1 a tiananmen style slaughter, but there is a huge cost of doing that, i don't think that market appreciated it. under legislation, hong kong is treated separately for trade purposes, for importing a purposes than mainland. suddenly if hung kong i hong ko- >> he -- xi jinping has painted himself into a corner. lou: he has, and he has been clumsy with considerable
7:54 pm
criticism from within the party. your thoughts on how that is reflecting on him? >> i think, he has to put them under pressure, we're two years since 2017, that is 19th party congress, he crowned himself imper oemperor, and predicted at future for china. what has happened since, economy is at lowest growth rate since 1992. he is losing the trade war against president trump. now he has a sign of internal decent in hong kong but we all know some discontent is true on the mainland, they can't express it there. so, he is under real pressure, there has been a huge change, a lot thanks to getting tough on trade from united states. lou: huawei, ban going into etec today, will it be effective, and
7:55 pm
have impact? >> i think so. already had a big impact on their revenue, certainly in their forecast, and they have a very limited ability to get around this john bolton was in britain, pressing the new government there johnson ghf government to be with us on huawei and prevent them from interfering and tampering with their 5g telecom system. hopefully britain does, that i think you will see more countries decide they don't' a built in chinese espionage system in their telecoms, thanks to this u.s. administration. lou: one would hope, christian whiteon than we'll be right bacy with us.
7:56 pm
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defy the laws of human nature,at the summer of audi sales event. get exceptional offers now. lou: president trump today in pennsylvania there slamming trading partners of the united states while touting american energy and manufacturing. >> they have been screwing us for years, and it's not going to happen any longer. they get it. p they were taking advantage of us for years and years, and now they understand that if it's not going to be fair, it's not going to be at all. we don't need it. lou lau and that's it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. tomorrow night, secretary dr. ben carson is among our bests. a reminder to follow me on twitter @loudobbs like me on twitter and follow me on
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instagram. thank you for being with us tonight, see you tomorrow. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ trish: tonight, conspiracy theories over the death of jeffrey epstein, this as brand new developments are breaking this evening on this story. earlier today president trump weighed in, again, on what needs to happen. >> i want a full investigation. and that's what i absolutely am demanding, that's what our attorney general, our great attorney general is doing. he's doing a full investigation. trish: we have breaking news on this story in just moments for you. meanwhile, violent tear gas and rubber bullets rain down again in hong kong as protesters clash with police. china responding by taking aim at us. and did james comey run a secret


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