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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 17, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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prosperity. that's it for this week. join us next week when we'll be talking about the trillion dollar federal deficits and whether they matter. right here on "the wall s journal at large." thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm david asman filling in for vacationing lou dobbs. a possible cyber attack today hitting -- causing major outages and causing delays at a major airports throughout the country. the computer outage affecting u.s. customs border protection airports at places such as lax, new york's jfk, chicago international, dallas, atlanta, many more airports across the nation, slowing down the processing of thousands of passengers. now, cbt says it doesn't know what caused the outage but claims no indication of malicious intent was involved. however, however, law
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enforcement sources have told tmz there are discussions about a possible cyber attack. for the latest on this story, robert gray joining us tonight from l.a. robert? >> reporter: hey, david. yeah, summer travel season hitting another snarl today, right? thousands of travelers returning home or visiting the u.s. facing serious delays at airports across the nation. this time, as you mentioned, a customs and border protection computer outage. cbp officials telling fox business the affected systems are back on line, passengers are being processed at in the time. the agency also tweeting out it will continue to monitor the incident and, of course, there was no indication the disruption was malicious in nature, at least at this time. the outage causing massive delays at international airports from jfk to san diego and many cities in between. at dulles international just outside of washington, d.c., one traveler posting a video on twitter showing thousands of people, she said, were waiting to be processed there. a passenger areeving at jfk
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complaining also on twitter about the system outage saying, it's hot, there's no air in a narrow hallway. people are backing up on the escalator and falling all over each other. here at los angeles international the airport's twitter feed updating travelers to check their flight status and saying officers have processed the majority of waiting passengers with, quote, no significant impacts to flights. the cbp, though, says the outage only affected airports, not land border crossings and that all travelers were screened according to security standards, and they did, indeed, have access to data bases. david, we'll continue to follow up on whether or not there was any nefarious activity involved or, indeed, it was an outage. david: what a mess. robert gray, thank you very much. and we will update you if there are further developments throughout the show. meanwhile, president trump is telling voters in new hampshire last night that he is their only chance to keep the economy strong. listen. >> i had a businessman the other day, one of the most successful
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guys in the country, i've never liked him. never liked him. he never liked me, i never liked him. i see him in the white house. i said, what are you doing here? he said, i'm working to make sure you get elected. i said, you gotta be kidding. you don't like me, i don't like you, what the hell is this all about? he said, that's right, we've had our differences. i haven't liked you with, but to be honest with you, mr. president, i have no choice. [laughter] i said, you're right. you're right. first thing i've ever heard him say that i agreed with. [laughter] he had no choice. you got no choice. david: well, recent numbers show jobless claims at 220,000, summer youth up employment rate falling to a half century low, and the overall unemployment rate at a near 50-year low, our next guest was in the front row at last night's rally in new hampshire, former trump campaign manager and author corey lewandowski.
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corey, great to see you. you know, let's start with the economy, because he hit on all bases. he made an appeal -- or he made clear his appeal to all levels, all strata, economic strata in our society from the top business leaders to blue collar workers. they are all connected. it's this idea that a rising tide lifts all boats, right? >> you're exactly right, and if you look at what he's been able to do in this economy and really what's been just about three years since his election, $9.2 trillion in stock market value since his election, thousands of new manufacturing jobs, tens of thousands. 600,000 new manufacturing jobs. six million new jobs that have been created, the lowest unemployment in the african-american community, in the hispanic community, in the asian commitment, women. ever recorded. and this is just the beginning. it's because of the deregulation environment that he's cutting those overburdened regulations in washington coupled with the biggest tax cuts that our
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nation's ever seen means more people have more opportunity, and everybody is feeling that benefit right now. david: yeah. >> and, look, we saw the stock market drop a little bit, but you don't see them talking about the market today that was up over 300. they're only there to chastise this president. they're very dishonest about it. david: and, you know, what was interesting was he significantly said that this is, this is benefiting the blue collar workers more than any other level of society. this is exactly the group of people that the democrats kept going on and on about during the obama administration, we're trying to help them. they never gained a foothold at all on the economic ladder during the obama administration whereas now their wages are going up, the job situation has never been better. it's exactly those people that democrats thought they had in his pocket that he is helping the most. >> that's why we see states like pennsylvania and wisconsin and michigan turning out in record numbers to support this president at these rallies.
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i was with the president in cincinnati, ohio, two weeks ago, i was with him last night in manchester, new hampshire, my home state. these crowds are not the typical country club republicans. these are the people who get up and go to work every day, and they know the man sitting behind the desk in the oval office is fighting there for them. fighting against china, because we are the greatest country in the world, and we win every single time. i like to call donald trump the blue collar billionaire because he knows what it's like to see people who are out of work with, he put 'em back to work, and we're growing again. we're the hottest economy in the world. david: well, you just can't ignore the figures. the data speaks for itself. you mentioned, of course, that you are a new hampshire guy, and there is a lot of talk about you running for the senate. you want to make an announcement tonight? >> well, look, i don't know, but, you know, i'm one of these guys, i think they're afraid of -- it's like the fisher cat. our state animal. they're afraid of me because they know they can't control me,
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and they're afraid if i get in this race, not only am i going to win, i'm going to destroy jeanne shaheen. she didn't vote for neil gorsuch, for justice kavanaugh, she didn't vote to defund sanctuary cities. she doesn't vote -- she only votes in rock step with nan -- lock step with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. time for a new voice in new hampshire. david: the president himself stopped just short of endorsing you because you haven't announced yet, but it sounds like you're not quite ready to do so. >> the election is, obviously, november of 20. you know, my family e gets to spend time with the president last night on air force one, my children. he's so gracious, so magnanimous, you know? he understands what the process is like to go through when you're making a decision to put your name on the ballot, and we talked through that and understood it's easier when you hear it from someone who's been through the process. so my family's still working through that, but we'll get to a
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decision very soon, i promise you. david: now, is jerry nadler's subpoena to you interfering at all with that decision? because it is an odd situation where you're considering a run for the senate when members of congress are trying to get you to speak to them and sending you out a subpoena. >> you know, maybe what i'll do is i'll run for the senate. i'll bring jerry maderer over to our committee -- nadler, and i can ask him a series of questions. [laughter] i have been in front of congress on three separate occasions, spent dozens of hours testifying. i did it voluntarily. they could have called me and asked me to come in, and i would have taken it under due consideration. this subpoena is a regurgitation of a witch hunt to demonstrate what mueller has already said there was no collusion, but jerry has a primary from his left and has to show that he can be the most progressive person in congress when he's sitting there voting with aoc, and aoc plus three. so, look, jerry has subpoenaed
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me. but there is nothing left to testify about. the mueller investigation is over, and it's time for these people to get back to work for the american people. david: you know, i think of that license plate you have in new hampshire, live free or die can. new hampshire likes people who fight for their rights. it sounds like in a strange way the nadler subpoena may help you if you run. >> well, look, i'm not afraid of a fight, as you know. i'm a fighter, and i'm very passionate about those things. look, jerry nadler wants me to come in front of the committee, i'm going to talk about, but very careful what you wish for because i'm no shrinking violate. violet. i have nothing to hide. this will have to be done in public, and they'll have to admit what we really know, no collusion, no obstruction, donald trump won that election by a massive electoral margin. he could have lost the state of florida and still been president. and cooked hillary lost because
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she was a terrible candidate. david: corey lieu wan lewandowsk you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. david: well, the death of financier and pedophile jeffrey epstein has been ruled a suicide by hanging. epstein was found early standard saturday morning with a bed sheet around his neck at a jail here in manhattan, a federal jail. there's still a number of questions surrounding his death. why weren't the surveillance cameras on in his cell? why was he a taken off of suicide watch so soon, and why hasn't there been a single press conference about the man who had ties to some of the most important people in the democrat party? coming up, president trump holding a meeting today with his national security team about troop withdrawal from afghanistan. we take that up with dr. sebastian gorka next. ♪ muck
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meeting with top cabinet officials and advisors in new jersey to discuss a potential deal with the taliban which will result in withdrawal of most troops from afghanistan.
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kevin cork has the latest. >> for nearly two decades, president after president, america's fighting forces waged war in afghanistan. under the belief that better to fight them there so we needn't write them here. have the thousands of lives and billions of dollars, trump wants them to come home. it's like today's briefing could prove to be among the most pivotal of his presidency. u.s. negotiators including special envoys, they've conducted several rounds of talks were expected to lay out a plan that would end the longest war in american history. >> we fund their 19 years, we are not really, we are more policing than anything else. that's not for our soldiers. >> also earlier this month expressing a belief that many had privately. now is a plan that will include a significant withdrawal of u.s. forces and official commitments by the taliban.
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antiterrorism efforts in afghanistan. i was troop the troop levels have been dramatically reduced since the cert years of 2010 and 11, withdrawal agreement would call for further reduction of five to 6000 troops. congressional lawmakers warning him to resist temptation to leave too quickly. south carolina lindsay graham leach to weeks from today urging him to exercise restraint. trust the taliban to control it kata and radical islamist groups as a replacement for counterterrorism force will be a bigger mistake than obama's nuclear fuel he wrote and he added this. he's smart, take your time. listen to your national security team. >> no forces how soon the president might decide the next steps forward. sources tell us tonight, consultations with political and international stakeholders will be a part of that process.
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>> joining me now is sebastian. author and former strategist to president trump. great to see her. we all remember the scenes in our mind's eye of the special forces guys in september 2001 after the 9/11 attacks, it took a few dozen special forces guides working with the folks in the air, spotting people on the ground, taliban forces and that knocked out the taliban, is all we need, special forces in afghanistan? >> that was the model. a handful of militaries in special operations, special forces troops in october 2001 was the most impressive example of warfare in recent years.
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leveraged more than 20000 alliance with a handful of guys, donkeys in the mountains with their laptops and special weapons and we not only took down the taliban, we took down most of our training camps. the president hates the idea of maintaining large footprints in the region. he always has the first reaction, bring our guys home. we can't create a functioning state of afghanistan, nobody can. there's only one reason for us to be fair. make sure nobody uses that attacks on u.s. soil. that can be done with a small footprint. >> one other thing we can't do, trust the taliban. when i hear about a deal with the taliban, they're never going to sign on anything. >> these are fundamentalists bureaucrats who gave soccer and aid and invited bin laden to live there. the idea we will sign a treaty
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with them before the ink is dry, donald trump knows this better than anybody, you can't trust them, they hate us. >> meanwhile, moving further away but still in the same vicinity as isis. you hit them down, we wiped them out but i'm understanding there's a movement to create another. >> so there's one area for the isis, the president unleashed the u.s. military and devastated that, it no longer exists. they're trying to regroup and that's by leveraging the region is so essential. we have to work with the egyptians and others to remove this from the region. as longest we have this frozen conflict in syria, there will be
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jihadists who try to exploit it. it's not about large footprints, regime trade operations, that's not who the president is. it's about leveraging special capabilities and allies in the region. >> i want to bring it back home, gun control because if you have gun control and thank you have gun confiscation. that's something we've been hearing directly from the mouths of democrat contenders for the presidency. the one thing that concerns me seriously about these red flag clauses who decides what a red flag is? you might consider red flags to prevent you from getting a weapon. it's a tricky situation to do gun control without falling into the hands of this gun confiscation that we know democrats are for. >> red flags are red herring. this is another way for us to be disarmed.
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look at the states were it's already happened. california, massachusetts with certain weapons already planned. this is the last straw they have to take away our civil rights. the founding fathers, the bill of rights includes the capacity to protect ourselves. we are the last of our republic against those who dissuade out thomas. why did they take away private gun ownership so they could eventually become a dictator? read like laws are a bad idea. who gets to decide? your ex-girlfriend you shouldn't ask? your neighbor who had a property line dispute with? the system is broken. it's the local policing, squirrels and mental health. that's what we have to fix, not more legislation. >> i live where people would see in hga hat and that would be a
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red flag. great to see you. have a great weekend. a new report reviewing former president obama cautioned his former vice president joe biden about running for president in 2020. 2020. what obama tololololol ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ of all the moments you share with your best friend, the greatest could be the moment you save her life. every second counts in cardiac arrest. learn hands-only cpr and be the difference
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for someone you love. breaking news, company just tweeted out he's having dinner tonight with one of america's most prominent ceos tweeting, having dinner tonight with tim cook of apple. he will spend massive sums of money in the u.s. great. apple said thursday that its footprint across all 50 states has grown to 2.4 million which they are four times the number of jobs attributable to it eight years ago. former president barack obama advising joe biden on how to protect their legacy.
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obama once reportedly told him that he did not have to run for president in 2020. before biden announced his run, obama warned to biden aids to make sure biden does not embarrass himself or damage his legacy in the 2020 race. obama warned him his advisors are too old and out of touch with the younger radical base of the party. a new cochair of women for trump. thank you for being here. i got to talk about this ruling by court, the most liberal court in america. on the asylum walk. your dropping out of it, there you are.
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does the trump administration view this as a positive for their hopes to change some of these antiquated asylum flaws? >> absolutely. i would think they would because the normal american can understand if you don't have to be a lawyer, most of us are. thank god. with all due respect my attorney friends but we can see that it makes perfect sense for someone to be able to make the asylum claim in their own country or in an adjacent country. not become all the way to america in god knows how much danger. anyone compassionate or who understands should understand only an activist judge would rule against that. >> this article in the new york times is fascinating about obama, almost encouraging not to run in a way but now that he's
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in, it seems there's ruminations about obama getting involved in endorsing. >> think about how frustrating this must all be for barack obama who enjoyed eight years and remains the most popular democrat on the planet look at his legacy in the last couple of debate. his legacy comes under attack by this new crop of young snooper snappers and intend to take the democratic party further to the left than barack obama did. look at joe biden, his successor is saying stupid stuff and doing nothing to defend the obama legacy. it's got to be frustrating but on the other hand, i look up obama and within his own party, my does he not, why didn't he pick up the leadership and show leadership and talk the party
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who would be the best successor to him? the answer is, i think he's a weak leader and he's always glad from behind. he doesn't really have a vision for where the parties needs to go. >> joke needs help. there's another report out that the staff has been trying to dial back his schedule because they feel he makes so many errors. obviously, he does. they think the only way to deal with that is to stop him from speaking. he has not been speaking that much. >> let me throw back to charlie instead. >> that's when you know you have a real problem on your hand. the campaign is better off, the candidate is locked in a motel room in a far off place and not on the campaign trail.
4:31 am
that's the definition of a campaign. in serious trouble. that's basically what we've seen in the last couple of weeks, the stupid things he says, it's a real problem. biden, if you could just put him on ice for six months or ten months, biden probably would be in a far better position to win and if he is campaigning all that time. >> gina, you contrast what's happening with the biden campaign. you make so many mistakes, they are dialing back his schedule. compare the two what was off last night and the energy of the tramp campaign, these interviews and cafés around the place, yes they have individual things they agree with but it's the overall
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energy that so astounds them, the people in the audience. how do democrats combat or compete with it? >> they have no weight. that's why i think they are trying to create this recession now out of total despair. nothing they've tried to do to sabotage him can possibly touched his energy level and commitment. he gives 10000%, the american people see it and the democrats know and know they are in huge trouble. i can only imagine obama isn't sitting very well these days you about what legacy he has left after this president has done so well. >> the practice, he's admitting there are people who hate him who will vote for him. you love me or hate me and he mentioned that businessman into our office. what are you doing here? you hate me, i hate you but you are going to vote. >> i think they are watching so far to the left, they will
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represent mainstream democratic voters let alone mainstream, your general election voters. if democrats put up the most popular democrat on a plan is barack obama. i would challenge obama in an arena. >> the energy wouldn't be there. >> i'll be asleep. >> good to see you both. we'd like to hear your thoughts on all of this. share your comments. like him on facebook and follow him on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. coming up next, another deep state official planning to be above the law after he was hit with a lawsuit for his role in spite gate in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal.
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more questionsnsnsnsns
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welcome back. i am david, sitting in front lou dobbs. stefon met with trump aides now asking a judge to dismiss defamation lawsuit against him.
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he's being sued by russian academic for allegedly smearing her and advisor michael flynn as part of a government conspiracy to bring down the trump administration. he argues that government agents have qualified immunity against lawsuits implying he is or was one. shocking to report revealing a hillary clinton reported nearly all of her 30,000 e-mails to a secret gmail address that he created. paul worked for the company to help manage your e-mail server. he also defied house subpoena and used each bit to erase her e-mails. despite his efforts to cover up hitler's e-mail scandal, he was given immunity from prosecution. let's start with stefon. look at what he did, campaign officials. now he's admitting that he is
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working for the government which, if true, means that he was working for the obama administration and trying to subvert the tramp campaign. >> he was a spy for the obama administration. he was asked by the fbi, as his legal position and admitting, test by the fbi, who knows what other agencies to go and spy and trap, conducting operations against the tramp campaign. he was getting paid through the department money, that's another agency in this spy operation against trump. the more we learn, it looks worse and worse for the obama administration. every piece of information that comes out, further exonerates
4:40 am
trump while implicating the obama gang. >> looks but the alphabet soup together, it seems not only was the fbi involved, there's evidence now that it could be cia. doesn't that implicate there was collusion between two government spy agencies that wasn't supposed to exist? >> there was a woman with him who is a former government agent, it's unclear who she was working for. the suspicion is that it was the cia. the spy operation against trump was so massive, you had hopper, new documents from those files coming out which i call crew files showing that they had a
4:41 am
desk at the justice department. hillary clinton had a desk there then too. >> did you align all the dots, a very high official at d.o.j., his wife worked for fusion gps, that was the group that was paid by hillary's campaign to get the dirt on trump and created the trump dossier. it comes together and she, not just bruce, his wife was actually working at the d.o.j. it's extraordinary. >> the fbi is working with them. election happens and they are still working with the team to target trump. it became spy operation. >> do you think mark will get to the bottom of it? >> i don't know, i know we are. i jumped on twitter the other
4:42 am
day, we got the 302 documenting, we got the documents and given to the fbi. pretty much everything we know is in the public domain that the judicial watch congress and the question is, will he prosecute based on the information everyone knows about mark's the fact that the folks haven't been before a grand jury, it tells you how difficult it is to go after the deep state. >> i don't want to blow a lot of smoke but i've got to say, i know a little bit, i grew up there. even the ones on the left, on the far left admire your work for being able to get these documents that sometimes they are looking for as well. you are able to get documents and particularly when it comes to hillary's e-mail, tell us the latest in regard to that in the revelations you've uncovered. >> documents are coming out,
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we've uncovered them as well but it looks like hillary clinton's e-mail was compromised in the sense one of her vendors was sending it to an unsecure account including classified information that there were concerns ignored by peter stark of the fbi at a foreign government was getting a blind carbon copy. we have discovered showing hillary clinton and they were knowingly lying about her e-mails. next week we have a federal court hearing, discovery over our discovery gathering evidence and will ask the court to depose her. >> do you think he will get her in? >> i hope so. there's a lot of unanswered questions about why she was running the system and where her
4:44 am
e-mails are which is what the court wants to know, which i hope you'll get more answers from her directly. >> we've run out of time but what has the government, the deep state tried to do to undo your work? >> they oppose our efforts to get answers from the state department and justice department about the conspiracy we are talking about. they opposed our efforts to get this on her e-mails. they are still defending her. >> i'm wondering if they went further. if you saw signs they were trying to hack into your serve servers. >> i just presume they have already done that. [laughter] >> great this year. thank you for being here. up next, anti- semi rashida to leave israel efforts decision to allow her to visit her grandmother. that and a lot more with pastor
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radical dem rashida to leave today rejecting israel's offer to visit her grandfather.
4:49 am
this is after the government officials reversed her decision to block her from entering the country, they denied the offer calling it oppressive conditions. president trump responded on twitter judgment, israel was respectful and nice to her, allowing her permission to visit her grandmother as soon as she was granted permission, she grandstand and loudly proclaimed she would not visit israel. could this possibly have been a set up? israel acted appropriately. he is the host of the box nation joe, pathway to victory. pastor, great to see you. what do you make of this between these two congresswomen in israel? [laughter] >> apparently, she hates israel more to then visit her
4:50 am
grandmother. there are two things, in 2017, israel put into effect the law says anybody who support boycotts is barred from entering into the country. the real question from the officials was we make an exception? for two anti-semitic congresswomen who subscribed to an ideology that denies the right of israel even to exist. the second thing, is there actually a chance to visit? all they needed to do was spend a small amount of time meeting with officials so they could receive a briefing on what the israelis were doing to help the palestinians. they refused the offer and said they didn't want to go to israel, they wanted to go to occupy palestine alone. that proves these two women were not on a fact-finding mission, they were on a propaganda mission. israel was right to refuse them
4:51 am
and president trump was right in supporting israel. >> you were right in suggesting they support more than the boycott. what they support is an organization, which is for the elimination of israel. the phrase is always from the river to the sea, which means all of israel should be palestine but is not just the president. as a democrat named brad sherman from california was very specific in a tweet saying the bds movement, the movement they now support is trying to remove every jew from the middle east just as hitler wanted a jewish for europe. they want a jewish free middle east. he is a democrat congresswomen think the same thing. again, i don't see any way for
4:52 am
the democrats to come together when they have this kind of split. >> no and there's not. our viewers need to understand, for 3000 years, she's been under attack from countries and ideologies like we've seen tonight, they want to wipe every jew off the face of the earth. it's easy for us here, separated by oceans to say maybe israel might to be tolerant. you have attacks from all sides 24/7, you can't get a square inch to those who seek to destroy you. >> even chuck schumer recognized that. let me switch to a more familiar territory, whether their support remains as strong as ever.
4:53 am
>> a long interview this week about it, he warned the vote by 80%, largest margin in history. based on his promises, promises to be pro-life, pro- conservative and liberty, pro- israel, most evangelicals and 2016th didn't know the president like i do. they voted for him, hoping he would fulfill the promises. now three years later, he has met and exceeded the promises, most argue, sweeping religious order and packing the courts with conservative judges. moving the embassy to jerusalem. in 2016, trump won the
4:54 am
evangelical vote on promises made. in 2020, he will win by a larger margin on promises kept. >> let's look at another branch of the christian church. the catholic church which is pretty divided now. it had the same questioning sympathy toward the president whether he would follow through on his promises as he has, particularly on profiles, they have the ew part of the church, television network and then you have the vatican itself which is quite to the left now and supporters of that. they seem to be split almost 5050. >> a lot of that is a separation of people and religious places of authority in the average person in the pew but i think again, trump's immigration policy, which is a problem, is very biblical and right for the president to protect our borders and citizens and he's on the right side, not only of history for the right side of the bible when he has a pro american
4:55 am
security immigration policy. >> have a wonderful weekend. thank you for joining us. up next, trump economy continues to soar. we take that up and more when we
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(sfx: orchestra warming up) where's tommy? (sfx: stage doors opening) i thought he was with you? no jack! (sfx: piano plays "twinkle twinkle little star" tommy? (sfx: audience laughing) go get him! don't stop. keep playing. (sfx: pianist playing masterful duet) here we go here's the fun part did you do this?
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great job! (sfx: audience applause) worse. life just weighed a ton. i didn't even want to get out of bed. turns out, i had the strength to get myself back. just needed to take that first step. david: stocks closed higher today to cap off a wild week on
4:59 am
wall street. the nasdaq up 129 points. the dow losing over a half percent on the week, and the s & p and nasdaq down 8%. president trump tonight is hosting a dinner in bedminster, new jersey with apple ceo tim cook. corey lewandowski hailed the president's check achievements. >> it has been just three years since this election. $9.2 trillion in stock market value since his election. 6 million new jobs have been created. the lowest unemployment in the african-american community, the' latino community.
5:00 am
drive were correction the dow is down 1.5% for the week. follow lou on twitter and instagram. >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: welcome to program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. coming up, venture capitalist are peter teal, my special guest this weekend. but first, august can be an unpredictable month for the markets, and this year no different with wild swings in both directions. how should investors prepare for the rest of the month and the rest of the year? as far as the markets and the economy. joining me right now is cornerstone macro's chief investment strategist, and it is great to have you, michael, thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. maria: you have been really cautious on


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