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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 17, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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affordability. they charge $99,000 a year to students. >> all right, thank you all. cost of doing this.i don't think the market has that is it for this week's show. thank you to my panel and then all of you watching. appreciated this. i am paul gigot, we hope to see hong kong is treated separately you here next week. than the mainland. in hong kong goes away will be huge financial cost for china. xi jinping has paid himself >> good evening everybody. into a corner here.lou: he the people's republic of china has and he is being clumsy and is a nation with challenges, its economy in decline.the as you will know is under considerable criticism from president xi jinping's within. the communist party at least as much as they can tolerate any leadership in question by many among the ruling communist sort of breach from the party elite. and now widening unrest and orthodoxy. your thoughts on how this is demonstrations in hong kong. reflected on him within a they are, protesters stormed hong kong airport for the second straight day. clashing with riot police and the departures on the airports ruling communist party? >> i think as you say, he has got to put them under pressure. canceled for a second straight we only two years in 2017 which day. people's liberation army moving was the 19 party congress. he crowned himself emperor in to the hong kong border and president trump urging all
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this predicted great future for china jim webb select stage of parties to remain calm. development. what happened since then the and a warning to the supreme court. economy is terrible at its topic radical dems in the lowest growth rate since 1992. reality probably isn't growing senate telling supreme court at all. he's losing the trade war for president trump and now he has justices to quote - heal the his obvious sign of internal court or face a fundamental dissent in hong kong but i think we all know that some of restructuring. one of the most bizarre the discontent you see in hong kong is true on the mainland. warnings in history of well, just cannot express it there. the supreme court. he is under real pressure and it's been a huge change. a lot of it thanks to getting in this country, calm is not tough on them on trade from the the order of the day on wall united states. lou: and huawei, the band going street. outright investor exuberance rallyingthe stock and bond markets. the dow soaring into the trump into effect against huawei in the country. administration announced aid a will it be effective? and will have impact? >> i think so. delay. the dow jones industrial almost it's a really had a big impact on their revenue. a 400 points on the day. certainly in the forecast and and on that news. with the administrations they have a very limited ability to get around this. decision, edward lawrence john bolton was in britain reported from washington. pressing the government there, reporter: the president decided the johnson government to to put some items under tariff on september 1 and others basically be with us on huawei delayed until december 15.
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large group go under tariff on and tamper with 5g telecom system is what we've decided to the september 1. including milk do in this country. hopefully britain does that so i think you will see more and more countries decide they do not want a built in chinese espionage system in their telecom and again, thanks to and sour cream. they say they delay tariffs and other items until december 15 this u.s. demonstration. lou: one would help your christian whiton, thank you. to make the state department for health, safety and national security reasons. the list includes cell phones, backing demonstrations in hong kong, protesters there, the laptop computers, video game consoles, toys and clothing. u.s. government urging beijing to respect the territories u.s. and china trade teams had a conversation this morning. autonomy. the state department also no will progress on the trade releasing assembly images that show chinese military presence deal but under that they still near the hong kong -- as we agreed to talk again in two weeks. been reporting to you for days we wanted to know china gave up now. anything to have the delay in tariffs. if the chinese commerce susan li is in hong kong ministry if anything was given up. tonight with the latest. the spokesperson said basically no into china still refuses to reporter: good evening to you, buy u.s. agriculture. lou. we have a brand-new day, the >> so far -- [inaudible] state department urging caution and concern in terms of paramilitary just outside of here in hong kong in the
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silicon valley of china. now after the protest we had more of them overnight. instead of going to the airport because the court injunction has barred them from entering the terminal -- just across the reporter: the president still hoping china reverses course way they were met by riot and buys from the farmers. police and teargas, once again the market today like this for after what police it was provocation from the protesters two reasons. who were directly sending laser one, some tariffs were delayed until december 15. also, the two subject continuing to talk.lou: thank beams at the police. you very much, edward lawrence, from the white house. as reported the trump administration announcement today to delayed additional tariffs on some of the $300 billion of chinese experts the this 10 weeks of protest we've country set up a huge rally seen in the city of hong kong. trying to catch up on hundreds of flights have been canceled almost repair the dell surging 373 points, s&p 500 43, nasdaq over the past few days and thousands of passengers that have been stranded.of course hong kong being the -- one of jumping 163. -- largely hyped up trade the capitals of the world.
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i want to end this with the tensions with china. just to show you how silly the recent tweet from the anti-terror -- the tariffs, president. the president trump says i know president xi is a great leader who very much has a respect of his people he is also a good man and a tough business of zero doubts he wants to quickly since last july they represent are you ready? this is how big a deal it is and humanely solve the hong ladies and gentlemen, .11 kong problem. he can do it. percent. of our entire economy. personal meeting? this might alleviate the .11 percent moving trillions of concerns of ongoing protest dollars in market cap. that makes sense doesn't it? peer. lou: and a positive development since those tarriffs were of course the opening of the hong kong airport. is the expectation that there implanted last july the economy will be some diminishment of has expanded to the tune of the demonstrations today? $291 billion and the same time reporter: i would say it is about who is winning the hearts from the dow up almost 9 percent, the s&p up almost 8, and the minds of the local the nasdaq up nearly seven percent. population here because you radical dems senate minority leader, chuck schumer, outdoing himself today. know, we saw the protest and asking we are told the really breakout scuffles and president to withdraw the $5 billion request for border wall
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funding. i can imagine why he would do violent protests, the fights that broke out across the that. images on all cable t.v. news it would absolutely fracture the trump base. yesterday and a lot of people are pointing the finger at the protesters saying they are the ones causing right now this violence and escalating the protest. the idea is this, instead of i think it is about winning using the money for border hearts and minds and how to move forward over the next few security he wants the president weeks. to use the money to combat gun lou: i think we should point violence and white supremacy. out that there are considerable the president perhaps should number of charges that some of those were activists, that are tell him to find $5 billion to chinese paramilitary in combat antifa, ms-13 and yes, civilian clothing and trying to illegal immigration. create more trouble. joining us tonight, the president of the national border patrol council, brandon we will ultimately find the judd. good to see you. truth of it. let's start with the idea that susan li, thanks for bringing we are looking at us up on the truth as we know it. up next, "the new york times" -- it is hard to believe. ever-increasing numbers of people crossing into the these are the people that do not like the tough, rough border. language of our president. they changed a recent headline we are looking at 400 percent, better than 400 percent based on the twitter verse. increase in families apprehended at the border. we are seeing very little talk i do not think they will be about construction of the law almost radio silence on it. taking the president to task so
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the base is getting a little much about any rough language rusty i think it's fair to say. that he employee because their executive editor outdid the president, certainly. how about the border patrol and the editor is supposed to what are we going to do now? be a wordsmith. we will take it up right after the break. stay with us. >> and willie brought up chuck schumer. and i'm glad you brought up that is asking president trump let me guess. ♪ start a claim right from your app. ♪ to divert money to go towards gun violence and towards combating wiper supremacy. have you been looking in my notes? ♪ the fact remains, we have many people that are killed on a stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate i switched to miralax for my constipation. the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your monthly basis by illegal body to unblock your system naturally. immigrants, that are in this country illegally. and it doesn't cause bloating, why isn't chuck schumer cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. stepping up and supporting those families? the angel moms and dads? miralax. look for the pink cap. why isn't chuck schumer stepping up and supporting all of those people who are ♪ ♪ victimized by illegal aliens in this country? he does not do that this is politics, he strictly playing award winning interface. ♪ ♪ politics and frankly i'm disgusted with that. as far as the ball goes, border award winning design. ♪ ♪ patrol agents are aware the president is doing all he can award winning engine. within his authorities to ♪ ♪ the volvo xc90.
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address the resources that we our most awarded luxury suv. need. we've already seen a huge drop in the last two months and ♪ ♪ frank loosing up big drop in the last, the first humans in the week of july. president trump is doing what he can within his authorities to push back against the people of chuck schumer. lou: it is to me, a very strange situation. right now the president is moving obviously, he has made a decision about gun control. he is moving and talking about doing deals with democrats and the rino republicans of course who including mitch mcconnell. this is going to be a very big deal with the base. because this isn't who they elected. his daughter is out talking about her preference for gun control. she is now an advocate. from the 5am wakers, talking about more, more to the 6am sleepers. illegal immigration. everyone uses their phone differently supporting h1b fees is doubling. and in different places.
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that's why xfinity mobile created a wireless network the president is taking a strange turn here. that auto connects you to millions of secure and a disturbing one for those wifi hot spots. who elected this man. and the best lte everywhere else. xfinity mobile is a different kind of wireless network >> and again, and part of that designed to save you money. big base. my agents are part of that save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. base. yes, we absolutely want to see him step up and do the right thing for border security. click, call or visit a store today. lou: breaking news, you know to push hard for border security. i look at this new rule that he just implemented. where you had to be able to support yourself if you will come into the country illegally. it's a great rule but says the message throughout the world. when i came into this as a young agent, in order to get a border crossing card, to get a 994 you had to be able to prove that you could support yourself in mexico in order to come into the united states. so these rules are good and that sends the message throughout the world that if you come here, you have to be
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able to do things right. you have to do able to do things within our rules. and that does help in the border security message and it does help in the border security, we still need that wall. we have to be able to control the flow of drugs where they come in to allow us to be successful and i hope he continues to push very hard for that wall. lou: a tale of two immigration officials. first, citizenship and immigration services. tim cuccinelli. standing up and saying the new rule that you just addressed is, not a new rule but the enforcement is to require a basis for coming into this country that you would be able to be self-reliant. not a drawn honor society or welfare system. and unfortunately, the director of dhs, mcaleenan saying
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that facebook seems to be the leading member of social media basically thought interior enforcement raids on the seven plants in mississippi, he that almost no one trusts and thought the timing was unfortunate. i've never heard anyone in law reasons are starting to pile up. facebook is now under fire for enforcement and on any level collecting users audio without their permission or knowledge. say our timing was unfortunate new reports suggest facebook hired hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe users to enforce the law.are you kidding me? >> you can apologize for the timing. especially when that operation audio chats. the company however, says it was in motion for over a year. stopped transcribe users audio they were investigating this. they would do what they needed to do but i like to go back to your earlier point. and only did freezers opted for the surface within the facebook messenger app. "the new york times" trying to come to terms with its tim cuccinelli is absently disastrous decision to change a standing up tall he is in fact doing with the american people need to do. and this is not just the base. i hope that everyone neutral objective positive understands that president trump headline in order to trump is, he is appealing the base when he brings in people appease the twitter mob like tim cuccinelli. he also speaks about the executive editor, stating that the original headline was quote independents. - an expletive mess.
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the independents in the country believe the rule of law, they believe that we have to support law enforcement and officers. they believe in all this and he michael goodwin summing up the speaks to them as well. problems earlier today. he's a great person to have and >> the times has created a monster in that it has to give its readers a daily dose of is doing a good job. lou: and mark morgan, have to hate trump every day. complement him. words do matter. and if you don't, if you drop that these are illegal, illegal the ball on one headline, they immigrants, not undocumented. will come after you because this is now what they expect of there is you know, i know, i "the new york times". don't know about you but i'm lou: kamala harris medical medicare for all proposal not hopeful there is a growing strength within dhs that will sitting well with all voters certainly. listen to what an iowa senior be very helpful to the citizen had to say today about the healthcare plan to her. president and the nation. thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. lou: anti-sex trafficking >>. [inaudible] activist -- says president trump has done more to address sex trafficking than any other commander-in-chief.>> these lou: up next more in the days big market selloff. are incredible men and women
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our panel of experts join us. we will be right back. that help us. hsi, special response team, incredible people who actually go and keep america's children safe. this president has empowered them to do so. he's actually made this a topic in the oval office. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... lou: last year they arrested what?! more than 1500 people at the i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. border. for sex trafficking. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? 26 percent decline since what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. president trump took office. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, the newly elected conservative paying for this could president in guatemala says he feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... wants to rework the recent like me. ♪ third country agreement with the united states. the bill would require u.s. bound central american eagle we're on the move. immigrants to seek asylum first in guatemala. house speaker nancy pelosi was in guatemala last week doing hey rick, all good? everything she could apparently to influence the election and oh yeah, we're good. we're good. terminix. defenders of home. lou: joining us tonight to talk
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support the socialist candidate who remarkably, despite her powerful presence, well, she lost. the illegal immigrant accused of killing molly tibbets in iowa last year now claims his constitutional rights have been violated. defense attorneys for christian rivera filed a motion charging iowa police interrogating him before he had contacted the mexican consulate. violating his constitutional rights. also moving his trial to a less white, more hispanic populated county. in iowa. coming up next, the justice department challenges a union of immigration judges.that is right did you know immigration judges have a union. and they do not like to work much. that seems to be the conclusion. what about that union? we will take that up and much more after this break.
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stay with us. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? lou: pnc bank no longer backing
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about the news of the day, the
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major market selloff on wall street, bill lee chief economist at the milken institute. mark grant chief global strategist, -- aaron gives chief investment officer gives wealth management. good to have you all with us. aaron let me start with you to trillion dollar day going all the wrong way. >> s and in the end it did not feel like it was much ado about nothing. the inversion was short-lived and this is really about investors panicking. fears and somewhat i want to say not completely overblown but when you really look at what kind of indicator and inverted yield curve is usually talking about a recession, two years in advance. we are worried about something that might happen two years from now and the markets, they can go for quite some time. it definitely feels like the low trading volume day and
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people just overreacted a little. lou: and mark, i mean we are talking about as erin says about this yield curve you know yesterday was such relief that half of the tariffs that were to be imposed on september 1 had been deferred by the administration and today is a new deal. we talked about the yield curve that seems to override the help of the strength of the economy, other markets. your thoughts? >> my thought on the yield curve, lou, is that people are making the wrong assumption illegal immigrant detention period. the truth is that the fed has never bought treasury bills centers. that's right the bank is in the since 2008, 2009. the biggest player, the biggest buyer had not been in the short space which has distorted the political arena. it really let more than hundred curve. number two, i would say that million dollars to private
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prisons and detention centers stop after recent demonstrations at offices from issues with china really are anti-i.c.e. activists and pnc courageously joining the "game of thrones". we talked about like is a trade dispute which it partially is. but this is just for power and equally courageous bank of control in the world, then you america and j.p. morgan chase, wells fargo, suntrust. also saw major issue with germany, the most important they have all cut ties to private companies running country in europe, their economy went into contraction today then you've got 15.9 detention facilities. the justice department looking trillion in negative yielding into whether to decertify an immigration judge union. debt. you probably thought judges lou: and this country, we have don't have unions but immigration judges do. and that union has repeatedly got plenty of -- plenty of criticized the trump debt. we also plenty of deficits, plenty of stimulus, we have got a fed that we are led to believe is actually going to cut rates and listen to the administration. president. an issue whether figural it's taking a long time but immigration judges can legally listen to him, they might. be in a union. your thoughts? the federal labor relations >> lou, today's actions the authority is criticized the presidents plan to oppose quotas and that deadlines on the judge's. to actually work to create results. to deal with the massive, massive backlog of immigration market represent they just got cases. it wrong. the foreign bars of buying out janice and i, for two years
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attorney general, matthew securities like crazy. whitaker. which lowers the yield, why? great to have you here. >> thank you glad i can be because all of the world you here. have negative yield. lou: i did not realize that that means entrepreneurs and immigration judges had a union! >> they had a union and when investors have absolutely no confidence that anywhere else i was chief of staff and acting in the world that can invest your money and get the returns attorney general, the union resisted a lot of our plans to reduce the backlog of seven, because they have to use it productively the eight, 900,000 pending asylum other states, it is high and capitol can be used. cases and all were asking, the instead, the markets have average immigration judge treated the inversion like any carries more than average of other inversion. 700 cases or closes per year and in the economist and the capitol markets, there is a over 700 cases. full inversion. the union set standards they which means everyone is buying have to do less than average our assets because it's a good and it will be one of your sort investment. of management standards to go i think that is a mistake and the wrong part of the yield by. and they resisted it. especially in these high-volume curve is a short part. the short and 90 days to one districts where we are seeing a lot of the asylum cases being year it is ordinarily high filed. because the fed has not been and they will continue these willing to adjust its policy cases over and over. we worked tirelessly and issue stance and in a way it allows marcus to be, that they will be attorney general opinions and i know bill barr has kept doing these attorney general things there to back of growth in the to streamline the system and fed has always been that bring it back to the rule of significant action is making a
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law. yet under some control. so the court has issued an false statement like that. lou: had better be focusing on opinion regarding whether there management or whether they are sort of worker unionized over the u.s. and not the globe. sec administration law judges listen to the president might not be a bad idea. and i think this is an application of that to these erin, your thoughts? immigration me, it because a lot of people who was something that we were were watching their 401(k) taking a hit. what should they be doing tomorrow? >> i really want to just reassure investors, long-term, working on and i was really gratified to have them announced they were going to you're better off in the seek to certify the union. market. lou: if there told the we have good growth over the president of the nicest to go next 12 to 18 months. to hell, it seemed like to me they will have a hard time for u.s. corporations, it is proving their case that they not the time to panic and i are just workers. definitely would not call this i mean it makes no sense. to assert that kind of dare i call it, privilege in this day the bottom sustained market, and age? stay calm the sky has not fallen just yet. and then claim that you are lou: mark, your thoughts? >> my thought is that the fed has to do something. it is nothing to do with the just a worker be? >> immigration courts have a president.the fed was created lot of authority. often times judges, all of this by the federal reserve in 1913. i think it is the right of any president republican or democrat or congressman to say
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they don't think the fed is acting appropriately. is within the department the fed has been put in the justice matters but ultimately corner by the ecb, the fed has the attorney general he sets is got to respond by lowering kind of the supreme court of the immigration courts and has rates period. a lot of authority to set precedent. and a lot of the judge's did not like some of the president lou: bill lee, you get the last word, please. that general sessions and barr >> fix everything but make a has set. to get rid of private rights of statement. you can tell everyone we are action. lou: it is hard to imagine there and we will do whatever attorney general bill barr coming to a tougher it takes to backup u.s. growth. environment. i will calm the markets and >> i am very familiar with the environment. lou: when i look at the mess will not give into anything that is the justice department, specific about interest rates. he's got a lot of other tools to use. operation twist and using the when i look at every issue from balance sheet would be in order immigration to national security, to the judicial also. lou: bill lee, mark grant, erin system itself, the detention gibbs, thank you for being with center and bureau of prisons. us. thank you for being with us. i mean it is absolutely, mindlessly out of control. congressman sean duffy will be with us tomorrow. we hope that you will be as well. good night from new york. epstey and i don't know if it is rescue table. >> there is never a boring day at the department of justice. four law enforcement agencies, results are in. find out why there are so many fbi, dea, atf, everyone in
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their offices and you're questions. wearing the white hat and doing epstein's attorneys are saying justice. at the same time you are held they are not satisfied with to a very high standard. and we expect that these people these results. far left congress woman playing with the powerful positions from the department of justice the victim again after rejecting are using the power appropriately and they are israel's offer to allow her to visit her grand mother in the following the protocols put in place for example at the mcc where it appears no one seemed to know how to watch someone west bank. fellow squad member alexandria like epstein. lou: who decided that after he ocasio-cortez making this insane tried to commit suicide suddenly he was not suicidal. >> within 10 days. lou: it's -- this is beyond -- claim about supporters of donald this gives every conspiracy trump. >> trump relied theorist in the country reason to speculate. i got a kick out of a couple of the presidential hopefuls send the president should not be speculated. the entire country speculating and they know what this smells like and what it smells like is in a barnyard. >> and you know, you apply reason and common sense. in reason and common sense tells us that this is fishy.
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it does not make any sense.>> i hate to break into left in this country but this is america. we speak our minds, we speak plainly and we don't give up easily, the rights our first amendment. nor our damn second amendment. >> amen! what else can i say to that? lou: is good to see you. >> thanks, lou. lou: let us know what happens. >> we will. we share full transparency and get a line bella, minute to minute accounting of what led up to the situation. lou: come back soon. we will be right back. notes? ♪ [ text notification now that you have] new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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a cockroach can survive heresubmerged ttle guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah. not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home. lou: and seems attacking
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president trump is not sufficient for the radical dems. now they are taking on the supreme court. several high-profile sudden dems born in the united states supreme court it could face a fundamental restructuring if the justices failed to take steps to quote - heal the court. that want to come from senator blumenthal, -- and gillibrand.
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this was regarding a new york city gun law. they referenced rulings by the courts conservative majority claiming it is suffering from some sort of affliction because it is supportive of the second amendment and that of course must be remedied so say the radical dems. running is to harmeet dhillon vice president republican national lawyers association. rnc committee woman from california, member of the 2020 trump advisory council. it is great to have you here. and let's start with first, your op-ed today, california trying to keep trump off the ballot, straightforwardly, the constitution means he will be on the ballot. >> yes, lou. just like in your previous statement we said they will
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democrats want to tear up the fabric of the supreme court there throwing out the constitution in california. the qualifications clause says three requirements. candidate has to be 35, natural born citizen and in the u.s. more than 14 years per california trying to impose or has passed a law that requires candidates to publish five years of the tax returns in order to appear in a primary ballot. we not stand for this in california. both the trump campaign and the president as well as my clients a republican national committee and california party and the republican trump supporters have challenged this in court we are looking for a hearing next month on the matter. lou: good luck. this is outrageous with the state of california is doing on so many levels. let's turn to this, the radical dems, to actually threaten the supreme court, trying to intimidate them into acquiescing to the radical dems view on gun control in this
7:30 pm
country. it is outrageous. what can be the republican response? >> said that this is pretty shocking. it isn't even a republican issue, ruth bader ginsburg has pushed back on the suggestion that they pack the court. nine is a good number, it's fine the way it is.the fact that she is on the court at her age as a result of the current system that bernie sanders and others are pushing they would not have older people on the court at all i think they need to look at it both ways. but this the type of thuggery and bullying that if it was done against an individual judge for example if you say as gavin newsom to 1/9 circuit judge if you don't rule a certain way, i will take care of you and change your way of life and how your court operates, that will probably be investigated as a threat by the fbi. but if it's done by a pack of democrats who the arrogance to do as many of them are lawyers by the way, they think they can
7:31 pm
do this. their strength in numbers of their outrageous conduct.i hope the honest liberals and judges pushback on this. it's really bad. lou: it is horrible and i've got to talk to about the presidents turn here. on illegal immigration. on illegal immigration, the embracing of doubling h1b visas and of course, gun control. all of a sudden he is a fan. how is this going to go down with the republican party another plenty of rhinos that might like it but his base, i don't think among them. >> well, think were seeing a lot of mixed messages on the issues. taken immigration issue, the are ways -- i think they need to look at the income levels and in silicon valley where i live, the fact is that h1b workers are paid significantly
7:32 pm
less sometimes half of what american workers were. if they were required to pay the malik hundred 24 percent more to see the truly the jobs truly being reserved for those who are -- lou: thing after interject because we cannot be nacve about this because that part of the requirement for the employer is ignored at will. secondly, there is a requirement as well as you know, that the company make a good effort to make an american worker available before hiring a foreign worker and in the program. >> the laws are not -- i would like to see enforcement but i think what's more important this week is the presidents announcement and making sure that all of the immigrants were seeking a green card in the country be held to the clinton era laws that require they not be public charges for more than 12 months out of a three year period. i think it's a great development in its going to impact more people.
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lou: read through with the gun control position too? >> i think the red flag issue is very troubling and potentially unconstitutional. i surely do not want to see united states -- lou: is nonsense in this country every time there's a shooting to start with the rights of millions of americans giving up their second amendment rights because of the nonsense from the left. it is over for me. >> i do not care for that. i agree with that. lou: i knew i liked you! thank you so much for coming. harmeet dhillon. >> incorporated you. lou: another day in hong kong, is it simply a thirst, hunger and desperation for freedom? we take that up and more right after the break.
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lou: all of this predatory trade practices of china, cracking down on hong kong, how is all that playing the trade war with the united states? new survey funds americans have a much lower opinion of china than ever before. the pew research center find americans say they have an unfavorable view of the communist country. up from 47 percent a year ago. our next guest just returned from a trip to asia including hong kong, janice tonight christian whiton senior fellow at the center for national
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interest in former state department senior advisor in the trump and george w. bush administrations. good to have you with us. the demonstrations in hong kong, how much longer will beijing tolerate them? >> and i think beijing is stuck in a way. evan is worried about an invasion a-- there is a huge
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