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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 19, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> it is 5 a.m. here are your top stories a the the this hour. president trump pushing back against recession warnings, and indicating progress on china trade talks as he tells health of the u.s. economy all of this pointing to stocks rebounding this monday morning after a wild week on wall street. >> well from wall street to capitol hill, executives from google, amazon and facebook in a testify today against france's new digital tax is this one meeting where big tech and lawmakers will see eye to eye. good question congresswoman and omar holding press conference todays after being blocked from visiting its real house in thes now pushing and ambassador and calling for a tv boycott. how the white house is
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responding this morning. dges and if your job has got you down. you're not ace loan. surprising figures show how stress america workers are and you won't believe how they are coping. it is monday it is august 19th, fbn:am starts right now. and welcome to fbn:am and good morning i'm cheryl casone. >> good morning everybody. i'm lauren simonetti thank you for joinings. let's look at how your money is mondaying on this monday morning after the rally selloff with rally again we're looking to green arrow this is morning a part of this has about to be hong kong down is up 183 s&p 500
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up 20 and quarter nasdaq 59 and half. treasury yield this morning if you take a look at the tenure yielding 1. 0% bouncing higher. as dollar strength in last two weeks watching ole there's been pressure. a little bit of a rebound this morning up 38 cents 58-25. stocks in asia ending in green check out in china jumping over 2% after the people think of china announce plan to lower borrowing cost to help real estate and they're easing about a global recession, though, worries about u.k. economic outlook post brexit remain we're going to talk that later in the show. green afters are across the board in europe. >> back to china and hong kong president trump and his top white house economic aferszs they're pushing back against concerns that the u.s. economy is in trouble. >> i don't think we're having recession we're doing tremendously well. our kiewrls are rich. a gave a tremendous tax cut and
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load up with money they're buying wal-mart numbers through the roof two years ago. >> i don't see recession at all. succeed of all the trump progrowth pral which i believe has been succeeding lower tax rates, in row back of regulations energy opening trade reform, we're gong to stay with that. said it wasn't hurting u.s. economy and stumbled about about a possible recession worst of the selling wednesday. the dow s&p 500 and a nasdaq plunging by about 3% before markets cut their losses on friday that was on hopes of more stimulus from european central bank. >> also higher this morning after president trump signaled progress in dealings with china over trade. he tweeted yesterday we are doing very well with china, and talking well -- both sides are indeed talking trump say is he's not ready to
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clench a deal. >> if i wanted to make a bad deal and settle on china, the market would go up. but it won the be right thing to do. i'm not ready to make a deal yet. would like to make a deal i'm not ready. >> president said that apple ceo tim cook made a compelling argument that this administration tariffs are hurting apple and helping samsung. >> samsung is a number one competitor and samsung is not paying terrorists based in south kreag, and it is tough for apple to pay tariff as if they're competing with a very good company that is not. >> those comments coming of a president has dinner with tim cook on friday. >> prump now appearing to back off reports that his administration will allow the chinese tell come company huawei with to do businesss with the u.s. for 90 days. the president says he doesn't want to do business with huawei because of national securities reasons but white house economic
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advisor larry kudlow says graduating way extension would give american companies more tile to make adjust amount a decision expected today. >> and president trump has warned china that hong kong could be another square. but this weekend more than a million protesters nearly two million actually gathered in hong kong peacefully hoping to sending a message to chinese leadership in beijing. >> yeah images were powerful our own suzanne lee has all of the details from hong kong. >> organize percent say that 1.7 million turned out for today's sunday prodemocracy march and put the number at 128,000 at the rallies peak. one exaggerate one to estimate but we were taking part in a march as well from our vantage point we saw lots on the streets at least a few hundred thousand, and a from all walks of life. professionals -- families, and students as well. >> prodemocracy march continues, the crowd turned out so did the
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rain. but that doesn't seem to be stopping enthusiasm. >> thank you. donald trump about supporting hong kong extradition and extra addition it haw. >> do you think president trump -- >> he has to help hong kong human right movement and treating for china to treat hong kong humanly. sunday turnout was one of the largest so far in a promovement now 11th straight week and it was important to get those big numbers to gauge public setments after those scuffles at hong kong airport that threaten city business and travel. also, it is important to note that these very peaceful rallies as well that's something is that prodemocracy leaders really emphasize going into this weekend no tear gas about, and no violent confrontations. now just to bring you up to speed on what's those meant in chinese. which means literally add oil means let's go and one interesting one is --
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which means this is a new generation e we have new values a we don't want to be under chinese rule. john back to you. >> google facebook, and amazon are among the tech companies going to capitol hill today to protest french tax on digital services. the french government in july approvedded a 3% tax that would as i ply to revenue earned in france by companies with more than 838 million dollars. worldwide the is called tax unreasonable is investigating whether it unfairly targets american. >> as well as this, president trump reportedly is firing back at france now. bloomberg is reporting that during a recent visit to hamptons from fund raise per get this president told attendee he was thinking of slapping a 100% tariff on french wine unclear how serious he was. that would be retaliation. new information is emerging a failed missile test in russia. this comes from wall street journal they report that two russian monitoring stations
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designed to detect nuclear radiation were silent soon after test earlier this month. now this is raising concerns that the russian government is trying to restrict evidence of the accident. the monitoring stations are part of an internal international rather network of hundreds of stations set up to verify compliance with the nuclear test ban treaty. president trump has said that explosion involved advance nuclear powered cruise missile. >> well iranian oil tanker ceased by the british military has been released overnight. and tracee carrasco has the details for us good morning, tracee. unclear where the grace one is headed after deny ited a u.s. request to block the ship's release. there are reports it could be headed it to greece, tanker was originally ceased more than a month ago suspected of carrying oil to syria. in violation of e.u. sanctions and new satellite images appear to show iran preparing for a satellite launch. it could defy a u.n. security
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counsel resolution if it involves ballistic missile in development. a former nfl star was killed in a motorcycle crash. benson who played for bears bangles and packers involved in a deadly crash saturday night in austin, texas. according to law enforcement, the 36-year-old motorcyclist hit a white minivan that was fulling out on to a roadway. benson and another woman were killed two others were injured. the man accused of placing fake bombs in a new york city subway has been arrested. larry griffin the second was arrested charged with making and place of a fake bomb that is being held on 200,000 bond. friday, the fulton street subway station was shut town after a pair of devices were found and suspected of containing explosives. it turned out to be empty rice cookers. and r-rated comedy reigns at the box office. ♪ >> this is what happens when you
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don't respect women. >> i respect women my mom is my best friend. >> pated good boys took number one spot over the weekend bringing in 21 million dollars. the movie about three 12-year-old on a crazy adventure to top the box office since melissa the boss back in 2016. took the number two spot over the weekend and lion king came in third that's what's happening now. >> i actually saw a movie this weekend. the farewell and are really good. really good. totally different. >> i don't know it. movieses in ages. tracee thank you so much. thanks let's look at sthng that we do here every day the futures market we're looking pretty good. remember we have that rally that strong rally on friday. we're continuing that todays and that's good peaceful weengdz on hong kong helping things dow up 75 and s&p 500 up 25 and a half and nasdaq up five and a half. new polls show many americans not as confident about the trump economy.
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but there's bipartisan support for another key part of the president's agenda. and chaos breaks out at sothebys when auctioneer makes big blungedder multimillion dollar mess, coming up. keep it here on fbn:am. announcer: fidelity is redefining value with zero account fees for brokerage accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero
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facebook is under fire once again this time after a
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contractor allegedly pressures therapist to break confidentiality greems with employees. moderators to review up to 100 posts in a single shift entitled to free on site counseling l. that according to the intercept facebook contract who hires and manages moderator pressure to reveal details of those counseling sessions employees wrote a letter to facebook demanding that the manager be reassigned. cheryl. >> let's take a look once again at futures because we to have another strong rally on our hands this morning premarket. point to gains as president and self administration officials came out over weekend defending china trade talks and any talk of recession let's bring in francis trerkt of strategy the dow right now up 210 seeing up itic to upside is this tied to a peaceful weekend in hong kong and also to the fact that the president is saying, look, i have nod worried about about
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china and we're not it shall it the economy is strong, and we need to kind of keep on same track here. >> okay. e yes, those things are true and that i think the 800 point drop last wednesday was a little bit overkill on the inverted yield kuive. but the thing is that in the short-term we are oversold but we have to kind of keep in mind that we have global growth decelerating we have gdp and u.s. decelerated sod we have to watch those things fed raised rates nine times before they're slated to start cutting which that i done, and it is like turning titanic so we have to watch for credit problems if we have credit problems, sub crime auto student loans, corporate bonds some area like that then we see recession if not we're good. >> might get more volatility ahead depending on what data we're getting in the united states not so much the global story. >> yes. true i mean i think in the short-term we're going to see the vicks index settle down to 15 if tweets about china are
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pretty positive, and in short-term i think we're going to see a rally i want to look for sep to get back above 2900 stably and that i think goes into the fall it looks good but -- you know, barring any global macros sort of weak manufacturing myc data, something about the yield curve, any kind of you know we're in a crux of sensitivity there so new sensitive. >> news i was beginning to say news is you know hear from jackson hall on friday that's one thing but i was looking at a wall street journal nbc news poll that talked about that, you know, president rate physician the handling of the economy, a little bit of weakness there. now between 49 to 46% if you include the margin but it was free trade that now we've got this bipartisan kind of support among likely voters those polled. 64% approve a free trade even republicans are getting onboard what do you make of that? >> well, i think that you know trump touted that he was going
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to handle some of the outpoints with the trade deals in china, and you know the surplus that basically we were getting deficit they're having is a surplus in the balance of payments but thing is is that, it is a little more cay yacht pick i think than he anticipated, and i also that it is taking longer than he anticipated negotiating with chinese it is not the sail as negotiating with mexico. and i think people are starting to feel the volatility in lose confidence in that. so i think that's sort of where the criticism is coming from. they don't want trade talks to push into recession and it's hard to take the toothpaste out of the tube. >> signed as well francis great to have you again. >> thank you, cheryl. all right so surplus from central bank around the world sparking a global rally this morning. u.s. futures -- jumping 209 points, s&p 500 futures up 23 this morning still ahead warning from president trump over a potential trade deal with china. but are the presidents and his advisors sending mixed messages?
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president trump is warning xi jinping reacting because that could threaten a trade deal. but hours earlier, officials said a new round of trade talks is set to begin let's bring in cast pl bury national security is and policy analyst thank you for joining us. are you optimistic that it is possible amid a protest.
5:22 am
>> protest and the administration as well as u.s. congress has condemned, you know, the intervention coming from beijing so that has pretty much rattled the relationship between united states and china just like you answered before trump has mentioned that is this continues this will be no trade deal and you know we can't afford that due to fact that -- september first, will have another 10% of it -- of tariffs being on so again it is -- it, you know, we want to be optimistic but there is some pessimism l moving forward but especially for fact that chinese don't look like they're really trying to with the situation but in pursuit of cracking down the situation with the -- local people in congress hong kong so definitely the concern. smg do you think that the white house has extended an olive branch that china may actually
5:23 am
reciprocate and a huawei license so huawei can do business with some of our u.s. tech companies. is that after the tariff delay, the tariff reprieve do you think this olive branch will work? >> well you know i think in the situation right now, the administration is looking into trying to -- give the economy or the, you know, economic talks mrp of a chance here due to the fact that there are some speculation going on whether we might be on the brook of a recession so there, you know we're trying to figure out a situation and how can we wallet how can we calm down that the markets so allowing the tech company to do some sort of negotiation is necessary. >> you know, but the administration especially if you're looking to the sunday talk shows they were saying that -- look, what's going on with china is only we're winning the trade wars so far. about and all a of the money, all of the money coming in from these tariffs on chinese
5:24 am
imports, maybe should go back to the taxpayers take a listen to this exchange. >> by the way, senator rick scott of florida very smart guy made an interesting idea proposal on another network last had week he said look, why don't we take the tariffs from the china trade and turn those bag to the taxpayers in the form of tax cuts? >> is that feasible? >> i don't think so. i think in a situation with regard to the tariff and trade war, no one really wins in this. so as you can see just recently with the markets being rattled you know the dow jones went down about 800 points not too longing ago. so i don't think in terms of long-term efnghts that that both sides are going to win in this situation. >> thank you so much for your perpghtive this morning. >> thank you. all right dow up 211 and premarket president trump also saying that --
5:25 am
buy gleend isn't number one on burner but he said hurting denmark to keep the island. >> it is a large real estate deal. a lot of things could be done. it's hurting denmark so they carry it at a great loss. denmark is not for sale and wall street journal reports many of the island residents are mixed on this one. some see it as true appreciation of the beauty and heritage others see offer as a joke the president mentioning yesterday he's heading over to denmark but not for this reason. just to be clear. >> it is beautiful i think tourism is going to up from allf this. a good green monday many morning dow up 208 and nasdaq jumping 71 points this morning former president reaching across the isle but his donations are dwinldzing fast.
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congresswoman omar and holding press conference to address travel restrictions to israel. this comes after the two were banned from visiting last week. israel had granted request to go visit her sick tbrm but later said she wouldn't make the try. now there is a response from the president. >> democratic lawmakers are preparing legislative action against israel eying top diplomat tows in retaliation for the ban.
5:30 am
fox's garrett joins us now with the latest. cheryl and gork to you this group of a dozen or so lawmakers in the the house are considering a number of actions against israel ambassador including about issues statement of no confident that is according to to a report if that whats, it would mark a significant escalation in tensions between the democratic party and the current israeli government. president trump weighed in on that possibility last night tweeting in house democrats want to take action against israel because it is fighting back against two maybe four people who said unthinkable things about those people and disdain for israel what happened? now two people the president have they everring to there are are congresswoman and blocked from making a visit due to their support for the international boycott divestment and against israel and said in a statement serious questionses need to be asked about motivation and supporting the extremist bts
5:31 am
movement which is allied with terrorist and is not shy about its ultimate aim of destroying israel. and liberal comedian bill maher is also taking aim at the bts movement in light of the latest controversy he's how he described it during a shows on hbo. >> it's a security test. it is a dirty test. by people who want to pear woke but actually shepght through history class as if occupation came out of the blue that they find thelses occupied. firing back at him and defending the movement tweeting maybe folks should boycott his show. i am tired of folks discrediting form of the speech that iser in on equality and freedom this is exactly how they tried to discredit and stop the boycott to stand pup against the after par tide in south africa it didn't work then now and this controversy is not going anywhere tay leeb and omar are holding a press conference later today to talk about about israel blocking their trip.
5:32 am
cheryl and lauren. >> thank you so much for that report. let's pick up on this now with washington examiner political reporter joe. all right. thank you jarrett joe come on in let's talk about this because this 3 p.m. eastern conference you have to wongd wonder if squad and take the firepower away from the democratic 2020 candidate. >> sure. there's got to be frustration not only on capitol hill from people like nancy pelosi, but you're right with the 2020 field. it is unclear what sort of policy agenda the squad is advancing here. this seems to be a squabble between them and israeli government and the president of the united states. i'm not sure what kind of message this sends to the the american people what the democratic party stangdz for. >> the message for joe billedden has the goen a little more interesting i want to show you new data we've gotten on fund raise efforts that looks like since that initial pop he got when he announced which was about 4.6 million dollars that
5:33 am
was to say one his online fund raising has dwindled you compare against elizabeth warren who the go a huge online pop when she was talking about impeaching president trump back in april or pete is bringing in i think 185,000 dollars day. the front runner here from the polls -- isn't the front run where it comes to money what does that mean? >> well show there's a enthews yasm gap between biden base of voters and where he's getting his money from. joe bidessen i believe has a second high fest on a billionaire to its campaign. its campaign currently resolve around going to the high level fund raising retreats. 2700 dollar dinners, and the campaigns are rely on those and it isn't going during retailic mrs. in states like ohio and new hampshire and explain a lot of that fund raising issues. >> but what about talk last week about his allies or his aids
5:34 am
excuse me kind of suggesting maybe to pull him back off the campaign trail a little bit. what does that say about the state play within biden camp. >> there's kind of two thought that are being discussed. one is that you just let joe be joe this was a guy who still maintains its relatively high -- not the popularity old boss barack obama still a popular former president. and it is not necessarily clear if biden if he can just keep 30, 35% of support in the polls he might still get the nodges so might as well let him be himself. oarngd, but on the other hand e yes. let's hide him a little bit. that's usually a golden rule in presidential politics is when your candidate messes up for a little bit and maybe keep them fund raising to keep the cash up. >> of he's going for moderate voter he said republicanses good republican out there. real qk toipght ask you about an opinion piece in the journal
5:35 am
this week that talk about elizabeth warren weakness and fact that if her biggest campaign promise and bragging right is that she beats scott brown for a senate seat, she's a democrat in massachusetts just to be clear. here is she losing kind of her -- her luster if you will? >> well i think that's hard to say. i think she certainly has a moment from the democratic primary. primary field, with that being said, about i do think that's a good point. elizabeth warren i don't think is that popular within massachusetts. i don't know if she could even easily win the massachusetts primary. she hadn't had had a tough election but she's not running necessarily on her past as a senator but running on her plan and vision for future i think that's the way she's going to battle off those concerns. >> joe. simonson great to have you here and have you back soon. thank you, sir. >> thank you . well a controversial movie the hunt canceled, earlier this month but now a producer says it
5:36 am
could still hit theaterses. your idea is incredible. i can't argue with that. we pay for everything where this country belongs. hunt producer jason bloom tell vulture there's a chance they can play on big screen movie showses rachel hunting deplorables for sorts. it was shelved by universal studios after back to back shoot physician in el paso and dayton. >> all right let's take a look at futures right now a couple of things going on with a peaceful weekend in hong kong you have also some kind of some changes in now china handling its economy, and it is still hopes that that rally from friday will continue today dow up 216 and s&p 500 up two and three quarters we shall see. coming up, today this is going to be big. big tech is heading to capitol hill. why facebook and google may, though, be headed for a big fight. and if a disney fan especially if you have kids, you are --
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google facebook and amazon are among the tech companies going to capitol hill today to protest a french tax on digital services it is a 3% tax on revenue earned, in france by several big
5:40 am
companies. the u.s. calling the tax unreasonable and is investigating whether it unfairly rgt tays american companies. lew of the disruptive tech research joins uses now this is what we want to know will this with a rare moment where capitol hill come the togetherring this tax is unfair. >> i think for the first time in two yearses a mommy for politician and big tech right they can all get along here. this french tax i think is it shall really oversteps here because -- you know traditional lis talking about social media giants come under regulation are being broken up, this is much more far reaching, we're talking about companies like airbnb stripe even sales force coming under purview of this tax and i think it sets up a dangerous you mention a 3% levee and fear here is that other european countries could follow suit and it was a sad retroactive tax on fin no vaition in success.
5:41 am
>> but lew, you know european countries could pursue a similar kowrgs of action but then you have amazon fighting back saying okay, if you sell on our site in france, we're going to slap you with this additional 3% tax. so that is a form of retaliation. >> yeah it is and this is the crux of the issue. the tech companies never really pay. it is always us as consumers on other end because if they pass on to the business sellers they're going pass the cost on to us. so these design it is these grand designs that break up and regulate tech and e overburden them with taxes just ends up burdening the consumer in the end. >> president trump told lew hand her in hampton few days ago that there will be a 11 0 tariff on french wine is that retaliation we could expect? >> look, i think president trump he knows very well that you can retaliate with tariffs on other taxeses that's what a lot of blister right both sides are are -- jocking for position.
5:42 am
i don't forsee that happen but cheryl you'll be okay on frerchg wine. : are cooler heads prevailing when tim cook the ceo of apple sits down to dinner with president trump and they talk about china, it is market size web an how tariffs impact, tim cook said look tariffs are hurting us because we have to compete with samsung. we make our products in china they're not affected by this. do you think tim cook actually has ability to persuade the president? >> look i think he has the president ear but doesn't bend to him every time. tim cook brings up important point look we have to maintain competitiveness and when tariffs impede upon that, it is a point where we have to reevaluate how much is too much, and you know about i would say this from investing standpoint all of this trade and tariff and tax talk prengts an opportunity to buy on the dips pretty much every time, i mean, we've seen apple selloff significantly in bounce back so from an investment stand point it is creating opportunities. >> if you bought on dip last
5:43 am
week you did well lou thank you so much for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> look you can tax my phone don't tax one. that's -- i know. how you feel about that. whew disney lovers listen up to this. the company is on the hunt for its 2020 moms panel this sounds like you. win reverse beginning to run onis is line site thatten plays to do vacation in exchange to get a free trip to disney any destination for themselves and three family members or they get complimentary tickets to any of disney theme parks, it is open to dads we should says and grandparents and even childless -- i know. uh-oh you can talk about this on your podcast . talking about momming today as lauren podcast pretty fun check it out. thank you cheryl. let's take a look at futures this morning pretty good monday. dow jumping 209 points and nasdaq gaining 70. the talk is if stimulus this morning we'll see where that heads. all right coming up if the
5:44 am
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in the auction in california, a 1939 car built by legendary was expected to raise 0 million dollars at auction. but unusual blungedder put the brakes on it.
5:48 am
17 million dollars, 17, 17 million. woe. 17 l million. >> the price for the car one is high as 70 million dollars but in error on video board listed it at 70 million the crowd booed car had to be taken off auction. martin known for building fancy luxury cars now a proper place for you to house ho it underground garage or glass in cave luxury retreat service called automotive gallery lair and judging by look of things customers can create their james bopgd style home for the car. so when you have a lot of money that's what you do. >> have a lot more money today we're looking at futures higher right now. dow up 216 you've got the s&p up 23 and three quarters nasdaq up
5:49 am
72 and a half a lot there's a move by the chinese government over the weekend there might be some more stimulus going but that's helping hong kong fairly qoit and many can see in asia all of those markets were high or and now to europe as you can see there's optimism green across the board and the dax, britain government, though, reportedly is making preparations for the hard brexit october 31st i want to bring in with a market analysis here, you know,st there's concern that leaked documents that came from the sunday tombs that this high intersection 98 would cause complete chaos for the the u.k. at the port , the hard line between northern ireland and what's going on? >> well with it is pretty simple none of this is news. if you look at what's done over the past two years it has weakened all assets have priced in the risk of significant no deal disruptions so really this
5:50 am
report is just kisming what politicians, experts are telling us for about two years and you're right phuc equities haven't been tajed by it and shrugged it off what we're looking at now is a general election you can see that in rhetoricking from both sides we'll see a vote of no confidence and britain will head to polls in immediate future. which is really main issue -- >> you're tug it ab potential change of leadership. just to be clear. >> absolutely. polls numbers are useless if you look at the way from a two party model to four party model it is basically useless and no idea what's going to happen. >> real quick i want to ask you i would love to see .75 makes cheap or but a lot of folks concerned about corporate earns and what happens to emerging markets what do you make with what we're seeing in currency right now? >> well absolutely look, i
5:51 am
forget who it was that said the dollar is the u.s. currency but run off this problem and that's what we're seeing at the moment the reality is we're not going to see taller weaken the a meaningful basis until the u.s. economy is growing at a rate that's comparable to the rest the world and at the moment we've got trump trade war closing slowing global growth until that changes dollar will stay strong. >> now whether he likes it or not thank you so much for being here. see you soon. >> a tedly in honked honduras at least three peel are dead and ten injured. following riots that broke out saturday night, before sock per game between rivals and olympia soccer club. crowds started throw octobers shattering glass and injure three players. game was canceled following the bus incident, and then fighting continued inside and outside the national stadium.
5:52 am
according to reports, there were about 10,000 people in the stadium many were caught in stampede as police use tear gas to bring violent crowd under control. a ransomware attack hits texas officials they say at least 20 government entities have been taken hostage by a coordinated ransomware attack. this specific agencies and the specified ransom amount not been disclosed texas military department and texas m university systems cyberresponse and security operations are responding ransomware attacks have been happening in a number of states, hackers can demand up to 6 figures to get government computers up and running again. tesla is relaunching solar panel business with new twists. ceo elon musk announcing on twitter that people will no longer have to buy the product they can rent it. residents in six states rent at $50 a month according to the company people can cancel any
5:53 am
time but there will be a $1500 charge to remove this solar panel from the roof. the us in rental offer about will be available in california, arizona, connecticut, massachusetts, new jersey and new mexico. dog day out at threat or, a photo has gone viral of a group of service dogs attending a performance billy elliot in ontario, canada dogs there to make sure they could navigate a theater atmosphere and experience a lack performance named four with autism report say dogs were very well behaved. some even seem to enjoy the show look at that. >> i love that. happening now -- so sweet. thank you for that one, tracee. >> that was beautiful. all right coming up if work got down you're not ace loan we've got shocking figures just how stressed out american workers really are -- here's the hint you may want to grab tissues once again. >> my allergy --
5:54 am
no work story and your allergies. [laughter] and your wine. [laughter] announcer: fidelity is redefining value with zero account fees for brokerage accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero
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american workers aren't taking a lot of vacation but they are
5:57 am
doing a lot of crying. we have got that for us we're cry at work. is that the ?oir >> so there's a lot going on here first a came out with with a study that says eight out of ten workers admit to crying while they're physically at work. now that's why i don't know if that's a high number but -- intense. one of the main reasons why it is eat coworkers or bosses make them cry that's followed by amount of workload which i see is bigger issue there. the fact that they were stressing ourselves out so much that we're physically crying at work eight out of ten that's a lot. >> more women than men? >> of course it is. [laughter] i have to put that out there. emotional wrex. crying like in the bathroom or desk? >> that's they're crying not physically crying in front of everybody out there but stressed out we are the fact that eight out of ten that's a high number of people freaking out about work. >> americans are awful about
5:58 am
working too long being on phones top and superconnected 24/7 to or office studies that have shown that's actually detrimental to american workingers het and we don't take our vacation horrible about taking vacation. a study that kale out also 55% of americans said that they didn't use all of their allotted vacation time last year almost 800 million unused hours. so that's a lot. that's crazy. so why aren't people taking vacation one say too expensive you don't have to go to relax for days at home and other reason why is people feel if they take off that it might seem replaceable by their bosses so they -- so that fear of missing out. so that's still, though, 800 million unused vacation hours last year. >> a real thing so thank you very much. that's it for fbn:am mornings with maria starts right now. >> good day ladies happy monday everybody. thanks for joining us i'm maria bartiromo it is monday august 19th. your top stories right now, just before 6 a.m. on east coast,
5:59 am
u.s. china trade turmoil once again president donald trump saying that china wants to do a deal but he says he's not ready to make one yet. plus the president meeting with apple cross-examination oh tim cook about this weekend and said cooke made a come felling case against tariffs. had is the president touts the strength of the american economy and brushes off concerns of a recession despite that wild week for stocks last week futures this week pointing to pretty good wild ride we've got the dow up 229 points right now. meanwhile this more protest in hong kong fight for democracy continuing, organizers saying that nearly two million people took to the streets over the weekend in peaceful protest even in the pouring rain awflg those umbrella you can see they came out in protest we have a live report and a look at what it could mean for pus china trade talks and tesla solo return with a twist, elon musk introducing a rental plan for the home energy system. ing mornings with maria begins
6:00 am
right now. ♪ all right and it is great to be back we have a big show this morning joining conversation fox business network jesse is here and mitch rochelle and partners lee carter great to see everybody this morning. >> great to be back haven't seen you guys on a monday in a while so great to be here we have a big show this morning right on deck coming up commerce secretary wilbur ross is going to be here to talk about china traitd and tariffs former or arkansas governor former presidential candidate mike huck e bee here to talk the squad, and the latest israel controversy.


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