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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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david: have you ever had an iphone? >> i have an iphone for overseas. david: that does it for "bulls and bears." we'll see you next time. liz: president trump in louisville, kentucky announcing a new plan to help military veterans big time. wiping out student loan debt for soldiers permanantly disabled. and as we track the media's' recession obsession. same recession language was used by the media a year ago starting in august of 2018. it was also used in 2017 and 2016 when president trump won. a growing number of 2020 democrats backing off the big democrat litmus test.
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i will tell you what that is as john delaney web's joining harry reid and rahm emanuel saying your policies are ballot box poison. you are making promises that rely on fairytale economics. we have the scary new numbers. the 2020 democrats cannot fund their far left agenda, even if the government confiscated and took all the income of everyone earning a certain amount of money. you will be surprised how low that income threshold is. isis reformulating in countries with weak governments. we'll tell you which countries and the astonishing number of attacks. as the secretary of state mike pompeo confirms, isis is
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regaining strength. to the backlash against the trump administration plans to hold children and their families beyond the 20 days. how the obama administration tried to get around that flores settlement as well. that same problem. news that's deeply concerning to border patrol and security officials. new numbers on drugs pouring in over the border. the shocking amount of money americans are spending on drugs. that business is too big to fail. and two cities the drug cartels are gaining foothold in. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪]
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thanks for joining us. big news for disabled veterans with student loans. president trump said he'll wipe out their student loan debt. >> the president today signed a memorandum that would erase federal student loan debt for thousands of permanently disabled military veterans. he announced in louisville, kentucky with disabled veterans. president trump: this action will wipe out an average of $30,000 in debt owed by 25,000 eligible veterans who made immense sacrifices, the ultimate sacrifice in many ways. that's hundreds' millions in debt held by our wounded warriors is gone forever. reporter: he indicated he changed his mind about considering a payroll tax cut, saying object his way to
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kentucky today, that he doesn't think it's necessary. >> we are not looking at a tax cut now, we don't need it. we have a strong economy. president trump artificially jacked up the economy. president obama had -- president obama artificially jacked up the economy. heed a zero interest rates. i don't have zero interest rates. >> he had concerns that would be elitest. liz: let's take to you this story. the media's recession obsession. the imf and thes conference board all say recession is not on the horizon. they are talking perhaps a
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downturn. they are talking slowing growth, not a recession. the conference board warns of a sharp downturn if the china trade fight is not settled. mick mulvaney told republican donors that a u.s. recession if one were to hit would be quote moderate and short. mark, let's show the media headlines from starting in august of last year through december. we are talking, it's the economists, enforce magazine, the "new york times," msnbc, cnbc, cnn, yahoo if i nance, motley fool. they were talking about recession using virtually the same language last year. >> it's been 10 years since the last recession. some folks are getting border
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"the 2% to 3% growth every year. i don't see a recession in the near term. you can never say the odds are zero. but they are close to it. in the next six months to a year i wouldn't put more than a 10% probability on a recession. the economy tend to pull back ahead of a presidential election. it's not just the president. folks aren't so sure how it will affect policy. so typically the economy slows leading up to the. we have got some risk from a slowing growing economy. it's not our base case by any chance. liz: you are closely followed on wall street. you say that, you know, our global manufacturers, when the dollar strengthens, it makes it
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more difficult for them to sell goods into overseas slowing markets in europe or asia. so that could hit our manufacturers and the stock markets for those global multi-nationals. >> we are seeing that. be the manufacturing sector is slowing. in this economic recovery manufacturing is the most of broad based gains in output of any recovery. it hasn't translated into a whole lot more jobs. the labor market is tide. and much of the growth in manufacturing is capital intensive, not labor intensive. but the stronger dollar, the fact our economy is stronger than the rest of the world means capital is flowing into the u.s. it's causing the dollar to
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strengthen w and it has given us a flat yield curve. liz: i don't want to get wonky. but that's been called the harbinger of recession. the ceo of bank of america says the consumer confidence is still strong. i guess if you talk down the economy and consumer confidence. that's the criticism of the media. we have a cnn poll finding that the president is -- 65% of americans think he's doing a good job on the economy. our take on that? >> the yield curve, the increased volatility of the stock market. consumer confidence, tend to be fairly close and correlated. the confidence is at a high level. particularly when you have look at the conference boards measure which is more closely tied to
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labor markets. it was their were at the heightf that market volatility we saw a week ago. liz: we reported on this weeks ago. now the financial times is backing us up. interesting development out of the china. chinese manufacturers, chinese companies, chinese multi-nationals are leaving china. 33 listed companies are leaving for vote mawsm, cambodia, india, mexico. >> we are seeing a lot of companies doing business in china reevaluating what types of business they want to do there. if there is intellectual property they want to protect,
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they are look at other countries to go to. if china back slides and takes a hard line and becomes a more communist-type state, that they would like to have some of their wealth outside of china. this is the same thing that's happened with developing countries all over the world. liz: the senior economist at wells far go, he's watched on wall street. good to have you on, mark. thank you. stocks were popping from upbeat news from retailers like target and lowe's. gerri willis is with us from the new york stock exchange. gerri: investors focused on retail earnings. there were good stories for some of the nation's biggest merchants. the s & f500 up 24, the nasdaq
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up 72. home depot cut its sales forecast. wealthy buyers are pulling back from some of the most of expensive markets in the country. sky high prices are impacting those sales. lowe's had stocks 10% higher. target is up nearly 20% today as they beat on the top and bottom line. a little of what we are seeing is high-end companies, especially retailers, not doing so well. but companies that aparole to the broad middle doing well. liz: kamala harris plunging,
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elizabeth warren gaining. you wouldn't believe how much money it could take to pay for her big government ideas. the low income threshold at which the government has to start take your money, that coming up. 1,800 attacks in the first half of the year. the countries where isis is gaining a food hold. that story coming up. this was me six years ago... and this is me now! i got liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. then i won the lottery, got hair plugs, and started working out. and so can you!
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liz: biden stumbling, kamala plummeting. elizabeth warren is surging in the polls. let's bring in seth beenen. the -- benson. the government cannot pay for everything elizabeth warren and the 2020 democrats want, even if the government confiscated 100% of the income of every one earning over $200,000 a year.
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>> this is politics, right? let's just give it all away for free. we know nothing is free. it all costs money. if you look at what senators sanders and warren propose. we are talking about $9.2 trillion. and to your point, if you tax all revenues -- liz: that's a year. >> that's right. every year. liz: now you have 2020 democrats back off of single payer. cory booker getting nervous by the. kirsten gillibrand, kamala harris and even elizabeth warren. they co-sponsored bernie sanders much single payer. what's your take on that. >> they are getting out of their echo chamber and they are hearing what americans have to say. americans don't want the
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government making decisions on healthcare. when americans started realizing this isn't medicare at all. they didn't want it anymore. they want to pick their own doctors and their own healthcare. liz: here is the thing, seth. how can anyone run for the presidency saying they are going to overhaul a 7th of the economy but don't know the cost or impact of it. watch bernie sanders. he has no idea how much his government-run healthcare will cost. >> if you ask me how much it will cost. i don't have that in my pocket. nobody does. we are paying over $3 trillion a year. liz: how dose not know the numbers? >> he's waffled back and forth when he came out it was 1.2.
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then he looked at economic reports and sees it's or $3 trillion we are paying now. americans pay for groceries. are you going to confiscate my money and tell me what groceries i have to buy? liz: john delaney is joining rahm emanuel and harry reid saying 2020 democrats, your far left idea are ballot box poison. >> what my democratic opponents are running on doesn't make any sense it's impossible promises and fairytale economics. we need real solutions to the issues hard-working americans are dealing with. liz: have they gotten the wake-up call? >> i think some of them are coming around to it. americans have to live within a budget. you can't just get stuff, you
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have to pay for it. when they step back and see what these things cost and start talking to real americans. saying we know you can't pay for this. the bloom is off the rose. seth denson, gop advisor. a former veteran affairs doctor, va doctor who was fired after he was found working while drunk on the job now charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of three patients at the va. prosecutors say he committed more than 3,000 mistakes or misdiagnoses at the va system of the ozarks in arkansas. in one case the patient died of prostate cancer after levy says a boy open i showed no cancer. he falsified records to cover up
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his mistakes to keep his job. he pled not guilty. 73,000 fires detected so far this year in parts of the amazon rain forest. it's so bad the smoke can be seen in outer space. in brazil it went dark during the day due to the smoke and the clouds and a cold front. wildfires burning in bolivia and uraguay. look what happened on this amusement park ride in florida. the cable line snapped just before it began to launch riders into the air. a chicago window washer dangerously dangling 53 stories high. he was rescued after safety
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crews pulled him up to the roof. the passenger door on one of japan's bullet trains accidentally left open. it was barreling down the tracts at 173 miles an hour. 340 passengers on board. it was 3 miles before the train operator made an emergency stop and shut the door. the border patrol alarmed about a spike in drug seals ours inside the u.s. we've have the shocking amount of money america spends on drugs. the two cities where drug cartels are gaining foothold. the drug business in america too big to fail? officials are saying america, wake up. new and disturbing developments in the case suspected sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. there's a company that's talked to even more real people
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liz: president trump speaking with french president emmanuel macron ahead of the g-7 summit. this as the president is make the case for russia to be included in the g-7. president trump: should we put russia back in? we spend a lot of time talking about russia at those meetings and they are not there. i think it would be a good thing. russia were there so we could speak directly. i think russia should be a part of it because we are look for world peace. liz: brett, your reaction. should russia be brought back into the g-7. >> no. i think if they are talking about doing this, one of the things russia needs to do is get
6:28 pm
out of crimea and announce the end of operations there. they shouldn't be brought back to the table with other world leaders at this point. liz: do you think russia meddling in our elections is part of the issue? >> it's not just elections. we are seeing it in syria, they are supporting the iranians. they are operating all around the world and doing things that make it so they should not be a part of these meetings. liz: isis and kiefd * rebuilding in sri lanka, nigeria, afghanistan. the death toll rising in afghanistan to 80 on the isis wedding attack. what do you see them doing? >> it doesn't surprise me we are seeing this resurgence. i spent a lot of time in war and i was directly responsible for
6:29 pm
the death of many terrorists. americans need to understand there will always be another terrorist group of and terrorist leader who will be hell-bent on destroying our country. the cycle will continue for decades until the ideology changes or the weak gfts than allow the groups to be harbored and build a today passity to do something about it. it will continue for generations. liz: afghanistan is the graveyard of empires. that's way it's known for. the u.s. is mulling over a withdrawal from afghanistan. walid phares is worried about this. >> the concern i have is not isis in syria. it's what we are doing in terms of cutting a deal with the taliban in qatar.
6:30 pm
i don't trust the taliban before they reform, and they are not reforming so far. >> your take? >> absolutely right. we saw an attack from isis in afghanistan which is proof we should not be engaged in peace talks with the taliban at all it's embarrassing they even have a seat at the table for these negotiations. if the president signs a peace deal it will neither bring peace nor stability. we have had 8 separate peace talks with the taliban. they refuse to tree nowns isis and they won't have a ceasefire as a sign of good faith. they will continue harboring isis and al qaeda and it will be a mess if we pull more troops out. liz: isis says it's responsible
6:31 pm
for 1,800 attacks around the world since the first of the year. here is secretary of state mike pompeo talk about isis. certains where isis is more powerful today than they were threefo ye. iphate is gone. their capacity to conduct external attacks has been made much more difficult. we have taken down a significant risk. and we are pleased with the work we have done. liz: what's your take on that? >> just because we saw the isis caliphate destroyed doesn't mean we saw the end of isis. we have seen reports showing suicide bombs, targeted killing, raids taking place in locations supposedly liberated from isis. the iraqis and the syrian defense forces have no capacity to hold this terrain they
6:32 pm
liberated. the other thing is we have prisoners out there that will be released and go back to exactly what they know. it's a danger and we haven't seen the last of isis. liz: next up we'll talk to the texas attorney general about the plans to hold migrant families together longer in detention. shocking new numbers on the rights in drug use in the u.s. president trump: i'm the one who kept the families together. what we are doing now will do even more of that. but it will make it impossible for people to come into our country illegally. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company,
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not suppose to be left in his cell alone. more disturbing information about the case has come to light. rick leventhal has the details. reporter: a lot of updates including a status conference on his criminal case next tuesday. epstein's attorneys, prosecutors and the alleged victims will be brought into court to weigh in before the indictment is likely dismissed because the defendant is deceased. a throughout was filed by three more women saying the wealthy hedge fund manager took advantage of her youth and circumstances. she met him in an office he set up the when he was grants work release when he was suppose to be under close watch by sheriff's deputies.
6:38 pm
he says epstein forced her into a sham marriage with the other woman when she turned 18. today the attorney general william barr tried to dispel questions about whether epstein was killed in prison. >> i have seen nothing that undercuts the finding of the medical examiner that this was a sue paid. reporter: he was found in his cell nearly unconscious with marks on his neck. there was a suggestion that his former cellmate may have had something to do with it. he was in court today bee requesting to move from the correction tall center because he had information that could be damaging to staff. he said he was told some shut up and stop complaining about what he witnessed there. >> it's infested with rodents
6:39 pm
and insects and no vent laying. >> we learned epstein was told he didn't have to register as a sex offender in new mexico where he owned a sprawling ranch because the victim wasn't' younger than 16. a condition for the registry in that state. there are allegations he abused young girls at that new mexico ranch even after his release from prison. liz: the trump administration announcing a plan to extend the detention of children and migrant families. let's bring in the texas attorney general ken paxton. lots of criticism that they will be held indefinitely. >> this is a dissuasion. the settlement creates a huge loophole for families to come in
6:40 pm
with children and be released in 20 days. if you have come to this country with children you know you will have an opportunity to be released and never show up again. liz: they are supposed to be held for the duration of their court case. that could extend for months. the obama administration did not like this restriction of 20 days. here is the "new york times" reporting the obama administration battled a new surge of migrant families arriving on the border in 2014, tried and failed to get out from under the flores settlement's strict limits. having asylum laws the way they are where you watching to the board agent say you are asking for asylum. second when you come in with children, your opportunity to be released is 20 days or less. liz: the judicious branch, the
6:41 pm
execute -- the judicial branch and legislative branch trying to deal with this. it's the executive branch that is trying to deal with this. feds warning that drug cartels are moving big time into the carolinas by setting up shop in the cities of atlanta, georgia and charlotte, north carolina. these are the two primarily drug trafficking hubs. we have a new rand study saying americans spend $150 million on drugs. that as much as is spent on alcohol. >> knowing the leading cause of death is overdose from some type of drug. it's so easy to ship drugs across our border because we don't have proper border enforcement. i am not surprised that we have
6:42 pm
such a high incidence of drugs coming across the border and human trafficking and other crimes. liz: what's the impact to local law enforcement in dealing with this? >> that's a great question. i think they are overwhelmed. there is not enough federal resources down there to stop it. is there not a wall. there is not enough technology being used. a lot of our state officials, we don't have the resources or the ability under the law to do about illegal immigration. it affects the drug trafficking. liz: ken paxton, thanks for coming in. senator lindsey graham says he'll help the attorney general william barr make sure americans get the real story in the upcoming justice department i.g. report on how the obama administration unleashed the intelligence community to spy on
6:43 pm
the trump campaign. hbo show host bill maher is hitting back at rashida tlaib after rashida tlaib urged a boycott of his show over his criticism of her boycott israel push. wait until you hear what he's saying. president trump: if you look at what tlaib, omar, cortez, if you look at what those people say, aoc plus four, or plus three. if you look at what they say, they are so bad for israel, they are so bad for jewish people. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres.
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president trump: tlaib, omar, cortez, aoc plus four or plus three. if you look at what they say. they are so bad for israel. they are so bad for jewish people. you are being very disloyal to jewish people and disloyal to israel. liz: kristen tate, your reaction
6:48 pm
to what the president just said. >> i find the comment kind of foolish. i don't know what he means when he uses the word disloyal. disloyal to the president or the jewish community. liz: you are talking about what he said about jewish voters. he was talking about the squad how it's bad for israel. your take on what he was saying there. >> he's absolutely right about that. if the president is smart he'll make the squad the face of the democratic party which i think he has been trying to do. the democratic leadership is in a tough position. it's clear they don't know how to handle the anti-israel far-left oners in their own party. trump is spot-on with those comments. liz: his comments about the
6:49 pm
jewish voter, he's talking around that. i want to move on to this. hbo host bill maher firing back hard at congresswoman rashida tlaib after she called on people to boycott bill maher's show. here is what he said about tlaib. they have one move, boycott, can kel, make go away. but the white house voted 318 to 17 to condemn the bds movement. does tlaib want to boycott 93% of her own party? >> bill maher is like a broken clock. and every once in a while he's
6:50 pm
right and this is one of those instances. if nancy pelosi and her ilk speak out against the squad they risk alienating the far left-wing voters. on the other hand if the democratic leadership they risk alienating moderate democrats. they allow the squad to hijack the democratic message on the mainstream left. this is an undesirable position. and it will be interesting to see how they handle this going forward. liz: david rubin said if they were let into israel, there would have been violence on the temple mount. >> they were planning on coming up to the temple mount with officials from the palestinian authority. because those officials are not allowed to couple to the temple mount. they were coming to incite violence. liz: you think there would have
6:51 pm
been violence on the temple mount? >> no question about it. >> i don't blame israel for not want something of these extreme members of congress to come into their country. some of the rhetoric we are hearing from the far left is unbelievable. and every mainstream democrat need to speak out against anti-semitism. this is not something that should be partisan. this is something we should all agree on. i suspect there are a lot of democratic voters in this country listening to the rhetoric from people like rashida tlaib and ilhan omar and they are disgusted by it. liz: this is poison for the 2020 democrats? >> yes, it is poison for the 2020 democrats for sure. and it will give presidentot of.
6:52 pm
liz: senator lindsey graham helping attorney general william barr on the russia probe. senator graham warning it will be damning and ugly for certain folks. more on that story coming up. in my line of work,
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i come face-to-face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x. maher. elizabeth: republican senator lindsey graham spoke to sean hannity of fox news last night about the upcoming report
6:56 pm
justice probe. >> i think it will be really damning and ugly. people did some bad things that are dangerous for the country. you will only find it on fox. you may find is a little bit in the paper. here is what i predict, 10% of coverage of the mueller report got, that is a shame, keep doing what you are doing. here is the question, it is not what did obama know and when he knew it, who told him and what did he do once he was told? what is your reaction? >> >> lindsey graham, he is spot on. he is really strong proponent
6:57 pm
for getting to the bottom of this. i am with him. house judiciary committee chairman nadler is certainly not going to investigate this. she too busy try -- he is too busy trying to under mine president trump. elizabeth: russian meddling wrong. this is about using u.s. intelligence community sources and assets to spy on a opposition campaign. the president said last year, he would order the release of classified documents. what documents would you like to see? we hear an october 2016 fbi e-mail chain, that may indicate that steele was a weak, not really credible source. >> i would like to see almost all of the documents unclassified. so the american people, including myself, can read what
6:58 pm
happened. and how was president obama involved? how were the clintons involved? after two years after foing after donald trump. -- going after donald trump, we now get the rest was story, a lot of things seem suspicious to me. i am looking forward to the inspecinspector general's repord ag barr's report. >> we're hearing that the inspector general had to go back and reinterview certain players because they were contradicting each other, your take on that? >> i was able to talk in a group
6:59 pm
setting with the inspector general, he did not give us any inside information. we are hearing it will probably be in september that he will release his report. i think it is good that if he had to take extra time and go back. we just want a thorough report, to be accurate so american people know about it, i too too think that -- do think that lindselindsey graham is correct. the media will not cover it, they only want to cover things that are against donald trump. i am glad you are covering it. elizabeth: it is about how weak potential potentially was to -- weak the evidence potentially was. >> thank you. elizabeth: thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next here on the fox business network.
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have a good evening. lou: the federal reserve today did what almost no one wanted them to do, they reiterated itself original description for reasons of its interest rate cut as a mid cycle adjustment. market sold off after chairman of the fed powell uttered those words three weeks ago. today, investors ignore the repetition. it is up, what is worse than a fed chair whom investors


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