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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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david: you can catch me every week night, every week night at 5:00 p.m. eastern, hosting "bulls and bears" right here on fox business, never change the channel, i'll be back tomorrow, kennedy begins right now. kennedy: "bulls and bears." more bulls less bears, thank you, david. is the economy strong as a bull or teetering on the edge of disaster? depends on you who ask. a rash of economists say we're heading to a recession before next year's elect, but according to president, everything is going great. >> our economy is strongest in the world by far, nothing close, a lot of good things are happening, we have good retail numbers this morning. as you saw. and i guess the stock market quite a bit up. kennedy: why the haters trying to rain on our garden party? take a guess.
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>> the fake news of which many of you are members, is trying to convince the public to have a recession, let's have a recession, the united states is doindoe phenomenaly . kennedy: let's not have a recession. but those pesky reportedders are not only ones. >> we have such a strong economy, if the fed did what they are supposed to do, they would drop interest rates by a 1 basis points and maybe not tight know or loosening or leave it alone, do nothing, but they drop interests by a hundred basis points or more, nobody, nobody would be able to compete with the u.s. >> nobody. but, not everyone believes the president.
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mulvaney saying they could expect a moderate and short recession. he is acting chief of staff, not very good. and business economics 3 out of 4 economists believe that a recession will happen by 2021. morgan stanley dean witter chase reports -- jpmorgan chase reports that trade war with china could cost each family. what is the deal with that? should we keep spending like drunken sailors? or get a shovel and bury cash in the backyard like grandma and grandma used to -- grandma and grandpa used it. the panel is here. kat timpf. town political editor, host of guy benson show, guy benson. and former ohio democratic state
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senator, minority leader, but i think she holds majority of opinion here. at fox, capri caforio. why do people want a recession, that is horrible. >> they want to be like me, moderate and short. that does not go over well. kennedy: ♪ >> i'm keeping my day job. young there are for democrats a political mote vase to see a recession because something they can point to as you know one thing trump has been good at now he is failing, as an american i don't want to see a recession, nobody should want one but i think there are people secretly hoping on the -- not even secretly hoping on democratic side they are open, it takes one thing positive and many people's mind about trump. kennedy: here the problem. if the wrong person gets into office, they could take a mild
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recession and turn it to a mayor one, that is problematic, if you increase spending and increase taxes you of bring the economy to a halt. is the economy the only thing that president has? >> no, he has the democrats, they are useful tool i think, their extremism and overreach is an asset to him in addition to the economy, i am not convinced we should be too worried about a recession, i just had charles payne of the fox okay, network,n main - "making money." he was on my radio show. kennedy: he is amazing. >> he said there are a few warning sign but over ale, like 20 other things, that indicate how strong the economy is right north across multiple data points. i -- >> there are indicators we don't talk about, some of them are more minor, but they still show very good news, they still show
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consumer confidence, and people are building houses, be mindful that this type of economy is cyclical. but. why wish for the doom and gloom when we have rich city like trans and los angeles, that -- san francisco and los angeles that are plagued with homelessness that is in a good economy. can you imagine if all of a sudden we went into a recession? and there were more unemployed people who could not secure housing, they found themselves on the poopers in the streets. kennedy: i would imagine there would be more turds on the street, no one wants to see any turds on the street let alone an increase. kennedy: you would think by the naysayers like bill maher, that is what you would see. >> right, that is really totaly unfair. maybe if you are like someone like bill maher is to knows of
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money and a little -- tons of money, with a little recession without not hurt you as much, that shows you how out of touch they are. kennedy: people with a fragile family life, they are one paycheck away from being homeless, that is sadly a lot of people. you need more than a thousand for an emergency, you need to find new digs. you don't want to hope for, that when gdp drops, and unemployment goes up, sadly people die. >> right, look at, my community we lost the general motor plant, we lost a hospital, that you know, i guess employed about 400 people, they are good paying jobs. i was in office with the great recession in 20,000 -- 2008-10 it was devastating for places
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that were teeters like north eastern ohio, from 8% unemployment to 14%, no one should wish this on their worst enemy. kennedy: i don't care who the president circumstance i hope that economic success continues. >> oh, definitely, for the motor part it is, one thing to colleagues in press who seem to be somewhat giddy about talking about recession possibility when they have been burying a lot of good news, there are a few, omen's,. kennedy: oh, the yield curve sincis inverted. >> right, if you lose donald trump and there is a recession, guess who is put out the work in large numbers? media. >> right, donald trump, whether they like it or not or admit to it has been great for -- >> a boone. >> they would probably still talk about him. they would have someone on donald trump -- >> true. they will find a way to blame
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him for years, everyone in their brother, has a conch spi -- conspires let'sy theory surrounding epstein's alleged suicide, but attorney general barr is not one. he updated public today, on the dojy investigation into his death. and he did not sound like a man who was ready to throw the challenge flag. >> i will say that as i said before, we have found serious irregularities at the center. but at the same time, i have seen nothing that undercuts the finding of the medical examiner, that this was a suicide. kennedy: whileag want -- ag wants to let it call, "washington post" respects 8 prison officials knew that up stein was not supposed to be left alone, that night or any other night, doj investigator believe that some officials knew epstein was alone at the time of
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his death. and will we learn the truth about this dirtbag or should i stop asking so many questions. >> um, well, i say, if anyone saw "new york post" cover this morning. there is a lot more questions than answers, this you have a painting of bill clinton and monica lewinsky. >> who doesn't have one of those. >> i know you do, someplace squirreled away. >> s it is in my living room. kennedy: she has squirrels in her living room. >> they like to play on the table. >> my theory, o epstein did want
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to end his life, he paid people off. kennedy: i don't think that prince andrew is in on a series of wires and circumvented lasers to strangle of ste epstein withs hand. >> there were no lasers. security was not great, there were no lasers to circumvent. kennedy: a lot of heads are going to roll. >> 8 people, were toil, d told,t leave this man alone. kennedy: do you know they had only 18 prisoners. >> that makes it worse. >> i feel that the jeffrey epstein experience with a conspiracy, a miami hai -- repo, he could leave 6 days a week. kennedy: 12 hours a day, 6 day a week his work release.
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>> but the harol the -- reportse was having sex with girls. they call this a failure that understates it. kennedy: for acosta. >> where not have better surveillances? make damn sure he is not forces 14 and 15-year-old girls into prostitution while you are on work release. >> that is very important. there will be conspiracy theories, thing about believing in a conspiracy theory is government saying, that's not true does not make you not believe it in, i feel that barr was pretty much wasting his
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breath. anyone who believes he was murdered by clintons, or member of royal family or what have you, that will look at that say, that is what a murderer would say. kennedy: what if bill clinton is knighted by queen even gland. eveof -- england.>> i imagine h. kennedy: because of this. >> here you go william jefferson, well done, i knight you. >> it is the whole thing is so bizarre. but still so sad that he protected and shrouded his wealth, so you know the legion of victims who have yet to come forward, are not seeing any justice or restitution, that still a tragedy, and weird. but not the panel, they are returning. >> i will talk about joe biden, firing up old gaffe machine again.
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kennedy: welcome back, darling. sleepy joe may be getting too much sun. stepping his fat foot in his sad mouth. >> in my generation, i got u ouf school, that bobby kennedy and dr. king were assassinated in late 70s. kennedy: late 70s? they were assassinated in 1968, april and june. but despite biden's never ending mix up. he is still leading democratic pak. and president trump falling, approval rating dipping since january to 40%, now former ohio governor, and really messy
9:18 pm
eater. former trump rival john kasich plans to visit new hampshire, woo! he could be pulling a primary challenge, what should president worry about more? biden, kasich or his own numbers. joining me, former trump campaign manager. corey lewandowski welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: i think that biden gaffe gets more entertaining by the day. and i was not alive in 1968 but i know that 1968 was one of the most turbulent years in modern history. and most tragic for a no numberf reason, it was height of vietnam war and so much chaos surrounding presidential elect, particularly in chicago, and death of two civil rights and political icons in martin luther king jr. and robert kennedy,
9:19 pm
what does it say about joe biden. >> 50 years ago, joe's memory is not what it is today. what you are really, really, old like joe, i hope my memory is decent, it may not be. kennedy: i don't think it is his age. i have pointed this out before, bernie sanders is a few years older than joe biden, he is not slow. he is real quick, there bernie, i love him swatting flies. >> joe is tired all of the time, he sleeping. kennedy: socialist, you i'm take you, your stuff and my stuff, i don't care how i smell, i am in the 1% of stink, i love it i am clapping. >> and sleepy joe sh joe he is . democratic pear has lefdemocrat. kennedy: how many. >> >> they have given him a pass. kennedy: at some point, you are
9:20 pm
reach critical mass. how many more gaffes does he have? the good size ones are 1 to 2 a week. and they find a way joe, thro 33 jor, i am so excited, this is tougher. how many more? >> kennedy. mainstream media gives him a pass. you don't see this to any other networks other than this. they don't talk about it they give joe a pass, they want joe to be competitive, they think he is best to feet donald trump, only thing that will debate donaldefeatdonald trump is noth. i would war about john kasich eating. donald trump's concern to 2020
9:21 pm
election is a foreign war that we don't have control over somehow, or a massive economic downturn, that nobody -- >> he didn't need a massive economic down turn. it is because he did not have a great reaction to the shooting. the tariffs are affecting the markets, the markets are not just for rich people, there are a lot of middle income wage earnings that who 401(k) the work, they see that bottom line they worry that president is talking about 25% tariff on hundreds of billions of chinese goods, and i don't care what anyone says china is not paying those tariffs, u.s. citizens are, they are -- whether you like it or not are taxes. >> remember when you are a person who opens their 401(k) at end of every month or quarter,
9:22 pm
or you will look at totality of 4 years ago to ballot box in november of 2020, dow up 250, up yesterday, down the day before, it will ebb and flow, ask your, are you better off today than 4 yearing -- years -- >> the answer should be yes. kennedy: what happens if those numbers start to slide though? that is concern for the president, i asked guy benson this, is the economy all he has. kennedy: has? >> no. kennedy: guy said that democrats help him, you say poll numbers are fake. when are they real? >> no, only poll that matters is poll on election day, we remember on elect morning 2016,
9:23 pm
waking up, when "new york times" told us that donald trump had a 1% chance of being elected president that day, every polling firm said that hillary clinton would win, between 3 to 5 points over donald trump. they were all wrong. american people proved them wrong, nobody was fired, all these clowns saying they are geniuses about polling day, they were wrong, they said, well, i guess we modeled it wrong. kennedy: what if they changed their modeling? joe biden is still holding on. hillary clinton was up by 20 points in those places. washington state governor has dropped out of the presidential race. >> no ! kennedy ! say it isn't
9:24 pm
so. >> h.kennedy: no. >> he was so close to a quarter of 1/4 of 1%. i can't believe it, i can't believe, i am shocked. kennedy: i'm wondering who else will get out there are several of the frontrunners, who are not going to make the september debate including kirsten gillibrand and bill de blasio. >> you tell me that swalwell ticket off my car? >> i hope hickenlooper is not next. >> don't tell me that. kennedy: already corey lewandowski thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: very good. you want to know how dumb pot laws are? prosecutors in three states can't charge people for weed any more, their governor legalized hemp? are you confused in they are too. next. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage.
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kennedy: hous how do you measure amount of thc in a marijuana plant? ohio, texas and florida embraces possibility of hemp. the farm bill made the nonstoner plaplant legal. if a plant contains cbd is leg
9:30 pm
legal. what device with you use accurately to test the amount of the substance in a plant? the machine costs 3 to 500,000 a pop. da and prosecutors finding it not worth it to punish people for something that is confusingly half legal. texas is in chaos, local prosecutors don't want to waste man hours. the question is why is marijuana still illegal? this issue is beyond critical mass, 66% of americans now
9:31 pm
favoar legal weed, there was 600,000 marijuana rests in 2017 for possession, if you are getting thrown in prison, at least let it be for a bank heist or smuggling marmots, not getting caught with an edible you got at a bachelorette party. that is the memo. >> colorado and washington started a slow trickle of legalization in 2012, now 9 states, plus dc have joined them. but with governor accidentally creating a backdoor to legalizing pot, could we soon see a avalanche of legalization. >> woo. hey, kennedy. kennedy: catherine, this is confusing, the hemp part and
9:32 pm
marijuana part of different but kind of the same. some people should go to jail, some people some build rope, how do you keep then straight. >> i am editor and chief of a libertarian magazine, you would think i would be able to keep it street -- straight, yet every time, i have to look it up, the plant, the lady or man plant. it is the same plant, it is not a dangerous plant in any of its forms, it good for rope, good for getting high, it good for medicine, it will be fine, everyone be cool. kennedy: i was talking to dr. mark siegel last night about potential for khc to protect parts of the brain from things like multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy and cte, potentially many other uses if it is studied, researched and
9:33 pm
administers correctly. but you can't do that, if it is still illegal the way it is. what will it take? >> whole thing to me has a great upside in addition to accidental decriminalization of marijuana, that is it has undermined, i hope people a faith in their legislators further. this is a great example, why we should not let the duly elected representatives of people make decisions about industry and personal choices they don't understand, they did not understand what it would mean too legalize hemp or about what marijuana enforcement is line, they stu stumbled decriminaliza. kennedy: it is very funny.
9:34 pm
you have prosecutors and d.a.s saying we don't want to take them in it is too easy for home to say no this is just cbd . and will ufchas invested in a cbd company, i don't know how prosecutors will release the hair from the chafing. >> i think it is obvious, at-this-point, i think country has shown it is ready for nationwide legalization and decriminalization of mariner maa you have texas prosecutors, not really a loosey goosey crew, saying, we give up. kennedy: we dean have th don't e and energy. >> not a real threat, not a huge danger, i am sympathetic to people who worry about abuse there possibility.
9:35 pm
kennedy: there is a possibility of abusing just about everything. >> yes, correct. kennedy: you want a nation of stoned zombies running around, driving like mad on freeways killing people left and right. >> you have figured my out. kennedy: move on somalia. >> we have seen modeled very successful in colorado. i look forward to duplicating it, i think people will find they enjoy not putting hundreds of thousand of people in prison at great expense for something that does not hurt others. kennedy: well said. >> thank you. kennedy: rate of americans smoking weed has gone up slightly, but cigarette use is way down. feds say, they nigh might know .
9:36 pm
cigarette use declined between 2002 and 18 across all age groups some, may reflect use of electronic vine vaporizing devices vaping. vaping has been touted as healthier alternatives, by centers for disease control said not so fast, reporting 153 possible cases of severe lung disease in use that was linked to vaping. should we get back on the old cancer stick and smoke 'em if you gotem. kat timpf. you are the great per have perr of vaping. >> i being more juul than air. vap life for life. here is the thing.
9:37 pm
is it good for me, i don't know, i can't stop doing it. because i prefer to be doing it. i don't know how everyone else gets out of bed in the morning without that first rip of their juul, i would still be in bed, thanks to juul i am employed. bottom line, this is america, it is supposed to be a free country, i should be able to shocsmoke crack if i won't to, i don't smoke, not to brag, but they have to rip that rain out ovap out of high cold dead hand. >> you said you can't stop doing it because you prefer. >> denial of my adicttion. >> thank you. >> a good point. >> sure, she is addicted, she loves it. >> i am not addicted to crack. >> when you -- wear 6 nicotine
9:38 pm
patches. >> i got a dental proceedsure done i could not vap for 24 hours, i did strap 6 nicotine patches to my body and fell nothing. kennedy: i will say, i don't have a problem. with anyone doing it, but i don't want to pay for anyone's healthcare. >> that is issue,. >> diabetes is a bigger problem. >> i agree, it is an individual's right, you are over 18, this is your body, it does cost healthcare system but i agree. kennedy: if you want to eat a drinky. david: o-- twinkie. >> who would pay for my welfare if i could not get out of bed, i am saving you money. kennedy: you were also a cigarette story. >> this is. >> i never smoked anything.
9:39 pm
>> well la-di-da. i say, i prefer the e-cig gritss because they smell better. >> they do smell better. >> we don't have typewriters any more. we have more to cover. president calling off his trip to denmark after the danes refuse to sell him greenland, you heartless bastards? we'll break it down after the break. ♪ -i'm sorry? -what teach here isn't telling you is that snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance. -what? ♪
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kennedy: denmark. president wants to buy greenland, danish prime minister called it absurd. >> she is not talking to me, she is talking to united states mucf america. you don't talk to united states that way, it was not a nice statement the way she blew me off. kennedy: there are strategic advantages to buying greenland. it rich in precious minerals, it would be worth a half trillion, for that bread, we -- we could not fund it. is the president wrong to cancel his denmark trip? what do you say, guy? >> not a crazy idea to think
9:45 pm
about trying to buy greenland, other presidents have done that. i find it har to believe. >> he -- a fun little meme on internet. he turned it to an international incident for no reason. >> american ambassador to denmark did not get the memo. she was excited.
9:46 pm
>> poor thing. >> he said it was not what you said but how you said it. as a woman i know that is what you say the moment you realize you are losing an argument. i am concerned that president is throwing going through my text with my boyfriend for advice. kennedy: is what that what you say? >> by the way she was not disrespecting me, it was to the united states of america. like no. it was you. >> we don't have to buy it, there is a way of lease. >> war. kennedy: options. >> we'll do a rent to own agreement. >> john bolton? >> i have a battle plan ready
9:47 pm
for you? >> we'll believe them up and the whales up. seals. >> we're not talking about tom brady's wife? not touching that one. >> in any sense of the phrase. >> i love you so much, topical storm is next.
9:48 pm
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kennedy: a florida man was arrested after he used his tractor to dump a pile of dirt on his girlfriend a car, she just sent him a john deere letter -- get over it. >> topic storm, we begin in denver, air mattresses are flying off the shelves, look at that local park had pop up movie nights be they watch films on said mattresses, the good news that idea really taking off, and bad news, that idea is really take off. the matsthe. >> it caused quite a commotion in downtown denver.
9:52 pm
we're happy to report no one of hurt, tonight's showing of failure to laure launch has been replaced by gone with wind, oh, ashley. topic two. one for you bargain hunting sports fan, head to los angeles, baseball uniforms are half off. people have lost -- oh, no! his underwear. cody bellinger lost his pants, wrong angle. from the front boys. super star was legging out on a triple when fruits of his labor revealed brute fruit o brute fr. 10 million people have watched video of the belt less baller, it is nice to see someone in
9:53 pm
l.a. with their pants off beside harvey weinstein. so gross. >> topic 3. new jersey woman burned down a man's home, after he invited her over for a late night booty call, then he fell asleep before she got there, you are thinking that is crazy, who would date a guy from new jersey. 29-year-old, she may not seem like marriage material but don't sleep on her, she showed up to his house, and he did not answer door she allegedly drove to a local gas station, bought light are fluid and burned place down, she did wind up in handcuffs but they did not have fur on them. her man made it out in one piece, he was not phased, when you date in jersey, you get used to burning sensations.
9:54 pm
you know, in our -- woohoo. she has gotten out on bail, they are back together, last night, he took her out for a new mattress. yep, she was blown away by the gesgesture. come back. >> topic 4. nobody had a whiler family visit than this truckee, california folks, yeah. a guest showed up in search of animal crackers, this bear, fuzzy guy growt broke into homen middle of the night, hit the fridge. any pac-12 fan will tell you california bears never beat anyone. ha -- they believe he was looking for a drink, he left after realize they only had paper straws. because california, as we
9:55 pm
broadcast, the bear has not been found, he is believed to be hiding somewhere, no one would go like a kamala harris rally. and she needs a pick me up, where is willie brownie when you need him? yellow, mellow, willie brown, dplush idplush it down ♪ >> little caesar's has a new pie, cuatro in 4 soap ra separae sections for those who can't decide what topping they want, it can be had for 7 dollars. what a bargain. this will cost you your dignity, i am kidding, it looks great.
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best hour of your day, tomorrow guy benson is back in the chair, join by dave smith and scotty martin, i will see you not tomorrow, just now. bye. . lou: the federal reserve today did what almost no one wanted them to do, they reiterated itself original description for reasons of its interest rate cut as a mid cycle adjustment. market sold off after chairman of the fed powell uttered those words three weeks ago. today, investors ignore the repetition. it is up, what is worse than a fed chair whom investors have ignored? perhaps a fed chair who


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